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					Benefits of Pears

Most of us would ever eat a pear. However, few of us who know the pear as a fruit that has a high
nutritional value. Pears are included in the genus Pyrus and the family Rosaceae. Like apples, pears
including juicy fruit, because it contains a very high water. The characters that bring freshness, making
the pear is a favorite of consumers.

The benefits of eating pears:

-> Take control of blood pressure

Pears are classified as plants that have a fairly good nutritional value, such as potassium, fiber (dietary
fiber), vitamin C, vitamin K and copper. According to The George Mateljan Foundation (2006), fiber
content of food in a pear included in either category. Eating a pear meet 19.8 percent of the body's need
for fiber food every day.

in addition to lowering cholesterol, fiber content of food is very useful for the digestive system.
Consumption of fiber in sufficient quantities is good for constipation and is safe for sensitive stomach or
intestinal inflammation. fiber and copper on the pears can also prevent colon cancer. High fiber content
makes the pears are very good for diabetics.
-> Vitamins C and K

Pears are a good source of vitamin C. Stu consumption of pears every day to meet 17 percent of the
body's vitamin C every day. Vitamin C is known as the main compound the body needs in a variety of
important processes, ranging from the manufacture of collagen, fat transport, electron carriers from
different reaction enzemik, hyper healthy gums, regulating cholesterol levels, as well as immunity
boosters. In addition, vitamin C is necessary tubh for wound healing and improve brain function in order
to work optimally.

The content of vitamin K in a pear is also quite good. Consumption of a pear meet 15 percent of the
body's need for vitamin K each day. Vitamin K is very useful to help the process of blood clotting.
Vitamin K has a potential in preventing serious diseases, like heart disease and stroke, due to the effect
that can reduce hardening of the arteries by a factor of calcium plaque accumulation.

-> Anti Cancer

Pears have a number of useful benefits for maintaining health. in addition to the high nutritional
content, pears also contain compounds which are essential for the body. Pears contain chlorogenic acid
(chlorogenic acid) that is one part of hydroxy cinnamic acid (hydroxy cinnamic acid),. hydroxy cinnamic
acid is acting as an antioxidant that may block the formation of cancer cells. The results also showed
that the acid is also able to prevent the growth of Shigella sonnei bacteria, which cause diseases of the
digestive tract.

Hydroxy cinnamic acid can also prevent colon cancer. Ability is owned because it can bind to nitric acid
in the stomach, thus inhibiting the formation of nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are carcinogenic
compounds (cancer causing) with huge potential in the body.

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