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Advocare Business Presentation - PowerPoint

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									Business Presentation
From Which Quadrant Will You Earn

95% of Population       5% of Population

Controls 5% of Wealth     Controls 95% of Wealth
               Corporate Distribution VS.
                     Direct Sales

            New Construction/
               Overhead Customers Buying Products



 Advertising                    Profit Dollars
Our History
 • Founded in 1993
 • A World Class Nutrition Company
      with a solid track record
 • Over $1 Billion in Sales since 1997

 • 7 consecutive years as one of the top
    100 fastest growing, privately held
    companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth
The Founder’s Vision

-Create the World’s finest
nutritional products.

-Use the direct selling                  Charlie Ragus
model to distribute them.

-Provide an opportunity for ordinary people
to do something extraordinary with their

 “We will walk the beaches of the
  world together.” ~ Charlie Ragus
   5 Key Questions!

Are the products safe?

Do the products work?

Can I earn an income?

Will I get help?

What’s my timing like?
The Science Behind Our Products
    Sidney Stohs, Ph.D.
    Senior Vice President of Research and Development, AdvoCare; former Dean, School of Pharmacy,
    Creighton University; professor of pharmacology and toxicology.

    Stanley J. Dudrick, M.D., F.A.C.S.
    Chairman, Department of Surgery and Director, Training Program in Surgery, St. Mary's
    Hospital/Yale Affiliate, Waterbury, CT; Professor of Surgery, Yale University School of
    Medicine; Pioneered research and development of Intravenous Hyperalimentation.

    Robert Hackman, Ph.D.
    Chair, AdvoCare Science and Medical Advisory Board, Research
    Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of California at
    Davis; fellow, American College of Nutrition.

    Kenneth Goldberg, M.D.
    Board-certified urologist in private practice in Dallas, Texas and founder of Male Health Center; director,
    Impotence Foundation; author, nationally syndicated "His Health" column; author, When the Man You Love
    Won't Take Care of His Health (Golden Books, 1998) and The Men's Health Longevity Program (Rodale, 2001).
The Science Behind Our Products
   Carl Keen, Ph.D.
   Professor and Chair, Department of Nutrition, University of California at Davis; member, California's Scientific Advisory Boa rd for the Office of
   Environmental Health Hazard Assessment; reviewer, USDA Human Nutrient Requirements Study Section; member, EPA Environmental H ealth
   Grant Review Panels; member, numerous NIH panels; past president, California Nutrition Council.

   Brian Keller, Pharm.D.
   First associate member of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board; developer of the revolutionary QuSome™ technology for the AdvoCare
   Definite Difference® skincare line; doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California at San Francisco; former clinical professor at the
   University of California at San Francisco: Founder, BioZone Laboratories

   William J. Kraemer, Ph.D.
   Professor of Kinesiology, Physiology and Neurobiology, and Professor of Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicin e; Editor-In-Chief,
   Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research; Editor, International Olympic Committee Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine's Endo crinology of
   Exercise and Sport (published 2005); past president, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), honored by the NS CA with the
   Outstanding Sports Scientist Award & Lifetime Achievement Award

   Harry Preuss, M.D., M.A.C.N., C.N.S.
   Professor of Physiology, Medicine & Pathology, Georgetown University Medical Center; President, Certification Board for Nutri tion Specialists
   (CNS); Past President and ninth Master of the American College of Nutrition; Former established investigator of the American Heart Association.
   Author of more than 600 medical publications, the nutrition section of the Encyclopedia Americana and eight books including " The Prostate
   Cure,“and "Maitake Magic“.

   Betty Wedman-St. Louis, Ph.D., R.D., L.D
   Clinical dietician in private practice; Registered Dietician and Licensed Nutritionist; Certified Nutrition Specialist; nutri tion supplement consultant
   with expertise in nutritional bars and beverages; author of eight books related to diabetes, food allergies and cooking; auth or of numerous
   nutrition guides, teaching aids and other publications.
                    AdvoCare Products Get Results
              Christine Baker                                               Heather Boyd                                                       Lincoln Steiner

                                                                                                                                                Gained 20 pounds of
                                                                                                                                                     muscle on
           In 3 months went                                                                                                                  “Post Work-Out Recovery”
            from a size 16 to                                            Lost 70 pounds in 4                                                   and other Performance
             a 10 and lost 20                                           months and had more
                                                                                                                                                   Elite products.
                 pounds.                                                  energy than ever
Personal test reflect individual experiences of Advocare individual members and are not necessarily typical of the results yo u my obtain. Weight loss varies with individual effort, body composition,
eating patterns, and exercise. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, Advocare recommends that you consult your health care professional before starting an Advocare product
                regimen. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnos e, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Hundreds of Non-Paid Endorsers
              Hannah Teter

                                      Julius Jones

              Amy Fessler

                             Charles Howell III      Michael W Smith
Jenny Adams
     How People Come Into A
    Relationship With AdvoCare
          Retail Customer
               Purchase products at full price

2   Wholesale Customer
                   ($50 membership fee)
         Purchase products at a 20% – 40% discount

                 Build a part time income
           Make an extra $200 - $500 per month

         Business Builder
         Part-time effort leads to a full-time income
            Follow a systematic business model
  5 Income Streams ~ 1 Vehicle

Retail Profit
                                                Bonus, Trips,
  (20-40%)                     3                 Incentives
                          (7% royalty)

             Commissions           (3-19%royalty)
1     Retail Profit

                                    $40.00 Profit

                    Product order
                                       (Profits 40%)
Retail Customer
    (Pays Retail)
 2        Wholesale Commission

                         $20             Your
                        profit         wholesale
You are an Advisor                    commission
  40% discount                       income is the
                                 difference between
                                    discount levels

                                   = 20%
Your friend is         $100
 a Wholesale          product
  Member at            order
20% discount         costs $80
            2 Types of Royalties
3       Overrides 5-7%
4       Leadership Bonus 3-19%

    Who else earns royalties?
                                  Is what
           Authors              you’re doing
          Musicians             creating an
            Actors                  ????
     Oil and Gas Owners
5     Bonus Structure
                Rookie Bonus

    1st $3000    6th $1000     11th $500
    2nd $1000    7th $1000     12th $500
    3rd $1000    8th $1000     13th $500
    4th $1000    9th $1000     14th $500
    5th $1000    10th $1000    15th $500
Past Incentive
                                                     Income Testimonials

                                                        Tom and Sarah Clark, SC                                         Jenny and Bob Donnelly, WA
                                                        "By plugging into the AdvoCare                                  In the first four months, they paid
Michael O’Rourke                                        Success System, we earned more                                  off $25,000 in debt. That
Student: Texas A& M                                     than $1,500 our first month and                                 accomplishment enabled them to
Major: Marketing/Psychology                             knew we had an answer to our                                    work full time with AdvoCare, and
                                                        prayers. The DebtBuster® program                                since February 2000, they have
First Month $3,000                                      has helped us learn how to manage                               earned $1.4 million in income.
Monthly Average: $4,000                                 our money and pay off more than                                 AdvoCare gave them the options
Total Earnings: $32,000                                 $140,000 of debt. Four-and-a-half                               they craved - a debt-free life and
Multiple bonus winner                                   years after joining AdvoCare, I can                             the chance to be stay-at-home
Multiple contest winner                                 say we have the options we were                                 parents. "I don't want to take this
                                                        looking for. We're on our way to                                time with my daughter and son
                                                        being debt-free and all the time we                             for granted. I want to be able to
                                                        need to spend with our two sons,                                pour my life into them and my
                                                        Thomas and Chandler."                                           family," says Bob

   Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of AdvoCare Independent Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results
   you may obtain. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including your individual effort and the area in which you live. The results
   described here are substantially in excess of average results achieved by all Distributors during the same time period .
                  Which do you prefer?
    PLAN A = JOB                     PLAN B = FORTUNE
             40 hours a week                     20 hours a week
         X 50 weeks a year                   X 50 weeks a year
               X 40 years                          X 5 years
              80,000 hours                         5,000 hours
•Full time                           •Part Time
•No flexibility                      •Flexible
•Limited potential                   •Unlimited Potential
•Risk                                •No Risk
•Controlled by a Boss                •No BOSS
•Linear Income (trade time for $$)   •Residual Income

  Why Would Anyone Work An Extra 75,000 Hours When They Don’t Have To?
      Support Structure

Proven success system

Local and regional mentors & leaders

Advanced communication & Internet tools

World class training events

Responsive Corporate support staff
The Market Trends Follow the Baby Boomers:
a “bubble” moving through time
                                 INTERNET WELLNESS
                          AUTO- products are ½ PRODUCTS
                                  the economy
                         MOBILES PERSONAL reach 200 WELLNESS
          GERBER           become a                           billion in sales
          baby foods       trillion $    COMPUTERS                               exceeds 1
            double          industry         exceed auto                           trillion

            Baby            Baby              Baby              Baby            Baby
           Boomers         Boomers           Boomers           Boomers         Boomers

           1948 -            1970               1990             2004             2010
            1950            Majority of       Majority of      Majority of        Majority of
           Majority of   population: early    population:      population:     population: over
           population:    adults; driving     middle-age       middle-age 50 years; interest
            babies&       their own cars     adults; career adults; interest in in preserving
            children                            driven       looking/feeling    youth; higher
                                                                  better        quality of life
  Are you ready for
  Life on Your Terms?

Debt Freedom

Time Freedom

Plan B - Residual income

What if…?
       Is ADVOCARE the Right
         Opportunity For You?
• Life changing products

• Unlimited income potential

• Proven business model

• Join a team of fun, dedicated people
  committed to your success
• Make a significant, positive impact on
  people’s lives
                     Define life on your terms –
 There is no better time than now to start securing your financial future
                  WHATS NEXT???
                            Immediately contact the
               distributor who invited you to this presentation.
                     they will help you map out a plan to:

       1                           2                               3
    Get Started on           Become       a                        Get to
      products                distributor                          advisor

                                           Get trained               Begin

                     Get trained

   4                   5                      6
Set business           on the                on the
    goals                                                           Earning
                      products              Business
• What is your PURPOSE?

• What are you willing to sacrifice, other than God, family, and
  current profession, to work this business?

  Are you willing to follow AdvoCare’s Success System?
       ____ YES        ____ NO

  Are you willing to make a minimum two-year commitment to
  yourself to build this business?
       ____ YES        ____ NO

• 1st Goal: - 30 Days
       How much do I want to earn?

• 2nd Goal: - 12 months
      How much do I expect to be earning?

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