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									                               CURRICULUM VITAE FOR TENDERING

 Proposed role in the project::
 1. Family name:           Ostaf
 2. First names:           Serghei
 3. Date of birth:         10 May 1971
 4. Nationality:           Moldova
 5. Education:
Institution [ Date ]           Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
2004-2006, University of       Masters in Public Policy and Management, pending MSc in Public
York (UK), Masters in          Policy and Management (modules: Social Security Policy, Comparative
Public Policy and              Social Policy, Policy Analysis, Economics of Public Policy,
management                     Microeconomics, Policy Administration and Development, Public Sector
                               Management, Using Evidence in Public Policy, Labour Policy)
2001-03 Newport                Executive MBA (modules: Business Economics, Finance Management,
University (USA)               Industry Analysis, Strategic Management, Human Resource
                               Management, Leadership, Marketing Management, Managerial
2003 Academy of Public         MPA (Modules: Public Sector Structure, Public Management and
Administration (Moldova)       administration, Public Finance, Strategic management, People
                               Management, Macroeconomics)
1995-98 Law Department         Legal studies (modules: Civil Law, Criminal law, Civil procedure law,
of Moldova State               Criminal procedure law, Public Law, Public International Law
University + 1 year            (Syracuse), Business law (Syracuse), Constitutional Law (Syracuse),
exchange program at            International Public Law (Syracuse))
Syracuse University (USA)
on international pubic law
1992-95 Bucharest Centre Completed PhD studies (Modules: Differential geometry, Quantum
for Nuclear Research,          Field Theories, String Theories, Tensor Analysis)
PhD studies, (Romania)
1998-1992, Theoretical         MSc in Theoretical Physics (Modules: Advanced Maths, Integral and
Physics Department,            Differential Calculus, Differential Geometry and Equations, etc)
Tiraspol State University
 6.   Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
           Language                     Reading                  Speaking                  Writing
           Romanian                        1                        1                        1
            English                        1                        1                        2
            Russian                        1                        1                        1
            French                         2                        4                        4
 7. Other skills: (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.) MS Office Family
 8. Present position: consultant
 9. Key qualifications: (Relevant to the sub-sector above)
 Analytical skills: Assessment of institutional, policy aspects and organizational/institutional
 capacities; Cross-sector understanding of political, economic and legal issues related to policy
 analysis; Comparative, interpretative analysis and human rights sensitive drafting of legal norms;
 experience in use of cost benefit analysis, scenario planning.
 Management skills: analytical skills in developing policy papers and intervention actions in various
 social fields; management of medium size public and non-profit organizations;
6. Specific experience in the region:
            Country                                                                        Date from – Date to
 OSCE region (Western NIS,       Expert panel member in police administration for the government in region, OSCE/ODIHR regional initiative, 2006, 2007-09
 Central Asia and Balkans)
 Moldova                         Permanently working in the areas of organizational management, public policy in democracy and human rights areas
 Kazakhstan                      2002-2003 (expatriate legal consultant for DANIDA project in Implementation of Aarhus Convention)
 Moldova                         Sectoral leading consultant, Functional and policy review of the public institutions in health, social, education and culture areas for
                                 UNDP/Government of Moldova
    7. Other relevant information:

   Date       Location       Company              Position                                                          Description
July-        Moldova       UNDP              consultant            Department of National Statistics institutional capacity evaluation, developing Institutional Development
October                                                            Plan, including functional analysis, business administration process review
May-July     Moldova       UNICEF            Team leader,           Budgetary analysis of the sectoral policies in health area for the Ministry of Health
2008                                         consultant
                                                                   Budgetary analysis for the social protection policies for the Ministry of Social Protection, Child and Family
March-   Moldova           UNICEF            Team leader,           Functional and institutional analysis of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Protection, Child and
June2008                                     consultant            Family
Septembe Moldova           World Bank        consultant            Facilitating strategic planning of the social sector for the Ministry of Social Protection, Child and Family,
r 2007-                                                            including functional review, strategic and business process administration
July-    Moldova           Ministry of       consultant            Comprehensive evaluation of the Social sector policies and their performance and development of the
October                    Social                                  sector strategic programming and planning, including cost evaluations
2007                       Protection,
                           Family, Child
June-        Moldova       Expert-grup       Trainer, consultant   Trainings on Public Policy Analysis and Transformation Management for Prosecutor General, Superior
August                     (DFID)                                  Council of Magistrates, Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child, Center for Human Rights (cases
2007                                                               studies, theoretical approaches)
June –       Moldova       Ministry of       adviser               Advice for strategic integration of technical assistance programs, input for sector strategic reform process
Novembe                    Social                                  and planning, appraisal of the future technical assistance programs in the sector, coaching for leadership
r 2007                     Protection,                             for vice-minister
                           Family, Child
April-June   Moldova       UNDP –            consultant            Ex-ante (cost-benefit) practices assessment in Government of Moldova
2007                       regional office
March        Moldova       USIAD-APP         consultant            Cost-benefit analysis to the Governmental Ordinance on the creation of the Human Resource Unit
   Date      Location     Company          Position                                                  Description
February    Moldova     Ministry of   Consultant      Training and advice on strategic process planning for National Development Strategy 2008-11
2007                    Economy
2006        Moldova     DAI-Europe    Consultant      Consultant on policy cross-cutting issues on Government-wide functional analysis (elaborated and
(July-                                                contributed to the sector and final reports with chapters on policy process improvement and policy
October)                                              analysis instruments (RIA, CBA), public administration accountability and performance measurement
2006        Moldova     UNDP/Govern Team leader       Functional review of public institutions (25 institutions) in health, social, education and culture sectors,
(February               ment of     consultant        including social insurance company, medical insurance company, Ministry of Health and Social Protection,
-June)                  Moldova                       Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture.
                                                       In social and health sectors elaborated reports on functioning and policy mechanisms of cash benefits
                                                       system by Social Insurance Office and republic Social Protection Fund (objectives, policy instruments,
                                                       case management, outcomes evaluation, finances, costs, use of social statistics), social services
                                                       delivery by Department of Social Protection of Ministry of Health and Social Protection and local
                                                       authorities (policy instruments and evaluation of effectiveness), medical service system by Health
                                                       Insurance Company (objectives, policy instruments, case management, outcomes evaluation, finances,
                                                       costs, use of medical statistics). Experience of carrying out the tested research studies, data analysis
                                                       and forecasting works with ILO and PROST models.
                                                       Good knowledge of PRSPs
2000-       Moldova     CReDO          Management      More than 20 consultancies for various public organisations, NGOs, NGO networks on strategy and
2006                                  consultant      strategic management, policy and policy advocacy.
                                                      - strategy consultant for Social Network (400 NGOs) strategy elaboration (2004) – service portfolio
                                                           development, marketing, positioning, lobby and advocacy,
                                                      - strategy consultant for Alliance for Disabled Assistance NGOs from Moldova (60 NGOs) strategy
                                                           elaboration (2005)– service portfolio development, marketing, positioning, lobby and advocacy,
                                                      - strategy consultant for Association of Elderly People Assistance NGOs from Moldova (100 NGOs)
                                                           strategy elaboration (2006) – service portfolio development, marketing, positioning, lobby and
                                                      - Department of Migration consultancy for Migration Policy development (2004), analysis of the
                                                           strategic environments, economic, political, social trends, assessment of institutional capabilities,
                                                           policy formulation.
                                                      - Consultancy in strategy formulation for GenderDoc-M, Resource Centre for Human Rights (CReDO),
                                                           Ombudsman Institute (2003-04),
                                                      - Project writing for “Prevention of Torture Initiative 2001-04” (EU Democracy and Human Rights, grant
                                                           awarded cooperation of 5 Moldovan NGOs), Prevention of Torture in preventive detention II (EU
                                                           Democracy and Human Rights, project selected for grant).
2006        Chisinau    GIP-Sofia     Consultant      Assessment of policy and policy options for the Involvement of Persons with Disabilities in Labour, Policy
(March-                                               Paper for Ministry of Health and Social Protection, comprehensive evaluation of current set of polices and
July)                                                 instruments, proposal and financial estimation of the new policy portfolio, including social befits (services,
                                                      cash benefits), assisted work programs and health programmes. Paper used by the Ministry of health and
  Date     Location       Company          Position                                                      Description
                                                       Social Protection for mental health policy elaboration.
2005      Chisinau     Open Society Consultant         Assessment of LGBT Mental Health Policies in Moldova, Policy paper included comprehensive
(March-                Institute (OSI),                assessment of current policies, elaboration of new policy instruments and programmes, used CBA, multi-
July)                  GenderDoc-M                     scope policy evaluation. Paper used by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for mental health
                                                       policy elaboration.
2004      Chisinau,    Cordaid       Lead expert       Situation of Rural Roma Minorities in Moldova, policy research and paper on policy alternatives. Research
          South of                                     included comprehensive evaluation of current policy instruments, objectives and mechanism, including
          Moldova,                                     financial estimations, costs, benefits, estimation of outcomes. The research included 9 areas of compact
          North of                                     minority population (Bulgarians and Ukrainians). Policy paper included the proposal for policy
          Moldova                                      improvement to reach the objective for better minority integration.
2004      Chisinau-    Council of    Country group     Non-discrimination Review process: Assessment of Situation of Compact Minorities in Moldova;
          Strasbourg   Europe        expert            Assessment of discriminatory practices and situations in Moldova, policy advise to Moldovan Government;
2004      Chisinau     Ocnita,       Expert            Strategic Economic Planning of small towns in Donduseni and Ocnita submitted to regional authorities.
          (Ocnita,     Donduseni                       Use of PEST, SWOT, Scenario (shell method), Porter method, GAP analysis, Portfolio analysis.
          Donduseni    regional
          regions)     authorities
2003      Kazakhstan   NIRAS          International    Assistance to Kazakhstan in the Implementation of the Aarhus Convention (Access to public information,
                       /DANIDA       consultant        public decision-making transparency) project of DANIDA.: legal and institutional advise to assessment of
                                                       compatibility of Kazakhstan legislation with Access to justice, access to information and public
                                                       participation under Aarhus Convention provisions, RIA for access to information law, costs and benefits of
                                                       the access to information and public-decision making.
2003      Chisinau     CReDO         Expert             Business Methods in Strategic Non-profit and Public Planning, use of PEST, SWOT, Scenario (shell
                                                        method), Porter method, GAP analysis, Portfolio analysis, Strategy and Policy formulation in public and
                                                        non-profit area with application to medium-size NGOs and service-delivery public organizations.
2002      Chisinau     NIRAS /       National expert    Assistance to Moldova in the Implementation of the Aarhus Convention project of DANIDA-phase 2:
                       DANIDA                           legal assessment of compatibility of the Moldovan legislation with Access to justice under Aarhus
                                                        Convention provisions;
                                                        Legislative drafting of Moldovan law on access to environmental information;
                                                        Evaluation and assessment of legislation on public participation in Moldovan Environmental Impact
                                                        Assessment and IPPC procedure;
                                                        Legislative drafting regulations of environmental monitoring system;
                                                       Elaboration of guidance and policy papers on exempted documents, system of charges, public
                                                       participation in decision making
2000      Chisinau     NIRAS/        National expert    Assistance to Moldova in the Implementation of the Aarhus Convention project of DANIDA-phase 1:
                       DANIDA                           legal assessment of compatibility of the Moldovan legislation and practices on access to justice and
                                                        public participation Aarhus Convention, EIA and IPPC EU Directives;
                                                        Evaluation of coherence of the institutional setting on Environmental Monitoring in Moldova;
                                                        Developing and drafting necessary legislative and institutional improvements;
1995-     Chisinau     Moldovan      Deputy director    Programs and strategy development of human rights activities; human rights expertise and legal norms
   Date    Location      Company             Position                                                       Description
1999                  Helsinki                              compliance evaluation; drafting of amendments to bring in compliance with international standards of
                      Committee                             Moldova legislation: leading expert on Moldovan Law on Access to Information (general); leading expert
                                                            on Moldovan Law on protection of privacy; legal representation in around 10 human rights cases at
                                                            national and international jurisdictions
1992-     Chisinau    Tiraspol State   Assistant Lecturer   Courses in Quantum field theory, differential geometry during PhD studies
1995                  University

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