Pedicure Spa Party Jennifer Bouse by liaoqinmei


									               Pedi-Party OR Spa Bucket Party Instructions: What do I need to take?
                                     Step by Step instructions:
Before the party:                                                      What’s in my baggie/ziplock for each guest?
                                                                       (all are optional)
Make a Circle of ‘U’-shape of chairs                                   Nail File (Deals or Dollar Tree): 5 files/$1
Place a hand towel in each chair and put the baggie on the             Pumice Stone or Child’s Tooth Brush (Deals
towel                                                                  or Dollar Tree): $1
Put a bucket (long-ways works best for space) in front of each         Cotton pads 2-4 per guest baggie
chair                                                                  Razor (Deals or Dollar Tree): 10 Razors/$1
                                                                       Small Garbage Bags (Deals or Dollar Tree,
Add marbles - I just dump some in, I don’t measure) (optional          pink 50 bags/$1)
marbles)                                                               Customer Profile Card, Sales Ticket, Pen or
After everyone is seated:                                              Look Book or Beauty Book per Guest
Introduce Yourself, Thank Hostess w/ small gift, go around the
circle and have each Guest introduce herself and share 1 thing she would like to change about her skin (or
change about her current job situation), Give your “I-Story” and Share your “Hostess Perks” for the current
month, Use “Book-2-Look” envelopes to Pre-Book, then begin the Pedi-Party:

PARTY:                                                             What do I need to take:
Have them go ahead and open their baggie to get ready to           Satin Hands Sets & Pedicure set
begin                                                              Any of our body care And/Or Your Favorite Products
                                                                   to “Show and Tell” about;
Have them fill out their customer profile card.
                                                                    Lotus Bamboo & Red Tea Fig
Take off polish (need polish remover) and file toe nails                Body Care
while you’re filling up the buckets with water                      Simple Cotton, Exotic Passion
Squirt Foot Soak from Ped Set into each bucket and then                 Fruit, Warm Amber and Hon-
Take Water Pitchers filled with hot water (I fill up 2 at a             eysuckle body Care
time) and pour into each bucket.                                    Subtle Tanning Lotion
                                                                   Cotton pads
Have each person put their feet in the bucket after you add        Remover
hot water                                                          Nail polish
They can massage their feet with the marbles (they will            Marbles
LOVE this!) (optional )                                            Bucket
                                                                    And all items in pre-made bags per
Once everyone is settled down from their excitement:
                                                                Possible ask hostess to have some
Go to each guest and squirt Extra Emollient Night Cream in         water pitchers available to use to
their hands.
Have them massage that into their hands and then apply to feet
Put feet inside the garbage bag and then back into the bucket
Take water pitchers and fill them up again with very hot water
Add a small amount of water into each bucket on top of their feet (but warn them it’s hot)
That creates a sauna effect and will aid in the removing of the dead skin from their feet

Time to SHOW-N-TELL about the Pedicure Set and the Satin Hands Sets (with pricing) or share about
other products that are Your Favorites! EMPASIZE THE FACT THAT WE ARE DOING 2 SETS TODAY:
The Pedicure Set, ALONG WITH the Satin Hands Set—1 Set for Feet and 1 Set for Hands! Special Pricing
when you Purchase the 2 Sets Together (Recommendation : $22+$30 = $52 Regular Price Today, pur-
chase the DUO for $47.00 $5 off!)
Time to SHOW-N-TELL about the Pedicure Set and the Satin Hands Sets (with
pricing) or share about other products that are Your Favorites!
ALONG WITH the Satin Hands Set—1 Set for Feet and 1 Set for Hands! Special
Pricing when you Purchase the 2 Sets Together (Recommendation : $22+$30 =
$52 Regular Price Today, purchase the DUO for $47.00 $5 off!)

Resume with Agenda:
Have each guest take their feet out of the small garbage bag
Squirt Satin Hands Scrub in their hands and have them work that into their hands
Then have them apply it to both feet.
Have them take the pumice stone or child’s toothbrush and buff off dead skin from bottoms of feet and
around toenails
Put feet back into bucket.

Use Foot Soak (extra squirt to each guest) to shave legs:
For fun do a leg check for the hairiest legs and give a prize! (optional)
Have guest lather up their legs and they can then test out the shaving ability with their razor

Moisturize and polish:
Have them rinse their legs and feet and towel dry.
Let them apply Foot Balm to feet (from Pedicure Set) and Hand Cream to Hands (from Satin Hands
Set) ….( share about our subtle tanning lotion)
Apply nail polish
Now all your guests should have Satin Hands & Feet! =)

Show the 2 Sets, pricing, and then the DUO as Today’s Deal!
Remind group about your “Hostess Perks” for the month and Congratulate those who have already taken
a “Book 2 Look” envelope!
Tell how they can pay today: MC, Visa, Discover, Check or Cash
Ask “Who is in a Hurry today”...raise hands. “Great! I will start with you, ____, while everyone gets a
snack. We will go clockwise around the room after you. If you will, grab your baggie and I will meet you at
the ______.”

(with Each guest individually in a more-private area):
1. “I’m so glad you came, Did you have a great time?”
2. “Great! How do your hands and feet feel?”
3. “ Do you have any questions?”
4. “ Which set would you like to start with today?”
5. “Is there any reason why we couldn’t get together in the next couple of weeks and you invite some
    friends too?”
FROZEN SLUSH PUNCH for Pedi-Party or “Tropical Spa” Party in Spring/
Summer months:
Stir in empty gallon ice cream pail:
6c. hot water
1 lg. can frozen lemonade
1 lg. can frozen orange juice
1 46 oz. can pineapple juice
Put in the freezer for a day or two.
Remove 4 hours before serving and add Ginger Ale to taste.
Remember Mary Kay’s KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetie! AND have FUN!

Hi, ______, this is ______, with Mary Kay, do you have a quick minute? Great! It has al-
ready been an EXREMELY busy season. I am setting up quick fun “breaks” for busy women
like you. How does a luxury foot spa sound? And easy, relaxing way to enjoy a tropical drink
and relax with a few girlfriends that have been just a s busy as you! Doesn’t that sound like
fun? Here’s how it works:
Invite 5-20 of your cutest girlfriends who have been busy running around the world to stop
by for a quick treat ~ about an hour, maybe less….
While you are enjoying the foot pampering, you will have a chance to see what is new for the
season in spa, skin & sun care and on-the-go color looks. Plus, shopping on your seat instead
of on your feet...sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?
As a “thank you”, you will receive $75 in Mary Kay product for only $35 when
we have our “Pedicure Party” in the month of _______. As a BONUS, we have
____ FREE when you have 10 or more in attendance!
Which is best for you, daytime or evening? Beginning of the week or end? …

 EXTRA: How to Sell (from in the WHAT’S NEW Sec-

  Why not treat your customers to a spa-like experience at a Pedicure Party?
      You can generate interest in hosting a Pedicure Party by having a Pedicure Set on hand at
      skin care and color parties to show customers.
    When booking a Pedicure Party remember to emphasize that it is a fun way to get together
      with friends for a little extra pampering, just in time for sandal season.
    For the party, each guest will need a plastic tub to soak her feet in as well as a towel. A fresh
      white towel will contribute to the spa atmosphere of the party.
    Allow guests to soak their feet for 5 to 10 minutes.
    While feet are soaking, you may want to treat guests to the TimeWise® Even Complexion
      Mask to pamper their skin, too.
    Be sure to bring some Mint Bliss™ Energizing Lotion for Feet and Legs for the ultimate pedi-
      cure experience.

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