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                     Item                          Description                                     Explanation
Classroom Equipment
Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)      SmartBoard SB685 w/UX60 Projector
                                                                                 To provide an interactive medium for
Mounting Hardware (IWB)           KOH Interactive
                                                                                 collaboration and sharing of student work,
VGA Splitter                      VP20 w/ampliification
                                                                                 internet resources, and the delivery of
Wireless Slate                    Smart Slate
                                                                                 instruction which promotes the development of
Shipping (IWB)
                                                                                 21st Century Learning Skills.
Document Camera                   TBD

                                                                                 To help assess student understanding through
                                                                                 active evaluation and immediate feedback
Classroom Response                Smart Response 32 unit
                                                                                 To permit team members mobility when
Wireless Presenter                TBD                                            interacting with computer

                                                                                 To provide the capability of producing
                                                                                 hardcopies of student work when necessary.
Laser Printer                     HP 3015n

Student Equipment

                                                                                 Permit students to digitally capture photos and
                                                                                 video to be incorporated into projects.
Flash Camera                      Kodak PlaySport 1442102
                                                                                 Portable storage media for student photos and
SD Memory for Flash Camera        Kingston Class 4 4Gb SDHC                      video
                                  Wenger GA-7836-06F00 Sherpa Small Camera
                                                                                 Protective case for flash camera
Case for Flash Camera             Case

                                                                                 Permit students to utilize Web 2.0 tools,
                                                                                 conduct research and develop projects to
                                                                                 support learning with mobility.
Netbook                           Dell 2110 Netbook 2Gb N470

                                                                                 Provides capacity for recharging, centralized
Netbook Cart                      Datamation DS-NSC-28-DOCK-L21                  management, and safe storage for 30 netbooks

                                                                                 Permit students to utilize Web 2.0 tools,
                                                                                 conduct research and develop projects to
                                                                                 support learning with mobility.
iPad 32Gb                         32Gb iPad with Wi-Fi
Apple iPad Case                   iPad Case                                      Protective case for iPads
Apple iPad Keyboard Dock          iPad Keyboard Dock                             Provides full keyboard better enable students input
Apple iPad Power Adapter          iPad 10W USB Power Adapter                     AC power adapter for iPads
                                                                                 Permits iPads to be connected to projector to
                                                                                 promote collaboration and sharing of student
Apple iPad VGA Adapter            iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter             work

                                                                                 Provides capacity for recharging, centralized
iPad Cart                         Datamation DS-NETVAULT-IP-20                   management, and safe storage for 20 iPads

                                                                                 Aid in the acquistion of additional moble
                                                                                 applications and learning resources which are
                                                                                 educationally appropriate and enhance student
Apple itunes Gift Card            Apple iTunes Gift Card

Team Equipment
                                                                                  Enable team members to participate in ongoing
Team Member Laptops               Laptop with Port Replicator, case, 3yr warranty professional development and deepen
Team Member mp3 Players           Apple iPod 32Gb incl. case                      understanding of Web 2.0 and 21st Century

Wireless Network - 4 classrooms
Wireless Access Points            Aruba 105-WRLS AP
Controller Licensing for AP's     Aruba ARU-LIC-8-AP                             Configures four (4) classrooms with wireless
                                                                                 access points for 90+ additional mobile devices
                                                                                          Configures four (4) classrooms with wireless
Mounting Hardware                       ARU-AP-105-MNT-C                                  access points for 90+ additional mobile devices
Arubacare Support                       Aruba ARS-EN1-LIC-8-AP
Wireless Controller                     Aruba 3400-US                                     Provides policy and load management for
Aruba Support for 3400                  Aruba ARS-EN1-3400-US                             wireless access points to insure quality of
Policy Enforcement Software             Aruba ARU-LIC-PEFNG-8                             service demanded by 90+ additional mobile
Policy Enforcement Software Support     Aruba ARS-EN1-LIC-PEFNG-8                         devices

                                                                                          Implementation and configuration will include
                                                                                          site survey to identify access point locations
                                                                                          and coverage areas, burn-in of components,
                                                                                          ethernet link verification and connectivity
                                                                                          testing, configuration of policy enforcement
                                                                                          firewall module, programming insertion into
Wireless Implementation/Configuration   Implementation and Configuration                  existing data network
Midspan POE Injector                    Aruba PowerDSine ARU-PD-3001G-AC
                                        Cisco Switch to provide network connection for
POE Switch                              wireless access points                         Provides necessary connection of classroom
                                        Cisco Gbic Connector to connect POE Switch to access points to district's data network to
Gbic Connector                          district's router - IDF                        support an additional 90+ mobile devices.
                                        Cisco Gbic Connector to connect POE switch to
Gbic Connector                          district's router -MDF

eTech Ohio Conference
Hotel                                   4 rooms for 3 nights each
Mileage & Parking

Other Travel
Registration                            MCESC Tech Conference - 10/15/10

Professional Development
State-Sponsored Prof. Development       State-Sponsored online course

                                        In collaboration with district administrators and teacher team members, Western Reserve Public
                                        Media will develop and deliver a customized professional development program based upon
                                        best practices and in support of this ARRA grant's Action Plan. With continual examination of
                                        project goals and teacher and student needs, this program will include a minimum of 15 full days
                                        of onsite professional development along with additional follow-up sessions as needed to begin
                                        07/01/2010 and continue through 06/30/2011.

                                        Offerings will include but not be limited to product evaluation and purchasing, Project-Based
                                        Learning, Formative Assessment, Integration of Interactive White Boards in Instruction, Google
                                        Apps for Education, Classroom Response Systems, Moodle Course Development, Enhanced Web
                                        2.0 Tools, etc.

Additional Prof. Development

                                        Substitutes for staff attending professional development, team meetings, and professional
Technology Coach                        Technology Integration Coach - .5FTE (20hrs/wk)

Internal Evaluator
                                                                                          Stipends to grant team members for summer
Teacher Stipends                                                                          class and additional work
                                                                                          To provide content-specific video in support of
Discovery Education Streaming                                                             state standards
           TBD - incl Camtasia Studio w/SnagIt, Inspire
           Data, Inspiration, Pinnacle Studio
Software                                                  To supoort goals of the Action Plan
Unit Cost    Quantity   Total Cost

 $4,979.00          4    $19,916.00
   $499.00          4     $1,996.00
    $79.00          4       $316.00
   $394.00          4     $1,576.00
   $272.00          1       $272.00
   $600.00          4     $2,400.00

 $2,609.00          3     $7,827.00

    $80.00          5       $400.00

   $400.00          4     $1,600.00

   $139.99         15     $2,099.85

     $9.99         15       $149.85

     $9.99         15       $149.85

   $464.00         60    $27,840.00

 $2,001.26          2     $4,002.52

   $599.99         26    $15,599.74
    $39.00         26     $1,014.00
    $69.00         26     $1,794.00
    $29.00         26       $754.00

    $29.00          5       $145.00

 $1,131.88          1     $1,131.88

   $500.00          1       $500.00


 $1,653.00          6     $9,918.00
   $324.00          6     $1,944.00


   $553.44          4     $2,213.76
   $449.92          1       $449.92
    $18.37    4       $73.48
    $58.64    1       $58.64
 $6,436.30    1    $6,436.30
   $716.54    1      $716.54
   $425.72    1      $425.72
    $50.82    1       $50.82

 $3,220.00    1    $3,220.00
    $84.17    4      $336.68

 $1,500.00    1    $1,500.00

  $126.09     1     $126.09

  $309.61     1     $309.61


  $167.00    12    $2,004.00


   $30.00     6     $180.00

$18,000.00    1   $18,000.00

$30,000.00    1   $30,000.00

  $100.00    60    $6,000.00
$30,000.00    1   $30,000.00


 $5,500.00    1    $5,500.00

 $1,500.00    5    $7,500.00

 $2,600.00    1    $2,600.00

TOTAL           $225,322.25

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