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									                                               ACADSA SLC MEETING
                                                  MEETING #13
                                                  April 12th, 2011

ACADEMIC VP: RYAN TANG                                      STUDENT LIFE VP: TODD REDERBURG
FIRST YEAR STUDIES: JILL NG                                 GLASS: CARLI CASTLE
VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS:                                      MADT: LUCAS ROBERTS



           Discussion                                                            Action Item/Motion
1.         Call to order                                                         Kris called the meeting to order at
2.         Approval of the Agenda                                                MOTION: Moved to adopt agenda as
                                                                                 amended with addition. Carried.
3.         Reading & Approval of SLC Minutes                                     MOTION: Moved to adopt SLC
                                                                                 Minutes from Meeting #12. All in
                                                                                 favor. Carried.
4.   Reports of Officers and Staff

     4.1 President – Bi-weekly Report Given. Bi-weekly and Final Reports attached.
     4.2 VP Academic - Bi-weekly Report Given. Final Report attached.
     4.3 VP External - Bi-weekly Report Given. Final Report attached.
     4.4 VP Student Life - Bi-weekly Report Given. Final Report attached.
     4.5 General Manager - Report Given. Report attached.
     4.6 Project Coordinator - Bi-weekly Report Given. Bi-weekly and Final Reports attached.
     4.7 MNG Coordinator - Bi-weekly Report Given. Bi-weekly and Final Reports attached.

     4.7 SLC Representatives

           Drawing:
            Head of Dept handed out surveys regarding studio space to all majors.
            In Cahoots Gallery has a multi-department collaboration; opening April 14th at 12pm.
            Meagan Boisvert currently has solo exhibition in the MNG; opening April 14th at 5-7pm.
            FINA exhibition at Anthill had a huge turn-out at their opening; the bar made $600 for
            the Jasmine Valentina scholarship fund.

           Artstream: nothing to report.

           Painting:
            Had dept. meeting today regarding New York; group leaves on May 2nd.
            At Eau Claire is One Night Stand; a 3rd year group exhibition.
            Becky McMaster, Lindsay Falk and Kris Weinmann have a group exhibition at the base
            of the Calgary Tower; opening April 21st 7pm-Late.

           Jewellery + Metals:
            Gem Event went well and raised over $500 for the students going to SNAG.
            At 100 Wines, the JWLM external grad show is being exhibited until April 19th, opening
            April 15th 5-9pm.
            Reminder that April 13th is Day of Pink; wear pink to support those who are victims of

           BFA General:
            Has received complaints from atleast BFA students who had difficulties registering for
    their majors’ classes. Lauren plans to write up a formal complaint on their behalf.

   Glass:
    Had dept. exhibition in the Main Mall as well as a Silent Auction that closed.
    Mug Night was a huge success, having sold out of glass mugs & beer.
    With Mug Night and other fundraisers at Show & Sale, the dept. has raised $1500 for a
    student in the dept. who is in financial crisis.

   Ceramics: No report.

   Fibre:
    At the Poly & Ester Gallery, Tracy Sutherland is exhibiting work.
    Fibre potluck is coming up April 15th at noon.
    In Cafeteria, Fibre grads have their Emerging Artists’ Retrospective: Booze-time with
    Fibre, April 20th.

   Print Media:
    Ryan Kostel + Print major have exhibition in the Print Gallery; opening April 14th.
    Print Studios close on April 20th.

   Photo:
    4th year portfolio open house was April 12th.
    Jamie is gathering 2nd + 3rd year suggestions on how to better the photo program.

   First Year Studies:
    First Year show in 371 was successful.
    Jill will write a letter to the next First Year Studies SLC Rep on what to expect.

   Sculpture:
    April 15th, senior sculpture students will be giving a presentation on the Mexico
    experience; bar and social after from 5-7pm.
    April 27th, dept. will have their annual year-end studio show; opening 5-8 pm.
    3rd space show closes at Untitled Art Society.

   VC:
    4th years really using the Course Evaluations to express their concerns over their dept.
            The cubicles in one design studio will be cut down to appropriate height.

           MADT:
            April 14th 5-8pm is the Arthole radio launch party. The online radio station already has
            7 shows and looking for more; open to all departments.
            MADT 304 class is having an exhibition in Robyn Moody’s garage.
5.   Special /Ad Hoc Committees’ Reports
     5.1. Awards Committee
            Meeting after this meeting.

     5.2. Blend Committee
          Blend will be launched April 21st at lunch; web browser will be available for interaction.
          Content is still being reviewed by editors.
          Blend needs a new name (a publication about art named Blend already exists); Martha
             wants ideas emailed to her. Going back to Current Projects was suggested.

     5.3. Children’s Hospital Committee
            Nothing to report.

     5.4. Events Committee
            Nothing to report.

6.   SRC Update/Report
        All mobility applications for coming fall semester have been sent out; should have word
          back by end of May. Any applications for next winter will be se sent out by Sept 1st.
        New Director of Admissions and Retention is Marianne Elder.
        Still looking for Peer Mentors for next year.
        Changes will happen to the Student Life Office this fall.
        Department Challenge results: 1st - Ceramics, 2nd – Jewellery, 3rd - Painting.
7.   Old Business
     7.1 ACADSA 2011-2012 Interim Budget                                                                MOTION: Motion to approve the
     Brenda handed out budget and highlighted the $300 discrepancy resolved; extra $300 went            ACADSA 2011-2012 Interim Budget.
     under Food budget for Events. Other change to note was the loss of $15,000 from AFA grant;         All in favor. Carried.
     will pull missing revenue for MNG from reserve fund if need be.
8.        New Business
          8.1 February 2011 Income Statement                                                              MOTION: Motion to approve the
          Handed out and reviewed.                                                                        February 2011 Income Statement.
                                                                                                          All in favor. Carried.

          8.2 Ratification of Ex-officio Student Resource Centre representative position on SLC           MOTION: Motion to approve the
          This year was a trial run of having the SRC rep (Student Life Coordinator) at SLC meetings.     position of Student Life Coordinator
                                                                                                          as an ex-officio member on SLC. All
                                                                                                          in favor. Carried.
                                                                                                          ACTION: Update Bylaws + Policies.
7.        SLC Roundtable
              SLC members will receive last checks in exchange for their binders.
              Hoping to have space at the base of the Calgary Tower (where Kris, Becky & Lindsay
                have an exhibition) donated as an ACAD student gallery.
              The HUMN 400 Material Thinking class is having a 371 exhibition Perpetual Inventory:
                Remediating Rauschenberg; opening April 14th 5-7pm.
              Cory spoke about local politics and encouraged voting; more engagement.
              There is a call out for Student Handbook Cover submissions.
              Any feedback on ArtaWEARness, Show & Sale and/or Grad Catalogue welcomed.
9.        Adjourn                                                                                         MOTION: Moved to adjourn. Carried.
                                                                                                          The meeting is adjourned at 6:55 pm.

     Bi-Weekly Reports of Officers & Staff

     5.1 President
         1. Meeting with Dr David Swann, Leader of the Official Opposition/AB Liberal Party, April 6, 2011
                   The whole ACADSA EC met with Dr Swann to talk about issues faced by ACAD students. Dr Swann talked about the
                   importance of pressure as a vehicle to enact change within government policy in addition to the importance of the
                   community and getting involved in politics. He was also very receptive to the “Volunteer for a Better Alberta” project
                   being lead by ASEC in addition to what we feel are important issues to be considered by his party such as the cost of
                   living for students, the importance for the “Access to the future fund”, mandatory fees imposed by institutions on
                   students and the value of the Alberta Foundation of the Arts to ACAD students.
   2. Presentation of Student work at the “Whats Wrong with Politics?”, April 7 2011
             After meeting with Dr David Swann ACADSA was invited to install some work at the town hall meeting entitled “Whats
             Wrong with Politics?”. The work was received really well and was recognized by Dr David Swann (MLA for this region
             of Calgary) and the panel in addition to the value of our “critical and innovative thinking, cultural contributions and
             community oriented attitudes” demonstrated by students at the college. Other Panelists were Peter Rishaug, Co-
             Founder & Organizer-Calgary Civic Camp, Dr. Doreen Barrie, professor of Political Science at the University of
             Calgary and Hardave Birk, Vice President External at the University of Calgary Student Union. Over all it was an
             interesting discussion on the history of Alberta’s political development, the value of getting involved in politics and the
             elections in addition to a critical dialogue around the elections framework in Calgary. Many members of the assembly
             we very interested and appreciative of the student work on display.
External Meetings
   1. Casey Hughes, April 1, 2011
             Casey Hughes and I discussed a new opportunity that has arisen from one of his interviews where he met with Rafal
             Wegiel Founder of Fashion Calgary. Rafal expressed a serious and enthusiastic interest in working with Casey,
             ACADSA and its members in order to bring together the creative community. We will be meeting in the next week or
             so to discuss his ideas.
             Creative Community Interviews: Casey Hughes (formerly ACADSA Academic) met with me to introduce a project he
             had initiated where in he has been connecting with members of the creative community who have achieved a certain
             level of success, are sustaining a career in a creative field or are intriguing leaders within their field. Mr. Hughes
             would like to make the transcripts of these interviews available to ACAD students as a way of supporting the
             community through the provocative in insightful and motivational conversation that have been taking place through
             these interviews. I find these interviews to be interesting and a value to students given that they are a sort of
             testimonial coming from the outside community and industry that may prove useful to emerging artists, designers and
             crafts people coming through ACAD.
   2. Josh McNorton, SLED Island Festival Gallery, April 4, 2011
             In moving forward with our partnership with the Sled Island Festival, I collaborated with Josh McNorton in developing
             an open call to student curators. The call is geared toward giving students access to a gallery space outside of the
             college and the opportunity to develop their own curatorial project that would exhibit ACAD student work. The first
             opening reception will be on April 8 2011 with work compiled by me (Kris Weinmann) a collection I compiled by
             running through the studios. Students will be able to apply to time slots available for the months of May and June until
             the board of the sled island festival determines what is to be done with the space for the time remaining on their lease.
   3. Cathy & Carol, Beverly Centre, Glenmore,
             To this point I have received possible interest from four students for this exhibition opportunity. In light of the
             challenges around getting students involved in these kinds of opportunities ACADSA will begin to look at different
             methods that will make these processes more effective, ie art data base or programming service.
   3. Meeting with David Aldrich, VP Student Experience and Admissions, April 4, 2011
        a. In our meeting we discussed finalizing the operations agreement between ACADSA and ACAD hopefully before the
            end of the month.
        b. We will be setting up a date to go get paint and materials to paint the painting drawing hallways.
        c. The 372 changeover formal complaint has been presented to the president of the college and my hope is that I will be
            hearing back from the president as to what is next in the process for the recommendations to be followed through.
        d. Discussed the renewal of the ACADSA General Manager position seeing as how the current contract ends on June
            30, 2011. We will move forward with the current agreement around the GM position and will discuss amendments
            once the GM and myself have analyzed our original proposal and rational around that proposal.
        e. I mentioned the creation of a sustainability committee. We discussed the value of this committee in perhaps evaluating
            what ACAD’s carbon footprint actually is. The committee will be meeting in the near future to discuss a possible
            mandate and strategy for the committee so as to have a founded framework for the committee to continue in the next
            academic year.

5.2 VP Academic
Summarized final report.

5.3 VP External
Summarized final report.

5.4 VP Student Life
Summarized final report.

5.5 General Manager
   SLC cheques will be available by tomorrow after 2pm.
   Vanessa, the new auditor, was in March 31 and April 1 to do preliminary work for the audit – she took up a lot of my time with
     questions and producing documents for her
   Advertised for the following positions – MNG Coordinator, Bar Services Coordinator and Show and Sale Coordinator.
   Prepared documents and gov’t forms for the new Student Life VP
   ACAD did not prepare the documents correctly for AFA – as a result MNG will not receive any funding for 2011/12 from them
Liquor Services
   Last day for bar service is Friday April 29th.
   Had six bars in the last two weeks – MNG Opening, First Years Show, Mug Night/Horse Show, Glass Silent Auction, Gem
     event and 371 opening
   Next two weeks – April 14, MNG opening, Touch Tactile Texture and Art Hole radio launch, April 15 Mexico Presentation, April
    20 Emerging Artists Retrospective, April 27 Sculpture opening
   Finished off the Show and Sale cheques – three students have claimed theft
   Bi-weekly meetings with the Coordinators
   Attended Dawn Boutwells going away celebration
    Monday April 18th.

5.6 Project Coordinator
Grad Catalogue
      Attended Grad Info-Session and since then have emailed all the graduates with 3 forms: Grad Show Submission Form,
        Questions About Grad and Important Grad Dates.
      Grad Show Submission forms due Friday Feb 15th
      Pre-sales of Grad Catalogues will begin Friday Feb 15th (with proof to see) for $30.
Show & Sale
     Cheques are in the ACADSA office!

Final Reports

5.1 President
        This year has been a very exciting and progressive year for the ACADSA and its members. There have been several driving
forces behind these successes, one important item being the drafting and acceptance of ACADSA’s new three year strategic plan
that has helped direct the EC in making decisions and directing the association on a path that will help strengthen its role and
operations. In developing the strategic plan ACADSA also identified several components in the associations operations such as the
production of the Grad Catalogue, the coordination of ArtaWEARness and the contract surrounding the ACADSA General Manager
position, that are areas that could be eliminated or there management adjusted so as to alleviate pressures on ACADSA’s limited
        Another driving force has been the exceptional commitment and team work demonstrated by the ACADSA Executive
Committee. Each VP within their position took on their responsibilities whole heartedly and made their best effort in accomplishing
their goals. There were some challenges in communication and follow through with some items but these challenges were identified
and each member made it their job to improve in those areas. Overall the team was very diligent and focused in their roles and
maintained an exceptional passion throughout the year.
         Our positive relationship with the ACAD Administration has also grown to be a collaborative one in areas that have helped
advance the goals and role of each area within the college and the community. ACAD’s new president Dr Daniel Doz has been a
terrific addition to the ACAD community in my opinion and with him has come a renewed optimism and energy that has instilled a
growing confidence and even clarity as to the direction and growth for the college and its students. He has implemented several
working groups and committees around academic planning, and generating recognition for the college. The president has also been
a strong supporter of The Gallery Project adding weight and productive progress to the project. We have also developed a strong
and close relationship with the Student Resource Centre currently operated by Dan Barnfield and partnered up on supporting student
groups, department relations and workshops to help support student experience. David Aldrich (ACAD VP of Student Experience)
has also been a great supporter of ACADSA’s initiatives and has been very understanding and patient with ACADSA’s proposals and
adjustments to operations that involve the college such as the changing hands of the ArtaWEARness event and the Grad Catalogue.
With the continuation of my term I hope to finalize and help ACADSA capitalize on these goals and initiatives.
         ACADSA has also pursued several external goals such as the Canadian Art and Design Student Alliance, the Children’s
Hospital Visit and other community outreach initiatives. All of these projects are aimed at providing ACAD students with opportunities
to get involved in the outside community in ways that we can share ideas and the excitement of the visual arts so that the
communities that we are a part of so as to generate the recognition and respect for the college that seems to have not had much
improvement in the past. It has been our goal to improve our presence and role within the community as a means of establishing a
very important connection and dialogue with the rest of the community locally, provincially and nationally so as to improve the
understanding of the contributions and value of the visual arts within those contexts so as to improve the support we receive from all
those levels at all levels.
         An additional improvement we have experienced this year has been student involvement in the students association. Right
from the very beginning of the year until this final month we have noticed an increase in students participation in student driven
initiatives and groups both inside and outside of the association as well as an improved recognition of the association in general
where by students have engaged with ACADSA for many different reasons and seem to be more comfortable in doing so. We have
attempted to improve our communications to the student and faculty population through independent and collaborate newsletters to
ensure that we communicate our activities and opportunities for students more effectively and we have identified this area as an area
in need of improvement and so will be developing our marketing/communications plan over the summer in efforts to make this area
more effective next year.
         I was also impressed with the growth in student driven initiatives such as ACADSA supported student groups in addition to
student group field trips and student run galleries which are areas we have budgeted to support in the next academic year so as to
foster these initiatives that have proven to be of substantial value to the students experiences here at the college.
         Academically there has been continued discussion around the relationship between the Design and Fine Arts Degree areas
of the college recognizing a distinct division between the areas but a desire from students to have access to courses within those
areas that are outside of their required courses for their degrees. Design has an established and successful framework and
curriculum that seems very complex presenting obvious challenges in changing that structure to accommodate the cross discipline
access so, in my interpretation, this has proven to be one of the leading challenges in improving open access to courses in the
college. I must say though that in this term I have been in conversation with several design faculty that are interested in the
improved accessibility to courses and we hope to attempt some projects in the future that will test some of the models around how
we can improve students access to those courses.
         Brenda Baber the ACADSA General Manager, has demonstrated a strong and passionate commitment to the operations and
function of ACADSA and is an invaluable asset. She has been the “glue” that has kept us on track and our heads in the right place
throughout the year and is a magnificent resource as we push forward with our goals. She is very hard working and more often than
not goes above and beyond her job description to see that ACADSA surpasses expectations. This year we have initiated
negotiations with the college regarding her position proposing that we take her on as an ACADSA employee instead of her being
employed as an ACAD employee. Currently we feel that this would save ACADSA approximately $9000 and would give ACADSA
more control over her position. She has also helped us learn and interpret the financial side of ACADSA allowing us to remain
fiscally responsible and strategic in relation to our goals and strategic plan. Brenda has been an absolute dream to work with I don’t
know where we’d be without her.
         Katie Kimber the ACADSA Project Coordinator, has demonstrated a passionate commitment to her position in coordinating
this year’s Show and Sale Events, ArtaWEARness and the Grad Catalogue. This position was introduced this year as a “trail run” to
see if the position was effective in our operations. Katie executed these events really well this year and was a very approachable
point of contact for students during the organization and operation of these events. Despite the challenges of organizing such
complex projects Katie maintained a level of composure and professionalism that saw these projects through fairly smoothly. There
were some occasions of miscommunication and breach of jurisdiction but these issues were identified and addressed respectfully.
Over all Katie implemented several adjustments to the operations of Show and Sale and ArtaWEARness through effective data
collection and consultation that provided her and future coordinators with data that have helped improve the status and operations of
these events. Seeing that the operations of ArtaWEARness and the Grad Catalogue are being offered to the college the position of
the ACADSA Project Coordinator will be eliminated at the end of the current contract. That being said, during her time with ACADSA
Katie did a great job in her position and made this year’s events to be important examples of the quality of execution of
events/opportunities that we can provide for students.
         melinda topilko the Marion Nicoll Gallery Coordinator this year has progressed the frame work and reputation around the
MNG in leaps and strides. She implemented a new digital application process and was very diligent in seeing that the programming
for the space was done fairly, thoroughly and effectively. melinda has also demonstrated a strong passion and commitment to
providing students with a professional and rewarding experience through the exhibitions opportunities available for the 3 MNG
spaces located at the college and at the +15 Space at the EPCOR centre. Thanks to the diligent work done by melinda this year, the
MNG can move forward in providing an educational and rewarding experience in addition to a more fair and efficient application
process allowing for clearer access to these opportunities for students. I am confident that on account of the work melinda has done,
her successors will be able to function within their position as the MNG Coordinators with confidence and creativity.
         David Buchanan was the ACADSA Bar Service Coordinator for us this year. He was very reliable and diligent in maintaining
responsible an friendly bar services to all the events where our services have been employed. David also helped refurbish the Bars
over the summer. Thanks to David’s professionalism and commitment to the position the bar has been able to maintain an accurate
inventory and maintenance of the bar services budget under the supervision of Brenda Baber. ACADSA plans to maintain the bar
services component of the association so as to help support community events within the college.
Looking ahead, I feel ACADSA has established some terrific benchmarks from where we can advance the students’ association in a
direction that will truly improve its role and contributions to ACAD students’ experiences and opportunities. Seeing that we have
retained ¾ of our original team our momentum can only be carried forward in a positive way capitalizing on all that we have
established and helping to grow our networks within the school through that continuity.

5.2 VP Academic

From May 2010 until late August 2010, the position of Vice-President Academic was held by Casey Hughes. In late August Mr.
Hughes tendered his resignation and the position was left vacant until October.

Animation Major
Beginning in October, I had discussions with animation/motion graphics instructor Kevin Kurytnik and illustration head Dennis
Budgen regarding the possibility of creating an animation major. During the first meetings I reviewed and help draft the official
proposal for the animation major. Initially there seemed to be much support from both the President’s office and the Dean’s office
regarding this initiative. However, with the Dean often absent due to illness, we were unable to push this initiative forward. The
animation courses approved by Academic Council during the last academic year will still continue to run, though the proposal for the
stream had to be re-approved at Academic Council this year.

Academic Council
Academic Council began to review their bylaws this year. Several small changes were made, mostly to clarify the role of the Council.
In October, the Council approved two new 200 level courses in Fibre (Digital Concepts in Fibre; The Garment, Art and the Body in
Context), one new 300 level course in Fibre (Topic in Contemporary Fibre) and changes to all descriptions Fibre courses to better
reflect what is currently taught in those courses. In November, updates to all course descriptions for 200 level Glass courses and
AHGL 316 were approved. In February, Council approved the implementation of several VCD courses (VSCI 3xx – Information
Illustration I, VSCI 3xx – Storytelling and Environments I and VSCI 327- Storytelling and Environments II, VSCT 2xx – Character
Drawing for Animation, VSCT 2xx – Storytelling, VSCT 326 – Motion Graphics II, VSCT 330 – Animation II, VSCA 319 – Advertising
I, VSCA 3xx – Advertising II, VSCD 328 – Typography III, VSCD 323 – Typography IV, VSDC 329 – Brand Design, VSCM 331 –
Time Based Advertising and VSCN 336 – Time Based Design) for the upcoming academic year.

Curriculum Standing Committee (CSC)
The CSC is a standing committee of Academic Council that is tasked with reviewing any proposed changes to the curriculum and
make recommendations to Academic Council. The rationale behind the sub-committee is that the work and time required for to
properly evaluate curriculum changes is too great for Academic Council to finish during the limited time allotted to them in monthly
meetings. Until March of this year, there was no student representation on the CSC. In early March, I was invited by the Dean and
chair of the CSC, Marc Scholes, to sit on the Committee as a guest. Since then, I have attended all CSC meetings and have been
given the full powers and responsibilities of CSC membership. While there is still no permanent student representation within the
bylaws regarding CSC membership, the intention is to have remain as a guest until such times as the bylaws are changed.
Since I have started meeting with the CSC, we have reviewed the documents of first through fourth year 3D Object Design (OBDF).
3D Object Design was run as a pilot program this year by First Year Studies in conjunction with Ceramics (who had given up a class
to allow OBDF 110 to run). While the general consensus was that the courses seemed to be quite good, there was insufficient detail
in the proposal to the logistics of creating new courses. This is to say that the process with faculty, students and administration was
somewhat unclear as ACAD does not have a formal process set out. In this particular case, there seemed to be insufficient detail
given in the response from the acting VPRAA and the VP Finance did not send a response at all. One of the tasks of both CSC and
Academic Council in the near future will be the development of a more formal process for course approval.

Academic Misconduct Appeal Committee
I served on two Academic Misconduct Appeal Committees this year, on in late December and in late February. The details of these
meetings are confidential and cannot be shared.

Non-Academic Misconduct Appeal Committee
I served on two Non-Academic Misconduct Appeal Committees this year, on in late December and in late February/March. The
details of these meetings are confidential and cannot be shared.

Budget Committee
I was asked by to serve on the budget committee as a student representative. The purpose of this committee is to look at the
proposed budget for the next fiscal year (2011/12) and make recommendation to the Board of Governors. I attended several
meetings in February. The details of these meetings are confidential and cannot be shared.

Awards Committee
I served on the Awards Committee in both the Fall and Winter semesters. The details of these meetings are confidential and cannot
be shared. However, we did notice a few problems with the process during this time. During the Fall semester, students had to wait
for an unreasonably long time before they were informed that they had won an award which was particularly inconvenient for
students applying for travel awards. This was fixed in the Winter in that notifications were sent out only a few days after winners had
been selected. Delays in the selection process in the Winter arose from an unfortunate incident in which a committee member had to
deal with a family crisis. ACAD implemented an online submission process for supporting documentation in the Winter. There was a
server crash on January 21st due to the volume of uploads at that time. The Awards office extended the deadline for supporting
documentation until 5 PM on January 24th to accommodate students affected by the crash. They have also taken step to ensure
such crashes do not occur in the future. The committee felt that some of the awards need to be restructured – many awards cost
more to administer than the award is worth (in a monetary sense). It is under the purview of the committee to review and restructure
these awards. The process for this has been initiated, but no timeline has been set yet.
ACADSA Legacy Scholarship
The ACADSA Legacy Scholarship was only offered during the Winter semester this academic year. We felt that offering it only in the
winter would allow applicants more time to engage in activities which would help them meet the requirements for the award. We also
no longer offered a first year scholarship since we did not feel that any first year could meet the criteria in such a short time.
Beginning next academic year, ACAD will administer the scholarship instead of ACAD. This will mean that the call and deadline for
the ACADSA Legacy Scholarship will be the same as for ACAD awards. The criteria will very similar (if not the same) and ACADSA
Executive Committee will still adjudicate the award.

Tech/Faculty/Staff Awards
I chaired the Awards Committee (not to be confused with the ACAD Awards Committee for scholarship and bursaries). Nominations
could be put forward by any constituents of the college and the Committee would pick a winner from this list of nominees. The
committee decided to offer trading cards featuring the winning tech and a gift certificate ($50 value) to each winner. The winners
have not yet been selected.

Hiring Committees
In November, I served on a hiring committee to find a counsellor to replace Katherine Schurer during her maternity leave. Jason
Bauche was the successful candidate. The other details of these meetings are confidential and cannot be shared.
In March, I served on a hiring committee to find an assistant registrar. Aileen Lublinkhof, who was already acting assistant registrar
for the college, was the successful candidate. The other details of these meetings are confidential and cannot be shared.

VPRAA Search Committee
Beginning in early April, I served and continue to serve of the Search Committee for the new Vice-President of Research and
Academic Affairs for ACAD. The search is being led by Odgers Berndtson, an executive search and recruitment firm, who also led
the search for the position of President last year. The search will continue throughout the summer months and we hope to find a
successful candidate by July. The other details of these meetings are confidential and cannot be shared.

ACADSA Website
Since October, I have been making changes and updates to the ACADSA website almost weekly. Currently we are running our site
through Ning at a cost of $19.95 a month. The rationale behind this was that Ning offers a number of social networking features
(fourms, etc). However we have found that exceeding few students use these features and very few students (sometimes up to two
students a week) visit the site at all. For this reason, we have decided to switch from Ning to WordPress. This changeover will occur
over the summer months.

5.3 VP External
        Since the summer, I have organized the Childrens Hospital Visit, Not-For-Profit Fair, the digital publication of Blend, and was
very active to my best abilities in our lobby groups.
        I positioned myself in CFS to find out how the organization works and where we fit in. We then initiated the idea of CADSA
the Canadian Art & Design Student Alliance, which will unit the four art & design institues across Canada: Emily Carr, NSCAD,
         I became active in ASEC to represent post-secondary students and ACADSA members at a provincial level. It was a very
successful year for post-secondary students, and we won more then lost. I lobbied with the ASEC lobby team in March at the
legislature, and we presented issues on Arts & Culture Funding, Mandatory Fees, A Better Alberta Initiative, and Institutional Funding
to MLAs, Politcal Parties, Caucuses, Ministers, and the Prime Minister.
        I was also active in our Civic Lobby group Calgary Student Caucus, and I was the Chair for 4 months. We initiated the iVote
Campaign for the Municipal Elections, and it was to motivate our students to go out and vote.
        We piloted the first Childrens Hospital visit, which was a huge success, and we will be moving forward with a permanent
program in mind. Blend became digital, and it will receive a new name. The Not-For-Profit and Artist Run Fair was a huge hit, and will
be happening again next year with the donation of pizza from the ACAD President. We also put money donations and food donations
into the Campus Food Bank on the U of C Campus. Our students really didn’t use it, and we are not donating as much this year.
        This year has been very strong, and as a team we have been very strong internally. This year will be great to build our
strengths externally, and make ACADSA known in the Calgary community.
        For more info, there are reports for each lobby group and event.

5.4 VP Student Life
        It was an exciting year to be the Vice President of Student Life. The year started for this position in May with conferences in
Edmonton ASEC, Banff CARFAC, and Red Deer ASEC (July). Collaborated with melinda topilko, current MNG coordinator, who was
working as the ACAD STEP student to create a student handbook and day-timer for the student body and orientation seminars. The
Association was in the midst of brand change and website development. This was also a period of development of event strategies
and a rough schedule of the year. The Student Resource Center and my department collaborated on multiple occasions to create an
orientation seminar series and other projects throughout the year.
        The school year began with a Back to School Barbeque funded by Student Care and the ACADSA Student Legislative
Council elections. The barbeque was a success and over 300 students came out to this event. A miscommunication of the rules in
the SLC election led to some mistakes this year which were resolved quickly. October was a busy month as interest for a large event
loomed, students were able to organize a Halloween Party of their own this year. November and December were productive months
with Student Group Funding being distributed and the development of a three year strategic plan.
        January was the beginning of the 3 year strategic plan. I began planning out the dispersal of student group funding along with
working with the ad hoc events committee to garner student involvement. The first event of this year was the SLC mix and Mingle
which was well received. Our Second event the foosball tournament, which was collaboration with SRC, was canceled due to a lack
of interest. Student group funding was dispersed at the beginning of March in consultation with an ad hoc committee. Collaboration
between Vice President External and my position brought 14 not for profit organization to the main mall of ACAD. To round out the
year training of the Vice President Student Life elect, Emma Sacco, began on the 4th of April.

         Communication was a challenge for me this year. I found it helpful to organize my thoughts of an issue on paper before
talking about it. The SLC election was one area which taught me to be absolutely sure what I was saying was accurate before I said
it. This became true for organizing my schedule as well.
         Planning small events is preferable to large ones as the 3 year strategic plan moves along. It was helpful to remember that all
though 500 students could turn out to an event it is more likely that 100-200 students is more reasonable.
         Distribution of Student Group Funding is a bit tricky; because giving enough time for forms to be filled out is important,
however waiting until mid semester is problematic. It is better to distribute the money for the semester within the first month of
classes as this gives the student groups the opportunity to use that money to do projects within a reasonable time frame.

Events always drew a crowd and were enormously successful.
Students this year seemed fully engaged in the Students’ Association and the opportunities that presented themselves.

5.6 Project Coordinator

Show & Sale
Top Challenges this year (all recurring issues):
    Cafeteria & 371: poor traffic. The Cafeteria has very poor lighting at night.
    Theft: Issue of Spring Show & Sale only – 8 pieces have been “stolen”.
    Lack of Glass: Issue mainly from Winter Show & Sale due to graduation of one glass major.
Top Recommendations for next year:
    Cafeteria: Do not use the Cafeteria, unless paired with some sort of attraction to pull people down there.
    MADT Involvement: DJs and/or video screenings in 371 or Cafeteria.
    Security: Have volunteer security keep guard during off hours; check Student IDs (if purchased – check receipt) when work is
      being removed. In the least, instruct Paladin to watch for thefts at night (check IDs) and have student volunteer security
      checking IDs during designated Take Down hours on the Sunday.
    Annual Mandatory Info-Sessions
    Add to Painting Structures: could build more painting structures, but even just adding an extra 2x4 row to the bottom of the
      existing painting structures would allow for more paintings to be hung.
Top Successes this year:
      Best Promotion in Spring Show & Sale: as recognized by customers. We stopped using Pattison (C-train posters). Spring
       Show & Sale received a ton of free publicity, most likely due to all the PSAs sent out to media, as well as posting Show &
       Sale on over 20 online sources.
      Mandatory Info-Sessions: may be responsible for the successes listed below. Overall the mandatory info-sessions were not
       only successful for being informative but uniting all the participants; making them feel responsible to each other and to the
       reputation of Show & Sale and ACAD. Helped students to understand what to put in, what to price it at and who could be
       seeing and/or buying it.
      Higher Quality of Work
      Fairer Prices: Dan’s Pricing Guide!
      Overall Set up more Organized: Show & Sale Maps / How to Buy and the Volunteer Aprons helped to minimize customer
       confusion. The decision to have the work divided into its medium/department rather than the artists’ department proved to be
       very successful. Marking Junior / Senior sections for install helped as well.

ArtaWEARness XI
Top Challenges this year (all recurring issues):
    Dress Rehearsal Scheduling Conflict: ArtaWEARness was bumped from its lecture hall booking, which made the only
      rehearsal (with full audio) time after 9:30pm on the Thursday before the event. In the past, they have disrupted classes in
      order to rehearse with audio.
    Artists Burnt Out (and models)
    Audience’s Poor Visibility
Top Recommendations for next year:
    Dress Rehearsal: If ACAD takes ArtaWEARness, hopefully it will give the event precedence. Get the lecture hall/Main Mall
      booked (locked down – no bumping) the Thursday night before the event from 5pm-1am for a proper, full dress rehearsal
      (front and back of house).
    Artist Time Management: Nail down as many of the dates in the artists’ schedules as soon as possible, to better illustrate that
      pieces should be done and individual rehearsals should begin atleast a month prior to the event. Minimize the procrastination
      – minimize the burn out. Decrease fundraiser time commitment.
    Audience Visibility: To raise the seats (bleachers) it would cost over $2000 to rent. Raising the runway would cost even more
      in materials and labor, and would reduce capacity (# of tickets we can sell / revenue). I recommend shortening the runway
      (from Cashier box to middle stairwell / elevators).
    Afterparty: Book SAIT’s Gate (as soon as ArtaWEARness date established) and invite everyone from the event, not just the
      approx 100 ArtaWEARness team members (backstage crew, artists, models, etc.).
Top Successes this year:
    Records / ArtaWEARness Manual: There was so little record of what was done in the past (what was successful and what
      wasn’t) that it made the learning curve very steep. In hopes to reduce this for the future coordinators, I made it top priority to
      write a manual, with thorough records kept. With this manual, the time spent researching and the stress over the unknown
       can be reduced significantly. Having this vital reference will most likely improve all aspects of the event (production,
       promotion, artist management, fundraising, etc.).
      Overall Great Show: The success of the show really comes down to who submits and what. We had 14 incredible wearable
       art performances / 15 artists. They deserve a lot of credit for the success of ArtaWEARness XI.
      Recognizing the Artists: Visually identifying the artist with a rose at final walk-through.

Grad Catalogue
Top Challenges this year:
    Hiring Designer and Photographer: it seemed students were unaware of the opportunity, regardless of the emails or posters
      announcing the job posting (or students simply did not have the time to take on the job). Word of mouth worked best (used
      VC SLC rep).
    Students’ Improperly Formatted Images of Work
    ACAD Not Committed to Buying
Top Recommendations for next year:
    Coordination through ACAD: With full control over the catalogue, ACAD will commit to buying some.
    Info-Session on Formatting Images: A quick Photoshop demo would be beneficial for all students.
Top Successes this year:
    Fantastic Grad Catalogue: Beautiful design & headshots – it was a joy to work with Aaron, Euny and Kim!
    Grad Silent Auction: raised $1,825 (did not have to include advertisement in the back).

5.6 MNG Coordinator
The Marion Nicoll Gallery is a student run exhibition space providing students with experience as administrators,
submitting/exhibiting artists and jurors. The MNG stands for the conceptual freedom to exhibit in a not-for-profit, public space, the
experimental freedom inherent in a student organization, and the need to present a diverse community of artists and designers with
different approaches to their practices.
As in years past, the MNG was funded by an AFA grant and a subsidy from ACADSA. This year, the AFA grant received for the MNG
was 1/3 less than requested. As a result, special project funding was cut or adjusted. Additionally, the catalogue printing was
scrapped, and will be designed by the coordinator for on-line distribution.
On the positive side, many initiatives for the new academic year either have no additional cost associated with them, or saved
money. These include: standardization of artist fees, an increased number of exhibition opportunities, and a new promotions
strategy, which features a new website.
In late fall, we were advised by the AFA that the Post Secondary Operations grant stream was being discontinued after the 2011-12
funding year. We submitted an application for 2011-12 funding in February. Mid April, we were advised that due to an error on
ACAD’s part, the AFA grant application for 2011-12 will not be reviewed and we will not receive any funding from them at all for next
The application process has been streamlined, and is now totally paperless and supported on the new website (see below.) There
were two general calls for proposals – 43 submissions were received. An additional call for the International Festival of Animated
Objects project in the +15 window received an additional10 submissions. The MNG is fully programmed in all three spaces until
December of 2011.
In order to ensure maximum success for the applicants, and fulfill the ACADSA mandate of providing educational and professional
growth opportunities, applications are being reviewed for completion and the applicants are given the opportunity to submit the
missing documents within 24 hours.

This year the MNG hosted 27 exhibitions in the three spaces, and 175 artists showed work. Additionally, week-long silent auctions
were held for ArtaWEARness and the Graduation catalogue fund raising in excess of $4,125.

In a bid to be more economically and fiscally responsible, the decision was made to produce electronic rather than print postcards. A
promotion plan was developed to increase awareness of the MNG within the ACAD community, as well as with the broader
community outside the college. The MNG posts its shows internally via the ACAD website, the SRC newsletter and blog, and
externally with FFWD and Where magazines, and online sites such as Art Rubicon, and instant coffee – all no cost options. Typical
attendance at the biweekly receptions is between 75 and 200 people. Between the three spaces, over the course of the year,
thousands of people have seen the exhibitions.

A new website (a no cost wordpress blog) was created that incorporates current, upcoming and past shows, as well as the 2006-
2007 MNG Catalogue that was designed but not printed. The electronic application documents are also hosted on the website, which
is linked to the ACADSA and the ACAD websites.
        Due to changes in some of the MNG procedures – primarily electronic application process and mailouts, the Assistant MNG
Coordinator position was eliminated. A policy and procedure manual is in development and will be ready by the summer.

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