BATU KARAS BEACH by epoycruel


									A very exciting place to escape from a very extremely dizzy uptown. Batu
Karas beach is about 5 km from Pangandaran beach. Located in South beach
of West Java, Indonesia. The right place to spend your vacation times.
Though it is quiet far from Jakarta, but its worth a trip.

We took a car with my 8 friends, kinda travel car. We went from Jakarta
at 9 p.m on Friday night, picked up a friend in Bandung and finished our
long trip in Batu Karas beach at 6.30 a.m on Saturday. We live at
JavaCove Beach Hotel which already reserved since 2 weeks before. The
most beautiful place to live among the other place, although there were
some new place but I still love this hotel. The hotel is located right
infront of the beach, faces the Java Cove, maybe it is why the owner
(Paul and Nik) named their place JavaCove. I totally recommend this place
if you wanna go to Batu Karas beach.

We went to Citumang waterfall, about 6 km from Batu Karas Beach. A nice
waterfall with cave and pure water. We had to take a walk from the
parking park, about 1 km. Once you got there, you would feel like you're
in some place like paradise. Some very great views with some nice and
beautiful atmosphere. You could swim, jump from the top of the waterfall,
if the waterfall is not challenging enough you could always try to jump
from roots of the cave, which is about 5 to 6 meters, or even try to
pumped up your adrenaline and go inside the cave which ended in the other
side of the mountain.

Still want some good places..?? Try to take another walk to the right
side of the hotel, passed through the path to the hilland go down to the
valley, continue your steps to the very end of the path way and you will
find the Batu Manunggal beach, my friends and I ussually call it 'Private
Beach'. This some what quiet beach with no baywatch but very clean and
cozy place for those who want to enjoy their private times with a very
magnificent scenery, really had us went bananas. 'We owned the
beach...!!!' oh.. another thing, do not forget to take some water.
Why..?? Because it is private beach and no one else is around also those
who sell water..!!

It's time to eat...!!! There are so many restaurants along the street,
because it's near the beach of course most of them serve seafoods, but
they are still chicken or meat. We tried the 'mie ayam' for breakfast,
although hotel provided us some western breakfast menu but we still feel
like another meal. haha... And the most thank-God thing is all of the
food are cheap. There is a 'Warung Nasi' named Warung Nasi Bu Ade, serve
some home-made menus, about 3 km from Batu Karas beach, and it also cost
very cheap. Oh I love this place..!!

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