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					          Kid’s Cook
Nutritional Cooking Demos in Schools

          Chef Patrick Sandoval
          Meet Chef Patrick
 Patrick Sandoval, Chef & Nutritionist
 Educational Background
  – Texas Culinary Academy
  – Johnson and Wales University, BS
  – Athlete
 Relevant Experience
  –   Internships in Italy & France
  –   United States Navy
  –   Tyson Corporate Office
  –   ARAMARK Education K-12
Images of School Food
America’s Choice
School Food Evolution
      Food & Nutrition Education

 Getting into classes and letting students
  see, taste and cook
 Give students the opportunity
 Leave it up to the Food Service
 How do we innovate and give students
  better food and Food education???
School Food Service Advantage


   Between Cafeteria and Administration
   With Parents and Students
   With Community and business partners
   Communicating to local newspaper and
    local TV

    Strong lines of communication lead to
          better and more effective…

 Vendors & Local Businesses
 Facilitate stronger bonds between food
  service and each campus
 Partner with grant based health
 Build relationships in and out of the school
  district, extending the cafeteria!!!

   Strong relationships support…
   Student Involvement
   Vendor Interaction
   Health & Wellness Promotions
   Employ Specialized Positions
   Apply For Grants
   National & Local Nutritional Programs
   Chef Patrick’s Pals
     Chef Patrick’s Purpose
To address the Nation-wide epidemic
concerning the rise in childhood obesity
          & Type 2 diabetes
Developed a program that uses relevant
  and interactive food demos that are
 fun, cost effective and educational for
      students and the communtiy.
      Chef Patrick’s Pals

 Interactive demos combined with a
  nutritional message for students age 5-13
 Students are educated on the importance
  of making healthy food selections.
 Demos demonstrate how easy it is to
  create healthy & enticing food.
 Introduces participants to new products
  as well as kitchen safety.
        Chef Patrick’s Demo

15-minute nutritional message and
culinary demonstration includes:
 –   Lesson
 –   Recipe Cards
 –   Q & A Section
 –   Live Cooking Demo
 –   Food Samples for Everyone
Antioxidants & Smoothie Demo
Chef Patrick’s Pals Proven Success
    How to improve your program
       beyond the cafeteria?
   Determine your goals
   Keep it simple
   Choose an audience
   Utilize your resources
   Set a deadline
   Be enthusiastic
   Don’t recreate the wheel
   Future of School Food Service

 Cooking demos for students and parents
 Nutrition classes (high school and
  college credit) created by the food
  service department in conjunction with
  the administration
 Food class for elementary schools
 Less processed commodities

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