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Dreaming on Broadway


									Dreaming on Broadway
Public Class - Fourth Grade Singapore

Act 1
      Dancers and singers, Narrator Girl, Narrator Boy, Father, Mariana, Ale and Leonardo
Broadway Plays:

 Billy Flynn:     You know you´re pretty good and talented! I´ll put both of you in the top of my list!
 Velma:           We could make a couple of hundreds a week! Think about it Roxie! Our faces back in the
 (Vicky)          papers. Our names on the marquee. Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart.
 Roxie:           Shouldn´t it be alphabetical? That could work. Couple hundred? Maybe we can ask for a
 (Sabina)         thousand… We´re worth it!
 Velma:           Just imagine Roxie…
 Roxie:           No! That will never work!
 Velma:           Why not?
 Roxie:           Because I don´t like you! (smiling)
 Billy Flynn:     Ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago Theater is proud to announce the first time anywhere
                  there´s been an act of this nature. Not only one lady but two.
                  You´ve read about them in the papers, and now here they are… Roxie Hart and Velma

 Vicky &          You can like the life you're living
 Sabina:          You can live the life you like
                  You can even marry Harry
                  But mess around with Ike
                  And that's
                  Good, isn't it?
                  Grand, isn't it?
                  Great, isn't it?
                  Swell, isn't it?
                  Fun, isn't it?
                  But nothing stays

                  In fifty years or so
                  It's gonna change, you know
                  But, oh, it's heaven
 Diego:           Okay, you babes of jazz. Let's pick up the pace.
                  Let's make the parties longer.
                  Let's make the skirts shorter.
                  Let's all go to hell in a fast car
                  And Keep It Hot!

(Father appears on stage)

 Father:          Amazing! (giving an applause) This number is almost ready; you girls should work a little bit
 (Ángel)          more on those charleston steps. Also you should remember to smile all the time while you
                  are dancing. OK! Let’s have a short break. You should prepare for the next act.

(Dancers and singers go backstage, Mariana appears with Ale and Leo, they get closer to their father,
everybody suddenly freezes and narrators appear)

 Narrator Boy:    Once upon a time, in a hot summer night, Ale and Leo had to visit the theater with their
 (Marcelino)      father; he was a famous Broadway director, working in the new season of Chicago.
 Narrator Girl:   Broadway is one of the most famous streets in Manhattan, New York. 39 theaters are
 (Lorena)         gathered in this place. Broadway is famous as the pinnacle of the American Musical
                  Theater Industry. All the best plays are performed there
 Narrator Boy:    But Ale and Leo weren’t happy, in fact, they didn’t like theater at all, they believed theater
                  was boring, and specially all of the rehearsals like this… an idea that was going to be
                  changed soon

(Narrators go out of stage and characters start moving, they walk to the center of the stage, children sit down
on the floor)

 Father:          My children! How are you? (he gives them a big hug) You are finally here! How was the
                  traffic? Terrible, right? Mariana, did you remember to go to the drycleaner’s?
 Mariana:         Yes, and I also got your coffee, double vanilla cappuccino as always, and don’t forget you
                  have an appointment with that theater producer tomorrow morning
 Father:          Oh, thank you very much, just what the doctor ordered, (he takes the coffee) please take
                  care of my children, and check that they behave properly here (like saying a secret) you
                  know they don’t like to come to the theater with me
 Mariana:         Of course! Don’t worry about that, you can count on me, now off you go, the break is over!
 Father:          Children (he bends to reach them) tell me what you must and must not do!
 Ale:             I must remain quiet
 Leo:             Yes, we must not speak during the rehearsal
 Ale:             We must not eat inside the theater
 Father:          Ok, and if you have to go to the bathroom…
 Ale & Leo:       We must let Mariana know. Mariana, may we go to the bathroom? (they elongate the last
                  syllable of the word)
 Father:          Nice joke guys. Very good, what else?
 Leo:             Dad! We are not small children any more
 Ale:             Yes, Daddy. We know what we have to do. Just promise you won’t take too long once this
                  is over, so we can go home
 Leo:             Let’s get done with this, my Xbox is waiting for me
 Father:          All right! Wish me luck
 Ale & Leo:       Good luck dad!
 Mariana:         Time’s running. You need to leave now! I’ll watch over them
 Father:          Well, I’m leaving, I’m leaving. See you later and you boys, please behave, promised?
 Ale & Leo:       Promised!!

(The father goes away, he looks in a hurry and runs)

 Mariana:         Well, It looks like it is just us now. Let’s go take a seat, the break is over (Music starts)
 Ale:             This is so boring. I’ve done this so many times
 Leo:             Too bad my Mom is out of town
 Ale:             At least we are not in Grandma’s house. That’s even more boring!
 Leo:             I have a plan, once Mariana gets distracted from us, it will be our chance to run away

 Mariana:         What are you saying children? (her phone rings, children take a seat) Hang on a second I’m
                  gonna take this call, Stay where I can see you and out of trouble. (She answers the phone)
                  Hello honey! Yes, I’m still at work… (She turns around and continues talking)
 Leo:             Come on Ale, Let´s go backstage! (He grabs her sister’s hand)
 Ale:             No, we promise to Daddy…
 Leo:             Shut up and come with me! (They quietly leave)
 Mariana:         Yes, sweetheart… See you later. Bye bye. (She turns around and noticed children are not
                  there anymore) Ale! Leo! Where are you guys? Oh, no. I´m going to be fired! (She goes out
                  of stage looking troubled)
Dreaming on Broadway
Public Class - Fourth Grade Singapore

Act 2
      Narrator Girl, Narrator Boy, Ale, Leo, Joseph, Jacob, extras
Broadway Plays:
      Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

(Narrators appear)

 Narrator Boy:     And so, Ale and Leo went backstage, they believed they would find something funnier to
                   do there, but something was changed, something they didn’t know about. The most
                   incredible thing was about to happen

(Ale and Leo appear on stage)

 Ale:              Where are we Leo?
 Leo:              I have no idea, we have been walking for a while, but this looks drier than the theater, this
                   looks like a desert
 Ale:              Look, who are they? Lets hide!

(Singer children go on stage wearing color shirts they sit on the floor, Ale and Leo go to the left of the stage.
Music starts and Joseph appears)

Any dream will do
 Joseph:           I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain
 (César)           To see for certain what I thought I knew
                   Far far away, someone was weeping
                   But the world was sleeping
                   Any dream will do

                   I wore my coat, with golden lining
                   Bright colors shining, wonderful and new
                   And in the east, the dawn was breaking
                   And the world was waking
                   Any dream will do

                   May I return to the beginning
                   The light is dimming, and the dream is too
                   The world and I, we are still waiting
                   Still hesitating
                   Any dream will do

(Ale and Leo get closer to Joseph)

 Leo:              Who are you and where are we?
 Joseph:           My name is Joseph and we are in Cannan.
 Jonathan:         He’s one of the twelve Jacob’s sons. He is the most talented of his brothers.
 Caro:             Jacob is the founder of a hole new nation, thanks to the number of children he has
 Karla:            Yes, and I heard he has the most wonderful present for you Joseph.
 Ale:              Oh, come on! You’re just actors. Tell us how to get out of here!
 Alan:             Get out of here???? We are actors???? What do you mean????
 Joseph:           Hold on! I had a dream about this. I have something to tell you but you’ll have to wait, my
                   father is coming. (Jacob appears carrying a multicolor coat)
 Jacob:            Joseph’s mother was my favorite wife, I never loved another all my life, and you Joseph are
 (Jorge)           my joy because you remind me of her. I have this gift for you son.
 Joseph:           This multicolor coat is so cool! (He puts on the coat) Thank you father!! Are you sure my
                   brothers won’t get upset?
 Jacob:            Of course not! They will be heard by me
 Gang:             They will be jealous for sure!
 Ale and Leo:      What’s going on here?! Is this real?

Joseph’s coat
 Girls:            And when Joseph graced the scene
                   His bothers turned a shade of green
                   His astounding clothing took the biscuit
 Boys:             Quite the smoothest person in the district
 Joseph:           I look handsome, I look smart
                   I am a walking work of art
                   Such a dazzling coat of many colors
                   How I love my coat of many colors
 All:              It was red and yellow and green and brown
                   And scarlet and black and ocher and peach
                   And ruby and olive and violet and fawn
                   And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve
                   And cream and crimson and silver and rose
                   And azure and lemon and russet and grey
                   And purple and white and pink and orange
                   And red and yellow and green and brown
                   Scarlet and black and ocher and peach
                   And ruby and olive and violet and fawn
                   And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve
                   And cream and crimson and silver and rose
                   And azure and lemon and russet and grey
                   And purple and white and pink and orange
                  And blue

 Ale:             Wow! Joseph, this is an amazing Technicolor dreamcoat. I’m gonna tell my father to give
                  one of this to me, where can he buy one? This is better than my old clothes
 Joseph:          Maybe in Egypt, back in Pharos’s City
 Leo:             Pharos’s City! Are you mad???
 Carlos P:        No, he’s not. He actually has the ability to dream on the future. And this dreams can also
                  be interpreted by him. He is powerful!
 Joseph:          One night I dreamed with the coming of one girl and one boy. You see? I am supposed to
                  help you
 Ale:             And how are you supposed to help us?
 Carlos P:        Yes, how Joseph?
 Joseph:          I guess you have to witness what happens to me, and get involved
 Iñaki:           Then you can go home, right Joe?
 Joseph:          That’s right, oh, look, my brothers are there
 Iñaki:           Let’s meet them, they look suspicious

(Everybody goes out of stage and narrators appear)

 Narrator Girl:   This started a terrible chain of events
 Narrator Boy:    The brothers got mad and Joseph was sold as a slave, the coat was damaged and they told
                  Jacob that Joseph had died
 Narrator Girl:   Joseph ended up in a prison in Egypt, and he spend many years there, but there was still

Go go go Joseph
 All:             Go, go, Joe
                  Go, go, Joe
                  Go, go, Joe
                  Go, go, Joe

                  Go, go, go, Joseph you know what they say
                  Hang on now Joseph you'll make it some day
                  Sha la la Joseph you're still in your prime
                  You and your dreamcoat ahead of your time

                  Go, go, go, Joseph you know what they say
                  Hang on now Joseph you'll make it some day
                  Sha la la Joseph you're still in your prime
                  You and your dreamcoat ahead of your time

 Saraí:           Joseph! Don’t give up! Your future will change. You will soon be free. Do not matter
 Leo:             Joseph, I know now you are real
 Ale:             Yes, Joe, don’t loose hope
 Joseph:          Thanks guys, I’m getting sleepy
 Ale and Leo:     We are getting sleepy too.

(Characters lay on the floor and take a nap)
Dreaming on Broadway
Public Class - Fourth Grade Singapore

Act 3
      Narrator Girl, Narrator Boy, Ale, Leo, Tracy, Penny, Edna, Corny, Link, Amber, Wilbur & Seaweed.
Broadway Plays:

(Narrators appear)

 Narrator Girl:   After a nap, the children wake up in an unknown city.

(Vicky and Leo appear on stage)

 Ale:             Where are we Leo?
 Leo:             I have no idea, we have been walking for a while, but this looks like an early 60´s city in the
 Ale:             Look, who are they? Let´s hide!

(Actors appear)

 Tracy:           Hurry up Penny or we will be late to watch the Corny Collins Show!
 Penny:           Hold on! I´m running as fast as I can Tracy.
 Edna:            Hello girls! Do you want something to eat?
 Tracy:           No ma´ we are going to watch our favorite TV program.
 Edna:            Have you had your homework done?
 Tracy &          Not yet…
 Penny:           The show is starting!
The nicest kids in town
Corny:          Hey there, Teenage Baltimore!
(Isaac)         Don't change that channel!
                'Cause it's time for the Corny
                Collins Show! Brought to you by
                Ultra Clutch Hairspray!
Corny & The     Ev'ry afternoon
council         When the clock strikes four
members:        (bop-bee-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba, bee-ba)
(Isaac, L.
Manuel,         A crazy bunch of kids
                Crash through that door yeah
                (bop-bee-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba, bee-ba)

                Well they throw off their coats
                And leave the squares behind
                And then they shake it, shake it, shake it
                Like they're losing their mind
                You'll never see them frown
                'Cause they're the nicest kids in town

                So every afternoon
                You turn your T.V. on
                (na, na, na, na, na, na-na-na-na)

                And we know you turn the sound up
                When your parents are gone, yeah
                (na, na, na, na, na, na-na-na-na)

                And then you twist and shout
                For your favorite star
                And when you've practiced every step
                That's in your repertoire
                You better come on down
                And meet the nicest kids in town

Link:           Hello beauties! I´m Link!
(Luis Manuel)
Tracy &         Wow!
Corny:          Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, as you have noticed one of the stars of the show
                had left so…
Link:           Some auditions will be held to see who will be the next person on the show.
Amber:          So! Baltimore get ready we will be there soon!
 Tracy:             We will sure go to the audition.
 Wilbur:            Of course not honey! That show doesn´t go with our principles.
 Edna:              Your father is telling the truth!
 Tracy:             But ma´! I´m sure I can be the next star, I have a good chance to win. I´m beautiful,
                    intelligent and I love dancing and singing!
 Seaweed:           Girls! Have you heard the great news? So no time to rest, is time to rehearse!
 Ale:               Leo! Where are we? Auditions? What are they talking about?
 Leo:               I don´t know, that girl seems to be friendly, let´s ask her. (Talking to Penny).
                    Hi girl! My name is Leonardo, can you tell me where are we?
 Penny:             You are at #50 West street on Baltimore. And why are you dressed like this? You seem to
                    be old fashioned! Aren´t you going to the audition of the great and incredible Corny Collins
 Ale & Leo:         We don´t think so…
 Seaweed:           Friends, this show is the most important one in our times, its popular between teenagers
                    and everybody wants to appear in it, join us!
 Tracy:             Come on! I´m sure you will have a great time with us.
 Leo:               Ok, we´ll go with you guys!

(Everybody goes out of stage and narrators appear)

 Narrator Girl:     So Ale and Leo decided to join them.
 Narrator Girl:     They were just about to discover the importance of achieving goals no matter the physical
                    and social differences.

(On the audition)

 Amber:             Do you think Baltimore will give us the new show´s star? I´m trying to find someone who
                    deserves it, but I haven´t seen anybody.
 Link:              You´d better say anything otherwise you may get a surprise…
 Corny:             Let the audition begin!

(Girls start dancing “You can´t stop the beat”, Amber bothers Tracy because she is dancing amazingly)
While dancing…

 Amber:             You girl, do you think you can be a star? Of course not! You´re not talented as me!
 Tracy:             Maybe I´m not as talented as you but I trust in me and I´m sure that with selfconfident and
                    hardwork I will achieve my goals.
 Voice:             And the winner is… Tracy Turnblad!!
 Tracy:             I´ve told you! You can always do what you want to do, the clue is trusting yourself.
 Narrator boy:    And that is how Leo and Ale discovered the importance of selfconfidence

(Ale & Leo appear on scene)

 Ale:             You are amazing guys!
 Leo:             I know you´ll succeed.
 Ale:             Thanks for the great time guys, I´m getting dizzy!
 Leo:             Oooh! In fact it´s an earthquake!
Dreaming on Broadway
Public Class - Fourth Grade Singapore

Act 4
      Narrator Boy,
Broadway Plays:
      The lion king.

(Narrator boy appears on stage)

 Narrator Boy:     That earthquake took the children to an unknown territory full of beautiful and amazing
                   animals and landscapes, in that place, they were just about to discover the importance of

(Aleand Leo appear on stage)

 Ale:              I think this is a nightmare! It seems that we have arrived to Africa!
 Leo:              Oh my good! Look at those animals that are running towards us.

(“The Circle of Life” song begins, while the actors gather in the center of the stage)

 Zazu:             I´m here to announce that King is on his way. So you´d better have a good excuse for
 (Luis Daniel)     missing the ceremony this morning. Wait a minute, who are you and which tribe do you
                   belong to?
 Ale:              Tribe? I don´t know what you are talking about, we don´t belong to any tribe. We are from
                   Broadway. Oh I´m confused!
 Zazu:             I haven´t heard about that place before.
                   Ok, it doesn´t matter nomads, we must hurry up because King Simba is just about to arrive.
 Leo:              Simba? Who is him?
 Zazu:             Oh God! Are you mad or did you drink a strange beverage? He´s Pride Rock´s King!!!
                   Your majesty…
 Timon:            Wow! Simba I´m so proud to be your friend, now you´re the king and owner of these lands!
 Simba:            Come on! Don´t say that, I´m still the same guy you met many years ago.
 Pumba:            That´s right but now you´re bigger and... taller and… more handsome!
 (Alex)            Ooooh you are not my little baby friend anymore… (sighs)
 Simba:            (Laughing) You´re a crazy guy!
                   Timon, Pumba, you know that you are my best friends, right?
 Timon &           Yes we are!
 Simba:            I need to tell you something that is very important. I´ve heard that my uncle Scar is
                   planning to steal my throne and crown.
                   I´m very sad because we know that he is evil and can destroy everything. I want my
                   kingdom to be free and happy forever.
 Scar:             (Roars and jumps in front of Simba) Wow! My favorite nephew is here! And you´re with
 (Carlos M)        your silly friends… (laughs)
 Simba:            What do you want Scar?
 Scar:             It´s easy… The kingdom!
                   It belongs to me, I´m the only one capable to rule it. Neither you nor your assistants are
                   able to do it.
 Simba:            I will never let it in your hands.
 Timon:            Simba has a lot of friends who support them.
 Pumba:            And he has the strength to defeat you. (Stampede)
 Scar:             I never taught you were so strong, but know I must accept that you´re better than me!
                   Good bye!!

(Suddenly Ale & Leo wake up…)

 Mariana:          Ale, Leo! Thank God you´re here! Where have you been? I´ve looked for you everywhere. I
                   thought I was going to be fired.. or killed by you dad…
 Ale:              Mariana!! I am glad t see you! We were in Baltimore with Tracy & Penny, then with Joseph
                   and finally met Simba…
 Leo:              Hold on! We are on the theatre sister, we haven´t gone anywhere.
 Mariana:          Are you sick or something??? It´s 2:00 o ´clock that means that you slept for almost 3
 Ale & Leo:        A dream?? But it seemed too real!
 Father:           Mariana! Where are my kids?
 Mariana:          Here they are!
 Ale:              Yes Daddy, and guess what? I think that your job is amazing!
 Father:           Really? But you didn´t like it before.
 Leo:              But today we changed our minds.

 Narrator boy:     And that´s how Ale & Leo discovered that his father´s job was amazing because it takes
                   people to different places and allows them to meet important characters in history.
 Narrator girl:    From that they on, they loved Broadway, its people and music.

(Children will sing and dance together to finish the play)

                                                     THE END

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