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					                                                FACT SHEET:
                          STRAP (Specialized Training Assistance Program)

   STRAP is an incentive program for the Army Reserve. The following will address the program as it
    applies to the Army Reserve Medical Corps.
   STRAP is a Stipend Program for physicians currently enrolled in an accredited residency or fellowship
    program. The following specialties are eligible for STRAP: Dermatology, Diagnostic Radiology,
    Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology,
    Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Preventive Medicine, Psychiatry, Thoracic
    Surgery*, and Urology (*Fellowships).
   The current stipend is $1,605 per month ($19,260 per year); (Increases every July 1 equal to military pay
   STRAP participants may also receive an additional $438.96 per month ($5267.52 per year) by
    documenting 16 hours of non-clinical duty each month. (Increases every January 1 equal to military pay
   A total of $24,527.52 per year is available during your training. Prior service earn additional pay. All
    amounts are taxable.
   No participation outside the residency or fellowship. The Army Medical Corps will only utilize Board
    Eligible or Board Certified physicians.
   Additional fellowships, not listed above, will be approved for payment of stipend on a case by case
   Applicants must be a U.S. citizen.
   Participation incurs a one year obligation in the Army Reserve Medical Corps for every 6 months (or
    partial 6 month period) that the stipend is received.
   Military obligation is served after the completion of medical residency training. Physician must actively
    serve in a Selected Reserve (SELRES) program (TPU, APMC or DIMA). Details on the Selected
    Reserve are found on “Reserve Options” document. The minimum service option is three weeks per year
    (DIMA – Drilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee), (APMC-AMEDD Professional Management
   All doctors enter service as a Commissioned Officer; minimum rank of Captain.
   There is no Basic Training or Boot Camp for physicians. Officers attend a 27 day Officer Basic Course
    (OBC) at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX after their medical training is complete. For information
    about OBC, go to website: http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/187medbn/alpha/ and click on “Officer Basic
    Course (OBC-RC)”.
   Application Process has three phases: (Average processing time is 60-90 days.) See “Application
    Checklist” document for details about application forms and requirements.
    1. Health Assessment Examination.
    2. Preparation and submission of Application Packet (Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation,
       Credentialing, etc.)
    3. Selection by a medical board of Army physicians and commissioning (oath of office) in the Army
       Reserve Medical Corps.
   Doctors may participate in the $50,000 HPLR (Health Professional Loan Repayment) incentive program
    as well. (See the “HPLRP Fact Sheet” for more details.)
   Mobilization to Active Duty is limited to 90 days Boots on the Ground (BOG) for physicians. Refer to
    “BOG Policy Letter” below for details.
                                                                      Contact Information:
                                                                      David T. Ressler
                                                                      Army Medical Department
                                                                      Ph (856) 414-1924, cell (877)228-1952
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