CIS by pengxuebo


									    Current situation on
 conducting international
comparison of the GDP and
purchasing power parities of
  CIS countries for 2004
  Participating countries
Azerbaijan       Moldova
Armenia          Russian Federation
Belarus          Tajikistan
Georgia          Turkmenistan

CIS Statcommittee
Goskomstat of Russia
Technical assistance and financial support
World bank
   Coordination of work
Five or six meetings is scheduled in
2003 – 2006
Bilateral meetings between coordinators
and participating countries are planned
Main features of CIS comparison
  SNA 1993
  Multilateral base
  EKS aggregation
  Fixity principle for CIS countries
Main features (continued)
The classification breaks GDP down into
six main aggregates. These are
subsequently broken into 31 categories,
73 groups, 143 classes and 179 basic
Classification similar to classification of
the OECD comparison.
Using asterisk method
Main features (continued)
Input price approach for non-market
Quantitative approach for rent
Developed method for construction
Product selection of 2004 CIS comparison

  Item list based on countries’ proposals
  Established by Goskomstat of Russia
  Updated item list from the previous
Product selection of 2004 CIS comparison
  Item list for consumer items has been
  discussed in April 2004
  All consumer items divided into 8 files
  Criterion used for leaving item in item
Product selection of 2004 CIS comparison
 • Truly representativity of item in country
 • At least two countries could price item
   and at least one country mark as *

 * As result of work see table
  Construction comparison in CIS and
 Defined construction materials priced by the national
  statistical services
   priced materials from all the participating countries
  has been sent by Goskomstat of Russia to employed
  experts outside statistical service for checking and
  calculation construction projects.
  Construction experts priced 100 construction
  projects. Participating countries marked as asterisk *
  representative items and deleted projects which were
  not constructed at all.
     Price observation
Immediate start
Finalized version of item list after
meeting has been sent to countries
Preparation more photo's and additional
materials for countries for selected
         Legal base
Council of the Heads of the statistical
offices of the CIS countries in December
2003 confirm participation of CIS
countries in comparison
MOU’s has been approved by
Governments and signed
Global MOU has been signed
The end

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