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  Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                  Spring 2005

A fascinating career as a global educator: Owen Murray
Owen Murray jokes that he signed his only contract 35 years ago with     Murray worked on executive education programs all over the world
Arthur D. Little in Algeria. It was supposed to last just 30 days, but   during the 1980s and 90s, employing his expertise in project analysis
he has been in the ADL family ever since, most recently teaching         and bank restructuring. In Sri Lanka, Egypt, the Ivory Coast and
accounting in the MBA program. On the occasion of his semi-              Uganda, he trained staff working on transforming agricultural banks
retirement from the faculty, we spoke to Owen in Boston. He              into commercial banks. Using local talent in the country, Murray
exemplifies the school’s internationalism and the faculty’s vast         helped devise new strategies and trained staff for economic
experience in global business. His office serves as the archives of      development in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Some of ADL’s most
the school, and his career showcases its history.                        fascinating case studies came from working on these projects.
After serving as a career army officer for over a decade in France       What has been his favorite place? He demurs, but admits to loving
and Vietnam, Owen was stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky where he          working in Indonesia where the World Bank hired ADL for an
completed an MBA at night at the University of Louisville. In 1968,      extremely difficult project for the steel industry in Krakatoa. The most
he moved with three army friends to North Africa to join a small         fascinating place? Rhodesia, when it first opened to the world. “It was
consulting firm. It was not long before he signed the fateful 30-day     like a movie set,” Owen says. He also tells the story of a fascinating
contract with ADL Algiers in December 1969. Murray’s accounting          visit to Rangoon, Burma with ADL alumni, luminaries of the national oil
expertise was put to work on an ADL project reorganizing the national    company and the Minister of Energy. “They whisked me away at the
oil company, and soon he helped create a training program in             airport and told me to bring a toothbrush and film. We spent a full day
petroleum management and petrochemical export. He created a              visiting the pagodas of Pagon, with their gold roofs and monks
government-funded program to send 100 young managers abroad to           everywhere. I think I took five rolls of film. That evening, along with
do graduate study that would help develop the Algerian economy,          some visiting Japanese dignitaries, we had a private showing of the
and in 1974, the first group went to the ADL School of Management.       Burma National Ballet performed on a golden dragon boat.”
Not surprisingly, Murray was one of the school’s most effective
                                                                         Owen’s career shows the evolution of the school, where he
recruiters in the early years, and he knew each one of those students.
                                                                         says “everything came out of client work.” From agro-industrial
“Those kids did so well,” he reminisces. “There is a great story. I      development, to energy and industrial management, to development
remember one young student from the Kabilli range in Eastern Algeria     bank operation, and now to global management, the school has met
who came to Boston in the middle of the snow blizzard of 1978. I         the training needs of leaders around the world for almost half a
met the class at the airport and we drove into town, where we saw a      century. What would Owen like to see now for the Hult International
big dump truck full of snow. Now you have to remember that Algeria       Business School? “To continue to attract more people from emerging
was socialized; they had nationalized the companies. And this kid,       markets and newly developed countries,” he says. “Our students
who had never seen snow before, looked at that truck and said ‘I         have so much to offer and they do so well when they leave here.”
know this is a capitalist country, but who do they sell the snow to?”    Most likely, in large part, because of Owen himself.
Arthur D. Little first brought students to Boston from the projects it
ran in places such as Iran, where ADL planned an economic develop-
ment strategy with agro-industrial development and
government ministry planning. Students also came from Nigeria,
Kenya, and Tanzania in the early days. Owen moved back to the
United States in 1979, and was sent to recruit students from various
Asian projects in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the
Philippines where the national oil companies had contracted ADL for
consulting projects in the oil and gas industry. Owen also worked with
several governmental aid organizations to bring managers to Boston
to gain the business leadership skills their countries needed. USAID
financed students from Burma, the World Bank funded students from
the USSR, and the Swedish Development Authority even funded
training for women in Africa. In the 1980s, ADL worked with the
Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan to bring scientists back to
Taiwan with competitive salaries and the chance to market their
inventions in the private sector. Thus they saw an influx of students
from Taiwan, many of whom went on to be successful entrepreneurs
                                                                         Owen at his best: teaching in the classroom.
and business leaders in Science Park.
Home of the Arthur D. Little Institute of Management
                                                       Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                                                           Spring 2005

                                                                Oscar Gonzales, July 2004 reports, “the first            Marcus Bieri, 2002 “Recently I was wondering how
                                                                annual Hult reunion, Mexico sector, took place on        many ADL/Hult alumni there are in Europe and I
                                                                Friday March 25 at Las Mananitas in Cuernavaca,          was astonished to find more than 80 entries in the
                                                                Mexico (about an hour from Mexico City). Present in      online directory. And somehow I found it a pity that I
                                                                person were Oscar Gonzalez and wife Trish, Gaby          know only a handful of these so far! So I decided
                                                                Gonzalez, Miguel Vazquez and Tony Barker,                together with my former classmate Dirk Becker to

   Notes                                                        with special conference call communication that day
                                                                with Aldo Cortez (Boston) and Satoshi Takeda
                                                                (Tokyo). A lovely lunch was had by all in the
                                                                beautiful surroundings of the Las Mananitas
                                                                restaurant, followed by table tennis (ping pong) in
                                                                which Miguel Vazquez became the first Hult
                                                                                                                         organize a European Alumni Meet-ing in Zurich,
                                                                                                                         Switzerland. Objectives of this event would be to
                                                                                                                         get to know each other, to build up a networking
                                                                                                                         platform and and of course to have fun together!
                                                                                                                         We propose June 3/4 or June 10/11. I hope you
                                                                                                                         are also keen to get in contact with ADL SOM/Hult
   We are thrilled by the outpour-                              Mexican sector champion.”                                Alumni and to have fun together. So if you are inter-
   ing of alumni updates we’ve                                                                                           ested drop me an email on
                                                                                                                         Looking forward to a great event!”
   received—keep them coming!
   Email updates about you and
                                                                                                                         Amanda Gomez Cabian, 1999 writes, “I am aware
   your Hult classmates to                                                                                               of the tremendous improvement the school has had                                                                                                since I graduated back in '99. From what I learned
                                                                                                                         through the internet and the updates I have
   Guy Paisley Taylor, Dec 2004 writes, “just                                                                            received, the campus look fantastic as well as the
   wanted to let you know for the record that I                                                                          program; I want to congratulate you all at Hult for a
   have accepted a job as Senior Associate at a US                                                                       job done. I wish I could go back to school now.
   management consultancy that specializes in land                                                                       Currently I'm working at SEI Investments' Mexico
   economics. It is called Economics Research                                                                            City office. SEI is a Global Asset Management firm
   Associates. I will be based in the London office and                                                                  based in Oaks, Pennsylvania that has been honored
   will be their hotel and resort specialist. I will start on   The Mexico Reunion
                                                                                                                         as one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best companies
   April 25.”                                                                                                            to work for four years running; and that administers
                                                                                                                         over $280 billion.”
                                                                Dhruv Gupta, July 2004 says, “I'm doing well,
                                                                I got a job in Houston as a Business Process
   Edge del Rosario, Dec 2004 “I’ve been working in             Improvement Consultant at CNA Metals Ltd. and
   LA since March 1. I am the General Manager for a                                                                      Mahesh Bhandari, 1998 tells us that her job
                                                                moved here on Dec 1. So far it's great here,             profile with the Tata Power Company Limited (TPC)
   fashion jewelry and bag manufacturer in Beverly              especially the warmer weather! CNA Metals is an
   Hills. The job is very challenging because I am                                                                       is Vice President, responsible for strategy,
                                                                international trading firm in the recycling industry,    regulations, globalization, M&A and IT. Prior to the
   implementing processes and systems in the                    with 2004 revenues of over USD $40M. My role is
   company since we are expanding. I oversee                                                                             assignment with TPC, she was Executive Vice
                                                                to study the existing manual processes and provide       President with Tata Consultancy Services Limited,
   everything from finance to human resources to                recommendations for the design and implementa-
   sales, marketing and production. Good training for                                                                    responsible for strategy, governance, strategic
                                                                tion of a new enterprise-level software application.”    finance and business investments. The Tata Group
   me. I report directly to the owner.”
                                                                                                                         is the largest business group in India. TCS is the
                                                                                                                         largest IT Company in India and TPC is the largest
                                                                Leana Farrales, 2001 Leana is working at Globe
   Martin Sánchez Panizza, Javiel Vignola,                                                                               private sector integrated utility in India.
                                                                Telecoms—one of the leading telecommunications
   Francisco Randazzo, Jorge Morales, all class of              companies in the Philippines—as a Business
   July 2004, are working with Professor Chakraborty            Planning and Strategy Consultant. This position
   to present a business plan to the New Hampshire                                                                       Supatra Angkawinijwong, 1994 “I have been
                                                                entails driving planning and strategy for the wireless   working with Ocean Real Estate Group in Bangkok,
   Entrepreneurial Challenge. They are                          business group at a business-wide level and at the
   proposing an electronic payment order service                                                                         Thailand and my current position is Director. Now I
                                                                operating-level, helping drive results and ensure        am responsible for new projects in the group as
   with digital money to any individual or small                alignment of priorities and resources with the
   business in the world—similar to the existing Paypal                                                                  School Manager and a member of Executive Board
                                                                strategies and programs of the company.                  at St. Stephen's International School. St. Stephen's
   system but with the additional possibility of paying
   orders with real money as well as the credit card
   option presented by Paypal. Javiel is currently              Sonny Seung Su Kim, 2001 “I started work in
   working in Switzerland for Arvest—an Investment              Tokyo, PCALIFE (Prudential UK group) in
   Banking Firm; Jorge Morales is working for Novartis          September of last year after completing a three-year
   in Peru, Cesar is currently working as a freelance in        PRU Mentor Associate program in Asia. It's really
   Washington and Martin is currently working on a              exciting to be in the Corporate Planning Team as
   temporary basis for Massachusetts Financial                  a Manager working together with Japanese
   Services (MFS).                                              colleagues. My role is initiating and renovating
                                                                projects which relate to Management Committee
                                                                members' decisions and local market trends.
   Angel Escano, July 2004 says, “I'm currently                 Keeping the track of current PAR (Project Appraisal
   employed for Colgate-Palmolive Philippines as a              Review) and regional project implementation also
   Product Manager in the Personal Care Group                   keep me busy these days.”                                President Lynne Rosansky with Hult alumni Jong Andaya, 1996, Joby
   where I started working in Oct 2004.”                                                                                 Lizares, 1995 and Leana Farrales, 2001 in Manila.
Home of the Arthur D. Little Institute of Management
                                                       Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                                                        Spring 2005

   has two campuses, one is a day school in Bangkok                      the “family office” (financial investments) and on the    Reconnecting around
   and the second is in Nakonratchasrima near Khao                       other side we have set up several operating
   Yai National park which is a boarding school. I have                  companies for specific business activities (Real          the world
   one daughter, 10 years old and she is studying at                     Estate Projects and Security Solutions) where I keep
                                                                                                                                   New York: On February 27, Hult and the
   St.Stephen's International School, Bangkok and                        involved as CFO. I have some recent updates from
                                                                                                                                   Spring Street Lounge co-sponsored an NYC
   also got scholarship from school as the same as I                     a few classmates: Dr. Sadakkadulla
                                                                                                                                   Alumni Cocktail Party to bring together
   got from the company when I studied at ADL. My                        Jainallaudeen, “Dr. Sadak” is in Dubai working as
                                                                                                                                   ADL/Hult alumni from various classes. The
   husband has been working as a Director of                             professor of banking at the Emirates Institute for
                                                                                                                                   evening was a great success thanks largely to
   Planning Division at Silapakorn University. Thank                     Banking and Financial Studies. He visited Jeddah
                                                                                                                                   to Bryan Delaney, 1993 proprietor of the
   you to the school—I made friends from all over the                    last year in his trip to Mekkah and we enjoyed our
                                                                                                                                   Spring Street Lounge (located at 485 Spring
   world who support me on my business connec-                           meeting. Ram Sellaratnam, “Rama” is in
                                                                                                                                   Street), who opened his doors and provided
   tions. I feel the world is so small."                                 Bangalore, India, at Infosys Technology as
                                                                                                                                   wonderful hospitality throughout the night. Hult
                                                                         Associate Vice President of System Integration
                                                                                                                                   staff Marisa Esposito, Jocelyn Walters and
                                                                         Practice. Jose Carranza is still in Peru but thinking
                                                                                                                                   Susan Adler took the opportunity to share
   Sergio Echeverria, 1998 reports “I graduated in                       about moving to Brazil, where two of his brothers
                                                                                                                                   many of the recent advancements to the MBA
   1998, with Ihab Elsamannoudi and 64 other                             live. He works at the Instituto del Cancer, a hospital,
                                                                                                                                   program. “It was great to see how many of us
   classmates. I am currently studying a distance post-                  and also lectures about Strategic Planning at the
                                                                                                                                   are committed to networking with other
   graduate program at WPI, Systems Dynamics. For                        ESAN business school. Gustavo Bikkesbakker
                                                                                                                                   ADL/Hult folks from years gone by,” Robert
   the last four years, I have been working in Jeddah                    returned to the USA to complete a Master in
                                                                                                                                   “Boj” Locsin, 2003 commented. Piero
   (Saudi Arabia) for the businesses of Ihab's family as                 Finance at Boston College. He just quit his job in
                                                                                                                                   Siveroni, 2002 remarked that, “the event
   General Manager and CFO. I set up and manage                          Boston and is looking forward to moving some-
                                                                                                                                   helped all of us alumni to gain contacts in dif-
                                                                         where else in the US, probably Florida. German
                                                                                                                                   ferent industries and sectors—what could be
                                                                         Preusche worked in various projects during the
                                                                                                                                   better than someone who shares the alma
                                                                         Argentina crisis and even did some consulting in
                                                                                                                                   mater?” Thanks to all the alums in attendance
                                                                         Chile. Two years ago he joined a new project for a
                                                                                                                                   including: Jose “Chiqui” Morales, 1996,
                                                                         local ice cream factory that started with 50 people.
                                                                                                                                   Marcelo Podoroisky, 2001, Bryan Delaney,
                                                                         Two years later they have six branches and 250
                                                                                                                                   1993, Facundo de Aurteneche Rawson,
                                                                         people! I visited Boston in the summer 2003 on my
                                                                                                                                   1997, Robert “Boj” Locsin, 2003, Piero
                                                                         way to register at WPI, and coming from our 40th
                                                                                                                                   Siveroni, 2002, Francis Baffour, 1980 and
                                                                         Anniversary High School Reunion in Oklahoma City,
                                                                                                                                   John Vardis, 2000.
                                                                         and I met with three classmates living there. We
                                                                         enjoyed very much the meeting and having dinner           Paris: Hult hosted an alumni dinner in Paris on
                                                                         together. We called it the “5th Anniversary Reunion”      March 11. Thiebaut Julin, 1998, Benoit de
                                                                         Classmates were: Don Scott, David Paglia and              Courcy, 1998, Gregory Leborgne, Sept 2003
   Sergio Echeverria, 1998 and Sadakkadulla Jainallaudeen, 1998          Gustavo Bikkesbakker. Consuelo del Castillo,              and Oliver Bizeau, Feb 2004, joined Director
                                                                         also living in Boston, was out of town those days.”       of Worldwide Recruiting Susan Adler and
                                                                                                                                   Recruiting Manager Caroline Lahoud. Thiebaut
                                                                                                                                   and Benoit had not seen each other since they
                                                                         Kristanto Santosa, 1981/82, now a Managing                graduated in 1998 and enjoyed reminiscing
                                                                         Partner at PQM Consultants in Jakarta, reports, “my       about their days back in school. Recent gradu-
                                                                         eldest son is now attending a student exchange            ates, Gregory and Oliver felt that meeting the
                                                                         program in Portland, OR, under EF organization. He        other alumni was a great opportunity to net-
                                                                         also sent a great report of his classmates: “I belong     work and to hear about different career paths.
                                                                         to probably the largest MSM batch in history with         Everyone enjoyed a fun evening of French cui-
                                                                         some 93 participants from 23 countries. You would         sine and wine while swapping stories. Benoit
                                                                         see that my MSM 81/82 "generation" are now in             told the group about the wonderful experience
                                                                         their key posts to bring business for ADL/Hult.”          he had staying with ADL Consultant/Professor
                                                                         Following is a partial list of MSM graduates from his     Owen Murray while Thiebaut took us through
                                                                         class in 1981-82: Bekti Harsono is the Corporate          his exciting adventures in North Africa after
   Sergio Echeverria, Don Scott, David Paglia and Gustavo                H R Div. Head and Koes Pranowo the CFO at PT              graduation—now he is happily back in Paris
   Bikkesbakker, all class of 1998.
                                                                         Samudera Indonesia in Jakarta. Dr. Setiady                with his wife. It was great to see members of
                                                                         Djohar, Frans Hendrawiyana and Ir. Makfuddin              the Hult/ADL family being reunited in their
                                                                         Wiryaatmadja, are all wth the Lembaga                     native country hosted by Hult staff.
                                                                         Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen. Kemal
                                                                         Stamboel is a Partner at IBM Indonesia. Ali Jinnah        Join us! Our recruiting team will be hosting
                                                                         Ibrahim is a Director at Elmar (Malaysia). George         alumni dinners all over the world in the coming
                                                                         T. Syliangco is Director of Strategic Planning at         months as we attend worldwide MBA fairs. We
                                                                         Avellana & Associates, Inc. In Manila. Craig C.           would love to see you at a nearby fair and
                                                                         Reed is living in Houston TX. George Bowman is            would be happy to bring alumni together!
                                                                         the Vice President of Community Affairs at State          Please email if you
                                                                         Street Bank & Trust Company in Boston, MA, USA.           would like to join us. We will be in the following
                                                                         Gerald K.Y. Nam, FIFA Agent, is living in Seoul,          cities in Asia in September: Tokyo, Seoul,
                                                                         Korea. Antonio M Claparols is the President JRS           Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Manila, Bangkok,
                                                                         Corporation in Manila, Philippines. Alvaro Cabrera        Singapore, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai
   Sergio Echeverria and Ihab Elsamannoudi, 1998 with family:
                                                                         & Tatiana Gomez are linving in Colombia.                  and in Latin America in October: Mexico City,
   Standing, Sergio, his son Miguel, his daughter Adriana, Abeer
   Elsamannoudi, Ihab's sister, and Ihab Elsamannoudi (ADL 98). Seated   Nobuyuki Hidaka is at UFJ Bank in Japan.                  Lima, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos
   Dr. Seif Elsamannoudi, Ihab's father.                                                                                           Aires, Santiago, Bogota and Caracas.
Home of the Arthur D. Little Institute of Management
                                                       Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                                                    Spring 2005

    Highlights of the fall graduation 2004
    42 students graduated on a cold evening in December and joined                    the future.
    the growing alumni network around the world. British student Guy                  A further challenge has been the academic
    Paisley Taylor reflected at the ceremony on, “one of the happiest and
                                                                                      work itself. I think Hult is lucky to be
    most challenging years,” of his life. His speech elicited laughter and
                                                                                      blessed with a fantastic group of
    nostalgia from his classmates. Below are excerpts:
                                                                                      professors, who have given us their time,
                                                                                      energy, knowledge and insight. Like the
    “A very warm welcome to you all. It is a great honour to be address-
                                                                                      students, they are a diverse group and I will
    ing you all here—almost a little intimidating as the make up of the               cherish my experiences with them—John
    room is more like a meeting of the United Nations than a graduation.
                                                                                      Edmunds for proving that politics really is     Guy Taylor, Hult graduation speaker

    Culture is one of those strange words that are used regularly but, I              more important than finance, Kishore Chakraborty for his unique
    think, rarely in the correct context. Usually it is a way of explaining           wardrobe and caring attitude, Wesley Marple for his sense of
    away an unattractive habit without a proper justification. ‘Don't worry,          humour, Mary Jane Hunt for helping us to align, Owen Murray for
    it's cultural’. However, Hult is one of those places where culture really         teaching us our ABC, Jay Zif for his vivid analogies and Ravi
    is a key challenge. 23 different nationalities amongst 42 students                Ramumurti for his wealth of knowledge and integrity.
    make for a veritable melting pot of different ideas and identities. A
                                                                                      There are many more and there is not sufficient time to mention each
    brief glance at 1,000 years of European history shows that a
                                                                                      one. However, now would be an appropriate time to pay tribute to
    Frenchman, an Englishman and a German have traditionally provided
                                                                                      these wonderful people, as well as Dr. Rosansky, Linnea and the rest
    quite sufficient diversity to start a war—without the help of the other           of the team, who have given us so much pleasure (and pain) this year.
    20 nations. I believe they call it the European Union these days!
                                                                                      And so to the final challenge—the future. Gainful employment
    Thus I think it is remarkable that our class has been such a close one
                                                                                      beckons, although some of us hope to delay it for a little longer.
    in which students have enjoyed each other's differences rather than
                                                                                      Some will stay here to live the American dream, others will go back
    allowing cliques to form along national lines. Rather than just a                 to their own countries, but we all share fun memories. We have been
    learning experience, this year taught me how ignorant I was…..or                  lucky to be in Boston for a remarkable year—the Patriots winning the
    indeed am. I never knew that in South Korea it was rude to leave
                                                                                      Superbowl, the Red Sox ending their 86 year drought, the drama of
    the room without finishing the one liter bottle of vodka. In parts of
                                                                                      the Presidential election and perhaps, most remarkably, a 100% pass
    Mexico, it's apparently rude to arrive on time and in Japan Satoshi
                                                                                      rate in Professor Marple's finance exam! It is a fantastic city of which I
    taught me it's rude to leave the karaoke party without having sung
                                                                                      have become very fond. Hult is a small school with a tightknit group
    'We are the World'.                                                               of faculty, administration and students. I will look back with great
    It's reassuring to know that amongst the discounted cashflows, the                affection on 2004 in future years and I hope this is not the last time
    breakeven analyses, the growth formulas and the operational bottle-               we are gathered together in one room. I think it was Mark Twain who
    necks, we have learned useful details about the ways of the world.                said that he never let schooling interfere with his education. Well, I
    We have spent a lot of time working in groups and some of our                     hate to contradict one of my literary heroes, but I am very glad that I
    experiences could best be described as emotional but ultimately I                 let Hult interfere with my education.”
    suspect these will provide the most valuable and happy memories in

Hult on the national radar
In March, Hult International Business School partnered with Massachusetts’            mitted not only to state-of-the-art technology but also to world-class talent
largest employer, Raytheon and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHM-           and development.
BA) to offer an exciting networking event called, "Opportunities for MBAs in World-
Class Industries."                                                                    The event, appropriately hosted at Hult, drew a big crowd from the Boston area
                                                                                      and culminated in an opportunity for current and prospective MBA students and
The event featured Raul Medina, Hult alumni and President of the NSHMBA               alumni to network with the Raytheon and NSHMBA executives. Hult is indeed
Boston Chapter. NSHMBA has 6500 members throughout the USA and Latin                  becoming a place where professionals and students gather to network!
America. In addition to a NSHMBA funded scholarship, Hult benefits from the
extensive network of NSHMBA.
Hult Professor Kishore Chakraborty commented, “very soon, everyone will know
about the school!” That “soon” maybe coming sooner than we think. Raytheon, a
Fortune 50 company with 2004 sales of USD $20.2 billion, is the company that
brought radar to the world. Raytheon was started in Cambridge and is now the
largest employer in Massachusetts. Michael Garvey, Raytheon’s Director of
Finance, recalled how the management brought the company around from a lum-
bering defense contractor to a lean provider of cutting-edge technology for the
government. That kind of success doesn’t happen by itself—the company is com-
                                                                                      Raytheon Finance Director addresses Hult   Hult is truly a networking hot spot!
                                                                                      students and community members.
Home of the Arthur D. Little Institute of Management
                                                       Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                                                          Spring 2005

    From the Office of
    Career Services…
                                I am always gratified to see the large turnout at our weekly Brown Bag lunches.
                                In addition to an opportunity to learn about different industries and functions, these
                                lunches are wonderful networking opportunities. Our latest brown bag success story
                                is that of Sean Pu, class of July 2004, who secured his job at Bristol Meyers Squibb
                                through a Brown Bag Lunch contact.
                                Highlights this season have included the former President of Maytag Corporation
                                and former Senior Vice president of Polaroid Corporation, the CEO of Hispanic
                                Market Solutions, the President of Carlin Consulting Group, a Vice President at
                                Webster Capital, a Vice President of Earth Tech (a division of Tyco International),
                                a Senior Manager at BEA Systems and the CFO of Mide Technologies, the
                                Senior Consultant at Strategic Pricing Group and the President of EF Foundation.
                                Our Executive Seminars often draw a large alumni following and have provided
                                first-hand accounts of timely topics such as corporate governance, cross-border
                                investing and growing a global business. We were happy to have Gun Denhart, award-
                                winning entrepreneur and founder of Hanna Anderson Corporation speak about socially
                                                                                                                                            Japanese student Naoko Akaki, July
                                responsible businesses on April 12. On June 23, we will be hosting Tom Rodenheuser,
                                                                                                                                            2005, with support from Professor Julie
                                founder and editor of “Inside Consulting.” Please join us if you are in the area!
                                                                                                                                            Yao-Cooper, founded the Hult
                                If you would like to expand your own network or help current students with                                  Women’s Forum this year as a
                                their career planning, please contact me at I always love                              networking tool for the growing number
                                hearing from alumni!
                                                                                                                                            of women students at Hult. The group’s
                                                                                                                                            monthly lunchtime meetings are
                                Best regards                                                                                                opportunities to discuss issues affecting
                                                                                                                                            women in business school, such as
                                                                                                                                            effective class participation techniques,
                                                                                                                                            balancing academic and personal lives,
                                Linnea Löf                                                                                                  career networking and job searches.
                                Director of Career Services
                                                              Students and Linnea with speaker Suzanne Murphy of Strategic Pricing Group.
                                                                                                                                            “I started the Hult Women’s Forum
                                                                                                                                            because it is a great opportunity to take
                                                                                                                                            advantage of our different backgrounds,
                                                                                                                                            cultures and social experiences,” says
    The Alumni College: come back to school                                                                                                 Naoko. “Through this forum, I hope to
                                                                                                                                            help the students to develop clearer
    Want to refresh your international business perspective? Network with our top-notch international                                       future visions and to build themselves
    student body? Reconnect with some of Hult’s renowned professors? Then you should take
                                                                                                                                            as future leaders by sharing information,
    advantage of the Alumni College! Alumni of Hult and the ADL School of Management are invited to
                                                                                                                                            learning from role models and
    enroll in our summer elective course offerings, to take place at the school in Boston from May 9-
    July 25, 2005.                                                                                                                          networking.”

    Here is a sampling of the exciting electives to be offered this year:                                                                   Hult women networking at the
                                                                                                                                            Harvard Business School’s annual
    • Global Risk Management                            • Corporate Restructuring                                                           Dynamic Women in Business
    • Entrepreneurship: A State of Mind                 • Innovation Management                                                             Conference.
    • Leadership in the Global Village                  • Project Management Certification
    • Global Marketing Strategy                         • Managing Emerging Growth Companies
    • International Negotiations                        • Global Franchise Management
    • Managing Your People: The Action Aspect of Management
    • New Product Development, Marketing and International Expansion
    • Arthur D. Little Institute of Management: Management Consulting: Industry, Tools and Techniques

    You can find more information about joining these classes at the new alumni website: Use the following login information: username: alumni, password:
    international. To reserve a space in one of the alumni college courses, please contact Academic
    Affairs Coordinator, Nicole Gregoire, at're looking forward to
    reconnecting with you in Boston!
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                                                       Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                      Spring 2005

    Getting down to business
                                                                          CEO and to succeed in an international environment.” Javier
                                                                          Marin, class of 2000, started his successful business, Hispanic
                                                                          News Press, while still in school. “I had an idea,” said Javier, “and
                                                                          the professors helped me every step of the way.” Finally, I consid-
                                                                          ered Hult’s world-class faculty—professors with doctorates from
                                                                          Harvard, New York University, Boston University, Cornell and
                                                                          Northeastern and successful entrepreneurs and consultants with
                                                                          extensive Fortune 500 experience.
                                                                          I feel lucky that I chose Hult and have been in very good
                                                                          company. My fellow students are brilliant. Massimo Andriolo
                                                                          established joint ventures for Gruppe Deutsche Boerse (the
                                                                          European stock exchange in Frankfurt) that has a trading volume
                                                                          of 3.3 trillion Euros a year. John Parton managed a portfolio of
                                                                          21 brands worth USD $110 million for GlaxoSmithKline. Carlos
                                                                          Hurtado was a Deputy Director in the Bank of Mexico, specializ-
    The inside scoop on Hult International Business School                ing in agricultural development. Benny Alfaro started a furniture
                                                                          company while he was still in college and Guillaume Vignon
    Illustrating Hult’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” motto, Hult MBA            holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Microbiology. You could pick any
    Matthew Lyberg is pictured above right with his July 2005 class-      one of my classmates and find a dazzling story.
    mates and Professor Deneffe immediately following the Managerial
    Economics final exam. Matt was recently featured in an EF             During my first project, I was the only American on a team of six
    publication reflecting on his experiences at Hult. Below are          classmates from Italy, Mexico, Peru, Japan and India. Team
    excerpts of his comments:                                             projects ranged from designing a marketing launch strategy for a
                                                                          product we create to a real-life consulting project for a client
     ….I had worked at EF Education for two years and had admired         company. Current client companies include IBM, BASF, BEA
    its corporate mission to break down cultural barriers. But when I     Systems and several New England-based companies. I am part of
    decided to pursue an MBA, top-ranked Hult was just one option         a team helping the former Head of Online Marketing for Orbitz to
    among several American schools. My long-term goal is to work in       launch a new company. The high expectations of clients and
    Eastern Europe, so Hult’s internationalism gave it a clear            faculty definitely add to the self-imposed pressure to perform. It is
    advantage. Alum George Bowman—VP of Community Relations               this commitment to excellence that assures me that Hult will very
    for State Street Bank—said, “Hult prepares students to think like a   soon have a reputation equal to the work being done here….

Boston Young Professionals networking at Hult
Hult joined forces with the Boston Young Professionals Association        interdisciplinary and industrious on the road to success.
(BYPA) to host a panel discussion in late March. BYPA is a local
                                                                          • Professor Patrick Courtin, a veteran CEO of hi-tech companies and
organization with 9,000 members founded by an MBA graduate to
                                                                          a director on the boards of Kashya Inc. and OpenNetwork. He recog-
provide informal networking opportunities for younger professionals.
                                                                          nized Boston’s great potential for the information technology industry.
“This event offered Hult an opportunity to share with the local Boston
                                                                          His advice was to continually question oneself and to master solid
community one of its finest attributes: education directly from
                                                                          communication skills for a multicultural business environment.
established professionals,” confirmed Susan Adler, Hult’s Director
of Worldwide Recruiting.                                                  • Hult MBA candidate Massimo Andriolo of Italy, who previously
                                                                          headed the Stock Exchange Relationship Management Department of
The impressive panel gave industry tips and career advice:
                                                                          Frankfurt’s Gruppe Deutsche Boerse (Europe's largest publicly listed
• Hult Professor of Finance Jane Hughes, a former senior executive        stock exchange), spoke about using his year at Hult to network and
at Manufacturers Hanover who has written and edited numerous              refresh his knowledge, capitalizing on his understanding of the USA
publications on international banking gave future bankers valuable        and European markets.
advice on hiring practices, job flexibility, taking risks and the
                                                                          The entire panel stressed the importance of the ability to move fluidly
importance of ethics.
                                                                          within a globalized business world and the value of consistent
• Dr. Thomas Esselman, founder and former President of Altran             learning. The evening culminated with a reception allowing the
Corporation—whose corporate network has over 16,000 consultants           panelists and guests a chance to mingle and share their perspectives.
and includes Arthur D. Little—and lecturer at Harvard University,
shared secrets of consulting. He stressed the need to be
Home of the Arthur D. Little Institute of Management
                                                       Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                                                Spring 2005

    The World MBA Tour chose Hult alumni to profile—                                                                          Hult in the news
    with so many terrific success stories, it was difficult for
    them to choose just two. Below are the interviews they
                                                                                                                              around the world
    printed featuring Jean-Claude Pierre, 1999 and Elizabeth                                                                  In Korea: The daily newspaper Dong A
                                                                                                                              featured Sonny Kim Dong, class of 2001,
    Castolo, 2004:                                                                                                            as a Korean MBA success story. It profiled
                                                  “Career planning is like chess,” says Jean-Claude Pierre, Managing          his career in Korea at Kookmin Credit Card
                                                  Director and CTO of BASF Venture Capital and graduate of Boston’s           Co., Ltd. through his MBA to his current job
                                                  ADLSOM/Hult International Business School. “Always think a few moves        with Prudential in Japan. “In the summer of
                                                  ahead, but keep your focus on today's task and keep building your net-      2000, he started one-year MBA at Hult
                                                  work.”                                                                      International Business School in Boston,”
                                                                                                                              the story reads. “After interviewing with
                                                  Pierre, who has a chemical engineering degree, joined BASF                  many companies in London, he accepted a
                                                  Corporation USA as a market analyst after earning his Masters degree        job with Prudential Plc. At that time, this
                                                  from Hult in 1999. He had held numerous management positions in the         company had a business plan to launch
                                                  chemical industry before attending ADLSOM/Hult’s one-year program in        operation by acquiring Life Insurance
                                                  the USA, “the business country par excellence.” Pierre adds, “I wanted      Company YoungPoong in Korea. Mr. Kim
                                                  to be surrounded with high caliber and international people with            emphasized, ‘I am a Korean who can
                                                  significant business experience to have fruitful class discussions.         communicate in Japanese & English,’ and
                                                  Then the choice of school was easy to make.”                                he pointed out that he can add value for
                                                                                                                              expanding business in Asia.
                                   Pierre also praises ADLSOM/Hult’s “excellent” Career Services Office,
    noting that the school started working with him on his job search even before the program started.
                                                                                                                              In India: Sandra Roth, Hult’s Asia
    “We had several personal sessions to define or confirm our future business orientations using
                                                                                                                              Recruiting Manager, was interviewed by the
    powerful survey tools.”
                                                                                                                              Global Educator, a magazine with a reader-
    Declining offers from top consulting firms, Pierre signed a contract five months before graduation with                   ship of over 65,000 in India. “We have been
    BASF to leverage his chemical engineering background and stay closer to operations. He was quickly                        very impressed with the quality of the
    promoted through strategic marketing and controlling positions at BASF Coatings AG before running                         students as well as with their tremendous
    BASF’s venture capital unit, which invests in startup companies with innovative business applications                     motivation,” Sandra is quoted as saying.
    of chemistry.                                                                                                             “We believe that we can ideally cater to this
                                                                                                                              market by offering a top-ranked international
    Pierre says the school’s network has been invaluable since graduation. “The international breadth and                     one-year MBA, where the highest possible
    business experience of the students make class debates a unique experience. The internationality and                      personal attention is assured.”
    the relative small size (family business type atmosphere) of the school set the basis for a long-lasting
    international network.”                                                                                                   In Mexico: Enfoque interviewed Miguel
    When asked specifically how his degree prepared him for his job, Pierre was modest. “With an engi-                        Angel Vasquez, 2004, about his experience
    neering background, moving from market analyst to head of the venture capital arm of the largest                          going to school in Boston during the year of
                                               chemical company in the world in four years should                             the Bush-Kerry election campaign. Vasquez
                                               speak for itself.”                                                             emphasized that he was among, “hundreds
                                                                                                                              of Mexicans studying in the best universities
                                                                Elizabeth Castolo, now Johnson and Johnson’s                  and business schools to obtain their
                                                                Marketing Manager for Mexico, also values her MBA             advanced degrees.” The CEO of Motorola
                                                                skills in her new job. “I truly feel I have been trained to   Latin America read the article and called him
                                                                work with any team and understand the strengths and           for an interview. Miguel was offered a job at
                                                                opinions of everyone at a table. I can think further on       Motorola Mexico as Governance and Quality
                                                                solutions, negotiate better and understand the roots of       Manager!
                                                                complexities with a much stronger set of capabilities.”
                                                                                                                              In the US: Metro Magazine featured Hult in
                                                  Before business school, Castolo worked as a
                                                                                                                              its Education Expo piece on business
                                                  Commercial Operations Manager in the wireless telecom-
     Elizabeth Castolo and Hult classmates                                                                                    schools that focus on globalization and
                                                  munications industry. Hoping to transfer to a pharmaceu-
                                                                                                                              diversity. Susan Adler, Director of Worldwide
    tical company in the USA and then in her native Mexico, she chose Hult for its global scope and effi-
                                                                                                                              Recruiting, was quoted as saying that our
    cient one-year program. “I was looking for a reproduction of the world in my class, a place where I
                                                                                                                              curriculum is continuously being improved
    could interact with different backgrounds and with truly different ways of doing business. Hult gives
                                                                                                                              to, “better meet the needs of employers.”
    you the chance to get an MBA in less time and inside a REAL global class. Moreover, you are trained
    to understand and act at the pace of real business.”

    Upon graduation, says Castolo, “I had the privilege of choosing job offers from different industries.
    I was most pleased to receive offers for different positions inside my first choice industry—and
    company!” She gives credit to Hult´s Career Services Office for, “constantly offering networking
    opportunities and tools to plan ahead for your career. Most important is the personal and tailored
    approach—they guide you to target the companies/positions that you are looking for.”

    Elizabeth closed with advice for prospective MBAs: “All I can say is that it gives amazing experiences
    and tools as a school and as a place to understand and learn about business and about life. The
    rewards of completing it are worth all the efforts and energy put into it.”
Home of the Arthur D. Little Institute of Management
                                                       Alumni Update
                                                                                                                                                Spring 2005

Hult awards “Promising                                                                 Save the date: May 12
Women in Business”                                                                     Alumni-Corporate Networking Event, Thursday, May 12, 5-9 pm
Scholarship                                                                            We would like to invite all alumni to the school in Boston to join
                                                                                       our Field Project sponsors, corporate contacts, former ADL
EF Education CEO Louise Julian awarded the first annual
                                                                                       consultants, students, faculty and staff for an exciting networking
“Promising Women in Business” Scholarship to Hult student
                                                                                       event. The evening will consist of a panel of distinguished alumni
Laura Oh in February.
                                                                                       and corporate representatives, Field Project presentations by
The Promising Women’s Scholarship was established in honor of                          students, a corporate presentation and a reception.
Louise Julian when she was named Fortune Magazine’s 35th most
powerful woman in international business. The scholarship, awarded to
a woman in each of the February and September intakes who,
“demonstrates high leadership potential to make a difference in the
business world,” is just one example of the school’s growing outreach
                                                                                       Stay in touch
and commitment to educating talented female managers.                                  It’s easy to stay in touch online with Hult—simply go to
                                                                              and log in with your username and
Laura is representative of the impressive international students who are
                                                                                       password. The online directory can also be used as an address
choosing Hult, with nine years of high-tech management experience at
                                                                                       book. Use it to find old friends or to network with fellow Hult
Sybase and Hewlett-Packard in her native Seoul. In fact, Laura’s class
                                                                                       alums. Be sure to update your own contact details so others can
has the largest proportion of women in the history of the school—over
                                                                                       stay in touch with you. Our alumni site also offers you a lifelong
35%—making it one of the highest among MBA programs.
                                                                              email address, making it even easier for friends to find
                                                                                       you. If you’d like your own email address or need a
                                                                                       reminder of your username or password, contact

                                                                                       iPod Winners
                                                                                       Thank you to all the alumni who sent in
                                                                                       classmate contacts! We have a tie for the winner,
                                                                                       so we will be sending iPods to the top three contributors: Kristanto
                                                                                       Santosa, 1982, Piero Siveroni, 2002, and Robert Brouwer,
                                                                                       2000. In addition, we would like to thank Roman Gonzales, 1996,
                                                                                       Maria Gabriela Bisanti, 1997, and Steve Cines, 1979. If you have
                                                                                       alumni contacts, please email

Laura Oh is congratulated by EF CEO Louise Julian on winning Hult’s “Promising Women
in Business” Scholarship.

Class of February 2004

We were thrilled to welcome the February class, Hult’s largest ever with 64 students from 29 countries.
Above are pictures from the welcome reception held in their honor.

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