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					Flotow, Friedrich von
   c Mart\\a. Libretto.   English
& Italia^
        presented to

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               of Toronto

    Bertram    1R.   Davis
       from tbe boohs ot

tbe late OLtonel Davis, 1k.<L



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                        fLYON & HEAT
sYorkj)                     Chicago
                 OPERA SCORES
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                                               GRAND OPERAS
AIDA                                   Giuseppe Verdi           1.50    LAKME                                 Xe   Delibes          2.00
  In four acts. Italian text                                             In three acts

BOHEMIAN GIRL                        Michael       W.   Balfe   t.SO    MARITANA              William Vincen Wallace                ;;.oo
  In three acts                                                          In three acts

CARMEN                                   Georges Bizet          2.00    MIGNON                          Ambrois f homas             >.oo
  In four acts. French text                                              In three acts. Italian text

C AVALLERI A RUSTIC ANA ..Pietro Mascagni                       1 .50   SAMSON AND DELILAH
   In one act. Italian text                                              In three acts                Camilla Sa -Sagns         i.oo

FAUST                                  Charles Gounod           1.50    TROVATORE,       IL                Giuse   Verdi        .   00
 In five acts. French text                                               In four acts. Italian text

                                                   LIGHT OPERAS
BELLS OF CORNEVILLE, THE                 ;   or,   THE                  MARTHA                    Friedrich v Flotow       ..   50
  CHIMES OF NORMANDY                                                     In four acts.   German and      Italian
  In three acts                      Robert Pianquette          1.50
                                                                        MASCOT, THE                      Edmo:|Audran      .00

BILLEE TAYLOR          ;   or,   THE REWARD OF                           In three acts
 VIRTUE                               Edward Solomon            1.00
  In two acts                                                           MUSKETEERS, THE
                                                                         In two acts
 PALERMO                         ,   Franz von Suppe            2.00
                                                                        OLIVETTE                         Edmond Audi .00
                                                                         In three acts
 In three acts

DOCTOR OF ALCANTARA, THE                                                PINAFORE,   H. M. S-;   or,   THE LASS TH
 In two acts                                                    1.50
                                                                         LOVED A SAILOR               Sir Arthur Sullii oo
                                       Julius Eichberg
                                                                         In two acts

FATINITZA                            Franz von Suppe            2.00
                                                                        SORCERER, THE                 Sir Arthur Sulli.oo
 In three acts.       German and       Italian text                      In two acts

LITTLE DUKE, THE                       Charles Lecocq           1.00    STRADELLA                 Friedrich von F1..00
 In three acts                                                           In three acts

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                 OLIVER DITSON COMPA

      MARTA             (MARTHA)

                        CONTAINING THE

              ITALIAN TEXT, WITH AN


                         BOSTON             W   '

                 OLIVER DITSON COMPANY
      NEW YORK                              CHICAGO
CHAS. H. DITSON & CO.                    LYON & HEALY

                 DRAMATIS PERSONS


PLUNKETT,    A YOI/NG FARMER                               ,   BASS

SHERIFF                                                        BASS

                    THE STORY OF "MARTHA                                                                               55

                HARRIET,        a lady of rank at the                name and          character, lest her reputation should
              court of   Queen Anne of England, tired                suffer   by      obliged to mount with Nancy
                                                                                          she   is

E)Y           of the     amusements which court life

                                                                     the farmer's wagon and drive off with them.
affords her, forms the plan to visit the Servants'                     Arrived at the farm, the foster-brothers soon
Fair at       Richmond      in the disguise of    a servant          find out that their             new   servants   know   absolutely

girl             employment. She is accom-
        in search of                                                 nothing of their duties. But as Lionel is quite
panied by Nancy, her maid, and Sir Tristan, a                        smitten with the Lady, and Plunkett pleased
cousin and admirer of hers, rather advanced in                       with the maid, their domestic incapacity is ex-

years, both appropriately attired for the occa-                      cused.         Nancy teases Plunkett, who in his turn
sion.                                                                gets angry.        The maid, frightened, runs away
  Hither also repair two young farmers, Lionel                       to hide in the kitchen,                 pursued by Plunkett.
and Plunkett.    Lionel is the adopted child of                      Lionel,    left      alone with his      new servant (who has
Plunkett 's parents,         now both        deceased.    His        adopted the name of Martha), makes advances.
parentage is unknown. His father was found,                          Lady Harriet answers evasively. Asked to sing,
one evening, at the door of the farmhouse,                           the   Lady      treats     him   to the old Irish ballad,     The
where he had sunk down from exhaustion.                              Last Rose of Summer.   Lionel, who now is com-
Lionel, then a small boy,          was with him.         Both        pletely enamored, asks her to become his wife.
were taken       in    and provided   for,   but the father          Lady Harriet laughs at him. They are inter-
died soon, leaving his son to the charity of Plun-                   rupted by Plunkett and Nancy, the latter just
kett's parents.  He left to his son nothing but a                    caught after a hard chase. The clock strikes
ring,    with the injunction to present it to the                    midnight, and masters and servants part to go
Queen      if ever he should be in distress. The                     to rest. Then Tristan, who has followed the
two foster-brothers come           to the Fair with the              track    of.   the prisoners, enters through a window

purpose of engaging help for their farm, which                       and     assists in the    escape of the ladies. Plun-
has been left to their management by their                           kett,   who     in his      apartment has heard loud talk-
mother, just deceased.  Here they are struck                         ing in the hall,           comes in again, meaning to send
with the personal appearance of Lady Harriet                         the servants to            bed, whom he thinks up yet and
and her maid, and offer to engage them. The                          chattering.           Seeing the      window open, and hear-
Lady and Nancy, who relish this joke exceed-                         ing the noise of carriage wheels dying away in
ingly,       accept the offer and take the earnest-                  the distance, he becomes alarmed, thinks they

money, unaware that thereby they are bound in                        have been robbed, and                  calls in   Lionel.   They
law to serve them for the space of one year.                         become aware               of the flight of their servants;
When they want to leave the Fair, the farmers                        Plunkett rings the large bell out in the farm-
detain them.           Tristan's interference    is   useless,       yard; the whole neighborhood assembles; they
and     as   Lady   Harriet does not wish to reveal her              hear what has transpired, and all start in pursuit
of the fugitives, who, however,              make good           their   ing in the forest,   become aware that she is deeply
escape.                                                                  in love with      Lionel, and now, anxious to re-
  A little while after this occurrence, the Queen,                       establish herself in the favor of the new-created
with the ladies of her court        among whom                           count, contrives to be the             first   one to commu-
are    Lady     Harriet and her maid            hunt       in   a for-   nicate to   himthe news of his parentage.  But
est    adjoining the village of which Plunkett's                         Lionel receives her coldly, arid when the lady,
farm forms a    part.  Accidentally, Plunkett and                        who is a prey to the most violent feelings of
Lionel    fall in    with a party of huntresses, headed                  affection towards         Lionel,      and     of    remorse for
Jby   Lady      Harriet.     They    recognize their former              having repulsed him so harshly, offers her hand
servants, but the ladiesdeny all knowledge of                            to him, and, kneeling, prays             him    to accept her,
them.   Their cortege comes to their assistance,                         he even then cannot overcome the                    bitter feeling

and the two farmers are about to be arrested                             in his heart towards the false                 and    cruel lady.

when Lady          Harriet,    who   is     touched by
                                          at last                        But the indefatigable Lady Harriet, with the
Lionel's wild grief,          causes them to go off un-                  assistance of Plunkett,          who   in his       alarm for the
harm^d, stigmatizing them as madmen, un-                                 health,   and even       life   of his foster-brother,        was
worthy        of serious notice.     Lionel, driven almost               easily persuaded to take part in the scheme,
frantic   by the    cruel calmness with which              Martha        contrived still another plan to bring about a

pretends not to know him, bethinks himself that                          reconciliation.      A
                                                                                           part of the lady's park is art-
he has the ring left him by his father. He en-                           fully transformed into a facsimile of the mar-
trusts   it   to Plunkett,    and as the Queen        is   passing       ket-place at Richmond.    Farmers and servants
by, Plunkett immediately delivers              it   to her.       By     appear, a counterfeit sheriff presents himself,
means of this ring it is found out that Lionel is                        and the lady in her peasant's dress mingles with
the only son of the late Earl of Derby, who ended                        the throng.   Hither Lionel is conducted. At
his days in disgrace, into which he unjustly had                         the sight of Lady Harriet in the costume of a
fallen.  Queen Anne causes the title and all the                         servant all his former love for her comes back,

possessions of the late Earl to be restored to the                       and the two    lovers are at last united.                 So are
son by an Act of Parliament.                                             Plunkett and Nancy; and the curtain descends

      Lady Harriet     has, after the unfortunate meet-                  on two happy couples,
                                                             MA R                                   T A

                              ATTO                         I.                                                             ACT                           I.

    BCKNA          1.- -Salatto          A Lady EnriekiHa, em                               SCENE      l.       Toikt Chamber of Lady Harri*,                                     mA%       /!

              LADT ENKICHBTTA, NAJIOT,                                                               LADT HARRIET, NANCT,                         Ladie* in attendant*.

          Tu      piu vaga
                           d' ana               Stella,                                     Cfto.      Why      liicsc   gloomy clonds of sadneu
           Dell' Aprile    piu bel flor,
                                                                                                       Orerthadowiiig thy brow 1
           Tu gentil, legjpadra e bella,                                                               Why should laaghing mirth and gladnMi
           II desio di tutn i cor,                                                                     Vanish from oar presence now *
           Perche mal solinga e metta                                                                  Round the of thy friends' devotion
           Viver vnoi, giovin belt*,                                                                   Qlitt'ring present* witness bear                         :

           Ne t' alletta alcana festa                                                               Jewels, laces, silks and satin?
           All' aurora dell' eta ?                                                                  Wait to deck a form so fair.
        [Pretentandole tm mazzolino di fiori.                                               Nan. [Presenting a notegay.\
         Quest! tior di Sir Tristano
                                                                                                  Flow'rs are these Sir Tn-tan sends yov.
Enr.     Non li voglio ; serba i fior.                                                      Lady. Ah their odor sickens me
                                                                                                        !                                           1

Nan.    [OffrendoU un monile di gemnu.\                                                     Nan. [Presenting a set of jewelry.]
        Qaesto dono           d'    an sorrano         1                                          Diamonds which the richest enry.
Enr.    Ahi   !
                  per   me non ha             ralor.                                        Lady. Ah, they blind I cannot see.

Nan.    Ma-                                                                                 Nan. Lady       !

Enr.               Mi   lascia.                                                             Lady.         Leave me                  I

Nan.                                     Oh!    s'io                                        Nan.                        Mistress                        !

Enr. [Intarompendola con impazunza. \ JSe tola                                              Lady.                                Leave                                   me   !

      M' e concesso di restar !                                                                      Qo ye who my joys    have known                           ;

        Ogni    voce, ogoi parola                                                                    Sorrows want not your attendance,
        Fa    pin crudo il mio penar.                                                                Sorrow bears its w eight alone.
Cora.   To    piu vaga
                       d' ana Stella,                                                       Cho.     Why    these   gloomy clonds of sadness.
        Deli' Aprile   il
                          piu bel fior,                ec.         [Lt Donne partono.                Overshadowing, &c.                    The Lvi                  \

        SCENA           II.       LADT EWBICHKTTA                     NAVOT.                          SCENE        II.     LADT HAERIBT and NAJTOT
Mm.     Mesta ognor           l                                                             Nan.  Dearest mistress
Enr.                                    Pianger vorrei        !
                                                                                            Lady. Ah, these tears  They ease
                                                                                                                                                            my bosom          I

Nan.    Perche mai        '
                                                                                            MOT.  Tears    And why ?
Enr.                   Perche ? Nbl so                                                      Lady.                    I know it not                             I

Nan.    lo svelave vel potrei,                                                              Nan.     Excellent cause Desire for lore

        8e il chiedessi al vostro cor                                                             Is moving, hap, your virgin heart
Enr.    Chiedil pore.                                                                       Lady. Love, in me ?
Nan.                          Amor           aoltanto                                       Nan.               Yes.   Cupid's arrowt
        Di qucl pianto                  io   credo autor.                                         Travel with the speed of lightning.

                                                   QUESTO             DUOLOV THE                    KNIGHTS.         NAJTOT

         mel            cre-de-te              vien dal           en -ore; la     tri   -
                                                                                             ttea                   che             ti   -
                                                                                                                                             ran-na,                ri    oo-pri
                                                                                                                                                                                    -   v
         And         hemtfix** with wit                 ore       arm-ing, Somt    M          kat                   htek        -
                                                                                                                                    y        bee*             Yo*r       cold,
a                                                                                                                         MARTHA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         tr *d                  w.

           dl               pal    lor,                    lo                     o    ben,       trl -     stea               a,   duo    -
                                                                                                                                                lo,       ven         gon             sol                dal                 cuo
          heart              to    win        /                             there     aught in                  Ait        a    -   torn   -
                                                                                                                                               ing 1       It         tfier       aug/U                  a                   larm

Ar.     Ah     I       t'    illudi   ;       inv&no           il       cielo                                                             Lady. Vain belief                       !       how can               rejoice                       m*
        Per amar mi dava an cor                                             ;                                                                             Bach insipid, idle love                                   ''

        Come langue tier pel gelo                                                                                                                         For to j> and interest me
        lo mi struggo nel dolor.                                                                                                                          Flattery is not enough                                    !

ftm.    Ouai fantasmi vi create 1                                                                                                         Nan.  Riches heap on vou their treasure*
        Via        scacciate                  rjael    martin                                                                                   Honor high is offer'd you.
Am.     Con me stesso anch' io m' adiro,                                                                                                  Lady. In the midst of gold and pleasures
        Ne piu aspiro che a raorir.                                                                                                             Weariness alone 1 see.

                                               Sl'K             LABBRATEAT                                            18       REALLY TOO DISTRESSING

                                                  lab-bra                       non    dis-       ser           ra         U   sor - rl  so                         dell'     a       -
                                                                                                                                                                                           mor,                      non                  v'ha gio                -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ja    mi         la
                                                  real     -
                                                               ly               too    dit-trets        -
                                                                                                                ing   ;    Her* it caO'd a                          brU-liant                  lot                       If                   not        for* dot*          work a

         ter   -
                       ra         che          le      nis          -
                                                                            ca U suo do             -
                                                                                                        lor,          non           v'ha       jrio
                                                                                                                                                          ja        ml        la               ter       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ra             che              le    -   nis   -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ca 11 sao do-
         uxm-der. Fade* thin jlow'r                                             and   blot-tona not!                      It         u      real          ly        tor,      du           -
                                                                                                                                                                                               trfjt-ing             ;       Her*              i*       call'd       a brilliant

                                                                            lab-bra           non           dis-ser         ra,  U    sor                             -     ri        -    so        dell'                   a    -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              mor,            non               v'ha
                                                                            love doe*         work              a     won - dor Fade* this                            fiow'r,              and       bios       -        som                  not,           Fade*              (Alt

                       ja         snl     -   la       ter          -
                                                                        ra             che              1
                                                                                                                    nig    -   ca   il   duol,             non         v'ha gio                  -
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ja            sul            la               ter   -    ra       che          le-

                        and blo$-om                    not,                 oA.       fade*         and             blot-torn*           not.                  //      not                love doe*             work u                              wonder, Fads* tDu

         nis   -       ca    il   mio do               lor,                     che     le    -
                                                                                                   ni       -
                                                                                                                cail mio do-lor,                               ah!.                        che           le -        nis              -       call           sno           do   -   lor.

        fiow'r,         and       blot-totus           not,                     If     not         lavt         da* work a won                             der,                           Fade*              thi* flow'r,                      and           blot      worn*        **

Nan.    Danze, corse, giostre e feste                                                                                                     Nan.            Balls and tournaments are giving,
        Voi do^Teste qui voder                                          ;                                                                                 And  your colors win the prize,
        Tutto brilla a voi d'intorno                                                                                                                      Proudly from the banners waving,
        Tntto invita qai a goder ;                                                                                                                        While the victor vainly sighs
         Cada           il   sole,      nasca         il   giorno                                                                                         For a smile from your fair eyes,
        Non            irradia che             U    piaoer.                                                                                               Which his armor penetrated                                                      !

Cbr.     Chi pub dir dor* fe la calma                                                                                                     Lady            All my glowing ardent wishes
         Che vorrei n^ so trovar 1                                                                                                                        Please me not, are they fulfill'd                                                     !

        Chi pub dir perchc quest'                                                                                                                         What a happiness I dreamed
        E dannata a sospirar                               1
                                                                                                                                                          Always has disgust instill'd.
        Preda son d' arcane ambasoe,                                                                                                                      The homages   they offer,
        Non so piii se m' abbia on cor,                                                                                                                   Praise and honor they bestow
        Non m' allegra il dl che naaoe,                                                                                                                   Leave me joyless, once obtained
        Non m' attrista il di che mnor                                                                                                                    Do not make with iride me glow.
iVsii   Sol 1' amore il vostro tedio                                                                                                      Nam.            Then, from ennui io save von,
        Dissipar bandir potiik ;                                                                                                                          Nothing is for yon remaining
        Altre uccide ii suo rimedio                                                                                                                       3al to let your heart be conquer* 4.
        Ma la vita a voi dara.                                                                                                                            Not a particle retailing                                       I
BCENA m.                   Sim TKIITAVO Mntmma* da                                              m       Ssrw,   i   SCENE         IIL         TmiKTAjr anMMUKMt                         fif          fi   \tmrn,         mtd

*r      [Annunaando.\ Sir Tristan di Mickkfor4                                                                      Foot.     Sir Tristan of Mickleford!
            D'lnghilterra pan e lord                                                                                          Member   of the house of Lonls I
            Baronetto e gran scadiero                                     !
                                                                                                                              Knight, with many orders honor 'd
Knr. [Interrompendoio. Basta, basta, via, dartier*
                                                                                                                    Lady. [Interrupting   kirn.  We will spare you the

TVi [Entrando.] Vezzosissima cugin*                                                                                 TVi. [Entering.]   Most respected, gracious coosin,
      Cui 1' eguale il ciel non ft',                                                                                         Lady of Her Majesty-
      IPn-strandofi.] Bella lady a voi s'imckiaa                                                                             Most respectfully I venture
Knr [ImpaaeiUe.] Dite subito, che ef 1                                                                              Lady, llmjxuiently.] Quick,                       my       lord, for           time        dotfc fee.
TVi.  Oso chieder                                                                                                   TVi.     May       I inquire
Knr     [
            Come sopra.\ Piu spedito                                      I
                                                                                                                    Lady.                                   Yon may,                Sir.
TVi.        8e vi posso dir buon d\,                                                                                TVi.     If the night has brought you                               rest.
            E     se avete       ben dormito                                                                                 And for new diversions test V
Knr     \ANancy.] Dillo                                  tn.                                                        Lady. Answer, Nancy                 !

Nan                                                            CoeV ao*l                                            Nan. [To Tnstan.]       Little, Sir.
TVi.        Dimandar volea -del pan,                                                                                TV*.  Deign to listen to the programme
            Ma vorreste               oggi goder                                                                             I've laid out for as to-day                        :

            D' nna corsa di somari                                                                                           Luncheon at the donkey-races
Mm.         Vi farete \ veder ?                                                                                     Nan.     (Incomplete without my lord !)
TVi.  Ma sapete                                                                                                     JVi.     Then a promenade
Cnr. [Con impaaenxa.]                                    So ogni         ooea.                                      Lady.                                             Not with me,                  Sir    '

TVi.        Che        voi siete                                                                                    TVi.     Then       a horse-race
CRT                                             H         resto 10 so                                               Lmdy.    [Ironically.]                        Where you                   will
            Una  spina in core ascotta                                                                                       Through  the lightness of your body
            Voi serbate. E vero o no '                                                                                       Surely win all the prizes.
            (Ah ! che matto che tigura               I                         !

                                                                                                                             Liiefe.j  Ah, what madness, grots and glaring,
            Vecchio, brutto, e chiole amor*                                                                                  What   display of vanity ;
            No, che egual caricature,                                                                                        Idle fancies make him daring,
            Scimia ugnal non vidi ancor 1                                          1                                         And he feigns to sigh for me.
fVi.        Voi ridete segno e questo
                             ;                                                                                      TVi.     See her smiling and delighted
            Che fo breccia in bel cor                                                                                        My devotion           to behold.
            Come no, so vispo e lesto                                                                                        Yes, to      move     her heart of marble
            Cnginetta,           io       sono ancor                 '

                                                                                                                          Takes a lover shrewd and bold.
ffan        Ella ride ; segno e quest"                                                                              Nan. [To Tristan.] See her smiling and delighted
            Che gradisce il vostro amor                                                                                      Your devotion to behold                       ;

            E fa ben, che vispo e presto,                                                                                    Press your suit with fire and ardor,
            Sir Tristano, siet*> ancor.                                                                                      Be a lover brave and bold.
TVi.   [Ad        Enrich.] Corse al prato                                                                           Tn. [To Lady.] Tournament?
Knr.   \A         Tristano.]                                                       mio ventaglio
                                                                                                                    Lady.                                                 Bah       !
                                                                                                                                                                                        my         fan. Sir          1

TVi.   \Va a prendere                     il
                                                                 e       It-   d* a Lady Enrichttta.       j
                                                                                                                    TVi.    [Fetches     and    presents        it.
            In battelo                              [
                                                         Tnstanc 1*1 a prmderli come sopra                                   Boat excursion             '

GMT.    [A Trutano.                       I    nor          No, sbaglio                                                                                     Please                                    '

                                 )                                                                                  Lady.                                                 my        perfume
                                                                             [Latna i nan                                                            [Tristan find**
                                                                                                                                                                 .'                                             tt       H
Nan         (Gli fa fase             il       burattino.)                                                           Nan. (His love evaporates already.)
Knr         Oh   qual vento dal giardino

                                                                                                                    Lady. How chilly feels the air I
            Quel veron chiuder volete f                                                                                   Would you close the window, oposin 1
                                                                                                                                                         Trittam you
I'n         Cacce                                                                                                   TVi.          Camp-work!
Knr                        Ed  ora                  il    caldo e troppo                '   -                                Oh        this
                                                                                                                    Lady.          !
            Aprite!         Aria!                                                                                            Air       the    window
In                                                       Aprir   1                                                  Tn       Open?
fSw         Correte.                                                                                                Lady.               Aye, Sir!                                              fTVirto*
Von.        (II   galoppo                 vi    conviene                                                            Nan.     (My       lord's
                                                                                                                                            running             for the prise                 !)
         L'esercrao, vi fa bene.)
       [S"ode venir ttaBa via il canto delis ctttmhne rA*                                                                  [Here the tona of Servant-girls, bound J^r tkt                                                Fmr m
           alia Jiera di Richmond.                                                                                             Richmond, it heard from outside.

                                                                          QUJ rENlAMIAGBT AND GAY. CHOBUS

          Qui ve-niam, lie-te In cor, non chiedlam che la-vor, gua-da-gnar                                                                    noi vo-gliam,                    co   -
                                                                                                                                                                                        me         far,

        Light and gay, aU the day, Street and lans, HiU and plain. Rings U*g                                                                  Afer-ry       ong,           Till         the night                K

        -j             j-i\   ^ ^J         ^     i
                                                            |^-i                       ^-M      &      >          ^     *V                                                                                                   *< J

            am   Qui veniam, Uete in cor, non chiediam che lavor, gnadagnar noi vogliam co-me far,
                  I                                                                                              ser-ve dam I Qui                                                                                            re-
             Lfvnt and gay All the day .Street and lane, Hitt and plain ,Ri*Qs along Merry song TiU thr ni<j)i t Siltnos bid* Pl                            .

        niam lie-M     in cor.  Ber-re iiamo, in etrca andiam d'nn padron chc (la bnon, te cer chin-mo lo    tro-vtaM J
       ttartt,   Olee impart* Ckeerfvi ony to v*ti*f*l kauri* ; Trav'ling Ouu, Sorrowleu, Art we to ike Richmond mart.

Bnr. \A*vltado.] Qnali voci!                                                                                                                                       Lady. Hark, what sounds
Ifan.                                                                                             K   oome                                                         Nan.                     How gay a chonu                                                                            !

TVi.      Dan        fastidio e nulla pih.                                                                                                                         TVi.  Gay    Pshaw     Common, Miss, say L   t

                                                                                                                                                                   LaAj. Happy people these must be                                               !

TVi.      (Ignorante servitu !)                                                                                                                                    TVi.        Know        these people

             [5* odano di nuovo le voct dtUf                                                                                                                                                         \The Chorus u repeated
.Von.     Son le serve ho indovinato                   ;
                                                                                                                                                                   Nan.    [
                                                                                                                                                                               Who ha* gone to the window, and looked at tin
          Delle voci U lieto suon,                                                                                                                                             To the Servants' Fair, at Richmond,
          Di Richmond vanno al mercate,                                                                                                                                        These plump               lasses                  way    are making,
          Bono in cerca d'nn padron.                                                                                                                                           Where        the sturdy mimfod farmers
          Non nan dote U lor teooro                             ;
                                                                                                                                                                           Smart survey of then, are taking.
          Son le braccia e 1'onesta,                                                                                                                                       Carrying each a bundle light,
          Ma se povere son d'oro                                                                                                                                           And their bonnets flower-deck 'd,
          Ricche son d'ilarita.                                                                                                                                            To the dance first, then to work
                                                                                                                                                                               Wander        they, with lightsome heart*                                                       !

TVt.      Strana                     riera             !                                                                                                           TVi.        Dull affair          !

No*.                                                               Cost             si   OM.                                                                       Nan.             Time-honor'd custom                                                                1

Enr.      S'io potessi   Qua! pensiw !             !
                                                                                                                                                                   Lady. Ah most charming rural scene
                                                                                                                                                                                  !                                                                               !

          Con le serve anch' io conftua                                                                                                                                  Could I, unknown, with them mingto
          Del mercato il brio veder.                                                                                                                                       On     the luscious village green                                          !

/Vi.      Pazzarella                       !                                                                                                                       TVt.        Absurd wish              this            !

Enr.                                           A me parlate t                                                                                                      Lady.                           obliging                 How                                   !

          Per dispttto lo faro                                                                                                                                                 Follow       1 shall
                                                                                                                                                                                              fancy now,        my
          Vo' ene voi m' acoompagniate.                                                                                                                                    Just to tease your noble Lordship                                                           I

TVt.      Qua! follia    Vi para    Ohiho      !                                         !                             I                                           TVt.        Lady!         Cousin!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  I right 1                 Hear
Snr.      Ho u vestir da contadina                                                                                                                                 Lady. Nancy, find us peasant dresses,
          Del veglion del!a Iiegina                                                                                                                                      To those lasses garments mated !       ,

TVi.      Degradarvi, o                                             ciel        !    cosl         ?                                                                TVt.  Might I ne'er V.B see yon hnmlMCi                                                                     !

Enr       Vno' distrarnn                                            !
                                                                                Va, Nancy,                                                                         Lady. Humbled, cousva                                ?        Elevated             !

          Presto, pria che inoltri                                                           il   d\,                                                                          [Laughing.]              New-made                    rustics at a hop,
          Marta                  io    son                 ,        Nancy;                   voi          John                                                             Martha, Nancy, and Sir                                       Bob           I

TVt.      Marta, John                                               ma          dove son                  1                                                        TVt.    Who U Bob
Enr.      Marta                  io son, John siete voi.                                                                                                           Lady.                                  Bob are yon                         !

TVi.      John           !        io John   oh qnesto no.           !                                                                                              TVt.    No, not          I   !       Be Bob who may                                    '

Enr      [Avncinandogi a lui e JacendogU                                                                              dtttt                                        Lady. \Approaching him with feigned lendemet.\
          E d' amarmi did poi 1                                                                                                                                          How < Tristan Is this your affection 1     !

          Chi ricusa amar non pub.                                                                                                                                       Tour good heart prompt* your consenting
          Brami dnnque    ch'io ti preghi                                                                         1                                                      Take this sign of my relenting                                                       !

          Un  capriccio a me tu negm

          Vedi, a te serbai qnei h'or
                                                                                                          \Prendf             >
                                                                                                                                                  <   tilth <tk.

IH.       Ah     I
                                                                                                                      \Sot,-i"i-uio e cedatdo.                     TVi. [Sightng.\              Ah!
Enr.                 La danza                         del contado                                                                                                  Lady. Now,          my ever laughing
          Or, Nancy,                               gli dei mostrar.                                                                                                        Teach him how the peasants dance                                                                !

IH.       Con        q'uesti abiti                                          !       Vi par            I                                                            TVi.    (When will end these whims tormenting t )
Enr.      Presto                 !    in collera gtit                                 vado                                                                         Lady. Lay          aside your graceful manners,
          I   Con     dolcezza.]                                     Via, cugin, non                                       mel aev &/r
                                                                                                                                                                           Stiff and heavy move about                                             !

Nan.      Attenzione                       '
                                                           if       ballo e questo                                                                                 AW      Feet bent outward, bold and wayward,
                                                                                        Mostrande la                         damn        .1'.-.
                                                                                                                                                  rillagyio.               Briskly, crisply stamp the floor ;
          Si va in giro, snello 11 pie.                                                                                                                                    Hat knock'd shapeless, half tipp'd orer.
          Piu si va, piu si fa presto,                                                                                                                                     Real and swagger to and fro                                            I

          Di galoppo andar                                                      si de'.

TH. E dovrei ?                                                                                                                                                     TVi.    Ah, how can                  I
Enr. [Intutendo.                       \
                                               Ma                    si,        consent!.                                                                                                                            'Tis          my       pleasure                   !

IH.       Un     mio pan                               !                                                                                                                   Nerer       !    no      !

Nan.                                                           Stiamo attend                                  !                                                    Lady.                                From                left   to right               !

TH. Come un lord             i                                          !                                                                                          Tr?     I,   a Lord          !

Nan. \Predendolo per mano.l Badate a                                                                                   ne                                          Nan.                             A   noble sport                     !

      Ecco qua come si fa                                                                :                                                                                 Tou'H           easily catch the spirit,                                   mv              lord         !

          Tra,       la, la, lara, la la.                                                                                         [Lt       > baOan                      Tra, !a, la.                  (They mute
Snr.      Com'           e svelto                              !
                                                                                                                                                                   Lady. Quicker move you
San.                                                           Com' e bello 1                                                                                      Nan. 'Twill improve yon                                  !

IH.       (Ahi       1           che       fiato                non ho pia.)                                                                                       Tri.  Mercy I'm out of breath.

Enr       Che        bel tipo                          !
                                                                                                                                                                   Tody. Less of polish                     !

Nan.                   Che modello !                                                                                                                               Nan. Imitate, Sir, genuine nature.
TH.       (8* anoor dura casco eia. )                                                                                                                              Tri   Natare       How ? It were mv
             Cbe          che svelteaa
                       prodigio              !                                               !
                                                                                                                          Lady.         What      prcdigiomi agility !
             Bravo  bravo anal rigor
                               '.                    1                                   !                                          Bravo         I bravo ! what rigor                     I

IVt.         Che tormento che sJanchena              !                                                I                   IVt.       What         tormenting exercises                     !

             Basta btW-a ho male al cor.
                           !                     !
                                                                                                                                    Enough     Or I shall faint
                                                                                                                                                      1                                !

             Oh che pi-iia che bel tono
                   !                                         !                                            !              Nan.       How grrfal, what handsome bearing                                                            1

             Ron son sazia d'ammirar.                                                                                               I cannot help admtnng him                                  !

IK           fLa       figura fo dell' oreo                                                                               Tn.       (I look very much like a bear
             Che       le       scimmie fan danzar                                       !)                                         Whom              monkies are forcing to dance.)
  CBtfA IV.                   La piazza di                                                                               SCENE         IV.Marktt-place at Richmond. Tatit, "tfcf,
                       ,   iffabetti.Fatton, Contadim, poi                                                    l             bin,    btndm, frc. Farmer*, PeaaanU, aflenoardt

               Acoorrete, giovinette,                                                                                     Cho.      Maidens, bright and fair,
               Accorrete ! a che tardar                                              f                                              Draw near, draw near free                ;
                                                                                                                                                                                               is       the Fair                     !

               Qui Tenite, ingenue e schietto,                                                                                      Hither hasten quick                  ;

               Non ri fate piii aspettar                                             I                                              Through               diligence lies the           way to luck                                   !

               D       pill             vago         cprsaletto.                                                                    Haste you, hasten, cheerful lasses,
               Id on                    nastro porporin,                                                                            Be not tardy on your way,
               Dee  fregiare il vostro petto,                                                                                       For the Fair will soon be open,
               Intrecciarsi al vostro crim.                                                                                         And advancing is the day.
                                                 Sal                                                                                Done    and the bargain consummate!

              Be wrote oneste e baone,                                                                                              Neither party can undo it ;
              8e il lavoro si fara I                                                                                                Is the servant faithful, honest,
              Troverete an baon                                                                                                     Neither party then will roe it
              Che per  voi riguardi a vra                                                    1                                      They are coming, gaily singing ;
              Accorrete, giovinette                                                                                                 Let as meet them, welcome bringing
              Noo ri fate piu aspettar.
              Stnza ralide servette
              Non possiamo                                       qoi reatar.
              Ecco giungono al yillaggio
              Bectiam qui sal lor passaggi*.

                                                                                                                                                                 Servants        enter.

Chr    ds*   Strritore.                   Qui veniam                             liete in             ear                Ckt.       f   Servant t. Light and gay,                     all          the day,
              Non              chiediam che                            1
                                                                            avor,                                                   Street        and  and lane, hill                plain,
              Guadagnar                        noi rogliam                                                                          Rings along merry song
              Come                      far serve                 siam       I                                                      Till the night silence bids.
              Qui reniam          cor                liete in                                                                   Pleasure starts, glee
              Serve siam, in cerca andiam                                                                                       Cheerful song to youthful hearts
              D'un patron che                                         sia   baon                                                Travelling thus sorrowless
              Le cerchiamo                                   lo   troviam.                                                      Are we to the Richmond mart.
Cbr* dK Fattore. Tutte qni                                         non tardar                                            Farmer*. Maidens bright, maidens fair,
              Da gran                     tempo v'aspettiam                                       I                             Welcome are the Fair is free :                                      !

Otn    iK Servitore.                      Dal matin noi corriamo                                                         Strvantt. Travelling has made as weary,
              Stanche gia                        ci affrettiam                       1                                              Let's disperse, seeking rest                       !

               8CENA                       V.                    PLDMKBTT                             LIOMI       >                      SCENE              V.       LIONEL and                    PLUTCXR
Ph.           Quante voci                            !
                                                             qaante grida                         .                      PI*.       What a   clatt'ring, what a prattling,
              Che terribile fnistuon                                             !
                                                                                                                                    Volleys of bewild'ring sound                               I

              Qui le serve il lacro gaida                                                     ;                                     Healthy tongues, that know their basinets
              Vanno in cerca d'un padron.                                                                                           In this motley crowd abound.
              To,          fratello,                 almen                 lo spero,                                                Well,     my          brother, a selection
              La    tua scelta hai fatta gia                                                 !                                      Hast thou made with circumspection                                                       ?

[*                 perche ?                                                                                              Lie.       Ah what for?

Fhk                      Perche? Dawero                                                                                  PI*.                                    What    for     1     Assistance
              Strana in chiesta to mi fai I                                                                                         On    farm we sadly net-f
              Nel morir la madre, il sai,                                                                                           Which (our mother hath so v~i                                               i       &]
              Disse " Or chi ti guider* t
                                    :                                                                                               Now together we most keep.
Lit.          Sia dal cielo benedetta !                                                                                  Lie.       Blessed be her mem'ry ever                             I

Pfc*          Fn pazicute, fu amorosa,                                                                                   PI*.       Aye ! she was an excellent soul                                         ;

              Pei snoi figli senza pooa                                                                                             Such a manager was never
              Fa redata lavorar                                                                                                     Born to bustle, to control.
              Le carezze, i baei sooi                                                                                               Thine were always her careasea                                      ;

              Tutti furono per t.                                                                                                   Tender hearted well they might

              Sgarbi e bosse erano poi                                                                                              I, more sturdy, got the scoldings                                           :

              Riserbati solo a me.                                                                                                  As her child, they were my                             right.
IM            Boon                  fratello             !                                                               Lit.       You dear brother                 !

Fb                                                           Va, fa own                      \                                  .                     Thou art                             calling
              Non              sei solo, teco io sto.                                                                               Not a     soul to love thce, thine                         ;

              Per          me            sacro e                 il   too dolor*,                                                   Friends and kinsmen never knew'st                                                    Um,
                                                                                                                                    Should not then their place be mil                                                       *
              Scndo e gaida a                                         te saro.
10                                                                                                        MARTHA
                                                                  iiVLO              PROFUG&-LOBT, PBOSCBIB'D.                                            LIOJTII.


              80    -
                         lo,    pro
                                             -       fa   -
                                                              go,           re-jet     to,   Di mla           T!   -    U    ml      mat-tin,           Sot to     11            vos   -   tro a-mi                     -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                co    tot      to

          Lott, protrrib'd,                          a jrimdktt pH-grim, Sinking at your cot-taye door                                              'Neath your friend -ly roof sought thai toy

         Ac    -
                   oo-gHcite             on          pel
                                                                  le    -
                                                                            grin:        E - ra 1'aom che a me                         fu pa-dre           E   -
                                                                                                                                                                   gli       a     roi      ml              con                  -   fl
         In        kit    arm hit                    ton          he        bore.       Thit poor pU-yrim wot                         my    father,       who           to         you      did                 mt                   con-JUt,

         Pel       la     vo    -       ce           di   -   mia           ma       dra,   8u   nel del           lo       rl   -
                                                                                                                                     chia-mo,                8h         nel         clel            lo          ri -            chla-md!
                                                                                     ing That hi* fkOd thro'                                               That         hi*        child thro'
         With      hit    dy            ing breath im-plor                                                                   Itft    you'd guide,                                                               life            you'd pwufe

Pfct,         Ne gismmai                  saper           potemmo                                                       Pitt.         We hare never learnt                        hie station,

              Chi foss' ei, donde venia,                                                                                              Never learnt jour father's rank                               ;

              Qnesta gemma sol vedemmo                                                                                                All he left to tell the secret
              A te dor mentro
                                mpria                               ;
                                                                                                                                      la the jewel on your hand.
              E ti disse " Se mio figlio
                                                                                                                                      "If your fate should ever darken,"
              Un periglio                    incontrerS,                                                                              Quoth be, show it to the Queen,
               Ch'      mostri a la sovraaa,
                        ei la                                                                                                         She will save yon, she will guard yon
              Ne a lui vana tornera."                                                                                                 When no other help is seen."
fife          Fratel mio, me non sednc*.                                                                                    LM.       Here in peace and sweet contentment
              Delle corti lo splendor,                                                                                                Have I pass'd my life with yon                                    ;

              Non son vago d' ultra lace                                                                                              Stronger, daily, grew a friendship
              Che del raggio dell' amor.                                                                                              That forever lasts, when true.
              Pace arnica qul godiamo,                                                                                                Brother, think not wealth and splendor,
                                                                                                                                       If perchance they ever be mine,
              Regna qui la liberta,
              Le dovizie non cerchiamo,                                                                                                Can as happy this heart render
               Cn       teaoro e 1'amiita.                                                                                             As the friendship fix'd in thine                             i

SCKNA          VI.         Fattori e                  Sen* amvando infbOa;                                i                 SCENE          VI.     A     crowd of Farmers and                                           Sn
                                denti.                Suona             metxo-d\.                                                                       The deck strikes mid-day

               Bcco suona mezzo-d\,   il mercato s'                                                                         Ckt.       Hark, hark, the bell  In wig an<< robe
CWo                                                  apre gia,                                                                                                               !

               Tutti pronti siamo qu\, lo sceriflfb arriver*                                                                           The Sheriff comes the Fair to opu                                        '

               Largo largo eccolo qua.
                           !                     !                                                                                     Draw near now, lasses, gather round                                                  !

               I cont.dtti a; proveA.
Dt*.           Nessnn s'oda pib fiatar,                                                                                                [Entering pompously.                  \

               Sol la legge dee parlar.                                                                                                For your government a space
                                                                                                                                       Open, low-bred populace                         !

Tvtti.         Stiam       la legge                  ad ascoltar.                                                            %.        For the government leave a spaee                                     !

Set. [Leggendo       una pergamena mimita                                        di tuayeih      I
                                                                                                                                       [Unfolding a large parchment.]
               "                                                                                                                       I shall now the law expound
                 Noi, Begina d'Inghilterra                                                                                                                                                  ;

                V'inchinate come me                                                                                                    Listen all, come close around.
               (                                                                                                                       "                                 "
               Che m' inchino sino a terra)                                                                                              Anna, we, the Queen of England,
                                                                                                                                                        as I hav't myself:
               Comandiamo e vogliam che                                                                                                (Hate     off,

               Un comratto che al mercato                                                                                              Never comes amiss politeness,/
                                                                                                                                       " We
               Sara      fatto            di         Richmond                                                                               acknowledge by this Act
               8' abbia come stipulate                                                                                                 These to be the rules exact
                                                                                                                                       Of  the yearly Richmond Fair
               E  di pnbblica di ragion."

                                                                                                                                       That  all contracts made with servants
               Chi a serrire qul si eapooe,
                                                                                                                                       In the open market here,
               Qaando 1'arra riceve,
               Per lo meno il sno padrone                                                                                              Shall be binding with both partie*
               Tutto un anno semr de'.                                                                                                 For the then ensuing year.
               Ecofli'                                                                                                                 Not a power there is can break them,
                                                                                                                                       If money has been given and taken.
                                                                                                                                       Did you hear 1
                               Nessun                s'   oppone.
                                                                                                                            Cke.                            We knew it this                         long time
               Or       lasciatevi voder                                                                                    SJker.     Now, my          girls, we'll             learn your virtues

                      [Fa avanzar wna deOe tent                                                      F   mtorroga.                                        [One of (*                                                i

                                                                                                                                       Tell us yours  Molly Pitt.
            Ta, Molly, che pnpi saper 1                                                                                                                     first,

                                        ricamo,                                                                             Firtt Ser. I'm in sowing and in mowing,
         \AvanxmdoA.] lo cucino, orlo,                                                                                                 And    in reaping, cutting, sweeping.
            Ripcsare mai non bramo.
                                                                                                                                  MABTHA.                                                                                                                                       u
        Spaccc legna, rengo, TO,                                                                                                                      Catting, knitting, dresaen fitting,
        Ed in ocio non mi sto.                                                                                                                        Quite expert, belieTe me, Sir.
*a      Quattro lire chi la rnole       !                                                                                                       Sktr. Price, foar guineas     Who'll engage her               !

Un  Fit. Qua son io non
                              piu parole.
                                                 !                                                                                              A Farmer. I will run the risk and danger
See. [ Chiamando una seconaa terva, td                                                                 intm         i
                                                                                                                        tjtmiU*.                Sker. What can you do, Polly Smitb
        Tn, Tollv,  che sai tu far 1
TV. [Avamandosi.                        I                                                                                                       Second Ser. [Advancing.]
             Fo   le torte, to il vin                                     mosto,                                                                      I'm at baking, padding making,
             Fo   le crerae, il bove                                      arroito                                                                        Roasting, broiling, stewing, boiling,
      Per cucire e per lavar,                                                                                                                            Sweets abounding cakes compounding
      Me nessana, puo uguagliar.                                                                                                                         Rated as a              first           rate             hand
See.   Cinque lire   Chi la prenda '    !                                                                                                       Slur.     Price, five guineas                             !        Who          will try              her   ?

Dn Fat. Io, se alcun non vi pretende                                                                                                            A  Farmer"! wife.     Misu-r City -crier
                                                                                                                                                                                 I will,                                                              !

Sot. [Come sopra, chiamandone una kne.                                                                      j
                                                                                                                                                Sker. What can you do, BcUsy Witt 1
             Betly, vieni, spetta a te.
But.         Curo i polli, fo il hacato,                                                                                                        Third Ser. Advancing.]
             Tesso, tilo, inafflo il pratto,                                                                                                           To my master I shall prove me
             Fo il padding, il burro, il the*,                                                                                                        Faithful warden of the garden,
             Sempre pronta, sempre in pte.                                                                                                               Digging, sowing, reaping, mowing,
                                                                                                                                                         And  the poultry feeding well.
Set.    [AUe           Kitty Bell, e Liddy Well.
                  altre.]                                                                                                                       Sker.    Kitty Bell and Liddy Well,
             Nelly Box, e Jallv Fox                                                                                                                      And Nelly Box and" Sally Fox                                                        !

Tilth.                                      fir/iu/ftmftnvate.                                                                                  Cko.     I can well take care of babies,
             [Rispondono                                                                           ]

             I bambini cnllo ed                                       amo                                                                                Feed them, dress them, rock to ileep &<*?*
             Come          fosser figli inioi.                                                                                                           Chickens, pigeons, ducks
             Bnona a tntto qu\ mi chiamo,                                                                                                                I know how to provide for
             Non so cosa non farei                                                                                                                       I would try it, if I can,
             Posso         dir che               una gallina                                                                                             With some nice old gentleman,
             Fa per me quattr' ovi al d\.                                                                                                                Lone old widower he might bo,
             Non mi vanto, ma in cucina                                                                                                                  With no other help but me.
             Chi mi tenne     arrichl.
8e*.    [
            Turandosi le orecchie.]                                                                                                             Sher.     Yonr cackling                          stop         !        Yuu mike me                         deal'       !

             Che grid io, one scampanar                                                        !

Con D contratlo                                 fc           bell' e fatto,                                                                     Farmer*. Ready to trade wo are                                              ;

    La caparra                      ho avata                              gia.                                                     I
                                                                                                                                       Vtane.          Look ye for masters now                                              !

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       All yather round                     tfu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       magu* a*
8CENA               VII.       LADY EJCRICHBTTA (MAMA), NAHOY,
                                                                     SCENE                                                                                     VII.          LADT HARRIKT. NANCT, TRITAJ>;,
  8l* TRIHTANO,                 tutti e tre da Contadint LIOFJILLO t                                            ;   pot
  PLUMKKTT.                                                                                                                                         peotant't dresses          afterwards LIONEL and PLUKKBTT

E*r.         Vieni, John, gia staneo sei                                                   !
                                                                                                                                                Lady. Forward,           Bob                 !        What need you pulling

Nan.         Caro John perche temer !                                                  !                                                        Nan.      Bob,     my    friend,                     why look so sour ?
ZVt.         John John !     Via partir rorrei
                                            !                         !                                         1                               Tri.      Bob? oh        fie         !
                                                                                                                                                                                                 (There's no escaping
             Se si giunge cio a saper                                              !                                                                      Since I      am         in         Amor's pow'r                               !)
Knr. e       Nan. Che delizia oho contento                        !                                     l
                                                                                                                                                Lady    &  Nan. How with full contentment beaming
             Ben facemmo di venir.                                                                                                                        Er'ry sunburnt face appears                                               !

Tn.        Che vergogna che tormento !               !                                                                                          7V*.      I'm with rage and anger teeming,
           Perche volli consentir                                             !                                                                           And can scarce withhold my tears.
Pitt.    [Arrivaiuio.] To'   due giovani dooMtte              !                                                           I                     Piu. [Entering with Lionel.]
                                                                                                                                                      Thunder there's a brace of darlings I

Lto.         Hai region, son belle inver                                                   !                                                    Lio.   Aye, indeed, they're young and fair I
Piu.         Troopo belle per servetta.                                                                                                         Flu.   Much too fair for heavy labor.
LM.          Chi aran           !                                                                                                               Lio.  For housework too ?
P\.                                 Lascia veder.                                                                                               Pin.                         That they might bear
         [Sotto voce alia donne,]                                                                                                               Tri.  Note these fellows keenly staring                                                          !

           Dai rillan par che ci osservi                                                           ;
                                                                                                                                                      Let's be gone !
             Andiam           via.
AeM.                                            Perche                    1       rostiamo.                                                     Lady    fr   Nan.                            We're pleased                              to stay
7>i.         Dai     villan'        Dio mi                            presenri                 I                                                Tri.      Quite suspicious                           is       their bearing.
             8u, partiamo                                                                                                                                 Come, be gone                          !

  HT.                                                         Nol vogliamo.                                                                     Lady.                                                No       ;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I'm your servant                          not,
             I   Con   vore a/to. J                           Non             T' accetto               per padrone            1                           Nor     is   such place to                              my
Tri.        [Sotto voce.]           Vi dovreste                                        vergognar                    I                           Tn.       Nonsense           !
                                                                                                                                                                                         Stay          then*; be it so.
Von.         Ma     qual dritto, qnal ragione                                                                                                   Nan. [Seeing       herself observed by Plunbett                                                      and   Liatti.
             Voi vorreste                                esercitar                ?                                                                       To    Tristan.} Well, I think you'll                                                       hare to fern          fc
                                                                                                                                                              you she will not go
                                                                                                                                                          If with                                                               !

Snr.         8rva          d' altro                  mi TO'                   far.                                                              Lady. No, with him I will not go.
Phi     t    Lto.  \Avanztindori.} Non sartk cotl fonata,                                                                                       Piu.    fr Lio.    You           hear            it,      Sir      ?

             Se   con vio non vuole andar.                                                                                                                She will not go.
ft*.         Lo     lasciate, nol seguite                                                                                                       Piu.      Comfort take     There's other* yec

             Qoi venite    piu gradite
                                    ;                                                                                                                     Girls you yonder
                                                                                                                                                                   I            Hither haitem             !

             v ni wrote tS on padrone.                                                                                                                      Here's a bidder, guinea 'bdaa                                                t
 fh           /Qnal supplMo                    !)                                                                                                    Tri.     How           malicioiu             t

 *Vn.        JVaii.                                 Hanno            ration*                  !
                                                                                                                                                     Lady    fr    Nan.                               Fun        delicious                  I

        [e         rrve tarnando, parlando tutte                                          UMMNM                        drcomdando
                  Tristano.                                                                                                                                                      [
                                                                                                                                                                                      The   girl*     come forward and rurrtxa*                                                            Triiktt-

             Io cuciiio, fo              il   ricamo,           ec.                                                                              All.         I'm          in sowing,            and
                                                                                                                                                                             mowing, &c.                   in
             Nan. Che fracasso quanto chiaMO         !                                                 I
                                                                                                                                                 Lady fr Neat. How they bother and distress him
             Qual delizia qua! letizia
                                     !                               !                                                                                  With tumultuous noises press him                                                                    I

             Piu che n' odo nih ne godo                                           !                                                                     Closer round him draws their circle,
             Circondato John ban gia.                                                                                                                         And he yields in awkward flight                                                       I

             Mi lasciate non gridate                             !                                                                                   Tri.     My dilemma is  dismaying                                        !

             Che romore che fragore                                  !
                                                                                                                                                              Naughty witches, stop your braying

             Indiscrete quante siete,                                                                                                                         To appease them nought availeth.
             Ve n' andate, via di qua                            !                                                                                            Reason             faileth,
                            [Le terve tratdnano urn Sir                                                TruUmo                        viano.                   Flight alone     save         may
                                                                                                                                                                                          yet.                       me
                                                                                                                                                       [Tristan retreat* from the ttage, followed by                                                                Uu          wmmt ytrii
8CBNA Vni. LADY                                   ENBICHBTTA, NAHCT, PLOMKBTT,                                                                   SCENE VUl LADT                                           HARRIET,                         NANCT,
                                                  LIONELLO.                                                                                                                                               LIONKL.                 .

Ar.       Nancy, guarda che occhi ardenti                                                 !
                                                                                                                                                 Lady.       Nancy     See them eye us keenly
                                                                                                                                                                             !                                                                          !

Nm, Or           vedrein che
                             sapran dir.                                                                                                         Nan.        Tes, we please, for all I knon                                            .

Pitt.        D'invitarle vuoi ch'io tend                                 1                                                                       Plu,       [To Lionel.] One of them would suit                                                                 exactly
Lio.         Cerca. cerca di riuscir.                                                                                                            Lio.        Would yon separate them? No!
Ear.         Son sicura che ha paura.                                                                                                            Lady. \To Nancy.] Is he not a bashful fellow                                                                               1
             Come parla on contadin *                                                                                                                  Wonder how such peasant talks.
Nan,         Non     si parla.                                                                                                                   A'an. Plain, for one thing                                !

Plu.                                     Via, coraggio                    1                                                                      Phi. [To Lionel.]                                             Why so                 timid
          Parla tu?                                                                                                                                    Qo, address them                               !

Lio.                         Non          BO che dir.                                                                                            Lio.                                                     Friend, I'm afraid.
Pd.          Che poltron         !            S tarn mi ad               adir.                                                                   Plu.         Ah, poltroon   Look how I do it.

                                                         smozzica                 U parott                                                                  [Advance* Unoardt the ladiei, as if to tpeai                                                                             u>   t*e, hg
              [Si nvanza,            tosrisce,                                                             <   *"
                                                                                                                       inttrrompe.                                 check* himtelf                 *nd          returns
2V<m.                                               Non     dice niente.                                                                         Nan.         He       too       is   dumb        !
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Stupid things                             !

         Li lasciamo             '
                                                                                                                                                              Let us go.
Knr. [Awiandori.]  Immantinente                                               !
                                                                                                                                                 Lady.                   Yes, let us go.
do.   Se ne vanno.                                                                                                                               Lio.         Friend, they're going.
Pin.                                  Cotoe far             !                                                                                    Plu.                                                            'Twere too bad.


             In         mia                   re,        mia     fe           son             stra         -
                                                                                                                ni         ve        -
                                                                                                                                         ro,           11         la-sciara,           paniam, ah                !     si             partiam                           die               qo*f
         Now            in               deed            our leave we                         may              be          tak-ing,                   Since their bath -ful-nest thut our                                                  en -joy-ment mart

                                               dir       cos'        ban - BO                      nel             pen       -       lie        ro,               se         non par- Ian                            chi              ca        -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -       11         &?
                                              game        at         Out point                     ter         -   mi                not        ing          Leave* u*                     but            to         bleu             our               luck            -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                y     ttart       .'

        In        mia      fe,   mia                fe    son            sf rani              in    -
                                                                                                           re          -
                                                                                                                           ro,                  11            U        -
                                                                                                                                                                            sclam, partiam, ah!                                       si,           partiam di qua.
        Ye*         in-deed      our              leave    we nay                             be           tak         -
                                                                                                                           ing.                Since        their           bath ful - net* thut                                      our           en-joy-ment                            man         :

        ehi           sa             dir            cos'   ban no                     nel              pen         -
                                                                                                                       sie       -
                                                                                                                                      ro,             se      non            par       -    Ian       chi        ca       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  pir                   li          ta?
        Our          bold        game               at     this          point ter                 -       mi          not           ing         IiHHMt            u*            but        to    praite our luck                               -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    y           ttonl

Cfo.        Due donselle piii raghe e pin
         Plu.                                                                                 belle,                                             Lio fr Plu. Such rare chance must not slip by nntaken,
         Come br. no, !a citta non ha, non                                                        ha,                                                   Servant girls like these are jewels seldom found                                                                                      !

         Son due gemme, sono due                                         stelle,                                                                        Those arch looks my heart have sorely shaken ;
         E     il   inio lahhro               a   lor dire nol                    M   !                                                                 Not without her shall I leave this place                                                                            !

Ph.      (Bn coraggio                !)                                      [Si avanta ruolutammU.                                              Plu.         (Courage, Plnnkett!)                                                              [Advances
                                          Giovinette,                                                                                                                                                          Wait one minute                                      !

         Ci oia^ete          ;   ri      prendiamo ;                                                                                                         You're our choice,                           girls        have no                          fear*
            S    ia   Mnrir               siete provette                                                                                          If you're honest, smart and thrifty,
            Agpinstare                   ci
                                                                                                                                                  May we be together yearn.
CM. [Imitaridolo.] Vi prendiam.                                                                                                             Lio.  Yes, for years.
Kmr.                                                                              Come                     serretfcl                        Lady.                 And serving yon, Sir                                                         1
ffan.    [Ktdendo.]                  Ah           !    ah          I   ah    !                                                              Nan. [Laughing.] Ha, ha, ha, ha                                 !

Lio.                                                                          Kidete               >                                        Lio.                                            You're Laughing \

Phi.        F  tviono  Le fatiche -u
                                                                                       pifc        accr                                     Plu.     Let them         !
                                                                                                                                                                            Why    not laughing earn one's aaonty
            S le serve allegro s. .K>                                                                                                              If the work is               done as well ?
            A'an. (Noi sem:                                                                                                                 Lady & Nan. Work we ?
Cwr.                                                                                                                                                             '

Pfc.    [.-4    Nancy.}                                                 A                 \
                                                                                              montoni,                                      Pit*. [To Nancy.   Geese and pigs and chickens

            II fenil la              scnderia                                                                                                        Shall be entrusted to your care.
            [A Lady Knrichetta.]                                            Ta dorni U                              fattorU                          [To Lady Harriet.}                        You              shall                   till       with hot
            Tenor netta                                                                                                                                  shovel
                                                                                                                                                     Field and garden.
Cio.    (Oppon^ruton.j No, no, no,                                                                                                          Lie.                                     Friend, forbear                                    ;

          No'l potria s\ delicata,                                                                                                                   She is p*orlr built                 for       farming                          ;

            Si gentil                                                                                                                                She may at home
Pk      [5aXn<&> U capo.] Ci pensorb.                                                                                                       Plu.                          Uui socks be darning.
         Lavorate e in premio avreto
                                 ;                                                                                                                   Fifty crowns your yearly wages,
            Died lire, se                     vi va.                                                                                                 And for extras we'll throw in
            Ogni fesu, se                         rotate
                                                      il                                                                                            Half a pint of ale on Sundays,
            Un    pudding                     ri sidark.                                                                                            And plum pudding New-years day.
Km:     t   Nan.       SI,           mi       place U rostra patto.                                                                         Lady $ Nan. Who'd refuse such tempting offer t
 M.         Va                                                                                                                              Lio & Plu. Yes i
Knr.                  Si, ra.                                                                          |
                                                                                                               Si rtiinycm                  Lady fr Nan. Yes, yes                !
                                                                                                                                                                                   [They shake
6o                                       Val per contratto                                                                                  Lio. tf Plu. Here   take your money                                         ;

            Questa e             1'arra.                       Ed           or partiam.                                                              For       the journey quick prepare                                            !

BCENA            IX          TaiSTASO, temprt parwgvtiate 4olU Sent;                                                                        SCENE       IX.        TRISTAN               re-appears upon the stop*,                                           stifl   p*
                                                           t   i
                                                                       prcedenti.                                                                                           sued by          the   ServanU.

Tri         Ecco qui                 la       somma                    intent,                                                              Tri.     Go leave off here's money, wenches                                                             !

            Ma    partite, per pieta                                    !
                                                                                                                                                     Plague upon your crazy band                                             1

                                     Vedendo Lady EnrieJutta tra                                                       i   An   amio*tu.           [He throws them a purse                         ;       the girlt detitt.                                 Seeing    A
                                                                                                                                                        Ladies converse with Lionel and Plunkett.
            Che m&i veggo
                        Che maniera                    !                                                   I                                          Ho   !     What's         this     t     You              are forgetting
       Vi scosute.               [Avanuuidtm                                                                                    PUtmkett.             Come, away            !            towards Plunsm\A>ii--inring
PI*.  Brutaimmtr. Oh che li fa 1
                                                               !                                                                            Plu. [Bnuquelit.] What may yon want?

Bnr. e Nun. Or fiinam.                                                                                                                      Lady ff Nan. Yes, we'll go.
Plu.                  Cosa corapinta                                                                   !                                    Plu.                        I'd like to see you I
            L'arra                            .
                                                                                                                                                   Money binds you                   !

Tri.                                              Impoisibile                         !                                                     TVi.                     To be bor*d !
            Sapiate                                                                                                                                Know then
                                     (Ciell sardperdtte                                                                                     Lad). [Aside         to Tristan.         \
                                                                                                                                                                                          So you want                                   my     rain      1

            Se    alia corte si saprk).                                                                                                               What        transpires at coon I
                                                                                                                                                                 if this

Ifan.       (
                Guai se siete conociuta,                                                                                                    NOM.      We  should be disgrac'd forever I
            La Regina che                              dira                                                                                           Rather die but tell, them nerer.
TVi.        50, venite.

                                                                                 J VoU*d                                   M     It         TVi.      Come then 1
                                                                                                                                            Plu. [Checking him.}
                                                                                                                                                                                  Triet to lead
                                                                                                                                                                                Remain you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        At   isufcs Jf
        [Ot>ponendon.\ No, no, affatto                                                         !                                                                                                                !

            Per an anno                       le           terbiamo               ;
                                                                                                                                                      We hare hirM you                       for   a year                   ;

            Lo    sceriffo del contratto                                                                                                              Ask      the sheriff, he'll attest                        it,
            E    garanie             ;
                                          in dritto                     siamo.                                                                        And        show oar title clear.
            Qaando           avra aocettat*
                             1'arra                                                                                                           JUr.   fr Cho   If there's money given and taken
            Una       servae legata.     s'                                                                                                           The bargain must remain unshaken.
            Non  v' fe scasa, non preteato.                                                                                                           Yes, the law knows no relenting.
            Per an anno il patto e quarto     !                                                                                                        Since you're bound by free consenting,
            Per on anno, on anno inter                                                                                                                 Nought can free you from your fetter*
            Voi sarete in soo potor I                                                                                                                 Now, until a year is o'er                        !

            51, v' fe forta consentir                                                                                                                 Aye,      lass, the bargain's made                                        !

            A   ervir        !
                                                                                                                                                      Aye,      lass, the money's paid                              !

            Qiovinette, tiate onett*                                                                                                                  Sacred keep your vows,
            FedelU 1'impon                                                                                                                            And  nerer swerve from duty's path.
            A  aegiore siate                                                                                                                          Fickle hearts and minds
            Preste chi di rien                                     padroa             !                                                               Are justly shunned by honest men.
        [Phmkett         t Lionello                        aattn U d>~
                                                               fan*                                                                                \Ladw Harriet and Nancy mount witA Lionel *4                                                                       /W
                 mano e It                        amaucono via ; TriMam                                                                                latt a farmer's wagon, which is drum urn                                                                   M    Mi
                 opvorti         ;       tali i oondatto                          via                                                                   rear of the stage.                    Tristan                   it          kept back tf At               '

                                                                                                                                                        en and petuanU.                       The curtain                             Jallt wkitt (fa
 14                                                                                                                                            MARTHA.
                                              ATTO                                           II.                                                                                                ACT                            II

                3CENA            1.           Interne deUa /ottota <k PltanJeett.                                                                            SCENE            I.        The         interior               of Plunkett                     t fas           -*MM

                           PLDMKETT, LADY                                                   EICHBTTA                                       NAVCT.           LIOITBL, PLTTHKETT,                          LADY HARRIET                                              and NAMCT
 U       i      Plu.   Siam giunte, o giovinette                                                                                                      Lio.   & Plu.         This     your future dwelling
                                                                                                                                                                                       is                                                          ;
                  Al   nostro casolar.                                                                                                                           And        travelling has an end.
K*-         9   Nan. (Fuggir non potrem mai                                                                                                           Lady   Nan. We're reaping for our folly
                  Dovromo                    qai restar.)                                                                                                   Fall measnr'd punishment                                           !

Lie e Plu. Siam giunte, o giovenette                                                                                                                 Lio. f Plu. Our house and home are
                                                                                                                                                                                          yours no*
                  Al nostro casolar                                    !                                                                                    Their comfort you will share.
fn>         e   Nan. Chi sa se trovcremo                                                                                                             Lady jr Nan. Their house and home are onn now,
                  Come          di       qua scappar                                1                                                                       O we unhappy pair                              !

Lu.             Plu. Andiam, fateoi cor                                             I                                                                Lio. # Plu. At dawn of dav and morn's first
                                                                                                                      .                                                                          glimpw
                   Mettetcvi al lavor.                                                                                                                      Be up and stir about
Ear.            Nan. Ahime,              ci siam,
                                                                                                                                                     Lady $ Nan. What vulgar ways they make on take                                                                            !

                  Non      c'   fe    chi far.                                                                                                             Before the sun is out                               !

                  Ahirat, ci siam,                                                                                                                         More monstrous things they'll next command
                  (y fe forza larorar.                                                                                                                     That we never heard about                                               !

  *.              Non  siate si dolenti                                                                                                              IA. And extra crowns your purse will see
                  8i vive allegri qua !                                                                                                                    Before the year is out                                  !

Plu.              Questra camera e per voi.                                                                                                          Plu.  Tonder door leads to your chamber.
feW.              A diman                !
                                                                                                                                                     Lady. [Starting toward* it.] Humbly we
Nan.                                         A diman                           !                                                                     ffan.                             Wish good ni^ht
Ph.                                                                                Voi       fiU       error           ;
                                                                                                                                                     Plu.      Not quite so fast.
                  Pria serrir e dormir poi.                                                                                                                    First prepare a light repast.
E*r.    t       Nan. Ah dal freddo tremo tana
                                 !                                                                              I
                                                                                                                                                     Lady    fr Nan. Kitchen work !        these barbarian!                O                                               t

U.                Or dal sono cascan gik                                                                                                             Lio.       Why  not let them * They are tir'd.
PI*.              Che TUO! dir questa piet                                                   '
                                                                                                                                                     Plu.      Too much kindness will not do.
Nan.              Un capriccio ben paghiamo.                                                                                                         Nan.      (He will send us to the kitchen ! }
Plu.              Ah non so il vostre noma aooor 1
                       1                                                                                                                             Plu.        Well        but stop           !   what names bear yo
Krtr.           Nan. Noi         t
                                                                                                                                                     Lady    &       Nan.    We?
Li.                                  Si, voi.                                                                                                        Lio.                                   Who          else then 1
P/K.              Sapere lo vogliamo.                                                                                                                Plu.  Tea, pray you                    !       Smart ones are yom                                             !

Enr.              Marta e il mio.                                                                                                                    Lady. Martha is mine.
 *.                                                               Martat                                                                             Lio.                                       Martha                     ?

                                                                                            81!                                                      Lady.                        Yes
Plu.              Ben, e        il   mo           1                                                                                                  Plu. [To Nancy.] Well, and your
Nan.              Che dirgli mai *                                                                                                                   Nan.       (What        shall I tell            him?)
Pk.               Che? no'lsai?                                                                                                                      Plu.       Don't you know                      it 1
Nan.                                                              E l*y.                                                                             Nan.                                                  Julia.
Pk.               Ah Betsy ?
                       !                                  mi place auai                            1                                                 Plu.       Julia   !You're proudly nam'd, girl                                                        !

                  Un bel nome
                         Vieni qnl.                   !                                                                                                         Julia ! be kind enough
        To' Betsy, fanciulla mia,                                                                                                                               If your ladyship so please it
        [Bnucamente. Togli via quecto aatilo                                                                                                                    {Brutqudy.] To take my hat and mantle off

Nan. [Indionata.] Io    Giammai I                 !                                                                                                  Nan.  [Pertly.] Do it yourself                                    !

Pk. \ln collera.]                 Veder rorri*                                                                                     !                 Plu. [Taken aback.} Bo'-J ! by the prophets                                                               !

Lio.    [Trattenendolo.] Spaventare si potria.                                                                                                       Lio. [To Plunkett.] Not so bluntly give your order*
            Come io fo, dirai bel bello :                                                                                                                   Bather wishes breathe, like me                                             :

                  Marta, prendi                           il      mio              cappello.                                                                Martha, take these things, prithee                                                 !

                   [Lady Enrichetta ali volge It                                                           pattt                                           [Lady Harriet look* at him it '^rmtntly and tar**
Ph.     t    Lio. (Che dissi mai    L'offeado                      I
                                                                                                                                                     Li*,   Plu. Surpris'd I am and a. unded.
                                                                                                                                                            f                                                                  r

                Son cobno di stupor,                                                                                                                       And I can ray no more ;
                 Io stesso nol comprendo,                                                                                                                       Such impudence unbounded
                 No son sorpreso amor.)                                                                                                                         Was     never seen before.
ffmn            AW. (Almeno mi difendo 1                                                                                                             Lady $ Nan. Surpris'd         they're and ccnfonadei
                 Che credono costor ?                                                                                                                           And    sorely puzzled is their brain                                       ;

                  Si presto non in' arrcndo                                                                                                                     This blow has smartly sounded,
                  Ad un capriccio lor. j                                                                                                                        May be they'll never try again

Ph.         Presto, presto                                !
                                                                  andiam,                   pi                                                       Plu.       Quick now, fetch the spinning-wheels
            Quell' arnese.                                                                             fi                                                       From        out the corner                 1

Hm.     t Enr. Filar    che          !                        !
                                                                                                                                                     Lady $ Nan. Do yon want us then to spin 1
                                                                                                                                                     Li.   Yes, most surely.
Ph.               Certamente                  !    ma perche                                                                                         Plu.                    Do yon think
                  A servire              vi       ponete                   !                                                                                That for talking we sngag'd yon *
(Vw Enr. \liidendo.} Noi filar! Ah                                                                          !       ah     1   ah      t   alt   !
                                                                                                                                                     Lady fr Nan. Ha, ha,   ha   To see us spinning  !

Ph. [Contra/acmdole.] Ah ah ah                                             I            !          !                ftiara     !                     Plu.   Ha, ha, ha    To see you spinning
                                                                                                                                                                                   !                                                                   !

                  Credevate venir <jua                                                                                                                      If you want your wages paid
                  Per restar tranquille e a spauo                                                           f                                               Ton must earn them first, my maid.
                  IBrvranent:] Obbedite                                                                                                                     Come and make then a beginning.
                                                                                                                                                                Fetch the wheels                    now        !
far.     Nan.                     Che fracaMO                                                                                 t
                                                                                                                                                                      Lady       fr       Nan                                                                       We           obey, Sir         !

Lio.    [A Ptumkrtt.] Le rnoi donqae ipaventar                                                                                                                        Lio.       [To Plunkatt.] Not so harsh, von frighten then. '
                                                                                                                                                                               The ladiet fetch the wheel* and jJace them in the
P/.     \Svingendole.                      \
                                                A        filare            entnunbe, e tono                                       t
                                                                                                                                                                      Plu.           Pshaw! Begin                                then, I                  command                      it.

ffnr.       Aim. Nol                   so.                                                                                                                            flatly          Nan. I cannot                          !

Lio. t Plu.                                    Che           1            Nol         sai             i
                                                                                                                                                                      Lio. fr Plu.                                                How             '
               Sie die             1                                                                                                                                          Sit down                      now      !

Kmr. e Nan.                            d siam                     1
                                                                                                                                                                      Lady       if    Nan. We're                    seated.                      [       Taking                 teatt behind th
Piu. Fatelo girar                      t        Trr           !       trr     !    trr        !                                                                       Plu.        Turn            the wheel                  !
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     brr, brr, brr                       '

                                                                                  [Imttandoit                        rum*                                                                                                                [ImitiitiTtif the                            nouf of   the      Mocarae
Enr. e      Nan. [Fermandori.] NOD Tuple andar.                                                                                                                       Lady    Nan. It will not tarn
                                                                                                                                                                                 fr                                                                   !

Lio.          La       conocchia                         in       mano             abbiate,                                                                           Lio.   With your thumb and your first finger
               Tra       le dita                il   lino ra.                                                                                                                Draw a thread and twist it round.
Enr. e Nan. Esser deggiono bagnate                                                                         t
                                                                                                                                                                      Lady fr Nan. Bat the stubborn wheel won't more, Sir
Plu.           Gira.                                                                                                                                                  Plu.        Turn            it   !

Enr.    e   Nan.              Insiem                 1
                                                                                                                                                                      Lady $ Nan.                          It turns not.
Lio.                                                         81                                                                                                       Lio                                                                Posh then                           !

Enr.    e   Nan. [RaUtntando.]                                            E       che                     n                                                           Lady                                                                                                       It   moree not          !

/>/u.    Presto                !                                                                                                                                      Plu.           Won't            it 1       Can't yoa spin then
Enr. e Nan. [ Girando.                                   I    Ancor                *

Plu                                                                                       CO\T                           o:
  nr.         Lo        rorrei vedere                             almen                   !
                                                                                                                                                                      Lady      fr    Nan. Never                   learnt it                               Teach us                    !

Ptu.           Si      fitco ri            !                                                                                                                          Plu.        Be  attentive then                                 !

Pi*.        Lio.       [Afottrando come                                           n           Jtla             PtumtUt                 ft*                            Plu.      fr Lio. [StnnninyA
                                                                                                                                                                                  When the foot the wheel turns lightly,
              Mentre               il
                                           pie la                 ruota gira,                                                                                                     Let the hand the thread entwine ;
              De  la man pigUare il lino                                                          ;
                                                                                                                                                                                  Draw and                    twist              it,     neatly, tightly,
              Poi con garbo il torce e lira,                                                                                                                                      Then            'twill         be both strong and                                              fine.
              Perche renga forte e fino.

                                           Dl            VEDERLOWHAT A CHARMING                                                                                                OCCUPATION. LADT                                                           HJUUUBT.

              Dl                           re    -
                                                         der          -
                                                                           lo,                aoJ
              What                             a charming                                      oe              -    CM        -
                                                                                                                                       pa - tun Thut                                  to        mak-f        the     Ourtad

             oe    -
                        re,         ah                                                                                                                                                                                                            come ha                          fat - to per aa-
             ptui-Mf,              drawn                         and               twitt-arf,                        If                        i#-eom             6oA          ttrong                  and       Jtnt            ;                Omt           -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ly        guidtd, drawn               oW

                                                 come ha                               fat            -
                                                                                                           to,      per               sa   -
                                                                                                                                               pe    -
                                                                                                                                                         re           si         gra        -
                                                                                                                                                                                                zio    -    so     e bel                  me-stierf                              ah!....           ahl       ah!
                                                 Gent                 -
                                                                           ly      yuid-td,                        drawn and twitted.                                 It         be        comet both ttrong and fine.                                                           Ah,....           ah,       ok,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~rfTM                          +-

        ah! ahl               ah!                    ah!                  ah!                 ah!                  ah!        ah!              ahl                        Di               ve-der-lo,                        ah!
        ah,        ah,        ah,                ah,                      ah,                 ah,                  ah,        ah,              ah    !                    What             a charming                            oe           -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          cu    -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         pa-           turn,   Thui           t*

                                                                                                          fa         pia              -oe-      re,           ah:
            make       the thrtad                            en-twine                 ;           Gent               ly               guid - ed, drawn                         and         ticist-ed,              It                             be       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               eomm               both itnmg                 tmd

                       oome ha                           fat - to, per sa - pe - ra,                                                             come             hafat-topv                                     u       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 pe       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  re                i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 gra-tlo-ro             M ns>
                        a**i-lt                          guided, drawn and twut-ed                                                         ,
                                                                                                                                                    Gent      -
                                                                                                                                                                  l   v    guid       -
                                                                                                                                                                                           ed,   drawn and tmtt-U.                                             R        become*              bo*       +mg Mrf

                                                                                       A,   a

                                                                                                                                                                                            bel            me-tierT
                                                                                                                                                                                           ttrong         and        Jin*.

Lu.tPi* Lovedete*                                                                                      L*o. f Plu. Hare observM you
tfa.t Enr.       Lo                   vediam.                                                          Lady $ Nan.                    Yes, we have.
Lio. e Plu.     Comprendette                                                                           Lio. jr Plu. Comprehended 1
ffoa.    Em.                                    Comprendemmo.                                          Lady # Nan.                 Yes, we have.
        Nancy, annoiata, rovetda                il
                                                     jttatoio e               Jvgyi tnteytuta da                  \Nancy tunu Pltmkett's tpinning-whed over and rwtt qff                                                         t

           Plumkett                                                                                                    followed by Plunkett.

        8CENA            H.    LIONBLLO          e   LADY                 Em                                        SCENE              n.          LIONEL and LADT HAKBIBT.
for         Nancy no, Betsy deh            !          !   retu                                         Lady. Nancy Julia    Oh, stajthee!
                                                                                                                              1                1

            Ciel mi lascia sola qu\
                     I                                !                                                      Heavens she leaves me here, alone
                                                                                                                                   !                                                         I

                                                                                  [ftr                                                                                                           to       fbUo*
                                                                                                                                                                         [Turn*                                       tfem+
L.          Non      faggir,       Marta   I   t'arresta          :                                    Lu          Stay vet, Martha                  !
                                                                                                                                                             Why      this harry
            FfJ timor 1                                                                                             Art afraid         1
Jbr.                            Di voi          Nori                                                   Lady                                Of yon        *
                                                                                                                                                             oh no        !

                /L       SUO SGUARDO-TO HIS EYE, MINE KINDLY MEETING                                                                                                                   LIOITBL.
        m    *   K                        T-_        H                f>

            D        suo sguar-do edol-ce tan - to che oon-for-toal                                                    cor        mi        da;          in         tal        fido,              a        Ivi            d'M-
            To       kit eyt, mint fci'mNy nutf - ing, -
                                                         vU in - tati                  E                                it        unfcrunm,              Yet        my         heart              u       strong*          %

                               di     te   -   mer ra-gion non T*ha!                                    Qua! ar - ca - no  tor ba men - to                                                 pal
                                                                                                                                                                                                          pi    -   tar
                              Since JTm        left with him a Ion*.                                     Her dear yss with lookt en-treat-ing,                                             Speak           (P              a*

                              mi    fa?         a         lei         pref-eo           1'al -   ma   MB      -   to    che in dol                  ce         et     -
                                                                                                                                                                          ta   -       si                           vaf
                              vn-k JWH.        And my             heart           it                  tert   -6ijr,       AMOS             I        am         left       with her

            Ah  ! non credermi cradele,                                                                Lto         Ah, how could I ever scold her,
            Faro quel che pin vttoi ta.                                                                            Ever speak in unkind tones                             I

            Al mio patto son fedele.                                                                               Might I bat my heart unfold her                                     !

            (E Nancy non torna piu !                                                                   Lmdy (Whither, Nancy, hast thoa fled ?
            Ah Nancy dove sei ta !j
                                                                                                            Ah, poor me, she tarries yet !)
            M' odi, finger non post' 10                       ;
                                                                                                       Li*. Martha 1 Let me then confen it                                         :

            lo ti vidi, e nel mio cor                                                                       Ever since thine angel face
            8'accendea di te desio                                                                           First appear'd before my visien
            E Nancy non torna ancor                       1
                                                                                                       Lady. (Quite alarming is his gaze !)
Lto.        Marta, ah 1 Marta              !                                                           IAO.        Martha! Martha!
                                               Che    volete              1
                                                                                                       Lady.                    (He grows bolder!)
            lo gentil con te sard.                                                                     Lio.           heart is good and true.
                                                                                                                   See,      my
            Buon padrone            voi sarete,                                                        Lady. Yes, you  are a kindly master,
            lo la serva far non so.                                                                          Much more kind than I deserve.
It*.        Comeadlr?                                                                                  Lio.  You deserve f
                                   Sempra      ridente,                                                Lady.                      I'm bat a good fin nothing
            Non son baona che a cheraar                               ;                                                  body, Sir! Let me go; yoor idle
            Ma pel resto, veramente,                                                                                Cannot earn the bread you give her                                       '

            Moa son abUe a far niaaai
>            io morrei senza di te V                                                                Li*.    My heart would           break should I tend thee away    I

             8e il lavoro ti spaventa,                                                                      No no work             dismay yon,
                                                                                                                               shall e'er
             Lagcia star non larorar.                                                                       Bnt throughout the livelong day
             Io veder ti vo* content* ;                                                                     Sing 700, to oar work as cheering,
             Per        distrarti       pnoi canur.                                                         Many a gaj, melodious lay            !

              Va    ;
                         t'    ascolto.                                                                   Sing a song me         !

Knr.                                      In rer non QUO                                            Lady.                   I'm too bashful.
Lit.         Te ne prega il tuo padrone                                                             Lio.  Let it be a people's lay,
             Una piccola canzone.                                                                         Sent by God onto the poor.
                                                                                                    Lady. Ah, no t
Enr.         Qnale                                                                                                                                   1
Lio.   |   Vtdtmdo la rota clu             ella       ha al          \

                                                                         iriilsHi.)                 Lio. [Taking a nottgayfram    the Lady * bo*m.\
                              Quwto       fior    qnl ascoso                                                         111 exchange this nosegay
             Saramio.                                                                                       For a song     !

Enr                  Bendett                     il       fior   !
                                                                                                    Lady.                  Ah,   Sir,   yon   jest   !

Lio.                                                             No,       Io   vogUc.              Lio.                                                 'Tumywffl!
                                                                                                    Lady. Tour wai
Eltf          II   VOOl       !

Lio.                              Ten prego           !                                             Lie.                Say, I entreat TOO.
KMT.         8ia coal             ;   pin non mi nego.                                   \Caatm.    Lady Ah    !
                                                                                                                   your entreaties I withstand not.

                                          Q171            SOLA VERG1N ROSA                         "TIB    THE LAST ROSE.                LAST.

                                                                                                        M ARTR                    4

Lu>.    Si   mi prostro                   1                                                                               L*o.         See prostrate
Enr.                                          Che mai            fate   !
                                                                                                                          Lady.                                          Fearful pansioB
IAO.    Mi  prostro innanri a ve                             !                                                            Lio.  At thj feet I pray
Knr.    Ciel voi
              !              a me                                 1
                                                                                                                          Lady. (How can I elude him                        1        )
        Ah ! voi ndere mi fate,                                                                                                        Sir,   I'm not unfeeling,
        Ah, perdon                !
                                          ha, ha, ha,             ha    !                                                              Yet I shall laugh to see you kneeling
                                                                                                                                       Pardon me ha, ha, ha, ha
                                                                                                                                                            !                             !

Lto.    Bino a         me    t'       innalza amora.                                                                      LM>.         With oar marriage at an ending
        Non rammento                           chi aei to.                                                                             Is all difference of birth               !

Enr     (Sino a        lui    !        L' ingenno error*                                                                  lady. Pray excuse me, if offending,
        Mi   fa ridere                anche pifc !)                                                                             But this does increase my mirth                                    !

       AH, RIDE               DEL                   AflO         PIANTO-SEX'B LAUGHING AT MY BORROW                                                                                  LADT AHD Liorai

                                                                                                                                                     L                          J         ^                  L   ^       ^    J_         1

             Ah    !   ri -   de del mlo pianto,                                 ginoca           col   mio do-lor,               ed to mi strnggo intanto, di non com-pre-so amor,
         She's laughing at                           my    Mr-row,               and       at     my   deep distress ;            She teomt my tofl approach**, my loving ten - dtmott.

                                                                                                                 ff         r         r_t                                v-v--v-
        non        mol,               non mol              la         tor    -   te                    por       C    -
                                                                                                                           ne    almio sof - Mr,   mi res -ta sol                                  la        raor    -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         te   per
         T        skor*                   my hum-bU                   cat-tag*                                             the    maid dit daint ; In vain my eye                                  it        weep-ing,             in


                                                      Ah!                         ri-derdel                 too plan -to,                      go         der del rao do-lor                           io   non Torrei,ma            f

                                                   Ah, hit                       eye        of tor      -   row tptak                 ing,    deep-ly pen-etratet my heart                     ;   Sad fate that          love to

         tan       -   to                          dar-gli       non po-*o a-mor ror                         -
                                                                                                                 ra,         TOM*             la     tor        -   te               por       fi -     ne   al   suo    nuurtir,

       pxreandtrtte                                                                                     Sit woeful look* in                         trite           I                to   than          hit hum-bit           lot.

                                                                                                              HOB                mol          la    tor         -   t*   por    fi            ne        al   mio sof-Mr,
                                                                                                                 To              kor*         my    htanbU ett            tagtpnvdly                    th   maid ditdaint               .

             in        TO         -       chi       pr           la          mor       -   to.                   i BOB                              BO,         BO,       BSD.      rir!
                                                             m* kind                       ly.                                                                            BM Mf.

              mi        res           -       ta     sol     IB              mr       -
                                                                                           to.               per          1*1,    per        Id      a          prb       mo-rirl                                             Per
              In       vain               my          y*         is         HWCJ>          619,              M        wain       my          Up,
                                                                                                                             MARTHA                                                                                                                                                                    ie

                                                   In              -    TO - chl                  pur               la       mor     to,         la-ro      -    chl      pur                  la     mor        -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     to,       mil           non                           ror-ra             mo
                                                       7           /erf                  my           6o-*>m                 yielding,           I ftol my                        6o-*>m                  yield-ing, Protect,                                             protect             w,

                                                                                                                                                ml      re                                                                     IU            so!                            I*   mor      -        to
                                                                                                                                            farnoeB,                                                                      .tVo0          Aap                                              /an              .

                              mknon              vor       -       ra                mo-rlrl                         Vor-ra, Tor             -    rk         la tor               -
                                                                                                                                                                                          to                   por                      fl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ne             al    sno     mar -          tir,

                                                  bt.-giule                      me               not     .'        Hit eye,  of                  tor-row tpeaking.                                            rfoep
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           fy      pn                 -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 e   -    (rate*   my     hfart,

                               per      lei        sa      -
                                                                   pro                   mo   -   rir!               Non      ruol,   non ruol               la       sor             -    to                   por                 fl       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ne             al   mio       sof-frir,
                              now hap             pi       -       neu           fare-well                I          If naught        to         love       can move her,                                 heav'n remove                              from                 tx* tkit        iptO             \

               in     -   TO       -   chi       par                   la            mor              -        te,              ma    non ror                -
                                                                                                                                                                    ra        mo               -
                                                                                                                                                                                                   rir,       ma non           ror           -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     rt,             ror-ri morir             I

               Sad fate                that      love                  to            pure and true                            mutt go              with         -   out       re-ward,                        without re            -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ward,without reward                                           !

                 mi                                                                      mor      -                                                ia        pro mo rir,                                  Ah il, per lei la-pro mo-rir
                                   -                                                                                                                                 -                                                                                                                             '

                          re           ta        sol               la                                     to,                  per         lei                                                                   !

               lett       I            mutt bid                    to            top-pi                    net*                                             tad fare-well                                 a tad farewttt, a   adfarwtDl

BGENA     III.        PLUXUTT                    integuendo                              NAHOT            ;
                                                                                                                     procedtnti.                 SCENE                   HI.               Enter              NAKOT,           pulled in by                                    Punt
Pi*       T" ho raggiunta, sciaguntta                                            !
                                                                                                                [A LionoQo.                Plu.  Don't you try this game again, girl !
          Qnesta rnria sai che fe'
                                                                                                                                                 Where do you suppose she was ?
          La storiglia ha fracastaU,                                                                                                             In the kitchen was the vixen
          Tutto il vino mi perde                               .

                                                                                                                                                 Breaking bottles, glasses, dishes,
          Ma in mia mano e capitata,                                                                                                             And a good deal hare I snffer'd,
          Or 1' arra da far con me                                      I                                                                        Till at last I caught the lass                                                          !

No*       Mi lft*. se no il volto,                                                                                                         jV<m. Let me go      Don't make me mad, Sir,    !

          Ve   I'   aggiusto            come           va.                                                                                       Or some scratching yon will see                                                                             !

Pt*       Per 8. Giorgio e forte molto      !
                                                                                                                                           Pfa. [Rdeanng her.] By the prophets she has spirv                                                         I

          Ma non deggio usar pieta.                                                                                                                     I confess, that pleases                                        me      !

Nan.      Marta, Marta!                                                                                                                    Nan.         Martha, Martha                                    !

Pirn.                                   Che       ri    mane*                                                                              Piu.         Pooh              !           What's wrong with yon now                                                            t

          Ch' altro arete a domandar                                                 '
                                                                                                                                                   Standing as if thunder-struck I
          La panenca gOk si stanca,                                                                                                                Get yoursel v w to bed, ye idlen                                                                      !

          Vi pototo ritirar.                                                                 [Svona                                                Off with yon my saucy Puck !
Pin. t Lio. Mezzanotto !                                                                                                                   Plu. IT Lu>, Midnight 't sounds                                                 !

Knr.    .Von                                Mezaanotte                       I
                                                                                                                                           Lady         f    Nan.                                                          Midnight f sounda                                          :

               ^ Dor

                          - ol
                                                 DORMI PUR-3&UKL

                                                       ma mio
                                                                        tl         ri - po    so
                                                                             dreamt trantport tkm

                                                                                                                                ,      tv
                                                                                                                                            MAT DREAMS



                                                                                                                                                                    f*        -
                                                                                                                                                                                      to, in-gra


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   btett t                           Ah
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            !    And

                              re        pid        non                       o           -
                                                                                              so,                        u          COB     -    fbr                                                                   mio                   do                      lor.

                          row,          gm         tfy                      yield             ing,
Pin.          Dcrmi par, mm Is stoviglia                                                                                                         Plu. [To Nancy.] Sleep thee well, and                                                                         may              thy
              Che m' hai rotta, io piango anoor                                                                                                         Sweeter in our service grow ;
              Sei d' on demone 1m figlia,                                                                                                                   jour sauciness is rather
              DalT inferno uscita fuor.                                                                                                                 To my liking do you knowl
CUT.    t   Nan. (Del tormento che gli ho                                                                         dato,                          Lady fr Nan. Yes, good nijjn such night                                          !

              Io rimono non ho il cor.                                                                                                                  We have liv'd to see before,
              Un capriccio abbiam pagmto                                                                                                                Were I bnt away, I'd never
              E    pen a dura ancor !)
                   la                                                                                                                                   Play the peasant any more.
Pin, 6 Lu>       Boonanotte                                 !                                                                                    Plu.    &    Lie.Qood night                                !

Emr.        Nan.               Buonanotte                                                                     !                                               Nan.             Good night                                                           !

                                                                                                                                                                 and Nancy retire into their chamber, PhaJuA OHm
                                                                             [Lianello, PlunJeett                                    m nUrmt.                                     '

                                                                                                                                                                                      exeunt by thf lunje door, lacking                                                          it   after ikam.

            SCENA                IV.                LADT E* KICHBTTA                                                         NAJTOT.             SCENE            IV.                 LADT            HJLBRIBT and NANCT, coming                                                             tat tj
                                                                                                                                                                                             their              chamber                   (tyain

  nr.         Nancy!                                                                                                                             Lady. Nancy                 !

Nan                               Ebbene                        1                                                                                Nan.                         Lady           !

Em-.                                                                Che          faccimmo.                                                       Latiy.                                          What               begin                 now          *

Nan.          Fnggiremo.                                                                                                                         Nan.        What           advise you                         ?

Smr.          E    bello a dir.                                                                                                                  Lady.                                                             You            say      first           !

Nan.          In che             modo               1
                                                            dove andiamo                                          '                              Nan.        Dead of  and no protectornight,                                                                   !

Smr.          Come               fare per nscir                          *
                                                                                                                                                 Lady. And lock'd hi, which is the worst.
Nan.          Ah       !     che    dl,             che d\ funesto                                        !
                                                                                                                                                 Nan. What a fatal day has prov'd this                                                                             !

fur.          Commettemmo an                                         grave error.                                                                Lady. Fatal day, more fatal night                                                         !

ffan.         Baona gente Ron                                       del reito.                                                                   Nan. Still these folks are not unpleasant,
Enr.         Franco I              il       labbro                                                                                               Lady. They are honest
/Vim.                                                                    Schietto                                 il   cor                       Nan. [ArcMy.]            And polite.
Enr.          Se   il
                            sapesse la regina                                    !
                                                                                                                                                 Lady. If the Queen should hear of it                                                                  1

ffan.         Ah        !    ne tremo                       al sol           pent ire                             !                              Nan. What rich stock for courtiers' wit                                                                            !

                                                                                                                                                    [A none it heard from outside, near the wtndom                                                                                    mt   tb rtfM
t/nf.         Qua! rumor
                                                            Chi s'awicina                                         !                              Lady.       What a noise this ' What report '
ffan,         Una           voce    !               Un nomo                      fe       Ik                                                     Nan.        Stepi a voice there's succor near                                                                          ?

Tri.    [A   dettro.         \    Lady              !
                                                                Lady         !                                                                    Tri.    [From            outtide.]             Cousin                   !       Cousin               !

Exr.          Tristan!                                                                                                                           Lady. Tristan!
Nan.                              Come qoa                                                                                                       Nan.                                  'Tis      my                lord       !

Enr.          Oh che viso
                       !                                !       che figura                        !                                              Lady.       He       will scold                      I well              deserve                  it      !

              E forente                 !                                                                                                                    Bat      he'll           save us              !

                       SCENA                        V.              TMITAJTO,
                                                                                                                                                 SCENE            V.             LADT HARBIBT, NAHOT TVJKAX.                                                   ;

                                                                                                                                                                                             through the window.

Tri.                                                Che             ri   par              !                                                      Tri.                                            Yes            !    Here                 I    am          1

              Una damm 1 mia cugina                                                   !
                                                                                                                                                             Cousin           !        Too             in this
                                                                                                                                                                                             vulgar habitation                                                                        i

&an.          Nella camera ricina,                                                                                                               Nan.        Hash          thee   You'll wake all earth

              Dorme              alcun.                                                                                                                      With          such load talking !
fmr.                                                Zitti!               partiamo!                                                               Lady                                    Come, away                                                                         I

Tri.          Ho       lasciato la vettura                                                                                                       Tri.        Lest      we should be heard and taken,
            _Poco            langi                                                                                                                           I have left                my
                                                                                                                                                                            carriage waiting
                                                                                                                                                             At the corner.
ffan.                                           Ebbene, andiamo.                                                                                 Nan.                                            Let as              fly          then         !

A. 8.         Foggiam               presto,                         andiamo vim                                                                  Lady, Nan.            I
                                                                                                                                                                           Fly         hi haste we, softly treading,
              Prim che desto                                    alcuno               sia              ;
                                                                                                                                                 |<   Tri.             )   Night's her cov'ring mantle
              Qnando Inngi ne sarem,                                                                                                                         Era a bird heralds the day
              Al villaggio addio direm.                                                                                                                      An we off and far away.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     [Tfcy depart ffcvtyitfc

SCENA. VI.                       PMJMKBTT,                               pot                  LJOITBLJLO.                       M                SCENE          VI.                   PLUNKBTT,                       then                LIOSKL,
                                                            Contadim.                                                                                                                                               antt.

Ft*.          Che sosorro                       !       che sventora                                                                             Plu.      Ho I this is downright dissipation I
             Non    poter dormire                                    !                                                                                     I don't think they've gone to bed yet                                                                            1

                  [S ode il rumore d' una                                                         oimaia                  ekt   *'   mUtntana.           [The noite of carriage wheel* it hoard
             O    ciel       !     11       rumor                   d'   ana                  rettorm.                                                         distance.
             A    reder va on po", Lionel                                                         !                                                          List       a carriage                             driving off
                                                                                                                                                             Ha   !    the window                      !
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lionel, ho                        !

Lit.         Che awien                      <
                                                    parla                                                                                        Lw.     [Entering.              [
                                                                                                                                                                                      Here        !Didst call me                                           1

Flv.                                                                     E       non                      Io rtdi f                              Plu.        Kobb'd we                     are, yes robb'd and
             Le ragaxze son                                 roggite              !
                                                                                                                                                             Stop those servants
                                                                                                                                                                       !                                              1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      [Burttt open tkeir
                                                                                                                                                           Off and gone                      !

             Sen foggir             lei che adoro
                                    !                                                         1                                                  Lit.     She has gone, she, my adored                                                                 t
             Ah    !        per certo ten                                                                                                                 And I was so kind to oar                                                    I
            Ah    oolei che avoro.
                  !                                                                                                                        LK>.         Go, gire chase, for my sake, brother                                    .

            Non  potro piu
                            riveder                         !
                                                                                                                                                        GHre chase, hasten               I

            Mi si deggiono punir                                                                                                           Plu.         If not quite for roar sake, jet
            Insegnire le sapremo,                                                                                                                       For the sake of law and order
            A  noi deggiono obedir                              !                                                                                       Will I try to fetch them back                         !

            Chi garxoni presto ! so                                 1                                                                                   Friends and neighbors      To assistance!                                    1

Ohm         Qaal tumulto         qua) fracasco
                                        !                                             .                                                    Peatantt. {Entering confusedly.}
                                                                                                                                                                                         [Ring* the great door-be^                               MMM^
            Che       TUO! dir codesto chiamo *                                                                                                   Tell, what frightful thing hath happen 'd,
                                                                                                                                                  That from out oar sleep you call as f
            La doe          serve son fuggite                               !                                                              Plu,   Oar new serrants hare absconded,
            Do        ana     lira in           guidcrdone                                                                                              And I'll give one pound starling
            A chi prander le supra.                                                                                                                     To the man who brings them back                                     !

            Una        lira   da   il
                                            padrone             !                                                                          Cho,         One pound         sterling he will give !
            Presto ! tutti le inscguite                                                                                                    Plu. t       )   Beit    not till they're
            Trascinate sieno qua,                                                                                                          Cho.         )   Who     their contract rashly broke                         '

            Sien legate, sien panite,                                                                                                                   Seek them        oat, the vile offenders,
            Won        vi sia    per lor pieta.                                                                                                         And        restore them to their yoke !
                                                                                               \Parttmo rorrmdo                                                                                                        [All depart                    !*%
                                                                                                                        OF        m        noon>              ACT

                                ATTO                                        III.                                                                                             ACT                        III.

CERA L                 U*'     otteria.                  PLUMKBTT, Caatadim                                                 bevendo        SCENE L A                   fore*.            On   thr Irfl       a tmall MM.
                                                     birra.                                                                                    and Farmer*            titttng at     a    table nroerarf with                   jugt and               mug*

                                                     CANZONE DEL PORTER-POETBtL                                                                                   80NO.      PLCHMTT.

                 Chi     mi        di           -
                                                    ra          di                  che         11           bic-ehier              col    -   ma             to        Ta          per       dar         pia      -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       cer,         nes-iun                 lo
                  / want           to               a*k         you, can                       you            not        tell           MM, iota*            to     our land        the       Brit         ith ttrand, givtt lift                          and

                                                                                               be        -   Tan         da grata a ber che 11 del cl                           man-da              nel bicchier e                  che          11        Bii    -

                                                                                               old           par   -       brown and itout, we may of
                                                                                                                        ter,                                                        it        be pret         typimtd, It guide* Joltm

      tan    -   no rende           <n tier                     e               che       il   Bri-tan              -       -       -
                                                                                                                                          no    ren - da al -                   -
                                                                                                                                                                                     tier,                 ah ambrosia 6 quest*                              rl

      BM,        wher-e'er          he              I*,   through Jog* and mitts,                                                          Through land and                  tea....                Yet,     Hurra I the hop* and Htr-

      ra         bicchier,          vi          -    r          la                  birra      mesciam da                        ber,    hur       ra               tra-la          la la      la       Ji        la    la           hurra!
      roA        themnlt,           They art                life"*                  flu        vorand               ^       'i   tatt.Bur      -   raht            Out are   life'ifla-vor              and lift1 * talt, Hurrah

             Di       Yoi chi v     a,',
                                                    -iapere ancor                                                                          PI*           And that eznlaineth where'er it reigneth
             Bandir chi suo. il nostro duoi 1                                                                                                            ! joy and mirth    At e^ 'ry hearth

             Ciascnn lo ruol, ciascun                                                                                                                       Resounds a joyous song                  !

             E la bevanda grata a ber,                                                                                                                      Look at its goodly color here                     !

             Che il ciel ne manda nel bicchier,                                                                                                             Where else can And you such good beer                                        1

             K che il britanno rende altier.                                                                                                                So brown and stoat and healthy too                                  I

                                                                                                                                                            The  Porter's health I drink to "you !
        Con. Ambrosia e questa Viva il b'.xhiei                         !                                                                  Pt*.     &        Cko. Hurrah the hops and hurrah the malt,
          Yira la birra Mesciam da ber      !                                   !                    !
                                                                                                                                                            They are life's flavor and life's salt horrah !                 !

           f^y ede       il   corno dar              il   teqnalt di                      riduamo              at                                                                                            \Horn* iouad                    t        U*
                  To'     segnale della caccia.
                            !    il                                                                                                  Cko.         Hark   the merry horns resounding

                   81,      mi parve
                                di veder                                                                                             Pitt         Tea, the Queen she hunts to-day
                  La regina e i cavalier'                                                                                                         With her ladies, light and gaj,
                  Del camosdo salla trmocw.                                                                                                       Through              this forest,       game abounding
Cm.               Alia caccia andiam par not                                                                                         C*o.         To the chase invites their playing                                        !

Pitt.             Pria si paghi, a caccia poi                                                                                        Pfa.         Go then, while mine host Tm paying                                                        !

                                                                                                                                                  [Exeunt Chont                to   At    riqht            Pluntaett got* into fib                          MM
       8CENA                II.               Dame       in abito            da          com*        uwfc    NAJIOT                         SCENE                 IL     Enter      ^^u^set,                   afiencardt                           NAOT.
   r              Anche noi del cacciator                                                                                            Ckt.              Ladies          we    with hunter's glee
                    Abbiamo 1'ardor                                                                                                                       Are chasing a game
                       E        il   nobil cor,                                                                                                           Tra,         la, la, la   !

                  Anche              noi chiama                il       nejri*!                                                                  Cunningly and stealthily,
                         colpo mortal                                                                                                              And deadly our aim.
                    Sfaggir non val.                                                                                                               Ha, la, la, lee                  !

                  Ed invano ei va, conuao,                                                                                                     Our brave huntsmen are the game
                  L'agil pie, la pronta                                 maao,                                                                  We smartly        pursue daily anew                                 !

                  Lo       raggiunge, lo colpif^*.                                                                                             By       our eyes they're hit and laid
                  Lo    ferisce vinto egli                                                                                                    With arrows fleet low at our feet.
                  E    dalla caccia dell' amor                                       ;                                                        Now we awe them and subdue them,
                  Vi gnardate, o                        cacciator.                                                                            Now we coax them and allure them,
                                                                                                                                              Now pursue them to the nets,
                                                                                                                                               Till in the snare the poor thing freu
                                                                                                                                               That's our sport and our delight.
                                  il mio 001 non
YD*.              (Es*er mesio                   iapria                                                                           ffax.       My heart knows                      not
                  La             non nacqne per me
                           tristezza                                                             ,                                             What           it is    to be
                                                                                                                                                              melancholy                                  ;

                  II   sospiro non so cosa s\a                                                                                                 Sadness was never made for                                     me       ;

                  Sospirar a vent' anni      perch*                     !    E                       '
                                                                                                                                               Of       sighing I           know nothing              !

                  Pure io sento una TOCO nel cor                                                                                              Why should one sigh at twenty 1
                    Che vuoi dal cor                                                                                                          Yet I hear a voice whispering within                                                      !

                       Voce d'araor 7                                                                                                         What wonldst thou with my bean
                       La        vita e            un   rtore                                                                                 Thou voice of love 1
                            L'oleizo                    amor                                                                                  Life is a flower, and love is its perfume                                                         !

                  Sospirare                   si
                                                   pad per amor                          !|                                                   Yes, one mav sigh, if it be for love.
                                         Is    Dame         te si       awicinano, t ripeune                         U                                    [
                                                                                                                                                            The Ladies advance and repeat                                                           tkt   Ckum
CWv.              Anche              noi del cacciator, etc.                                                                         Cho.     Ladies we, Ac.

                                                                             IL               TUO STEAL HUNTRESS                                   FAIR.                NAHOI.

                  II       tuo            stral               nel            lanciar,                     gio    vin caccia a          -
                                                                                                                                            tri           ce,                non         tar   -
                                                                                                                                                                                                    dar,             non tremar,
              Huntress                    fair              Rattens where                                 She        it     game de         tect          ing,               And        her         dart           Wound* the heart

                      tu         bar non                 li                 ce,                  del       col   -
                                                                                                                     pir,        del         fe    -
                                                                                                                                                       rir,                 la belva           ed             11                CO                    re,
        That wat un                       -
                                              tut   -
                                                                            ing.                Rett       leu   -
                                                                                                                     ly          Wan         der the,                       And     it         nev     er                                            red;

        tri                on        -
                                         far,             pro                d*               far,          di       caccia k        d'a          mo
       Taket           good aim,                         KB                  the              game          It       with love       in            Pi

        e         I   'amor                   un    cac-cia             -
                                                                            tor,          U     suo      stral sa         lanciar;   ma       se impiaga, sa                      quel              daol                   al   -

        Vu-pid              like              a rogue he                    it       Shot        the dart did not            miu, Cu-pid,              like       a rogue Shot            the dart                         did not                  MWI

                       Nfc mortal              e il suo stral,                                                                                         From       her dart          is   the heart.
                           La            piaga e leggera ;                                                                                               Always sorely bleeding ;
                       Colpo             tal        non     fa inal              ;                                                                     Then she heals for she feel*
                         Nel             soffre chi spera.                                                                                                   comfort needing.
                                                                                                                                                         It is
                       Nel       ferir             sa guanr.                                                                                           What a look from him took
                           Von            toelk*        m     v>k                                                                                        Has a look restored                    :
                8* sopir si.                                                                                                                        Gone u pain and again
                  La dolce ferita.                                                                                                                    Moonta it where it soared.

8CENA        HI.            PLCMKKTT,                            le Precedent*. -Plumkett,                           nel      SCENE                 III.      AW PumurT,                           at
                  veder       le          donne,            ri   arrata in Jondo.                                                                                             diet, He ttopt.

Phi         Bnona           caccia c' e                     da       far,                                                     Pitt.        There seems                to be        good game afoot ban                          ;

            Una    o due ne TO' acchiappar.                                                                                          I'll see if I can't catch one or                        two I
MM.      [Gvardando intorno.]                                                                                                 JVon. [Looking around.]
            DOT' e andata la Contessal                                                                                               Where can the Countess be 1
            Sola sola se ne sta                                                                                                      She seeks solitude,
            N contento T' ha per essa                                                                                                      And        seems very unhappy,
            Da    quelda, quel momento
                             ill                                                                                                           And        has been se ever since
            Che ramico ! uuite qua !                                                                                                       My        good friend, can you tell                         me
Phi.        Betsy alia caccta che fai qua
                        !                                                                !                                    Plu.         What,           Julia, in huntress* gear *
.Von        Ehi ramico                    !                                                                                   Nan.         Well,           my friend 1
PU.         Amico nicute affatto                                 !                                                            Plu.         I       am    not your friend.
            Lo sceriffo sapra darti                                                                                                        Ton          wait    I'll make yon
            Lo lezion     Di qui non
                                                                          parti      !                                                     For your headlong running away                                    !

Nan         Fate orror.                                                                                                       Nan.         Ton          are   mad     !

Plu.                              Tornar doirai                                                                               Plu.                                        Fibs are of no use                 ;

            A   serrinni.                                                                                                                  Come home                  with     me    !

ffm                                       Che          !   a MI-TV            !                                               Nan.                                                       Help!         Assistance!
Plu.        8\, ribalda.                                                                                                      Plu.         What            wickedness          I

<V<w.                                     Or          or vedrai           !                                                   Nan.                                                 What impudence                  !

                                                                                  [Additandolo          alie   amiokt.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            [The Lad
            Una    belTa, amiche, e qua                                                                                                    Here's a           game for yon, my ladies                        !

            Baona    caccia si fara.                                                                                                       Let's see          how he will like your spears                             !

                           Tuttf le Donne                                     lo    drcondano, minaeeiote.                                    [All the Ladies surround Plunkett,                                       tknaOang 4n*
Otn.        Capitasti in nostra mano,                                                                                         Cho          Ton have fallen into our hands,
            Di fuggire tenti invano ?                                                                                                      Ton will vainly attempt to fly ;
            Meta sia dei nostri dardi ;                                                                                                    Let him feel the keen points of onr weapons                                                       ,

            Non si tardi, dee morir.                                                                                                       Let him prepare to die                        !

Phi.        Piano, piano                      !       che mai fate                                                            Plu          Gently, gently                     hold   !

            Aspettate non tirt                                                                                                             Hold your hands
            Sento gift le loro lance                                                                                                       I already feel the points of their
                                                                                                                                                                                                            weapons                 !

            Che mi sfiorano le guance                                                                                                      By St. George and Beelzebub,
            Per San Giorgio e Belzebu,                                                                                                     Fair dames, ground your arms                                 !

            Belle mie, quell' armi gin.                                                                                                                                [He nahet off fcut%
LVro.      Meta    sia dei nostri dardi,                                                                                      Cho.     Let him feel the points of our lances ;
            Non   si tardi   dee morir !                                                                                               Let him die without delay                               !

                                                  |   fugge.           Le Cacciatrin                to    uusyiuxM.                                          [ Tney
                                                                                                                                                                    nuh after Aim n

   8CENA          IV.         LiONKLLO,                              paltido e come tratognato.                                       SCENE IV                            Enter     Lioxn,             pale      and dejected.
           " Dal                                                                                                                           "
'j.                    cespitti               tremante                                                                        Lie.                 I will detach thee
            Ti colgo, gioTin fior >
                                                                                                                                           From thy frail trembling stem,
            SoTra U mio core amante                                                                                                        And place thee on my heart                              ;

            Cos! morrai d' amor !"                                                                                                         There shalt thon                   die,   sweet flower I"
            Ove son          io       !           Lo      sento       I       A
                                                                     lei Ticino                     !                                      Where am I ? I feel that I am near her                                               1

            Arbitra omai                      si       f e del mio destine.                                                                She who has become the arbitress of my                                               destiny           !

            Sfolgorante                   la          Teggio                                                                               All brilliant now I see her,
            Del suo         celeste e virginal sorriso                                                                                     With her beautiful Tirginal smile,
            Che mi          cangia lo terra in paradise                                       !
                                                                                                                                           Which,           for     me, changed earth into Heaven                                       I

                                                                                  M'APPARI LIKE A DREAM.                                                   LIONEL.

         M'ap- pa                             ri                tutt'                                           U        mio          sguardo                   Tin       -
                                                                                                                                                                              con             trb;          Bel    -   la
          Like a                      dream                 bright                                             Chat      ing         ev'       -
                                                                                                                                                    ry     thought            of             cart, Tho$e tweet

        che 11 mio           cor                       an   -
                                                                 si -       o       -        so a       lei     TO   -
                                                                                                                         Id; ....              mi          fe-ri,     m'inva-ghi quell' an-ge                              11
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ca   be;
                                                  Made                    world                                          me                But             alat I thou art gone, And that dream
        pau'd with           thee,                              the                           all   joy for                                                                                     of bKu                                           i$

         U, sculta     in cor dall'                             amor               can -     cel-lar      si    non po-tra,   il
                                                                                                                                 pen-tier di po- tor pal - pi - tar coc lei d'
         V. Ah     I    I hear mow                          th*        ton"         of       th* oenOe         vn'^no more; Oh! return happy hour$ fraught with HvM.tmikBife*
        mor                 pad so           -
                                                 pir              il     mar-tir                   che m'af-fan-na e stra-iia                       11    cor,                 stra-zlail                      cor!-..*                            M'ap-pa           -       ri

        bright,            Come m            gain,               Come again                        tun - ny dayt of pure dt                         -
                                                                                                                                                         light,      of        pure dt                 -
                                                                                                                                                                                                               light !...                         Like a

        tutt'          *        -     mor                il            mio           sguardo                  Tin   -
                                                                                                                        con         tro,           Bel -la                     si         cheil                 mio                           cor....              an    -        i

        bright        and             fair,          Chat-ing                        ev' - ry              thought of              cart,       ThottnHtt                    hour* pats' d with                                                thee....            MadtOu

&        o - BO a lei TO
        world aU joy for
                                                                                 Mar-ta,                 Mar -   ta
                                                                                                                              ta     spa
                                                                                                                                                   ri    -
                                                                                                                                                              stl,              e    il       mio cor                           col
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              tno     n'an-db!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      de      -
                                                                             Fleeting                    vi                                    bright**,                        wherefore thus, to                                                                part ;

         tu                la        pu-oe                   mi          ra-pi-sti,                       di     do-lor    iomo-ri-r6, ah,           di do-icr mor-ro,     ti. mor-rb!

        O'er          my pathway                         thed           thylightnett                     once again,      and glad my htart, Once again and glad my heart j/et glad my komrt

   8CENA                   V.         SIB 'IRISTANO, LADT EKBIOHBTTA.                                                                     SCENE                  V.            SIB TXJSTAX                              an./          LACT HABKII
Tri.     Le dame   langi son.                                    Perche, ragina,                                                   Tn.             The ladies are far away Why,                                                               cousin,
         Lasciaste la Regina                                 '
                                                                                                                                                   Hare JOB left the Queen's Hide '
Snt      Per      res tar sola.                                                                                                            .       To        remain alone.
Tri                                        Meco*                                                                                                                                          With                 ine          '

  r                                                               Con    voi         1            Sola                             l..,uy.                                                                                      With you              1

         O con             TOI ral lo stesso                                                                                                       Alone or with you                          'tis         just the same.
                                                                                                                                                   I am melancholy
         Mesta             son sempre, e sempre                                  ho          il   core oppresso.                                                                          ;       my        heart is ever sad
fVi.     Che mai                dite ?                                                                                             Tn.             What say yon
                                           Un' arcana                                                                              Lady.                                             And               this sadness
         Mestixia               fc   in   me.                                                                                               a myitery even to myself.
Tri,                                             Ma              sola in questo loco                                               Tri.  Bat to remain alone in this secluded spot-
AW.      Lo       voglio.                 Addio          !
                                                                                                                                   Lady. I wish it. Adieu                                 !

Tri                                                              Ritoraero fra poco.                                     Via.      Tri.                   I will soon return

                                       QUT TRANQUILLA                                                   ALAfENHEHE                     IN          DEEPEST FOREST.                                                          LADT.

           Qul tranquilla almen poss'o
                                                                        ^B^^^pS^f^^^-i^g^^            n na la-gri - ma yer-sar qul sfo-gar                                                        11       do-lor                   mi        -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  a   qui lasjnar-mii
           Herein deepett forett shadow*.                                                         Under drooping whitp'ring bought, May conftM I                                              my deep torrows, Drm

              -                                                                                          -
         os       pi
                                rar,                                   qui           lag-nar-ml e sos pi - rar,                                                          qui    lag-nar-mie 808-pi-rar,         sos-pi-rarl
        chanting                                                       Dream of love          * en - chanting votn.                                              Dream              of love'*, of love't enchant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ing vows.

          Sguardo qni non v'ha profano                                                                                                             Oh my          heart ta moorning sadly                                                 !

         Che   mio duol possa spiar,
                      il                                                                                                                           Were         bat the belorM one nigh                                               !

         Del mio core il mesto arcano                                                                                                              Now         I left the crowd sogjadly,
         Posso all' aura almen fidar.                                                                                                              To        the silent         woods              to hie.

      8CENA                VI.         LADT ENBICHBTTA,                                           poi    LIONKLLO.                                 SCENE                 VI.         LADT HABXIBT and                                                 Lioi

Lio.      Oh      I
                       qual roce             !                                                                                     LM.         \Enter\ng.\                Ah    !    that Toice                     1

Bttr.                                                    Ciel      !    che vedo                  *
                                                                                                                                   Lady.                                                          Heaven                        !   whom do               I   SM 1
Lit.      Una dama!                                                                                                                Lio.            A lady            !

Knr.                                       Che       !
                                                             egli qni            !
                                                                                                                                   Lady.                                  What        !       he here                   !

Lio.      Marta!                     Marta!                                                                                        Lio.            Martha            1     Martha             !

Snr.                                                     (Dal periglio                                                             Lady. (Arid*.}                                                 How
                                                                                                                                                                                                                .hall I
          Come             uscirli                                                                                                                 Escape            this      danger
  #.                                      Ah     1
                                                         qul tornasn                     !                                         Lio.                                                                Ah       !    thou hast retamod                               r

          Ti      'Jon   grato amico del.                                                                                                          Thanks, kind Heaven                                     I

          Ak      I    selta che mi lasdaati                                 I                                                                     Ah ! 'tis TOO yon who                                        fled                from me           !
                                                                                                                              MARTHA.                                                                                                                                                         3ft

Chr     (Qual umentol)                                                                                                            l^ady.    [Ande.\              What              a        trial         I

Im.                                                        PikchcU                                                                Lio.                                                                    Before mine eyes
        D mio oor ti ravrisb.                                                                                                           My heart recognized thee                                                          !

ffw     Rarrisarri I Errarte.                                                                                                     Lady. Recognized me yon are mistaken.                !

L*                                                                         No                                                     Lit                                   No.
        II   tuo rolto,                       il       tuo bel Tolto                                                                        Those features, those lovely features,
        E soolpito nel mio oor.                                                                                                             Are graven un my heart                                                I

        La tun voce, Marta, Moolro                                                                                                          It is thy voice, Martha, which I hear                                                                                ,

        NOB K>n gioco d' on error                                                                                                           I   am        not the victim of an error.
Kttr    Sognera           !
                                                                                                                                  Lady Ton                are dreaming                           I

'*                           8e un Bogno e                                                  il            !                       Li*.                                             If it be a drwua.
         Deh       !    nen farmi ridestar I                                                                                                Oh    !       let   me        not awake from it !
        Ah    Bognar coa\ vogl' io,
               I                                                                                                                            Ah    !        I   would           still             dream thus                                 ;

         81 bel sonno non turbar.                                                                                                           Disturb not so sweet a slumber.
CM       Via       di qul.                                                                                                        Lady      Hence, away                    I

'*                                    No, no                        :
                                                                        Hognando,                                                 Lio.                   No, no in my dream                           :

         La tna mano prendero,                                                                                                              Letme take thy hand,
         Ed un batio ad easa dando,                                                                                                         And imprint a kiss upon it.
         L' amor mio u srelero.                                                                                   !
                                                                                                                      L                     To express the lore I feel.  [H*                                                                                             ttssw far
Km      Ah     !       siflatta
                     impertinenza                                                                                                 Lady.     Ah  I can no
         Tollerar non posso piu !                                                                                                           Such gross impertinence                                                   I

L        I'erche tanta                         sconoaoma 1                                                                        Lio.      Wherefore                 this pretence                               of ignorance                                       1
E*r      Via       rillan             !        tacer vuoi to *                                                                    Lady Hence, peasant, and be silent                                                                    !

Lt.     Io rillan             I               BOD tuo padrone                                        ;
                                                                                                                                  /*.  I a peasant    I am your master!

        La dolceiza ipiace a                                             te,                                                           Mildness is lost upon yon ;
         T ho parlato con                                           le   buone,                                                        I have hitherto spoken to yon with ameBhj
         Or    renir tu dei con me.                                                                                                    Rut now I command that yon come will, m
Cur      A    me, Tristano                                     !
                                                                                                                                  Ijady.    Help, Tristan                      !

     8CKNA              VII.                   SIB                      TRI&TAIIO,                            /       /'          SCENE          VII.                Enter                 SiK T&lMTAJl, often                                                                       ^.
                                                                         Tutti.                                                                                                                      by       all.

Tn. 'Arrivando.] Che                                           r' atterrisce t                                                    Tn. [Ruthing on.} What has alarmed you                                                                                     t

Enr  Soccorso aita                !                        1
                                                                                                                                  Lady. Help me aid me           !                           !

Tri.                      Chi tanto ardiaos                                                                                       Tri                   Who dares to
Lio      Milord, costei fe serra mia ;                                                                                            Lio.      My        lord, this is                        my        servant,
         Di trarla ria diritto in me.                                                                                                       And I hare a right to take her hence.
?Vv      Piu sfrontata oltra cotanza                                                                                              Tn        Was there ever such brazen impudent*
         CLi mai ride      Io fremo in cor         !                                                                                        It fairly makes me shudder.
         Tanto  ardir ogni altro aranaa,                                                                                                        most unheard-of audacity
                                                                                                                                            It is                                                                                               I

         Accorrete qul signor' !         [C                                                                                                 This way-t hither, sirs                                           !

C/W.     [Arrivando.] Qual audacia! d an rvliano                                                                                  <7*o.    [Entering.]                What                  audacity                          !

         D' insultarci area 1' ardir I                                                                                                      A peasant dare                                 to insult                  yon           !

         Uno  scandalo si strano                                                                                                            Let so scandalous an outrage
         AfFrettiamoci a puuir.                                                                                                             Be punished without delay.
Lm       Taut' audacia mi sorprende,                                                                                              Lio.      Such audacity    I'm astonished        !                                                                    !

         Ma        ti
                        seppi rarrisar.                                                                                                     But   recognized you at once.
         Piu nessun           me la riprende,                                                                                               No one  shall dare to take her from                                                                             me               ,

         Dovra meco                            ritornar                                                                                     She shall return with me.
fur.     Qual tormento qoal *<**                           !
                                                                                                                                  Lady. What torture what an embroilment       I                                                                                     !

         Un piacer dorro scontar                                                    I                                                   I am paying dearly for a few moments'
         Di me rider* dorranno                                                                                                          They will laugh at me                                                 !

         Che rispondere   che far                          1                            I                                                What shall 1 reply 'what shall I do 1
Pitt     Donde rien                           tanto romore                              1                                         Phi. [Entering.] Whence comes all this noise                                                                                                   '

Lio.     Mi difendl                       !                                                                                       Lio.  Defend me                     !

Nan     [Arrivaiido.]                          Che mai                     fn       !                                             Nan. [Entering.] What U the matter 1
Pte.     Essa pur                 !                                                                                               Piu.      She, too             !

iVow.                                 Fateri core,                                                                                Nan.      Keep up your courage,                                                 my               lady.
         O    milady. "
Lio.    [Alia oaroia  Milady."]                                                 Ah           !        er as       Lio.     [Overhearing the word*                                             My                  lady."]                   Ah           I

               candor, quel caro aooento                                                                                                    Now   I comprehend all                                            :

           n capriccio eran crndel,
         8uel                                                                                                                               That candor, that winning                                                             affability,
         Un crndel divertimento                                                 !                                                           Was naught but a crnel jest, a heartless joke                                                                                                 >

         E tu il soffri, giusto del                                                 )                                                       Ah just Hearen, canst thou permit this ?

 /Vi.    Arrestate qnesto matto.                                                                                                   Tri.     Arrest that madman                                        !

 Piu. e Lio. Arrestato                                 !

 >*i. e Enr.                                                       (Qual martir!)                                                                 an.           [Aside.]                   What               torture                       !

 Lie.    Ma Be           un patto                                  c stato fatto                                                  Lio.      Bnt           if   an engagement has been made
         Da  costei !                                                                                                                       Brher
 6W     [Sotto voce a UaneUo.] Pieta                                                             !       no l"r!                  Lady, ijsufe,    to Lionel.] For mercy's sake,                                                                                     be
 UP.     La caparra essa accettb,                                                                                                 Li.       She           the earnest money                                                                         ;
         A  serrire                                                                                                                         She has bound herself to serre DM
CW         Ail   I ah ! ah ! rider a t*                                                                                       i   Cfe. Ha! ha ! 'tis laughable                                                   !

Bar        Per    costui parla dovria,                                                                                        j   Lady. Let him be treated with clemency
           La    clemenza, la pieta ;                                                                                                   He demands our pity                                                  ;

           La    ragione lo tradia,                                                                                                     He has evidently lost his senses,
              Ma delitto             in lui       non          T' ha-                                                                   But he is not knowingly culpable.
    *.     Qoal      iiifamia             !                                                                                       Lio.  Oh 1 'tis infamous                                       !

tfm.                  (Poverino!)                                                                                                 Nan. \A*de.]             Poor fellow                                                                  I

rt*. [A Lv>.\ Starami a udir                                                                                                      PI*. \To Lionel.] Hear me one moment
IW. I Plu.\                  Va via di qua.                                                                                       TVt.                                                                                                              Awaj

                                                           AH! CHE A FO/ HEAVEN MAT TO YOU. Liou

           Ah   I che a voi                          perdo
                                                                        nl Iddl      -
                                                                                         o,        la    mia pe         -
                                                                                                                            na,       II   mlo do             -
                                                                                                                                                                  lor          :
                                                                                                                                                                                           e-ri U  so     lo mio de - ti
               Heaven   may                          to    you grant pardon, That you broke my trutting heart,                                                                           That where burning love you kindltd,

           mi        fa        -
                                    cesti a            brani            11   cor!                  Ahldal               ran       -   der        mi      in-fe              -
                                                                                                                                                                                   11     ce         qoal con
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ten                       to        venne a
           You did                  bit        ter     woe              in   part.                 Heaven           may                to        you              grant pardon                       That you                           broke                 my            trusting

              te?...                      Quest' af
                                                      fan - no                           u          -gal            ti                di                          ee                quant a              -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 mor                                nai                soera              la
              heart..                      That where bum                                ing            love       you                kind                        led,                  You did                  bit                                    far             woe               to-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    do                  Id    -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   di                o,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    you grant par                                4on,

                                                                                                                                            ^                              -p- ^                                                                    /TV

                                                     *f3:^pEy=iE| JJ
                                                      1 1 f 7_
                                                               /_j_ J.-
                                                                       4-i    1
                                                                                                              ^Ff'\ -- FTtT'r
                                                                                                              ^     1
                                                                                                                     f    *J-
                                                                                                                            -i-,                     1

                                                                                                                                                     i                 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ^ ^ *-\ W                *-+                           X
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             '        L-

         la    mia mio                        do-Ion                      e-ri   11         so    -   lo   mlo de -                  i           o,                ma              fa   -
         That you brokx my trusting                             heart.       That where burning hot you                                     kindled.                               You did           bit

                                               me                                                                                 T\t       ouurs.                Ah may   !               Heaven pardon
                                               voi                                                                                                                                                                                                  ^    y


                La    ana pena,                 il   suo dolor,                                                                                  For the                   grief         and misery                    inflicted                    on        turn

                               il   solo suo desio,

                Gli facester
                10   gli feci
                                                 b         {    u                                                                                ^                 lyon
                                                                                                                                                                   l oa
                                                                                                                                                                                        k* ve Broken                  his       hean                !

                Ah    !    dal render lo infelioe,
                                                                                                                                                 Alai! what have
                Q->                              J                                                                                               By       rendering him unhappv
                                                                                                                                                 Let his present anguish                                             tell
                U    sco pianto assai                           .
                                                                    dice,                                                                                                                                                               !

                                                                                                                                                 Tell             how much he                        lored
                                                       v                                                                                                                                                               j                    ,

                Che       il       meschin                 !
ffVi            (Del capriccio                       ella s'arvede,                                                               IK         [Aiide.]   She now sees the folly of her capricM                                                                                    ,

                11   consiglio disprezzb,                                                                                                        She despised my counsels,
                Ripararlo invano cliiede                                                                                                         And now                           vainly attempts to repair her error
                II suo duol mi rendic?) !)                                                                                                       By her grief I am avenged                                                  !

Arc             Affrettiamo la ana pena,                                                                                                         Let as quickly punish the impostor,
                Sia punito    impostor,   1'                                                                                                     This has already been endured too long                                                                            !

                Dnro troppo questa    scena,                                                                                                     Hasten we back to the chase                                                    !

                Si ritorni a caccia ancor                                !
                                                                                         [if **t la tromba                                                                         [ Trumpet*
                E la Regina che tfui s'aranza.                                                                                                   The Queen is approaching this way.
(               Con    ritorna la mia speranxa.
                          lei                                                                                                                    And with her my hopes revive                                                           !

                          toglie dal dito I' aneilo, t
                                                       lo                                      A a PbemJcett                                     [Tabu a ring from Jus finger, and gives it
                Onest' ancl del padre dono                                                                                                       Take this ring which my father gave me,
                Teco prendi, e sai perchfe                                                                                                       Thou knowest for what purpose                                                                  ;

                Noa mi credo in abbandono,                                                                                                       I will not believe myself utterly abandoned
                8e qnel pcgno resta a me !                                                                                                       As long as this gage remains                                                       !
Or*.   M Donne.  Dal ciglion deOa collma,                                                                                                    C%. / Lathe*. [Entering.                                          \

          Gin nel vallon,                                                                                                                         From the summit of                      the hill,
          Ci chiama il suon.                                                                                                                               And           the neighboring valley,
          Ecco il sol che gik dechina,                                                                                                                     The           trumpets recall as to the chase
          Ma com              ancor                                                                                                                        The son                is
                                                                                                                                                                                       already declining,
          II cacciator.                                                                                                                             Bat the bold hunter still continues the                                                                         .

4M   Vomini. Del camosico abbiam la traocm                                                      '

                                                                                                                                             Cko. of Mm. We are on the track of the stag')

          Prottigdita sia la caccu.                                                                                                                        Pursue him, over the hill
          Solle baize, nel vallon,                                                                                                                         And through the valley,
          Tra le macchie e nel borron.                                                                                                                     in the wood and through the ravine                                                           !

          \Limtl1o * aondotto ria                      ;                                                                                                                       [Lionel               it   taken          avag.Tkt Hunttn <*?                                                   i

                                                                                                         BUD or                   ra                            *o*.

                              ATTO                                  IV.                                                                                                                         ACT                       IV.
GKNA         l.lnterno             delta       Fattoria <K Pl*mk*tt,                                                                        SCKNB I                        Interior of Plunketfi ! arm home, at                                                                   m
                   Secondo Atto,                PLUM KBTT, tel.                                                                                                           Act.   PLDHKETT discovered, alone.
          Povero Lionel                  !
                                          geme, sospira,                                                                                    Pi*            Poor Lionel                      !    he sighs, he                 lament*
          Fogge 1'amico                  sao, d'aruor delink                                                                                               He        flies    from              his friend ;
          Momento             maledetto,                                                                                                                   He        is   beside himself with love
          Che      sotto      il uostro tctto                                                                                                              Accursed be the hour
          Fa quellu donna accolta,                                                                                                                         When            first       we saw that girl,
          Che Marta ei vide per la                                   prirua volta
                                                                                                                                                           When            first       we brought her beneath our                                                       roof!

                            IL     MIO LIONEL f'EKIRA SOON WILL MY LIONEL DIE                                                                                                                                            PLCMEKTT

                                                                                                                                                                .         ,ftf-**TM                            F1-*-

             D mio           Lio-n*l            pe              ri
                                                                              ra,.<                           Se a       -
                                                                                                                             mi-co   11         del        non
                                                                                                                                                              ^teg:feE    a            vrk;               In-fausto il di che 1'a                                            -
          Soon      will     my         Li         o            nel           die,..                            If           no     aid come from on                                   high      ;        Fa-tal un    happy the                                                  hour,

       8'im-pa          dro        ni        del       suo                cor;...                        Pian-gen-do                        T     mesto e                         sol,            Tre-gua non ha il suo                                                           duol;
       When fir tthif             heartfelt love's                       pow'r         ;            Weeping                    he           toan-dert               in            grief,         Nought to his pain brings re                                                 -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  lief :
                                             *a_           ..
     >frf Efclfi^BEffiffiE
     ?-fr E             ^S=5=53=tEB
                         ^_l_^                                           J-
                                                                                   X       |.        J    -I,

         Pie       to   -
                            so         ciel,   salvo            il            fa,...                          II         mio Lao            -
                                                                                                                                                nel       ne        mor       -
                                                                                                                                                                                   ra   !       Pie       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                               to   -    so     ciel,     Deb, sal-vo                             il     fa,

         Mer-ci             ful        God, hear                my            cry,..                          Site mutt            my Li              -
                                                                                                                                                          o          nel       die!             Mer            ci    -ful God, oh, hear                                      my          cry,

         Q     mio Lio             -
                                        nel                                                          r!              pie
                                                                                                                                   to           so         del,           deh,          sal     vo        11
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     fa,                pie
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   to           -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        so             del,
         Let not            with grief             Li                              nel               die        !        Mer-ci         -
                                                                                                                                            ful           God,            oh, hear                   my             cry,            Mer       -   ci        -ful                   God,

         pie        to             so        ciel,         deh,               sal      vo           11             fk,                                                                                                                            sal       -   vo       il            faf
        mer    -    ci       -ful            God,               Oh        I   hear              my              cry                                                                                                                           kear                      my         cry

          Spiegar non so se amo.                                                                                                                           Bay is this love's hidden fire
          Furtivo entrb nel mio cor                                  ;
                                                                                                                                                           That doth my bosom inspire ?
          So che a Nancy penso ogmor,                                                                                                                      Nancy my thoughts do pursue,
          Soffrir cost deggio ancor.                                                                                                                       Say, must I suffer then too ?
          Se   qaesto
                      e amor non lo so                                                                                                                     If this            be love            who can                 tell   !

          8e tee darar ne morrb                            '
                                                                                                                                                           Most           I   then yield to                        its   spell
            Le parlero, dirle vno                                                                                                         Let me then tell her I love
            Tisposerb, e il faro I                                                                                                        Pity her bosom shall move,
           Accettera, non dira no,                                                                                                        She'll not reject my proffered Io re,
            8e m'amera.                       la sposero.                                                                                 Mine earnest pray'r her sonl will move

    SCENA    II.           LADY ENBIOHBTTA, NASCT, PLUMUCT.                                                                                 SCENE            II.           Enter           HARRIET and NASCT

Pi*         Eccole entrambe                              !                                                                                Here they both come                           !

fmr                          Amico, Ti desio.                                                                                   Lady                                                        My           friend, 1            wish to see vt*
           Nancy, il disegno mio                                                                                                          Nancy has made you acquainted with my design
           Noto vi fece. Vo' salvar Lionello.                                                                                             We will       save Lionel                !

Pfc         V     ascolti           il   del         !                                                                          PI*.      May Heaven               grant          it   !

Km:                                                                Lasciatemi brer' ora                                         L*,.                                                   Leave me                      for       a short time.
                                                                                           [PL       JVWy             partM*.                                         [Exit Nancy and PUt^ktm
           Proriamo so il mio canto                                                                                                       Let me try if my song will not make
           Vale ad oprar su lui 1'usato incanto.                                                                                          The same impression on him that it formerly did.
           Oia 1'Apnl fa ritorno                                                                                                          April returns, crowned                       (6'inp*
           Cinto il crin d' erbe e fior                                               !                                                   With verdure and with flowers !
           Pih gentil ride il giorno,                                                                                                     More bright appears the day,
           Manila il sol piu splendor                                                 !                                                   Mora brilliantly shines the sun                                    !

           Covrc il suol venle ammanto,                                                                                                   The earth is clothed with green                                        :

           Ride il fior sul suo stel,                                                                                                     The flowers sit smiling on their stems,
           L'usignnol                    dolce canto                                                                                      And the nightingale pours forth to Heavw
           Tntt' amor                        manda                 al ciel.                                                               Her sweet song of                     love.

                 SCENA                   ILL                     LIOHHLLO                      Dett*.                                                SCENE                  Ul.             Enter          Lionu
Lto.       Ciel      I    la sna voce                    !                                                                                  Heaven       !    'tis         her voice             1

E*r                                                          Lionello             I                                                                                                                      Lionel       I

 M.                                                                                   Ah       !   vmoi       !                                                                                                           Ah!
           Ch'       io
                                             o traditrice                 1                                                               Ton      wish that I should                           die, traitress                 !

           Sirena iniqaa, cessa il canto om&i,                                                                                            Iniquitous syren, cease that song,
           O morte con quel canto a me darai                                                                                              Which brings me naught but misery and deatk.
                                                                                                     [Gttta           UJbn.               [Throwing away flowers.} Behold these flow*
           Mira.          il   fior      che mi                   desti, e al snol stbgliato.                                             Which thou gavest me, crashed and withered                                                           '

Cor        Ah    1        m'   odi,      m' odi                                                                                 Lady.     Ah   !   hear me, hear                  me        !

Li.                              II so, la tua parola                                                                           Lie.                                 I know too well
           Seduce, ammalia, incanta,                                                                                                      Thy      seductive and enchanting words.
           Fasdnatrice ell' e, ma insiom fatale                                                      !
                                                                                                                                          They     fascinate           and charm,
           Per chi 1' ode e mortale.                                                                                                      But they prove mortal              to whoever                                   listens to
far,       Pieta, Lionel                  !
                                                                                                                                Lady. Mercy, Lionel                !

Lto                                           Pieta, per te                   !           Giammai                 !             Lio.                         Mercy for thee   Never                          !                             !

           Tu    che 1'onta                   al dispregio                    unir potesti                !                               To   insult   and shame thou hast added contempt-
Bar        II iniorimorso, il pianto mio t' arresti                                                       !
                                                                                                                                Lady. Let the remorse I                         feel,
           Io cangiai la tua sortc, il tuo destiuo                                                                                        Let these tears, stay thy reproaches                                             !

           Vclli recar io stessa                                                                                                          I have wrought a change in thy destiny                                                           .

           Alia Regiua quell' anel che il padre                                                                                           I myself presented to the Queen the ring
           Morente a te lascio. Tn sei figliuolo                                                                                          Which thy dying father bestowed on thee.
           Del Conte di Derby da questo suolo                                                                                             Thou are the* son of Count Derby,
           Bandito ingnstamente t                                                                                                         Who was unjustly banished from this country                                                          !

L                                     Oh! padre mio!                                                                            Li.       Oh my!        father         !

JEW    .   In te vnol la Regina                                                                                                 Lct<ty.   And
                                                                                                                                           the Queen would make reparation to that,
           L' esilio riparar del genitore                                                                                             For the unjust exile of thy parent.
           Derby           voi siete, alta portar la front*                                                                           Thou art Count Derby, and on thy brow
           Potete, paii          J' Inghilterra e oonte !                                                                             Mayst place the coronet of a peer of England                                                                 I

Lie.       Io conte            di   Derby                    !                                                                   40.  I Count Derby                         !

Bar.                                                             Si, questa                mano,                                Lady.                    Yes, and this hand,
           Che       il   nome           tuo        ti           rende,                                                                Which restores thy heritage, is now offered to
           8'offre alia tua, pegno d' eterno amore                                                                                        In pledge and token of unceasing love                                                        !

           Derby, 1'accetta e con la mano il core

Lit.       Questa man che d' amarena,                                                                                           Lto.      This hand, which presented the                                         cup of
           A me il nappo presento,                                                                                                        Which could wound even while                                           caressing
           Che       ferisce se carezza,                                                                                                  Which inflicted outrage on me,
           Che       in'oilese e m' oltraggio,                                                                                            Which brought me dishonor,
           Questa          man           che disonora,                                                                                    And which has prepared for me                                          a tomb,
           Che       la    tomba mi                  scavo,                                                                               Dost thou dare to offer it                                 !

           Tu    d'offrirla ardisci            aurora                             I
                                                                                                                                          [ With energy.} Such
                                                                                                                                                               a hand I                                          refuse            it      I

           [Con          forzti.    ]    Questa mano                                      to   no*   U vo.
An         Dio possente                  !
                                                                                                                                Lady. Heavenly powers                       !

Uc                                       Odio mortale                             !                                             Lio.                        With mortal hatred                                                     I

           Bra       1'   astro dell* amor,                                                                                               This woman was my bright star of lov                                                             ;

           Per    lei      dato arei la                           vita.                                                                   For her I would have given my life                                              ;
           Ogni  gioia m' ha rapita,                                                                                                      She has robbed me of every joy on eann, and                                                      

                   1' astro del dolor                                              !                                                      She is but the baneral star of my unhappinea*                                                              !
tar.       MJ leggi in core pentita in                                                         wno,                                       Ah   read my heart I am repentant
                                                                                                                                               !                                                                         ;

           Dniti iusiem    essor dovrem.                                                                                                  Let as be united                  !

           Mi     dia         1'   amore                            il   tno perdono,                                                     Let my love for thee plead ray forgiveness                                                       I

           To pnoi, Lionel, schindermi                                                                  il   del   !
                                                                                                                                          Thon, oh Lionel, canst open Heaven to my riev

           Ah ti piega al mio dolor
                  !                                                                                                                       Ah   t
                                                                                                                                                    yield,          on my anguish
                                                                                                                                                              and have

Li*.       Va t' invola al mio furor                                                   !                                          Li.     Hence, and hide thee from my fury                                          !

aW.        Per pieta, mi rendi il oor.                                                                                                    In mercy, give me back thy love                                   !

    *      Odio eterno avrb nel cor.                                                                           [Lsenafls ports.   Li.     Eternal hatred reigns in                             my   heart       !

8CENA       IV.            LADY EHRICHITTA, NAUOT, Ptmnurr.                                                                               SCENE            IV.         Enter          NAHOT and Punr
MM.        Ebbene, milady                                       !                                                                 Ma*.    Well,      my    lady        1
Ph.                                                                 Egli      a'   invola                                         Ph.                       He hath fled
           L' odio, il furor porU                                                  nel oor.                                               His heart is filled with hatred and fory.
           (Prim* miladi sola era alter*                                                                                                  She has been proud and haughty with Lionel,
           Oggi, Lbnello, pin altero e aaoor.)                                                                                            But now he returns it to her a thousand fold.
           Ah     !       non jnu                              (i   tenti azxoorm                   I                                     Ah   !    no more                I will            persevere in the attempt                                I

           Or, amico, io spero in te !                                                                                                    My         my hopes now are in you.
           81, colui che il core adora,                                                                                                   YM, he whom this heart adores
           Dee tornare a qaesto pie.                                                                                                      Most again be brought to my feet                                      !
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              \Exit             Hi

               8CENA V                                              PLUMUTT                              NAXCT                                 SCENE              V.            PLUVKBTT and                    NAJTOT.

Ha*.    t Plu.   Lo           so bene                      !        ma       che fan            !
                                                                                                                                      + P!M. I know well But what is
                                                                                                                                  Jfa*.                                          !                                  to be      done              '

Ph.        Lo    sai tuno ? nemmen io.
                                   ?                                                                                              Ph.  Do you know what to do No                                '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nor       I neither
fia*.      D' appagare il suo desio                                                                                               No*. We moat both of na try to effect
           Ambedue dohbiam cercare,                                                                                                       That which she                   desires,
           Finche il nuovo tuo signer,                                                                                                    Until oar        new master             relents
           Abbandona                           il      suo rigor.
Ph.        Si,    ma          poi          !                                                                                      Ph.     Yee. bat afterwards 1
No*.                                     poi 1 poi ehe Ma                                                                         No*.                           What what then                                                    -

Ph.        8to        in      impaccio ancor.                                                                                     Ph.     I shall find myself in a state of embarransmean
No*                                                                           Pwche<                                              Ifa*.                                                                     Bnt why*
Ph.        Solo allor restar degg' io,                                                                                            Ph.     Because I   shall then
           Nell' umil togorio mio,                                                                                                        Be   alone in     house,my
           Nel deserto casolar,                                                                                                           And       ait   and sigh          in solitary melancholy,
           Presso il fhoco a sospirar                                                                                                     In   my     poor dwelling.
JRm.       Hai ragione, e                                  tristo aaaei                    1                                      If**.   Yon      are right       ;

           Starnc solo to dovrai,                                                                                                         It will bemelancholy enough                                   i

           Nel deserto casolar                                                                                                            Yon will have to ait and sigh
           Presso             al   fnoco a aoapirar                                                                                       Alone in yoor solitary dwelling.
           E     crodele               !                                                                                                  It If hard!
Ph.                                        Fa          pieta             !                                                        Ph.                 I'm to be pitied !
Nam        Si potrta                                                                                                              Na*. It yon could
Ph.                                            (   Che mai                    dire!}                                              Pi* [A*tU.\         What is she going                                             IB       aay   *

Urn*.       Vi bisogna ana sposina                                                                                                Nam. Yon should get a little wife                                 !

           Consoitate il roatro oor.                                                                                                   Consult TOOT heart, now.
ft*.       Si, conosco ana vicina,                                                                                                PI*  True I know a neighbor,
           La     figliuola del fattor.                                                                                                   A fanner's daughter                        !

Nam.        Ah        !   darrer                   !   rostra Ties**                                                              Nm.     Oh! ready yoa have a neighbor

           E     la nglia del fattor!                                                                                                     A farmer's daughter                        !

           La     prendete.                                                                                                               Well, take her.
Ph.                                                Non              la vo'.                                                       Ph.                                      No, I won't!
No*.       E     perche            1                                                                                              JVM.    And why          not     f
Ph.                                 Non                    1'       amerb.                                                        Ph.                                      I don't love her.
N<t*       Ma donxelle                                 boon*                   beQa,                                                      Bmt yoa will find plenty of other
            Troverete in quantita.                                                                                                        Yeug and handsome lasses.
Ph.        Pifa ne chiedo men n                                                    Tad*.                                          Ph.     The more I search the lew I fad-      ,

            Anna a  genio non mi ra.                                                                                                      Ann* won't suit me.
Mm>         Pin ne chiedo man ne vdt>                                                                                             yam     The more he searches, the leas he find*-
            Anna a genio non gli vm.                                                                                                      Anne won't anit him                            !

            Non c' e on' altra 1                                                                                                          Are there no others t
Ph.                              Dortl                                                         c*                                 Ph.                           Who' where*
.           Non Io so.                                                                                                            Ha*.    I don't         know
Ph                     Ah udi te oak                   !                                                                          ft*.                            Ah!           listen to           me.
            Io conosco ana fancinlla                                                                                                      I   knew a young       a lovely lass,
            Tntta grazia, tutta cor,                                                                                                      With an excellent heart bat what good M                                                              tha*      *

            Ma che val I non sa far nail*,                                                                                                She does not know how to do anything !
            Boooa             e sol per                             on signer.                                                            She is only fit to he the wife of a rich man
80                                                                                              MARTHA.
             Son       M in man tener Ut rocca,                                                                      She can't knit or spin                          ;

             8s sol   ridere e schenar,                                                                              She can do nothing but langh and joke                                                    I

             Ma    benche sia tanto sciocca                                                                          Bat       still, though so ignorant, she has know*
             M' ha saputo innamormr.                                                                           How                to make me fall in lore with her                                        !

             II ritratto         mi somiglia                 :                                             Nm. The portrait                       resembles              me        :

             Mi voleste lusingar                                                                                     You would flatter me.
             Ma  nessono vi consiglia,                                                                               Bat no one advised you
             Qaesta donna di sposar                                                                                  To marry such a girl.
             Par, se apprendere potent,                                                                              Yet,         if   she were quickly to learn
             A cucire ed a filar                                                                                     How          to knit         and    spin.
             8e in brer' ora lo facesse,                                                                             You might, perhaps,
             Vi potrebbe             contentar.                                                                      Be content to have her.
             8U                                                                                            Plu.      Indeed'
tfm                Ma certo          !                                                                     No*.                         Most        certainly            .

Pk.                                      Dir mi mot                      T                                 Pi*.                                                                  Do     you mean              It   Mil utr
Nan          Che'                                                                                          Nan.      What f
PU.                  No, pria Lionel ulru                                      F                           PI*.                 No, Lionel must firot be Bared
             Liberar lo deggio e poi,                                                                                First let us arrange that affair,
             Pensar pcaso a quest'                          affar.                                                   And then we can settle about thi
Nm           Si potrla       !                                                                             Nm.       If      we can      !

PI*.                    No, pria Lionel.                                                                   Pitt.                                  Lionel       first

             All' amico son fedel.                                                                                   I       am   faithful to            my    friend.

Phi,     Nm.       L' amickia
                                             ^      reclama,                                               Pin.    f Nan.          Friendship claims                             {Jj^'.
             Poi parlar potrb a chi m'                                   am                                          We        will afterwards
                                                                                                                                          speak of other claim*.
                                 m   e dato allor,
                                                                                                                     Then we may     be permitted
             Implorar                                                                                                To think of that gentle voice
             Un accento dolce al cor ?                                                                               Which whispers to my bean.
             Qoal sara si dolce al cor 1
                                                                                                           Nan.      What is the voice which whip pen to jour hart
Plu          La                  dell'       amor.                                                         PI*.      It is the voice of IOTO                     !

SCENA       VI. Parco di Lady              JSgwrm           Enrichet.ta.Si                      3   mer-   SCENK             VI.        Lady        Harriet's                Park.BotOu, 6meA, ft
  eato   a Richmond come nelf Atto Primo.Pmek* termne,
                                                                                                             arranged at in               the First            Act                 Farmers, /Servant*, fc.
 ftsttori, e     poi    tutti.

          KSBICHKTTA                     NAKCY                                             aa Conta-       LADT HARRIET and NAJTCT an                                              with them,         dmud m 9m
                                                  dine.                                                                                                        vants.

Om.          Qua     le   panche su due                     file,                                          Cho       Arrange the benches in two rows ;
             Per   1'   usciere la           il   sedile,                                                            Bring the arm-chair for the beadle                                          ,

             Qui   le     scranne pronte son,                                                                        Here, the other seats, all placed
             Come         stavano a Richmond                                                                         In the same position as they were at Richmond.
             Qua le       serve, la          i   fattori,                                                            Here, the servants there, the farmer*,
             Le   fantesche, gli a v ventori,                                                                        The housekeepers, and the hoxten.
             Le   sceriffo l\ sara,                                                                                  The       sheriff will git here,
             I contratti approvera.                                                                                  To       ratify the contracts.
       [Al          Obbediite al cenno                                   mio   1                           Lady. [7 o Chorus. ] Have you obeved                                            all       my       ordan   1
             Ogm        cosa e pronta qui.                                                                 Cko       Every thing is ready.
            La le panche su due file, ec.                                                                            There are two rows of benches,                                        ftc.

Nm,      [Gvardando duntro.] Egli Tien triste, dolente                                                     Nan. [Looking               off"
                                                                                                                                              behind.]         He            comes, sad and oirtwfM.
            Ha 1' aspetto d' nn morente,                                                                             He       looks like one that
                                                                                                                                                dying,                   is

             Ma fra poco sul suo viso,                                                                               Scarcely raising his eyes from the earth !
             D sorriso tornera.                                                    [Svivaia                          He  will smile soon !      [
                                                                                                                                                  The clack it heard                                                to    *nfe
             E mezzodi, venite qui                                   :                                               'Tis midday,    the clock has struck ;
             L' ora suono,                parlar            si       puo,                                            Now          begin      !

Cr     di Serve. Io cucino, io                     il   racsmo,                                            Ch. of        Servants. I can cook, I can embroider, 4c.
                                                                                    [Come Mffatttl.                                                                                                   [As taj*
             Riposare mai non bramo, ec.                                                                   Other*.       I   can make tarts and wine, &c.
Ab.          Fo le torte, fo il Tin mosto, ec.                                                             Others. I         can take care of poultry, &c.
        Coro i polli, io il bucato, ec.                                                                              I   am       never          idle,   &c.
Pi*. [A Lionelh.] Vieni qui.                                                                               P(*.    [T         Lionel.}
                                                                                                                                              Come hither                    !

JU. [Come in dehrio.}         (,                                                                           Lio.    [As       if delinous.]       What mean                             those voice*           t

Pin.    Son le serve di Richmond.                                                                          PI*.      They          are   Richmond               servants.

                                                        [Vogendem a Lady Sitnckttta.                                               [Addressing himself to Lady                                                      H
             Marts, di che               sai tn far              !
                                                                                                                  Martha, say, what can you do 1
                          del parmi ognar.                                                                 Lie. [Perplexed.] Martha    Heaven ! do I dreamt
Li*,   [Perplesso.] Marts                1              I                                                                                                  I

       [Guarda Marta, la riconosce, rimane etatie, Murta,                                                       [He looks at her, recognizes her, and seems
             gli va vicino, gli                   prend* la mono,                     < dice   cm   pas-            with joy.  She approaches him, takes hit
             tiont.                                                                                                 addresses him with much emotion.
fmr          I sogni d' or               dells ricchezza                                                   Lady.     My dreams                of wealth and gold
             Posso obbliare, posso sprenar ;                                                                         I can forget, I can despise ,
             Solo 1' amor, la tenerezza,                                                                             I only retain the recollection*
             Vo rammentare voglio serbar.                                                                            <)f love and tenderaeai
           DeUrio     * qaesto            1
                                                 Sogno, o        w     der*             Lto.                    am I awake, or dreamfaaf t
                                                                                                   It thia deiirinm

Pk.                             E                                                               Nancy. And you, what can you do, my tan
                                    tu d\, che sal, fancmlla              <             P/K.       T'o                                                                        '
       [vl .iVonry.]                                                                           I                  ]

No*.       La   cncina ed           il bucatto.                                        iVan.   can cook, I can bake.
Ft*.   [   Videndo.}           Vuoi scherzar            !   non Mi     far nolla.      Plu [Laughing.] Yon're jesting you can do nothing !

           Se   il
                     padron         fa    1'   ostinato                                iVa*. If my master is obstinate,
           Te   1'   agpiusto            come     va.                                        I can bring him to reason.
Pl.        Mi convieni,  meco vieni.                                                   Plu.        Ton    will suit     me come          along.
           Prendi in pegno questo qua!                                                 No*-        There, take that as an earnest                 !

                                                                          A MM)                                                                               [She   AM* ku       M
TV*    (Ridatdo.]              La   caparra * raeritata,                               AM. [Laughing.] The retort was well merited
           E fa data  con amor.                                                              And was given heartily.
Pt*        Sulla gnancia Mrbo il segno                                                 Pin.        My    cheek receives      it

           Come pegno                    dell'   amor.                                             As a token of         affection   !

       [Ricontanao la               Ma cantont, LimiQf                                  Lady       [Returning Her former tong.  Lionel teemt at if raw*
             MN togno.                                                                               ering and cnOaking from a dream.]
           Gia 1' april             fa ritorno,                                                    April returns, crowned
           Ciale     il   crin       d' erbe e nor                                                 With verdure and with flowers                      '

           Pik notU              ride il giorno,                                                   More bright appears the day,
           Manda          il   ol   pih splendor             I   ec.                               Mora brilliantly shines the snn &c.                    !

TW.    [CM    f**a.} Oianta e 1* ora del piaeat                                         AH     (
                                                                                                                      The happy hoar         it       at last   amed     '

           Noa ii penti cha a arodw                                                                L*     -,   think only of pleasui*             1
Standard Opera Librettos
All librettos      have Englisn   text.   Additional texts are indicated by Italic letters, as follows:
/,   Italian; G,   German;   F, French.   Those marked with (*) contain no music and are      15 cents

      Standard Opera Librettos
      All librettos      have English   text.   Additional texts are indicated by Italic letters, as follows:

      /,   Italian; G,   German;   F, French.   Those marked with (*) contain no music and are      15 cents

      a copy. All the others have the music of the principal airs and are 25 cents each.
        JL                              31          IE                             JL


    Songs from the Operas
                                        EDITED BY H. E.              KREHBIEL
                           Bound     in paper, cloth back, $1.50 each, postpaid
                           In full   cloth, gilt,        .   .   .
                                                                      $2.50 each, postpaid

         In these volumes of        THE MUSICIANS LIBRARY                         the editor has
    presented in chronological order themost famous arias from operas of
    every school. Beginning with songs from the earliest Italian productions,
    a comprehensive view of operatic development is given by well-chosen
    examples from German, French, and later Italian works, down to con-
    temporary musical drama.
             Each song or aria is given in its original key with the original text, and
          a faithful and singable English translation.
          H  Each volume contains an interesting preface by Mr. Krehbiel with
          historic, descriptive and interpretative notes on each song.
          H Portraits of the   most noted composers represented are given           in   each
          4H Size of each volume,    9^ x I2>   inches.

                    Soprano Songs from the Operas
         Contains twenty-three numbers by nineteen composers. The music covers 188
    pages, the prefatory matter 25 pages. Portraits are given of Beethoven, Bellini, Gluck,
    Gounod, Meyerbeer, Mozart, Rossini, Verdi and Weber.

             Mezzo-Soprano Songs from the Operas
         Contains thirty numbers by twenty-five composers. The music covers 186 pages,
    the prefatory matter 29 pages. Portraits are given of Auber, Bizet, Donizetti, Handel,
    Massenet, Saint-Saens, Spontini, Thomas and Wagner.

                         Alto Songs from the Operas
         Contains twenty-nine numbers by twenty-two composers. The music covers 176
    pages, the prefatory matter 20 pages.  Portraits are given of Glinka, Gluck, Handel,
    Lully, Meyerbeer, Purcell, Rossini, Thomas and Verdi.

                     Tenor Songs from the Operas
         Contains twenty-nine numbers by twenty-one composers. The music covers 192
    pages, the prefatory matter 27 pages. Portraits are given of Beethoven, Bizet, Gluck,
    Gounod, Mascagni, Massenet, Verdi, Wagner and Weber.

          Baritone and Bass Songs from the Operas
         Contains twenty-seven numbers by twenty-four composers. The music covers
    188 pages, the prefatory matter 20 pages. Portraits are given of Bellini, Bizet, Cheru-
    bini, Gounod, Halevy, Handel, Mozart, Ponchielli and Tchaikovsky.

        JL          JL                  JL                           JL   JL        JL
      Flotow, Friedrich von
         c MarW   Libretto .
      English & Italian^



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