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Board of Directors Description - eteamz


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									               Escondido American Little League
                           Board of Directors Duties
   All board members are expected to attend at least 8 monthly meetings. 2
   consecutive absences without prior communication constitute an automatic
   The management of the property and affairs of the local league shall be vested in
   the board of directors.
   Annually, the regular membership of EALL is required to meet and elect a board of
   directors. Following the election, the board of directors will meet and elect its officers
   from within the membership of the board.
   The Officers of EALL shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a
   Treasurer, a Player Representative, a Director of Managers, an Information Officer,
   and a Safety Officer. The directors shall, enter upon the performance of their duties
   on September 1st of each year and shall hold office for the ensuing year or until their
   successors is duly elected (see Regulation 1 (b).
   The number of managers and coaches elected to the board shall not exceed a
   minority of the total board members.
   Every board member should have a copy of the Operating Manual, Official
   Regulations and Playing Rules, and the EALL Operations Policy for reference.
   The board may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its meetings and
   the management of the league as it may deem proper.
   The Board of Directors may appoint such other Officers or agents as it may deem
   necessary or desirable, and may prescribe the powers and duties of each and may
   fill any vacancy which may occur in any office.
   Board members should display a positive attitude and willingness to serve the
   league as a community.
   Board members are expected to serve as positive role models and leaders for the
   Board members are expected to be committed for 12 months, not just during the

Officer Duties:
As an officer of EALL you will be asked to be a signer on the league bank accounts.
   Oversees and conducts the affairs of the EALL and execute the policies established
   by the Board of Directors.
   Communicate to the Board of Directors such matters as deemed appropriate, and
   make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare of the EALL.
   Be responsible for the conduct of the EALL in strict conformity to the policies,
   principles, Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, as agreed
   to under the conditions of charter issued to the EALL by that organization.
   Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the EALL and
   report thereon to the Board or Executive Committee as circumstances warrant.
  Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors and be responsible
  for the proper execution thereof.
  With the assistance of the Player Representative, examine the application and
  support proof-of age documents of every player candidate and certify residency and
  age eligibility before the player may be accepted for tournament play.
  Represents the league in the District organization and attends all district meetings.
  Presides over all Board of Directors’ meetings.
  Prepares and distributes Board of Directors’ meeting draft agendas one week in
  advance of meeting for input and final agenda no later than 2 days prior to meeting.
  Receives all communication from Little League Headquarters and the District.
  Open/review all EALL mail (including bank statement) prior to distribution to
  appropriate Board Member.
  Attends all drafts and selection of teams.
  Assists Player Representative with the All Star voting and selection process.
  Ensuring local rules are followed in regards to selection of players and managers.
  Responsible for appointing all managers and coaches with the approval of the Bard
  of Directors

Vice President
  Perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President,
  provided he or she is authorized by the President or Board so to act. When so
  acting, the Vice President shall have all the powers of that office.
  Perform such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors
  or by the President.
  Oversees ALL tryouts and registration duties and works directly with Player
  Representative during signups
  Responsible for all Divisional VPs and Player Representatives
  Presides in the absence of the President.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Secretary (Vacant)
  This is an Officer position and you will be asked to be a signer on the league bank
  Be responsible for recording the activities of the EALL and maintain appropriate files,
  mailing lists and necessary records.
  Perform such duties as are herein specifically set forth, in addition to such other
  duties as are customarily incident to the office of Secretary or as may be assigned
  by the Board of Directors.
  Responsible for all local school flyer communication/distribution for spring and fall
  Maintain a list of all Regular, Sustaining and Honorary Members, Directors and
  committee members and give notice of all meetings of the EALL, the Board of
  Directors and Committees.
  Records all minutes of meetings and distributes for board review 48 hours in
  advance of the next scheduled meeting.

  Conduct all correspondence not otherwise specifically delegated in connection with
  said meeting and shall be responsible for carrying out all orders, votes and
  resolutions not otherwise committed.
  Notify Members, Directors, Officers and committee members of their election or
  Track all volunteers and provide info to board for manager/coach selections.
  Create or update registration forms.
  Coordinate in-house registration, set dates, time, location and helpers.
  Maintains a register of all members and directors. Communicates with the Player
  Representative to obtain this information. Register should include all known contact
  numbers along with email addresses.
  Responsible for historical records of the league, including creating archives annually
  (working with the Information Officer).
  Responsible for sending out all communication to the board by email including notice
  of meetings, minutes, and any communication designated by the President and
  Maintain and organize all league forms, communication files, etc.
  Maintain organization of the Board Room.
  Obtain copy of updated Managers/Coaches manual and ASAP Policy for EALL
  records. Insure that Information Officer has appropriately distributed.
  Works with the Information Officer and Team Parent Rep to constantly monitor the
  web site and bulletin boards for accurate, timely and complete information. Maintain
  close contact with the Information Officer to insure adequate communication.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Treasurer (Vacant)
  Perform such duties as are herein set forth and such other duties as are customarily
  incident to the Office of Treasurer or may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
  Receive all monies and securities, and deposit same in a depository approved by
  the Board of Directors.
  Maintain league financial records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies and
  securities of the EALL. Approve all payments from allotted funds and draw checks
  therefore in agreement with policies established in advance of such actions by the
  Board of Directors. All disbursements by check must have dual signatures.
  Prepare an annual budget, under the direction of the President, for submission to the
  Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.
  Prepare budget.
  Participate in all registrations.
  Provide monthly budget report to the league when asked.
  Prepare and present annual financial statements at Annual Board Meeting.
  Assume full responsibility for all league finances.
  Perform all bank deposits and transactions.
  Prepare or coordinate preparation of all tax returns and corporate filings within
  Reconciles bank statement
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Player Representative (Vacant)
Collect mail-in registrations from the Post Office every 1-2 days during open
registration and input info into database.
Oversee all registrations, help collect fees and categorize players by league, age,
team, etc.
Receive and review applications for player candidates and assist the President in
verifying residence and age eligibility.
Record all player information into league database and maintain an accurate and up-
to-date record thereof.
First point of contact for any player issues and resolves issues or parent complaints,
or if needed escalates them to the President. The Player Representative works with
game scheduler to put together a schedule for all teams,
Schedule and conduct all tryouts, the player draft and all other player transaction or
selection meetings.
Prepare the Player Representatives list of players eligible for the draft.
Prepare for the President’s signature and submission to Little League International,
team rosters, including players’ claimed, and the tournament team eligibility affidavit.
Maintain team lists in league database; provide copies of registration forms to
managers once their teams are chosen.
Provide current email mailing lists for mass communications as requested.
Notify Little League International of any subsequent player replacements or trades.
Notify treasurer of refund requests, communicating adds/drops to treasurer and
Assists the president in checking birth records and player eligibility for all players.
Solely responsible for managing player trades, in coordination with league vice
presidents. Makes recommendations to the President and the Board of Directors for
approval of all trades.
Responsible for submitting final roster to Williamsport by due date, mid-April.
Responsible for creating and distributing an All Star commitment letter for all levels
of play.
Responsible for conducting the All Star voting and selection process. Ensuring local
rules are followed in regards to selection of players and managers.
Responsible for obtaining managers All Star selection forms by required date.
Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Manager Representative
  Attend sign-ups and collect volunteer applications for managers and coaches within
  all divisions.
  Responsible for notifying managers of all relevant information: game and practice
  schedules, rainouts, make-up dates, first aid training and managers and coaches
  Ensure that all managers and coaches attend required meetings and clinics.
  Assist Player Representative with tryouts.
  Responsible along with the Player Representative and President for drafting teams
  in all divisions by age.
  Responsible for working with parents and managers for any issues that may arise
  during spring and fall baseball. Notify President of any issues of concern.
  Responsible for conducting annual managers meeting prior to draft of teams.
  Is responsible for assisting in the required tryouts, works with the Player
  Representative in setting up the Majors draft format and player selection meetings,
  assists in putting together manager packets or binders at start of season, schedules
  and leads manager meeting at start of season, communicates timely updates to
  managers, keeping them informed of league information, maintains a complete list of
  manager contact information, including emails and phone number.
  Ensures pitching records and game records are submitted timely.
  Represent managers and coaches in league.
  Present a manager and coach training budget to the board.
  Order and distribute training materials to players, coaches and managers.
  Coordinate mini-clinics as necessary;
  Serve as the contact person for Little League and its manager-coach education
  program for the league.
  Be in charge of coordinating coaches for all baseball teams in EALL.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Safety Officer
  Be responsible to create awareness, through education and information, of the
  opportunities to provide a safer environment for youngsters and all participants of
  Little League Baseball.
  Should facilitate meetings and distribute safety information among participants
  including players, managers, coaches, umpires, league officials, parents, guardians
  and other volunteers – education.
  Should promote safety compliance leadership by increasing awareness of the safety
  opportunities that arise from these responsibilities - compliance.
  Define a process to assure that incidents are recorded, information is sent to
  league/district and national offices, and follow-up information on medical and other
  data is forwarded as available - reporting.
  Annually, with the President, prior to the start of the season, audit the field lighting
  system(s) to insure it meets Little League minimum standards.
  Frequently inspect all playing areas for holes, damage, glass and other foreign

  Make certain all fences, screens and dugouts are in safe condition.
  Periodically inspect the stands or bleachers,
  Have arrangements in place in advance of all games and practices for emergency
  medical services.
  Arrange first aid training and CPR for all managers and coaches.
  Arrange with the President an annual training meeting for managers and coaches by
  Implementing Little League's "Prevention and Emergency Management Program."
  Prepare and submit to Little League International A Safety Awareness Program
  Handle all accident claims promptly and shall maintain all records pertaining to all
  injuries and to include any claims for liability.
  Responsible for keys to all locks and distribution/collection of keys.
  Coordinates all safety activities in accordance with the ASAP guidelines.
  Provides all First Aid Training and Safety Training for the league.
  Coordinates reporting, follow up and prevention of injuries.
  Distribute and refill First Aid Kits.
  Report and follow up with Field Maintenance Director regarding identified field safety
  issues in a timely manner.
  Provide ongoing safety communication at the fields to managers, coaches, players
  and parents.
  Maintain and report injury stats to the board.
  Ensure all safety issues/needs are budgeted.
  Provide yearly update of the Safety Manual along with distribution.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Information Officer
  Manage the league’s web site (site authorized by Little League International).
  Assign administrative rights to league volunteers and teams.
  Ensure that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis.
  Collect, post and distribute important information on League activities including
  direct dissemination of fund-raising and sponsor activities to Little League
  International, district, public, league members and media.
  Serve as primary contact person for Little League and eteamz.com regarding
  optimizing use of the Internet for league administration and for distributing
  information to league members and to Little League International.
  Distributes important information regarding league activities directly to parents and
  volunteers via email.
  Coordinates any league presentations within the community.
  Post pictures, responsibilities and contact information of all current board members
  on the web site.
  Post all game, concession, and meeting schedules on website
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Board Member Duties:
Concession Coordinator (Vacant)
  Oversees the day-to-day operation of the concession stand.
  Ensures that all volunteers working in the concession meet the age requirements
  and understand the Health Department guidelines, as well as any risks associated
  with not meeting their guidelines.
  Responsible for training the volunteers working concession stand.
  Responsible for scheduling volunteers for the workday activities in the concession
  Will coordinate with Team Parent Rep. in scheduling parent’s concession duty.
  Addresses any safety issues with the Safety Officer.
  Ensures adequate food inventory at all times.
  Ensures adequate bottled drink inventory at all times.
  Ensures adequate inventory of other needed supplies at all times.
  Responsible for price changes on items in concession stand. Must be approved by
  board prior to increase.
  Responsible for the accurate records of the cashbook; recording the daily receipts.
  Responsible for maintaining accurate receipts for all items purchased for concession
  Addresses any issues/conflicts concerning concession stand scheduling, etc.
  Responsible for ensuring the grill and condiment area outside the concession stand
  and the area surrounding them are kept clean.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Division Coordinator
  In the Junior division WILL be responsible for creating and scheduling pool players
  that are needed.
  Responsible for the coordination with other leagues for all Inter-League play.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Equipment / Uniform Manager
  Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all player equipment.
  Cleans equipment bags and equipment.
  Responsible for ordering and distributing all uniforms for players and managers,
  including the regular season, all-stars and other post-season teams.
  Prepares all equipment bags for distribution each new season.
  Coordinates with the Manager Rep. to make sure that all equipment bags are
  distributed to managers by/on draft day for each league.
  Maintain log of all current managers who have been issued equipment.
  Coordinates with the Manager Rep. to receive all equipment bags back from the
  managers at the end of the season (or the end of all-star season or fall league).
  Maintains an electronic inventory of all equipment in each bag to ensure that all
  equipment is returned and that equipment which has exceeded its life expectancy is
  Inspects all equipment, removed damaged, worn, or unsafe equipment, and
  replaces with new equipment.

  Obtains and coordinates equipment and uniform bids for Board approval.
  Responsible for ordering and distributing all equipment and uniforms for regular
  season, all stars, and fall ball.
  Maintains inventory of reserve equipment.
  Works with Safety Officer to ensure all First Aid kits are kept current and distributed
  Display actual uniform samples to board members for approval along with pricing
  information prior to the ordering of uniforms.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Field Maintenance Director (Vacant)
  Be responsible for facilities maintenance and repairs. Oversees all construction
  projects and works with the city to obtain required permission to modify fields.
  Coordinates janitorial services for restrooms and solicits the membership help on
  improvement projects.
  Make FINAL decision as to game cancellations, or assigns another volunteer to
  make decision if not available.
  Oversees workday projects and schedules two workdays per year for entire
  Responsible for all field preparation prior to the first game of each day.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Fundraising Representative
  Responsible for the coordinating, planning and directing of all fund-raising activities.
  Coordinates with the Treasurer to make sure that all funds are secured.
  Coordinates with all other board members, league commissioners, managers, on all
  fund raising activities.
  Oversees all fundraising activities for EALL
  Responsible for developing a spring and fall fundraiser
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Pictures / Awards Representative
  Oversees picture day and submits any photography bids to the board for approval.
  Responsible for coordinating, planning, and directing all team pictures, etc.
  Distributes pictures to Team Parents for each team.
  Oversees trophy orders for all teams who purchase trophies thru EALL.
  Orders all awards and trophies presented during opening and closing day
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Scheduler Coordinator
  Responsible for scheduling games, practices and batting cages for all divisions
  Responsible for scheduling all tournament games.
  Reschedule games in compliance with EALL policies.
  Responsible for scheduling lights for all fields (when applicable).
  Member of protest committee.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

  Sponsor Representative
  Responsible for the coordinating of all sponsorship activities, including but not
  limited to: in-season team uniforms, scoreboard signs, concession stand signs,
  restroom signs, post-season teams, and post-season tournaments.
  Coordinates with the Treasurer to make sure that all sponsorships are paid.
  Coordinates with field maintenance rep. to make sure correct sponsorship signs are
  placed on buildings, scoreboards, etc in the park.
  Assists the Special Events Coordinator in coordinating, planning, and directing all of
  the Community Day events (end of year thank you to all sponsors).
  Responsible for invoicing previous sponsors and recruiting new sponsors.
  Oversees outfield sign sells and ensures art work in submitted to sign maker
  Coordinates with Picture Rep to order Sponsorship plaques and ensures delivery is
  made to sponsors.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Team Parent Representative (Vacant)
  Be the primary point of contact for players, parents, and coaches in all divisions.
  Works with Chief Umpire to recruit parents to umpire games.
  Responsible for coordinating, planning, and directing all of the opening day events.
  Responsible for coordinating, planning, and directing all of the Community Day
  events (end of year thank you to all sponsors). This event shall be coordinated with
  the Sponsorship Coordinator.
  Works with the concession director to contact Team Parent for concession duty
  Maintains complete roster and contact info of Team Parent for entire league.
  Responsible for coordinating, planning, and directing all of the closing day events.
  Post pictures, responsibilities and contact information of all current board members
  at the complex and on the web site.
  Post all game, concession, and meeting schedules on outside boards at the complex
  and website
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.

Umpire in Chief (UIC) (Vacant)
  Responsible for training of all umpires for all divisions, schedules and coordinates
  training session prior to the season, provides communications to the umpire staff,
  schedules umpires for all games, provides support for question related to umpires.
  The Umpire in Chief or Umpire Coordinator identifies potential umpires to present to
  the President whose duty it is to appoint umpires for the year.
  Schedule umpires for all games
  Tracking of final umpire assignments and payments for all games
  Communication with umpire association representatives
  Be knowledgeable of Little League and Local playing rules
  Represent and support the umpires as a member of the Board of Directors
  Responsible for recruiting and training umpires for all divisions.
  Member of Protest Committee.
  Works with other officers as needed to support all areas of EALL.
Required participation on all Game Days (Board Member on Duty):
  Administer policies of Escondido American Little League. This includes reading and
  understanding the Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Little League Baseball,
  Little League Operating Manual, EALL Constitution / By-Laws, and EALL local
  Operations Policy.
  Unlock office and turn off alarm. Unlock the rear parking area.
  Set up scoreboards on all three fields (if being used that day).
  Set up Grill area (easy up, 3 tables, napkins and utensils). Bring out recycle bins,
  one each aluminum and bottles by flag pole and one each aluminum and bottles at
  Minor B field.
  Ensure the games start on time. Only the Manager and 2 approved coaches are
  allowed on the field for warm up. A list of approved coaches will be in the office.
  Teams will take the field 45 minutes prior to game time.
  DO NOT interfere with games in progress unless assistance is requested by the
  plate umpire. After the game has started, the umpire is in total control of the playing
  field. If you do notice teams not following rules please bring this up with the umpire
  and EALL UIC after the game.
  Sign umpire assignment record and vouchers to validate umpire charges. Check in
  and out all League owned equipment.
  Ensure bases, batting tee(s) and umpire equipment has been returned. For 2011
  night games lights are scheduled to go off at 9pm. Board members with access to
  lights are Kim, Steve, Dave, and Mike M.
  Enforce EALL and City of Escondido Field cleanup policies, and empty all trashcans
  and replace with new liners. All recyclable must be collected and stored until which
  time the assigned individual can take the items to the recycler.
  Turn off and lock the scoreboards on Field #1 and #2.
  Sweep up trash and sunflower seeds as needed.
  Assist with the cleanup and closing of the snack bar. Total receipts are to be entered
  on a deposit record slip. Deposit all receipts in the safe. NO MEMBER IS TO
  COORDINATOR OR PRESIDENT. No Board Member shall take money home
  without permission from the Treasurer or President.
  Make sure the home team managers from all night games and the last games on
  Saturday stay with the snack bar crew until they are done.
  Ensure the snack bar, equipment room, coaches room, maintenance shed and roll-
  up doors are locked and the alarm is properly set.
  Lock the rear parking area, bathrooms, and front gate upon leaving. Make sure
  alarm is set

Other Required participation:
  Mandatory participation in all field maintenance days. These are usually twice a
  year, preparation of both fields and common area for the upcoming season (Fall and
  Spring). For the Spring season this will include preparing the junior field snack bar.
  Mandatory attendance at all Board Meetings. Meetings are usually held on the first
  Monday of every month.
  Mandatory participation in all issues voted on by the board of directors.


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