Isa Business Degree for Me by mmcsx


									only people who have degrees, and they
won't even consider those who don't.

But if you're planning to work for
yourself, you're looking for knowledge
helpful in small business management
and entrepreneurship, right? So does it
matter to you if you have the degree?

You can learn what you need to learn
from many different sources.          For
                                                                                     Is a Business
example, the federal government's Small
Business Administration (http://                                                     Degree for Me?
index.html)    has a huge amount of
information available for free on its web
site. Or you can take individual college
courses applicable to small businesses
(e.g.,    bookkeeping,         business
communications, labor-management
relations, business theory, marketing,

But if you really want the degree,
consider a degree program focusing
specifically on entrepreneurship or small
business management.

The Bottom Line

Don't jump into an associate's or
bachelor's program in business admin-
istration until you've determined (a) you
need a degree and (b) that degree meets
your needs.

                                                   Education & Career
                                                   Development Center
                                                 Mission Support Building
                                                        Room 113
                                                  USCG Training Center
                                                     1 Munro Avenue
                                                Cape May, NJ 08204-5084
                                                                                     USCG Training Center Cape May
                                     We Train the Guardians of the Sea
                                              literally hundreds of different subjects such as    Concepts, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship,
                                              biology, geology, physics, international            International Human Resource management,
                                              relations, philosophy, civil engineering,           Principles of E-Business, Small Business
                                              sociology, space studies, criminal justice,         Growth & Development, Management
                                              electrical engineering, sports and health           Communications, Budget Development &
                                              sciences, and on and on.                            Execution, Information Technology Project
                                                                                                  Management,        Virtual     Management,
                                              Don’t pick a major out of the air just because      International Finance, Principles & Theory of
                                              you’ve heard it’s the easiest or can be used        Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer
                                              anywhere or that most employers want people         Behavior, or International Marketing.
                                              to have one. Do some research. Do the types of
                                              employers you’d be applying to really want          Electives – These are courses in any
                                              someone with a business degree? What do the         subject. You can take more business courses or
                                              jobs which interest you actually require you to     courses completely unrelated to business.
                                              do all day?
                                                                                                  At AMU you must complete 119 credits to earn
                                              A typical bachelor’s degree in business             your BBA (35 general education, 39 core, 15
                                              administration (BBA) involves taking (and           concentration, 30 electives). Another example,
                                              passing) the following courses. (These are from     for comparison, is Excelsior College where a

Is a Business Degree                          American Military University’s general business
                                              administration degree description, but most
                                                                                                  BBA is 120 credits (34 general education, 33
                                                                                                  core, 15 concentration, 38 electives).

for Me?                                       schools offering a BBA have similar
                                                                                                  Starting & Running Your Own Business
                                              General Education requirements – These
A lot of people who want to start on the      will be the same at virtually any school you        If you're thinking about getting a business
road to a college degree say they want to     attend and for any major you choose. They           degree because you want to start and run your
major in business. When asked why, they       usually include: English, humanities, history,      own business, you might want to think
usually say something like, “Because I can    math, science, social science, political science,   again. Look at the courses listed above for
use it anywhere” or “Because it’s the most    and literature.                                     American Military University's BBA
general major.” When asked what makes                                                             program. While some of the courses you'd take
them think that, the most frequent answer     Core requirements – These are the main              would be applicable to starting a small
is, “I don’t know; that’s what I’ve heard.”   courses related to your major. Most BBA             business, many likely would not.
                                              programs require courses like these, if not these
Before you get your mind set on a             specific courses: Accounting I, Business Theory,    If you're main goal is to start and run your own
business degree, you should first ask         Law & Ethics in the Business Environment,           business, the first question you should ask
yourself, “What kind of work do I want to     Global & Competitive Strategy, Operations           yourself is: do I need a degree?
do when I leave the Coast Guard?” A           Research, Principles of Financial Management,
business major may well be the right one      Principles and Theory of Management,                In today's labor market, employers use a degree
for you. But it also might not.               Management Information Systems, Applied             as screening a device. They've determined that
                                              Statistics, Principles & Theory of Marketing,
If you want to start and run your own         Microeconomics, Macroeconomics.
business, believe it or not a business
degree may not be what you're looking for.    Concentration requirements – These are
If you’re not interested in getting one of    courses which relate to your main interest
the traditional degrees generalists           within the general topic of “business
obtained (pretty much any BA degree, as       administration”. At AMU, you must take a
opposed to a BS) there are the new            Senior Seminar in Business Administration and
generalist degrees (general or liberal        four of the following courses: Leadership &
studies). Or you can major in one of          Motivation,      International     Business
                                              Management, Organizational Behavior,
                                              Contemporary Internet Topics, Internet

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