Jan 30 ComSoc Assembly Agenda - Queen's Commerce Society by cuiliqing


									                                   ComSoc Assembly
                                Sunday, January 16, 2011
                                     8pm GDS 353

1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Speaker’s Business

4. Guest Speaker – AMS Executive Candidates – Team CES and Team SDR

5. Statements by members
          a. President – Katie Shotbolt
          b. VP External – Stephie Fung
          c. VP Internal – Nick Milinkovich
          d. CRO - Michelle Young
          e. CMO – Augusta White

6. Motions
         a. Katie Shotbolt - De-ratification of SeeWhyMe (Appendix 1)
         b. Katie Shotbolt – MOU between ComSoc and Creo (Appendix 2)
         c. Nick Milinkovich, Ben Richards, and Katie Shotbolt – Deletion of Current Policy
            Surrounding Businesses (Appendix 3)
         d. Nick Milinkovich – Adoption of New Policy Surrounding Businesses (Appendix
         e. Nick Milinkovich – CSR Committee (Appendix 5)

7. Q&A

8. Close of Assembly

Being put forth by: Katie Shotbolt, President
Being put forth on: January 30, 2011

WHEREAS the Commerce Society has not been able to find value in SeeWhyMe

BIRT the Commerce Society de-ratify SeeWhyMe and approve the associated changes to policy
which are outlined in Appendix 1.

Being put forth by: Katie Shotbolt, President
Being put forth on: January, 28, 2011

The Commerce Society seeks to increase student participation by incorporating businesses that
address a niche within the society

look for opportunities that enhances the student experience by providing more hands-on-learning

Creo Solutions fits with the Society’s mandate

Assembly rafity Creo Solutions as specified by the MOU, outlined in Appendix 2.

Being put forth by: Nick Milinkovich, VP Internal; Ben Richards, Business Manager; Katie Shotbolt, President
Being put forth on: January 30th, 2011

the current Commerce Society policies surrounding business enterprise are underdeveloped and scattered throughout
different policies

the Commerce Society has made a strategic push to include more businesses in the Society
a new and separate policy that governs business enterprise is being developed

Assembly adopt the changes to the Operations and Society Composition Policy, as seen in
Appendix 3

Being put forth by: Nick Milinkovich, VP Internal
Being put forth on: January 30th, 2011

the Commerce Society recognizes the importance of socially responsible leadership

a new Student Advisory Committee has been created by Queen's Centre for Responsible Leadership

consistency of membership in this committee will strengthen its ability to advise the Centre

Assembly adopt the changes to the position descriptions of the Outreach Commissioner and
Community Activities commissioner, as seen is Appendix 4.
    Name: Katie Shotbolt
    Position: President
    Reporting Period: January 30, 2011

Items to Report

Golden Gifts| I encourage you all to check out http://goldengifts.myshopify.com/ . It is a soon to be
ComSoc business. Golden Gifts is in the process of hiring its first Management Team - please check out
the ComSoc website for more information.

Goodes Hall Expansion | QSB is looking to increase the COMM 2015 class size to 450. However, this is
not set in stone, as it still needs to pass through Senate.

Corporate Partner Value Assessment | Kelsey, Jess, Stephie and I were in Toronto on January 28th to
meet with some of the Commerce Society Corporate Partner’s. We will present our findings at this

CEO and orientation week | All Bosses have been hired. The CEO did a great job orchestrating and
conducting all the interviews. Ben, CEO Chair, and I also attend an orientation roundtable with our
respective counter parts at other faculty societies to discuss the upcoming orientation week.

Spark for Clark | this was contract established between the EngSoc and ComSoc during the 08/09 school
year. The contract specifies that ComSoc has all priority bookings of Clark Hall on Friday nights, after
8pm; a total of twenty-four (24) free bookings per academic year; further bookings will be subject to a
50% discount; and equal opportunity for employment. The contract provides EngSoc the option to
extend the contract for another 2 years in return for $7000.00. We are currently working with EngSoc to
restructure part of the contract for the next 2 years. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate
to contact me.

Queen’s Option and Writing Option | At the past Faculty Board, deleting the “Queen's Option Package
Requirement” and “Arts Writing Credit Requirement” as a requirement for graduation from the
Commerce Program was approved. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Commerce Goes Green | This week long initiative kicks off on February 1st. The marketing team, with
the help of Britta Allen, have done an amazing job preparing for this event.

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Motions to Present

Ratify Creo and the Creo MOU
De-ratify SeeWhyMe
Discussion Items to raise

   Name: Stephie Fung
   Position: Vice President External
   Reporting Period: January 30th, 2011

Items to Report

External Updates | A big congratulations to QEC, QCIB and QSIC for three extremely successful
conferences and competitions! It is amazing to see the amount of dedication and passion all the
executives have brought to their events. Great job everyone and a fantastic kick-off to the semester!

Initial Meetings | I was happy to sit down with all the new co-chairs to discuss their goals and
strategies for the upcoming conference season. It is an exciting time; turning over our conferences
for a new year.

Conference Dates | Conference dates have been finalized for the 2011-2012 year. Stay tuned to the
ComSoc Portal for an update of all the conference dates – there will be a few exciting new changes!

External Infosession | I held a brief session for all our new co-chairs to guide them through
ComSoc’s resources. Thanks to all that attended, and stay tuned for a package to go out soon
summarizing all our policies and guidelines.

External Representatives | Congratulations go out to the incoming External Representatives for
this Winter Semester. Welcome!

ComSoc Appreciation Dinner | I am excited to announce the date for the Annual ComSoc
Appreciation Dinner – March 16th, 2011. This is a night where we invite all co-chairs of committees
as well as Assembly members to a semi-formal dinner to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments,
followed by the after-party: obviously Alfies Night!

New Office | We have officially moved into our new offices in Room 401 of Goodes Hall. The old
offices have now closed for the rest of the semester, with the exception of the Storage Room that
can still be accessed through the original entrance. Feel free to check out the new office space

Corporate Partner Value Assessment | I had the pleasure of meeting with a number of our
Society’s major corporate sponsors this Friday and was able to solicit some great feedback from our
partners on what they have enjoyed this year, as well as some suggestions on how to bring more
value to their sponsorship. Please see our presentation for more details on some of the insights we
uncovered over the course of our meetings.

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Motions to Present

Discussion Items to raise

   Name: Nick Milinkovich
   Position: Vice President Internal
   Reporting Period: January 30th, 2011

Items to Report

CSR Committee | After working with the CSR Centre over the course of this year, I am happy to
announce that we will be forming a Student Advisory Committee to help them engage students.
Essentially, we will meet with them regularly to discuss better ways for the Centre to bring the
concepts of responsible leadership and CSR to our program. The Centre is very excited to be
working with us and has been very receptive to all the ideas I have brought to them thus far.

Election Season | Tonight at Assembly we will have a chance to hear from, and question, the teams
that are running for the AMS Executive. I urge everyone to take the time to read through their
platforms, listen to their ideas, and ask them the tough questions. Most importantly, I hope
everyone makes the choice to vote on February 1st and 2nd.

Activities on the go! | The internal portfolio has truly hit the ground running so far this semester:
     CCC was a great success this past weekend, despite Queen's unfortunate semi-final loss to
        Ivey. The exec did a tremendous job at running a smooth weekend.
     QECA has sold out tickets to the Oil & Gas Speaker series which will be happening this
     QNP has begun signups for Consulting for a Cause (Feb 5) and have had great turnout so far.
     Q'CIA, Campus Perks, and BlackBerry teamed up for a great fundraising event
     ...and many, many more!

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Motions to Present

       Yes (3) -- Deletion of Current Policy Surrounding Businesses; Adoption of new policy
governing businesses; CSR Committee

Discussion Items to raise
   Name: Michelle Young
   Position: CRO
   Reporting Period: January 31, 2011

Items to Report

Elected Officials Elections | Please continue to reach out to those who you think would make
great candidates for the upcoming elected officials elections. Applications are due Tuesday at
2:30pm. Note the following available positions: (available for ALL years, including graduating

- Society Executive (VPI, VPE, President)
- Senator, Upper/Lower AMS Rep, Internal/External Rep
- COMM __ Year President, Secretary/Treasurer, Socials Coordinator
- COMM 11 Class President, Class Reunion Coordinator, Class Gift Coordinator, Class Correspondent

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       Yes, please! :)

Motions to Present

       Not at this time

Discussion Items to raise


   Name: Anna Wu
   Position: Industry Associations Commissioner
   Reporting Period: Jan 30, 2011

Items to Report

BCC | Due to staffing shortages at the BCC, Career Week has been cancelled for this year. This
is unfortunate because the week did bring value to students; however, the Industry Associations
Commission will be working hard to connect students and firms. Please keep an eye on the portal
for upcoming events.
QAA | The QAA brought three teams to the annual ICAO CA$H competition in Toronto the
weekend of January 6th; congratulations to Jesse Weening, Susan Wong, and Garrett Moore for a
Queen’s-best fourth place finish. The QAA is also looking for students to compete in accounting
case competitions at the University of Ottawa and McMaster University.

QRA | The QRA hosted Louis Forbes, the CEO of Primaris REIT, to QSB on Tuesday, January
11th for another speaking event. Congratulations to the QRA for bringing in their third speaker in
their inaugural year! Please check out their new website <queensurealestate.ca> for upcoming
events and more information.

QECA | The QECA and the Faculty of Engineering held the annual Oil & Gas Speakers’ Series
this past January 28-29th. Shell is heavily recruiting second year students into their summer
internship program and we encourage all those interested to apply. Congratulations to QECA on
a fantastic event!

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Motions to Present


Discussion Items to raise


      Name: Augusta White
      Position: Chief Marketing Officer
      Reporting Period: January 9 – January 30

Items to Report
1)Commerce Goes Green February 1 – 5
Coordinating Commerce Goes Green for Launch next week
This year’s objective for Commerce Goes Green is to increase awareness and action about the
Green movement. As a Society, we need to focus on promoting Green initiatives where students
have the most impact/effect.
Campaign: This February… Turn over a New Leaf: Commerce Goes Green.
What’s your footprint?
Our goal is to make the week an interactive experience promoting change. Some of the
ways we plan to facilitate this are:
-a graffiti wall where students can write their commitments to going green
-Interactive prizes and giveaways each day…. SIGG Water bottles, mugs, tea room cards, coffee,
t-shirts, recycled paper notepads, snacks (some will be subject to $2 charity donation)
-a speaker session by Professor Steven Moore at BM
-a commitment to raising charity donations for a local Green charity
-a Green Room with interactive slide videos of facts and ways to get behind the Green movement
at Queen’s
Day 1: Tuesday, February 1
Drip Drip Drop: Water Plastics Day
Day 2: Wednesday, February 2
Paperless Paper Recycling/Technology Recycling Sponsored by NSC
Day 3: Thursday, February 3
Food/Consumption Waste
Day 3: Friday, February 4
Businesses that support Going Green
My responsibilities have included
-delegating each day to AMO’s, Britta and Katie
-Purchasing materials for promotion
-Setting creative vision for campaign and focus
-Arranging meeting/coordinating logistics for speaker/tea room

2) Commerce has Heart
-Investigated charities for this initiative and set tentative date for week of March 1.
-brainstormed with the team and concluded that an educationally focused charity would be
-considered making a charity donation option, as well as volunteer option
-investigated including Bosses into experience given new community service requirements
3) AMO feedback
-emailed AMO’s with feedback and set new objectives/standards of responsibility for new year.
Congratulations to Ben and Brendon for being such an incredible part of the Marketing team.

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Commerce Goes Green  We need volunteers to sign up for the Green booths. If you want to
help out specifically with one of the initiatives contact Augusta.

Motions to Present


Discussion Items to raise

   Name: Emily Young
   Position: Community Activities Commissioner
   Reporting Period: (Jan, 17, 2011 – Jan, 30, 2011)

Items to Report

CCC | Congratulations to Kevin Hogan, Conor O’Kelly and the rest of the CCC Executive for
running a very successful Cure Cancer Classic Jan 21 - 22. Eight teams from different Ontario
universities participated in the hockey tournament and approximately $3000 is expected to have
been raised for Canadian Cancer Society.

Commerce Kids | Applications for winter semester classroom and lunch time volunteers have
been collected. Planning is well underway for the QYWIL conference that will take place at the
end of February. The first ever Run for Kids will be held on Tindall field on March 25 from 2:00
pm – 4:00 pm. The relay will be followed by a BBQ social. Come out and run a few laps in
support of local Kingston schools.

QNP| Consulting for a Cause will be taking place on February 5 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.
Participants will help the Canadian Mental Health Association develop ideas to address some of
their most pressing business challenges. Registration took place this past week in the atrium.

Q’CIA | Q’CIA has teamed up with Blackberry to “Heat Things Up” on campus as part of the
BestLife Top-30 $100 Happiness Challenge. Events, included a teddy bear sale and hot
chocolate stand, collected donations that will support Q’CIA’s upcoming efforts in Ecuador.
Q’CIA will be working with the PROs in the weeks leading up to the trip to raise awareness in
the Queen’s and Kingston Community.

QMCC | The second annual Queen’s Micro-Credit Challenge will take place March 2 - 9.
Teams will be given $100 and presented with the challenge of making the most profit in one
week. An information session and class talks were held this past week to increase the profile of
the challenge. Registrations will be accepted until February 25.

SIFE | After a semester of intensive preparation, SIFE co-chairs and project director are
working to successfully implement and monitor each project to ensure the SIFE portfolio is
ready to be presented at Regionals on March 17 and 18. SIFE has pledged to participate in the
Campbell’s Let’s Can Hunger challenge and is looking to the Queen’s and QSB community to
help collect 5000 cans by the end of the semester.

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Motions to Present
Discussion Items to raise


    Name: Jessica Hayward
    Position: Public Relations Officer
    Reporting Period: January 16th-30th

Items to Report

        -     QCIB, QEC, CCC, QSIC all went well. QCIB was featured in Business without
              Boarders and QSB has been placing many more press releases on the QSB website,
              which is helping expose out activities beyond the society
        -     Media Team has been hired Alexander Banh and Emily Kingdom are the newest
              editions. We will be slowing integrating them into the team in the coming weeks.
        -     ComSoc held their second annual Corporate Partner Value Assessment this past
              Friday, which allowed us to better understand the value firms are receiving by
              involving themselves with comsoc as well as what areas there are to further expand
              their value.

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Motions to Present


Discussion Items to raise

    Name: Bernice Lee & Ran Mo
    Position: Lower & Upper Year AMS Representative
    Reporting Period: 10 January 2011 – 20 January 2011

Items to Report
Upcoming AMS Elections | All ballots will be cast online from this year forward. Voting takes place 1 &
                         2 February.
Executive Team Candidates
-Presidential Debate on January 26 , 7pm – Lower Celildh, JDUC
-VP Operations Debate on January 25 , 7pm – Common Ground
-VP University Affairs Debate on January 24 , 7pm – West Campus
Morgan Campbell, Ashley Eagan and Kieran Slobodin (Team CES)
Sacha Gudmundsson, Daniel Szczepanek and Lara Therrien Boulos (Team SDL)

Undergraduate Student Trustee Candidates
-Debate on January 27 , 7pm – Lower Celildh, JDUC
Lauren Long, Andrew Witzke, Jesse Waslowski, Patrick Allin, Stephen Pariser

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Motions to Present


Discussion Items to raise
Appendix 1 – Society Composition

As at January 30th, 2010, the Businesses are:
        Oil Thigh Designs

Appendix 2

January 30, 2011

    Memorandum of Understanding between the Queen’s Commerce Society and Creo

Purpose: This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishes a partnership agreement
between the Queen’s Commerce Society (ComSoc) and Creo Solutions (Creo). Creo is a not-for-
profit, student-run consulting organization that was founded in 2004 by Queen's Commerce

Scope: The following agreement represents the set of terms under which Creo will be ratified by
ComSoc, and by which Creo's inclusion in ComSoc will be governed. The terms of this MOU
have been agreed upon by both ComSoc and Creo. All existing Commerce Society policies as at
January 30th, 2011 stand unless specified in this MOU.

Statement of General Terms and Conditions
    1. Duration of MOU
             a. Creo shall become a member of the Business portfolio within the Commerce
                Society for a duration of three (3) years, beginning on January 30th, 2011.
             b. This MOU must be renewed and/or renegotiated each year by January 30th. If a
                new MOU, or amendments to this MOU, cannot be agreed upon by January 30th,
                the prior year’s agreement stands.
      c. Modifications to this MOU must be agreed upon by both parties. Any changes
            shall be required to be placed in writing, with signatures from the ComSoc
            President, ComSoc Business Manager, and Creo Director accompanying the
            changes; otherwise the changes shall be considered to be void.
      d. On January 30th, 2014, the termination date of this MOU, this contract may be
            dissolved or renegotiated by both parties.
      e. This MOU is dissolvable at any time with the consent of the ComSoc Business
            Manager, Creo Directors, and President. A notice of termination shall be written
            and signed by all three parties in order to end the terms of this agreement.

2. Hiring
      a. Due to the flexible and client-facing nature of Creo’s business, it may be
            necessary to conduct ‘quick hires’.
      b. The Quick Hire process is an accelerated hiring program that allows Creo the
            ability to choose to hire any individual in the Queen's Commerce program subject
            to the following conditions:
                i. The individual fills out a standard Creo application
               ii. The individual is interviewed by the Creo Director(s). The Business
                   Manager, HRO, or ComSoc President must be present at this interview.
                   The interview will be conducted in full accordance with ComSoc Hiring
               iii. The Business Manager must be notified seventy-two (72) hours before
                   Creo starts its quick hire process.
      c. Due to the continuous nature of Creo's operations, the importance of building
            hands-on consulting experience for members, and year-to-year growth, any
            student that Creo hires may remain a part of the committee for the remainder of
            their undergraduate tenure without the need to re-apply to the committee.
      d. At any time, Creo's team may consist of MBA students. However, the number of
            MBA students on the team may not exceed 20% of the overall team size.
   3. Financing
         a. Creo shall be granted the right to use an external bank account to manage their
         b. Any profits realized from Creo's operations shall remain internal to the business.
         c. Creo must be audited every year by the Commerce Society Auditing team. This
            process will be controlled by the Advisory Board, and is subject to all existing
            ComSoc policies on audit requirements..
         d. Creo's financial situation will be presented to Assembly at the AGM
         e. The Business Manager, President or Chief Financial Officer may request to see
            Creo’s bank statement at anytime. This request must be satisfied with three (3)

   4. Oversight
         a. The Business Manager, who reports to the President, will oversee Creo’s
         b. If required by Creo they will sign a non-disclosure agreement
____________________________________           _____________________________________
              Katie Shotbolt                                     Ben Richards
       President, Commerce Society                  Business Manager, Commerce Society
       president@comsoc.queensu.ca                    Ben.Richards@business.queensu.ca

________________________________               _____________________________________
            Nick Milinkovich                                       Dina Ali
         Director, Creo Solutions                          Director, Creo Solutions
            7njm@queensu.ca                                   7da1@queensu.ca
Appendix 3

There are three distinct streams through which an organization can become a newly ratified
member under the Queen’s Commerce Society portfolio.

STREAM            (as defined by subsection     (as defined by subsection    COMMITTEE (as defined
                  6.03.01 of the                6.03.02 of the               by subsection 6.03.03 of
                  Constitution)                 Constitution)                the Constitution)
General           Based out of Goodes or        Based out of Goodes Hall     Based out of Goodes Hall
Characteristics   started by Commerce           or started by Commerce       or started by Commerce
                  students.                     students.                    students.

                  Participants are primarily    Has the ability to the       Participants are primarily
                  Queen’s Commerce              meet the requirements of     Queen’s Commerce
                  students.                     Section 3 of the             students.
                                                Operations Policy (Policy
                  Fulfills a unique niche for   on External Committees)      Fulfills a unique niche for
                  the Queen’s Commerce          with a sufficient market     the Queen’s Commerce
                  student body that has yet     for sustainability.          student body that has yet
                  to be recognized by                                        to be recognized by
                  another organization.                                      another organization.

Funding           Sponsorship, self-            Sponsorship and self-        Sponsorship, self-
                  generated revenue, and        generated revenue            generated revenue, and
                  Society funding if            including, but not limited   Society funding if
                  necessary.                    to delegate fees.            necessary.

                                                The Society shall not
                                                provide funding.
Relationship if   The Society will provide      The Society will provide     The Society will provide
ratified          insurance and liability       insurance and liability      insurance and liability
                  support for all ratified      support for all ratified     support for all ratified
                  events                        events                       events

                  ComSoc will provide all       ComSoc will provide all      ComSoc will provide all
                  benefits offered to           benefits offered to          benefits offered to
                  ratified members              ratified members             ratified members

                  Will function under the       Will function under the      Will function under the
                  purview of the VP             purview of the VP            purview of the President
                  Internal                      External

                  Will be subject to Society    Will be subject to Society   Will be subject to Society
                     Constitution and Policies    Constitution and Policies     Constitution and Policies

Appendix 4 – To Come soon

Appendix 5 – CSR Job Descriptions

Society Composition Policy The Community Activities Commission
The Community Activities Commission strives to increase the awareness and participation of Commerce
students in all aspects of philanthropic and/or community-related activities. It seeks to offer students
opportunities to get involved in the Kingston community and beyond. The Community Activities
Commission encompasses all philanthropic and community-related committees.

The Community Activities Commissioner will be a voting member of the Outreach Fund Committee. The
Commissioner will also sit on and participate in the Queen's Centre for Responsible Leadership's Student
Advisory Committee. The Outreach Commissioner
The Outreach Commissioner is responsible for all Society-wide philanthropic campaigns. Outreach
activities are designed to be events that mobilize Commerce students towards accomplishing Outreach
initiatives that serve to better our local and global community. It seeks to offer students opportunities to
get involved on a one-off basis.

The Outreach Commissioner will be a voting member of the Outreach Fund Committee. The
Commissioner will also sit on and participate in the Queen's Centre for Responsible Leadership's Student
Advisory Committee.

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