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									                                     UMASS Dartmouth
                                Exchange Student Requirements
                                 Charlton College of Business
                               Non-Degree Student Requirements

General Exchange Requirements

   1. Application Form
   2. CV/Resume
   3. Statement of Purpose – State your personal and academic objectives and
       research/creative/career interests and experience, and any work experience.
   4. GPA Requirement - 2.5 Undergraduate Students and 3.0 Graduate Students
   5. TOEFL –520, or 190 on the computer-based test, or 68 on the Internet-based test.
   6. Official Academic Transcripts with degree completion certificates as necessary
   7. Two letters of Recommendation from Professors on official letterhead
   8. Course Selection: Students should view and list 8-10 courses from the following web
       site in order to select courses prior to arrival:
   9. Certification of Finances – Complete the following form:
   10. Housing – If you are interested in on-campus housing for the semester you should make
       sure to note this on your application.

Students that have completed at least 4 years of undergraduate studies may take graduate level

Undergraduate students must be clearly identified as part of the application process and will be
only able to take undergraduate level courses.

Students may be part of the exchange for up to 1 year and still take part in the benefits of the
exchange agreement.

Students may apply for degree status, but will be accepted based on meeting the following
application requirements and deadlines upon arrival. Students are not automatically accepted
into the degree program if they participate in an exchange program.
Students seeking an MBA must meet the following requirements:
It is not guaranteed that students will be accepted as a degree candidate in the Charlton
College of Business.

Undergraduate GPA for Graduate Studies 3.0 (per our agreed upon scale of conversion)
Minimum GMAT Score 500 – must be taken prior to October 1st deadline (UMASS Dartmouth
Code is 3786)
TOEFL Score 550
Application Fee for exchange students waived

Health Insurance Requirement:
Students accepted into the Degree Program are required to purchase the UMASS Dartmouth
Health Insurance beginning in the semester when they are officially a degree candidate. The
insurance for 1 full year is $1,198.00 (prorated for the semester only students).

Application may be found at:

Students must have all application materials submitted to Graduate Studies Office by October 1st
for Spring and June 1st for Fall semester. Exchange Students must apply for graduate status
during their first semester at UMASS Dartmouth and must have application status finalized prior
to returning second semester.

           •   Graduate Studies Office: phone 508-999-8604
           •   fax 508-999-8183
           •   e-mail

1. Completing the MBA Degree in 1 year:
      It is not guaranteed that a student will complete the MBA in one academic year.
      Students must be willing to take courses during the January intersession and summer for
      additional cost $819 per graduate course through Continuing Education in order to
      complete 6 credits for the MBA Degree. In addition, students must be aware that they
      will need to pay for housing during the January Intersession and during the summer.

2.Beyond One Year:
      Students are also able to continue studies into a 3rd semester, but will no longer be
      considered under the exchange agreement and must take a full course load of studies of 9
      credits for the semester. Students will need to pay regular tuition and fees as outlined by
      the University. Housing costs will also need to be paid by the student for the additional
      summer, semester, and during January Intersession.

       Note: Cost of courses through Continuning Education are subject to change for the 2008-
       2009 academic year.

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