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					                         Highlanders of Transylvania - 04.09.2011 – 14.09.2011

                                              Survival Guide
                                       I. How to reach Brasov

         By airplane
         There is no airport to Brasov, but you can fly to other destinations from Romania
(Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureş, Sibiu, Timişoara and Arad).
         Here are some useful sites that may help you in booking flights to Romania:                                                                        
         You can always search for even more options and updated low-cost flights to Romania
here: Romania.htm

         By train
         The easiest way to reach it, if you come by train or airplane, is to travel to Bucharest,
and then take the train from Gara de Nord (Bucharest North Train Station) to Brasov.
         Here is a link that will show you the time of departures and arrivals to Brasov train

         By car
         You can search for directions on Via Michelin:

         By bus
         You should consider low-cost airlines and trains as your first travel options. Buses take
quite a long time and they are very uncomfortable for long trips. You can check some bus travel
options here: eng/index.html
BEST Braşov
Str. Colina Universităţii cămin 15 cam. 510, Braşov, România
Tel: + 40 727 335 963
                         Highlanders of Transylvania - 04.09.2011 – 14.09.2011

                                   II. When you reach Brasov

         There are many ways of getting to the TRANSILVANIA UNIVERSITY of Brasov. The place
is called Colina Universitatii. There for we've picked some trails for you:

         Trail no. 1:
         When you reach the train station (Gara Brasov) in Brasov, you go pass the parking lot to
the bus station. Then you take one of these buses: 23 and 4, for 2 stations. By now you should
have reached a place that is near a big intersection and with a big blue store - Hard Discount
(by the way it's opened non-stop…moving on) from here you pass the street towards the store
and go by it until you reach the next intersection. You take a left and then at the fork of the
road you turn right.
         When you reach the road that is climbing up the hill called Universitatii Street, go for it!
And hopefully, if you followed the instruction correctly, at the end of the road you will reach the
15 th dorm, office of BEST Brasov. :D Hurray for you!

         Trail no. 2:
         In the bus station at the train station, you take bus no. 51 and then at the 3rd bus stop
you get down. Right now you should be in the vicinity of a big building on which the name
ONIX is written. It's near an intersection. Further on the trail you turn right at the first street, at
its end you should find a parking lot (Parcare - the spot on the map near Aula Building). From
there you should already see the University, on top of the hill. Go towards the hill's base, just
like the map indicates. You should reach a coffee bar called Jad cafee'. You make a right at this
fork on the road, and up hill you go. When you reach the hill, follow one of the paths there, but
not the one that's going down hill. At the end of the road you will reach the 15th dorm, home
of BEST Brasov. :D Hurray for you! (again...)

BEST Braşov
Str. Colina Universităţii cămin 15 cam. 510, Braşov, România
Tel: + 40 727 335 963
                         Highlanders of Transylvania - 04.09.2011 – 14.09.2011

                             III. Accommodations and Meals

         You will stay in one of the University dorm, in a room with 3 or 4 other persons.
         Some meals might be provided by a catering agency. If you're on a special diet or
vegetarian you should let us know before your arrival.
         For the international evening, you should bring with you traditional food and beverages,
in order to share them with us. :P

                              IV. Other practical information

         In August the weather is usually warm to hot and the average temperature is 25 C in
the city and 20 in the area. In case of rain the temperature may drop to 15 C. So choose
clothes for normal days, but be prepared for rainy days to.

         The Romanian currency is leu (singular), lei (plural), ("lei" is pronounced like the English
'lay'. "Leu" means in Romanian "lion"). Please note that sometimes the Leu is also referred to as
RON (Romanian New Leu). Until a few years ago 1 new RON = 10000 old LEI but today the old
money are no longer used anywhere so both names, RON and LEI are used for the new
         Coins: 1 ban (0,01 RON), 5 bani (0,05 RON), 10 bani (0,10 RON), 50 bani (0,50 RON)!!!
         Notes: 1 leu, 5 lei, 10 lei, 50 lei, 100 lei, 200 lei and 500 lei.
         The current exchange rates for Euro and USD are: 1Euro ~ 4.2 lei, 1USD ~ 2.9 lei.
Because of the crisis the exchange rates shift very often. For updated information about
exchange rates, you can visit There is a slight variation from one
Exchange Office to another. You can find Exchange Offices (including traveler checks) almost
everywhere opened all the week. The safest exchange offices are the ones inside the banks.
         Tips & Tricks: Do not exchange money from the people on the street. Always go to an
exchange office.
BEST Braşov
Str. Colina Universităţii cămin 15 cam. 510, Braşov, România
Tel: + 40 727 335 963
                         Highlanders of Transylvania - 04.09.2011 – 14.09.2011

                       V. Phones and useful phone numbers

         You can use your own GSM mobile phone in Romania with the roaming service. Always
check the prices for making receiving calls with your home operator. Usually they are quite
         You can also use public telephones on the street. They only work with pre-paid cards
that you can buy from newspaper stands, postal and Romtelecom offices.

         Important phone numbers:
         The Unique National System for Emergency Calls: 112
         Cab companies: +40 268 313 040 (Martax)
                                +40 268 319 999 (Ro Taxi)

         Tips & Tricks: Remember that while using the roaming service you are also paying for
the calls you receive. If you plan to use the phone a lot while in Romania we recommend you to
buy a pre-paid SIM card from a Romanian operator. You can make cheaper calls and receive as
many calls as you want for free. The SIM cards are quite cheap and they will give you an initial
credit for calls. If you run out of credit you can always recharge them. Before you buy make
sure your mobile phone is not SIM-locked on your home operator. You can choose from the
following Romanian operators:
         The phone prefix of Romania is +40. To call from Romania you can omit the +4.

         Important Information 
         Main organizer: Ioana Sauleac
         If you get lost, call her phone no. +40 725 892 773

BEST Braşov
Str. Colina Universităţii cămin 15 cam. 510, Braşov, România
Tel: + 40 727 335 963
                         Highlanders of Transylvania - 04.09.2011 – 14.09.2011

                    VI. Useful English-Romanian Dictionary

         First of all, in Romanian, you pronounce as you read, there is no special pronunciation
rule, you just have to say the letters from a word as they are written (but don't use the English

         Hi, Hello - Bună, salut
         My name is - Numele meu este
         Good bye - La revedere
         Good morning - Bună dimineaţa
         Good afternoon - Bună ziua
         Good evening - Bună seara
         Thank you - Mulţumesc
         You're welcome - Cu plăcere
         Please - Vă/ te rog
         Help - Ajutor
         Where is my luggage? - Unde este bagajul meu?
         I don't know - Nu ştiu
         I don't understand - Nu înţeleg
         What time is it? - Cât este ceasul?
         I don't have a ticket, I am a foreigner - Nu am bilet, sunt străin.
         How much is it? - Cât costă?
         Bus/trolley-bus/tram - Autobuz/ troleu/ tramvai
         Subway - Metrou
         You rock! - Eşti beton!
         Cool! - Tare!
         Cheers! - Noroc!
         You drive me crazy! - Ma înnebuneşti!
          I have no money! - Nu mai am bani!

BEST Braşov
Str. Colina Universităţii cămin 15 cam. 510, Braşov, România
Tel: + 40 727 335 963
                         Highlanders of Transylvania - 04.09.2011 – 14.09.2011

                                     VII. List of stuff to bring

         You must bring with you: Passport! Visa! ID card!
         For EU citizens your ID card is all you need to enter Romania. Having the passport is
optional but sometimes it helps to avoid any problems at the border. For non-EU citizens a
passport is required. Also please check the visa requirements specific for your country and if
you do need a visa please make sure you request it from the Romanian consulate with enough
time in advance. LBG Brasov will send you an invitation letter if you need it to obtain the visa.
Sometimes there might be reduced or even no visa fees if you participate to a student or
cultural event so check that option as it might save you some money. Also please take into
consideration that Romania is not part of the Schengen Agreement.
                  health insurance:
         For EU citizens the standard health insurance card is also valid in Romania. For non-EU
citizens you need to buy travel health insurance for the duration of your stay in Romania.
                  student card:
         (ISIC, Euro<26 or usual student card) - This will give you discounts in many places,
such as museums.
              Some typical food and drinks from your country for the International
             When you choose the food please consider that it needs to last for a few days
between your arrival and the actual time when you serve it.
         You can also buy the basic ingredients needed for your cooking from here, so just bring
the 'special' stuff you are not able to find in a normal supermarket.
                  Camera
         At the end of the course there will be a million pictures taken because almost everybody
brings a digital photo camera.

BEST Braşov
Str. Colina Universităţii cămin 15 cam. 510, Braşov, România
Tel: + 40 727 335 963
                         Highlanders of Transylvania - 04.09.2011 – 14.09.2011

         Even at the end of this list, please note that this is the most important part of this
chapter. Taking in consideration that you come here in order to spend some days in the
mountains, to climb three of the most beautiful mountains of Romania, there are specific
requirements regarding your equipment and luggage. So, here is the minimum you guys and
girls should have:
         - Bring a backpack, in order to carry food and water during the trails, and big enough
for some clothes.
         - MUST have: trekking shoes, a cap or something to wear on your head in case of too
much sun, also sunglasses, raincoat, at least 2 pairs of long and comfortable pants [please note
that jeans are not included. You need pants to wear on mountain ;)], one pair of short pants,
headlamp or at least a flashlight.
         - MAY have: trekking or Nordic walking poles, rain pants.
         - Recommendations: bring mainly polyester clothes, because it’s easy for your body to
breath and for clothes to get dry after sweat or rain, have a pair of trekking shoes and if
possible a pair o light trekking shoes (running shoes for example); because you won’t have time
to clean or wash your clothes, take in consideration to bring enough for 10 days, in which at
least 6 you will be on the mountains.

         Also, please note that in order to have a nice accommodation, good time and all the
best things,        you have to bring certificate from your doctor that you are qualified for
moderate physic effort, that you don’t suffer from diseases like: asthma, epilepsy, heart
diseases or others that may get worse in case of effort. Also, you will sign an agreement that
you have read all the content of this survival guide, you agree and participate to our Leisure
Event on your own risks.

         So, these being said, please do not forget your:
                  good mood
                  motivation
                  adventure spirit
                  spectacular personality 

BEST Braşov
Str. Colina Universităţii cămin 15 cam. 510, Braşov, România
Tel: + 40 727 335 963

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