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Consumers Automotive Information _ Complaint Kit


									Michigan Department of State

  Information &
  Complaint Kit

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When You Have A
                                                                                                       Automotive Repair Tips
Complaint. . .                                     5) If you cannot get a satisfactory settlement,
                                                      you may wish to tell the business that you            Under Michigan law, when you have
     There is something you can do about              will file a complaint with the state.            repairs done to your vehicle or trailer, you
misrepresentation, unsatisfactory repairs and                                                          have the right to:
unnecessary delays by an automobile dealer or      n The Second Step:                                  • An itemized written estimate before
repair shop in Michigan.
     This brochure, published by Michigan’s
                                                     Contact The State                                      any repairs are started that will cost
                                                                                                            $20 or more.
Department of State, tells you how to register                                                         • Know about and approve (or refuse)
                                                         If you have talked to the owner or manager
a complaint about a repair job or new or used                                                               any work done beyond the estimate.
                                                   and have not reached a satisfactory settlement,
vehicle sale.
                                                   contact the Department of State.                    • Have repairs made by a Michigan-
     Since 1974, the Department of State has
                                                         Use the attached form to briefly state your        certified mechanic.
been responsible for licensing and regulating
                                                   complaint. Attach copies of documents to the
car dealerships and repair shops, investigating                                                        • An itemized final bill.
                                                   signed complaint and mail to the address on
complaints and providing consumer                                                                      • Receive or inspect all replaced parts.
                                                   the bottom of the complaint form or fax to the
information.                                                                                                Be sure to ask for them when you
                                                   telephone number indicated.
     This brochure may help you resolve a                                                                   pick up your vehicle.
                                                         In some instances your complaint
complaint directly with the business involved.                                                              If you believe that a shop is pressuring
                                                   may be outside the department’s authority
If you cannot reach a satisfactory settlement,                                                         you into unnecessary repairs, insist on
                                                   to investigate. If so, you may be directed
you may fill out the attached form to receive                                                          a written explanation of the problem.
                                                   to another agency or to the court system.
assistance from the Department of State.                                                               If the repair shop will not return your
                                                   Additional sources of assistance and
     For further explanation of your rights as a                                                       vehicle immediately when you refuse its
                                                   information are listed in this brochure.
consumer, refer to other sources of information                                                        recommended service, telephone the toll-
                                                         If your complaint is within its authority,
listed on the opposite side of this brochure.                                                          free complaint line at (888) SOS-MICH
                                                   the department will investigate. A copy of your
                                                   complaint may be forwarded to the business for      (767-6424).
n The First Step:                                  its response.
  Talk To The Manager                                    The business may contact you to try to        Buying A Vehicle
                                                   resolve your complaint. You may negotiate
                                                   a settlement or wait for investigation. Please            When buying a vehicle from a dealer,
     When you have a problem, talk to the
                                                   advise the department of any settlement you         consider the purchase price as well as the
owner or business manager about it right away.
                                                   reach.                                              terms of finance, warranty, and the cost of
By doing so, you may be able to work out a
                                                         The department’s goal is to give prompt,      a service contract and credit insurance.
                                                   quality service. Complaints are usually                   Every used vehicle offered for sale by
     Keep these five points in mind when you
                                                   investigated in the order in which they are         a dealership must have a “Buyers Guide”
talk to the business owner or manager:
                                                   received. An investigator will contact you by       on a side window indicating if the vehicle
1) Be courteous and calm.
                                                   telephone, e-mail, mail, or in person to follow     is covered by a warranty. If you leave a
2) Explain the problem accurately. Provide
                                                   up.                                                 deposit on a vehicle, you may not receive
     dates, estimated or billed amounts and as
                                                         Some complaints involve failure by a          a refund if the purchase is not completed.
     many other facts as you can.
                                                   dealer to provide title in the purchaser’s name           Dealers are required to apply for your
3) State what you think is a fair settlement or
                                                   or a dispute of a garage keeper’s lien. In such     title, purchase or transfer plates, collect
                                                   cases, the department will attempt to contact you   6 percent Michigan tax, provide mileage
4) State whether you are willing to negotiate;
                                                   within a few days after receiving your complaint.   disclosure and give you copies of all
     in many disputes neither side is 100
                                                   Other issues may take longer to resolve.            documents at the time you sign them.
     percent correct.

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MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF STATE                                             Important! Copies of all invoices, receipts, and related documents

AUTOMOTIVE                                                               must be attached. Remove credit card and personal account
                                                                         references on supporting documents. Please do not send original

COMPLAINT                                                                documents.

 Business License #                    Class Code     License Name                                                Open Date                    Case #

 Office Close Date                     Class Code     Investigator                       Field Close Date         Close Code Investigator

 $ Recovered                           Violations                                               Misc.

 Mechanic #                            Violation             Violation            Mechanic #                          Violation                Violation

                                                                                                                       Telephone # 8a-5p:
Your Name and Address:

                                                                                                                       (    )
                                                                                                                       Work Telephone:
                                                                                                                       (     )
                                                                                                                       E-mail Address:

Name and Address of the Business or Person You Wish to File a Complaint About:
                                                                                                                       Business Telephone:

                                                                                                                       (        )
                                                                                                                       Persons you dealt with at the business:

Is Your Complaint Regarding Vehicle Repairs or Vehicle Sales? (Circle One) Please Complete Proper Section.

                           VEHICLE REPAIRS                                                                    VEHICLE SALES
 Transaction Date:                                                                  Transaction Date:
 Vehicle Year:                 Make:                    Model:                      Vehicle Year:                 Make:                    Model:

 Vehicle Number: (VIN)                                                              Vehicle Number: (VIN)
 Circle all answers that apply to your repair transaction:                          Circle all answers that apply to your sales transaction:

 Did you receive a written estimate prior to repairs?            Yes       No       Type of Sales Transaction:
                                                                                        Sale         Sale            Odometer            Salavge            Lease
 Did the facility only perform the repairs you authorized?       Yes       No          New           Used            Rollback            Vehicle           Vehicle
 Did the facility provide you with a final invoice?              Yes       No       Did you get copies of the documents you signed?             Yes           No

 Do you have the parts the facility replaced?                    Yes       No       Did you get more than one temporary registration?           Yes           No

 Briefly describe your coomplaint below or attach your letter of complaint:

                                                                                                                           (Use back side if more space is needed.)

 Please suggest a fair settlement:

 Your Signature:                                                                                             Date:

Return by Mail: Michigan Department of State, Bureau of Information Security, P.O. Box 30046, Lansing, MI 48909-7546
Return by Fax: (517) 373-7419 Web site: (click on “Owning a Vehicle”)
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 Other Sources for Answers                                  Additional automotive brochures
                                                               available online from the
  to Auto-related Questions
                                                                  Department of State:
                                                             Auto Repair Rights & Repair Tips
Subject            Agency to Contact
                                                              Consumers Guide to Automatic
Auto design        National Highway Traffic                       Transmission Service
and equipment      Safety Administration
(unsafe or         Washington, D.C. 20590                    Consumers Guide to Brake Repair
defective),        Auto Safety Toll-free                                Service
recalls            Telephone: (888) 327-4236
                                                           Consumers Guide to Buying a Vehicle
                                                                   from a Dealership
Driver’s           Contact your local                      Consumers Guide to Collision Repairs
license, vehicle   Secretary of State
title and          branch office. (Listed                       Consumers Guide to Engine
registration       under Michigan State                               Replacement
                   Government in your
                                                           Consumers Guide to Vehicle Leasing
                   telephone book or online at
                           Consumers Guide to Vehicle Restoration

Auto insurance     Office of Financial and                Visit the Secretary of State Web site,
coverage           Insurance Regulation         , for complete
problems           P.O. Box 30220                         information.
and sales          Lansing, MI 48909-7720
contract           Telephone: (877) 999-6442
disputes                      Bureau of Information Security
                                                             Michigan Department of State
“Lemon Law”        Michigan Attorney General                         P.O. Box 30046
and unresolved     Consumer Protection Division                 Lansing, MI 48909-7546
warranty issues    P.O. Box 30213                             Telephone: (888) SOS-MICH
                   Lansing, MI 48909-7713
                                                                      or (767-6424)
                   Telephone: (877) 765-8388
                                                                    Fax: 517-373-7419
New vehicle        If your dealer cannot help,                 Click on “Owning a Vehicle”
warranties,        contact the manufacturer’s
questions          regional office. (See
on warranty        owners manual or ask
coverage,          dealer.) Better Business
claims             Bureaus can also handle
                   some warranty complaints.
                                                                 SOS-197 (12/09) • 5,000; $851.21; $0.17
                                                                Printed under authority of P.A. 300 of 1974

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