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									                      U n i v e r s{it}y o f

                      F A I R B A N K S


APPLICATION                                   F O R        A D M I S S I O N

                                              ApplicAtion        DeADlines

                                              Fall ’08             July 1, 2008
                                              Spring ’09           Nov. 1, 2008

                           America’s Arctic University
   1. ApplicAtion for Admission                                                                    DEGREE	PROGRAMS
Complete the application for admission form and return it to the Office of                     Key to degrees                   Economics, BA, BBA                 Physics,	BA,	BS
Admissions at the address below. The non-refundable processing fee must ac-                     Cert Certificate                 Education, Elementary,             Physics,	Applied,	BS
                                                                                                AA Associate of Arts
company the application. UAf accepts mastercard and Visa. please make                           AAS Associate of Applied
                                                                                                                                   BA, Lic                          Piloting,	Professional,	AAS
checks payable to UAf.                                                                               Science                     Education, Secondary, Lic          Political	Science,	BA
                                                                                                BA Bachelor of Arts              Education, Lic                     Power	Generation,	Cert
   UAF will assign a student identification number that identifies you with your                BAS Bachelor of Arts and         Educator:	Para–                    Powerplant,	Cert
academic records. Because your federally issued social security number (SSN) is                      Sciences
                                                                                                                                   Professional,	Cert,	AAS          Process	Technology,	AAS
                                                                                                BBA Bachelor of Business
unique and used for other purposes, we strongly suggest you provide it where                         Administration              Electrical Engineering, BS         Psychology,	BA,	BS
applicable. Your SSN is required if you apply for financial aid or if you accept                     B
                                                                                                BEM	 achelor	of	Emergency	       Emergency	Management,	             Renewable Resources, AAS
                                                                                                     Management                    BEM                              Rural	Development,	BA
employment with the university.                                                                 BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
                                                                                                BM	 Bachelor	of	Music
                                                                                                                                 Emergency Services, AAS            Rural Human Services,
                                                                                                                                 English, BA                          Cert
   2. BAccAlAUreAte Admission reqUirements                                                      BS Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                BT	 Bachelor	of	Technology       Environmental	Politics             Russian Studies, BA
•	Must	have	a	high	school	diploma,	AND                                                          Lic Licensure issued by state    Eskimo,	Inupiaq,	BA                Safety, Health &
                                                                                                     of	Alaska
•	Pass	the	16-credit	high	school	core	curriculum	with	a	GPA	of	at	least	2.5,	AND                                                 Eskimo,	Yup’ik,	BA                   Environmental Awareness
•	Submit	results	of	the	ACT	(preferred)	or	SAT	exam	taken	within	the	last	two	                  Accounting, BBA                  Film Studies                       Technology,	Cert
                                                                                                Accounting, Applied, AAS         Fisheries, BS                      Social	Work,	BA
  years,	AND
                                                                                                Accounting	Technician,	          Foreign Languages, BA              Sociology, BA, BS
    Have	a	high	school	GPA	of	at	least	3.0,	or                                                                                   General	Science,	BS                Statistics, BS
    Have	a	high	school	GPA	of	at	least	2.5	AND	ACT	score	of	at	least	18	or	                     Airframe, Cert                   Geography,	BA,	BS                  Technology,	BT
      SAT	score	of	at	least	1290	(including	writing	skills	section).                            Airframe	&	Powerplant,	          Geological	Engineering,	BS         Theatre, BA
                                                                                                  Cert                           Geology,	BS                        Tribal	Management,	Cert,	
   3. test resUlts                                                                              Alaska	Native	Languages          Global	Studies                       AAS
                                                                                                Alaska	Native	Studies,	BA        Health Care                        Veterinary Science, Cert
     Bachelor’s degree applicants:	Freshmen	must	submit	the	results	of	the	ACT	                                                    Reimbursement, Cert              Wildlife Biology, BS
                                                                                                Anthropology, BA, BS
(preferred)	or	SAT	exam	taken	within	the	last	two	years.	Transfer	applicants	with	              Apprenticeship	Technology,	      High Latitude Range                Women’s Studies
fewer	than	30	credits	must	also	submit	test	results	as	listed	above.	These	results	               AAS                              Management,	Cert                 Yup’ik	Language	&	
are requirements of admission to UAF into any baccalaureate program. UAF’s                      Arctic	Skills                    History, BA                          Culture, BA
                                                                                                Art, BA, BFA                     Human Services, AAS                Yup’ik	Language	
reporting	code	for	the	ACT	is	0064;	for	the	SAT,	4866.
                                                                                                Arts & Sciences, BAS             Information	Technology	              Proficiency,	Cert,	AAS
     certificate and associate degree applicants:	Students	with	fewer	than	30	                                                     Specialist, Cert, AAS
                                                                                                Asian Studies
transferable semester hours applying to a certificate or associate degree program               Associate of Arts, AA            Instrumentation	          special training programs
requiring	English	or	mathematics	course	work	must	submit	results	of	the	ACT,	                                                      Technology,	Cert        Food Science and Nutrition
                                                                                                Automotive	Technology,	
                                                                                                                                                           Law Enforcement Academy
                                                                                                                                 Interdisciplinary	Studies,	
SAT,	ASSET	or	COMPASS	test.                                                                       Cert
                                                                                                                                   AAS,	BA,	BS,	BT         Paramedic	Academy
     note: All test scores must be official copies submitted directly to the UAF Office of      Aviation	Maintenance,	AAS
                                                                                                                                 Japanese Studies, BA      Welding	and	Materials	
Admissions by the schools, testing agencies or student. ACT or SAT test scores listed on        Aviation	Technology
                                                                                                                                 Journalism, BA              Technology
                                                                                                Biological Sciences, BA, BS
official high school transcripts are also acceptable.                                           Business Administration,         Justice, BA
                                                                                                  BBA                            Law & Society
   4. trAnscripts                                                                               Business, Applied, AAS           Leadership & Civic
                                                                                                                                                           Administrative Assistant
                                                                                                Business	Management,	              Engagement
     Bachelor’s degree applicants:	 Students	 with	 fewer	 than	 30	 transferable	                                                                         Bookkeeping	Technician
                                                                                                  Applied, Cert                  Linguistics, BA
semester	hours	or	45	transferable	quarter	hours	must	submit	official	high	school	                                                                          Financial Services
                                                                                                Chemistry, BA, BS                Mathematics,	BA,	BS
transcripts	or	GED	scores.	If	you’re	still	in	high	school,	your	transcript	must	                                                                             Representative
                                                                                                Child	Development	&	             Mechanical	Engineering,	
                                                                                                                                                           Nurse Aide
list	the	courses	in	which	you	are	enrolled	during	your	senior	year.	If	you	have	                  Family Studies, BA               BS
                                                                                                                                                           Rural Human Services
attended a postsecondary institution you must have official college or university              Civil Engineering, BS            Medical	Assistant,	Cert,	
                                                                                                                                                           Rural Utilities Business
                                                                                                Communication, BA                  AAS
transcripts sent to UAF.                                                                                                                                     Management
                                                                                                Community Health, Cert,          Medical/Dental	Reception,	
     Non-high	 school	 graduates	 over	 the	 age	 of	 18,	 GED	 recipients	 with	 no	                                              Cert
                                                                                                  AAS                                                      pre-professional
previous	college	work	and	Alaska	students	who	have	not	reached	proficiency	                     Computer Engineering, BS         Military	Science	and	     opportunities
in	 all	 three	 areas	 of	 the	 High	 School	 Graduation	 Qualifying	 Exam	 may	 be	            Computer Science, BS               Leadership              Dentistry
admitted as pre-majors.                                                                         Construction	Management,	        Mining	Applications	&	    Law
                                                                                                  AAS                              Technologies,	Cert      Library Science
     certificate and associate degree applicants: Applicants are not required
                                                                                                Construction	Trades	             Mining	Engineering,	BS    Medicine
to	send	high	school	or	college	transcripts	but	are	encouraged	to	do	so.	If	you	                                                  Music,	BA,	BM
                                                                                                  Technology,	Cert,	AAS                                    Pharmacy
are	a	GED	recipient	under	the	age	of	18,	you	will	be	required	to	submit	your	                   Culinary Arts, Cert, AAS         Native Language           Physical	Therapy
GED	score	results.                                                                              Dental	Assistant,	Cert,	AAS        Education, Cert, AAS    Physician	Assistant
     note: All transcripts must bear an official signature and stamp of the school or college   Diesel	&	Heavy	                  Natural Resources         Veterinary	Medicine
                                                                                                  Equipment, Cert                  Management,	BS
issuing them. They must be mailed directly to the UAF Office of Admissions, or submitted
                                                                                                Drafting	Technology,	Cert        Northern Studies, BA
by the applicant in sealed envelopes from the issuing institution.                                                               Paralegal	Studies,	AAS
                                                                                                Early Childhood
     International undergraduate applicants should refer to the UAF admissions                    Education, Cert, AAS           Petroleum	Engineering,	BS
website at for further requirements.                      Earth Science, BA                Philosophy,	BA
                                                                                                05.08. For the most current listing, see
   5. mAiling
All forms, transcripts and test scores should be sent to:                                                                   APPLICATION CHECKLIST
    University of Alaska fairbanks - office of Admissions                                                           Have you included the following?
    p.o. Box 757480, fairbanks, AK 99775-7480                                                     q	Completed/signed application q Application fee
                                                                                                  q Official transcripts                  $40 (Associate, Certificate,
For more information, please contact the Office of Admissions at                                                                           Occupational Endorsement)
(907)	474-7500	or	(800)	478-1823,	e-mail                                       q ACT or SAT scores                     $50 (Bachelor)
or visit
                                                                                                                 UAF is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educational institution.
                               U N D E R G R A D U AT E A P P L I C AT I O N F O R A D M I S S I O N
Social security number                                                   UA student ID number (if known)                              Office Use Only                           Date ____________
                  —                  —                                                                                                Payment type______ Amount _______                                 Initials ___

Last or family name (please give your full legal name)                                                     First                                                    Middle

Previous names                                                                               Date of birth (mm/dd/yy)
                                                                                                                                                                    Sex         Male          Female

Current mailing address                   STREET ADDRESS                                CITy                                   STATE/PROvINCE                 COUNTRy                                 zIP/POSTAL CODE

Address valid until (date)                                     Day phone         (           )                             Evening      (          )                            Cell     (        )
Permanent mailing address                 STREET ADDRESS                                CITy                                   STATE/PROvINCE                 COUNTRy                                 zIP/POSTAL CODE

Permanent phone            (          )                            E-mail address

Parent last or family name                                                                                First                                                     Relationship

Parent mailing address                    STREET ADDRESS                                CITy                                   STATE/PROvINCE                 COUNTRy                                 zIP/POSTAL CODE

Parent phone          (          )                                           E-mail address
Emergency contact person                                                                                  Relationship

Address                                                                                                                                                             Phone
                                                                                                                                                                (           )
ETHNIC ORIGIN                        Optional, for statistical and scholarship purposes only. Please circle one:
AA   Alaska Aleut                           AH   Alaska Indian, Haida                 AS         Alaska Native, SE                    AW    Asian and White                        NH Native Hawaiian or other Pacific
AQ   Alaska Eskimo, Inupiaq                 AK   Alaska Indian, Tlingit               IN         American Indian (not AK Native)      BL    Black, not of Hispanic origin             Islander
AY   Alaska Eskimo, Yup’ik                  AM   Alaska Indian, Tsimpshian            IB         American Indian and Black            BW    Black and White                        WH White, not of Hispanic origin
AE   Alaska Eskimo, other                   AI   Alaskan Indian, other                IW         American Indian and White            HI    Hispanic or Latino
AT   Alaska Indian, Athabascan              AN   Alaskan Native, other                SI         Asian

Are you a U.S. citizen?                   yes          No            If not a U.S. citizen, complete the following:

Country of citizenship                                                                       City and country of birth

Native language                                                                              TOEFL taken?                   yes            No    Date taken

Current visa type                                                                            Will you require an F-1 student visa?                           yes                 No

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND                                       Do you have or expect to have (check all that apply):
     High school diploma                               GED                           Home Schooled                                  Foreign equivalent                                 No diploma
Name of high school                                                                     CITy                                                                   STATE

HS graduation date                                                                    OR date and place GED received

Test taken                ACT                SAT             ASSET               COMPASS                        NONE         Date taken

TERM             Indicate the term for which you are applying.
     Fall (Sept.–Dec.) 2 0 __ __                                              Spring (Jan.–May)                       2 0 __ __                                      Summer (May–Aug.)                   2 0 __ __
CAMPUS                Indicate the campus where you plan to register.
     Fairbanks             Bristol Bay             Chukchi              Interior-Aleutians                Kuskokwim                Northwest               Tanana valley               Statewide (approved programs only)
                                                                                                                                                                                                         continued on back
OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS • P.O. BOX 757480, FAIRBANKS, AK 99775-7480 • TEL: (907) 474-7500 / (800) 478-1823 • FAX: (907) 474-5379
Are you currently enrolled in a college or university?
     yes                  No                      If yes, name of school

Ending date of enrollment                                                        Number of credits in which you are currently enrolled

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ATTENDED List below. Please request an official transcript from each college or university attended.
                                                                                                         Dates attended               Credits earned                 Degree earned
College/university name                                        City and state                          MO /yR   TO     MO /yR     SEM HRS         qTR HRS       DEGREE            DATE

Choose one degree type:                                         State one major:
    Bachelor degree
                                                                                                                                Your intended major may be used for
    Associate of Arts                                  General Program                                                                  scholarship purposes
    Associate of Applied Science

    Certificate program

    Occupational Endorsement

If you aren’t seeking a degree, please share your educational goals or reason(s) for attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks:

LEGACY            Has either of your parents (or guardians) ever attended UAF?     yes      No     Has either of your parents (or guardians) earned a four-year college degree?      yes     No

In what state do you claim official residency?

If you claim Alaska residency, you must complete and submit the “Application for Resident Tuition” or “Application for Waiver of Nonresident Sur-
charge” with supporting documentation. (Current-year graduates from Alaska high schools are not required to submit the form.)

RESIDENT SUPPLEMENT                         I am submitting the Application for Resident Tuition or Waiver of Non-Resident Surcharge form with this application.                    yes     No

Do you wish to be considered for a Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) award? (Available to residents of HI, WA, OR, CA, ID, Wy, Nv, UT, Az, NM, CO, MT, SD, ND)                   yes     No

Are you:          Active military duty?              Military dependent?

I understand that withholding information requested on this application may make me ineligible for admission to the University of Alaska system or subject to dismissal. With this in
mind, I certify that the above statements are correct and complete and if admitted, I agree to abide by the published policies, rules and regulations of the University of Alaska system,
its campuses and sites. I further understand that from the time I file my application with the University of Alaska system, it is my responsibility to know all rules, requirements of and
exemptions from my intended degree program.

Signature                                                                                                                             Date

PAYMENT OPTION                        Please charge $40 (Associate, Certificate, Occupational Endorsement)

                                      Please charge $50 (Bachelor)

                                      Check enclosed          (or)
                                                                                                                     Credit card number                                            Security Code

Type of credit card

Expiration date                                                                               Cardholder's name

                   Mail completed application and payment to: UAF Admissions, P.O. Box 757480, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7480.

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