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                                BUSINESS EDUCATION EXAMINATIONS
                                           JUNE 2011 TIME–TABLE


        1.   The time allowed for each paper is shown against the name of the paper. NO EXTRA TIME IS
             TO BE ALLOWED. In case of any discrepancy, the time shown on the question paper must be
             taken as correct.
        2.   The Time-Table only shows the duration of papers but it must be observed that the morning
             session begins at 09.00 a.m. and afternoon at 2.00 p.m.
        3.   Briefing of candidates by the Principals and Heads of Centres on the conduct of the examinations
             will be done on Friday 10th June, 2011. All candidates MUST attend this briefing at their
             respective centres of registration.

DAY AND       PERIOD                    SUBJECT                                                 DURATION
FRIDAY                         Briefing of Candidates’ on
10th June     MORNING          Directions and Caution about examinations                        2     hours
MONDAY                         B04/3 Business English III                                       3     hours
13th June     MORNING          C101 Basic Business Communication                                2½    hours
              9.00 A.M.        C123/1 Basic Hair Colouring (Theory)                             3     hours
                               D202 Business Communication                                      3     hours
                               D223 Information Systems Mgt.                                    3     hours
                               D242/2 Advanced Hairdressing (Practical)                         4     hours
                               J311/2 Computer Applications (Practical)                         3     hours
              AFTERNOON        C116 Office Practice                                             2½    hours
              2.00 P.M.        C133 Introduction to General Business Studies                    3     hours
                               D228 Practice of Marketing                                       3     hours
                               D229 Production Management                                       3     hours
                               D233 Secretarial Duties                                          3     hours
                               J301/1 News paper & Magazine Production (Theory)                 3     hours
TUESDAY       MORNING          C115 General Principles of Law                                   2½    hours
14th June     9.00 A.M.        C127/1 Depilation (Theory)                                       3     hours
                               D206 Business Law                                                3     hours
                               D221 General Principles of Law                                   3     hours
                               D241/2 Advanced Beauty Therapy (Practical)                       4     hours
                               J301/2 News paper & Magazine Production (Practical)              3     hours
              AFTERNOON        B11/3 Data Processing III                                        3     hours
              2.00 P.M.        C103 Commerce                                                    2½    hours
                               C124/1 Beauty Therapy (Theory)                                   3     hours
                               D208/1 Computer Fundamentals and Data Processing (Theory)        3     hours
                               J311/1 Computer Applications (Theory)                            3     hours

WEDNESDAY   MORNING     B14/2   Elements of Banking                                     3   hours
15th June   9.00 A.M.   B15/3   Financial Management III                                3   hours
                        C121/1  Typewriting I (30 w.p.m.)                               2 ½ hours
                        C123/2  Basic Hair Colouring (Practical)                        4   hours
                        D208/2  Computer Fundamentals and Data Processing               2   hours
                        D237    Stores Management                                       3    hours
                        D238    Typewriting (30 w.p.m.)                                 2 ½ hours
                        D243/1 Facial make-up & Artificial Nail Technique (Practical)   4    hours
                        J303/2 Radio and Television Production (Practical)              4    hours
                        B17/3 Marketing III                                             3    hours
            AFTERNOON   C112 Fundamentals of Marketing                                  2½ hours
            2.00 P.M.   C126/1 Chemical Hair Reformation Services (Theory)              3    hours
                        C128/1 Facial Make-Up (Theory)                                  3    hours
                        D220 Fundamentals of Marketing                                  3    hours
THURSDAY                B13/3 Economics III                                             3    hours
16th June   MORNING     C117 Principles of Economics                                    2½ hours
            9.00 A.M.   C118/1 Shorthand I (60/70 w.p.m.)                               Trans.Time
                        C130/2 Hair Cutting and Barbering (Practical)                   4    hours
                        D218 Financial Management and Accounting                        3    hours
                        D234 Shorthand (60/70 w.p.m.)                                   40 minutes.
                        J300/1 News Writing and Reporting (Theory)                      3    hours
            AFTERNOON   B18/3 Office Management III                                     3    hours
            2.00 P.M.   B24/3 Public Finance III                                        3    hours
                        D215 Financial Accounting I                                     3    hours
                        D216 Financial Accounting II                                    3    hours
                        D242/1 Advanced Hairdressing (Theory)                           3    hours
                        J308/1 Econ. & Entrepreneurship (Econ.)                         3    hours
FRIDAY                  B22/3 Principles of Accounts III                                3    hours
17th June   MORNING     C110 Fundamentals of Accounting                                 2 ½ hours
            9.00 A.M.   C118/2 Shorthand I (60/70 w.p.m)                                Trans.Time
                                                                                        40 minutes
                        C131/2 Hair Designing and Care (Practical)                      4    hours
                        D211 Customer Behavior and Care                                 3    hours
                        D219 Fundamentals of Accounting                                 3    hours
                        J300/2 News Writing and Reporting (Practical)                   1½ hours
            AFTERNOON   B28/3 Statistics III                                            3   hours
            2.00 P.M.   C102 Business Calculations                                      2 ½ hours
                        C119 Shorthand II (70/80 w.p.m.)                                50 minutes
                        C129/1 Facial Treatment and Theory of Massage(Theory)           3   hours
                        C132/1 Hairdressing (Theory)                                    3   hours
                        D235 Shorthand II(80/90 w.p.m.)                                 50 minutes
                        D236 Statistics                                                 3   hours
                        J307 Sociology                                                  3   hours
MONDAY                  B03/3 Business Calculations III                                 3 hours
20th June   MORNING     C109 Elements of Taxation                                       3 hours
            9.00 A.M.   C122 Typewriting II (40 w.p.m.)                                 2½ hours
                        C125/2 Braiding (Practical)                                     4 hours
                        C134/2 Manicure and Pedicure (Practical)                        4 hours
                        D214 Taxation                                                   3 hours
                        D217 Financial Accounting and - Elements of Taxation            3 hours
                        D239 Typewriting (40 w.p.m.)                                    3 hours
                        J308/2 Econ. & Entrepreneurship (Entre.)                        3 hours
            AFTERNOON   B12/3 Economic Geography III                                    3   hours
            2.00 P.M.   B20/3 Personnel Management III                                  3   hours
                        C131/1 Hair Designing and Care (Theory)                         3   hours
                        D225     Legal Aspects of Marketing                             3   hours
                        D226     Legal Aspects of Purchasing and Supplies               2   hours
                        D245/1   Introduction to Cosmetology (Theory)                   3   hours
                        J306     Media Ethics, Law and Human Rights                     3   hours
TUESDAY     MORNING     B09/3 Commercial Law III                                    3   hours
21st June   9.00 A M.   B27/3 Shorthand III (100, 110 &120 w.p.m)                   60 minutes
                        B30/3 Supplies Management III                               3   hours
                        C113 Fundamentals of Purchasing and Supplies I              2½ hours
                        C114 Fundaments of Purchasing and Supplies II               3   hours
                        C129/2 Facial Treatment and Theory of Massage (Practical)   4   hours
                        D230 Purchasing and Supplies I                              3   hours
                        D231 Purchasing and Supplies II                             3   hours
                        D240 Word Processing (Practical)                            3   hours
                        D203 Business Finance                                       3   hours
                        J304   Communication in Journalism                          3   hours
            AFTERNOON   B10/3 Cost Accounting III                                   3   hours
            2.00 P.M.   B23/3 Public Administration III                             3   hours
                        C108 Elements of Cost Accounting                            2½ hours
                        C130 Hair Cutting and Barbering (Theory)                    3   hours
                        D209 Cost Accounting                                        3   hours
                        D210 Cost and Mgt. Accounting                               3   hours
                        D241/1 Advanced Beauty Therapy (Theory)                     3   hours
                        J302/1 PhotoJournalism (Theory)                             3   hours
WEDNESDAY   MORNING     B32/3 Typewriting III (50 w.p.m.)                           3   hours
22nd June   9.00 A.M.   B33/3 Typewriting (Open Speed 60+ wpm)                      10 minutes
                        C111 Fundamentals of Management                             2½ hours
                        C128/2 Facial Makeup (Practical)                            4   hours
                        D207 Business Organisation and Mgt.                         3   hours
                        D227 Office Management                                      3   hours
                        D244/1 Fundamentals of Hairdressing (Theory)                3   hours
                        J302/2 PhotoJournalism (Practical)                          3   hours
            AFTERNOON   B06/3 Business Kiswahili III                                3   hours
            2.00 P.M.   B07/3 Bus Organ and Management III                          3   hours
                        C105 Elementary Business French                             2½ hours
                        C106 Elementary Business Kiswahili                          2½ hours
                        C134/1 Manicure and Pedicure (Theory)                       3   hours
                        D213 Economics                                              3   hours
                        J303/1 Radio and Television Production (Theory)             3   hours
THURSDAY    MORNING     B05/3 Business French III                                   3    hours
23rd June   9.00 A.M.   C126/2 Chemical Hair Reformation Services (Practical)       4    hours
                        D201 Auditing & Business Ethics                             3    hours
                        D204 Business French                                        3    hours
                        D205 Business Kiswahili                                     3    hours
                        J311/3 Computer Applications (Practical)                    2    hours
            AFTERNOON   B02/3 Auditing III                                          3    hours
            2.00 P.M.   C107 Elements of Auditing                                   2 ½ hours
                        D222 Human Resource Mgt.                                    3    hours
                        D232 Research Methodology                                   3    hours
                        D246/1Research Methodology                                  3    hours
                        J310   Research Methods                                     3    hours
FRIDAY      MORNING     B21/3 Princ. & Pract of Admin III                           3    hours
24th June   9.00 A.M.   C120 Store Keeping                                          2 ½ hours
                        C121 Typewriting I (30 w.p.m)                               2 ½ hours
                        C127/2 Depilation (Practical)                               2    hours
                        D208/3 Computer Fundamentals and Data Processing            2   hours
                        J305    Public Relations                                    3   hours
            AFTERNOON   B31/3 Transport Management III                              3   hours
            2.00 P.M.   C104     Computer Fundamentals                              3   hours
                        D212    Customs Clearing and forwarding                     3   hours
                        D224    International Marketing                             3   hours
                        J309    Political Science                                   3   hours

                                                                INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES
1.      Candidates should ease themselves before entering the Examination room. No candidate may be allowed to leave the
         examination room before the end of the examinations.
2.      Candidates should be at the examination hall/room at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination. Any candidate
        who comes 15 (fifteen) or more minutes after the official start of the examination will not be allowed to sit that examination paper. This
        regulation must be strictly observed.
3.      Do not smuggle unauthorised materials e.g. notes, text-books, etc. in the examination room. Do not engage in any form of
        examination malpractice.
4.      Programmable calculators and Mobile Phones are not allowed in and around examination rooms.
5.      Candidates are instructed to present themselves at the entrance to the examination rooms/halls for checking by the
        invigilators. The invigilators should check thoroughly pockets, shoes or any other part where smuggled information could
        be hidden.
6.      At the start of each examination paper, a candidates’ representative should examine the question paper envelope(s) to
        find out whether (it is) they are intact or already opened. In case the envelope(s) is/are already opened, report this
        matter to the Executive Secretary UNEB, P.O. Box 7066 Kampala, Mob 0752-429566, 0772429566, 0772373710 Fax 041
        4289397, Email
7.      Read carefully the instructions given on the question paper rubric. Do not answer more questions than asked for. The
        examiner will not mark the extra questions answered. Poor handwriting may lead to loss of marks.
8.      Write your correct name and signature, index and paper numbers on your answer booklets.
9.      Sit only the examination paper(s) you registered for. No results may be issued for papers sat but not registered for.
10.     Sit the examination only at the centre where you have registered to take the examination.
11.     At the end of the examination paper, stop writing when instructed to do so, arrange your scripts in order, make sure that
        they all have your index number written on them and fasten them together at the left hand corner.
12.     Do not go out immediately at the end of each examination. Witness the checking and the sealing of the scripts in the
        return envelopes.
13.     Leave all the used and unused answer booklets on your desk inside the examination room.
14.     Candidates MUST NOT take more than one paper per each Session in a day.
15.     Sharing of calculator, tables, data, charts, rulers, pens is not permitted during the examination.
     Breach of Instructions/Regulations, Irregularity, Misconduct or Dishonesty (cheating) in connection with UNEB examinations
     will lead to disqualification and/or nullification of results of the candidate(s) at a centre. Any candidate(s) found involved in
     acts of impersonation will be arrested, handed over to the Police, disqualified and/or refused to continue with the
     examinations. Such candidates may be barred from sitting any other UNEB examinations. CANDIDATES AND ALL

     The following are some examples of malpractice that will lead to disqualification of a candidate:-
      1.      Smuggling of unauthorised material into the examination room.
      2.      Copying from one another.
      3.      External assistance given by teachers or any other persons.
      4.      Prior knowledge of examination questions.
      5.      Impersonation (i.e. hiring somebody else to sit the examination).
      6.      Any form of communication between/among candidates without permission during the examination.
      7.      Improper behaviour e.g. making noise, disobeying supervisors and invigilators.
      8.      Substitution of Examination answer scripts.
      9.      Irregularity e.g. taking longer time than that shown on the question paper.
     10.      Tearing the answer booklet/script into loose sheets, or folding the script in anyway. Torn scripts will not be marked
              and candidates involved may have their results cancelled.
     11.      Being in possession of a mobile phone or any other communication gadgets.
     12.      Any other cases of similar nature that shall be detected.

     Candidates should report directly to the Board any person(s) (could be another candidate, Teacher, Principal or UNEB Official) suspected to be
     indulging in malpractices in examinations. Use the address shown above.

     It is assumed that all candidates will have read and understood all the contents of the Timetable. The Board reserves the
     right to declare publicly names of centres, candidates or any one who will have involved themselves in examination

     You will be able to access you examination results on a mobile phone as soon as they are released by sending a well
     formatted SMS as follows: Type BUS leave space then type your index number in full and send to 6600. For example BUS
     UB001/001 then send to 6600.

M B B Bukenya

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