54 Goldmine Strategies To Increase Revenue In Your Business

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					54 Goldmine Strategies
  To Increase Revenue
      In Your Business
                                     GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   CONTENTS

                                            Introduction 3

                           What is database marketing? 4

                         Benefits of database marketing 5

                                  Newsletter strategies 6

                         Product and services strategies 8

                                   Full range strategies 10

                                   Education strategies 11

                                       E-card strategies 13

                                  STimetable strategies 14

                                     Internal strategies 15

                                      Survey strategies 16

                                       Other strategies 17

                                             Conclusion 18

2 |
                                                                                      GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   INTRODUCTION

                         Welcome to Goldmine Strategies, the report that covers more than
                         50 specific database marketing tips you can use in your business to
                         increase revenue.
                         This report is specially designed to give business owners like yourself an insight into the
                         amazing potential of the database marketing - the untapped goldmine that most businesses
                         are missing out on.

                         All of the ideas and strategies presented here are highly cost-effective and have been
                         successful for numerous small, medium and large businesses. I guarantee that after reading
                         this ebook, you will have countless ideas to improve your own marketing and generate sales
                         for your business.

                         If you would like more information on how you can maximise the internet in your business,

                         Here’s to YOUR success!

                                                         5 Quick Tips
                                                         Some great revenue building strategies include:
                                                         • Send a monthly newsletter to your database
                                                         • Email out special offers and promotions
                                                         • Automate welcome emails for new clients
                                                         • Use surveys to find out what your customers want
                                                         • Send ecards to show your clients you value them

3 |
                                                                                                                          GOLDMINE STRATEGIES     INTRODUCTION

What is database marketing?
The internet is an integral part of
business today – we reach our
customers through our websites,
research other companies online
and stay in contact with business
associates using email.

Yet most businesses are yet to
tap into the real internet goldmine
– database marketing.

Database marketing is the number
one form of business communication,
as it is an extremely simple and
cost effective way to create leads
and increase sales while reducing
administration time and costs.

The diagram to the right explains
the many tools that can be used in
conjunction with your database of        sent to contacts on different               everything from invitations and    Database marketing involves using
contacts.                                occasions to make them feel special.       online booking system (including    all of these online tools to attract
                                                                                    payment) through to instant name    potential customers, increase sales,
Email marketing                          Surveys                                    cards.                              build client loyalty and reduce internal
Attractive personalised messages         An all-in-one simple way to request                                            administration.
sent to specific target audiences that   information, details or opinions from      SMS Marketing
serve a particular purpose such as       contacts, that is automatically collated   Utilising SMS technology (text      >> Learn more about the
education or sales generation.           and graphed for easy analysis.             messages sent to mobile phones)     Bloomtools Ezy Communicator here
                                                                                    to communicate short, instant,      - the complete business internet
E-cards                                  Event Management                           personalised messages to specific   marketing package.
Animated personalised messages           Market and manage your events, with        target groups.

4 |
                                                                                                                                   GOLDMINE STRATEGIES    INTRODUCTION

Benefits of internet marketing
The beauty of internet marketing is         a campaign with a small test group         • Creative and innovative – it is now    or referrals, there are many ways to
that it is:                                 prior to sending it out to the entire      easy to produce some innovative          generate new prospects to be
                                            group. This gives you the opportunity      campaigns that will put you streets      automatically added to your database.
• Instant – you can send out a              to make changes to headings,               ahead of your competition. All this is
campaign and it can be received by          subject lines and offers so they attract   done can be done with no specialised     • Time savvy with automation – where
your audience in minutes.                   the attention of readers.                  creative skills.                         possible, look at your marketing and
                                                                                                                                client loyalty processes and find
• Personable – mentioning a person’s        • Measured – you are able to get a         • Viral – the number one source of       ways to automate them through this
name, business name or location             general idea of how many, who and          new business (referrals) can be          medium. When clients need more to
throughout your email gives the             when your messages were opened.            facilitated with database marketing.     feel special and your time becomes
recipient the feeling that the message                                                 At minimum, make sure a ‘send to a       more pressured, automation is the
was written just for them and the           • Targeted – if you set up your            friend’ link appears in your emails.     key to your future successful growth.
response rate is greatly increased          database of contacts correctly, you
because they feel valued.                   will be able to pre-select specific        • Ever growing – whether it is a form    • Professional – make your business
                                            audiences to receive specialised           on your website or a newsletter to       look like the expert with attractive,
• Tested – it is so easy and fast to test   campaigns designed just for them.          gather people’s details, a competition   eye-catching emails.

5 |
                                                                                                                             GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   NEWSLETTERS

Goldmine strategies for newsletters
Newsletters are a great way to            they are ready to buy, they come to      so that that section talks directly to
position you and your company as a        your business.                           that specific audience.
leader in your industry – you can be
the expert that your clients, alliances   The content could include:               Potential audiences include:
and prospects refer to.                    • A welcome letter from you              • Prospects
                                           • Introduction of new products           • Alliances
With a newsletter, you can                 • Company news and events                • Clients – broken into the type of
educate, inform and entertain them         • ‘How to’ articles                        product/service they have bought;
with a consistent variety of content.      • Questions and answers                    or their particular interest
You can choose a frequency that            • Profile on a client                    • Your alliance’s clients
works for your target audience and         • General interest stories               • Agents, distributors, affiliates
for your business, such as weekly,         • Articles from alliances
monthly or quarterly.                                                              For example, a real estate agent could
                                          Remember a good newsletter is one        send a bulletin to commercial buyers,
Newsletters are a fantastic way to        that is 80% about the reader and         residential buyers and proprety
drive traffic to your website - we        20% about you. Readers will soon         investors each week to update them
recommend that you include lots of        unsubscribe if they aren’t getting any   on their areas of interest.
links to your website throughout the      value from it.
newsletter to make it really simple for                                            3. Create an industry newsletter
people to get there.                      2. Produce targeted newsletters for
                                          different groups                         Join forces with other businesses
Here are some strategies you can                                                   in your industry to share the
apply to your business:                   Email marketing allows you to tailor     responsibility for producing the
                                          the content to suit each specific        newsletters - each of you contribute
1. Send out a general newsletter to       group. When the content is relevant      one article each time.
everyone in your database                 to the reader, they are more likely to
                                          respond.                                 This will save you time and effort and
A monthly newsletter out to your                                                   the end result will be a newsletter
database is simple way to keep            You can create different newsletters     with an interesting variety of content.
your business top of mind and build       for different groups or just change
credibility with prospects - so when      one section of your newsletter

6 |
                                                                                             GOLDMINE STRATEGIES    NEWSLETTERS

                         4. Produce a combined business newsletter with          • Include a ‘send to a friend’ link to increase
                         your alliances                                             your database
                                                                                 • Include links to your website for more
                         Join forces with a few businesses (eg. your                information - research has shown that the
                         alliances) to each contribute to the newsletter            words ‘learn more’ in the link gets the most
                         then send it out to your combined databases.               clicks
                         This reduces the time and effort that you have           • Make sure you are compliant with the spam
                         to spend, and also puts your business in front of           laws of the country you are working in
                         more prospects.
                                                                                Always ensure all of your online and offline
                         For example, a fashion retailer may join forces        marketing/communications facilitate the
                         with a beautician, shoe store and hair salon to        attraction and gathering of new members to
                         produce their newsletters.                             your database (newsletter) list - the bigger your
                                                                                database, the more potential new and repeat
                         5. Advertise in other newsletters                      customers you can reach.

                         Ask your alliances, suppliers and partners if you      Tips about spam laws
                         can advertise in their newsletters - place an ad or
                         contribute an articles. This is a great way to drive   Spamming is sending bulk email campaigns to
                         traffic to your site and build your own database.      people that have not requested to receive them
                                                                                from you. Australia has very strict spam laws
                         Newsletter tips                                        and your business will face huge penalties if you
                                                                                don’t comply.
                         Here are our top tips for getting the best possible
                         results from your newsletter:                          So make sure you only add people to your
                           • Make sure you personalise every                    database that have asked to be added and
                             newsletter with the recipient’s name (and          provide a simple unsubscribe function in every
                             other details where possible)                      single email you send.
                           • Make your subject line count - you don’t have
                             many characters so focus on a benefit or           Bloomtools Ezy Communicator has an automatic
                             a hook to get them to open it                      unsubscribe function that appears on the bottom
                           • Have a ‘printer friendly’ version                  of your email campaigns to ensure you are
                             easily accessible                                  always compliant.

7 |
                                                                                                                                   GOLDMINE STRATEGIES    PRODUCTS

Goldmine strategies for promoting your products
and services
If you want to boost sales to new          For example, a bike retailer has           a VIP closed door sale that they can   your business and increase sales
clients or get your existing clients to    just imported a new range of drink         bring along a friend to or a special   of your product and services with a
buy more from you more often,              bottles. The business introduces the       open day prior to launching a new      seasonal sale.
special product/service promotions         product via a simple email message,        product to the public.
will work for you.                         offering an incentive of a back up                                                Promote them with a short email
                                           bottle to the first 100 buyers and         These types of events are great for    to your database featuring the best
Put links throughout your email            providing a link to their website for      making your clients feel special,      deals and a catchy call to action to
campaign to your website to make it        more information.                          as well as generating great instant    get them to buy online or call you.
really simple for readers to buy.                                                     revenue and attracting new clients.
                                           Remember, with promotions it is            If new people attend these events,     9. Have a sale on a major holiday or
6. New product release promotions          essential you put in a ‘call to action’.   remember to have a way of capturing    occasion
                                           This tells the reader what to do next.     their details so you can build up a
These are ideal for introducing the                                                   relationship with them to via email.   These are easy to promote and will
product/service and selling the            7. Run ‘Client Only’ days                                                         increase your sales. When it comes
features, benefits and value. Include                                                 8. Hold a seasonal sale                to the email, you can have a lot of fun
an incentive for the reader to act (find   Organise special events that only                                                 with these both graphically or just in
out more, try or buy).                     your clients are invited to, such as       Promote and generate inquiries for     the headline alone.

8 |
                                                                                                                            GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   PRODUCTS

10. Play off special events                13. Container sale                      You can offer incentives such as
                                                                                   coupons, discounts, free offers with
Create a simple email campaign             The arrival of new stock is a great     purchases, or just a free gift for
to go out to your database about a         occasion for a sale. So if you have a   showing a coupon or the SMS you
theme sale or special deals. Eg. end       period of low sales or are looking      sent on their mobile phone.
of financial year or Olympic Games.        for a new promotion, organise
                                           a container sale to attract new         If your software allows it, why not
11. End of the line promotion              customers and generate sales.           automate this email to go out on
                                                                                   their birthday so you can ‘set and
People see sales of discontinued           Why not be a bit different and          forget’ – no effort from you, but it
lines as a great way to get a              promote with SMS messages to            will be greatly appreciated by your
real bargain, so you will attract of lot   your database? This is a really         customers.
business by holding one - especially       simple strategy to use and adds to
from existing customers who                the urgency of the sale.                16. Anniversary promotion
already love your products and want
to buy more.                               14. Date specials                       Offer your clients a special deal or
                                                                                   sale on the anniversary of them
Send an email promoting the sale           Use a particular date to theme and      becoming your customer. Use the
a week before it starts, then a short      promote your sale, such as mid-         same automation strategy as above
reminder the day before to make            week or end of the month.               so it takes no time or effort on your
sure people are aware of it.                                                       behalf.
                                           If you have an online shopping cart,
12. Online auction                         send an email to your prospects         17. Send an offer for subscribers
                                           and current customers with a
This strategy will depend on the           promotional code to use in your         These days, people are subscribed
functionality of your website, but if      shopping cart, which makes the sale     to so many newsletters. So you
it’s possible, it’s a great way to sell    seem even more exclusive to them.       should give them something of real
your products and raise interest in                                                value to reward them for sharing
your brand.                                15. Birthday promotion                  their details with your business.

Build up the excitement with a             Give your clients a special offer for   A great idea is to run a special offer
series of promotional emails in the        them to use as a birthday gift.         for mailing list subscribers only - it
lead up to the auction.                    This is a great way to make your        makes them feel like they are getting
                                           customers feel appreciated.             something other people aren’t.

9 |
                                                                                                                                     GOLDMINE STRATEGIES      FULL RANGE

Goldmine strategies for promoting your full range
In many cases you will find your           it weekly, monthly or quarterly            know about it. Not any longer.               from their client and include an
clients/prospects don’t know your full     and attach a special offer and cost                                                     offer of a free evaluation to the first 10
range of products and services.            effective if you do it via email.          Now, as soon as you are ready, send          replies.
                                                                                      out a quick email campaign to tell your
A great way to make more money in          Not only are you educating them            clients it has arrived and educate them      21. Explain your other products and
your business is to promote your full      you are also providing an incentive        on the value they will gain from it. Do      services
range to your current clients and get      for them to act – to buy. For example      this with an offer and incentive such
them to buy from you again. Best of        - a lawyer may select a service to         as ‘a free trial for the first X to call’.   Send a customer feedback survey
all, it costs far less to work with your   educate his clients on each quarter or                                                  to your database and ask customers
current customers than it does to          a wholesaler may select a product to       20. Case studies                             if they knew that you also do X, Y, Z
attract new ones - research suggests       profile each month to his database.                                                     (list some of your topical services, or
about 6 times less!                                                                   A great way to inspire you clients is to     product ranges).
                                           19. New product/service release            send them examples of what other
18. Promote a different part of your                                                  clients have done to achieve success         Choose products that are profitable to
business or range regularly                Most businesses launch a new product       with your products.                          you but that a lot of your customers
                                           or service and wait for their clients to                                                would not be familiar with.
This is most successful if you do          come and see them when they want to        The email can end with a testimonial

10 |
                                                                                               GOLDMINE STRATEGIES      EDUCATION

                          Goldmine strategies for educating
                          your clients/prospects
                          Informing and educating your customers on your        you contacts prefer.
                          industry and services will help you to position
                          yourself as the expert/leader in your industry and    For example, a Financial Planner could send
                          is a great subtle way to sell.                        clients information on ‘how to save more
                                                                                money so you can invest more and have a better
                          Here are some simple ways to use email to             lifestyle’ or ‘the top 9 tips for investing in stocks’,
                          educate your clients and prospects:                   an Accountant could give advice on ‘how to
                                                                                minimize your time preparing for end of year
                          22. ‘How to’ guides for selling the products or       taxes’; and a Dentist could offer an ‘review of
                          services                                              teeth whitening products on the market’ or ‘the
                                                                                best way to teach children how to clean their
                          A great idea for wholesalers is to keep regularly     teeth’ – the possibilities are endless!
                          updating their resellers with tips on selling their
                          products (this can be done by emailing short tips     24. Work with alliances to provide advice
                          each week or in longer guides and checklists).
                                                                                Giving your clients good, informative advice
                          This will keep their training up to date and          from your business alliances on a variety of
                          increase their effectiveness in selling the goods,    topics adds value to the services you offer and
                          therefore increasing the number of goods they         broadens how you help them. And with your
                          buy off the wholesaler.                               email marketing software, it’s easy and
                                                                                fast to make and doesn’t cost you a cent.
                          23. Educate customers in your area of expertise
                                                                                For example, a Health and Safety Consultant
                          Demonstrate your skills and be the expert that        has an alliance with a Pest Controller and they
                          you are, by sending articles, ‘how to’ guides and     provide an ebook to their clients on the ‘top 21
                          advice to customers.                                  tips for keeping bugs at bay within a working
                          You can either email out your articles as part of
                          your newsletter, or just send out one article a
                          week – you will need to test it to find out what

11 |
                                                                                                                                    GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   EDUCATION

This, like any education strategy, is      short SMS message. It will provide
extremely effective in building up         valuable content about your products
your relationship with your clients as     or services to assist your clients,
you are seen to be focused on them         prospects and alliances and keep
and their success, rather than just        your business at the forefront of their
selling your own products/services.        minds.

Also it is a ‘leveraged’ way to            27. Send out an inspirational quote
generate valuable copy as you don’t        for the day, week or month
have to write it all yourself. You may
even be able to give your own articles     It will only take you 5 minutes to
and guides to your alliances fr them       create a quick email and it will help
to send to their contacts too.             to keep you top of mind with your
25. Send news updates aligned to
your industry                              A quick search of the internet will give
                                           you heaps of quotes you can use.
For example, a Mortgage Broker may
email or SMS you regular updates on        28. Series of welcome letters for new
interest rate reviews or a Surf Retailer   clients
may send you regular updates on the
international competition circuit.         Make clients feel welcome and keep
                                           them excited about doing business
The value of this depends on your          with you with an automated series
industry, but if you are up-to-date        of welcome emails. This strategy           their diet, and from the third week      campaigns and schedule them for X
with everything that’s happening in        also helps to minimise any buyer’s         onwards, give their clients a variety    days after joining group ‘New Clients’
your industry, you are automatically       remorse they might be feeling.             of motivational pieces, diet planners,   then put all your new clients into the
seen as an expert.                                                                    and education as the client goes         relevant group in your database - the
                                           For example, a Weight Loss Clinic          through the program with them.           emails will go out by themselves.
26. Send out a tip for the day, week       sends a welcome letter with
or month                                   important contact details on day           If you use the Bloomtools Ezy            >> Learn more about the Bloomtools
                                           one, then in the second week they          Communicator, you can automate           Ezy Communicator here
Again this can be an email or even a       send a variety of recipes in line with     this whole process. Simply create the

12 |
                                                                                                                        GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   E-CARDS

Goldmine strategies for e-cards
E-cards are professional, interactive,   to your database of contacts and        has sent you a referral. Not only
leading edge cards that enable           boost your sales.                       is it a courtesy, it also shows your
you to stand out well above your                                                 appreciation and encourages them
competitors and make your clients        31. Your client’s anniversary           to send more referrals your way.
feel special.
                                         Send out an e-card to each of your      Make up a really nice ecard with
Research says that close to 7 out of     clients on the anniversary of them      some kind of voucher or gift and
every 10 clients that will leave your    becoming your client. This will make    send it to every person that gives
business will do so because they         them feel valued and will build your    you a referral.
feel like you don’t care. So, in order   relationship with them.
to maintain and grow a successful                                                35. Thank you for being a valued
business, you must identify a            32. Seasonal e-cards                    client
number of strategies, such as ecards
to make your clients feel                Send e-cards to your clients to         A great technique is to add a thank
appreciated.                             celebrate holidays and occasions.       you gift with your e-cards (either
                                         For example Christmas, Easter and       from your business or an alliance’s
29. Client birthday e-cards              New Year’s cards just to let your       business), such as a free financial
                                         clients know you are thinking about     analysis, free personal training
An automated process that sends a        them.                                   session, 20% off next purchase or
card to your contact on their                                                    free gift with next purchase.
birthday, as well as notifying you       33. Thank you for your purchase
that is has been sent. This will save                                            36. Invitation to an event
you a lot of time and money and          Make your clients feel appreciated
gain you a lot of kudos from your        by thanking them for buying/using       Invite your clients to a seminar,
clients.                                 your product. It’s a simple gesture     workshop, client evening,
                                         that won’t take up much of your         tradeshow or promotion evening
30. Your business’s birthday             time, but your clients will enjoy it.   using an ecard. This will help build
                                                                                 relationships with them and make
Get a card designed just for you         34. Thank you for your referral         them feel special. You can also get
with a special offer as a new way to                                             them to bring a friend to build your
celebrate your birthday. Email it out    It is essential to thank anyone who     database.

13 |
                                                                                             GOLDMINE STRATEGIES    TIMETABLES

                          Goldmine strategies for timetables
                          Database marketing is also a great tool for          happen throughout the year with no effort from
                          keeping your customers up to date with the           you - it can’t get any easier than that!
                          timetables and schedules of your business.
                                                                               38. Upcoming events of interest
                          With one simple email campaign , you
                          can inform all your contacts of important            Email you clients a calendar of upcoming
                          information about your business so everyone is       events your business is running that they may
                          up to date.                                          be interested in attending. The more people
                                                                               that know about it, the more people will attend
                          Little strategies like this show that you are        and the better results you will get. You could
                          willing to go the extra mile to make life            also ask your alliances to send the same
                          easier for the client which is great for your        campaign out to their own databases.
                          relationship with them and your sales!
                                                                               39. Important dates
                          37. Reminders
                                                                               Give clients a timetable of important dates
                          Send you clients regular reminders about             they need to remember, such as billing days or
                          topics that are relevant to them. These can be       even personal dates (such as Valentine’s Day,
                          either cyclical, such as once a month, or date       Mother’s Day etc).
                          specific, such as the end of the financial year on
                          June 30th.                                           This is a great way to keep your business top of
                                                                               mind and you can even align promotions with
                          For example, an Accountant reminds you the           these dates.
                          deadlines for each tax period, a Dentist reminds
                          you personally about your six-monthly check          40. Business schedule
                          up, or a Doctor sends automatic immunisation
                          reminders to new parents for each shot the           Email your clients details of your schedule.
                          baby needs.                                          For example, a gym can send members class
                                                                               timetables, or a retailer can send customers its
                          Save yourself time by setting them up now and        Christmas trading hours.
                          scheduling them for future dates, so they just

14 |
                                                                                                                   GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   INTERNAL COMMUNICATION

Goldmine strategies for internal communication
Your team members are just as           regular updates on company news.           time period so they all informed and   44. Social club announcements
important to your business as           They will be much more loyal and           up-to-date.
your customers, so you need to          productive if they feel like part of the                                          Contact staff with social club news
communicate effectively with them       company’s success.                         Include some tips to help them reach   and a calendar of upcoming team
on a regualr basis too.                                                            the goals and metion high achievers    events. You can even have the
                                        Create a template for weekly               to keep the team motivated.            functionality for them to book online
Databse marketing is a great strategy   updates, then simply type in the                                                  to minimise administration time for
for this. It makes keeping your         current news and hit send – it’s that      43. Event announcements                the event.
employees up to date easy, keeps        easy.
company morale high and reduces                                                    Quickly and easily let your staff      Sending an email campaign is much
the need for paper memos.               42. Employee company focus/targets         know about upcoming events, such       quicker and more effective than
                                        for week or month                          as workshops and training sessions.    relying on word of mouth and it
41. Employee company updates                                                       If your Internet marketing software    ensures that no one gets left out of
                                        Send a quick email to your team            has event management capabilities,     the loop.
Keep your employees in the loop and     with details of your sales targets or      the employees can even RSVP on the
make them feel valued by giving them    your promotional focus for a certain       spot.

15 |
                                                                                                                            GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   SURVEYS

Goldmine strategies for feedback surveys
Surveys are a great way to                  • Regular reviews
get feedback from all of your               • Review team member
stakeholders. They will help you
understand more about your                 47. Send out a marketing survey
customers so you can improve your
business.                                  These will give you an insight into
                                           what your customers think about your
Best of all, with database marketing,      products and services and what you
it’s now fast and easy to send them        could potentially improve on.
and collect the results - no more
printing and sending letters or            Remember surveys can also be a
counting responses!                        very powerful selling tool too. Some
                                           examples include:
45. Readers poll
                                            •   New product testing evaluations
Gather the opinion of your target           •   Focus group
audience and report it back to them in      •   Website feedback
your newsletters or in other forms of       •   Conference feedback
marketing. Also utilise this tool to get    •   Speaker evaluation
to know your target audience better.        •   Product/service evaluation
                                            •   Product positioning
46. Send out a customer satisfaction        •   Brand awareness
survey                                      •   Advertising effectiveness
                                            •   Newsletter readership
These are great for getting feedback        •   Competitor comparison
                                                                                  •   Employee evaluation            >> Learn more about the survey tool
from your clients. Some useful types        •   Questionnaire – self evaluation
                                                                                  •   Job satisfaction               in Bloomtools Ezy Communicator
                                                                                  •   360° reviews                   here
  • New client                             48. Create a human resources survey
                                                                                  •   Training evaluation
  • Per product purchase                   These are used to get feedback from
                                                                                  •   Employee business suggestion
  • Per service purchase                   within your business. Types include:
                                                                                  •   Employee exit review

16 |
                                                                                                                              GOLDMINE STRATEGIES   OTHER STRATEGIES

Other database marketing strategies
As you can probably see, the             about a new loyalty program. Be           join you on these sites.
opportunities to use database            sure to include the benefits of the
marketing in your business are           program so they are interested            Send an email campaign to your
endless!                                 straight away.                            database with a special offer for
                                                                                   people that join you Facebook and
Here are a few more strategies:          52. Promote a competition                 Twitter, plus links to the sites of
49. Refer a friend or colleague          A great way to promote your
                                         business and build your database          The more people you have on these
Provide your clients with an             is to run a competition because           sites, the bigger your presence is
attractive professional looking          everyone loves getting something          and the more potential for results.
message that they can                    for nothing!                              Plus, it’s free to join them, so there’s
easily forward on for                                                              no excuse!
referrals/recommendations.               Send out an email campaign to your
                                         database about the competition and        54. Send videos
Ask your best customers to help you      link them to the sign up form on
out by sending on an offer or article,   your website.                             Videos are hugely popular on the
to generate new clients.                                                           internet right now and there are
                                         Also, put a ‘send to a friend’ link       many ways your business can
50. Update your database’s details       in a very prominent position to           use them to your advantage -
                                         make it easy for people to send the       training films, promotional videos,
Email your clients a reminder/           competition on - and watch your           education, viral marketing etc.
form to update their details often.      database grow!
Keeping these details up to date is                                                Once you’ve made your video,
essential for the continued success      53. Get Facebook friends and              create a campaign and place a link
of your database.                        Twitter followers                         to the video in it. Then send it out to
                                                                                   your database to promote it.
51. Promote a new loyalty points         All businesses today should be
scheme                                   maximising social media sites like        Don’t forget the ‘send to a friend’
                                         Facebook and Twitter - so you need        link - a video that goes viral is great
Send out information to clients          all the people on your mailing lists to   publicity for your business!

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                                                                     GOLDMINE STRATEGIES    CONCLUSION

                          Thankyou for reading our Goldmine Strategies ebook. I sincerely hope that
                          these strategies are helpful to you and your business.

                          I am sure you would have gained at least one good idea that you can apply in
                          your business today. The next step is up to you – so we really encourage you
                          to take action!

                          If you would like to learn about database marketing and a system that can
                          help with you with the above strategies and much more, please ask us about
                          the Bloomtools Ezy Communicator.

                          If you would like a Bloomtools consultant to create an internet marketing plan
                          for your business, including some of the above database marketing strategies,
                          please contact us.

                          Once again, thank you, and good luck!

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