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Formal Report - student email - DOC


            BISM 2100 Online Students
            Kennesaw State University
            Coles College of Business

Team 4

                       Virtual Teaming and
             Online Meeting Management

                                        April 30, 2010

   Virtual Teaming and
Online Meeting Management

    Virtual Teaming and
Online Meeting Management

            Prepared for:
      Professor Therese Viscelli,
     BISM 2100 Online Instructor
     Kennesaw State University
         1000 Chastain Road
        Kennesaw, GA 30144

           Prepared by:
            Team Four,
     BISM 2100 Online Students
     Kennesaw State University
        1000 Chastain Road
        Kennesaw, GA 30144

            April 30, 2010
                                     Letter of Authorization
BISM 2100 Online Students
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

Dear Students,

The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to emerging technologies and to create an
opportunity for students to utilize their professional written business communication skills. This
formal report will be coordinated with a presentation and a web page to provide a bundled
resource on this semester’s project.
You are being asked to critically evaluate tools (sites and/or programs) that make virtual teaming
and interaction easier. Management has expressed an interest in the following products/services:
(1) Dimdim Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4) Vyew Instant Workspace
and (5) Nomadesk.
This is an FORMAL REPORT and requires prefatory and supplementary parts (See Chapter 13
in 8th Ed). It will conclude with a detailed recommendation for management on adoption and
At a minimum, your report should include information related to the following Level One
   1. Introduction to Virtual Teaming and Online Meeting Management. This is a research
      intensive section and requires expert opinion and current examples. Include general
      information related to virtual teaming on the following topics (Level 2 headings). These
      are research related, not product related:

             Popularity and use
             Privacy and security
             Cost
             Technology
             Training
   2.   Product Evaluation. A separate (Level 1) section for each product with detailed
        information on areas you feel are important to management. Include at minimum
        information on virtual teaming, information and document sharing, project management,
        and meetings.
   3.   A product by product comparison with charts and figures to facilitate decision making.
        This section looks at all products simultaneously.
   4.   Recommendation. Based on expert opinion, research, and team use/experience. Which
        products does the team recommend? For what type of user?
   5.   Implementation. A specific and workable plan for implementation and use. Describe the
        implementation plan for your recommended product(s).

Use both commercial and academic resources (Minimum of 15 references – 20 needed for full
credit – at least 10 academic). Refer to Planning Reports and Proposals for details on credible

research. Where appropriate, you should incorporate charts, graphs, or other visual aids to
illustrate the facts you present both in your report. This report will be submitted to –
anti plagiarism detection software – please ensure that you cite your resources appropriately, use
quotations and page number references for quotes and internal citations (Author, Date) for
paraphrased content. Note – changes 2-3 words does not = paraphrasing.
Written Report:
The report will be submitted to: (1) for review of originality, (2) vista dropbox for
grading, AND (3) to a team designed web page to accompany the presentation.
Employ all facets of effective business writing and refer back to your text (Planning, Writing and
Completing Formal Business Reports) for the Formal Report Structure. Appendix B has some
helpful suggestions for APA citations and reference list. Please also rely on

Your team will create a presentation based on conclusions and recommendations of the report.
You will provide some basic information on each of the Level 2 headings, but focus mainly on
the outcomes. Your team may choose to submit a voice over PowerPoint presentation, or a
digital video presentation. Please check the discussion board and/or visit for information about DV resources on campus. Please submit the
presentation by providing a link from the team designed webpage. (Teams may choose to
convert a page of the student website to meet this purpose).

A comprehensive formal report employing the 7 C’s of business writing – these are quality
points in combine grammar, spelling, readability, structure, and adherence to required format.
(30 PTS). Thorough research of sources – on average every paragraph has a source listed.
References works are paraphrased, balanced between academic and commercial resources, and
relevant. (10 PTS). Attributions and Citations done properly in APA style. The Reference list is
complete. Internal Citations are done properly. The paper was submitted to - failure
to submit – automatic zero. (10 PTS).

Detailed analysis covering requirements stated above – these are content points. (30 PTS)
Well developed recommendations – this is the crux of the analytical report. It should be detailed
enough to know exactly what response you want from your reader and how you want the reader
to follow through on that objective. (20 PTS)
Professional, persuasive presentation that clearly details the research outcomes of the project. (1)
Slides are clear, bulleted, use notes to provide detail, use graphics to enhance (less is more), and
use references appropriately or Video is well organized, rehearsed, and clear. Presenters are NOT
READING from notes or cue cards. Slides and speakers are interspersed, and references are used
appropriately. Website is professional, clear, readable, and credible. Links to report and
presentation are working and evident. (50 PTS)

           1000 CHASTAIN ROAD • KENNESAW, GEORGIA • 30144
                     PHONE: 770-423-6584 • FAX: 770-423-6601
                                           Letter of Acceptance

                    BISM 2100 Online Students
                    Kennesaw State University
                    Coles College of Business

Team 4

March 31, 2010

Professor Therese Viscelli
BISM 2100 Online Instructor
Kennesaw State University
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Dear Professor Viscelli:

We are pleased to inform you that we, Team 4 of the BISM 2100 Online Class, have decided to
accept upon ourselves the task of researching the various types of virtual teaming resources that
management is interested in. Our team, Marcela De Carvalho, Magen Hickey, Tonia Wolfe and
Robyn Parnes will compile an accurate evaluation of all five virtual teaming resources you have

Our team objective is to critically evaluate tools that make virtual teaming and interaction easier.
The entire team will contribute greatly to the final project, by strictly adhering to our schedule of
deliverables, and by using credible resources as a base for our report.
We have created a detailed schedule of deliverables, consisting of the projects requirements and
specific due date for each task. Each member of the team is responsible for researching on one
of the following products: (1) Dimdim Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4)
Vyew Instant Workspace and (5) Nomadesk. The report will include evaluations, comparisons, a
recommendation and an implementation plan. The final research will include a formal report, an
oral presentation over power point, and a web page.

If you have any further questions, or if we can assist you in any other way, please feel free to
contact us through GeorgiaView Vista Discussion Boards.


BISM 2100 - Team 4
Marcela De Carvalho
Magen Hickey
Tonia Wolfe
Robyn Parnes

                                          Letter of Transmittal

                   BISM 2100 Online Students
                   Kennesaw State University
                   Coles College of Business

Team 4

April 30, 2010

Professor Therese Viscelli
BISM 2100 Online Instructor
Kennesaw State University
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Dear Professor Viscelli:

Here is the report you asked us, Team 4 of the BISM 2100 Online Class, to prepare on Virtual
Teaming and Online Meeting Management. Management will find all information necessary in
this report, including each product evaluation, product by product comparisons with charts, a
recommendation and an implementation plan. Nevertheless, we have provided you with a team
designed webpage in which you will find a Power Point Presentation based on conclusions and
recommendations of the report.
The entire team contributed greatly to the final project by adhering to the schedule of deliverable
and by relying on credible resources. Each of the team members was responsible for the
following tasks:

Magen Hickey:

      Created Cover Page
      Created Title Fly
      Created Title Page
      Researched and Wrote on Privacy & Security
      Researched and Wrote on Huddle
      Researched and Wrote on Implementation
      Compiled and checked team References
      Responsible for proofreading the entire report
      Responsible for combining Presentation with Voice over Power Point.

Marcela De Carvalho:

      Wrote the Letter of Transmittal
      Researched and Wrote on Popularity & Use

      Researched and Wrote on Training
      Researched and Wrote on Nomadesk
      Compiled entire Project together
      Responsible for formatting and design of Formal Report
      Responsible for the Designed Team Web Page

Robyn Parnes:

      Wrote the Letter of Acceptance
      Researched and Wrote on Technology
      Researched and Wrote on DimDim Online Collaboration
      Researched and Wrote on Vyew Instant Workspace
      Responsible for the Product by Product Comparison
      Responsible for the Conclusions of the Presentation

Tonia Wolfe:

      Wrote the Executive Summary
      Researched and Wrote on Cost
      Researched and Wrote on GoTo Meeting
      Researched and Wrote on Recommendation
      Responsible for submitting the Formal Report to
      Responsible for the Basic Information and Recommendations of the Presentation
By accessing our web site at you will find a link to both the
Formal Report as well as our Power Point Presentation. We hope you enjoy your visit to our
Team Designed Web Page.
We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to critically evaluate tools that make virtual
teaming and interaction easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss the
report. Furthermore, it would be a great pleasure if we could assist you again in the future.


BISM 2100 - Team 4
Marcela De Carvalho
Magen Hickey
Tonia Wolfe
Robyn Parnes

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ............................................................................................................ x
   POPULARITY AND USE .......................................................................................................... 1
   PRIVACY AND SECURITY ..................................................................................................... 2
   COST........................................................................................................................................... 2
   TECHNOLOGY.......................................................................................................................... 3
   TRAINING.................................................................................................................................. 4
PRODUCT EVALUATION ........................................................................................................... 5
   DIMDIM ONLINE COLLABORATION .................................................................................. 5
   GOTO MEETING ....................................................................................................................... 5
   HUDDLE .................................................................................................................................... 6
   VYEW INSTANT WORKSPACE ............................................................................................. 7
   NOMADESK .............................................................................................................................. 7
PRODUCT BY PRODUCT COMPARISON ................................................................................ 9
RECOMMENDATION ................................................................................................................ 11
IMPLEMENTATION ................................................................................................................... 11
REFERENCES ............................................................................................................................. 12

                                                  LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS

TABLE                                                                                                                                   PAGE
Table 1: PRICING .......................................................................................................................... 9
Table 2: FEATURES .................................................................................................................... 10

                                 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

          Introduction to Virtual Teaming and Online Meeting Management
Virtual Teaming has become very popular in today’s business world with the aspect of growing
globalization. Virtual Teaming has helped many companies to cut back on their cost, while also
helping to increase their production. These online “meetings,” or “sharing,” of products include
good security and privacy for their customers. With easy to install software and the use of in-
office technology, Virtual Teaming can be taken advantage of in a company of any size.
Although these products offer a great source for training, no training is actually necessary to
conduct a virtual meeting.

                                      Product Evaluation
Dimdim, GoToMeeting, Huddle, Vyew Instant Workspace and Nomadesk are all Virtual
Teaming products available to help assist your company, or business, in communicating outside
the “box,” or the office. Each of these products offers a vast amount of options to fit every need
and situation. Some of them offer a virtual meeting environment while others offer more of a
space-sharing environment. Every one of these products will help to improve the communication
and productivity of a company while cutting the cost to do so.

                                     Product Comparison
Each product has different features and costs that would make them appealing to different types
of users. All of these products vary in price and have different levels of their products to choose
from. The amount of users attending a meeting will also determine which product is right for a
specific company. Some offer free trials, moreover those that do not have free trials, do not
charge for the most basic product.

                                  Product Recommendation
Depending on the size of your virtual team and what it is that you want to accomplish, different
products may work better for you than others. Cost, training, and location of employees and/or
clients will indefinitely be determining factors. Each product brings something different to the
table. Undoubtedly, there is one, if not more of these products that will fulfill your needs.

                                   Product Implementation
To create an implementation plan, you would need to go to each website and determine which
product is right for you and you’re “Virtual Team.” Once you have selected the perfect product
for you, implementing the new software and program is a “synch.” This makes it very easy to
follow directions and makes for a quick and simple setup, allowing for quick and simple startup
of each of these products.


                                   POPULARITY AND USE
The popularity on Virtual Teaming usage is tightly related to the internet and the globalized
business world. Since the 1990s, more businesses are relying on communication technologies to
manage, collaborate, assign tasks, and perform business meetings. Therefore, more products are
being created each day for these purposes. There are now a variety of options to communicate
without having a need to meet face to face (Attaran, 2003).
Virtual Teaming is a great advantage to international businesses that have employees around the
globe. Scheduling a meeting with all personnel of a large corporation would require tremendous
expenditure with air fare, hotels, taxis, etc... . The opportunity to have a system that can bring
everyone together without being physically present is a huge money saver and less of a hassle
trying to schedule a meeting which everyone could attend. (Trzcieliński & Wypych-Żółtowska,
Dudiy (2005) pointed out that the kind of businesses that use the virtual teaming approach are
“businesses that use virtual organizations to build global presence, outsource their operations, or
need less common expertise/skills from people who are reluctant to travel or relocate from their
home locations”.
According to Attaran (2003), “with less middle managers and employees working on projects,
there is a need for information technology that fosters collaboration…. The term “collaborative
computing” refers to products and services that foster collaboration. The Products in this
category perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from e-mail, group conferencing, task
delegation, project management, data sharing, data storage/retrieval and time billing.”
An empirical study by Ehsan, Mirza, & Ahmad (2008), noted another advantage of why
businesses are considering forming virtual teams. The researchers agreed that the use of
technology as a mean of communication between team members actually decreased tension
among them. The results show that the use of technology “reduces diverse opinions and
increases more task-related messages…. Team members in CMC [computer-mediated
communication] take time to convey their statements and do not give immediate reactions; hence
reduces the chances of escalation of conflicts”.
The study concludes that even though social interactions among virtual team members are
negatively affected, it improves the members’ commitment to a common goal. Therefore this
will increase productivity tremendously. “…the findings of this study have reported an overall
increase in the performance of virtual teams that communicate through computer-mediated
technology as compared to non-computer-mediated technology….teams should try to utilize
these tools more efficiently to build loyalty, group pride and trust among themselves to achieve
their goals successfully” (Ehsan et al., 2008).

                                  PRIVACY AND SECURITY
Privacy and security are always very important aspects for businesses working with certain
products. Each of the five online collaboration tools, Dimdim, GoToMeeting, Huddle,
Nomadesk, and Vyew, have their own specified types of privacy and security which they use to
ensure safety to all users.
The Dimdim Online Collaboration privacy policy states that most of the time the site is able to
be used without the revealing of any personal information, however sometimes there will be a
necessity for your name, username, address, phone number, or a password to be set up for access
to the product. If personal information is given out, Dimdim will ensure that it is kept
confidential, unless permission is granted by the user to distribute this information. If a company
merges with Dimdim the information will then be given to the new company. Likewise, the same
will happen if a whole new owner buys out the business (Dimdim: free live meeting, 2008).
The privacy policy for GoToMeeting follows the policy set by the Citrix online company. Citrix
clearly states that it ensures the privacy and safety of disclosed personal information that is given
to the GoToMeeting software. The personal information will be shared, however in a safe and
secure manner for those using the product, No information will be shared without authorization
of the users (GoToMeeting Privacy Policy, 2009).
Much like the other products, Nomadesk's privacy policy states that only “identifiable personal
information” is asked for regarding use of the product. (Nomadesk, 2010).
If any information may be at risk for use by an unauthorized user, an error report will be sent
through Microsoft to your computer. Huddle ensures that the information collected from the user
is kept confidential and is only used for necessary purposes involving your usage of the website
and service. Teens and children under the age of sixteen are completely unauthorized to use
Huddle. You are solely entitled to your information and the information about you in order to
keep your access accurate and up to date (Huddle: Privacy, 2010).
Finally, Vyew Instant Workspace will ask for your name, address, phone number, and email
address. This information is used for the purposes of the product, in case the company finds a
need to contact you regarding your service. Third parties may be used in order to deliver
information or a product to other companies in need of this information (Vyew, 2008).

Dimdim Online Collaboration is free for small meetings of twenty people or less, $25.00 per
month for fifty people or less and $75.00 per month for up to one thousand people. There is
unlimited usage and no software to install. You can either try it or buy it on their web site
(Dimdim, 2010).
GoToMeeting is $49.00 a month for up to fifteen people, you can save 20% by purchasing the
annual plan for $468.00 a year. This has an unlimited use and no overage charges. By going to
the web site you can try it for free (GoToMeeting, 2010).

Huddle has five levels you can purchase: Personal, Small Team, Large Team, Professional, and
Enterprise. The personal level is $8.00 a month, which allows one workspace, 1GB storage and
one manager. Small Team is $40.00 a month, which allows five workspaces, 2GB storage, one
manager, five users, and three hundred meeting minutes. Large Team is $75.00 a month allowing
ten workspaces, 5GB storage, one manager, ten users, and twenty-four hundred meeting minutes.
Professional is $200.00 per manager per month, this includes twenty-five workspaces, 25GB
storage, between one and ten managers, twenty-five users and forty-eight hundred meeting
minutes. The Enterprise is $8.00 per user per month with a minimum of five hundred users. This
allows you unlimited workspaces, storage and managers. You are allowed fifty users per web
conferencing. Huddle is free for charities (Huddle, 2010).
Vyew Instant Workspace has unlimited meetings, SSL secure login, up to ten real-time
participants, twenty VyewBooks, and a VyewBook page limit of fifty for free. For $6.95 a month
you can upgrade to the Plus version and receive the same benefits plus no advertising, up to
eighty participants, fifty VyewBooks, and a VyewBook page limit of two hundred. For $13.95 a
month, you can get the Professional package with an increase to one hundred and fifty
VyewBooks, and a VyewBooks page limit of five hundred. They also have optional add-ons for
the plus and professional packages (Vyew, 2010).
Nomadesk has two options; the Personal Fileserver for $50.00 a year with this you can sync up
to three machines and have unlimited storage, or the Team Fileserver is $15.00 a month and this
allows for unlimited guests (all guest are free) also with unlimited storage space. By purchasing a
yearly contract you can receive discounts: a one year contract is $30.00 a month (two months
free), a two year contract is $75.00 a month (five months free), or a three year contract for
$1350.00 a month (nine months free). Both come with a free 30-day trial (Nomadesk, 2010).

All of the products use various technologies to be able to simulate a meeting effectively.
Dimidim “allows audio, video, screen, and document sharing; whiteboards with annotations;
multiuser chat options; polls; a Question Manager that acts like a moderated Q&A; and a
recording and archiving feature” (Anonymous, 2008). Dimdim allows a web conference with
multiple people joining in. They allow two-way sharing, so that people can communicate with
each other from various parts of the world.
Vyew is a “collaboration and conferencing tool that accepts a variety of file formats. You can
host a live meeting in which you can share files, such as .ppt, .doc, or .swf, or you can
collaborate asynchronously on projects. Other Vyew features include: chat, whiteboards,
drawing tools, comments, and plug-ins for added capability” (Anonymous, 2008).
GoTo-Meeting had combined web conferencing with desktop tools already in place to provide a
user-friendly online meeting. Klaus Schauser, CTO, claims that "We've taken a stumbling block
away from online meetings because you can launch from the desktop, IM, and e-mail" (Moore,
2004). This combination of both web conferencing and desktop tools allow meeting to be
launched much more quickly than before. GoTo-Meeting has an added bonus of eliminating the
need for software.

Huddle is unique in that it combines both social aspects and business aspects. Huddle’s features
include: Facebook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. “With these new capabilities, continues to empower the Web worker or personal project manager by connecting the
people they know and the tools they need in order to work better together and get something
done.” (Anonymous, 2008) The modern computer user needs both their social and business
requirements to be able to be accessed easily and simultaneously. This is what Huddle is striving
to provide.
Nomadesk targets itself to small businesses and workers who are constantly on the road. By
providing a safe environment to store and backup files and other information, they allow
businesses to be able to access all their needs, even when not in the office. Nomadesk’s
technology is “fully encrypted and seamlessly integrated into the Windows operating system”.
(Anonymous, 2008)

When there is a clear need for a virtual team to be formed within a company, one might think
that the most important step to take is to train employees on the technology chosen. In contrast to
that, the article “Working Together While Apart- Real, Virtual Teams” argues that the most
important step to take is to provide employees with training on communication skills. Poor
communication between virtual team members is one of the main reasons they do not succeed.
According to Warkentin and Beranek (2001), “In most cases, team members receive little or no
training to improve the effectiveness of this form of communication. When training is used, it
often focuses on software utilization skills, not on interpersonal communication dynamics”.
Virtual Teams are short on eye contact, a main component of trust; the inability to get non-verbal
cues from their teammates already places a burden on their interrelationships. (Ehsan et al.,
2008). A study by Warkentin and Beranek (2001) reported that “teams that received VTC
[Virtual Team Communication] training felt that team members were committed to the goals and
objectives of the team that their team exhibited trust and that team members were open and frank
in expressing their ideas and feelings.”
Another fact that should be considered by corporations that employ professionals around the
world is cultural diversity. Cultural diversity greatly affects the communications process between
members of virtual teams (Trzcieliński & Wypych-Żółtowska, 2008). There are several
workshops that teach how to improve communications skills. Moreover, the popularity of Virtual
Teaming has led most of these trainings to focus on communication for virtual teaming. An
example is the website, which offers an online training for
virtual management and virtual teams called The Art of Virtual Leadership On-Demand
Webinar. According to the website this workshop focuses on “learning to rely less on "eyeball"
management and mastering techniques for improving communication to keep on and off-site
team members connected” (Trzcieliński & Wypych-Żółtowska, 2008).
Once the communication skills training have been provided to all virtual team members, the next
step should be easier accomplish. The paper, Working Together While Apart- Real, Virtual
Teams, asserted that “Transitioning to a more virtual work-style… can be achieved through a

series of small adjustments. …such as learning about a new tool or service, discovering a feature
of a program you are already using, establishing a new communication protocol, implementing a
new collaboration strategy, or evolving a regular conference call into a virtual meeting.”

                                PRODUCT EVALUATION

                            DIMDIM ONLINE COLLABORATION
“Dimdim lets anyone host and attend live meetings, demos, and webinars using just a web
browser. Saving money, time, and travel by instantly sharing documents, web pages,
whiteboards, audio, video – even record your events, - with no software to install”(Dimdim,
2010). Dimidim prides itself on being easy. “Remember how hard it was to get your music into
your pocket before the iPod?” they ask. “Well we made it our mission to create an easy, open,
affordable web conferencing system as simple to use as the iPod” (Dimdim, 2010). They focus
on the simplicity of their product. Anyone who can explore the web can use Dimdim and no
installation is necessary. Dimdim allows you to see the presenter’s actual desktop and allows
everyone invited to work on a presentation and make comments (Dimdim, 2010).
Dimdim had three levels of products that you can buy. The lowest level allows you to have basic
meetings and events with a maximum of twenty people invited. Dimdim Pro has the added bonus
of customized and secured rooms with a maximum of fifty invitees and the most advanced level
Dimdim webinar includes: meeting reporting and analytics with a maximum of one thousand
invitees (Dimdim, 2010).

                                        GOTO MEETING
GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service created and marketed by Cintrix Online. It is a remote
meeting and desktop sharing software that enables the user to meet with other computer users,
customers, clients, or colleagues via the Internet in real-time. GoToMeeting is the easiest, fastest,
and most secure online solution available (Fact Sheet).
GoToMeeting allows you to host unlimited online meeting with up to fifteen people so you can
“do more and travel less” (Online Meeting). With GoToMeeting Corporate, ten additional invites
can be added totaling up to twenty-five people attending a meeting. This also includes unlimited
meetings, and also unlimited Webinars which can have up to one thousand attendees.
GoToMeeting allows companies to share their ideas and relay their messages with employees
around the globe or even just the next county over. It eliminates travel cost and can help increase
productivity. With GoToMeeting, you can be in contact with your clients at anytime from
anywhere. Also because there is no limit on meeting minutes the users can “hold meetings and
Webinars more often and increase their productivity” (Product Review).
Easy set up and easy to use, GoToMeeting gives step by step instructions from what to do before
the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting for both you and the attendees. You can

invite anyone via phone, email, or instant message. Once invited each person can choose to use
their computer microphones and speakers or call in (How it works). Meetings can start with just
a click of the “Meet Now” button.
Any application running on the host computer can be made visible to all users. Using the pen,
highlighter, arrow and spotlight tools you can draw on your screen and this will appear on
everyone’s screen that is attending the meeting. GoToMeeting allows you to transfer control to
other users also. This allows for easy training and gives a “hands-on experience by sharing
keyboard and mouse control” (Ways to use it). As the host you are able to show your entire
screen or a limited section of your screen to all or just a selection of the attendees.
Depending on the size of your company or the realm of your work, you can also take advantage
of GoToWebinar or GoToTraining, both which include GoToMeeting. Both packages vary on
price depending on the number of users you anticipate to be attending your meetings.

Huddle is a widely known form of social networking which helps individuals have an easy and
protected place to work online, rather than in a conference room. It is a free social network with
no software that needs to be downloaded. With Huddle, you can “manage projects, share and
store files online, create and edit documents online, have group discussions, and have an
unlimited amount of users” (Huddle, 2010). There are five mandatory parts for this online group
management. Huddle uses all five of these, they include: mechanisms, speed, online identity,
shared vision, and a flat structure.
The mechanisms, such as a large amount of free space, white boards, free Word and Excel, and
many support products, used are very effective. Speed for huddle is very essential because of
how necessary time management is for team members. Online identity allows users to control
who is a part of the group and who is not welcome as a team member. This also includes the
privacy settings in which certain people have access to different fields. Shared vision refers to
everyone having a common goal to work together as a team to complete each task effectively.
Finally, a flat structure gives control to members to choose the right people for the job without
the factor of location being involved.
There are many large companies involved in using Huddle. A small number of some of these
companies who use Huddle on an everyday basis are Aggie-Lance, Boots, Contagious, Fire fly:
Natural Energy, Kerry Foods, KIA, M&S, and TMS. Huddle shows to be very effective and
useful for all companies involved in this product. Huddle comes highly recommended within
these companies and there seems to be nothing but good information involving this product.

                               VYEW INSTANT WORKSPACE
“Vyew- Share Your View” is the motto for the Vyew Instant workspace website. Vyew calls its
meeting spaces “war rooms” because as they explain a war room is a place used “to provide
centralized command for communications”. The war room is used to focus on a specific topic
and “information is readily available and displayed at all times”. You can log in and out, and
contribute your ideas and expertise to the topic of discussion. You can use Vyew to build ideas
over time or as a meeting space to be used at one specific time (Vyew, 2010).
Vyew uses four applications in the war room: Document Management, Wiki, IM, and Web
Conferencing. This allows many people to be able to communicate effectively through many
types of media. Content can be uploaded constantly and access control is available to restrict
levels of access to different people. It is also possible to use a “breakout room” and copy content
into another room for other discussion. Vyew synchronized different types of technology,
including voice conferencing and fax, to be able to effectively create a meeting for people who
are not able to communicate face-to-face (Vyew, 2010)
Vyew is free for a basic plan which includes unlimited meetings with ten participants and other
features. The Plus plan which has more features and more participants allowed starts at $6.95 a
month. Various other features can be added to the plan with additional pricing (Vyew, 2010).

Nomadesk is an ideal product for sharing documents in a virtual team environment that requires
constantly updated documents. It is also useful for professionals that need to be out of the office
regularly and need to have all of their documents securely with them the whole time. So instead
of carrying a pile of paper documents, the individual can save the information in their Nomadesk
software and be able to access these documents, either by phone or laptop (About Nomadesk,
According to Nomadesk’s official site, this software allows you “to securely share, store,
synchronize and backup files from any location, whether offline or online…. Improve
productivity, maximize team collaboration, increase data security, and reduce infrastructure costs
with over eighty percent” (About Nomadesk, 2010).
In, Nomadesk, reports on the easy usage of the program and that there is no need for
training, it simply requires you to download the program to the device you will be taking with
you. The article further insists that Nomadesk “is drag, drop simple and does not require a
change in behavior from how you normally save files” (, 2010).
Nomadesk seems to be an efficient tool for virtual teams. According to, “files
are always up-to-date and available to team members whether they are online or offline.
Nomadesk automatically synchronizes and updates the files on the cloud server and across the
local servers of the team members” (File Sharing/Collaboration, 2010). Another great advantage
of this product is how information and documents are shared. According to Nomadesk, “you
control how long the file or folder is available for access and can be notified when the file has
been downloaded” (File Sharing/Collaboration, 2010).

This product is very flexible; it does not tie you up to one computer. If for some reason
something happens to your laptop, you can access your files from any other computer by going
to Another great alternative Nomadesk offers you is to access your
information through your phone (Iphone or Blackberry) by going to
Nevertheless, Nomadesk has another big plus, if you lose the equipment containing all your
information, Nomadesk has a service called “TheftGuard” that is able to track it down. (Mobile
Access, 2010). In addition to that, it is reliable and secure to all of your documents. The
company claims that “Nomadesk doubles your security by encrypting your files locally and
backing them up in the cloud” (Safe and Secure, 2010).
Project Managers may also benefit from another service called Email2Folder, which enables you
to receive emails right to Nomadesk software from others who does not have sharing access to
your information. Nomadesk explains how it works “Each Nomadesk fileserver has a unique
email address allowing you or your team to email files directly to your fileserver. The files are
saved in a folder and available for review and refilling. Email2Folder is a great way to allow
people to share files without having direct access to your fileserver” (Mobile Access, 2010).
The only important task Nomadesk fails to provide is a mean for virtual meetings. If an online
meeting is essential, team members will have to use another tool for that matter. Other than that,
Nomadesk services are inexpensive compared to other products. If you only need it for your
personal use it will only cost fifty dollars per year, but if instead you would like to share your
documents with several collaborators you will only pay fifteen dollars per month. (Different
Fileservers for Different Needs, 2010).

                         PRODUCT BY PRODUCT COMPARISON
Each of the products has different features and costs that would make them appealing to different
types of users. They all vary in price. All of the companies have more than one level of
products. They range in price from free to $200 per month. They also have different amount of
maximum users; the lowest being fifty, the highest: unlimited. Some offer free trials. Those that
do not have do not charge for the most basic product.


                          Maximum Amount
                               of Users        Price for most the    Price for most    Free Trial
     Product Name         (on most extensive       basic plan        extensive plan
     DIMDIM Online
                                    1000             FREE              $75/month         none
                                                                    $200 per manager
         Huddle                      50           $8 /month                            30 days
                                                                       per month
      Vyew Instant
                                    500              FREE             13.95/month       NONE

       Nomadesk                Unlimited         $50 per year        $15 per month     30 days

     GoToMeeting1                    50           $49/month            $99/month       30 Days
Table 1: Pricing

    Does not include GoToTraining

The products have many different types of features. They vary from desktop sharing,
whiteboards, recording meetings, and webcams/live chats. 2 Note: Nomadesk does not have the
capability of meeting, only of sharing and editing documents.


    Product Name     Desktop Share    Whiteboard       Record and Embed     Webcams/ live
                                                           meetings             chat
    DIMDIM Online
                          X                                                       X
     Vyew Instant
                          X               X                   X                   X
Table 2: Features


Cost maybe a determining factor for your company. Any of these products will be more cost
efficient than plane tickets and other travel expenses. Dimdim and Vyew Instant Workspace are
free when used for smaller meetings. Both GoToMeeting and Nomadesk have a free trial period.
If training employees at different locations is your need then Dimdim and GoToMeeting would
be the best solution. They are very similar in that everyone in the meeting can view the host
desktop and interact with what is going on. GoToMeeting has tools that can be used by the host
that makes following along easy.
Location of employees or clients can cause a problem when different time zones come into play.
Not everyone can be on the computer at the same time to have a meeting. With Vyew Instant
Workspace and Nomadesk, work can be stored and shared at different times.
Depending on the size of your virtual team and what it is that you want to accomplish different
products my work better for you than others. Smaller companies would benefit more from
Dimdim or GoToMeeting. Larger companies would also benefit from Dimdim but may see

In order to implement each of these products, we would suggest going to each webpage and
getting a good idea of how to begin using each of them and what type of security is involved. It
is also important in researching the quality of the product and what aspects may be more useful
than others. To begin using these products, there is no software to download. Most parts of all
the products are solely online and very easy to use. All of these are cost effective and very
informative. For all group teaming these products will ensure low costs, privacy, and security.
All of these products are popular and require a small amount of training. All of these products
are very useful in virtual teaming. “In today’s business environment, organizations adapt quickly
or die. Gaining competitive advantage in a global environment means continually reshaping the
organization to maximize strengths, address threats, and increase speed” (Duarte & Snyder,


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