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					BECOMING A U. S. CITIZEN                                DOCUMENTATION REQUIRE-                                  Are You Afraid To File For Citizen-
________________ ________________________               MENTS FOR NATURALIZATION                                ship Because You Have Had Trou-
                                                        APPICATIONS:                                              ble In The Past With The Law?

BENEFITS OF CITIZENSHIP:                                                                                    WHEN SHOULD YOU SEEK THE
                                                        ·   If you do not have the documentation re-        ADVICE OF AN IMMIGRATION AT-
·   You cannot be removed (deported) from the               quired by USCIS because the papers              TORNEY?
    U.S. for any reason.                                    were lost before arriving in the United
                                                            states or your home country does not            If you have some doubts about applying for citi-
·   You can get a U.S. Passport for traveling.              keep or issue vital records, you should         zenship or if you have had any of the following
                                                            still apply.                                    problems, seek the advice of an immigration attor-
·   You can vote.                                                                                           ney before applying for naturalization:
·   Your minor children born abroad who came to         ·   Other documents are acceptable to US-
    the U.S. with you will automatically become U.          CIS, including Affidavits of Birth, Mar-        ·    ANY criminal violations and arrests since you
    S. citizens by law.                                     riage, or Divorce. Many times you can                arrived in the United States;
                                                            use documents you have acquired since
·   You will be eligible for Social Security and            your move to the U.S.                           ·    History of domestic violence or violation of a
    other public benefits that are stopped after                                                                 Protection Order;
    you have been in the U.S. for seven years                                                               ·    Tax problems, such as unpaid taxes, failure to
    without becoming a U.S. citizen.                             The Naturalization Process
                                                                   Can Take Over a Year,                         file taxes, or accusations of fraud with your tax
·   You will have preference when petitioning for                     SO DO IT NOW!                              returns;
    family members abroad who are waiting to                                                                ·    Unpaid child support;
    come to the U.S.
                                                                                                            ·    Immigration fraud at the time of entry;
APPLICATION FILING FEES:                                                EXCEPTION
                                                                                                            ·    False claims to U.S. citizenship;
·   You may request a waiving of the filing fees                                                            ·    Voting or registering to vote in a U.S. election;
    from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service       If requested, USCIS will process your applica-
    (USCIS).                                            tion much faster so you can get Social Security.
                                                                                                            ·    Abandonment of your legal permanent resi-
                                                                                                                 dent status.
                                                        The law required that after you have been in
CITIZENSHIP TESTING:                                    the United States for seven (7) years and have
                                                        not become a citizen, you will not be eligible to
·   All applicants for naturalization                   receive Social Security or you will lose any So-
    must be able to speak, read, and write Eng-         cial Security benefits you receive.

·   All applicants must take a U.S. civics, and his-
    tory test.

·   For limited reasons, applicants with disabilities
    may qualify for a Medical Waiver to bypass
    the testing requirements.
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   call 1-866-621-9886 Monday through Friday
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