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                                                                    Don’t wait for a
                                                                   good time. Apply
                                                                    when you are

                                      Invest in a

      Green Card          As good as gold
                You never know when you will need it.
         Green Cards are offered by the richest and most developed countries-
                 The USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand

                             Small Investment. Big Gains.
                      Better Returns than Stocks & Real Estate.
                                   Earn in £ and $.
         Buy peace of mind, security and more options for you and your family.
Apply for a Green Card through Y-Axis - the No.1.Overseas Career and Immigration Consultant in India
  Green Card - A Smart Investment                        Think about it 

  A Green Card is a permanent visa issued to a           •     You may not qualify for a temporary visit visa but
  qualified applicant and his/her entire family.                may qualify for a permanent visa! Permanent visas
                                                               are usually points based and have defined
  A Green Card is useful because it allows the                 eligibility criteria, temporary visas are based on
  holder to enter the country anytime; seek work               the discretion of the consulate officer.
  with anyone for anytime without needing a
  sponsor; do business if he wants; the children can     •     In most cases, there is no interview. If you are
  attend public schools free of cost; new mothers              eligible, you file your documents and receive your
  get maternity benefits and access to the best of              visa a few months later.
  medical facilities for free.
                                                         •     Immigration laws keeps changing each year.
  A Green Card is normally issued by developed                 Apply when you are eligible or else the laws
  countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia,               change and you wont be eligible when you want to
  New Zealand because they want to attract skills              apply.
  or populate areas they naturally can’t.
                                                         •     Isn't it fortunate that the best and richest English
  Holding a Green Card means that the person is a              speaking countries in the world offer an
  Permanent Resident, not a citizen yet. Green                 immigration program? India, despite our growth
  Card holders become eligible to apply for                    rate, will not have the quality of life they currently
  citizenship normally after a period of stay, say             have - at least not in our lifetime.
  3-5 years. With the Government of India bringing
  out the Dual Citizenship, one can now hold the         •     Immigrating to a country allows you to stay long
  citizenship of 2 countries.                                  enough to experience overseas life to the fullest.
                                                               Staying overseas develops you as a person, your
  A Green Card is a good investment for anyone.                career,business and your family like no other
  It is as good as gold. Actually even better!                 experience can.

  A Green Card investment for your family could          •     You will never regret having invested in a Green
  cost between Rs.1.0 to Rs.2.0 lacs.                          Card.  You will never regret having the freedom &
                                                               flexibility to travel & work – anytime you want -
  Consider this: How much gold can Rs.2.0 lacs                 in the US,UK,Australia, Canada or New Zealand
  buy? It buys a mere 15 grams or so. At the end of            without the need to apply for a visa.
  5 years it may be worth Rs.3.0 lacs and no more.  
                                                         •     Investing in a Green Card is cheaper than
  Rs.2.0 lacs cannot buy any real estate.                      investing in a local club membership or a time-
                                                               share program. With a green card, you and your
  A Fixed Deposit gives no more than 10% and that              family get a membership to the best countries in
  gets eaten away by the 10% inflation.                         the world.
  Investing in stocks or mutual funds is too risky
  and even if it gave a 100% return, you will have
  Rs.2.0 lacs in 5 years and owe 30% in taxes.

  A Rs.2.0 lacs investment in a Green Card will
  buy you a permanent visa not only for you but
  also your entire family - for a lifetime. Your next
  generation will also be able to use the benefits of
  the visa.
  So apply for this valuable asset while you are

Apply for a Green Card through Y-Axis - the No.1.Overseas Career and Immigration Consultant in India
Who is eligible to apply for a green card?
A graduate or a diploma holder with 2-4 years of experience is eligible to apply.Most professionals qualify.

Whom can I include in my application?
You can include your spouse and children on your application. After you become a citizen you can sponsor your parents, siblings and
other immediate relatives.

What is the cost to obtain a green card?
This varies for each country and also depends on the size of your family. The cost for you and your family to obtain a green card will
be approximately 1-2 lakhs.

How easy is to apply for a green card?
The process is usually a simple 2 stage process, which requires that you provide evidence of education, work experience, settlement
funds and proficiency in English.
A good immigration consultant will be able to simplify the process and make it easier.

Am I required to attend an interview to obtain the green card?
Most countries do not ask for an interview. Decisions are based on documents alone.

Once my visa is granted, when do I have to enter the country?
The PR visa usually comes with 3-5 year validity. You can relocate anytime within that period, after you have made your initial entry.
Initial entry should be made within 6 months to a year; it will be stated in the visa grant letter.

I am confused. I hear conflicting things from my friends  - some say the job market is still great for my profile and I should
have no problem finding a job, other say at the moment all the countries which offer Green Cards are in recession. Why
should I apply now?
It takes between 1-3 years to get a Green Card and by the time you get your Green Card in India the recession would have ended. The
idea of applying for a Green Card need not be immediate. You are confusing it with a work permit. In a work permit, your sponsor
will determine when you enter the country and whether you are needed or not. This is not so in a Green Card. Here you have the
option to decide when or whether to go.  Also, most green cards are valid for a minimum period of 3 years. You can keep the visa
stamped on your passport and enter the country anytime within this period.
And with regard to the job market, getting a job is also dependent on your profile, your work experience & other factors.

My experience is Indian only. How will I find a job when I get there?
You can always transfer your skills to a new culture and country if you are confident of your expertise, your English and people
skills. In addition, job search is an art and science in itself. Job Search is where you find the right employer (this involves a good job
search skills); knowing how to apply (this involves having an international resume that presents your professional abilities well) and
knowing how to take an interview and negotiating a package. Y-Axis has a specialized Job Search Service that assists professionals
who are looking to work overseas. You can apply for jobs while you are in India itself!

Are there any employment restrictions on a green card?
There are no employment restrictions. You can get into employment you chose with any employer at any time. You can hold multiple
jobs too. You can also choose to be self-employed. The same applies to your spouse.

While I am on a green card, can I invest?
Yes. You have the same rights as any resident or citizen.

Can I or my spouse study on a green card?
You and your spouse can enroll for any course. The best part of studying on a green card is that you pay only pay 50% of the fee as
opposed to the fee an international student pays.

What are the benefits of holding a green card?
The benefits are many – you get free medical facilities for you and your family, your children can study for free in the public schools,
and enjoy unemployment benefits and social security benefits.
You can enjoy visa unrestricted travel to any of the developed countries, once you get your citizenship.

How do I get started?
Talk to a Y-Axis Immigration Consultant in any our offices to assess your eligibility.
Send an email to or contact any of our local offices across India.  

   Apply for a Green Card through Y-Axis - the No.1.Overseas Career and Immigration Consultant in India

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