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					Registered Nurse

   Laura Mosqueda
 Calexico High School
Work Experience Education
     Nursing Education
• Registered nurses use a scientific process to
  plan care for people in acute illnesses and
  teach them how to stay healthy or cope with
  their illness.
• They may give medicine, treatments, tests,
  injections, or draw blood as prescribed by
  the physician.
• Observe patients for physical, mental, social
  and or emotional changes and record
  changes or reactions to illness and/or drugs;
• Take temperature, pulse, blood pressure or
  other vital signs; And maintain health
• Entry pay ranges from $1,040 to $4,330
    per month.
•   Experienced pay ranges from $1,430 to
    over $5,560 per month.
•   Top pay ranges from $1,645 to over $6,085
    per month.
•   Mean pay in 1997 were $4,532 per month.
•   Average pay in 1997 ranged from $3,926 to
    $4,000 per month.
  Occupational Outlook
• CALIFORNIA OUTLOOK: in some areas
 shortages exist. Employment prospects are
 currently good for both the experienced and
 the newly graduated nurse, especially for
 those working night shifts, and for those in
 specialties such as intensive care, coronary
 care, or emergency room nurses. The rapid
 growth of the home health field is expected
 to increase demand for RN's. Competition
 can be expected for higher paying jobs in
 the more desirable geographic areas and on
 the more desirable shifts.
     Training Education
• Registered nursing programs are two, three,
  or four years in length. Associate degree,
  diploma, and bachelor's degree programs are
  designed to prepare people to promote health
  care and provide patient care. Bachelor's
  degree programs also are designed to prepare
  people for leadership positions in hospitals,
  clinics, and schools. Master's and doctoral
  degree programs in nursing are designed to
  prepare clinical specialists, nurse clinicians,
  teachers, and administrators for hospitals,
  clinics, community agencies, and schools of
  nursing, as well as researchers and nursing
        What I Learned
• I learned the details
  about the career I
  was interested in
  pursuing. I am
  now aware of
  exactly what it is to
  be an RN, how I
  can get there, and
  what the outlooks
  for my future as a
  registered nurse

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