criminal_justice_assessment_2011 by keralaguest


									                                 Criminal Justice
                              Collection Assessment
                              Submitted by Doug Taylor
                                 February 9, 2011


Following guidelines established by the WLN Collection Assessment Service,
which provide a framework for evaluating a library's current holdings and the
level of activity of the collection development, the Criminal Justice collection is
rated an overall 3cP (Advance Study or Instructional Support Level;
predominantly in the Primary Language). This level supports all courses of
undergraduate study and master's degree programs as well as the more
advanced independent study needs of the patrons of public and special libraries.
Refer to the Criminal Justice conspectus sheets and checklist analysis for a more
detailed examination of the library's holdings.


The Criminal Justice collection contains 14,291 titles in the Library of Congress
classification scheme HV6001 - HV9960. This number includes 6,579 titles from
the Crime and Juvenile Delinquency microform collection and 147 e-books. In
comparison, the 2005 assessment had 12,988 titles. Since the last assessment,
86 titles were withdrawn from the collection as out-of-date materials. The 2005-
2010 expenditures in this area totaled $87,494. 96 and added 1,293 new titles.
This comprises 9% of the current Criminal Justice collection.


The Criminal Justice subject areas also extend beyond the boundaries of the
disciplines. A wide range of subject areas such as Law, Sociology and Social
Work, Nursing, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, Forensic Sciences, Psychology,
Political Science and Public Administration, or Emergency Management are also
important areas of research.
Number of titles held for various subdivisions outside the HV6000-HV9999 Classifications:

       Classification                         Category                    Totals
        B1-BX9999             Philosophy, Psychology and Religion          29,863
       HM1-HN9999                   Sociology and Social History            7,462
       HV1-HV5999                     Social and Public Welfare             6472
         J1-JZ9999          Political Science and Public Administration    21,196
        K1-KZ9999                                Law                       12,882
      RA1001-RA1171                      Forensic Medicine                   167
      RA1190-RA1270                           Toxicology                     342
      RC512-RC569.5                       Psychopathology                   1467
        RT1-RT120                              Nursing                      1,754


                                  Titles/Volumes Added 2005-2010

                         Date           HV6001-            Blackwell        Percent
                                        HV9960          Approval Program     Held
                                                          Coverage and
                                                         Cost Study for
                                                        HV6001 – HV9960
                      2005-2006            207                 789              26.2%
                      2006-2007            225                 585              38.5%
                      2007-2008            187                 603              31.0%
                      2008-2009            168                805               20.9%
                      2009-2010            140                 818              17.1%
                        Total              927                3600              25.8%

Compiled from Blackwell Approval Program Coverage and Cost Study reports and the YPB –
Domestic New Titles Reports cataloging statistics 2005-2010

According to the WLN manual, a reasonable guideline to consider for assigning
an acquisition indicator of 3 or higher would be a book acquisition rate that is
equal to at least 15-25% or more of the appropriate universe of titles published
annually in a division. The average acquisitions rate for the period between 2005
and 2010 is 25.8%.
                  Monograph Expenditures for Fund Account = Criminal Justice

                           2005-2006                             $18,337.23
                           2006-2007                             $18,155.51
                           2007-2008                             $19,153.98
                           2008-2009                             $17,110.97
                           2009-2010                             $14,737.27
                             Total                               $87,494.96

The following bibliographies were checked against the library's holdings revealing
the corresponding percentages:

       Publication                  Held                     Listed                 Percentage
    ARBA, 2005 - 2010                57                       123                     46.3%
    Yankee Book Core                 60                        76                     78.9%
      Resources for                  101                      132                       76.5%
     College Libraries
         TOTALS                      218                      331                       65.9%

    2008-2009 & 2009-2010 are provided by the Yankee Book Publisher site
    Incomplete fiscal year figure


Using the Serials Solutions database, the Criminal Justice collection contains 67
print periodical titles and 418 full-text electronic journals in the following
classifications: Criminology, Family Violence, Law, Penology and Substance
Abuse. See the Appendix for the complete list.

The bibliographies Magazines for Libraries and Proquest Criminal Justice
Periodical Index were used to measure the quality of the Library’s collection:

                   Title                     Collected/Accessed    Listed         Percentage
    ProQuest Criminal Justice Periodical             100            250             40.0%
         Magazines for Libraries                          37         55             67.3%
                  Total                                  137        305             44.9%
                    Serial Expenditures for Fund Account = Criminal Justice

                     2005-2006                                    $16,236.22
                     2006-2007                                    $12,952.83
                     2007-2008                                    $7,486.58
                     2008-2009                                    $18,356.06
                     2009-2010                                    $9,975.09
                       Total                                      $65,006.78


The Criminal Justice collection contains 111 audiovisual titles in the HV6001 –
HV9960 classification. This is an increase of 59 titles or a 53.2% increase since
the 2005 assessment. The AV collection includes items such as videos,
filmstrips, kits, software and audiotapes.


Extensive coverage of Criminal Justice periodicals is available through the
NCJRS database. The database states: "The National Criminal Justice
Reference Service (NCJRS) serves as the Information Clearinghouse of the
Office of Justice Programs, the research arm of the U.S. Department of
Justice. In this capacity, we house one of the largest libraries of justice-related
literature in the world. Our library consists of more than 200,000 publications,
journals, newsletters, unpublished research, and videos related to any and all
aspects of the criminal and juvenile justice fields. Currently the Library collection

  Includes print, electronic subscriptions and standing orders
  Due to acquisition of the Sage database and funding variables
  Incomplete fiscal year figure

contains approximately 20,000 full-text electronic publications. Many of these
publications (around 50 percent) reside on other Web sites and NCJRS links to
them directly from the document record. The remaining documents are
housed on the Web site.” Limited coverage of Criminal Justice
journals is also available through Academic Search Premier; Elsevier
ScienceDirect; Expanded Academic ASAP; the EBSCOhost Psychology
Databases; and Sociological Abstracts. We recently increased our ability to
research in the criminal justice area with the acquisition of the JSTOR database.
This extends our digital collection of these journals many years, if not decades
back. These databases are available via the Internet to registered students and
faculty in the Library, on campus, or off campus. Further, the majority of the
electronic journal titles are integrated, analyzed, and accessible through the
online Voyager catalog.

Also, the Library provides defined access to 147 e-books in criminal justice and
police science. See the Appendix for a detailed list.

Subject specialists review and recommend World Wide Web sites for inclusion in
the Voyager catalog. A few of the criminal justice sites that have been added
are: Combating Terrorism Center at West Point and the Sentencing Project.
Because the library supports a Master’s Degree Program in Criminal Justice the
growth in these areas is very strong and is expected to continue to be so.

Defined Access means more than simply providing patrons with access to the
Internet through one or more Internet browsers. It refers to menu options on the
Library’s or institution's homepage, which link the user to owned or remotely
accessible electronic resources selected by the Library with the needs of its
patrons in mind. The Library maximizes access to Internet resources through
several means: cataloging of each resource; regular updating of records when
information, particularly the site's URL, changes; provision, maintenance,
preparation, and loading of necessary software and hardware; appropriate staff
and user support; and training. Because the Library provides access to
electronic databases that encompass the area of Criminal Justice, the Library's
electronic collection in this subject is rated a 3cP (Advanced Study or
Instructional Support Level, predominantly in the Primary language).


Total holdings, WLN conspectus evaluation, and checklist comparisons indicate
the overall Criminal Justice collection is more than adequate to support the
curriculum. Of particular note are the holdings in the subject areas of: Criminal
Classes; Crimes & Offenses, Offenses Against Public Order; Crimes Against the
Person; Crimes Against Property; Crimes Against Public Morals; and Prison,
Corrections. These areas have shown a 26.9% growth rate since the last
assessment. The following bibliographies also show a strong growth in our

Criminal Justice collection: American Reference Book Annual, 46.3%; Yankee
Book Core, 78.9%; and Resources for College Libraries 2007, 76.5%.

A review of the journal holdings reveals that the Criminal Justice collection is
adequate to support the curriculum. The addition of JSTOR database, with
access to many of their retrospective full text journals, has made our journal
support even stronger.

Total holdings, WLN conspectus evaluations, and checklist comparisons indicate
that the weakest areas of the Criminal Justice Collection are: Criminal
Psychology; Crimes and Criminals; and Guards, Watchmen, Private Security.

Although the monographic collection continues to be strong and the serials
holdings have grown in strength sufficiently to support the Department of
Criminal Justice program at the Intermediate Study level, but additional
monographs in the area of Criminal Psychology; Crimes and Criminals; and
Guards, Watchmen, Private Security need to be collected.


Searching the Serials Solutions database
 418 full-text Criminal Justice journals were found to be available either
electronically or in-print. The following is an alphabetical list of these journals:

Journal Title                         Electronic                       Print
ABA journal                                X                             X
Access control & security                  X
systems integration
Accounting and financial                   X
planning for law firms
Addiction (Abingdon, England)              X
Addiction & recovery                       X
Addiction biology                          X
Addiction research & theory                X
Addictive behaviors                        X
Administrative & regulatory                X
law news
Administrative law review                  X
Advocate (Boise, Idaho)                    X
Affiliate                                  X
African journal of criminology             X
and justice studies
African terrorism bulletin                 X
Air and space lawyer                       X
Alabama lawyer                                                           X
Alaska justice forum                       X
Alcohol (Fayetteville, N.Y.)               X
Alcohol alert (London,                     X
Alcohol and alcoholism                     X
Alcohol health and research                X                             X
Alcohol research & health                  X                             X
Alcoholism & addiction                     X
Alcoholism & drug abuse                    X
Alcoholism report                          X
Alternatives to incarceration,             X                             X
county programming ... annual
American bankruptcy law                    X
American criminal law review               X                             X
American jails                             X
American journal of                                                      X

American journal of criminal     X
American journal of criminal     X
American journal of drug and     X
alcohol abuse
American journal of family       X
American journal of              X
jurisprudence (Notre Dame)
American journal of police       X   X
American journal of police       X
American journal on              X
American lawyer (New York.       X
American University journal of   X
gender & the law
American University journal of   X
gender, social policy & the
Amnesty International (New       X
York, N.Y.)
Amnesty International report     X
Annual report - British          X
Columbia. Police Complaint
Annual report, Section of        X
Public Utility, Communications
and Transportation Law
Annual report - State of         X
Tennessee, Dept. of
Antitrust (Chicago, Ill.)        X
Antitrust law journal            X
Arrests in Wisconsin             X
Asian journal of criminology     X
ASLH newsletter                  X
@Law (Tulsa, Okla.)                  X
Australian & New Zealand         X
journal of criminology
Banking & financial services     X
policy report
Bankruptcy developments          X
Bankruptcy strategist            X
Banks in insurance report        X
Bar bulletin (Seattle-King       X
County Bar Association :
Bar leader                       X
Behavioral health                X

Behavioral health treatment       X
Bench and bar of Minnesota        X
Berkeley journal of gender,       X
law & justice
Berkeley women's law              X
Bifocal                           X
                     ico          X
Brief (Chicago. 1980)             X
British journal of addiction      X
British journal of addiction to   X
alcohol & other drugs
British journal of criminology    X   X
Broadcasting and the law              X
Brown University digest of        X
addiction theory and
Brown University long-term        X
care quality advisor
Bruce R. Hopkins' nonprofit       X
Bulletin on narcotics             X   X
Business law today                X
Business lawyer                   X
Business torts reporter           X
BYU journal of public law         X
Calendars of the United States        X
House of Representatives and
history of legislation
Campus crime                      X
Canadian journal of               X
Canadian journal of               X
criminology and criminal
Capital University law review     X
Cardozo arts & entertainment      X
law journal
Case & comment                        X
Casino journal (Las Vegas,        X
Center court                      X
Champ pénal                       X
Child Abuse Review                X
(Chichester, England: 1992)
Clinical law review               X
Columbia journal of gender        X
and law
Commerce business daily           X
Commercial law bulletin           X
(Chicago, Ill.)
Commercial law journal            X

Commercial leasing law &          X
Communications lawyer             X
Compliance reporter               X
Compliance week                   X
Computer & Internet lawyer        X
Computer fraud & security         X
Computer lawyer                   X
Conflict resolution quarterly     X
Congressional record (Daily       X   X
Connecticut public interest law   X
Construction lawyer               X
Contemporary drug problems        X
Contemporary justice review :     X
Contract management               X
Corporate counsel (New York,      X
Corporate counsellor              X
Corporate governance              X
Corporate legal times             X
CorrectCare                       X
Corrections case law              X
Corrections compendium            X
Corrections digest                X
Corrections forum                 X
Corrections magazine              X
Corrections management            X
Corrections today                 X   X
Counselor (Arlington, Va.)        X
Crime and delinquency             X   X
Crime and justice (Chicago,       X
Crime and justice bulletin        X
Crime & justice international     X
Crime in Wisconsin                X
Crime, law, and social            X
Crime prevention and              X
community safety
Criminal behaviour and mental     X
Criminal justice and behavior     X   X
Criminal justice ethics           X   X
Criminal justice policy review    X
Criminal law forum                X
Criminal science monograph        X
Criminology (Beverly Hills)       X   X
Criminology & criminal justice    X

Criminology & public policy    X              X
Crisis (Toronto)               X
D&O advisor                    X
Daily digest (United States.   X
Federal Communications
Daily journal of commerce      X
(Portland, Or. : 1987)
Debates and proceedings in     X
the Congress of the United
Debt3                          X
Defense counsel journal        X
Defense counsel journal        X
Deviant behavior               X
Digital investigation          X
Disability leave & absence     X
Dispute resolution magazine    X
Drug and alcohol               X
Drug and alcohol review        X    Academic Search Premier
Drug detection report          X
Drug enforcement                              X
Drugs (Abingdon, England)      X
Drugs and alcohol today        X
Drugs in focus                 X
Duke journal of gender law &   X
E-commerce law & strategy      X
Elderlaw report                X
Energy law journal             X
Energy report (Washington)     X
Enforcement journal                           X
Entertainment and sports       X

Entertainment law & finance    X
Entertainment law reporter     X
ERCES online quarterly         X
Estate planning review         X
European addiction research    X
European journal of crime,     X    Academic Search Premier
criminal law, and criminal                   only.
European journal of            X
European journal on criminal   X
policy and research
Experience (Chicago, Ill.)     X
Family advocate                X
Family law quarterly           X

Family process                     X
FBI law enforcement bulletin       X              X
FCC record                         X
Federal communications law         X
Federal probation                  X              X
Federal register                   X
Federal sentencing reporter        X
Feminist criminology               X
Fidelity & surety digest           X
Florida bar journal                X
Florida bar news                   X
Fordham journal of corporate       X
& financial law
Fordham urban law journal          X
Forensic accounting review         X
Forensic examiner                  X
Forensic science                   X
Franchise law journal              X
FTC: watch                         X
GC California                      X
GC New England                     X
Georgetown journal of legal        X
Global illicit drug trends         X
GP solo                            X
Guild notes                        X    Academic Search Premier
Harm reduction journal             X
Harvard journal of law &           X
Harvard journal of law and         X
public policy
Hastings communications and        X              X
entertainment law journal,
High yield report                  X
Homicide studies                   X
In the public interest (Amherst,   X
Indian report                      X
Infrastructure (Chicago, Ill.)     X
Inside counsel (Chicago, Ill.)     X
Insights (Clifton, N.J.)           X
Insights on law & society          X
Insurance coverage law             X
International criminal justice     X
International gaming &             X
wagering business
International journal of           X
comparative and applied

criminal justice
International journal of criminal   X
justice sciences
International journal of cyber      X
International journal of digital    X
International journal of drug       X
International journal of            X              X
offender therapy and
comparative criminology
International journal of police     X    Academic Search Premier
science & management                              only
International journal of            X
punishment and sentencing
International journal of the        X
sociology of law
International narcotics control     X
strategy report
Internet law & strategy             X
Investment lawyer                   X
IOMA's report on                    X
compensation & benefits for
law offices
IOMA's report on managing           X
401(k) plans
IOMA's report on managing           X
IOMA's report on preventing         X
business fraud
Issues in child abuse               X    Academic Search Premier
accusations                                       only
Journal for juvenile justice and    X    Academic Search Premier
detention services                                only
Journal for juvenile justice        X    Academic Search Premier
services                                          only
Journal - Forensic Science                         X
Journal of addiction and            X
mental health
Journal of addictions &             X
offender counseling
Journal of air law and              X
Journal of alcohol and drug         X

Journal of appellate practice       X
and process
Journal of child sexual abuse       X
Journal of clinical forensic        X
Journal of college and              X              X
university law

Journal of contemporary            X
criminal justice
Journal of corporation law         X
Journal of correctional            X
education (1974)
Journal of correctional health     X
Journal of credibility             X
assessment and witness
Journal of crime & justice                        X
Journal of criminal justice        X              X
Journal of criminal justice and    X
popular culture
Journal of criminal justice        X
Journal of criminal law &          X              X
Journal of criminal law and        X
criminology (1931)
Journal of criminal law,           X              X
criminology & police science
Journal of digital forensics,      X
security and law
Journal of drug issues             X
Journal of Eder Abuse &            X
Journal of experimental            X
Journal of family violence         X
Journal of forensic                X
Journal of genocide research       X
Journal of global drug policy      X
and practice
Journal of hate studies            X
Journal of health care             X
Journal of intellectual property   X
Journal of Internet law            X
Journal of interpersonal           X
Journal of investigative           X    Academic Search Premier
psychology and offender                          only
Journal of law and commerce        X
Journal of legal aspects of                       X
Journal of offender counseling,                   X
services & rehabilitation
Journal of offender                               X
Journal of online law              X
Journal of police science and                     X

Journal of practical estate       X
Journal of psychoactive           X
Journal of public health policy   X
Journal of quantitative           X
Journal of research in crime      X    X
and delinquency
Journal of security               X    X
Journal of social work practice   X
Journal of sports economics       X
Journal of studies on alcohol     X    X
Journal of studies on alcohol     X
and drugs
Journal of substance abuse        X
Journal of substance abuse        X
Journal of Supreme Court          X
Journal of tax practice           X
Journal of the American           X
Academy of Matrimonial
Journal of the American           X
Institute of Criminal Law and
Journal of the Association of     X
Legal Writing Directors
Journal of the House of           X
Representatives of the United
Journal of the Institute of       X
Justice and International
Journal of the legal              X    X
Journal of the Missouri Bar       X
Journal of the Senate of the      X
United States of America
Journal of toxicology. Clinical   X
Journal on                        X
telecommunications & high
technology law
Judicature                        X    X
Judicial Division record          X
Jurimetrics (Chicago, Ill.)       X
Jury expert                       X
Justice professional              X
Justice quarterly                 X    X

Justice system journal           X
Juvenile justice digest          X    X
Kansas journal of law & public   X
Labor & employment law           X
Labor lawyer                     X
Law and politics book review     X
Law and order                    X    X
Law enforcement bulletin         X
(New York, N.Y.)
Law enforcement news                  X
Law firm inc.                    X
Law firm partnership and         X
benefits report
Law office management &          X
administration report
Law practice                     X
Law technology news              X
Legal information alert          X
Legal memorandum (Reston)             X
Legal writing : the journal of   X
the Legal Writing Institute
Litigation                       X
LJN's equipment leasing          X
LJN's franchising business &     X
law alert
LJN's legal tech newsletter      X
LJN's product liability law &    X
Magna's campus legal             X
Maine bar journal                X
Marketing the law firm           X
Matrimonial strategist           X
Michigan Bar journal             X
Michigan journal of gender &     X
Michigan journal of              X
international law
Michigan telecommunications      X
and technology law review
Mortgage-backed securities       X
NAELA journal                    X
Narcotic drugs. Estimated        X
world requirements for...
Statistics for ...
Narcotics enforcement &          X
prevention digest
National drug threat             X
National Institute of Justice         X

Native American report           X
New South Wales recorded         X
crime statistics
Nonprofit counsel                X
Northwestern journal of law      X
and social policy
Notre Dame journal of law,       X
ethics & public policy
Of counsel (New York, N.Y.)      X
Ohio State journal on dispute    X
Older American reports           X
Open criminology journal         X
Open forensic science journal    X
Organized crime digest           X
Oxford journal of legal          X
Perspective (Madison, Wis.)      X
Perspectives (American Bar       X
Association, Commission on
Women in the Profession)
Police (Carlsbad, Calif.)        X
Police & security bulletin                      X
Police chief                     X              X
Police Department disciplinary   X
Police practice & research       X    Academic Search Premier
Police quarterly                 X
Police studies                                  X
Policing (Bradford)              X              X
Policing : a journal of policy   X
and practice
Prison journal (Philadelphia,    X              X
Private equity week              X
Probate and property             X
Probation journal                X
Proceedings of the annual        X
Eastern Mineral Law Institute
Proceedings of the annual        X
Energy & Mineral Law Institute
Proceedings of the               X
Conference on Computers,
Freedom, and Privacy
Proceedings of the               X
Conference on Digital
Forensics, Security and Law
Procurement lawyer               X
Professional lawyer              X
Psychology, crime & law          X    Academic Search Premier
Psychology of addictive          X

Public contract law journal       X
Public lawyer                     X
Public statutes at large of the   X
United States of America
Punishment & society              X
Quarterly bulletin - United       X
States. Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms
RCR wireless news                 X
Real property, probate and        X
trust journal
Real property, trust, and         X
estate law journal
Record of the Association of      X
the Bar of the City of New
Register of debates in            X
Researching law                   X
Review of litigation              X
Revista - CENIPEC                 X

SA crime quarterly                X
Santa Clara computer and          X
high-technology law journal
School law news                        X
Science & justice                 X    X
Scitech lawyer                    X
Scribes journal of legal          X
Security (Newton, Mass.)          X    X
Security distributing &           X
Security journal                  X
Security letter                        X
Security management               X    X
Security watch                    X
Security world                         X
Semiannual report to the          X
Congress / Department of
Homeland Security, Office of
Inspector General
Seton Hall journal of sports      X
and entertainment law
Sheriff (Alexandria, Va.)         X
Slot manager                      X
Social history of alcohol and     X
Social justice (San Francisco,    X
Social pathology (Albany,         X

Solo (Chicago, Ill.)               X
Southwest journal of criminal      X
justice (Huntsville, Tex.)
Stanford journal of law,           X
business & finance
State & local law news             X
Statutes at large, the United      X
Student lawyer (Chicago. 1972      X              X
Studies in conflict and            X              X
Superfund week                     X
Supreme Court economic             X
Surface Transportation Board       X
reports : decisions of the
Surface Transportation Board
of the United States
TELEMASP bulletin                  X
Tennessee bar journal              X
Terrorism                                         X
Terrorism update                   X
Texas journal of women and         X    Academic Search Premier
the law                                          only
Texas review of entertainment      X    Academic Search Premier
& sports law                                     only
Theoretical criminology            X
Tobacco control                    X
Tort trial & insurance practice    X
law journal
TortSource (Chicago, Ill.)         X
Trauma, Violence and Abuse         X
Trends and issues in crime         X
and criminal justice
Trends in organized crime          X
Trial                              X              X
Trial lawyer (New York, N.Y.)      X    Academic Search Premier
Tribal justice today               X
Trusts & estates                   X
UNAFEI newsletter                  X
United States code                 X
University of Florida journal of   X
law and public policy
University of Miami                X
entertainment & sports law
University of Pennsylvania law     X
review and American law
Update on law-related              X
Urban lawyer                       X

Utah Bar journal                  X
Vanderbilt journal of             X
entertainment and technology
Vermont journal of                X
environmental law
Victimology                            X
Villanova journal of law and      X
investment management
Violence against women            X
Virginia law weekly               X
Virginia sports and               X
entertainment law journal
Voice of experience (Chicago,     X
Washington Crime News             X    X
Services' crime control digest
Washington State Bar news         X
Washington University journal     X
of law and policy
Washington University journal     X
of urban and contemporary
Western criminology review        X
Wire (Amnesty International)      X
Wisconsin crime and arrests       X
Wisconsin journal of law,         X
gender & society
Wisconsin women's law             X
Women's rights law reporter            X
World drug report                 X
Yale journal on regulation        X
Yale law journal                  X    X
Yearbook of education law         X
Young lawyer (Chicago, Ill. :     X
Youth violence and juvenile       X
Total                            418   67

                       Criminal Justice E-books
Call Number             Title
HV6018 .W475 2003eb      Criminal circumstance [electronic resource] : a
                        dynamic multi-contextual criminal opportunity theory
                        / Pamela Wilcox, Kenneth C. Land, Scott A. Hunt.
 HV6023.R33 A3 2002eb    Adventures in criminology [electronic resource] / Sir
                        Leon Radzinowicz ; foreword by the Rt. Hon. the
                        Lord Woolf.
 HV6025 .G53x 2009       Parents in prison and their minor children [electronic
                        resource] / Lauren E. Glaze and Laura M.
 HV6028 .N43 2002eb      Positivism in criminological thought [electronic
                        resource] : a study in the history and use of ideas /
                        Teresa J. Neyhouse.
 HV6080 M38 2004eb       Matter of security [electronic resource] : the
                        application of attachment theory to forensic
                        psychiatry and psychotherapy / edited by
                        Friedemann Pfafflin and Gwen Adshead.
 HV6158 .W56 2001eb      Badfellas [electronic resource] : crime, tradition and
                        new masculinities / Simon Winlow.
 HV6250.25 .L48 1993eb   Hate crimes [electronic resource] : the rising tide of
                        bigotry and bloodshed / Jack Levin and Jack
 HV6250.3.U5 W66 2008    First response to victims of crime [electronic
(INTERNET)              resource] : a guidebook for law enforcement officers
                        / [Timothy O. Woods].
 HV6250.4.W65            Embodied violence [electronic resource] :
(INTERNET)              communalising women's sexuality in South Asia /
                        [edited by] Kumari Jayawardena, Malathi de Alwis.
 HV6250.4.W65 A38        Advancing the federal research agenda on violence
2004eb                  against women [electronic resource] / Steering
                        Committee for the Workshop on Issues in Research
                        on Violence Against Women ; Candace Kruttschnitt,
                        Brenda L. McLaughlin, and Carol V. Petrie, editors ;
                        Committee on Law and Justice, Division of
                        Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education,
                        National Research Council of the National
 HV6250.4.W65 R68        Bearing witness [electronic resource] : women and
2003eb                  the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South
                        Africa / Fiona C. Ross.
 HV6252 .H45 2003eb      Blood bankers [electronic resource] : tales from the
                        global underground economy / by James S. Henry.

HV6278 .S77 2003eb       In the crosshairs [electronic resource] : famous
                        assassinations and attempts from Julius Caesar to
                        John Lennon / Stephen J. Spignesi ; [edited by Jodi
HV6322.7 .A64 2002eb     Annihilating difference [electronic resource] : the
                        anthropology of genocide / edited by Alexander
                        Laban Hinton ; with a foreword by Kenneth Roth.
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