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Curriculum vitae of Dr Bright BSc MB BS MRCP


									                                                                  Item A3

                          Curriculum Vitae

                            Dr Verity Bright
     Submitted in application for the post of Consultant
                Paediatric Endocrinologist

                                      December 2005

Verity Bright CV August 2004                        1of 7
                                                                                              Item A3

                                           Personal details

Name                              Verity Bright

Address                           c/o Hope Farm
                                  Success Road
                                  BN99 6OK

Telephone                         01234 567890 (home)
                                  09886 342789 (mobile)


Marital status                    Married with one child

GMC Registration                  Full (976845320)

MDU                               498765.4

Current employment

1 Sept 1999 – present                SpR rotation North and South Region

Qualifications & Certificates
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry 2(i) (Intercalated)                       1993
M.B., B.S. (Honours) University of Nottingham                     1995
MRCP (Paeds)                                                      April 1998
APLS (Provider)                                                   September 1998
APLS Instructor                                                   August 1999 (recertified May 2003)

Prizes and Awards

Crippen Prize for Pathology at 2nd M.B.
Livingstone Prize for Best Elective Presentation
Distinctions at final M.B in Paediatrics, Social Medicine & Surgery

Membership of Learned Societies

British Medical Association
British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology & Nutrition
British Association of Perinatal Medicine
Association for Research into Paediatric Embryology
Royal Society of Reptilian Biology

Verity Bright CV August 2004                        2of 7
                                                                                                   Item A3

                                           Previous employment

Dates              Post                      Hospital              Consultants         WTE

1Aug1994 –         Surgical H.O              Vascular Surgery      Mr M Cuttemupp      6 months
31Jan 1995                                   Unit, Queen’s
                                             Medical Centre,
1 Feb 1995–        Medical H.O.              Endocrinology         Prof Sir P Podd     6 months
31 Jul 1995                                  Unit, Queen’s
                                             Medical Centre,
1 Aug 1995 –       Paediatric SHO                                                      4 months
31 July1996        Rotation -
                   General Paediatrics       Mansfield Town        Prof I M Nice
                                                                   Dr B Creep          4 months
                   Paediatrics                                     Dr T Sett
                                                                   Dr S Perll          4 months
                   Emergency Medicine
                                                                   Dr I Mann
                                                                   Dr E Quinn
1 Aug 1996 –       SHO Neonatal              Al Fayed &            Prof B Wadd         6 months
31 Jan 1997        Medicine                  Christine Hamilton
                                             Neonatal Unit
1 Feb1997 –        Maternity leave                                                     7 months
1 Sept 1997
1 Sept 1997        Flexible SHO              Institute of          Prof O Fass-Track   3.6 months
28 Feb 1998        Paediatric Infectious     Paediatric
                   Diseases                  Molecular Genetics,
1 Mar 1998 -       Flexible SHO              John Radcliffe        Dr D Beattie Dr V   3.6 months
31 Aug 1998        Paediatric                Hospital, Oxford      Short
1 Sept 1998 -      Neonatal Medicine         Princess Diana        Dr P Charles        12 months
31 Aug 1999        (LAT)                     NICU, Brighton        Dr Q Windsor
1 Sept 1999 -      SpR Rotation North &
Present            South
1 Sept 1999 -      General                   Great Northern        Dr M Gaskell        12 Months
3 Sept 2000        Paediatrics               General Hospital

4 Sept 2000 -      Community                 Great Wood Mine       Dr S White          6 months
6 Mar 2001         Paediatrics               Children’s Centre

7 Mar 2001 -       Endocrinology             Children’s Hospital   Dr W Prader         12 months
2 Mar 2002                                   Knutsford             Dr R Silver

3 Mar 2002 -       A&E                       Children’s Hospital   Mr J Carter         6 months
5 Sept 2002                                  Knutsford             Dr A Lockhart

6 Sept 2002 -      Oncology                  Children’s Hospital   Dr T Plant          6 months
2 Mar 2003                                   Knutsford             Dr R D Aiton

3 Mar 2003 –       Endocrinology             Children’s Hospital   Dr HRT Later        12 months
4 Mar 2004         (Late Effects Unit)       Knutsford             Dr T Four

Verity Bright CV August 2004                        3of 7
                                                                                      Item A3

                                           Clinical experience

       -   This section should now be tailored to the specific post you are applying for.

       -   List sub-headings in order of priority for the post.

       -   Sub-headings to include specialty training / experience, general paediatrics,
           community child health, neonatology etc.

       -   Describe experience by topic / specialty, rather than by post.

       -   Refer to skill/expertise learning in General Professional Training (GPT) & how
           you have consolidated this in Higher Professional Training (HPT)

       -   This should be the major section in the majority of applications

       -   Try to link in courses you have done (i.e. avoid having a list of courses) which
           have contributed and also how general experience/specialist experience helps in
           your particular specialty. E.g. Clinical Genetics post being useful for
           Community Paediatrics or a Cardiology post for PICU, Respiratory Paediatrics
           for Neonatal Medicine etc. The whole idea is to make it look as if your entire
           training was geared and planned with the post you are applying for in mind.

                 (This may come nearer the end of the CV for DGH applicants)

       -   Amount of detail will depend on the post – more for ‘academic’ or
           ‘tertiary’posts, less for general paediatric posts.

       -   Describe experience in general, and specific projects in detail.

       -   Describe future research aspirations, and how they might tie in / fit in with post
           being applied for.

       -   This section may be as meaty as the clinical section in a major academic or
           research orientated application.

       -   Experience in grant applications

Verity Bright CV August 2004                        4of 7
                                                                                      Item A3


       -   Describe your approach to / interest in / training in /relevance of audit and how
           it fits within the framework of clinical governance

       -   Illustrate with a couple of key audits, including your involvement, key
           processes and outcomes (i.e. to illustrate your understanding of the audit cycle)

       -   You can refer to your extensive list of audits undertaken throughout your career
           in your portfolio


       -   Describe teaching experience, including different grades and professions
           (including multidisciplinary).

       -   Describe any special interest or skills in teaching.

       -   Describe any training you have had in teaching or the support of learning, and
           any qualifications or membership of relevant ‘institutions’.


Ghoull I, Frogmarch P, Bright V, Boss-Mann H. Protein Z receptors represent a novel
class of intracellular proteins in the anaconda. J Exotic Reptil Biol 1995;234:1114-26

Keene VB, Copewell D, Bright V. Students self-assessment: the end of the road for
external examiners? Student BMJ 1996;65:213-16

Bright V, Blott L, Downatheel M, Nohoper Z, Wadd BG. An interesting response to the
tonic range of the violoncello in a term infant recovering from hypoxic-ischemic
encephalopathy. Arch Dis Child 2001: 87: 69 - 75

Blott L, Downatheel M, Nohoper Z, Bright V, Wadd BG. The effects of circadian music
therapy to entrain the pre-term wake cycle to a 24-hour pattern. The Journal of Rock in
the Newborn (in press)

                                             In preparation

Bright V, Tall M, Sugar M , Wong R: Two siblings with non insulin responsive diabetes
cured by a novel preparation of Chinese herb extracts

Bright V, Tall M, Short V: An unusual case of short stature: cause or effect?

Verity Bright CV August 2004                        5of 7
                                                                                      Item A3

                                 Presentations to learned societies

       -   To national bodies (e.g. RCPCH, RSM etc), to national or international
       -   Significant Regional meetings e.g. South West Paeds Club
       -   Abstracts also
       -   Do not include departmental meetings

                                       Management experience

       -   Describe experience and training (including courses).

       -   Experience could include ‘involvement’ in directorate activities, as well as
           specific management projects ideally refer to what you have learned e.g.
           negotiation, diplomacy, time management etc

       -   Should also include any significant experience outside medical activities.

                                               Career aims

This section should summarise:

       -   why you are applying for this particular post

       -   match this to the person specification if possible because that is the bottom line
           of what they are looking for

       -   why you are a good candidate for the post (i.e. why they simply should not
           consider any other candidate)

       -   what you would hope to bring to the post, and how you might plan to develop
           yourself and the post once in post (be careful not to imply criticism of the
           current set up, or overdo your PDP!)

       -   be very positive – use words like intend, will etc


       -   List a few genuine hobbies / pastimes / interests actively undertaken in the
           present or recent past especially if reveal some achievement.

       -   Generally taken as a prompt for a light-hearted discussion at interview.

       -   Try not to put an excessive number or the panel will wonder how you have had
           time to work!

Verity Bright CV August 2004                        6of 7
                                                                  Item A3


1.       Professor L Nice
         Sleepy Hollow Cottage
         Little Dibbling,
         Nr. MANSFIELD
         N93 1QU
         01987 456234 (direct)
         01987 456235 (fax)

2.       Dr HRT Later
         Endocrinology Unit
         The Children’s Hospital
         01333 414243 (direct)
         01333 414244 (fax)

3.       Professor B G Wadd
         Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
         Royal Children’s Hospital
         TATTON, Cheshire
         01345 785789 (direct)
         01345 785788 (fax)

4.       Dr P Charles
         Princess Diana Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
         Buckingham Palace Road
         BG1 4SK
         e mail:
         01456 222889 (direct)
         01456 222888 (fax)

        Usually 3 referees are enough
        Ensure you have one from your most recent job
        Don’t forget to ask them first

Verity Bright CV August 2004                        7of 7

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