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									How to Report an Illegal Immigrant Anonymously

How to Report an Illegal Immigrant Anonymously

• From: "Patriot Games" <Patriot@xxxxxxxxxxx> • Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 08:02:21 −0500 Let Us File the Report provides a simple, fast, and anonymous way to report illegal aliens ('undocumented immigrants') and illegal employers to the appropriate U.S. government agencies. It takes only a few minutes to file a report with our service, whereas it would typically take you several hours on your own to find the proper agency and complete and submit a report. Let us file the report and save you time. Anyone not desiring to pay the $10 fee for this convenience is encouraged to use publicly available channels. What You Get will file a report with one or more of the following U. S. agencies: ICE, CIS, CBP, IRS, SSA, DEA, FBI, TSA, HUD or occasionally to other federal, state, county and local governmental agencies, depending on the data you provide. You will receive a copy of the report(s) submitted. What We Do and What We Don't Do provides concerned individuals with a fast and efficient method to report illegal aliens and illegal employers to an agency capable of investigating and prosecuting 'undocumented immigrants' and their illegal employers. Our reporting service facilitates the transfer of information from a concerned individual to the proper government agency. We do not offer legal advice and nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice. Who Gets Reported reports alleged illegal aliens and alleged illegal employers. Illegal aliens are often called "illegal immigrants" or "undocumented immigrants" but that terminology is naccurate. See www.IllegalAliens.US for accurate terminology. Reports only to governmental agencies Reports are provided only to the appropriate government agencies. As is embodied in U.S. law, individuals and businesses are innocent until proven guilty. See our Privacy Policy for more information. You Remain Anonymous will not reveal your identity. The only identity requirement is your email address, if you How to Report an Illegal Immigrant Anonymously 1

How to Report an Illegal Immigrant Anonymously desire a copy of the completed report(s). For additional confidentiality you could create a free temporary account from Hotmail or Yahoo. The credit card processor does not require your name and address. Even if was aware of your name and address it would not be provided to anyone. Features Convenience − Open 24/7 is always available to accept your data. The internet form is a reliable and easy method to submit detailed text and numbers. One−stop − Dependent on the data, reports will be submitted to multiple agencies including ICE, CBP, SSA, IRS, DEA, FBI and occasionally state agencies. Audit Trail − The report provides a written audit trail which you possibly could use to hold agencies accountable for their performance. Advocacy − With many years of immigration enforcement advocacy experience behind the sites and the sibling site IllegalAliens.US, immigration enforcement will be advocated in various ways. Reporting Illegal Aliens and Illegal Employers Helps Law Enforcement Reporting illegal aliens ('undocumented immigrants') and illegal employers is a necessary step in enforcing our laws and provides information vital to law enforcement. No Guarantee of Action and No Status Enforcement of U.S. immigration laws is inadequate and government agencies will not provide follow−up status. Thus, can not guarantee that reports will be quickly acted upon nor can we provide status after a report has been filed. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of these agencies to enforce the law and investigate reports that report illegal aliens and illegal employers. Our Guarantee does guarantee that all reports will be sent to the proper agencies. Law Enforcement Priorities Federal law enforcement agencies will give priority to and are especially seeking information on: Human Smuggling/Trafficking − Smuggling organizations that make their profits by illegally moving humans and traffickers who increase their profits by forcing their victims into forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation arrangements at their destinations. Document Counterfeiting − The production of fraudulent alien registration cards ("green cards"), Social Security cards, employment authorization cards, driver's licenses or any other government−issued identifications as well as equipment believed used in the production of the fraudulent documents. Click to file a report:


How to Report an Illegal Immigrant Anonymously


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