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  Electronics Company looking for a finance manager in USA

                               Macrocommerce                                      Accounting
                               Intersales                               Job Type: Banking                       Sponsored Links
                   Location: US-ME-Portland                                       Sales
                                                                                                             SBT Business
                               $50,000.00 -                             Required                             Technologies
                  Base Pay:                                                       High School
                               $60,000.00/Year                         Education:                            Software systems for ACH,
                                                                        Required                             Cash Management &
           Employee Type: Intern                                                  Less Than 1 Year           Correspondent Banking
                             Accounting - Finance
                             Banking - Financial                Required Travel: Negligible
                   Industry:                                                                                 Order Banker Supplies
                             Services                                  Relocation                            Wide selection of coin,
                             Sales - Marketing                          Covered:                             currency, bags, teller and
                                                                                                             lobby supplies

                        Apply Now using one of your already
                                                                                                             Financial Freedom
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                       Resumes, or post a Resume and Apply       own way using your private email account.   one low monthly payment.
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  We are a electronic company from Europe who sell stuff in USA.
  We need a serios person in usa to be be our financial manager..
  For more informations please contact us at [Click here for email]

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  Contact Information                                                                                          On-line
                                                                                                                23 people Needed
   Company: Macrocommerce Intersales                                                                            Immediately! EARN
                                                                                                                $1500 - $5000 per
      Contact: James Brownn                                                                                     month/part-time. Click
        Email: Send Email Now                                                                                   here to get started.
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       Phone: 0049/1624054040                                                                                • Senior Level
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