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					Volume 1, Issue 1
                                            Banner                              August/September 2010

Welcome from Mr. Deardorff                               New GAP Faces-Teachers
                                                         As you make your way through the hallways of
        A new school year presents                       BGHS, you may see some friendly new faces in the
opportunities for various beginnings – new               mixture of teachers and staff. Here is a bit more
classes, new faces, and many new teachers for            information about each new person.
whom to become acquainted. Summer and
vacations are about to end, and hopefully, all of            Ms. Lauren Pearson will be teaching Spanish 1,
our students have had a chance to get                    2, and 5 this year. She is originally from Lynchburg,
rejuvenated and are ready to get back into the           VA. She graduated from Jefferson Forest High
routine of school.                                       School and the University of Virginia. Ms. Pearson
        Everyone needs to work together during           enjoys dancing. She has 18 years of experience in
the 2010-2011 school year to maintain or even            various types of dance and she participated in the
surpass some of our academic achievements.               UVA dance department for the past five years.
Our SOL scores are at or above the 90th
percentile, and we currently have the best                   Mr. Nathan Dunham will be teaching Geometry,
graduation rate in Augusta County.                       Geometry Part I, and Discrete Math. He is from
        In order to maintain these achievements,         Hedgesville, West Virginia. He attended Shepherd
we must continue to strive for improving our             College--- now University--- and Potomac State
*attendance. The best way to retain our low              College. Mr. Dunham comes to Gap from
drop-out rate is to encourage students to come           Hedgesville High School where he taught for nine
to school and to encourage students to take              years. He has been married for the past 12 years to
their classes seriously. Good grades pay                 Dawn and they have four children: Mariah, 10;
wonderful dividends.                                     Jenna, 6; Nathan,4; and Leah, 9 months.
        As long as we, as students, parents,
teachers, and administrators, work together, I               Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Philp will be teaching Band,
am sure we will continue to be successful in the         Choir, and Guitar classes this year. He was
coming year. Remember to work and                        previously the Director of Music for Highland County
communicate with me. Enjoy the school year               public schools. Mr. Philp graduated from JMU and is
and let’s strive for a successful year!                  originally from Richmond, Virginia. He is excited
                                                         about his classes and musical activities for the
                                                         upcoming year.

                                                             Mr. John Cranston will be teaching Physics,
                                                         Integrated Physics, and Earth Science. He majored
                                                         in Biology and History. He has taught in numerous
                                                         locations including Taiwan, the Philippines, Iowa,
                                                         and most currently Luray High School. He has been
*For more information on the attendance policy,
please refer to page 2 of the newsletter.                married to his wife Mary for 33 years. He has two
                                                         sons, Jonathan and Michael, and a daughter,
GAP Welcomes New Nurse                                      Mr. Michael Hendry will be teaching Latin this
     Mrs. Emily Williams will be the new school          year. He has taught at various universities and high
Nurse here at BGHS. She is a local, graduating           schools including: public, private, charter, and
from Riverheads High School. Mrs. Williams               Catholic schools. For the past two years, he was at
graduated from Virginia Tech where she majored in        Riverheads High School and Beverly Manor Middle
Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise. She also           School. Interestingly enough, Mr. Hendry moved to
graduated from Radford with a degree in Nursing.         Staunton so that he could attend plays at the
She has previous nursing experience working at
                                                         Blackfriars Playhouse every week. He also enjoys
UVA’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, at Augusta
Heath, and Middlebrook Family Medicine.                  reading and writing.
     Mrs. Williams is married with one child. They
                                                            Pictures of the new teachers can be found on
live on a beef and poultry farm and they have one
dog and four cats. She enjoys Virginia Tech football,    page 4.
basketball, and vacationing at the beach.

                                                    Page 1
          Attendance Policy                                 From the Counselors’ Desks

Please refer to the student handbook for all
attendance policy information. Below are a few              Kelly Schuhmann – Guidance Coordinator and
important highlights from this section.                     Counselor for students with last names L - Z
                                                            Faye Brown – Counselor for last names A – K
      Student must supply a note from home                 Kristy Ashby – Guidance Secretary
       for any absence. Three days after the
       absence a note will not be accepted.                 We are excited to start a brand new year! Please
                                                            come by and meet your counselor at your earliest
      After a student misses ten days a third              opportunity. We look forward to working with
       party note may be required.                          each and every student this year. We will work
                                                            with students on career and schedule planning
      Students with four or more unexcused
                                                            throughout the school year. We are also available
       absences will not be permitted to make               to talk with students about social/emotional issues
       up the assignment for credit but he/she              they may be facing and hope to provide as much
       will be responsible for the missed                   support to our students and families as possible.
       material in order to complete the class.
                                                            Dates to remember:
                                                                   Sept. 10th – Last day to register for Oct. SAT
                                                                   Sept. 17th – Last day to register for Oct. ACT
Bison Wear                                                         Oct. 13th – PSAT (open to all 9-12 graders-required
                                                                   for Gov. School applicants- priority space given to
There are several new items available to students                  10th and 11th graders.)
interested in showing their Buffalo Gap pride
through clothing. Short sleeve t-shirts and                 Classroom visits:
sweatshirts are available in a variety of colors and         August – Counselors will visit 12th grade
designs. Order forms are available on the school               classrooms to distribute senior handbooks and
website or from Mr. Philp.                                     information about post-high school plans.
                                                             September – Counselors will visit 11th grade
                                                               classrooms to distribute junior handbooks and
                                                               talk about post-high school plans.
                                                              (Plans for visiting 9th & 10th grade classrooms
                                                               are being made for later in the school year.)

                                                            School Passes
School Website                                              Contact the school if you are interested in
Most school news and information is available on            purchasing any of the following athletic passes:
the BGHS website. To access this site, go to                    Adult Season Pass- $100                                      Student/Senior Citizen Pass- $75
                                                                Family Pass- $225
                                                            Passes are good for all home and regular season
                                                            events all year long.
Register to VOTE…

The Augusta County Registrar will be at Buffalo
Gap High School on September 13 to speak to
the government classes and to register anyone
who is not yet registered and/or will be 18 by              See Mrs. Campbell for a student parking pass:
the November 2 Congressional Election.                          Passes are $40
                                                                There is a $5 replacement fee if lost
                                                                You need to have your passes displayed
Yearbook Information                                              by September 30th because Mr. Hildebrand
       Order your 2010-2011 Buffalo Gap High                      will be checking.
School Yearbook for only $60. The amount
must be paid in cash. This is a limited time                Did You Know?
offer. See Mrs. Cleveland for ordering details.
                                                            August is recognized as National
Listen to the announcements to find out when                Panini Month.
you can pick up your copy of the 2009-2010
yearbook.                                                                           September is recognized as
                                                                                    Children’s Good Manners
                                                                                    Month and Caffeine
                                                                                    Addiction Recovery Month.

                                                       Page 2
        CLUBs & SCHOOL Organizations
First Meetings Are Open                                  National Art Honor Society
All students are invited to attend the first club               The National Art Honor Society is a
meeting of the following organizations:                  program specifically for high school students,
        ~BAD                    ~FFA                     grades 10 - 12, for the purpose of inspiring and
        ~Drama                  ~Science                 recognizing those students who have shown an
        ~FCCLA                                           outstanding ability in art. Selection for
                                                         membership requires that students have a
                                                         minimum of one semester in art at BGHS and that
FFA Convention Photos                                    the student maintains a B average (or better) in art
Pictured below are all of the members who                classes. The NAHS is planning to have several
                                                         guest artists come speak to us during our
attended the convention this past year.
                                                         meetings this year. Annual dues are $8.00.

                                                         FCCLA Students Compete
                                                         in National Event
                                                                 Amber Conner, Hayley Fix, Cheyenne
                                                         Brown, and LeAnne Simmons from Buffalo Gap
                                                         FCCLA attended the 2010 FCCLA National
                                                         Leadership Meeting in Chicago July 3rd-8th to
                                                         complete in STAR Events. During the four
                                                         competitions, students where recognized for
                                                         proficiency and achievement in chapter and
                                                         individual projects, leadership skills and career
                                                         preparation. Conner completed in the Focus on
                                                         Children and won the silver medal, while Fix,
                                                         Brown and Simmons completed in the National
Agriculture Marketing Team- L-R Hannah                   Programs in Action category and won gold.
                                                                 Katie Horn, chapter president who has
Sayre, Cheyenne Cline, not pictured Megan
                                                         competed in STAR Events for several years, also
McAllister                                               attended the meeting to serve as a judge for the
                                                         Chapter Service category.
                                                                 Aside from the competitions, students
                                                         enjoyed receiving leadership training in the
                                                         various workshops, exhibits and meeting

Job Interview- Kendall Cline

                                                         Bison Against Drugs
                                                         The first BAD (Bison Against Drugs) Club
                                                         meeting is scheduled for Activity period on
                                                         September 1st. We will be meeting in the New
                                                         Gym for this "Kick-off" meeting. All students
Drama Club                                               are welcome to attend this meeting. Dues for
                                                         the club are $2.00 and can be paid at the
Attention all actors and actresses! Drama Club is        door or to Mr. Persinger in Rm. 5 or Mrs.
looking for new recruits. If you want to take the        Matallana in Rm. 3 prior to the meeting. We
stage or if you feel more comfortable helping            are planning to have several club activities
out behind the scenes, see Drama Club President          and guest speakers this school year, so be
Andrea Banks or Drama Club Sponsor Mrs. Brady            sure to join the Bison Against Drugs Club!
about membership details. Drama Club dues are

                                                    Page 3
New Teachers at Gap                                    Food for Thought…
                                                           To burn off one plain M&M candy, you
                                                           need to walk the full length of a football
Ms. Pearson-Spanish

                                                               SCA Announces
                         Mr. Dunham-Math                    Homecoming Theme and
                                                       Mark your calendars! This year's SCA has
                                                       already begun the preparations for the
                                                       Homecoming 2010 celebration. Homecoming
       Mr. Philp-Band
                                                       week will be October 18th-22nd with the
                                                       football game on October 22nd and the dance
                                                       on October 23rd. The theme this year is ―The
                                                       Jungle.‖ We are excited for all of the
                                                       festivities we love with a few new things up our
                         Mr. Cranston-Physics          sleeves! So start thinking of decorations,
                                                       jungle outfits, and good times for the end of

       Mr. Hendry-Latin

                                                             Bison Band Boosters to
Media Center Staff:
 Mrs. Amanda Seldomridge – Media Specialist                  Include New Members
 Mrs. Cheri Etling – Media Assistant
Hours of Operation: 8:00 – 3:30 M-F                           The Buffalo Gap Band Boosters are
 Students are allowed to visit the media center        reorganizing to include parents whose children
 before school, during lunch, after school, and with
                                                       are in chorus or guitar classes. Any parents
 a teacher’s permission throughout the day.
Checkout Policy:
                                                       interested in supporting the new Bison Music
 Reference materials can be checked out                Boosters by getting involved in the music
 overnight. All other materials circulate for two      program should please contact Jerry Philp at
 weeks. Students may not check out additional for more
 materials if they have any that are overdue. Late     information.
 fees are not assessed to overdue materials, but
 students are expected to pay for lost or damaged
                                                       International Club
Access to Online Databases:                            The International Club is open to any student that
 Three online databases – Gale, Grove Music, and       is enrolled this year, either first or second
 World Book – can be accessed both at school and       semester, in Latin, French or Spanish, or has
 at home. These databases include thousands of         taken three years or more of either language. Our
 articles from scholarly journals, magazines, and      goal is to promote unity through understanding
 newspapers and meet research needs across all         diversity through language. We hope to broaden
 academic disciplines. See the media specialist for    the horizons of our members by exposing them to
 remote access passwords.                              as many different aspects, culturally and
For More Information:                                  otherwise, of the three languages that are taught
 To find out about special events,                     here at Buffalo Gap.
 new books, and more visit the
 media center’s webpage off of the
 school’s main page.

                                                  Page 4
     AP Students Work the                          New Classes at BGHS Equal
        Summer Away                                  New Opportunities for
        Although most students were able to
take the summer off from school, the AP
                                                              Mrs. Herr is very excited to be
students have been working hard on summer              teaching AP Art for the first time in Buffalo
readings and assignments. AP English                   Gap history. It should be a challenging and
students read Madame Bovary, completed                 educational experience. In May, instead of
discussion questions, and wrote a paper on             an exam, the students will submit 24 digital
the novel. Students met for class during their         images of their artwork and 5 actual pieces.
break to discuss the novel. AP Government              They will then receive a score of 1 to 5
students read Hardball and completed several           from the College Board. The score will
short essays about their opinions on the               determine whether or not the student will
political ideas that were introduced. The AP           receive college credit.
Government students also received brand new
textbooks for the class which is very exciting!
        Students entering English 11AA, a                      Ms. Acker is pleased to announce
prerequisite to AP English, wrote a paper on           the addition of Journalism to the electives
two Puritan sermons this summer. This year             courses list. While this is not a new class to
the 11AA reading list will be expanded to              BGHS, this is the first time the class has
include more Puritan texts. AP US History              been offered since the spring of 2005. In
students read two books containing                     addition to writing, students will also be
information on early settlements in northern           introduced to the world of reporting, coming
America. After reading these two books, they           up with newscasts for the school, about the
wrote a paper comparing the Jamestown                  school.
settlement to New England settlement.
        AP Calculus students completed a
thorough review of topics from Algebra and                     Ms. Kauffman will be teaching
Pre-Calculus so that they will more quickly be         Natural Resources III this year. In order to
able to dive into Calculus topics. AP Art              be in this class, students must be a junior
complete 30 sketches in their sketchbooks,             or a senior and must also have taken Ag
drew a portrait, and created a landscape.              Mechanics II or Ag/Biology. In this class,
        The courses in the AP program are              students develop knowledge and skills
designed to challenge our highest achieving            required for employment in occupations
students, providing the opportunity to earn            related to Forestry, Wildlife Management,
college credit and to demonstrate strength of          Outdoor Recreation and Air, Water and Soil
schedule when applying to colleges and                 Conservation. Students will explore the
                                                       many issues dealing with the land use and
                                                       sustainable agriculture that surround the
                                                       local environment.

   Cross Country Car Wash
                                                               Another of the new classes being
                                                       offered this year at BGHS is Algebra,
                                                       Functions, and Data Analysis. Upcoming
                                                       freshmen will be required to take this
                       .                               course. It can follow Algebra I, but more
                                                       commonly will come after Geometry. The
                                                       goal is to be more hands-on with skills
The BGHS Boys and Girls cross country team             learned in Algebra I as well as prepare
   will be having a car wash fundraiser on             students for Algebra II if pursuing an
  Saturday, August 28th from 10am-4pm at               advanced diploma. The classes will be
        Wright’s Dairy-Rite in Staunton.               taught by Mr. Hemminger and Mrs.

SCA Needs Parent Help                                         Finally, the last new class offered at
                                                       BGHS this year will be Small Engines with
The SCA is asking for parent                           Ms. Riley. The class is based on the theory of
volunteers to help with various                        four cycle engines like those of a lawn mower,
homecoming responsibilities.                           snow blower, tiller, etc. The class will be dealing
                                                       with the operations, maintenance, and repair of
Please contact Mrs. Lawson or Mrs.                     smaller engines. The students will completely
Averill at 337-6021 if you can help.                   disassemble and rebuild a Briggs and Stratton
                                                       engine. See Ms. Riley if you have any more

                                              Page 5
                                 Calendar of Events
                        August                                              September 18th
                                                                                 Cross Country —Augusta County Invitational: Away/10:00
August 19
        Volleyball—Scrimmage w/ Bath Co.: Home/5:00
        JV Football—Scrimmage w/ East Rockingham: Away/6:00                September 20th
                                                                                 Golf —East Rockingham: Home/4:30
August 21st
        Varsity Football—Scrimmage w/                                      September 21st
         Riverheads: Away/11:00 and 2:00                                           Volleyball—Page Co.: Home/6:00
August 25th                                                                      Cross Country —Page Co./EMHS: Home/5:00
        1st Activity Day with NHS, TSA, Science Clubs
        JV Football—Scrimmage w/ Stuarts Draft: Home/6:00                  September 22nd
                                                                                   Senior Class Meeting with Jostens about Senior
August 26th                                                                         Products and Graduation Announcements
        Golf—Bath Co.: Away/4:30                                                  JV Football—Parry McCluer: Home/6:30

August 27th                                                                 September 23rd
        Underclassman Picture Day with Senior Make-ups                            Volleyball—Stonewall Jackson: Home/6:00
        Varsity Football –Scrimmage w/ Stuarts Draft: Home/6:00
                                                                            September 24th
August 30th                                                                        Varsity Football—Parry McCluer: Away/7:00
        Golf—Spotswood.: Away/4:30
                                                                            September 25th
August 31st                                                                      Competition Cheerleading —Wilson: Away
        Volleyball—Parry McCluer: Home/6:00
                                                                            September 27th
                                                                                   Seniors Order with Jostens
                  September                                                      Golf —District Tournament @ Heritage Oaks: 9:00
September 2nd
       Volleyball—Wilson: Home/6:00                                        September 28th
     Golf —Broadway: Away/4:30                                                    End of the 1st Six Weeks
                                                                                   Volleyball—Central: Away/6:00
September 3rd
       Varsity Football—Fort Defiance: Home/7:30                           September 29th
                                                                                 Cross Country —Stonewall Jackson: Home/5:00
September 6th                                                                      JV Football—James River: Home/6:30
       Labor Day – No School

September 7th
       Progress Reports                                                                      October
                                                                            October 1st
September 8th                                                                       Teacher Workday – No School for Students
     Cross Country —East Rockingham: Home/5:00                                     Varsity Football—James River: Away/7:00

September 9th                                                               October 2nd
       Volleyball—Wilson: Away/5:30                                                Cross Country—Stonewall Jackson Invitational:
       JV Football—Bath Co.: Away/6:30                                              Away/10:00

September 10th                                                              October 5th
       Varsity Football—Bath Co.: Home/7:30                                         Volleyball—Luray: Away/6:00

September 11th                                                              October 6th
                                                                                     Cross Country—Central: Away/5:00
     Cross Country —Eastern Mennonite Invitational:                                 JV Football—Riverheads: Away/6:30
                                                                            October 7th
September 13th
                                                                                     1st Report Cards
     Golf —Wilson: Home/4:30                                                        Volleyball—East Rockingham: Away/6:00
September 14th                                                              October 8th
       Volleyball—East Rockingham: Home/6:00                                        Make-up Picture Day for Underclassmen
September 15th
       JV Football—Wilson: Home/6:30
                                                                            Other Important Dates
September 16th
       10th Grade Health Screenings                                        October 13th
       Volleyball—Riverheads: Away/6:00                                            PSAT Test

September 17th                                                              October 18th-22nd
       Varsity Football—Wilson: Away/7:00                                          Fall Writing SOL Test for Juniors

                                           DISCRIMINATION POLICY
          Augusta County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex,
 disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following persons have been designated to handle
 inquires regarding the non-discrimination policies.

 Title IX Coordinator                                                        Section 504 Coordinator
 Eric W. Bond, Ed. D.                                                        George Earhart
 Assistant Superintendent for Personnel                                      Assistant Superintendent for Administration
 6 John Lewis Road                                                           6 John Lewis Road
 Fishersville, VA 22939                                                      Fishersville, VA 22939
 (540) 245-5107                                                              (540) 245-5108
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