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                                  Green Card Lottery


                                 Margaret Ellen Sweet

Recently Congress has passed laws that enable the US government to permit “a lottery of
55,000 visas to immigrants in several countries.” Green Card Lottery gives immigrants
the ability to live and work in the United States. Diversity Lottery (DV) programs make
it possible for immigrants through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program to work and live in
the United States. Married couples are doubled the opportunity to become American
Citizens through the Official US Government programs.

To determine if you are eligible you must submit an online application at:

Applicants must have a high school degree of equivalent to apply; or two years work
experience in a five-year time frame. This means you must have training in a professional
occupation within the last five years. Once you have applied your application will be
examined by a qualified customer service rep in five or ten minutes. Winners are eligible
to win FREE airline tickets from your current location “to the USA to claim your Green
Card.” You must provide a flexible address, so that the winner can be notified. If you
have a photo you will need to upload it on the site listed. Once you have completed your
application requirements, you will receive an electronic confirmation “of ENTRY”
through the US Green Card Immigrant and US Department of State.

Entering the Green Card lottery program is easy and costs nothing. You can visit your
local consumer affairs office or fill out your application online. Green Card Lottery
programs are available at the State Department. You can only submit one entry otherwise
you will be disqualified immediately. The lottery visa is random and there are no hidden
loop holes that will disqualify or qualify your chances of receiving a Green Card from the
Green Card Lottery programs.

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