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Dear Beauty Industry Partner,
Welcome to our Spring/Summer Education Calendar
As we prepare ourselves for a wonderful 2011 filled with                                            ACCADEMIA
education, we bring to you “Vision Becomes Reality” The
theme for this year. What inspires you to get a vision and create
that final look is what education is all about. The educational
offerings we have put together are the very latest creative         To include fashion inspired techniques. Looking at structure,
techniques aimed at expanding your creativity, allowing you to      head shape, creating angles and controlling balance. This class
take your success to the next level so your visions can become      will strengthen your skills by incorporating, layering, graduation,
reality.                                                            disconnection, over direction and scissor over comb. Embellishing
                                                                    core techniques with a Fashion Forward focus. To gain the most
We have an incredible array of exciting courses from all of the
                                                                    value from this class attendance to core Accademia courses is
product lines we partner with. Don’t hesitate to check out your
favorite manufacturers’ latest techniques, trends and products.
                                                                    Mon, Jan 24     10AM - 4PM    Union        EMI 20 0124UN      $125.00
We look forward to hosting you at one of our Education              Tues, Feb 22    10AM - 4PM    Union        EMI 20 0222UN      $125.00
Experiences very soon. So, together we can bring your vision        Mon, Mar 21     10AM - 4PM    Orange, CT   EMI 20 0321OR      $125.00
to reality.                                                         Mon, May 16     10AM - 4PM    Orange, CT   EMI 20 0516OR      $125.00
                                                                    Tues, May 24    10AM - 4PM    Union        EMI 20 0524UN      $125.00
Have a successful and creative 2011 from all your friends at
Kind Regards,
                                                                    Learn how to cut a classic bob, horizontal graduation and classic
                                                                    short layer; and the correct use of tools. This course is essential for
                                                                    beginners and those with limited experience (who wish to refresh
Director of Education, Emiliani Enterprises                         their knowledge). Gain an understanding on which to build the
                                                                    progression of precision haircutting and become more confident;
                                                                    increase greater understanding & invaluable knowledge for
                                                                    precision cutting and finishing.
As Creative Directors for Accademia/Emilaini, Brian Grieve and      Tues, Jan 25    10AM - 4PM     Union       EMI 20 0125UN      $100.00
Tracey Smith are using their level of knowledge and expertise       Mon, Jan 31     10AM - 4PM     Union       EMI 20 0131UN      $100.00
to drive forward PURE education.                                    Tues, May 3     10AM - 4PM     Union       EMI 20 0503UN      $100.00

Under the expert guidance & instruction of Brian Grieve &
Tracey Smith, the attendees will observe & experience hands-
on, of these extensive creative, in depth, varied courses. The
classes will take you on a journey from the fundamentals, to        Learn how to cut vertical graduation & vertical short layings.
the creative, inspiring aspects of hair cutting & dressing. Each    Achieve desired results by improving & building skills on classical
day will be split into two sessions giving personal attention in    commercial cutting techniques with the correct use of tool
a classroom set up.                                                 applications. The course will give invaluable knowledge and a
                                                                    greater understanding of precision hair cutting & finishing, with
Their mission is to challenge the boundaries of creative            an awareness of sections & angles. It will ground you in these
hair design, they believe                                           essential skills, and will begin to open up your creativity and
the time is always right to                                         develop your career.
consider a fresh approach
                                                                    Tues, Feb 1     10AM - 4PM     Union       EMI 20 0201UN      $100.00
to one’s craft.                                                     Mon, Feb 7      10AM - 4PM     Union       EMI 20 0207UN      $100.00
Warm Regards,                                                       Tues, May 10    10AM - 4PM     Union       EMI 20 0510UN      $100.00

Creative Directors,
Emiliani Enterprises                                                Andre Chiavelli & Barry Link
This is an additional course to the Foundation and Intermediate       This course is essential for understanding the basis on which
courses. Focusing on Forward Graduation & Directional Layers,         to build-on the progression of long hair up-dos. If you have
these techniques will open your creativity enabling you to explore    limited experience, wish to refresh your knowledge, or have
beyond your current boundaries. The course will give invaluable       little understanding of longer hair; this course is for you. You
knowledge & a greater understanding of precision hair cutting         will become more confident with a greater understanding of the
& finishing, with an awareness of sections & angles on longer          basics of working with long hair. Gain invaluable knowledge for
hair. The dynamics of these long hair techniques will add further     achieving commercial long hair, giving a greater awareness of
dimension to your commercial cutting portfolio.                       preparation, handling and finishing long hair styles. Learn how
Mon, Feb 14      10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 02014UN   $100.00   to achieve a French Plait and chignon as well as understanding
Tues, Feb 15     10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0215UN    $100.00   the correct use of brushes and tools to achieve desired results.
Mon, May 9       10AM - 4PM   Orange, CT   EMI 20 0509OR    $100.00
                                                                      Mon, April 11    10AM - 4PM      Union        EMI 20 0411UN       $100.00
Tues, May 17     10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0517UN    $100.00

Discover the creative aspect of advanced commercial hair              To advance your expertise of dressing long hair. Experience
cutting techniques using texture & interchangeable angles. Gain       techniques to help you achieve a higher standard in long hair
invaluable knowledge and greater awareness of texture cutting         dressing for photographic, competitions & stage presentations.
and all aspects of sections & angles; build creative individual       Understand the principles of creatively working with long hair,
skills and using disconnections. Explore the latest in trend          incorporating shapes that empower & unleash your artistic
haircuts and gain invaluable skills to open up your creativity and    approach. No boundaries. You will explore essential skills, looking
achieving a higher standard of hair cutting & finishing.               beyond horizons to empower a Creativity that will extend your
Tues, Mar 15     10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0315UN    $125.00
Mon, May 2       10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0502UN    $125.00   Tues, April 19   10AM - 4PM      Union        EMI 20 0419UN       $125.00
Tues, June 14    10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0614UN    $125.00

                                                                      This two day event is an opportunity to experience intimate
Disconnection; Razor Cutting; Isolated Texture. The incorporation     professional hair education for a `small’ group of passionate
of these techniques will build on your creativity, expanding          hairdressers. For two days you will be taken on a journey of
them beyond regular boundaries. Experience the opportunity to         “Creative Connection” exploring consultation, cutting, coloring,
unleash your inner imagination & progress to a higher level of        thru to finishing techniques. You will achieve a complete look which
artistic cutting excellence. Learn how the inclusion of diverse       will build confidence to explore the accumulation of philosophy
finishing techniques & use of products will compliment your            and techniques which you have shared in previous Accademia
great haircuts. Focus will be on the current edgy trends within       classes. Within the class you will revitalize your creativity &
the hair industry. This course follows on from Advanced Cutting,      charge your motivation. By observing the demonstration of
to gain the maximum experience from this class, attendance to         angular cutting, placement of color to enhance the finish style
the other Accademia courses is recommended.                           you will then applying these skills with hands on workshop.
Tues, Mar 22     10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0322UN    $125.00   Mon, Jan 17 & Tues, Jan 18 10AM-4PM & 10AM-3PM Union EMI 20 0117UN $275.00
Mon, May 23      10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0523UN    $125.00   Mon, Jun 20 & Tues, Jun 21 10AM-4PM & 10AM-3PM Union EMI 20 0620UN $275.00
Tues, June 28    10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0628UN    $125.00

                                                                      A two day course focusing on the core essentials. Applying
This exceptional course will give you the knowledge to expand         cutting techniques which give the foundation of knowledge
your coloring portfolio and services offered your clients. This       to build on your confidence, encouragement, support &
class will focus on Tonal & Dimensional coloring. This will enable    opportunity. Practice, control hair shape & balance. Awareness
you to broaden your color choices. Understand the angles &            of body position & application of a look from consultation thru to
placement of sections and incorporate new techniques to expand        simplified color application to a finished look. Most suitable for
your creativity in coloring.                                          those who recently gained their cosmetology license, returning to
Tues, Feb 8      10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0208UN    $125.00   the hair industry. Discover your potential for growth. This intimate
Tues, April 12   10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0412UN    $125.00   group looks to progress the individual to work in the commercial
Mon, June 27     10AM - 4PM   Union        EMI 20 0627UN    $125.00   market and to build a clientele.
                                                                      Mon, Apr 4 & Tues, Apr 5 10AM - 4PM Union EMI 20 0404UN $275.00
Giving stylists the skills to turn the table on the often-ignored
                                                                      In this exciting course, you will experience the art of clipper
curly hair and elevated looks sought by the modern male
                                                                      cutting as well as the difference of using the Razor Blade clipper
client. This class will give you understanding how to work with
                                                                      attachment over a true razor, to create a precise effect with great
natural curl and wave to create an appealing masculine style. To
                                                                      ease. The latest approach to hair; Easier, Faster, Better, the Wahl
successfully manipulate actions such as clipper-over-comb and
freehand-clipper as two ways to establish basic headshapes and
                                                                      Mon, Feb 14   10AM - 4PM      Union        WAH 20 0214UN        $100.00
tame unruly texture. Gain confidence conducting actions, such
as deep-slide cutting using a razor, as those used to maximize
desired shape and texture.
Mon, Jan 24    10AM - 4PM    Union       CRW 20 0124UN $150.00
Mon, Jan 31    10AM - 4PM    W. New York CRW 20 0131WE $150.00

                                                                      Become certified and become the go to Bosley expert in the
Take the buttoned-up restraint of the ‘50s and combine it with the    salon. This certification class will teach you how to ask the right
unabashed expression of the ‘80s and you get the American Crew        questions, so you can recommend with confidence what the best
Informant collection. In this all-day, step-by-step, your technical   therapy choice is for your clients. Gain the tools to do a client
skills will reach new highs. An American Crew International All-      consultation and learn how to recommend the first in- salon
Star will guide you through techniques that will show you how         comprehensive haircare and styling product line, re-growth
to employ a large clipper comb to gain control of side panels;        treatments and what medical options are available to meet your
understand methods like fanning-over-comb, clipper-over-comb          client’s needs at different stages of hair loss.
and freehand-clipper; and work with various hair textures-
                                                                      Mon, Feb 28    10AM - 2PM    Hamilton            609.584.9595 $50.00
curls, waves and otherwise defiant hair types-to learn proper          Mon, May 9     10AM - 2PM    Staten Island, NY   718.351.8000 $50.00
placement for angles of graduation with classic tapers. You’ll
step up your own styling game by combining old-school classics
with rebellious tendencies.
Mon, Mar 28    9AM - 4PM      Orange, CT CRW 20 0328OR     $150.00    Just 90 minutes of your time can potentially add $1,000 of monthly
                                                                      revenue to your salon. Hear the Bosley Professional Strength story
                                                                      and why it’s important to offer different solutions to your clients.
                                                                      Learn why adding or enhancing the second largest category in
The Clipper Course assists the novice stylist in becoming more        professional beauty can bring more customers and revenue into
confident and skilled in using a clipper. An American Crew All-        your salon. Learn why Bosley Professional Strength is the most
Star will patiently guide you through the fundamentals of clipper     comprehensive fine and thinning haircare line available today.
work using the Menswork ™ approach. Your proficiency will be           Learn why salons with a clear marketing plan are still succeeding
noticed by every male client. After taking this workshop you will     in today’s volatile market. Learn how recommending Bosley Pro
soon be recognized as a master in the men’s grooming category.        can give your clients thicker, fuller-looking hair for life.
Mon, May 16    10AM - 5PM     Union      CRW 20 0516UN     $150.00    Mon, May 16   10AM - 11:30AM Bricktown BOS 20 0516BR             $25.00

                                                                                                                   – W. Clement Stone

                                                                                                                         PHOTO BY AMERICAN CREW
In this certification session attendees will receive all the
necessary information to become a Certified Coppola specialist.
                                                                              Created by world renowned stylist, Paul Brown, the new chemical
This 3 hour session includes certification upon completion.
                                                                              free retextuizer will take your creativity and skill to the next level.
Mon, Jan 24     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Saddle Brook   201.368.2014   $50.00
Mon, Jan 31     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Ledgewood      973.584.3600   $50.00
                                                                              Learn techniques that will cut processing time in half, reduce frizz
Mon, Feb 14     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Bricktown      732.477.8881   $50.00   100%, curl 60-80%, leaving the integrity of the hair in tact while
Mon, Feb 14     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Hamilton       609.584.9595   $50.00   imparting incredible shine. Class will include the New Hapuna
Mon, Feb 21     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Union          908.687.2752   $50.00
Mon, Mar 7      10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Oakhurst       732.517.8822   $50.00
                                                                              Retexturizing kit to take back to your salon, (a $148.00 value).
Mon, Mar 28     10AM-1PM or 2PM-4PM    Park Ridge     201.573.1122   $50.00   Mon, Jan 31    10AM - 1PM Belleville        PAU 20 0131BE           $80.00
Mon, April 4    10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Ledgewood      973.584.3600   $50.00   Mon, Mar 21    10AM - 1PM Park Ridge        PAU 20 0321PR           $80.00
Mon, April 11   10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Parsippany     973.299.0711   $50.00   Mon, May 16    10AM - 1PM Union             PAU 20 0516UN           $80.00
Mon, April 18   10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Belleville     973.759.4956   $50.00
Mon, May 9      10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Oakhurst       732.517.8822   $50.00
Mon, May 23     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Hamilton       609.584.9595   $50.00
Mon, June 13    10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Union          908.687.2752   $50.00
Mon, June 13    10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Ledgewood      973.584.3600   $50.00
Mon, June 20 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM West New York 201.865.3150          $50.00

In this certification presentation attendees will receive all the
necessary information to become a Certified Coppola specialist.                Learn how to create a full spectrum of reds, from subtle to the
This 3 hour presentation includes certification upon completion.               most vibrant. Part of the Hair Pigment Art Series designed to
Mon, Feb 7      10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Edison         732.985.2910   $20.00   inspire your artistry behind the chair.
Mon, Feb 21     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Raritan        908.429.4280   $20.00
                                                                              Mon, Feb 7      10AM - 1PM    Bricktown       FRA 20 0207BR         $50.00
Mon, Feb 21     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Marlboro       732.536.5745   $20.00
                                                                              Mon, May 16     10AM - 1PM    Hamilton        FRA 20 0516HA         $50.00
Mon, April 4    10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Edison         732.985.2910   $20.00
Mon, April 25   10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Raritan        908.429.4280   $20.00
Mon, April 25   10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Marlboro       732.536.5745   $20.00
Mon, June 13    10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM    Edison         732.985.2910   $20.00                                                      (In store presentation)
                                                                              Learn about the latest color tools and color placement techniques
                                                                              that are quick, easy and ready to turn into instant profit in this
                                                                              complimentary look and learn presentation.
                                                                              Mon, Feb 14     10AM - 4PM    Orange, CT               COMPLIMENTARY
                                                                              Mon, June 20    10AM - 4PM    Edison                   COMPLIMENTARY
                                                                              Mon, Mar 14     10AM - 4PM    West New York            COMPLIMENTARY

                                                                                                                                 (Hands on)
In this certification session attendees will receive all the necessary
information to become a Certified Keratin Factor3 specialist. This             Learn how to create quick and versatile color techniques with
3 hour session includes certification upon completion.                         framesi color tools. Also, find out how you can lift and deposit
Mon, Jan 31     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM Orange, CT        203.795.5600   $50.00   on tinted hair in just one quick step with framcolor 221 Special
Mon, Feb 14     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM Staten Island, NY 718.351.8000   $50.00   Effect. What a great added value to your color services and your
Mon, June 6     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM Staten Island, NY 718.351.9545   $50.00
                                                                              color ticket!
In this certification presentation attendees will receive all the              Mon, May 2     10AM - 3PM    Staten Island, NY FRA 20 0502SI        $75.00
necessary information to become a Certified Keratin Factor 3
specialist. This 3 hour presentation includes certification upon
Mon, Feb 28 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM Middletown, NY        845.342.1814   $20.00
Mon, April 18 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM Middletown, NY      845.342.1814   $20.00

                                                                                                                                        – The Secret
                                                                                                                              (Inspirational Book/Movie)
Each Spring and Fall, Framesi Milan publishes a collection of hair
and makeup proposals that coordinate with the season’s clothing        The premise of this presentation is to reveal the “Why” factor with
fashions. In the Discover Italian Style program, these collections     hair and chemical processes. Focus on the color service being a
are shared in an in-depth, hands-on presentation by a member           focal point in the salon to capture local market and alternately
of Framesi’s exclusive Italian Style Team. You will receive Framesi    through its success, the expansion of other services in support
seasonal Italian Style collection books, step-by-step instruction      fed from its success (Design, cutting, conditioning, retailing, nails
for new color and cutting techniques, and a mannequin that is          skin and makeup).
yours to keep.                                                         Mon, Jan 24    10AM-12PM or 1PM-3PM   West New York   JOI 20 0124WE   $25.00
                                                                       Mon, Mar 7     10AM-12PM or 1PM-3PM   Union           JOI 20 0307UN   $25.00
Mon, Feb 28     10AM - 4PM    Union        FRA 20 0228UN     $125.00   Mon, May 9     10AM-12PM or 1PM-3PM   Saddle Brook    JOI 20 0509SB   $25.00
Mon, May 23     10AM - 4PM    Orange, CT   FRA 20 0523OR     $125.00   Mon, June 27   10AM-12PM or 1PM-3PM   Parsippany      JOI 20 0627PA   $25.00
Mon, June 6     10AM - 4PM    Union, CT    FRA 20 0606UN     $125.00
Mon, June 13    10AM - 4PM    Parsippany   FRA 20 0613PA     $125.00

                                   (In Store Presentation)             Revolutionize your foiling by adapting classic foiling techniques
This complimentary look and learn presentation is designed             with a new twist. Haircolor to Hair Lighteners are essential to
to take away the misconceptions of different types of relaxing         foiling in the salon every day. Explore your creativity by foiling
services. Find out what is compatible and what is not. Discover        hair the healthy way.
alternative techniques for creative design with Silis.                 Mon, Mar 21       10AM - 4PM    Union            JOI 20 0321UN        $75.00
                                                                       Mon, May 2        10AM - 4PM    Union            JOI 20 0502UN        $75.00
Mon, April 11   10AM - 4PM    West New York          COMPLIMENTARY

Italian Style Evening Hair hands - on workshop inspires stylists on    Create Healthier Hair from Heat styling: Advancing on our
the fundamentals of evening hair dressing with new techniques          exclusive technology, K-PAK now introduces ReconstRx
and current season styles while providing the ultimate tools of        VaporIron, the first styling iron proven to reconstruct and protect
artistic inspiration to design and create extraordinary evening        hair as you style. The ReconstRx VaporIron Clinic establishes
hair fashions.                                                         the iron as a revolutionary introduction to heat hairstyling by
                                                                       explaining our unique vapor delivery system through a hands-on
Mon, April 18 10AM - 4PM Union             FRA 20 0418UN $100.00
Mon, April 18 10AM - 4PM Staten Island, NY FRA 20 0418SI $100.00       experience. Stylists will learn how the iron performs: from filling
                                                                       the infusion reservoir to creating three different textures on a
                                                                       model or a mannequin head. Stylists receive VaporIron with class
                                                                       Mon, April 11     10AM - 1PM    Ledgewood JOI 20 0411LW               $80.00
                                                                       Mon, May 23       10AM - 1PM    Union     JOI 20 0523UN               $80.00

                                                                                                       PHOTO BY JOICO
                                                                         Not part of the Revolution? Hungry to be involved? Come join us
The i.luminate course will empower stylist to enhance their
                                                                         for this hands-on certification class for INOA. You will experience
knowledge of demi permanent color which will help them to
                                                                         proper application, timing and formulation. Certificate distributed
increase their color business and overall success.
                                                                         upon completion of class.
Mon, Feb 14          10AM - 4PM   West New York ISO 20 0214WE   $75.00
                                                                         Mon, Jan 31     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM   Staten Island, NY   718.351.8000   $50.00
                                                                         Mon, Feb 7      10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM   Union               908.687.2752   $50.00
                                                                         Mon, Feb 7      10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM   Parsippany          973.299.0711   $50.00
                                                                         Mon, Feb 14     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM   Ledgewood           973.584.3600   $50.00
                                                                         Mon, April 18   10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM   Hamilton            609.584.9595   $50.00
Experiencing color challenges? This program is for the                   Mon, May 23     10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM   Parsippany          973.299.0711   $50.00
experienced i.Color colorist. Let us share simple foolproof steps        Mon, June 27    10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM   Bricktown           732.477.8881   $50.00
that will take the guess work out of corrective color & ensure
success with the challenges clients bring to you.
Mon, May 16 10AM - 4PM            Park Ridge    ISO 20 0516PR   $75.00
                                                                         In 2010, INOA began the revolution in permanent hair color.
                                                                         Now it is the time to turn this revolution into creativity and
                                                                         profit for you and your salon! This event will open your eyes to
                                                                         this breakthrough product. You will review technology of INOA,
                                                                         discuss traditional application of INOA, proper mixing, application
                                                                         and removal of INOA. Come join us in exploring all of the INOA
                                                                         options and view the product that is changing the future of hair
                                                                         Mon, Feb 28 10AM - 2PM          Union       908.378.2167           INVITE ONLY
                                                                         Mon, April 11 10AM - 2PM        Union       908.378.2167           INVITE ONLY
                                                                         Mon, June 20 10AM - 2PM         Union       908.378.2167           INVITE ONLY

                                                                         Be inspired and gain insight into the trends of men’s cutting and
                                                                         styling. They will share their creativity, expertise and impressions
                                                                         with this step-by-step interactive workshop that will add a new
                                                                         dimension to participants’ skills.
                                                                         Mon, Mar 28       10AM - 4PM    Hamilton       LXL 20 0328HA             $100.00

                                                                         The inspirations are drawn from the influential change all
                                                                         around the world and encapsulated in this collection. This
                                                                         interactive workshop focuses on collection cutting and styling
                                                                         trends to present an unforgettable experience for the stylist this
                                                                         collection will inspire and motivate participants to transmit the
                                                                         philosophy and designs to their clients. A must for a vision to
                                                                         reality experience.
                                                                         Mon, Feb 28        10AM - 4PM    Union           LXL 20 0228UN           $125.00

                                                                                                                                    – John F. Kennedy
                                                                                                                             (35th United States President)
Come work with one of L’Oreal Professionnel top Platform Artist
to help you achieve an Haute Couture look right off the runways
of Paris. Build the confidence in your up style for bridal parties,
special events and proms. While gaining a strong foundation that
                                                                      Master the skills that will take your everyday normal clipper cut
will help you achieve any look you want. As well as the knowledge
                                                                      to the ultimate extreme in fashion. Utilize the newest innovation
on how to handle and finish long hair styles.
                                                                      with CHI Clippers and Tools, supported by the most recent wet
Mon, Mar 21    10AM - 4PM   Union      LXL 20 0321UN       $100.00    line, CHI Man. Sketch form designs and tattoo patterns consisting
                                                                      of linear lines, angles, and shapes for your overall Artistic
                                                                      Signature effect. All attendees will receive a Farouk systems
                                                                      Certificate upon completion.
Absolute Color Phase One is combined with our swatch exercise.
It is designed to share with hair designers the essentials of         Mon, Jan 24    10AM - 4PM      Ledgewood SUN 20 0124LW        $75.00
                                                                      Mon, Jan 31    10AM - 4PM      Parsippany SUN 20 0131PA       $75.00
haircolor, and help even the most talented of hair designers
understand the L’Oréal Professionnel Doctrine. Covers: Primary
Colors, Secondary Colors, and Color Wheel. The Law of Color,
Basic Colors. Depth of Color, Tone-Characteristics of Color. Dual     Become an empress for a day and discover the amazing
Coded System- levels and tones. The Basic System, Role of             advantages of the secret pearl powder formula that the White
Tones. Non-pigmented hair, Color matching guidelines. Client          Truffle and Royal Treatment systems have to your hair and skin.
consultation and Haircolor analysis.                                  Combine these benefits with the Advanced technology of the Royal
Mon, June 6    10AM - 4PM   Union      LXL 20 0606UN       $150.00    Treatment styling tools to complete the majestic experience with
                                                                      a sleek, shiny superior finished style fit for Royalty. This class will
                                                                      provide you with the start to finish experience of creating sleek
                                                                      sophisticated looks for the everyday heiress.
Absolute Color Phase Two is designed to expand beyond the
                                                                      Mon, Mar 7     10AM - 4PM      Union        SUN 20 0307UN    $100.00
basics and cover the five principles of haircolor including,
haircolor chemistry and the basics of corrective haircoloring.
The swatch exercise is carried on from Absolute Color 1. Hair
designers are taken through an in-depth look at chemistry and         Experience CHI Infra Environmental Cream Color’s unique
corrective work that they are challenged with on a daily basis in     formulation of complex lighteners and pigments, that will allow
the salon world. Covers: Granular and Diffused Pigments. Non-         you to lift, tint and tone in one step or fill and deposit in one
pigmented hair. Categories of Haircolor. Permanent haircolor          step. This is achieved in 15 minutes processing time! Learn foil
chemistry. Underlying Pigment. Color matching guidelines. Pre-        placements and highlighting tricks. For All Colorist, Advanced or
coloration. Light cleansing. Corrective color consultations and       New. No previous experience required with CHI Colors.
case studies.                                                         Mon, June 6    10AM - 4PM      Hamilton   SUN 20 0606HA       $75.00
Mon, June 27      10AM - 12PM       Union    Included with Part One
                                                                         (Presented By Summit Salon Business Center)
                                                                         Explode Your Potential by getting in-depth information to target
Would you say our shears or hands are the most vital tool for            the top 10 challenges for Salon Owners. This In-depth mini
cutting hair? It’s actually our eyes! They allow us to select, design,   summit is a prelude to Money Matters while targeting how
map out, execute and finish the end result. C.R.A.F.T. Cutting will       to: recruit qualified service providers, deal with inadequate
develop your circle of vision and sharpen the focus that you bring       growth strategies, downturns in retaining new business, owner/
to your art. Join us as we master cuts that are the foundation of        management entrapment, the flat line syndrome, inadequate
our industry.                                                            productivity and profit, and much, much, more...
Mon, Jan 31   10AM - 4PM      Bricktown MAT 20 0131BR          $125.00   Mon, April 18 10AM - 1PM Union                 MAT 20 0418UN       $25.00

Matrix Introduces… Wonder Brown Fashion Brown Permanent                  Prepare for an injection of energy. Iconic shapes are re-
Haircolor created for dark natural levels. Ready to wear, reflective,     invigorated with new angles, curves, simplified silhouettes allow
luminous brunettes with fashionable tones. Join us as we explore         bold statements to emerge. Moldable styles activate movement
tips for creating glorious, rich brunettes. See brown in a whole         in every direction. Cropped sexy-short or layered long, these
new light! -10 brass-controlling fashion shades formulated for           modern looks offer a multitude of moods. The moment exudes
dark natural levels 1-5.                                                 pure confidence and excitement.
Mon, May 9    10AM - 1PM      Orange, CT    MAT 20 0228OR       $25.00   Mon, May 2     10AM - 4PM Bricktown            MAT 20 0502BR      $100.00
Mon, April 25 10AM - 1PM      Union         MAT 20 0425UN       $25.00
Mon, May 16 10AM - 1PM        W. New York   MAT 20 0516WE       $50.00

                                    With Global Designer Daniel Roldan   Out of the dark, into the bright. Prepare for an injection of
                                                                         energy. Color and design are in pure form. Iconic shapes are
Open your eyes to inspiration around you. Find your focus.               re-invigorated with new angles, curves and vibrant harmonized
Discover a way of seeing and being that releases your creativity.        tones, Simplified silhouettes allow bold statements to emerge.
Eye on design is shaped by the vision of the Matrix team. With           Moldable styles activate movement in every direction. Cropped
and eye on the latest trends from around the world, our leading          sexy-short or layered long, these modern looks offer a multitude
artists translate these emerging influences into the latest cut and       of moods. New color-within-color blending techniques infuse
styling techniques. Imagine your new look. Join us for this day of       dimension, and diffuse hues. The moment exudes pure
hands-on inspiration.                                                    confidence and excitement
Sun, Mar 20 10AM - 4PM Union             MAT 20 0320UN          $80.00
                                                                         Mon, May 2     10AM - 4PM Orange, CT           MAT 20 0502OR      $125.00
Mon, Mar 21 10AM - 4PM Atlantic City, NJ MAT 20 0321NJ          $80.00

Creating beautiful blondes has ever been easier. From rich
mocha & café latte to icy white – Matrix has the tools to unleash
your creativity. Join us as we explore your blending options:                                                              (Rotation)
Sensational single process blondes; Dramatic double process
blondes; Dimensional blondes beyond belief.                              OP ART also known as OPTICAL ART. It is a method of painting
                                                                         creating an interaction between illusion and picture plane,
Mon, April 11 10AM - 3PM Orange, CT      MAT 20 0411OR          $75.00
Mon, May 16 10AM - 3PM Staten Island, NY MAT 20 0516SI          $75.00   between understanding and seeing. When the viewer looks at
Mon, May 23 10AM - 3PM Union             MAT 20 0523UN          $70.00   them, the impression is given of movement, hidden images,
                                                                         flashing and vibration, and patterns. A full day hands on
                                                                         experience of cut and color.
                                                                         Mon, May 9     10AM - 5PM      Union          LOG 20 0509UN       $125.00

                                                                                                                           – Henry David Thoreau
Discover the season’s hottest haircutting techniques and trends
with Paul Mitchell Senior Educator, Matt Beck. Get great business
building tips and excellent hair cutting skills. Experience how the
Paul Mitchell culture can take you to higher level of hairdressing.
Mon, Feb 7     10AM - 4PM Hamilton        PMS 20 0207HA       $100.00

Discover Paul Mitchell’s vision for long hair design from Paul
Mitchell Master Educator, Carla D’Amico Ford. Learn new, quick
and easy styling techniques best suited for long hair. Experience
a fresh approach to the business of long hair along with the
products that will bring you more success in the salon.
Mon, Mar 28    10AM - 4PM Union           PMS 20 0328UN       $125.00

Alchemy is an ancient tradition with mystic, transformative
powers. Our Paul Mitchell National Educators share with you a
collection that celebrates the evolving spirit of hairstyling. Be
inspired by innovative cuts, creative color and captivating styling
that can transform your craft and your salon.
Mon, April 4   10AM - 4PM Union           PMS 20 0404UN       $125.00

Not Just any cutting class! Tom Harris, Master Educator for Paul
Mitchell Systems will be sharing his most sought after concept
about what it takes to stay on top. This class will focus on 2011
hair trends for Paul Mitchell and will explore Tom’s proven
guideline for the successful stylist. This class is a must for any
stylist who is looking for exciting haircutting techniques, business
building ideas and pure motivation!
Mon, June 20 10AM - 4PM Union             PMS 20 0620UN       $100.00

                                                   – Oprah Winfrey
                                                                          PHOTO BY PAUL MITCHELL
                                                                                                      (Soak Off)
This collection will show how to utilize the new Sexy Hair
                                                                             The Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer System is the only gel featuring
haircutting techniques incorporated with the latest spring
                                                                             OPI’s iconic Nail Lacquer shades for color-finished salon mani’s
collection. This event is designed to be up close and personal with
                                                                             and pedi’s that last two weeks or more. Now you can take OPI’s
the Sexy Hair Artist, to get front row seats to see the application
                                                                             branding success to the bank with this innovative new salon
of how our haircutting principles will support longevity for the
                                                                             service! Learn: New gel color and nail strengthening services •
stylist’s long term career, while learning to style with ease and
                                                                             Quick color changes and removals • All-season pedicures.
much, much more…                                                             Mon, Jan 31 10AM - 2PM Union             OPI 20 0131UN    $40.00
Mon, Feb 7   10AM - 4PM           Ledgewood SXY 20 0207LW          $125.00   Mon, April 11 10AM - 2PM Belleville      OPI 20 0411BE    $40.00
Mon, June 13 10AM - 4PM           Orange, CT SXY 20 0613OR         $125.00

Sexy Hair introduces its first Men’s Haircut Collection, with three           Gels are the fastest growing salon service opportunity! Discover
versatile cuts that go from smooth to textured in seconds. The               how you can join the new gel generation with the OPI Axxium
short clipped classic has fun, sexy layers. Our longer medium cut            Gel System. Offering the finest gel workability and wear in the
plays between day and night looks. Our longest rebel look is the             industry, Axxium offers an uncomplicated approach with the ease
one who doesn’t play by the rules. Our men’s haircut collection is           of application and predictable results you’re looking for. Learn:
where Men can be Men.                                                        Natural-looking overlays • Pink and white sculpts • Flawless
Mon, Feb 28      10AM - 12PM      Bricktown        SXY 20 0228BR    $25.00   “French” free edges • Nail makeovers • Fast filing and finishing.
Mon, Mar 14      10AM - 12PM      Orange, CT       SXY 20 0314OR    $25.00   Mon, Feb 7    10AM - 2PM Orange, CT    OPI 20 0207OR      $40.00
Mon, Mar 28      10AM - 12PM      Saddle Brook     SXY 20 0328SB    $25.00   Mon, May 9    10AM - 2PM West New York OPI 20 0509WE      $40.00

Upstyling hair has never been made so easy, using our 5 point                This complimentary VIP presentation is exclusively designed as
upstyle system. We can save you time and help you make more                  a sneak preview for those who are interested in learning about
money using this easy system. Learn how to do three beautiful                Axxium Gel system and Axxium Soak -off Gel Lacquer...
up styles ranging from classic to bohemian chic. Come and join               Sun, Feb 20     10am – 2pm      Bricktown        COMPLIMENTARY
us and learn how to Rock your Upstyle!                                       Sun, Feb 20     10am – 2pm      Middletown, NY   COMPLIMENTARY
                                                                             Mon, Feb 21     10am – 2pm      Saddle Brook     COMPLIMENTARY
Mon, Mar 21    10AM - 12PM Ledgewood look/learn SXY 20 0321LW       $25.00
Mon, May 2     10AM - 4PM Union                 SXY 20 0502UN      $125.00
Mon, June 6    10AM - 4PM Union                 SXY 20 0606UN      $125.00

                                                                             Transform any manicure service into a soothing spa experience
                                                                             in four easy steps! Manicure by OPI exfoliates, revitalizes,
FUNdamentals of Sexy Hair Structure in Motion, this is the best              renews, and protects hands with results that are nothing
of everything Sexy Hair has to offer. You will learn haircutting in          short of sensational! Learn: The ultimate spa manicure • New
the most unique method and learn to deliver your client their                moneymaking products and services • The spa massage that
own look. Structure in Motion will preserve your body and extend             keeps clients coming back for more • Long-lasting, color-finished
your career. Open your mind and join the revolution of being                 manicures with the Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer System.
Courageous with the Best of Sexy Hair.                                       Mon, April 18 10AM - 2PM Oakhurst        OPI 20 0418OH    $60.00
Mon, April 4     10AM - 4PM       Hamilton         SXY 20 0404HA $100.00     Mon, May 9    10AM - 2PM Bricktown       OPI 20 0509BR    $60.00

Sexy Rocks the next level... will show how to best use Sexy Hair             Discover exciting new techniques that will unleash the artist in
haircutting technique Structure in Motion for every haircut. This            you while increasing profits with fun service add-on’s that add
2 hour event is designed to be up close and personal with each               up! Learn how to create the latest looks using OPI Nail Lacquer,
Sexy Hair Artists, to get front row seats to see the application             AbsoluteFX and the Axxium Soak-off Gel Lacquer System. If you
of how our haircutting principles will support longevity for the             can imagine it, you can create it with OPI! Learn: Principals of
stylist’s long term career. The Stylist will leave with how to cut           color and mixing • Fades, flowers, embellishments, and more! •
Sexy Hair latest collection, using the best products for this type           How to transform artistry into profits.
of desired look, how to style with ease.                                     Mon, Mar 21 10AM - 2PM West New York OPI 20 0321WE        $50.00
Mon, April 11 6PM - 9PM        Long Island, NY     SXY 20 0411NY     CALL    Mon, April 4 10AM - 2PM Orange, CT   OPI 20 0404OR        $50.00
Mon, May 16 6PM - 9PM          Atlantic City, NJ   SXY 20 0516NJ     CALL    Mon, June 27 10AM - 2PM Union        OPI 20 0627UN        $50.00
Mon, June 12 6PM - 9PM         Cromwell, CT        SXY 20 0613CT     CALL
This 7 hour hands-on class will guide you through all aspects
of ibd gel application. Gel overlays to strengthen natural nails,        Attend a Satin Smooth waxing class that will be all about facial
sculptured gel nails, tips and perfect pink and white gel nails are      waxing. Pot waxing will be demonstrated with our different
only a few of the latest techniques in gel applications taught at        designer waxes. Satin Smooth has the tools for customizing your
this class. Acrylic user, wrap users? No problem! Learn how to           waxing services. Learn how to choose the correct wax for skin
incorporate gel into your current system to increase your service        and hair type. Learn how to shape eyebrows – male & female.
menu. Troubleshooting techniques will help you create beautiful          Learn how to wax nose and ears with hard wax. Learn how to
gel nails.                                                               sell facial waxing services. Learn why a Client Record Card is
                                                                         important. This class will take your facial waxing services to the
Mon, Mar 28 10AM - 5PM       Bricktown     IBD 20 0328BR     $150.00
Mon, May 9 10AM - 5PM        Union         IBD 20 0509UN     $150.00
                                                                         next level by introducing you to new techniques. Please come
                                                                         with facial hair; as we will use attendees as models. By attending
                                                                         this class, you will receive a certificate of achievement from Satin
                                           .The Gelac Way By Ibd!        Smooth.
Join IBD, the leader in gel technology for over 25 years as we           Mon, May 23    10AM - 2PM      Bricktown    SAT 20 0523BR   $50.00
introduce you to the fabulous new hybrid technology where the
look of polish meets the wear of gel! This hands on class will
introduce you to the newest craze taking the industry – GELAC
from IBD! Gelac is a hybrid gel formulated to be applied like polish     Satin Smooth presents its cutting edge Male Waxing Techniques
and light cured to give your clients the perfect manicure which          at this class using their Italian waxes. You will see pot, hard and
lasts for weeks. Simple and easy to use and FAST to remove. Let          roll-on wax performing our male waxing services. This class will
IBD show you why gels and gel polishes are the products of the           take your waxing services to the next level. At this class you
future! (Class includes your take home kit).                             will learn: Why you need a hard and soft wax; Why you need
Mon, April 25 10AM - 1PM     Union         IBD 20 0425UN     $100.00     to customize your waxing services; Waxing inside the nose and
Mon, June 20 10AM - 1PM      Bricktown     IBD 20 0620BR     $100.00     ears; Chest and Back waxing made easy. At this class you will
                                                                         received a Waxing Certificate.
                                                                         Mon, April 4   10AM - 2PM       Union       SAT 20 0404UN   $50.00

                                                                         Attend a Satin Smooth full body waxing class that will be fun and
                                                                         educational. Pot waxing will be demonstrated with our different
                                                                         designer waxes. Satin Smooth is the leader in the industry about
Shellac delivers proven 14+ day wear with no chipping or                 customizing waxing services. This class will be about what you
scratching. Combine Shellac with a signature SpaManicurei” or            need to make yourself successful in the salon or spa. Learn how
SpaPedicure’” featuring extraordinary massage techniques and             to choose a wax for skin and hair type. Learn techniques that are
watch your profits go through the roof! (Literature pack provided).       comfortable for the customer. Learn how to market your waxing
Mon, Jan 24     10AM - 2PM    Staten Island, NY CRE 20 0124SI   $30.00   services. Learn how to use a client record card. Bikini waxing
Mon, Mar 28     10AM - 2PM    Union             CRE 20 0328UN   $30.00   will be shown if we have a model. No Brazilian waxing will be
Mon, April 4    10AM - 2PM    W. New York       CRE 20 0404WE   $30.00   shown at this class. Please come with hair on your body as we
Mon, April 25   10AM - 2PM    Bricktown         CRE 20 0425BR   $30.00
Mon, June 6     10AM - 2PM    Saddle Brook      CRE 20 0606SB   $30.00   will use models from the attendees. By attending this class; you
                                                                         will receive a certificate of achievement.
                                                                         Mon, June 13 10AM - 2PM         Bricktown   SAT 20 0613BR   $50.00

                                                                                  – Albert Einstein
Expand your service menu with waxing services for the arms,
legs, back and full body. These services allow you to service a       Learn about factors influencing visible aging of the skin and
whole new realm of the market. Simple Speed Waxing Techniques         professional solutions. Workshop on Repechage Four Layer
for covering large areas and sanitation will be focused on in this    Facial and Vita Cura Five Phase Firming Facial with Micropeel.
workshop.                                                             Fee: $140 Includes lunch and all workshop products/$35Non-
Mon, Mar 7   10AM - 2PM Parsippany        GIG 20 0307PA     $50.00    refundable registration fee.
                                                                      Mon, Feb 28 & Tues, Mar 1   9:30AM - 5PM Secaucus 1-800-248-7546
                                                                      $35 / workshop kit $140

Learn the ins and outs of facial waxing with GiGi Pot Wax. Our
history as the leader in Professional Waxing Products around the
world with unprecedented education substantiates our integrity in     Skin does not end at the neck! Learn about award winning
the market. Our education is sure to enlighten you into alternative   treatments and products. Create a spa experience from head
ADD-ON services that you can incorporate into your salon menu         to toe. Workshop on Sea Escape Stone Therapy, Peppermint
to assure you of increased income for years to come.                  SeaTwist, Sea of Cortez, Body Scrubs and wraps. Fee: $140
Mon, May 2   10AM - 2PM West New York     GIG 20 0502WE     $50.00    Includes lunch and all workshop products and $35 Non-
                                                                      refundable registration fee.
                                                                      Mon, Apr 11 & Tues, Apr 12 9:30AM - 5PM Secaucus 1-800-248-7546
                                                                      $35 / workshop kit $140

                                                                      Learn all about Repechage Facial treatments and products.
                                                                      Workshop on Facial Bar, Anti Aging and Anti-Acne Treatments.
                                                                      Master treatments for every skin type and age group. Fee:
                                                                      $199 Includes lunch and all workshop products and a $35 Non-
                                                                      refundable registration fee.
                                                                      Mon, May 16 - Wed, May 18 9:30AM - 5PM Secaucus 1-800-248-7546
                                                                      $35 / workshop kit $199

                                                                      Learn facial analysis, skin histology, electrotherapy and massage
                                                                      techniques. Plus treatments to help reduce skin sensitivity, post
                                                                      peel-care to calm & soothe. Hands on workshop on European
                                                                      Facial with Seaweed Mask & extraction techniques. Fee: $140
                                                                      Includes lunch and all workshop products/$35 Non-refundable
                                                                      registration fee.
                                                                      Mon, Jun 13 & Tues, Jun 14 9:30AM - 5PM Secaucus 1-800-248-7546
                                                                      $35 / workshop kit $140

                                                                      This class is for students who are already familiar with Repechage
                                                                      treatments and products. Advanced training for professionals
                                                                      wanting the next level of knowledge. Fee: $199 Includes lunch
                                                                      and all workshop products and $35 Non-refundable registration
                                                                      Mon, Aug 2 - Wed, Aug 4     9:30AM - 5PM Secaucus 1-800-248-7546
                                                                      $35 / workshop kit $199
   2011 CALENDAR                 AMERICAN                     21                  20          PAUL                 K3 KERATIN         BOSLEY                 JUNE               20 and 21
                                 CREW                                                         MITCHELL             FACTOR             AFFILIATE
                                 NEW FOLK              COPPOLA              MATRIX            ALCHEMY              CERTIFICATION      TRAINING                   6             ACCADEMIA
                                 COLLECTION            CERTIFICATION        Design Pulse      COLLECTION:                                                                      CREATIVE
                                                                            Cutting with                                 19                 10           SEXY HAIR             CONNECTIONS
                                                       OPI                                    CUT AND COLOR                                              ROCK UP YOUR
                                 PAUL BROWN                                 Global Designer
                                 HAPUNA KERATIN        VIP PRESENTATION     Daniel Roldan     SEXY HAIR            ACCADEMIA          ACCADEMIA          STYLE                       27
                                                       (AXXIUM & SOAK                         BEST OF SEXY         LONG HAIR DRESS    INTERMEDIATE

                                 K3 KERATIN            OFF)                        21                              ADVANCED           CUTTING            L’OREAL               OPI
                                 FACTOR                                                       CREATIVE                                                   ABSOLUTE COLOR        ART EXPRESS
                                 CERTIFICATION                22            L’OREAL           NAIL DESIGN                25                 16           part 1
                                                                            UP HAIR                                                                                            ACCADEMIA
                                                       ACCADEMIA                              “KNEADING            MATRIX             AMERICAN           FRAMESI               CREATIVE COLOR
                                 FEBRUARY                                                     PROFITS?
                                                       MENS FASHION         JOICO                                  WONDER BROWN       CREW               DISCOVER ITALIAN
                                         1                                  FOILED AGAIN      SHELLAC” BRINGS                         THE CLIPPER        STYLE                 L’OREAL
                                                              28                              THEM BACK!           IBD                COURSE                                   ABSOLUTE COLOR
                                 ACCADEMIA                                  PAUL BROWN                             PERFECT POLISH                        CREATIVE              part 2
                                 INTERMEDIATE          L’OREAL              HAPUNA KERATIN    OPI                  AND MORE….THE      PAUL BROWN         NAIL DESIGN
                                 CUTTING               COLLECTION                             ART EXPRESS          GELAC WAY          HAPUNA KERATIN     “KNEADING             L’OREAL
                                                                            SEXY HAIR                                                                    PROFITS?              INOA
                                         7             L’OREAL              ROCK UP YOUR        4 and 5            CREATIVE           ISO                                      CERTIFICATION
                                                       Maximize Your                                                                                     SHELLAC” BRINGS
                                                                            STYLE (look &     ACCADEMIA            NAIL DESIGN        ICOLOR             THEM BACK!
                                 ACCADEMIA             Success With INOA    learn)                                 “KNEADING          CORRECTIVE                               JOICO
                                 INTERMEDIATE                                                 CORE FUSION                                                                      COMMON SENSE
                                                       FRAMESI                                                     PROFITS?           COLOR              K3 KERATIN
                                 CUTTING                                    OPI                      11            SHELLAC”                              FACTOR                COLORING
                                                       DISCOVER ITALIAN     ART EXPRESS                                               BOSLEY
                                 L’OREAL               STYLE                                                       BRINGS THEM                           CERTIFICATION         FRAMESI
                                                                                              ACCADEMIA            BACK!              PRO BUSINESS
                                 INOA                                       ACCADEMIA         LONG HAIR DRESS                         EVENT              FAROUK                RED-VOLUTION
 JANUARY                         CERTIFICATION         SEXY HAIR            MENS FASHION
                                                       MENS                                   FOUNDATION           COPPOLA                               LIGHTENING                  28
                                                                                                                   CERTIFICATION      MATRIX             TECHNIQUES w/
   17 & 18                       FRAMESI               COLLECTION LOOK      REPECHAGE         L’OREAL                                 THE BLONDING
                                 RED-VOLUTIONS         & LEARN              3 Day Facial                                                                 INFRAHILIFT           ACCADEMIA
ACCADEMIA                                                                                     MAXIMIZE YOUR             MAY           EXPERIENCE                               ADVANCED PLUS
                                                                            Academy           SUCCESS                                                    SEXY HAIR
CREATIVE                         SEXY HAIR             BOSLEY                                                                         FRAMESI                                  CUTTING
CONNECTIONS                                                                 MATRIX            WITH INOA                   2                              SEXY ROCKS
                                 SPRING                AFFILIATE                                                                      RED-VOLUTIONS
                                 COLLECTION            CERTIFICATION        Design Pulse                           SEXY HAIR                                                    AUGUST
           24                                                                                 COPPOLA                                                           13
                                                                            Cutting with                           ROCK UP YOUR       MATRIX
                                 PAUL                  K3 KERATIN                             CERTIFICATION                                                                        2–4
AMERICAN                                                                    Global Designer                        STYLE              WONDERBROWN        COPPOLA
                                 MITCHELL              FACTOR               Daniel Roldan     JOICO                                                      CERTIFICATION         REPECHAGE
CREW                             CUT COLLECTION        CERTIFICATION                                                                  ACCADEMIA
                                                                                              RECONSTRUCTIVE       ACCADEMIA                                                   Advanced 3 Day
NEW FOLK                                                                          22                                                  MENS FASHION       WAHL
                                                                                              VAPOR STYLING        ADVANCED                                                    Academy
COLLECTION                       OPI                   MATRIX                                                                                            UNISEX CLIPPER
                                 GENERATION GEL        WONDER BROWN         ACCADEMIA         FRAMESI                                 REPECHAGE
ACCADEMIA                                                                                                                                                CUTTING
                                                                            ADVANCED PLUS     RESHAPE &            JOICO              3 Day Facial
MENS FASHION                             8             REPECHAGE            CUTTING                                FOILED AGAIN       Academy            SATIN
                                                       Feb. 28 & March 1                      REFORM
COPPOLA                          ACCADEMIA                                                    (in store                                                  SMOOTH
                                                       2-Day Anti-Aging           28                               MATRIX             SEXY HAIR
CERTIFICATION                    CREATIVE COLOR                                               presentation)                                              ART OF WAXING
                                                       Academy                                                     DESIGN PULSE       SEXY ROCKS
                                                                            PAUL                                                                         102
FAROUK                                  14                                                    OPI                  CUTTING
                                                         MARCH              MITCHELL                                                        17           FRAMESI
CUTTING WITH                                                                                  POLISHED
                                 WAHL                                       COLLECTION LONG                        FRAMESI                               DISCOVER ITALIAN
CLIPPERS                                                      14                              PROFITS (soak off)                      ACCADEMIA
                                 UNISEX CLIPPER                             HAIR                                   HILITING TOOLS &                      STYLE
CREATIVE                         CUTTING               FAROUK                                 MATRIX               TECHNIQUES
                                                                            CREATIVE                                                  CUTTING            SEXY HAIR
NAIL DESIGN                                            UP STYLING                             THE BLONDING
                                 ACCADEMIA                                  NAIL                                   GIGI                                  SPRING
“KNEADING                                              w/ROYAL              DESIGN            EXPERIENCE           FACIAL WAXING            23
PROFITS?                         PROGRESSIVE           TREATMENT                                                                                         COLLECTION
                                 CUTTING                                    “KNEADING         REPECHAGE                               JOICO
SHELLAC” BRINGS                                                                                                    MATRIX                                REPECHAGE
                                                       JOICO                PROFITS?          2-DAY BODY CARE                         RECONSTRUCTIVE
THEM BACK!                       COPPOLA                                                                           PURE ALERT                            2-Day European
                                                       COMMON SENSE         SHELLAC”          ACADEMY                                 VAPOR STYLING
JOICO                            CERTIFICATION         COLORING             BRINGS THEM                                   3                              Facial Academy
COMMON SENSE                                                                BACK!             SEXY HAIR                               ACCADEMIA
                                 L’OREAL               COPPOLA                                SEXY ROCKS           ACCADEMIA          ADVANCED PLUS             14
COLORING                         INOA                  CERTIFICATION        COPPOLA                                FOUNDATION         CUTTING
                                 CERTIFICATION                              CERTIFICATION            12                                                  ACCADEMIA
           25                                                                                                      CUTTING                               ADVANCED
                                                       OPI                                                                            MATRIX
ACCADEMIA                        K3 KERATIN                                 IBD               ACCADEMIA                               THE BLONDING       CUTTING
                                                       AMAZING MANI                                                       9
FOUNDATION                       FACTOR                                     GELS NAILS        CREATIVE COLOR                          EXPERIENCE
                                 CERTIFICATION         GIGI                 MASTER CLASS                           LOGICS                                       20
CUTTING                                                                                              18
                                                       BODY WAXING                                                 OP ART CUTTING &   SATIN
                                 ISO                                        SEXY HAIR                                                                    PAUL
           31                                                                                 FRAMESI              COLOR (rotation)   SMOOTH
                                 iLUMINATE             BOSLEY               MENS                                                                         MITCHELL
                                                                                              ITALIAN STYLE                           ART OF WAXING
ACCADEMIA                        EXPERIENCE            AFFILIATE            COLLECTION LOOK                                                              ART OF CUTTING
                                                                                              EVENING HAIR         IBD                101
FOUNDATION                       spanish               CERTIFICATION        & LEARN                                GELS NAILS                            L’OREAL
CUTTING                                                                                       MATRIX                                  L’OREAL
                                 FRAMESI               FRAMESI              L’OREAL                                MASTER CLASS                          MAXIMIZE YOUR
                                                                                              SUMMIT SALON                            INOA
OPI                              HILITING TOOLS &      HILITING TOOLS &     MENS CUTTING                                                                 SUCCESS WITH
                                                                                              RAINMAKER            COPPOLA            CERTIFICATION
POLISHED                         TECHNIQUES (in        TECHNIQUES (in                                                                                    INOA
PROFITS (soak off)               store presentation)   store presentation   AMERICAN          EVENT (Presented     CERTIFICATION
                                                                            CREW              by Summit Salon                                            FRAMESI
                                                       SPANISH)                                                    JOICO              COPPOLA            HILITING TOOLS &
MATRIX                                  15                                  INFORMANT         Business Center)
CRAFT CUTTING                                                                                                      COMMON SENSE       CERTIFICATION      TECHNIQUES (in
                                                              15                              OPI                  COLORING                              store presentation)
FAROUK                                                                          APRIL         AMAZING MANI
                                 PROGRESSIVE           ACCADEMIA                                                   OPI                                   IBD
CUTTING W/                                                                                                                            FRAMESI
                                 CUTTING               ADVANCED                    4          L’OREAL              GENERATION GEL                        PERFECT POLISH
CLIPPERS                                                                                                                              DISCOVER ITALIAN
                                                       CUTTING                                INOA                                    STYLE              AND MORE….THE
L’OREAL                                 20                                  SATIN             CERTIFICATION        ACCADEMIA                             GELAC WAY
INOA                                                                        SMOOTH                                 PROGRESSIVE              24
CERTIFICATION                    OPI                                        MALE GROOMING                          CUTTING                               COPPOLA
                                 VIP PRESENTATION                                             COPPOLA                                                    CERTIFICATION (in
                                 (AXXIUM & SOAK                                               CERTIFICATION        OPI                                   SPANISH)
                                                                                                                                      MENS FASHION
                                 OFF)                                                                              AMAZING MANI
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your 3rd course free when booking 2 courses.
                                                                        must be booked through our School Division.
Must be the same participant, third course must be
                                                                        Contact 1-800-0405 EXT 2133.
of equal or lesser value of course 1 & 2.
                                                                        For class cancellations due to inclement
*Does not include:
Repechage                                                               weather please call: 1-800-624-0405 EXT
Coppola certification                                                    2522.
K3 Keratin Factor certification                                          SEATING IS LIMITED
INOA certification
                                                                        To ensure that all participants receive appropriate
Accademia 2-day classes
And any educational events & shows.                                     attention.
                                                                        FULL-DAY PROGRAMS INCLUDE:
Career Map                                                              Products, Lunch and Mannequin.
                                                                        ALL ATTENDEES ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE:
                                                                        Open Eyes – Open Ears – Open Minds
Course 1                                                                Contact the education department today to
                                                                        Book your Career Mapping
                                                                        1-800-624-0405 EXT 2113
Course 2
                                                                        Event Management:
Course 3                                                                Grisel Garcia
                                                                        Class Coordinator
                                                                        Derrick De Candia

Store &
Event Locations
Belleville, NJ 07109            Marlboro, NJ 07726              Park Ridge, NJ 07656          Union, NJ 07083
351 Franklin Avenue             372 Route 9 North Store J       168 Kinderkamack Road         1100 Morris Avenue
Belleville Plaza                Exclusive Plaza                 Park Ridge Shopping Center    908-687-2752
973-759-4956                    732-536-5745                    201-573-1122                  West New York, NJ 07093
Bricktown, NJ 08723             Middletown, NY 10940            Parsippany, NJ 07054          4914 JF Kennedy Boulevard
990 Cedar Bridge Avenue         Walkill Town Center             752 Route 46 West             Taffaro Plaza
Town Hall Shoppes               495 Schutt Rd.                  Arlington Plaza               201-865-3150
732-477-8881                    Middletown, NY                  973-299-0711                  Repechage Headquarters
Edison, NJ 08817                845-342-1814                    Raritan, NJ 08869             300 Castle Road
1795 Route 27                   Oakhurst, NJ 07755              170 Orlando Drive             Secaucus, NJ 07094
Roma Plaza                      2005 Route 35                   Raritan Mall                  201-549-4200
732-985-2910                    Towne Shopping Center           908-429-4280                  New Jersey Convention & Expo Center
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690       732-517-8822                    Saddle Brook, NJ 07663        97 Sunfield Avenue
950 Route 33                    Orange, CT 06477                487 Market Street             Raritan Center
Century Plaza                   Orange Promenade                The Market Place of           Edison, NJ 08837
609-584-9595                    Shopping Center                 Saddle Brook
Ledgewood, NJ 07852             102 Boston Post Rd. (Route 1)   201-368-2014
1070 US Highway 46              203-795-5600                    Staten Island, NY 10305
Morris Canal Plaza                                              1300 Hylan Boulevard
973-584-3600                                                    718-351-8000

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