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					                              ANDREW KANE BOTT
           Los Angeles, CA 90068  (831) 809-3028 

September 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I would very much appreciate an opportunity to meet you in person and explain exactly
how I can be a tremendous asset to T3 Motion.

I have been working at Telefund, Inc. for 3 years, where I began employment as a sales
representative and was rapidly promoted to Assistant Call Center Director. Telefund is a
fundraising firm for political, non-profit and environmental groups. My experience as a
trainer and manager of up to 100 employees has provided me with an excellent ability to
multi-task during high-pressure situations. Now, after much consideration, I have decided
to move into the clean transportation industry, which is my passion.

Beyond employment history, my political and personal goals are exactly aligned with the
way T3 Motion effects change. The idea of motivating customers into action in times of
great environmental need, by providing the best transportation products and service, is
exactly the kind of organization I want to be a part of and the best place to benefit from
my stimulation.

Regardless of the role I played at Telefund Inc., or the role I would serve at T3 Motion, I
would bring to the table the necessary enthusiasm and thoughtfulness that will facilitate
success. Even if you are currently staffed in the departments I would be qualified for, I
would still like the opportunity to convince you that I am someone you want on your

I look forward to being involved with T3 Motion for a long time. And I hope you will
give me the chance to thrive within your organization. It would be a pleasure to interview
with you.

Thank you!

Andrew Kane Bott
                          ANDREW KANE BOTT
       Los Angeles, CA 90068  (831) 809-3028 

                              JOB OBJECTIVE
    Assist T3 Motion in becoming the leading brand of advanced technology vehicles.

    Over 2 years management experience emphasizing a collaborative style and
     positive, productive work environment.
    Proficient at developing relationships to further the organization’s ability to
     meet and exceed goals.
    Skill set that ranges from analytical to creative to motivational.

    Results-oriented. I relish the challenge of exceeding my own best performance
     and bringing out the best in co-workers and myself.
    An outgoing and direct personality. I don’t waste time, but like a good work
     environment. Positivity is important to me.
    I enjoy using my mind to its fullest. The process of figuring out how grow as a
     person, perform better as an employee and teach better as a supervisor brings
     me great satisfaction.

                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
    Worked with an experienced team to balance the workload of a 48-workstation
     call-center to meet or exceed all clients’ expectations while simultaneously
     maximizing profitability for Telefund, Inc.
    Supervised staff involving training, work flow, quality control, conflict
     resolution and performance. Helped experienced employees achieve goals for
     greater success.
    Facilitated successful completion of every step of campaigns from start to
    Screened job candidates and groomed employees for higher positions within the
    Experienced a fast-paced, competitive business environment where multitasking
     was necessary on a daily basis and flexibility was a requirement.

    Promoted to Assistant Director position under Senior Call Center Director at
     Telefund, Inc. Los Angeles. Excelled in this fast-paced environment.
    Promoted to Assistant Director at Telefund, Inc. Santa Barbara.
                                     WORK HISTORY

2010                         TELEFUND, Los Angeles, CA
May-Oct                      Assistant Call Center Director

Feb 2009- May 2010           TELEFUND, Santa Barbara, CA
                             Assistant Call Center Director

May 2008- Feb 2009           TELEFUND, Santa Barbara, CA
                             Caller, Trainer, Floor Supervisor with a progressive
                             fund-raising firm for political and non-profit groups.

2008                         UNIVERSITY MOVERS, Santa Barbara, CA
Feb-March                    Mover

2007                         ENVIRONMENT CALIFORNIA, Santa Barbara, CA
May-July                     Canvasser

2006-07                      HAGEN ART HANDLING, New York, New York
                             Art Mover

2004-2008                    Attended SBCC, online and in person, Santa Barbara, CA
                             College Student

References available upon request.

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