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					                           Extension News
  Fall 2002
                      Letter from the chair
IFT Extension         --Les Bourquin
and Outreach          As we approach the end of 2002, the importance of our role in food,
   Division           food safety and nutrition Extension and Outreach has never been
                      clearer. It is also apparent that ongoing and emerging issues are
 Newsletter           stretching each of our abilities to address the needs of clientele.
                      Simultaneously, many of our organizations are facing fiscal pressures
                      and likely budget reductions. Each of these factors undoubtedly will
                      increase our need to seek collaborative approaches to address our
                      Extension and Outreach missions.

                      I encourage you to consider the Extension and Outreach Division as a
                      key resource you can use to network with your peers at other
                      institutions. The Division provides many opportunities for collaboration
                      – direct interactions at meetings and the Division listserv to name a few.
 Letter from the
                      During our annual business meeting in June, we discussed potential
                      approaches the Division could employ to become more valuable to our
 ... Because we       membership. I would encourage each of you to provide additional input
 are one of the       on methods we can use to enhance the Division’s ability to serve our
 smaller Divisions
 of IFT, the active
 participation of
 our members is       Because we are one of the smaller Divisions of IFT, the active
 crucial...           participation of our members is crucial. There are several ways that you
                      can assist the Division:
                         • Encourage colleagues to join and participate in the Extension
                              and Outreach Division.
                         • Present your research, educational or outreach activities at the
                              IFT annual meeting. The submission deadline for technical
                              papers and poster is December 2nd.
                         • Run for a Division office or volunteer to assist with symposia
                              planning or other Division activities.

                      I look forward to working with you during the next year. If you have any
                      comments or suggestions on Division activities, please feel free to
                      contact me or any of the other officers.
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                        Call for 2003 IFT Achievement Awards and Fellow
                        The Institute of Food Technologists Awards Committee is accepting nominations
                        for the 2003 Awards Program. Instructions and a nomination form for the awards
                        can be found on the IFT web site at
                        Deadline for receipt of nominations is December 1, 2002.

                        Please give serious thought to nominating a colleague, friend, mentor, or
                        organization that you feel deserves recognition. Think of our Division members,
                        your co-workers or someone whose history of accomplishments has helped you
                        in your position. Take the time to read the purpose and qualifications for each of
                        the IFT Achievement Awards and think about who deserves these honors.

                        An IFT Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred on individuals who
                        have been IFT Members for 15 years and who is a Professional Member at the
                        time of nomination. Deadline for receipt of these nominations is February 1,
                        2003; you have a little more time to consider these nominations. Fellow
                        nomination forms and instructions are on the IFT web site at
   Read all about it!
                        If you need additional help or clarification after reviewing the website, you may also contact Patti
                        Pagliuco, Awards Manager, at the IFT office via Email (, or by phone 1-800-IFT-

                        Consumers improve food handling practices
                        ORLANDO, Sept. 19, 2002—Consumers continue to improve their food safety
  Sugar replacers       practices, according to research findings released by the Food and Drug
(Food Tech. Vol 56.)    Administration of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food Safety
                        and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture at the National
                        Conference for Food Safety Educators. For more information, see the FSIS Press
                        To read a recap of the Orlando, FL - National Conference for Food Safety Educators
                        Meeting see

                        Do Iron Pots Enrich the Foods Cooked in Them?
                        Cooking with iron pots may help prevent iron deficiency, according to a joint study
                        by Cornell University and Agricultural Research Service scientists. The study was
                        conducted at the ARS U.S. Plant, Soil and Nutrition Laboratory on Cornell's Ithaca,
                        N.Y., campus by graduate student Shumei Yun and epidemiologist Jean-Pierre
                        Habicht of the university's Division of Nutritional Sciences. They cooked three
                        Chinese cabbage dishes--fresh Chinese cabbage, fresh Chinese cabbage with
                        vinegar, and fermented Chinese cabbage (sauerkraut)--identically in iron and
                        aluminum pots, following a common recipe from northwest China. They concluded
                        that in each case, cabbage dishes cooked in iron pots had more available iron than
                        those cooked in aluminum ones. The complete story is here:
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Extension News from the States
Kansas State University                     North Dakota State University
Kansas State University has developed       We have just launched a new website with
a new program to expand foods and           links to resources and activities for
nutrition programming throughout            parents/caregivers, educators, teens and
Extension. The Master Food Volunteer        children. If you have additional ideas for
Program is patterned after the              links, please let me know. As with most
successful Master Gardener Program.         websites, it's a work in progress.
Participants will increase their  
knowledge of food safety, food science,     (click on Kids & Nutrition).
food preservation and food preparation.
                                                             --Julie Garden-Robinson
After receiving base training,
participants will pay back their training
time by serving as volunteers. They
                                            Penn State University
will provide knowledge and expertise to
others in their communities, improving      Penn State Cooperative Extension has
the safety of the food supply and           developed a table top display, two low
increasing the capacity of local            literacy brochures and a set of four fact
Extension offices to offer expanded         sheets about food irradiation. The fact
foods programming.                          sheets are organized around a public
                                            issues education model and stress
Potential Master Food Volunteers
                                            balance and perspectives about the issue
include a variety of individuals from the
                                            of safety. For information about sample
community. They are people who have
                                            copies or design of the display please
an interest in food and want to know
                                            contact Lynne Brown at
more about it, and who also have an
interest in people and a desire to share                              --Lynne Browne
their new expertise with others.
Volunteers will use research-based
information and resources,
communication, community-level
program delivery, leadership
development, and community
A pilot training program was conducted
in three Kansas counties from January-
March 2002. A total of 21 volunteers
were recruited for the 40-hour training.
Since then, they have accumulated
over 600 hours of volunteer time for
their respective counties.
Master Food Volunteer handbooks are
available for purchase. For more
information on how your state can
adopt the Master Food Volunteer
Program and to order handbooks,
contact Karen Penner at 785-532-1672
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                                     “Handwashing University” a Success!
                         In addition to the more than 500 acres of educational and commercial exhibits, tours
                         and machinery demonstrations, the Family Room at Penn State's Ag Progress Days
                         August 20-22, 2002 was the site of the popular “Handwashing University” Display.
                         This display was conceived by Extension faculty and staff in the Department of Food
DEC 3, 2002 is the       Science and designed to encourage proper handwashing for children and adults. This
deadline for Abstract    interactive “collegiate” display featured several stations for participants to view their
submission to the 2003   hands up-close as well as view germs on petri dishes. To demonstrate proper
IFT meeting in Chicago   handwashing technique, participants rubbed their hands with a lotion containing
                         fluorescent particles, viewed their hands under a black light, washed and viewed their
to be held July 12-16.
                         hands again to see how much of the fluorescent particles were removed. Upon
Abstracts may only be    completion of the display, participants received a “Handwashing University Graduate”
submitted online.        sticker, as well as a diploma adorned with their photo. It was estimated that over 2000
                         persons visited the display. Exit surveys of participants indicated that handwashing
                         behavior was changed for the better as a result of attending the display. If you are
                         interested in learning more about the display or sponsoring your own display, contact
                         Catherine Cutter, Dept. of Food Science at: 814-865-8862 or via email at:

                         (Left) The “Scope-on-a-Rope” apparatus provided participants with an up-close view
                         of their hands-dirty or clean! (Right) To demonstrate proper hand washing participants
                         rubbed a lotion with fluorescent particles over their hands, viewed the particles
                         through a blacklight…

                         (Left) ….washed and viewed their hands again under the black light to see if the
                         fluorescent particles were removed. (Right) Once participants completed the stations
                         in the display, they received a “Handwashing University” Diploma with their photo and
                         a bright orange sticker.
                       IFT Extension Division Officers
     Fall 2002         Chair                                           Chair-Elect
   IFT Extension       Les Bourquin                                    Douglas L. Holt
     Newsletter        Michigan State University                       University of Missouri
                       Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition         Chair - Food Science & State Extension Specialist for
                       139 GM Trout Bldg.                              Food Safety
                       East Lansing, MI 48824-1224                     122 Eckles Hall
Elizabeth L. Andress   Ph: 517-353-9664                                Columbia, MO 65211
                       Fax: 517-353-8963                               Ph: 573-882-4100
        and            E-mail:                  Fax: 573-882-0596
 Brian A. Nummer                                                       E-mail:

                       Past Chair
                       Fadi Aramouni                                   Secretary & Webmaster
208 HOKE SMITH ANNEX   Kansas State University                         Karen Blakeslee
  UNIV. OF GEORGIA     216D Call Hall                                  Kansas State University
   ATHENS, GA 30602    Manhattan, KS 66506                             Rapid Response Center
                       Ph: 785-532-1668                                222 Call Hall
                       Fax: 785-532-5681                               Manhattan, KS 66506
                       E-mail:                  Ph: 785-532-1673
EANDRESS@UGA.EDU                                                       Fax: 785-532-3295
BNUMMER@UGA.EDU                                                        E-mail:
                       Councilor (exp. 8/04)
     PHONE:            William B. Mikel                                TP Representative
                       University of Kentucky
  (706) 542-3773       Dept. of Animal Science                         Karen Penner
                       205 WP Garrigus Bldg.                           Kansas State University
                       Lexington, KY 40546                             216E Call Hall
       FAX:            Ph: 606-257-7550                                Manhattan, KS 66506
  (706) 542-1979       Fax: 606-257-5318                               Ph: 785-532-1672
                       E-mail:                       Fax: 785-532-5681

                       Members at Large (exp. 8/04)
                                                                       Members at Large (exp. 8/03)
                       Nancy C. Flores
                       New Mexico State University                     Anna Hood
 IFT EXTENSION         PO Box 30003 MSC 3AE                            Mississippi State University
     DIVISION          Las Cruces, NM 88003
                       Ph: 505-646-1179
                                                                       Food and Fiber Center
                                                                       Box 9642
 We’re on the Web!     Fax: 505-646-1889
                                                                       404 Bost Extension Building
                                                                       Mississippi State, MS 39762
                                                                       Ph: 662-325-2160
                                                                       Fax: 662-325-7844
                       Robert C. Pearl                                 E-mail:
                       University of California-Davis
                       1010 W. Eighth Street
                       Davis, CA 95616
                                                                       John Marcy
                       Ph: 530-756-4033                                University of Arkansas
                       E-mail:                     Dept. of Poultry Science
                                                                       0-203 POSC
                                                                       Fayetteville, AR 72701
                       Don Schaffner                                   Ph: 501-575-2211
                       Rutgers University                              Fax: 501-575-8775
                       65 Dudley Road                                  E-mail:
                       New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8520
                       Ph: 732-932-9611 ext. 214                       Juan Silva
                       Fax: 732-932-6776                               Mississippi State University
                       E-mail:             Dept. of Food Science & Technology
                                                                       Box 9805
                                                                       Mississippi State, MS 39762
                       Newsletter Editor                               Ph: 662-325-3200
                                                                       Fax: 662-325-8728
                       Elizabeth L. Andress                            E-mail:
                       The University of Georgia
                       Associate Professor and Extension Food Safety
                       Specialist                                      Newsletter Editor Assistant
                       208 Hoke Smith Annex
                       Athens, GA 30602-4356                           Brian A. Nummer
                       Ph: 706-542-3773                                The University of Georgia
                       Fax: 706-542-1979                               Project Coordinator
                       E-mail:                        National Center for Home Food Preservation
                                                                       FACS Extension
                                                                       328 Hoke Smith Annex
                                                                       Athens, GA 30602-4356
                                                                       Ph: 706-583-0345
                                                                       Fax: 706-583-0670

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