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The Hotel in Operations by lmhstrumpet


The articles are taken from CIA’s 50-year old professional journal, Studies in Intelligence, and from a new series of papers produced by the Sherman Kent School of Intelligence Analysis entitled Kent Center Occasional Papers. The archive includes over 600 of the unclassified and declassified articles that have been published in Studies and nine Occasional Papers. As resources permit, more articles will be included in later releases of this index/archive database. Intelligence trailblazer Sherman Kent—the ‘father’ of intelligence analysis in America—created Studies in 1955 as a journal for intelligence professionals. In the first article published in Studies, Kent called for the creation of a literature that would support the development of intelligence as a professional discipline. He said, “As long as this discipline lacks a literature, its method, its vocabulary, its body of doctrine, and even its fundamental theory run the risk of never reaching full maturity.” Kent believed that the most important service such a literature could perform would be to record and disseminate new ideas and experiences, and build toward a cumulative understanding of the profession. We trust that this reference tool will be a valuable resource for students, scholars, and practitioners alike as they contribute to the ongoing fulfillment of Sherman Kent’s vision of intelligence as a mature discipline, anchored in an expanding professional literature.

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