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                            Usa Green Card Lottery Offers 50,000 Places Enter Now

       By USAGC
       Dated: Oct 06, 2006

       Life changing opportunity to live, work or study in the USA legally, with 50,000 places up for grabs.

       GREEN CARD LOTTERY – Registration has started (04/10/06)

        THE USA is once again opening its doors to the Citizens of the World, with over 50,000 places on offer in
       the annual Green Card Lottery, which begins today.

        The USA Green Card lottery established in 1996 under the immigration act ( gives
       families and individuals from all over the world including the Third world and developing countries a once
       in a lifetime opportunity to live, work, or study in the USA as a permanent resident. Green Card holders
       also receive health, education, retirement, taxation, social security and other benefits.

        The journey begins with three quick registration questions which will confirm eligibility, this takes about
       10 minutes, and you must also be a native of a country that appears on the list of qualifying countries and
       must meet the minimum requirements concerning education or employment status. Then if the answer is
       YES you simply put your name down electronically and wait for the computer to draw your name.

        Some 30% of application forms never make it into the draw. Why? Because their application form wasn't
       completed correctly or they missed out vital information or they gave out wrong information. For example:
        What happens if I live in a different country than the one I was born in?
        No problem. The automatic application process will ascertain that, in such cases your application will be
       submitted correctly and you will not be disqualified. Had this information not been filled in correctly the
       application would have been disqualified.

        This is where services such as USAGC ( experts in Green Card registration perform such
       an important role in bringing people together. It is USAGC's responsibility to ensure that the application
       form submitted is 100% correct to avoid any possibilities of rejection.

        Individuals complete one application form electronically, however with a husband and wife they can
       complete an extra one under the spouse's name doubling their chances and including any children under 21
       on the application.

        Even people who live already in the USA can apply for this lottery providing they fulfill the criteria
       required and that includes those citizens who have already applied for a visa, they too can apply for the
       Green Card lottery.

        USAGC charges a fee for the application, (see website for charges but applicants are not
       allowed to pay extra to increase their chances in the lottery, everyone has a fair chance and no additional
       lottery payments are allowed.

       Those lucky enough to be chosen will also receive FREE airline tickets to the USA, but if your name
       wasn't drawn this time you can apply again through USAGC with double or multiple entries up to ten years.
       By introducing a friend or friends to USAGC you also receive an extra year's FREE application.

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So maybe it will be your turn next time.

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