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Graduate School
of Psychology
Yeshiva University
the lives of others
The psychologist respects the dignity
and worth of the individual, seeks to
increase knowledge of human behav-
ior, increases self-understanding and
understanding of others, and uses
such knowledge for the promotion
of human welfare. Psychologists
work in diverse fields such as mental
health and health care facilities or
private practice, but their common
approach to healing the human mind
stresses the integrity of the individ-
ual. From counseling school children
and addressing the needs of the
elderly, and from comforting victims
of trauma to helping individuals over-
come anxieties, psychologists seek
to soothe the ills of the mind. They
believe in the capacity of individuals,
couples, families, and society to
change for the better.

National research consistently ranks
psychology among the “best jobs for
the future,” including the specialty
areas of counseling, private-practice,
psychotherapy, family counseling,
school, behavioral medicine, and
                                             thousand degrees
gerontology. In addition, psychology      have been awarded since
as a career generates one of the             our doors opened
highest job satisfaction ratings of all

Psychology is a viable, resilient pro-
fession with abundant career options.
                         Yeshiva University
                         Yeshiva University’s consistent rank-
                         ing among the top 50 universities by
                         U.S. News & World Report reaffirms
                         a tradition of academic excellence
                         for YU students, faculty, and alumni.

9 0%
                         A visit to the Jack and Pearl Resnick
                         Campus, home of the Ferkauf
                         Graduate School of Psychology (FGS)
                         as well as Albert Einstein College of
     of students         Medicine, shows why. Students enjoy
                         a graduate study experience that
find employment before
                         inspires and prepares them for life.
      graduation         Ferkauf’s talented professors and
                         supportive academic environment
                         lay the foundation for one of the most
                         important lessons psychology students
                         will learn a commitment to the tradi-
                         tion and ethics of the profession.

                         Academic and professional advisors
                         work with Ferkauf students to apply
                         classroom learning to real-life experi-
                         ences in externship and internship
                         settings. In addition, graduates net-
                         work with more than 3,000 FGS
                         alumni, who are already working in
                         and contributing to the profession—
                         many in administrative positions
                         throughout the New York Metropolitan
                         area and the United States.
Welcome to Ferkauf
Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf Graduate
School of Psychology is your first step
toward changing your life…and the
lives of others.

Ferkauf is dedicated to education,
psychology clinical practice, and
research. The school offers four doc-
toral and one masters program for a
diverse group of students in an inti-
mate setting. Its nationally respected
educational program, dedicated facul-
ty, and international student body
have earned Ferkauf an outstanding

Among the hallmarks of the school’s
curriculum is its emphasis on devel-
oping skills in the preservation and
protection of fundamental human
rights. Both in and out of class,
students explore their own values          countries are
in relation to the moral and ethical     represented in our
foundations of psychology.                 student body
       or more of
our students place in APA
  approved internships

                            What makes Ferkauf different?
                            Outstanding Faculty
                            In classes and one-on-one consultations, students learn alongside Ferkauf scholars
                            and practitioners who are continually expanding their expertise through published
                            writings and practice. They advise, advocate, establish practices, receive federal
                            grants for research, and present papers at national and international conferences.

                            Externships in the first 3 to 4 years and a full-time internship in the final year
                            brings education alive. Ferkauf has links with the myriad of psychology agencies
                            in the New York metropolitan area and in students’ home communities. The school
                            matches you with a high-quality learning experience that meets your educational
                            goals and best promotes your professional development.

                            Students choose the individual instructor with whom they wish to conduct their
                            research project. A number of faculty also have ongoing established research projects
                            on which students can also chose to work; some are grant-funded. Students with
                            particular research interests not currently represented on the full time faculty are
                            supported in working with other part time or outside faculty.

                            Small classes foster an intimate learning environment in which students contribute
                            personal perspectives. The school pays personal attention to each student in one-
                            on-one meetings with faculty advisors, who supervise clinical training, monitor
                            classroom performance, and mentor dissertation and research projects.

                            Ferkauf attracts students from the US, Canada, Israel, and other countries. Students
                            represent diverse ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds, and bring experiences
                            from various generational perspectives and professions. Ferkauf prides itself on
                            diversity and the dynamic and enlightening debate it fosters.

                            New York City
                            New York City’s multifaceted environment enables students to hone their skills as
                            they expose themselves to human dilemmas and learn to address emerging social
                            problems. The mosaic of New York’s dense and ethnically diverse population
                            affords the opportunity to work with many different communities and advance the
                            goal of compassion and tolerance.
Degree programs at Ferkauf
Clinical Psychology PsyD Program
Ferkauf’s professional training in clinical psychology is accredited by the
American Psychological Association. The Clinical Psychology Program educates
students in the conceptual and empirical foundations of clinical psychology,
to enable them to become knowledgeable and thoughtful consumers of ongoing
research, and to train them intensively in assessment and therapeutic approach-
es. The doctoral program provides a broad spectrum of training experiences so
that graduates work within varied settings. Students embrace a curriculum that
integrates relevant research and the scientific foundations of psychology, applied
theories, field training and practical experiences, with a range of psychological

School-Clinical Child Psychology PsyD Program

This program is accredited by the American Psychological Association. The
program provides the students with the knowledge and skills to assume the role
of a school psychologist or a clinical child psychologist in diverse settings. The
full-time sequence of training offers four years of coursework, practica and field,
culminating in full-time internship in the fifth year. The program’s mission is to
provide doctoral-level training through an interdisciplinary model that concen-         of our students
trates on both school and clinical child psychology. Students are prepared to         receive some form of
deliver psychological and psycho-educational services to children, adolescents,
                                                                                          financial aid
and their families in urban and suburban schools, mental health settings, early
childhood centers, and other schooling environments.

Clinical Health Psychology PhD Program
This program trains psychologists in applied theory, knowledge and skills rele-
vant to physical health and health care systems. The program offers training
in basic and applied research, as well as clinical practice related to behavioral
factors in physical illnesses and health maintenance, in problems of health care
delivery, in the delivery and understanding of treatment, and in the impact of
community-based health care. An integral part of training involves clerkship
experience within hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and community
health centers.

Developmental Psychology PhD Program
This program prepares students to teach, conduct research, and do applied work
in developmental psychology in educational and agency settings. Students begin
research soon after entering the program and continue their research until grad-
uation. The framework for conducting research is provided by two credit-carrying
predoctoral courses and a sequence of non-credit doctoral dissertation courses.
Ferkauf and Einstein faculty or other qualified investigators supervise the research
(with the School’s approval). Students may obtain field experience by working in a
variety of program-approved academic and applied developmental settings.

Masters Degree Program in Applied Psychology
Designed to meet the changing needs of healthcare and social services, this 36-
credit graduate program offers theoretical and applied principles of psychology
with an applied specialization. Courses are taught by faculty who are recognized
experts in these fields. Field-study placements are in appropriate agency or
hospital settings. Qualified students receive special consideration for admission
to Ph.D. and Psy.D. specialty programs in Clinical, Developmental, Health, and
School Psychology.
  of our faculty
have post-doctoral
America’s Jewish University In Service to Humanity

      Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
            1300 Morris Park Avenue
           Bronx, New York 10461-1602
To Request an Application
Please mail back the tear-out card below or call (718) 430-3820 to receive
a catalog and an application to Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology’s
programs (also available at We invite you to
submit your application, and would be happy to answer any questions.

Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
Yeshiva University
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, New York 10461-1602

Graduate School
of Psychology
Yeshiva University



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