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             Academic Excellence
             in the Jesuit Tradition
                THE FCRH ISSUE:
                Academic Excellence
                in the Jesuit Tradition

            2   The Year Ahead | What to expect freshman year

            4   A Healing World | Service-learning in the classroom and beyond

            8   Preparing for Prestige | The Matteo Ricci Seminar

           10   Standing on the Shoulders of Giants | Undergraduate research opportunities

           12   The Big Apple Potential | Internships and more

           16   The World Is Our Campus | Studying abroad

FORDHAM    20   Moving On, Moving Up | FCRH seniors prepare for life after Fordham

NYC        26   Fordham College at Rose Hill Facts
                                                The Year                                                September:
                                                                                                        On day one, the president of the
                                                                                                        University and the deans of FCRH
                                                                                                        welcome freshmen into the
                                                                                                        Fordham community at Freshman
                                                                                                        Convocation. Students also
                                                 Making the transition to college                       meet with their faculty advisers
                                                 can be stressful. That’s why FCRH                      and Freshman Advising Student
                                                 offers programs to help you adjust                     Assistants (FASAs) and receive their
                                                                                                        academic course schedules. To
                                                 to life at Fordham. Here is a quick                    finish the day, students enjoy an
                                                 look at what you can expect during                     outdoor reception, mingling with
                                                 your freshman year.                                    professors and fellow freshmen.

                                                 October:                    Freshmen
                                                 meet regularly with their freshman
                                                 advisers and FASAs, who help them get                  November:                         Midterm grades are
                                                                                                        distributed to freshmen (and sent home to parents),
                                                 adjusted to academic life at the University.           and students discuss their academic progress with
                                                                                                        their advisers and FASAs. Also, the Career Center hosts
                                                                                                        special sessions on career opportunities for students.

                                                              Time for the first final exams
                                                              of college. In preparing for
                                                              final exams, students take                January:                     Freshmen
                                                                                                        meet with their faculty advisers to
                                                              advantage of various academic
                                                              support programs, including               discuss their academic progress during
                                                              departmental tutoring, the                the fall semester. Those students who
                                                              language lab and the Writing              earned a 3.6 GPA or higher are honored at
                                                              Center.                                   the Academic Achievement Reception.

                                       February:                      During Major Fair Week, the FCRH dean’s office sponsors a
                                       kickoff event about major selection, and career and pre-professional preparation. During
                                       the rest of the week, department and program representatives host open houses to educate
                                       students about their coursework and career opportunities.

                                                     March:                After students
                                                     take their midterm exams, they enjoy a
                                                                                                           April:            Time to think ahead and
                                                                                                           register for sophomore-year courses. Students
                                                     well-deserved, weeklong break before                  meet with their freshman advisers and FASAs
                                                     returning to their studies.                           to plan their schedules for next year.

                                                                          May:          By the time final exams roll
                                                                          around, freshmen are already pros at seeking out
                                                                          their professors for extra study help. First year is
                                                                          ending, and next up is sophomore year!

2 > F O R D H AM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE                                                                                             FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 3
                                      A Healing World                               From the
                                      moment an FCRH student steps outside campus, they
                                      immediately encounter some of the most diversified
                                      communities in the country. Our students and faculty
                                      don’t shy away from such challenges. Instead they relish
                                      the opportunity to serve the needy and underprivileged
                                      in New York City and beyond. Two students and a
                                      professor give us their perspectives on doing the world
                                      a world of good.

                                                      The Altruist
                                           “Service and advocacy help in preparing
                                           for the kind of situations where you have to
                                           listen to very moving stories from people,”
                                           says junior Hussein Safa, a biological sciences
                                           and history major. “That’s something that no
                                           textbook can ever teach you.”

                                           Safa, who was born in Denton, Texas, and
                                           grew up in Lebanon, wholeheartedly believes
                                           that anyone who wants to work in a health-
                                           related field needs to learn to interact with
                                           others on sometimes very personal levels.
                                           And that kind of education is usually found
                                           outside the classroom.

                                           In New York City there are many
                                           opportunities to serve the community, and
                                           FCRH students, like Safa, appreciate the
                                           possibilities. Safa, who plans to be a physician,
                                           volunteers at Bellevue Hospital and St.
                                           Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. “Working for
                                           and with others,” he says, “is a great way
                                           to reevaluate your own worldview as you
                                           navigate various ‘on the ground’ experiences
                                           that service opportunities offer.”

4 > F O R D HAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE                                                            FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 5
“I strongly believe that service work and advocacy                                      “Students not only understand the importance
... teach the timeless virtues of compassion and                                        and complexity of the issues we address in the
dedication, which ultimately result in a strong,                                        abstract, but also in the real, lived, lives of actual
ethical and moral character.”                                                           persons.”

                                The Philanthropist                                                                The Academic
            Melissa Buchan, a biological sciences major, is doing her part to               Charles Camosy, Ph.D., assistant professor of theology, teaches some
            make a difference in the world beyond New York City. In 2009, she               of the most sought-after courses at FCRH. In his most popular course,
            and two other FCRH students formed Operation Dreamcatchers,                     Moral Aspects of Medicine, undergraduates examine complex and
            a nonprofit organization that provides medical and health-related               controversial bioethical issues, such as abortion, euthanasia, stem cell
            supplies to underprivileged hospitals in third-world countries. “As             research, child autonomy, animal experimentation and distribution of
            three first-generation [American] children of immigrant parents, we             resources. The students and Camosy discuss the intricate subjects “in a
            have always been acutely aware of the struggles of underdeveloped               way that balances theory and practice,” he says.
            countries,” says Buchan, a native of Queens, N.Y. “We felt compelled
            to reach out and provide assistance to the less fortunate.”                     The course also integrates a service-learning component, giving
                                                                                            students the opportunity to put their in-class education to active
            Buchan and the other two founders of the nonprofit traveled to                  use. “They do everything from shadow physicians at New York
            Guyana, where, with the help of volunteers, they distributed bags of            Presbyterian Hospital, to doing homework with children at a pediatric
            hygienic supplies and equipment to more than 400 hospital patients              nursing home for kids with HIV/AIDS, to going on home visits with
            and to individuals at an orphanage and an elderly home.                         hospice social workers,” Camosy says.

            “Our ultimate goal is to deliver better care to the less fortunate,” says       The volunteer component brings the course full circle for students.
            Buchan, who plans to become a physician. “I strongly believe that               “Students not only understand the importance and complexity of the
            service work and advocacy will help me in achieving my career goals             issues we address in the abstract,” he says, “but also in the real, lived,
            because they teach the timeless virtues of compassion and dedication,           lives of actual persons.”
            which ultimately result in a strong, ethical and moral character.”

6 > F O R D HAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE                                                                                                                  FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 7
                                                                                      In 2010-2011, FCRH launched the          through their senior years—in order     an application and participate in
                                                                                      Matteo Ricci Seminar, a highly           to help prepare them for a variety      a group and individual interview
                            In 2009-2010, FCRH students won a total of                competitive, yearlong seminar            of competitive post-baccalaureate       process. Those students who are

                                                                                      designed to prepare the most             opportunities.                          ultimately invited to join the seminar
                                                                                      promising students to successfully                                               are enrolled in a one-credit, bi-weekly
                                                                                      compete for prestigious fellowships,     As such, our goal is to produce         seminar taught by the directors of the
                                                                                      like the Rhodes and Marshall             students who have a well-rounded        program during their sophomore year.
                                                                                      scholarships. Funded through the         appreciation of the many challenges     The seminar during the sophomore
                                                                                      generosity of alumni, the Matteo         that society faces and who are          year primarily focuses on personal
                                                                                      Ricci Seminar provides students          aware of the many gifts that they       development. During this time,
                                prestigious fellowships, including                    with one-on-one mentoring sessions       can contribute in addressing these      students choose a faculty mentor, and

                                      Fulbright fellowships,
                                                                                      with a faculty member and a
                                                                                      Fordham graduate plus regular
                                                                                      meetings with two of FCRH’s most
                                                                                      accomplished professors who also
                                                                                                                               challenges. Our mission is to prepare
                                                                                                                               them to be the leaders that they are
                                                                                                                               called to be.
                                                                                                                                                                       are assigned an alumni mentor with
                                                                                                                                                                       whom they meet regularly. During
                                                                                                                                                                       the junior year, students carry out a
                                                                                                                                                                       yearlong research project and present

                                                                                      serve as the program’s directors.        FCRH’s Matteo Ricci Seminar is a        it at the College’s Undergraduate
                                                                                      Patrick Hornbeck, D.Phil., assistant     rare, competitive and outstanding       Research Symposium. In their senior
                                                                                      professor of theology and medieval       opportunity. We accept about 15         year, Matteo Ricci scholars work
                                                                                      studies and co-director of the           students into the seminar each year     closely with the Campion Institute
                        National Science Foundation research awards,                  Matteo Ricci Seminar, talks about        in order to give them the specialized   for the Advancement of Intellectual

                                                                                      the program and how it benef its         attention that is required for such     Excellence to prepare applications for
                                                                                      FCRH students.                           focused preparation. We want            prestigious fellowships and other

                                 New York City Urban fellowships,
                                                                                      Preparing for Prestige
                                  Clare Booth Luce scholarships,                      In all, 58 current and former FCRH students applied for
               National Security Education Program Boren scholarship and
                                                                                      a total of 96 prestigious fellowships in 2009-2010.
                                                                                      In a desire to further strengthen        students who are interested in          post-baccalaureate opportunities.

                                                                                      Fordham University’s success for         understanding the root causes of        The seminar is unique in that it
                                                                                      preparing high-achieving students        social issues and who can respond       provides students with one-on-one
                                                                                      for prestigious fellowships, the dean    to new challenges—personal, social,     mentorship at several different levels.
                             Jack Kent Cooke graduate scholarship.                    of FCRH, Michael Latham, Ph.D., and      intellectual and academic—and relate    It also blends a general approach to
                                                                                      Mary Beth Combs, Ph.D., associate        to others in a collegial environment.   personal and professional preparation
                                                                                      professor of economics, and I had the    Students who are quick on their feet,   with a highly focused attention to

                                                                                      idea to develop a seminar, a central     who can be critical without being       detail. We are able to consider each
                                                                                      way to both identify students’ unique    combative.                              student’s interests, who they are and
                                                                                      abilities and guide them to use their                                            who they’re called to become. In this
                                                                                      abilities to work toward a more just     To participate in the seminar,          way we produce campus leaders who
                                                                                      society. A seminar that would bring      students are nominated by their         engage in a robust intellectual life
                                                                                      together a diverse but select group of   professors at the end of their first    and who are interested in engaging
    students were semi-f inalists and f inalists for other prestigious fellowships,   students with whom we would work         year at Fordham. Those who are          others on campus in interesting
                                                                                      regularly—from their sophomore           nominated are then invited to submit    conversations.
                   including Marshall and Gates Cambridge scholarships.
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Standing on
the Shoulders
of Giants

FCRH offers opportunities
for students to pursue
and disseminate research               “  What I love most about research is the fact
                                          that it is only limited by one’s imagination,
                                          and through conducting research, I have
                                          learned how to solve problems and how
                                                                                                    Joshua Sobrin, an FCRH honors student,

                                                                                                    worked with faculty mentor Martin Sanzari,
                                                                                                    Ph.D., assistant professor of physics, to
                                                                                                    study the effects of ultraviolet radiation on
                                                                                                                                                    I truly believe every student should
                                                                                                                                                    consider conducting research as an
                                                                                                                                                    undergraduate,” says Kevin Jordan. “If
                                                                                                                                                    you spend your entire life reading science

                                                                             ”                                                                                                        ”
                                          to apply the skills I have gained in the                  type-I bovine collagen molecules. Sobrin,       textbooks, all you have done is read the
through three distinct                    classroom to real-world situations,                       who plans to be an experimental physicist,      results of millions of experiments.
avenues: seven different                  says Stacey Barnaby.                                      won a National Science Foundation
types of grants; the                                                                                Research Experience for Undergraduates          Alongside his faculty mentor, Steven
                                          Stacey’s faculty mentor, Ipsita Banerjee,                 grant to study at the University of             Franks, Ph.D., assistant professor of
annual Undergraduate                      Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry,                  Minnesota in the summer before his              biological sciences, Jordan sought to
Research Symposium,                       guided her research project: devising                     senior year.                                    understand how climate change is affecting

                                          nanomaterials (which are any type of                                                                      the microevolution of flowering time in a
where students across the                 material that is manipulated at an atomic                 Although it is always possible for              mustard weed plant, Brassica rapa.
disciplines can present                   or molecular level) that will stimulate                   undergraduate science majors to read
their research findings; and              artificial bone growth in vitro. Barnaby                  popular literature or take courses relating     Jordan, who hopes to become a physician,
                                          received two grants from FCRH to support                  to their research interests,” Sobrin says,      is the founder and co-editor-in-chief of the
the Fordham Undergraduate                 her research. She published four articles,                “it is only through the experience of           Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal.
Research Journal, through                 presented her findings at eight professional              participating in an actual research project     The student-run journal features high
which students can                        conferences, and received three awards                    in their desired field that they can truly      quality, peer-reviewed, original research

                                          from professional associations. She plans to              evaluate whether the topic appeals to them      conducted by undergraduate students in
communicate the results                   become a professor of chemistry, following                or not.                                         the sciences, humanities and social sciences.
of their research to others.              in her mentor’s footsteps.                                                                                “Research is where the science actually
                                                                                                    Joshua Sobrin, Senior                           happens and where we discover new
Three students share their                Stacey Barnaby, Senior                                    Major: Physics and Religious Studies            knowledge,” says Jordan.
passions, experiences and                 Major: Chemistry                                          Hometown: Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
achievements with research                Hometown: Monroe, Conn.                                                                                   Kevin Jordan, Junior
                                                                                                                                                    Major: Biological Sciences
at FCRH.                                                                                                                                            Hometown: Shoreham, N.Y.

1 0 > F O R DHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE                                                                                                                              FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 11
                                                                                                                              Getting an internship in New York City can be
                                                                                                                              a competitive undertaking, but at Fordham we
                                      Internships are not only a meaningful and                                               provide more than 2,600 internship opportunities
                                      challenging part of the undergraduate                                                   with industry leaders in the city, out of the city
                                                                                                                              or on the other side of the globe.
                                      experience; they also can be critical to a
                                      student’s future career. In New York City,         In the spring of her sophomore year, Sarah Sullivan, now a junior, says she
                                      FCRH students have access to a wide range          “went into panic mode” when she saw her friends had internships lined
                                                                                         up for the summer, and she didn’t. “I had barely just decided my major,
                                      of internship opportunities. From working          never mind trying to get an internship which correlated to it.” A history
                                      on Wall Street to interning at the Brooklyn        and medieval studies major with a minor in Irish studies, Sullivan quickly
                                                                                         contacted the heads of the history and Irish studies departments, and as luck
                                      District Attorney’s off ice, our students do it    would have it, both offered her options, including one at the American Irish
                                      all. Three students share how they are taking      Historical Society (AIHS).

                                      advantage of the possibilities of New York City—   She applied for an internship at the society, got it and interned there for the
                                      and the chance to learn about a profession, a      summer and the fall semester. On her first day there, she immediately felt
                                                                                         at home. “I realized that I was not the only Ram there; the only other two
                                      neighborhood and a culture from the inside out.    interns were both Fordham students as well—one was from FCLC and the
                                                                                         other was an alumnus from FCRH, which was both comforting and exciting,”
                                                                                         says Sullivan, who is from the Bronx, N.Y.

                                                                                         At the AIHS, Sarah read and cataloged documents in the archives. She even
                                                                                         enjoyed a memorable moment at the society’s 113th Annual Dinner, where
                                                                                         she spoke with Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham University,
                                                                                         and actor Liam Neeson “about their observations of the Irish experience in
                                                                                         America,” she says.

                                                                                         “I think one of the most valuable lessons that I learned in my time interning
                                                                                         was that I definitely chose the right major.”

1 2 > F O R DHAM NYC: THE CBA ISSUE                                                                                                                        FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 13
                                       Andrew Craig, a sophomore English major, found his
                                       Allure magazine internship through a Fordham function.
                                       During a Career Services event sponsored by the Fashion
                                       for Philanthropy club, he met a recent Fordham College
                                       at Rose Hill alumna who had worked at Allure. “After
                                       exchanging e-mails,” says the Rochester, N.Y., native,       A junior art history and history major, Helena Guzik started
                                       “she offered to put me in contact with the director of the   interning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during her
                                       fashion closet.”                                             freshman year. “From week one it was fantastic,” she says. “I
                                                                                                    was put on substantive projects immediately.” She works in the
                                       At Allure, he works in the magazine’s fashion department     museum’s digital media department, updating and managing
                                       cataloging and organizing clothes from designers for         the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History and helping to produce
                                       photo shoots. In addition to sorting designer wear, Craig    the Met’s new interactive video lecture series, “Connections,”
                                       visits public relations firms and the Manhattan offices of   which features staff members offering their personal
                                       Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta         perspectives on works of art in the museum’s collection on a
                                       and others, to pick up items for use in the magazine.        wide range of subjects—from Hemingway to light.

                                       “I’m learning how the magazine publishing industry           Guzik, who is from Leesburg, Va., hopes to someday work
                                       operates in a hands-on way,” says Craig, who aspires         in an art museum, possibly as a curator, or perhaps become
                                       to be a style editor at GQ magazine, “specifically the       an academic. Her experience with the Met is putting her
                                       finer points of large-scale inventory management and         on the right career path. “Getting a diverse range of work
                                       interoffice communication.”                                  experiences in the art world was very important to me and
                                                                                                    has helped immensely in shaping my postgraduate plans and
                                                                                                    goals,” she says.

                                                                                                    Fordham College at Rose
                                                                                                    Hill’s reputation for
                                                                                                    academic achievement,
                                                                                                    its location in the capital
                                                                                                    of the world, its team of
                                                                                                    dedicated advisers and
                                                                                                    its strong alumni network
                                                                                                    all contribute to the
                                                                                                    success of our internship
                                                                                                    program—and the
                                                                                                    success of our students.

1 4 > F O R DHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE                                                                                                                                 FORDHAM NYC: THE CBA ISSUE > 15
                                        50 countries                                                                   Caroline
                                                                    El Salvador
                                                   six continents   and Denmark

                                                                                                                      England and

is Our
                                                                    Citizenship in the world is an essential part of Fordham’s Jesuit
                                                                    tradition. Approximately 30 percent of FCRH students choose to study
                                                                    abroad during their junior year. The University offers access to yearlong,

                                                                    semester-long and summer study abroad programs in more than 50
                                                                    countries, on six continents. From popular destinations like England
                                                                    and China to lesser-traveled ones like El Salvador and Denmark, FCRH
                                                                    students are going places. Caroline Hadley and Christopher Sprindis
                                                                    talk about their experiences studying abroad.

1 6 > F O R DHAM NYC: THE FCR H ISSUE                                                                                                       FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 17
                                                                              and respect

300 days of                              The                            The                             experiencing a new              The
sunshine a year                          Reason                         Education                       classroom setting               Outcome
                                         Caroline: I’ve been studying   Caroline: My favorite course                                    Caroline: Studying abroad
                                         French for the past eight      was French and North                                            gave me the opportunity           Caroline Hadley, Junior
                                         years and Arabic for the       African Cultural Patterns.                                      to enhance my language            Major: French Studies
  The                                    past two. Going to Marseille
                                         has been a dream of mine
                                                                        The course presented us
                                                                        the occasion to address          The                            skills and learn a great deal
                                                                                                                                        about the world and myself
                                                                                                                                                                          Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.

  Location                               since the age of 14, and I
                                         was presented with not only
                                                                        every aspect of the culture
                                                                        we were immersed in. It
                                                                                                         Experience                     that staying on campus
                                                                                                                                        can’t quite give you. I didn’t
                                                                                                                                                                          Chris Sprindis, Senior
  Caroline: Marseille, France.           the opportunity to live in     helped a great deal to move      Caroline: I spent 10 days      speak English for four            Major: Philosophy
  Marseille is France’s second           the famous port city, but to   from a place of frustration      living in Fès, Morocco, as     months!                           Hometown: New Milford, Conn.
  largest city and an ancient            participate in a French- and   that living abroad and the       part of the program’s North
  Phoenician colony. It is also                                                                          African/Arabic-language
                                                                                                                                        Chris: Experiencing a
                                         Arabic-language immersion      encounters one has can                                          new classroom setting at
  a port city located on the             program and study the city’s   sometimes create, to a place     curriculum. Walking
                                                                                                                                        St Andrews, with both
  Mediterranean, with more               unique cultural heritage.      of understanding                 through the souk of Fès,
                                                                                                                                        required lectures and
  than 300 days of sunshine a                                           and respect.                     arguably the most beautiful
                                         Chris: I chose to attend                                        in all of northern Africa,
                                                                                                                                        outside small group
                                         St Andrews because of its      Chris: I was both thrilled       was probably the most
                                                                                                                                        discussions, has allowed
  Chris: University of St                outstanding philosophy         and humbled to study                                            me to more easily adapt
  Andrews, Scotland, the                                                                                 meaningful experience I
                                         department and its location    philosophy at a school of                                       to whatever method of
  third oldest university in the                                                                         had there.
                                         in an English-speaking         long-standing academic                                          teaching a professor
  United Kingdom.                        country.                       prestige in the humanities.      Chris: I had the opportunity   chooses here at Fordham.           Most popular study abroad
                                                                        If I had to pick a favorite      to travel to lots of places    That, and the memories
                                                                        course, it would be              while I was studying           of all the places I saw, are
                                                                                                                                                                           destinations: Argentina, China,
                                                                        Aesthetics, which combined       abroad—both locally in         pretty handy at relieving          England, France, Ireland, Italy,
                                                                                                         Scotland and abroad to
                                                                        both my love of philosophy
                                                                                                         continental Europe. The
                                                                                                                                        the stress of school.              Russia, South Africa and Spain.
                                                                        and of art.
                                                                                                         most interesting place
                                outstanding philosophy                  Caroline: My                     I visited was the small
                                                                        Humanitarian Action
                                department                              and Nongovernmental
                                                                                                         island of Iona, where St.
                                                                                                                                                 The road less traveled: Austria,
                                                                                                         Colomba landed, founded a
                                                                        Organizations class professor                                            Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic,
                                                                                                         monastery and established
                                                                        flew down from Paris, where
                                                                                                         Christianity in Scotland.               Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt,
                                                                        she is currently one of the
                                                                                                         And I’ll never forget                   El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Japan,
                                                                        top jurists at Médecins du
                                                                                                         studying for exams on                   Scotland, Switzerland and Tunisia.
                                                                        Monde, every other week to
                                                                                                         the cliffs in St Andrews
                                                                        teach our course.
                                                                                                         overlooking the North Sea.

  1 8 > F O R DHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE                                                                                                                                    FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 19
                                        On,Pre-Health Professions and Pre-Law Advising are two
                                           of FCRH’s most popular programs, and our students
                                           excel in their professional preparation. Each year, our
                                           students’ medical school and law school acceptance
                                           rates consistently exceed the national average.

                                        Up The Pre-Law Advising Program at Fordham
                                           College at Rose Hill assists students in all
                                           majors who are interested in pursuing
                                           legal careers by preparing them for the
                                           LSAT, and by providing them with focused
                                           academic and career advising, access to
                                           internship and volunteer opportunities, as
                                           well as specialized extracurricular options.
                                           The University’s Pre-Law Society sponsors
                                           workshops and lectures on admission to
                                           law school, the law school experience and
                                           careers in law.

2 0 > F O R DHAM NYC: THE FCR H ISSUE                        FORDHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE > 21
For senior Sean McGonigle, Fordham’s
emphasis on cura personalis—care for the
whole person—has provided the right
foundation for a future career in law. “By
taking classes as part of a core curriculum
and interdisciplinary major, I have learned
to see and take different approaches to a
common problem,” says McGonigle, who is
majoring in American studies with a minor
in business. “Such a tool will certainly come
in handy when examining tough legal
questions not only in law school, but also
in life.”

McGonigle plans to attend Wake Forest
School of Law in the Fall. “I want to use
my education to help others,” he says.
                                                      he Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions
                                                      Advising Program claims a proud
                                                       history of guiding students into the
                                                       country’s finest medical, dental,
                                                       veterinary schools and other health-
                                                       related careers. The program assists
                                                       students by providing them with
                                                focused academic and career advising;
                                                advice on gaining clinical, research and
                                                volunteer experience; as well as specialized
                                                extracurricular and residential options.
                                                Resources in this program include a
                                                symposium specifically for freshmen; SILC
                                                (Science Integrated Learning Community),
                                                a living and learning community
                                                for freshman science and pre-health
                                                professions students; and the Laennec
                                                                                                  found the faculty in the Pre-Medical
                                                                                                  Program very supportive of its students.
                                                                                                  “Dean Heald and Dean Bata do a terrific
                                                                                                  job instructing pre-med students on what
                                                                                                  courses to take and when to take them in
                                                                                                  order to be ready for the MCAT and
                                                                                                  med-school applications,” Kimberly says.

                                                                                                  In addition to being actively involved in the
                                                                                                  program, April and Kimberly, both biological
                                                                                                  sciences majors, studied abroad. Through
                                                                                                  the University’s Campion Institute, they each
                                                                                                  earned DAAD RISE research internships
                                                                                                  to Germany for the summer before
                                                                                                  their junior years. They studied at the
                                                                                                  University of Bayreuth, Germany—April
                                                                                                  researched environmental geochemistry,
                                                Society, a student-run organization that          while Kimberly researched biogeography.
McGonigle, a member of Phi Beta Kappa,          promotes service, leadership and research.
the nation’s oldest academic honor society,                                                       “Fordham has a fantastic pre-medical
also served on the inaugural Freshman           Twin sisters April Barnum and Kimberly            program,” says Kimberly, a member of
Convocation Steering Committee, working         Barnum, from Cherry Hill, N.J., love              Phi Beta Kappa. “The Jesuit education
to successfully establish a new academic        science—and both are turning that love            has also helped to balance me out as
tradition at Fordham.                           into their future professions. In June,           a student. Taking core classes like              Medical school acceptances:
                                                the sisters will begin medical school at          philosophy, English and sociology, along         Albert Einstein, Columbia, NYU, Penn,
“As great an achievement as that was,           the University of Medicine and Dentistry          with all of my science classes, has definitely   Tufts, UMDNJ, USC, Weill Cornell
academics don’t tell the whole college          of New Jersey – School of Osteopathic             made me well rounded and ready to enter
story,” says the New Hyde Park, N.Y.,           Medicine.                                         the medical world.”                              Medical school (and doctoral-
native. “I will miss Fordham’s close-                                                                                                              level, health professional
knit sense of community. Whether it be          “I love the idea of employing science in          While education was essential to their           programs) acceptance rate:
professors who are willing to go out of         the medical world to make a difference in         Fordham experience, the sisters did balance      80 percent (2006-2011); compared to
their way to help their students, clubs         people’s lives,” says April. “It is the human     the books with some social time. “What           45 percent nationally
cooperating to sponsor programs, or             element of medicine that compels me to            amazes me about Fordham is that my
students attending each other’s events          pursue this vocation.”                            friends and I can take the Metro-North into      Law school acceptances:
on campus, there is a real sense of the                                                           Manhattan, have dinner in Times Square,”         Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Fordham,
importance of caring for one another that       “It is an incredible feeling when I think         Kimberly says, “and be back on campus with       Georgetown, Penn, University of Virginia,
truly makes Fordham a great place.”             that four years of hard work have paid off,”      enough time to fit in homework.”                 Villanova, Yale
                                                says Kimberly.
                                                                                                  “Fordham is my haven within the greatest         Law school acceptance rate:
                                                When the Barnums started at Fordham,              city in the world,” April says.                  76 percent (2009–2010); compared to
                                                “from day one,” April says, they immediately                                                       67 percent nationally

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  College at

  Fordham College at Rose Hill

  MISSION                                         A CURRICULUM THAT MATTERS                        Classical Language                  MINORS
  Fordham University, the Jesuit University       THE CORE                                         Classical Civilization              Accounting
  of New York, is committed to the discovery      The core curriculum is the centerpiece           Communication and Media Studies     African and African American Studies
  of Wisdom and the transmission of               of FCRH’s liberal arts education. It is a        Comparative Literature              American Studies
  Learning, through research and through          carefully organized progression of 17            Computer Science (B.A.)             Anthropology
  undergraduate, graduate and professional        courses that are taken by all students.          Computer Science (B.S.)             Art History
  education of the highest quality. Guided by     Students begin with a series of introductory     Economics                           Bioinformatics
  its Catholic and Jesuit traditions, Fordham     courses, designed to acquaint them with          Engineering Physics                 Biology
  fosters the intellectual, moral and religious   the ideas and methodologies of the nine          English                             Business Administration
  development of its students and prepares        major academic fields of study: English,         Environmental Policy                Chemistry
  them for leadership in a global society.        philosophy, theology, mathematics, history,      Environmental Science               Classical Language
                                                  natural sciences, social sciences, fine and      French Language and Literature      Classical Civilization
  DEAN                                            performing arts, and modern and classical        French Area Studies                 Communication and Media Studies
  Michael E. Latham, Ph.D., professor of          languages. Following this introductory           General Science                     Comparative Literature
  history                                         material, students move on to more               German Language and Literature      Computer Science
                                                  advanced studies where they develop the          German Area Studies                 Creative Writing
                                                  ideas and skills learned in their introductory   History                             Economics
                                                  courses. Finally, students complete their        Information Science (B.A.)          English
  Founded by Archbishop John Hughes
                                                  common core experience with two capstone         Information Science (B.S.)          Environmental Policy
  170 years ago, Fordham College at Rose
                                                  courses intended to integrate their learning     International Political Economy     French
  Hill was the first Catholic institution of
                                                  across disciplines and within a broader          Italian Language and Literature     German
  higher learning in the Northeast. As a
                                                  social and personal framework of values.         Italian Area Studies                History
  liberal arts college in the Jesuit tradition,
                                                  In addition, students enrich their core          Latin American and Latino Studies   Information Science
  FCRH encourages its students to develop
                                                  experience with a variety of distributive        Mathematics (B.A.)                  International Humanitarian Affairs
  a commitment to others and cultivate
                                                  requirements that may be chosen from a           Mathematics (B.S.)                  Irish Studies
  intellectual curiosity. FCRH offers more
                                                  variety of academic departments and areas,       Mathematics/Economics               Italian
  than 40 academic programs of study,
                                                  and in many cases may also fulfill other core    Medieval Studies                    Latin American and Latino Studies
  and numerous prestigious academic and
                                                  or major requirements.                           Middle East Studies                 Mathematics
  extracurricular opportunities in New York
                                                                                                   Music                               Medieval Studies
  City and beyond. The largest and oldest
                                                  AREAS OF STUDY                                   Philosophy                          Middle East Studies
  undergraduate college at Fordham, FCRH
                                                  Number of majors offered: 41                     Physics                             Music
  is located on a spacious 85-acre green
                                                  Number of interdisciplinary majors, minors       Political Science                   Orthodox Christian Studies
  campus in the north Bronx—adjacent to
                                                  and certification programs offered: 22           Psychology                          Philosophy
  the New York Botanical Garden and the
                                                                                                   Religious Studies                   Physics
  Bronx Zoo—featuring magnificent Gothic
                                                  MAJORS                                           Social Work                         Political Science
  architecture and plenty of room to roam.
                                                  African and African American Studies             Sociology                           Psychology
                                                  American Studies                                 Spanish Language and Literature     Religious Studies
                                                  Anthropology                                     Spanish Area Studies                Sociology
  BY THE NUMBERS                                  Art History                                                                          Spanish
  ENROLLMENT (FALL 2010)                                                                           Theology
                                                  Art History/Visual Arts                          Urban Studies                       Theology
  Total Freshman Class                   1,004
                                                  Biology (B.A.)                                   Visual Arts                         Urban Studies
  Total Enrollment                       3,548
                                                  Biology (B.S.)                                   Women’s Studies                     Visual Arts
                                                  Chemistry                                                                            Women’s Studies

2 6 > F O R DHAM NYC: THE FCRH ISSUE                                                                                                                   FORDHAM NYC THE FCLC SSUE                          A
                                                                                                                                                      F O R D H A M N Y C :: T H E F C R H II S S U E >> 2 7
  Fordham College at Rose Hill

                                                         LIFE AFTER FORDHAM
     MOST POPULAR MAJORS OF INCOMING FULL-TIME           FCRH graduates go on to work at some
     FRESHMEN: biological sciences, communication        of New York City’s most sought-after
     and media studies, political science, psychology,   companies, such as ABC, Pepsi-Cola, Weill
     English, history, economics, international          Cornell Medical College, the New York
     political economy, mathematics, chemistry           Yankees, JP Morgan Chase, and many
                                                         others. Many of our graduates choose to
                                                         continue their education by enrolling in
                                                         graduate programs at Boston College,
  SPECIAL ACADEMIC PROGRAMS                              Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, NYU,
  American Catholic Studies                              Villanova and Yale, among others. Some
  Engineering (3/2 Program)                              of our students choose to spend their time
  Peace and Justice Studies                              trying to make the world a better place
  Pre-Architecture Program                               after graduation, and join organizations like
  Five-Year Integrated Teacher Education                 the Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps,
    Track                                                AmeriCorps and the U.S. Navy.

  All incoming freshmen are assigned a
  faculty mentor and a peer adviser through
  the Freshman Advising Program. Each
  freshman adviser works with approximately
  16 students. Advisers remain with the
  students into their sophomore year through
  the Sophomore Advising Program. As
  students declare their major, they are
  assigned a major adviser. Students involved
  in athletics and other specialized programs,
  such as the pre-health professions and pre-
  law advising programs, and the honors
  program, may also receive specialized

  Various campus resources exist to help
  students succeed academically: the Writing
  Center, the Walsh Media Lab, the Language
  Learning Center, Disability Services, and
  Counseling and Psychological Services.

                                                         MORE INFORMATION:

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