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   Gory, Gruesome & Grisly!
      August 20, 2010

    Sarah Palmer – IPC, LexisNexis
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                        Snooki Won’t Tan!!

The bill also includes new tax provisions, including $12 billion in small business tax cuts
beginning in 2010, the expansion of the adoption tax-credit program and a new tax on
tanning salons. According to one aide, the new tanning tax was included because "the use
of these tanning beds creates a health concern in terms of cancer."
            Snooki Won’t Tan…..continued

"Entitled The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."

Amends the Public Health Service Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the
Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and numerous other acts to require health insurance coverage and improve
health care affordability.

Imposes an excise tax on indoor tanning services, and increases the tax credit and tax exclusion for
adoption expenses and assistance.
          The Bugs Set A Trap for us….
11633 H.doc.413

Illustration: The lacewing is one of the
polecats of the insect world. It exudes a
disagreeable smelling fluid when it is
touched. (p. 66 in PDF)                   Illustration: Stink bug. (p. 77 in PDF)

  Illustration: Biting louse. (p. 83 in PDF)
  Illustration: Sucking louse. (p. 83 in PDF)
                                  Illustration: The mole cricket, like the mole, has
                                  developed strong forelegs for tunneling in the
                                  ground, where it feeds upon the roots of plants. (p.
                                  311 in PDF)
Don’t Let the Bed bugs Bite!
         The Comic Book made me do it

Includes list of comic book titles and their publishers, and brief history of comic books.
1955 – 84th Congress
          New Day, Old Scam
• Search Quackery
• Quackery: A 10 Billion Scandal
                             As Seen on TV

TITLE: Investigation of Mexican affairs. Preliminary report and hearings of the Committee
on Foreign Relations. United States Senate.

Investigates border incidents, military activities, and assaults on U.S. citizens and property
in Mexico during the hostilities which occurred between 1914 and 1916.
                               War is Hell
•   Japanese-American and Aleutian Wartime Relocation, DOC-TYPE: Hearings --
    Digital Collection, HEARING-ID: HRG-1984-HJH-0032, June 20, 21, 27, Sept. 12,
    1984, 991 pp., LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection, Full Text
•   LEGISLATIVE HISTORY OF: P.L. 100-383, Civil Liberties Act of 1988; Aleutian and
    Pribilof Islands Restitution Act, CIS-NO: 88-PL100-383, CIS-DATE: December,
    1988, DOC-TYPE: Legislative History, DATE: Aug. 10, 1988, LENGTH: 14 p.
•   Cold War Era Human Subject Experimentation, DOC-TYPE: Hearings -- Digital
    Collection, HEARING-ID: HRG-1994-OPH-0031, Sept. 28, 1994, 217 pp., LexisNexis
    Congressional Hearings Digital Collection, Full Text Available
•   Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans' Health? Lessons from World War II, the
    Persian Gulf, and Today, DOC-TYPE: Hearings -- Digital Collection, HEARING-
    ID: HRG-1994-VAS-0009, May 6, 1994, 478 pp., LexisNexis Congressional Hearings
    Digital Collection, Full Text Available
•   Internment of German and Italian Aliens Compared with the Internment of Japanese
    Aliens in the U.S. During World War II: A Brief History and Analysis, DOC-TYPE:
    CRS Reports -- Digital Collection, CRDC-ID:CRS-1980-GOV-0024, Nov. 24, 1980, 19
    pp., LexisNexis Congressional Research Digital Collection, Full Text Available
SuDoc Search: Y4.G74/7:F17/5/CORR.

 HEARING-ID: HRG-2005-HGR-0208

 TITLE: Restoring Faith in America's Pastime: Evaluating Major League Baseball's Efforts
 To Eradicate Steroid Use

 DOC-TYPE: Hearings -- Digital Collection
 (p. 208-275.)
 CANSECO, Jose, Jr., former MLB player
 SHARP, Jim, attorney; on behalf of SOSA, Sammy, MLB player
 MCGWIRE, Mark, former MLB player
 PALMEIRO, Rafael, MLB player
 SCHILLING, Curt, MLB player
 THOMAS, Frank, MLB player
                    Shocking & Cruel
•   Illustration: Plate XIV. THE KILLING-GANG AT WORK (p. 787 in PDF)
•   2136 H.misdoc.42/8
•   SUDOC-NUMBER: I11.5:8
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• 95 H. Res. 222
• Y4.J89/2:R44/2
• [United States v. Stevens: The Supreme
  Court's Decision Invalidating the Crush
  Video Statute]
• CIS-NO: 48-1 S.Rep.v. 6n.579

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