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          Polynesian pineapple,
        papaya, coconut & mango

                          Tahitian Tropics Pedicure
             Escape to paradise by simply closing your eyes and allowing your senses to transport you.Your
             Polynesian (Pa’ahai) journey begins with a Soothing Waters Sea Soak and Butter Scrub leaving skin
             with a fresh new glow. Next is a Nourishing Sea Mud Masque to replenish and sooth tired feet. The
             finale is a luxurious massage with whipped Shea Butter that is absolute perfection. Smile & Enjoy!

             ITEMS NEEDED              Soothing Waters Sea Soak            Nourishing Sea Mud Masque
                                       Butter Scrub                        Massage Whip
             STEP ONE       Remove polish and place client’s hands/feet in warm bath using Soothing Waters Sea Soak.
             STEP TWO       Once client has soaked for 4 minutes, exfoliate wet feet with Butter Scrub.
                            Rinse and pat dry.
             STEP THREE Apply Nourishing Sea Mud Masque with a soft brush. Allow to rest
                        5 minutes. Remove with warm water or steam towels, pat dry and
                        complete nail grooming (except polish).
             STEP FOUR Apply Massage Whip sparingly and massage for a total of 8 minutes.
             STEP FIVE      Remove Massage Whip thoroughly from toe nails only.
                            Complete service with polish.
             OPTIONAL EXPERIENCES / Massage Whip with warm booties or Massage Whip with paraffin dip

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