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                                         Chapter One

          It’s been a while since I have visited the small Alabama town called Chaosville, perhaps
a little less than two hundred years or so. The town had totally progressed since the 1800s.
Chaosville now had factories, department stores, gas stations, and schools. It had fire stations, a
police department, several grocery stores, a mall, restaurants and etc. The town also had a
college that I just recently enrolled in, even though I am not even a year away from being two
hundred years old.
          There were so many new families and ethnic groups in the area. I remember the time
when there were only a few ethnic groups and they were white, black, Native American,
mulattos, Spaniards, and people who were mixed with the main three.
          Chaosville now had a variety of people of different ethnic groups and religions than they
did in the early days. This sort of reminded me of being in California, which in my book was
good because I’m mixed myself. My father was a Creek Indian and my mother was a freed
African slave. I was born in 1811.
          At age fourteen I was married to a Creek warrior named Strong River. We were happily
married and had one son together named Little Hawk. We practically lived in one of the creek
villages near what is now the Chaosville area, but that was before I was attacked by a strange
beast in the forest that caused me to become what I am today, an immortal.
           This happened in 1830 when I was nineteen years old. Ever since I was attacked that
night in the forest I have remained nineteen.
          Since then I have traveled throughout the world, witnessed the world progress and change
for the better, and had other personal experiences as well. I have even fallen in love a time or
two, but for some reason I keep running back to the same feller.
          Even though I am not human, I tend to blend in with society and my main goal is to live
life to the fullest. I am a student at Chaosville Community College where I am majoring in
nursing. You would probably wonder why a werewolf, that’s right I am a werewolf. Why
would a werewolf go to college and major in nursing. Well damn what else is there to do when
all you have is time and you never age. Oh and excuse me for being rude I totally forgot to
introduce myself. My name is Alexsys, Ms. Alexsys Four Rivers and instead of spelling my
name like most Alexis’s do. I guess I try to be unique. I picked this name up right after I was
turned. I spell Alexis without an I; and in exchange I add a Y and an S before it. So it is
          I stand about 5 feet four inches tall with an average athletic build. I have sort of reddish
dark brown skin, high cheek bones, flat lips that aren’t that full, dark brown almond shaped eyes
and long curly black hair that hangs down to the center of my back. Let’s just say I am and the
ideal description of what a black Indian looks like.
          Anyways, like I said earlier, I am one hundred ninety-nine years old. You’re probably
wondering how I was turned into a werewolf, well here it goes.
          Back when I was mortal and living with the tribe, a handsome Spaniard named Carlos
Fernandez would come into the village and sometimes trade with us. He was well known among
the settlers and the Indians. Carlos was outstandingly sexy. Even though I was married to a
Creek warrior I still could not help but to notice him. Most of the women within the village
would just stare at him because he was so incredibly fine.
          Carlos was in his late twenties perhaps around twenty-eight. He was tall over six feet and
had an athletic muscular build as if he were a gladiator. His hair was jet black and came down a

little past his ears, with bangs that were combed to the side. His skin was smooth with and olive
and his eyes were brown, but honey colored. His lips were kind of full and sexy and when he
smiled everyone around him would just gaze at his pearly whites. He was always well dressed
and clean cut as well. I figured he probably knew that he was a total hunk.
         Even though Carlos was a very attractive guy he had a charm about him too. Guess you
can say that’s common among werewolves we have a personal glow that sometimes causes us to
spark some attention from people at times.
         I could be done just walked out the door with some old blue jeans with holes in them and
a t-shirt that’s twice my size with stains all in it and still someone would notice me. Ha ha, not
tryina brag! It’s just a werewolf thing.
         Well anyways, back to Carlos, every time he would come into the village rather to trade
or just hang out with some of the guys, he would always stare at me or look at me with this
saturating smile like meet you when the sun goes down near the old spring so we can get
         Sometimes he would come up and try to spark a conversation with me, but I never paid
him any mind, though I wasn’t that fluent in English at the time. I could understand English
really good, and I knew quite a few words and how to keep a simple basic conversation with
someone. I just could not speak it that good.
         Let’s just say everything changed after I met this feller. It wasn’t until one night when
the moon was full and everyone was sleep; a loud howling noise swept across the village and
awakened several members of the tribe including Strong River and myself. We stepped out of
our house and noticed several other members of the tribe running away from the camp.
         People were screaming and crying. Weapons were being fired. At first I thought
someone was raiding our village, but that’s when I noticed these two large wolves. Well they
weren’t exactly wolves they were walking like men on two feet and then they got down on all
fours like wolves.
         I stood there in shock because I had never seen anything like that before. The two wolf-
like creatures were just walking in the camp and destroying anything and anyone in their way. I
was trembling all over. That’s when Strong River went back into the house and woke up Little
Hawk. He quickly came back outside with a gun and his bow and arrow in one arm and Little
Hawk in the other. He quickly handed me his bow and arrow and yelled “Come on!”
         The three of us began to quickly run towards the forest. When we got a few yards into
the forest Strong River put Little Hawk in my arms and forced us to run and hide. He told us to
go and get help in one of the other Creek villages in the morning.
         Before we ran any deeper into the dark forest Strong River gave me a kiss to this day I
remember and then Little Hawk and I took off deep into the forest. We didn’t stop running until
we reached a cave which wasn’t too far from the village.
         We quickly went inside and remained in there for a few hours later. For some unusual
reason, I made Little Hawk stay in the cave and I decided to peek outside and look and see if the
coast was clear.
         As soon as I stepped out of the cave, something grabbed me by the arm and slung me
down to the ground. I then began to scream. I tried to get up and run, but whatever was it was
quickly slung me back down on the ground and quickly jumped on top of me and pinned me
down where I could not get up.

         It was a beast that was holding me down, one of the wolf-like creatures that had raided
our village earlier. The wolf-like creature hovered over me and just glared at me with its yellow
wolf glowing eyes
         The creature’s fur was black and somewhat gray tinted and was wild and entangled as if
it had never been brushed. Its claws were long and dirty, maybe about six inches or so.
         I struggled to get away from the creature, but could not manage to get away from the
creature’s grip, not even enough to grab the bow and arrow that Strong River gave me.
         The creature began to growl at me while showing its gruesome teeth; then it opened its
mouth and bit down onto my arm. As soon as the creature bit me I cried out so loud that my
voice echoed throughout the forest. I then looked over towards the cave and saw Little Hawk
standing on the outside crying and yelling “Get off of my mommy wolf!”
         After the creature bit me and scratched me up some, it threw its head back and began to
howl to the moon. Then it ran off and disappeared into the wilderness.
         I can only recall bits and pieces of the rest of that terrifying night, which are lying in the
spot where I was attacked crying and screaming for minutes, Little Hawk sitting on the ground
right beside me crying and yelling for help, hearing some people’s voices in the woods nearby
and a being rescued by a couple of the warriors from camp. Those are the only things that I
remembered that night of the attack, before I passed out.
         The next morning I woke up in the chief’s house with Strong River by my side and
members of the council examining me.
         After a couple days I had completely healed from my wounds and I began to act
somewhat strange. I can recall going to sleep in our summer creek house and waking up in the
wilderness naked and mostly craving raw uncooked meat for meals. One day I caught a raccoon
and started eating it alive when I realized what I was doing I turned it loose. My temper would
usually rise at just the slightest mistakes and any little thing would cause me to have an outburst.
Plus I felt as if I was stronger and things that were usually heavy to me were not anymore.
         I later realized that I could run a lot faster than usual and never get tired. I could out run
anyone and anything. I could hunt a deer in just seconds. I tended to keep most of this to
myself, but it got to where members of the tribe began to notice my strange behavior.
         It wasn’t until the day of the first full moon I sensed something was wrong and something
was going to happen. I just had a horrible feeling come over me all at once and I began to feel
sick throughout the day. My body too began to feel somewhat weird.
         That afternoon I went to the river to take a wash off. While I was bathing in the spring I
heard a man say “Well hello Four Rivers.” I quickly jumped and turned around. As soon as I
turned around there stood Carlos. It’s like he had popped up out of nowhere.
         For some reason I just stood there and glared at him. It’s like I knew him and he was a
part of me. I was not afraid of him either. Most women would have covered up immediately if a
strange man came up while they were bathing, but I didn’t. I was like attracted to him and felt
like we knew each other for many moons. I just could not understand why I would have feelings
for this stranger; by the way I was married.
         Carlos walked over to the edge of the river and said “This is the beginning of us being
together and you will understand everything after tonight beautiful.” I looked at him and said,
“What do you mean.” He smiled and said “Wow! You speak English.” I then began to glare at
him and then repeated, “What do you mean.”
         Still smiling he said “The wolf, the dreams, the cravings, the hunger, waking up in the
middle of the wilderness nude. You’re changing and you know it.” I stood there just listening to

him then I thought how would this fool know all this about me and how did he know my name.
This tended to frighten me. Plus no one knew about anything he mentioned. They just noticed
that I had more of an aggressive attitude.
        I quickly got out of the river and grabbed my clothes and began to run. Then all of a
sudden he appeared in front of me again. “Get away from me! Who are you! What do you want
from me,” I yelled in Muscogee. He yelled back “My name is Carlos and you need come with
me! “No,” I said. “Alexsys, you are marked and when the full moon hits tonight you are going
to change. Now if you don’t want to hurt anyone you will come with me,” said Carlos.
        I stopped and looked at Carlos right after he said that then I began to run once again.
This time I did not stop until I got back to the village. I put my clothes on along the way. For
some reason the words that Carlos was talking about being marked and it was a full moon sort of
stayed in my mind. “What did all that mean? I did not know and it sure did not seem pleasant or
make any sense,” I thought.
        The rest of that day I spent as much time with my husband and my son. That night was a
full moon and I was curious about what was going to happen. I remember that night right before
the moon began to rise I kissed my son and husband good night and good bye and whispered I
love you. Then I quickly snuck out of the house and ran deep into the forest. It’s like I was
drawn to the forest and I had to go there.
        I went to the river that I had bathed in earlier and stopped to take a break. Carlos was
there waiting on me with a smile on his face. “I knew you were coming,” said Carlos. “How,” I
said. He totally ignored me and placed his hands on my face and said “Are you ready.” “Ready
for what,” I asked. He smiled and said “To hunt, to feed, to be extremely fast, to never age, to
have major strength, to travel the world with me and go on adventures throughout the nations.
Plus there is a whole lot more.”
        Not too long after that the transformation began and the two of us hunted and I made my
leading kill that would count for eternity. After that night, my whole life changed. Everything
changed. After that night I became an immortal.
        Carlos and I became lovers and we lived in Chaosville for a good minute, but after a
while the town became quite suspicious of us because everything and everyone in the
surrounding were changing except for us. So we had to leave.
        The two of us have traveled the world along with members of our previous packs, and we
have settled in places such as Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, California, Colorado,
Spain, France, England, China and so many other places. We used to move around like crazy,
especially right after I was turned because I kept making mistakes because it was so hard for me
to control my actions.
        We moved to California in the 2002 and have remained there until a few weeks ago. We
thought it would be nice to move back to Chaosville since we haven’t been there for almost two
centuries. Not only have we moved around the world a lot we have had quite a few professions
throughout the years. I have been a bartender, a stay at home girlfriend, teacher, hair stylist, a
pharmacist, a business woman and an outlaw. I usually try to keep a low profile.
        Carlos on the other hand, has been everything from a knight, a cowboy, a doctor, a
businessman, to a lawyer, due to the fact he is a little over five hundred years old.
        Right now he is currently a lawyer and has been one since the 1970s. Even though we
have moved like crazy Carlos has managed to stick with something he enjoys.
        Since we moved back to Chaosville, Carlos and I opened up a local coffee shop called
Chaosville Discount Coffee. I sell purses and jewelry in there as well as other fancy items.

Carlos also opened up a new law office in town too. I thought I would take a break from doing
hair and just go back to school for like the fifth time.
         You’re probably wondering how do werewolves blend in so good in the public. Well we
have had centuries to practice that, since we’ve been around for quite some time now.
Sometimes we have had to leave places because people have realized and suspected something
about us, especially when we live in small country towns or suburb areas.
         Most of the time we live in large cities, well before we moved back to here. Carlos has
been around since the fifteenth century, so he is pretty clever when it comes to all this blending.
So am I.
         When you are a werewolf, you have to control actions. Not only on a full moon, but any
time and any place.
         That’s not true about changing only on a full moon. Werewolves can change when and
where ever we please. But when I mentioned that we have to control our actions, when you have
fully turned its best to be out in the wilderness because you really don’t have any control over
what you do.
         Over the years Carlos and I have learned to control our actions, well sometimes. We
haven’t attacked or eaten anyone in a while. We usually feed on cows or deer. But anyways,
since we moved back to Chaosville, we bought a big brand new house out in the country. That
way when we get ready to turn we can just go out in the back yard and hunt some deer.
         The house Carlos and I purchased had only been on the market for a few months. Mr.
Robby Yates, a local businessman and realtor in Chaosville had the house built for his niece who
instead got married and moved to Mississippi with her new husband. Since then Mr. Yates had
the house put up for sale.
         Carlos saw the house and decided to buy it without my consent, but he knew I was going
to like it anyways; since he claimed it was spacious. The house was a beautiful two story and its
siding was brick. It had four bedrooms and four and a half baths. It was nice. The kitchen had a
breakfast bar area as well as a three car garage and a gym. The only thing that sucked was there
was no game room or no pool like our house in Cali. It didn’t bother me any because we could
add it on in the new future.

                                           Chapter Two
        “Hey there beautiful, ready for your first day of Chaosville Community College,” asked
Carlos. “Hmm not really! I want to go to the office with you and play slutty secretary,” I said
with a laugh. “Ha! You’re wild,” said Carlos while making me breakfast. “Hmm, what’s that
baby,” I said while walking towards the breakfast bar and grabbing a chair to sit down in. “Rare
lamb,” said Carlos. “Oh yummy,” I said. The two of us sat at the breakfast bar and ate breakfast
together like usual. Carlos read the local newspaper The Chaosville Gossiper while keeping a
gradual conversation with me at the same time.
        After eating breakfast, I did my hair and put my make up on. I sort of felt like dressing
up today, since it was my first day attending college since a couple of decades.
        I began to channel through my wardrobe in my closet. Finally, I came across a pair of
dark blue jean capris and a sexy tropical looking shirt that showed a little of cleavage. The shirt
was fitted and had sequence at the upper part, but sort of flared out at the bottom. It was a cute
summer slash could be autumn top. It had so many bright colors in it such as pink, blue, and
yellow. I rocked a pair of platform sandals along with the rest of the outfit and wore a pair of
sunglasses with rhinestones on the sides. My purse matched also.
        After getting ready I went back into the kitchen where Carlos was still reading the paper.
“Look at you! You got it going on this morning,” said Carlos, who turned away from his paper
when I walked in the room. “Thanks! I thought I might as well dress up since it’s my first day of
school,” I said with a big smile.
        Carlos then grabbed me around my waist, turned me towards him and kissed me. “Well
you have a good day at school and try not to get in any trouble,” said Carlos.
        “Damn you act like I’m a kid, but I’ll try not to,” I said. “Make sure you don’t get pissed
off at anyone and don’t get overly excited either,” he said. “Yeah,” I said. I grabbed my car
keys off the breakfast bar and went out to the garage. I got into my Infiniti, backed out of the
garage and drove off to school.
        The college was about ten minutes away from our house and traffic did not seem too bad
this morning, but still I took my time getting there. About ten minutes later I arrived on campus.

         Chaosville Community College was pretty big for a junior college. It had quite a bit of
buildings of all sizes. College kids were everywhere. Some were walking to their classes and
some were just posted up and hanging out.
         “Damn I’m probably the oldest thing on campus,” I thought. I began to walk to my first
class which was English Comp. As soon as I reached the building where the class was to take
place a nice handsome guy opened the door for me.
         “How are you doing this morning,” asked the guy. “Fine and you,” I replied. “I’m ready
for class to start. By the way, my name is Mason,” he said with a smile while reaching out to
shake my hand. “Alexsys,” I said while shaking his hand. “Good thing I shaved my palms this
morning,” I thought.
         I then began to start back walking to my class. “Hey wait,” said Mason. “Look whatever
it is you are trying to sell, I’m not buying it. Plus I have to get to class,” I said. “Huh, what are
you talking about? I’m not trying to sell anything. I just saw that you had the same text book in
your arms as I, so I figured you were heading to Mr. Slapson’s class.
         After Mason said that, I quickly remembered that folks down south are a lot friendlier
than they are in other places. “Oh I am so sorry, didn’t mean to be so rude. I don’t know why I
thought you were trying to sell me something,” I said while gazing up at Mason and apologizing
for my cockiness.
         Mason was pretty tall, at least six feet two with a muscular athletic build. Then I noticed
his dreamy blue eyes and his nice pearly white smile. He had light blonde hair that was so
yellow till it was almost white, and his bangs were pushed over to the side, and the rest of his
hair was covered up with a baseball cap. He had a nice tan as if he had been outside all summer.
Mason was an athlete because he wore a pair of shorts, a shirt that said Chaosville CC baseball,
and the baseball cap I mentioned. Plus I sensed that he was an athlete.
         He seemed to be a down to earth, nice southern gentleman, but could probably be one of
those guys who would turn into a complete ass once you got to know him. Even though he
wasn’t really my type I was checking him out. Plus I had Carlos, so why would I sabotage what
we had. Carlos isn’t too fund of me having guy friends, but still he does not mind it.
         “So are you a freshman,” asked Mason. “Yeah, can’t you tell,” I said while walking up
the stairs alongside Mason. “Actually yeah I sort thought you were. Are you from here,” he
asked. “Do I look like I’m lost or something like most freshmen,” I said. “I was kidding,” said
Mason with a slight grin. “By the way, I’m from all around, but I just recently just came here
from California,” I said with a smile.
         “What a jock,” I thought. So why did you move all the way from Cali to down here,”
asked Mason. “Well my boyfriend and I just recently bought a house out there going toward the
Oldton’s Cabin,” I replied.
         “No way! Are you serious? Your Carlos’s girlfriend,” asked Mason. “Yeah and how do
you know Carlos,” I asked in sort of a mild aggressive tone. “Robby is my dad, the man that
sold yall the house! Plus Carlos just opened the new law office in town,” said Mason.
         “Wow, I didn’t know that. It’s nice to meet you. Didn’t know you were Mr. Yates’s
son,” I said. “Well you do now. He has a daughter too,” said Mason. “My sister Mallory, she has
this class too. We usually stop by yall’s coffee shop some mornings. Yall have some of the best
coffee mocha shakes in this area.”
         “Well thanks, so what you majoring in,” I asked. “My sister and I are both majoring in
business,” said Mason. The conversation went on until we took our seats in the classroom.

        “Mason thanks for not returning my calls this morning. I thought you were going to
come and pick me up before class started,” said a girl’s voice. Then another said “Yeah Mason
thanks for not returning her calls this morning.”
        I looked up and there stood two girls staring at Mason and me. One was tall and skinny,
with long bleach blonde hair which looked like she had extensions in. She also looked like she
had lain in a tanning bed for several hours because she looked kind of cooked, but it did not look
bad though. She had blue eyes, heart shaped lips, and big boobs. She also wore a ton of make-
up. She kind of reminded me of my friend Drezilla who lived in Las Vegas, except Drezilla is a
vampire and was very fair compared to this chick.
        The other girl was kind of short maybe around five feet, and had brown hair with blonde
streaks that was all put up in a ponytail on the top of her head. She had sort of a fair complexion
with rosy red cheeks that looked as if they had been pinched. She did not wear as much make-up
as the other girl. Her build was skinny, but had some meat on her bones. Both girls wore blue
jean shorts and tank tops.
        “Babe I returned your calls you just didn’t answer the phone,” said Mason while hugging
the short girl with the ponytail. The bleached blonde sat down in the empty desk in front of me.
        “You’re pretty. I like your top,” said the bleached blonde who was staring at me.
“Thanks,” I replied. “This is my sister, Mallory,” said Mason pointing to the bleached blonde in
front of me. “Hey,” said Mallory. I smiled and said hey back. “And this is my girlfriend
Caprilla,” said Mason. Caprilla gave me a smirk like hi and this is my man. “Alexsys and her
boyfriend just bought the house out there going towards the Oldton’s cabin,” said Mason.
“Really,” said Caprilla like yay she has a man. “That’s neat so yall own the new coffee shop in
town,” said Mallory. “Yeah,” I replied.
        The conversation went on until the professor entered the classroom. As soon as the
professor entered the classroom, he threw down his brief case, and began to introduce himself.
“My name is Mr. Slapson and this is American Literature,” he said. Then he wrote his name on
the overhead like most professors do and began to tell the class about himself. Then he began to
go over the course syllabus. He was a sort of a short and chunky looking guy and was probably
in his forties. He was also going bald, so he parted his hair way over on the side and combed it
over. His voice was deep with a noticeably southern accent and he wore a sweater even though
it was ninety degrees outside.
        The classroom was snickering because they could not understand why he would have on
a sweater in the summer time. Mr. Slapson’s attitude seemed to be arrogant and kind of
repulsive. The vibe I received from him was not that pleasant.
        After introducing himself and going over the syllabus, Mr. Slapson made everyone get up
and begin introducing themselves to the class. Each person in each row had to stand up and tell
who they were, where they were from, what was their major was, and what they liked and
disliked. This went on until it got to the last row which was mine and Mallory’s.
        Mallory stood up and introduced herself. While she was bragging about being a member
of the dance team, a couple of guys in the back of the class were whispering about how big her
boobs were and if they were real.
        Some of the girls on the far left side of the class also began to talk about how Mallory
thought she was this and that just because she had money and how her family has always owned
several businesses in Chaosville. Then they began to whisper about how Mallory’s dad liked to
chase younger women since he has been divorced.

         Now when they said that her family has always owned a lot of stuff in Chaosville, I
would have to agree because that is true. Even back in the eighteenth century the Yates family
was one of the families who practically owned most of the town and ran the county besides the
Wealthies and the Foxes. Even when it was just Fort Chaosville they played a major part in
developing and making it into a town.
         I’ve never been one who is big on talking about people and worrying about who is better
than who; or who has this, and who has that. Even when I was human I didn’t care about that
kind of stuff and I would just ignore it, but now I can’t help but to listen because I have these
wolf instincts that causes me to have a keen sense of hearing and smell. That’s if I key it in.
         Due to my superhuman abilities I heard just about all the conversations taking place in
the classroom and in the surrounding classes.
         Finally, I was asked to introduce myself. As soon as I stood up all eyes were on me. I
then heard some members of the class whispering “Wow she is pretty, she must have money
look how she is dressed; I heard she is married to a lawyer. It kept on and on. Luckily they
didn’t know I could hear them. So I blocked it out and said “Hello, my name is Alexsys Four
         Right after I said my last name, a couple students towards the back of the class busted out
laughing. “Who are you supposed to be Pocahontas,” said one girl. A few members of the class
began to laugh. “No,” I said staring right at the girl and giving her a not so nice look, but
catching myself before I smarted back off to her.
         I continued to introduce myself. “Well my boyfriend and I moved here from California a
few weeks ago and I am a nursing major.
          “Does your boyfriend go to school here too,” asked Mr. Slapson. “No, he’s the new
lawyer in town. Plus we opened up the new coffee shop down town,” I said. I quickly sat down
and the next person stood up and introduced themself.
         After everyone finished up introducing themselves, Mr. Slapson dismissed the class.
Everyone jumped up and rushed out of the room.
         I had two more classes that day and Mallory was in both of them. Mallory’s personality
was the total opposite of how she looked. You would expect her to be stuck up and snobby since
she was so pretty. She was actually very nice and seemed outgoing. Plus she was kind of a nerd.
She told me that she was even valedictorian in high school.
         To me, Mallory was just a beauty and plus she smelled good. If I was still primitive like
when I was first turned werewolf, I probably would have eaten her up. Any other werewolf
would have been done ate her for lunch.
         After finishing with all of our classes Mallory asked me if I wanted to go and get some
lunch. “Sure,” I said. Instead of eating in the cafeteria we decided to go out and get some fast
food. Mallory drove a brand new blue mustang. “Nice ride,” I said. “Thanks! My dad got this
for me when I graduated,” said Mallory when we walked over towards her vehicle. Along the
way we chatted about all types of stuff. We seemed to have a lot in common. Mallory’s voice
was so sweet and southern, it reminded me of a little hick town girl, especially when she said
certain words such as like, right, fight, gonna, that. It was mostly words that consisted I or O
         After lunch we exchanged numbers. She later took me back to my car and I drove over
to visit Carlos at the office. I walked into to Carlos’s office and went to the back room where he

         “Well hey sweetness. How were your classes,” asked Carlos as soon as I walked into the
room. “It was cool. I met a lot of humans and made a couple friends,” I replied. “By the way
how did you become so popular in such a short period of time,” I also asked. “Ha. Since I
became the sexiest businessman, lawyer, and undercover were in this area,” said Carlos with a
cocky smile on his face.
         “I just got tired of people all up in my space talking about how sexy you are and crap,” I
said. “Well I am aren’t I? Don’t you think I’m sexy,” said Carlos in a sexy voice, while looking
out his office window.
         “Yeah, whatever, so were you busy today and did you get a bunch of clients,” I asked
while putting on some lip gloss and sitting on top of Carlos’s desk. “Yeah I had quite a bit,” he
said. “Was it mostly women,” I asked. Carlos then looked at me and sternly replied “Actually
         “Well why didn’t you invite them over like you used to? You know lure them over,
please them, then eat them,” I said very seriously. Then I began to laugh.
         Carlos turned around and yelled “What the! What’s wrong with you today, you came
from school actin like a!” Then he stopped.
         “Like a what, a bitch! I’m not a dog. I’m a wolf,” I said while laughing at Carlos.
“Same thing, said Carlos, who was now sort of mad.
         For some reason it is just so hilarious to me to make Carlos mad. He has such a quick
temper, but not as bad as mine or most werewolves. Carlos tends to get mad over little things.
There were times when people would phis him off he would just eat them. I would sometimes
do the same that’s if only they pushed my buttons so far. I mean I used to could not help it,
especially when I was first turned because we have these weird impulsions that rush through our
veins which causes us to sometimes do bad things. Plus all you want is blood and fresh raw
         I remember the times when we lived in large and medium sized packs. We left the big
pack back in the early 1930s mainly because some of us wanted to hunt, attack, and feed on
humans by choice. Others wanted to try and prevent the old habits of harming humans unless
they just accidentally got into our way. After that the pack split into good and bad leadership
amongst the werewolf society.
         Leaders in the werewolf society are certain alpha males and they run each of our packs.
It’s rare to find a pack that is all female, but still there are some that exist. They usually have to
be careful or are forced to have a male join their pack if revealed. There are some werewolves
who live alone and just like regular wolves they will find a mate and start a clan of their own.
         Carlos was once one of the top alpha males in our society. Even since he retired from
being leader over the fourth pack, he is still well known, respected, and well liked among the
werewolf society. He still helps and uses his lawful skills when needed or called upon by Zorrin,
who is one of the most hostile alpha males in our society. Carlos and Zorrin knew each other
when they were mortal. Not only did they know each other, they were good friends.
          Zorrin was once a part of the fourth pack as well, but when they divided he chose to go
with the primitive ones who did not want to change their ways to eating deer and cattle.
         Now Carlos and Zorrin don’t really get along, yet they tolerate each other. Besides the
pack splitting, there are other reasons why they aren’t quite on the same page.
         The main reason is because of a female werewolf named Taquah, who I literally cannot
stand. Carlos and Taquah have a son together. Taquah was a member of the pack for a while.

When we left the fourth pack she came with us including a few other werewolves. She got
pregnant by Carlos and just recently left a couple years ago. Now she is married to Zorrin.
         Carlos’s son is named Rafael. We call him Rafy for short. Rafy is five years old and he
lives in California with Taquah and Zorrin. He looks just like Carlos except much younger. He
acts just like him too. Carlos and Taquah both share joint custody over Rafy. I was surprised
when the judge did not grant Carlos and me full custody over Rafy, especially because of Carlos
being the big shot lawyer he is.
         Since Taquah has been married to Zorrin we haven’t seen Rafy in months. Taquah says
everything is fine, but I don’t think it is. We are pretty sure that Zorrin does not mistreat Rafy
due to other sources, yet he is just doing this to this to upset Carlos and me.
         Anyways, I told Carlos about the people I met in town today. I told him I met Mr. Yates
kids and about Mallory and me going out for lunch. Carlos’s response was “Yeah she’s a nice
girl can’t believe you jumped in the car with her that quick; you must have sensed her.”
         “Yeah she was quite on the same page as I except human. I did not suspect anything of
her, she was harmless,” I said. “Mr. Yates must have told her about you,” said Carlos. “I guess
so,” I said.
         I left the office a few minutes later and headed back to the house and did a little
straightening up. I put some old paintings of Carlos and me on the living room wall and dusted
them off since they had been put up for some decades. One was an antique oil painting of Carlos
and me when we lived in Paris back in the late 1800s. “I remembered having this painting
done,” I thought. Carlos had on one of his finest tuxedos and I had on a beautiful Victorian
gown that was blue with some white on it. My hair was all pinned up with curls and Carlos had
a mustache at the time. After having that picture painted of us, we went wine tasting and then
hunting. That’s when we were perhaps primitive I shall say.
         I finally snapped out of my gaze and began digging through some more boxes. I hid most
of the stuff in the basement because it was mostly pictures and old books on werewolves,
vampires, and other immortals. I didn’t want anyone to come over and think we were weird
seeing that stuff in the middle of the floor.
         After straightening up some I began to cook dinner. At the same time I decided to watch
television. As soon as I turned on the television the local news was on. There the newscaster
was talking about how a man was killed and had been torn to pieces after being attacked by an
unknown wild animal. They also showed several people standing a few feet away from the
crime scene.
         I stood there in shock because Carlos and I had just moved here. Plus we haven’t been
doing any hunting lately. I continued to watch the news and cook the leftover rare lamb into a
rare stir fry. This was just one of my cooking ideas.
         While I was cooking, the front door opened and then slammed. Then I heard Carlos’s
voice yell “Alexsys, turn on the news quickly!” “It’s on! What’s going on,” I yelled. Carlos
threw his briefcase down and started checking the caller ID. “Has anyone called here or came
by,” asked Carlos. “No, I thought you weren’t getting off until five and then you were going to
go to the shop,” I said. Carlos did not say anything. He then began to look out of the windows
then shut the curtains. “What’s going on,” I asked again.
         Right after I asked that Carlos grabbed me by my shoulders and said “There is another
werewolf in this area. I don’t know who, but I got off early and on my way back I passed the
scene where the attack must have taken place,” said Carlos who was kind of hysterical.

         “Well did you get out,” I asked. “No, but I let my windows down to try and pick up on
the scent,” replied Carlos. “Well who was it,” I asked. “Couldn’t exactly catch it, but it’s not
us,” said Carlos pacing back in forth somewhat frustrated.
         “Well calm down, we’ll figure it out,” I said and before I could finish my sentence the
doorbell ranged. Carlos jumped then slowly walked over to the door. I followed him closely.
“Who is it,” asked Carlos. Then a voice said “Sheriff Collinbelle. Carlos and I looked at each
other and then smiled.
         “Well hi there Sheriff Collinbelle,” said Carlos. “How are you doing son and please call
me Wesley,” said Sheriff Collibelle, while shaking Carlos’s hand. “Come on in please and take
a seat. We just about to have some desert, can we get you something,” said Carlos. “Well
alrighty, I guess I can come in for a minute,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
         “By the way, this is my fiancé Alexsys,” said Carlos introducing me to Sheriff
Collinbelle. “Well hello Alexsys. It’s nice to finally meet you. Aint you beautiful! I can see
now why Carlos is always talking about his girl all the time,” said Sheriff Collinbelle shaking my
hand and making his way into the living room. I grinned and said “Well thank you Sheriff.”
         He and Carlos both took a seat while I went and turned off the stove. I then went back
into the living room with the two. Sheriff Collinbelle was kind of a short muscular man around
the age thirty-seven or thirty-eight. He really didn’t look like he would be a sheriff; he looked
more as if he would be either a body builder, pro wrestler or maybe even a gigolo. He was nice
looking and clean cut like most military men. He had these pretty baby blue eyes and a dimple
in each cheek when he smiled. I sensed he was a pretty outgoing person as well.
         “Sweetie will you go and whip up that dessert,” asked Carlos. I looked at him like what
dessert because we were eating rare lamb stir fry. Then he looked at me like just go and make
something sweet in the kitchen. So I headed toward the kitchen and prepared a snack. The two
men sat down in the living room and began to talk.
         “So what brings you out this way,” asked Carlos. “Well actually there has been an attack
and we believe it’s some kind of wild animal that did it. Plus there have been a couple of other
animal attacks in the surrounding counties as well. So I’m just out warning people out this way
and in the rest of the county to stay alert and be careful,” replied Sheriff Collinbelle. “Well I
appreciate you giving us a heads up on that,” said Carlos. “No problem! Oh and I wanted to
invite you and your fiancé to this fish fry that the Chaosville fire department is having for the
city. It’s a pretty big event here in town. Hey there’s even going to be a band and a lot of
dancing and food,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
         Carlos and Sheriff Collinbelle continued their conversation and I brought out one of my
homemade favorite mixed up desserts and served the boys.
         “So what kind of animal do you think is on the loose,” I said, while butting into the
conversation. “My deputies and I for some reason think a bear has done it, then again possibly a
mountain lion. That’s the only two animals that could have done that. Coyotes are usually kind
of scary animals unless in a pack,” said Sheriff Collinbelle indulging into the icecream Sunday
         We all chit chatted for a while until Sheriff Collinbelle finished his dessert and left.
         Carlos and I stayed up late that night talking about what had happened. It was around
1:30 a.m. when we decided to go to bed. While walking towards our bedroom we began to turn
out all the lights. We finally reached our bedroom door when all of a sudden we a loud sound.
BOOM!!! It as if something had been thrown through the living room window and the glass from
it had been shattered.

          “What the hell was that,” I yelled. “Sounds like someone is trying to break in,” said
        Carlos grabbed a bat and quietly ran down the hall and into the living room. I followed
him. As soon as he entered the living room, Carlos dropped the bat and it fell on the floor.
“Why did he drop the bat,” I thought. When I made it to where Carlos was standing I then
noticed he was staring at something. Then I saw pieces of glass on the floor. I was right
someone had thrown something and the glass too was shattered. But what, I thought. I gazed
over at Carlos who seemed to be staring at something right in front of him. The way he was
standing it was like he was in shock. My gaze followed to what he was staring at. When I
realized what he was staring at I could not help but stare too. I too could not believe what we

                                       Chapter Three

         There in front of us stood a big tall hairy wolf like creature on its hind legs. It stood
about six feet four with dirty claws about four or five inches long. Its teeth were long, big, sharp
and pointy; and its ears stood straight up on its head. The wolf’s tail hung between its legs and
its feet were extremely long. Its eyes were yellow and they were glowing. Its fur was a
brownish color and somewhat entangled. Its arms were huge and hanging down by its side.
         The creature stood a few feet away just staring at both Carlos and I. It looked as if it was
hungry and was about to attack.
         Carlos and I both stepped back because we were getting ready to transform into our
halfway forms in which we were practically are still human, but our claws will come out, along
with our fangs. Plus our eyes will change to the color of a wolf.
         As soon as we stepped backwards to get into our semi turning position, the werewolf got
down on all fours then jumped up and leaped out towards us. I quickly transformed myself
halfway and sprung up in the air then pounced on the other werewolf’s back.
         While I wrestled with the beast, Carlos transformed himself halfway then he too attacked
the beast. The other werewolf continuously fought back, but then stopped all of a sudden.
         It ran into a corner in the living room then began to slowly transform itself back to its
human form. Carlos and I were still in our halfway form just for safety purposes. We both stood
there in a ready to attack mode while the creature turned back human.
         When the creature finished turning human, we realized it was a woman, but we could not
see the face because it was facing the wall.
         All of a sudden the woman began to laugh. “Show yourself! What the hell are you
laughing for,” yelled Carlos. The woman continued to laugh. That’s when I recognized the
         “Feraston, is that you,” I asked. As soon as I asked that, the woman turned around slowly
and said “Hey bitch, liked how you didn’t tell me you were moving back so soon to the chaos
         “Feraston,” I yelled reaching out giving her a big hug. “Bitch, you totally broke our
window,” I said. “You mean shattered,” said Feraston hugging me back.
         “Damn Feraston, what the hell are you doing here and how did you know we had already
moved back,” said Carlos. “Umm social networking and someone told me,” Feraston and I both
looked at each other and laughed.
         “I have to ask did you eat that person earlier today,” I asked. “Umm yeah, but don’t tell
anyone. He like followed me here from California. By the way remember when I told you that
guy who was like obsessed with me. Oh and he was a stalker,” said Feraston. “Bitch you’re
crazy,” I said, but I exactly knew what she was talking about.
         “Why do you two constantly refer to each other as bitches all the time,” asked Carlos.
“Well aren’t we female canines,” replied Feraston. I then busted out laughing.
         Feraston is a longtime good friend of Carlos and me. She was once a part of the fourth
pack too. She was one of the werewolves who left with us. She sometimes lived with us in Cali
too. Feraston is very cool, pretty, and totally exotic. She is tall and slender with long brown hair
that comes down to her chest; and has green eyes with long eyelashes that are so beautiful.
Feraston’s complexion is kind of fair but she is also slightly tanned because she is of French
descent. She usually reminds people of a model on a magazine cover.

        She is a little over three hundred years old and was turned werewolf at age twenty-four.
She was once a part of French Royalty when she was human.
        Feraston has a shy personality, but yet goofy. She is also very intelligent. At times, she
can be a danger to anyone in her way, usually mortals when angry or on the hunt. She likes to
party even though she is shy and can still be rude and cocky if she doesn’t like someone.
        “So how long you been in Chaosville,” asked Carlos. “Not long, just traveling through to
go to Florida and get some oranges,” said Feraston. “That’s a fat one,” I said. “But really, I was
coming to visit you guys. Oh and haven’t we lived together for like centuries. Feraston then
changed the subject and began to talk about our vampire friend Drezilla.
        “Oh Drez said hey. Did I mention that she has a new boyfriend and he is human,” said
Feraston. “No, but she texted me,” I said. Carlos interrupted our conversation by saying “Girls
don’t any one care what Drez is doing. That don’t explain why you shattered my window that
I’m going to have to replace.”
        “Do you really want to know why I did it,” asked Feraston. “Yeah I do,” replied Carlos.
Because it was funny,” said Feraston. Feraston and I both bust out into laughter. Carlos just
frowned at us with his arms folded.
        “I’m just kidding, you act like you’re not happy to see me,” said Feraston. Carlos
quickly responded “I’m not you busted up in here like you wanted to attack us. Then you ate
guy and there isn’t any telling what else you done did.”
        “Look Zorrin has like gone ballistic, and he is worse than he was. He has been launching
attacks on humans and some werewolves. Plus it’s a whole lot of other commotion as well,” said
        Feraston is one person who can really make Carlos mad. One reason is because she jokes
a lot and Carlos isn’t fond to jokes that much. Plus he doesn’t really like for anyone to mess
with him when he is busy and Feraston will annoy the crap out of him.
        Feraston spent the night with us. She is going to stay with us for a while and help run the
coffee shop. Carlos and I can’t do it all by ourselves. He’s a lawyer and I’m in school so we
kind of stay busy, yet we do find time to help. I was so glad that Feraston is going to be stayng
with us. It’s just like when we were in Cali.
        The next day I went to class and later hung out with Mallory, Caprilla, Mason, and this
other girl named Kanyha Brooks. Kanyha is a point guard for the basketball team at Chaosville
Community College. She is average height with a nice athletic build. Plus she is right cute. She
is dark skinned and wears her hair in those pretty African twists. Her attitude is calm and pretty
down to earth.
        The five of us all went out and rode around town in Mason’s truck which is a Silverado.
I met a few other people at school today. I even decided to try out for the dance team. Carlos
supported the fact that I wanted to try out. He said it would be good for me to get out and stay
active instead of sitting at the house and working at the coffee shop after school all the time.
        I began to build a close bond with Mallory and this girl named Hilary Collinbelle. Hilary
is a nice girl from Huntsville, Alabama. She is also the cousin of Sheriff Collinbelle. She too is
a nursing major.
        Hilary is a very pretty girl and is twenty years old. She is kind of short and chubby and
with light auburn colored hair which is cut into a bob where it was long in the front and shorter
in the back. Hilary is a very nice girl and treats everyone with respect. She had a serious
boyfriend named Garner Houston.

        Garner is a friend of Mason’s only because they play baseball together and graduated
high school together. He is what you call a stuck up whorish jerk. He is originally from
Chaosville. He is tall ad dark headed and always wears a baseball cap on his head. He also has
these pointy like ears that remind you of a leprechaun. He isn’t all that cute like he thinks he is.
His attitude makes him even uglier. He is one of those guys who think that he can get any
woman he wants, just because he plays sports.
        Every chance he gets, he usually cheats on Hilary and constantly tries to put her down by
complaining about her weight. One of his favorite malicious strategies is telling Hilary that if he
breaks up with her she won’t find anyone else. Garner usually makes Hilary cry. There was a
rumor that he was cheating on Hilary with some cheerleader from school. I don’t know if it is
true or not, but I believe it is.
        Hilary and Garner have been together for about a year. That was the main reason why
she decided to come to school here in Chaosville. Mallory and I constantly try to get her to
break up with Garner, but she claims that she loves him and that he isn’t always like that.
        Mallory was single, but doing the dating thing. She usually found something wrong with
every guy she dated unless he fitted her personal standards which were pretty up tight.
        Like I said Mallory came from a bloodline of money, old money that is. I remembered
the Yates family from whom she descended from. They were a wealthy English family who
pretty much ran the town of Chaosville. They lived in the town in big antebellum homes and
some in large plantation houses in the country. They played a huge role in local politics. I recall
that they owned businesses and held political positions back in early Chaosville. So did the
Wealthies. They mainly owned plantations and were big in the cotton industry. The Collinbelles
on the other hand, were hardworking people, owned no slaves, and farmed their land themselves.
        Mallory reminded me of one of her relatives named Helen from back in the 1800s. They
just favored they didn’t act alike or anything.
        Mallory and Mason were total opposites. Though they were just eleven months apart
they acted like they were twins. They always argued about something. Mason was a baseball
player, Mallory was on the dance team, and one was wilder than the other.
        Mason usually hung out with Garner and a few other guys. He also hung out with this
guy name Kent Brooks who was one of the best running backs on the football team at our school
and in the state of Alabama. The only reason he didn’t go to a four-year institution is because
he didn’t score high enough on the ACT.
        Kent was tall and buff, perhaps muscular and about twenty-one years old. He had
dreadlocks that came down to his shoulders. He was very dark skinned with brown eyes and
both his biceps and his triceps were huge. Kent also had tattoos all over his arms, his chest, and
his back.
        Kent was actually a cool guy and was Kanyha’s half-brother. He was a ladies man too.
He was one of those guys who thought just because he played football he could get any woman
he wanted. Maybe this was because girls usually threw themselves at him and would do
anything for him. Every now and then, Kent would make a pass at me in class due to the fact we
English class together. I could care less because I have Carlos and he is enough man for me.
Well wolf. Ha.
        At times I thought Kent and Mallory had something going on because they flirted so
much. Plus he was always hanging out with Mason like he was trying to get in with the Yates

         After hanging out with Mallory and the rest of the crew for a while, I decided to stop by
the coffee shop and catch up on things with Feraston.
         Since Feraston was now staying with us she decided to help out at the shop. As soon as I
got in, I put on an apron and helped Feraston with the customers. The coffee shop was a little
busy, but not like usual. When things began to slow down at the shop, Feraston explained to me
about how Zorrin had taken over in the werewolf society, and how some weres are thinking
about getting together to overthrow Zorrin because he is so ruthless. Other werewolves are
sticking with him and will do whatever it takes to keep him in position as one of the top alpha
         Meanwhile Carlos had a business lunch with Mr. Robby Yates, who is Mallory and
Mason’s father. Mr. Yates is an average man in his late forties who owns quite a few businesses
in the county. His major businesses are a car dealership and a tobacco store. He also has his own
real estate company. Mr. Yates is divorced and pretty much enjoys the single life. He usually
dates women between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five, which tend to bother Mallory and
Mason, since they are both nineteen.
         Mr. Yates is also somewhat of a show off. He rides around in his fancy cars and tends to
believe that his money can buy anything. He sometimes uses this to pick up younger naive
         Anyways, Carlos and Mr. Yates rode around town in Mr. Yates corvette. He showed
Carlos around and even introduced him to some people. It seemed like Carlos had made a new
friend. Even though it is weird that my boyfriend is hanging out with Mr. Yates and I am friends
with his kids.

                                            Chapter Four
         Later on that night was the town’s fish fry that Sheriff Collinbelle and other townspeople
had invited us to. Carlos was busy getting ready for the fish fry. Feraston and I were too. I got
all cleaned up, threw on a pair of blue jean shorts, a yellow halter top and a pair of cowgirl boots.
I wore my hair down and curly as usual. My make-up was fresh and I was ready to go out.
Feraston too was looking sharp. She had on a multi-colored halter and blue jean shorts, but
instead of boots she wore flip flops. Carlos sort of spiked his hair and put on a nice button down
shirt with blue jeans. We were already to go out to town.
         Along the way to the fish fry, Carlos gave us three rules to follow. 1. Do not eat anyone.
2. Do not get mad. 3. Stay away from silver.” Like we didn’t know that already, I thought.
         We finally reached the place where the fish fry was being held, which was on the main
street of down town Chaosville. The street was packed and everyone had all these signs up for
the college and high school’s football team. There was all kind of food laid out on tables, but the
smell of fresh barbeque ribs and fried catfish caught my attention.
         There were vendors set up selling all kind of goods such as food and t-shirts. There was
also a live blues band and people were dancing all over the street.
         Feraston and I walked on each side of Carlos. Some of the town people stared at us. At
the same time we listened to their whispers and conversations. It sounded like some of them
were checking us out. Others were curious who we were, and a few were like they aren’t from
around here, and damn they’re hot. Some of them recognized Carlos as that new lawyer, and the
women were checking him out and whispering to each other that he is so pretty.
         I tend to hate it when women check out Carlos, but it makes me fighting mad when they
come up and try to throw themselves on him like he is single or something.
         “You guys hear all that,” said Feraston with a big smile on her face. “Yeah I hear all that
mumbo jumbo,” I said, while grabbing Carlos’s hand and holding it in public. This definitely

caught some of the women’s attention. They just continued to stare. It would have been nice if I
could have read their minds, but I’m not that kind of werewolf.
        “Fernandez over here,” we heard a male’s voice yell. We all turned around and there was
Sheriff Collinbelle. “How you folks doing this evening,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle. “Damn he is
fine, that isn’t the,” said Feraston in a low voice. “The sheriff,” replied Carlos. We all walked
over to where Sheriff Collinbelle was standing. He was standing around with a group of people
and some of them were eating. He introduced to the people he was with and he also introduced
us to some of the other locals. Two particular individuals that I met that night were Mayor Grant
Woodbaum, who is the mayor of Chaosville, and President Boris Wealthie, who is the president
of Chaosville Community College and a native of Chaosville. President Wealthie is also
Caprilla’s grandfather.
        Both of these men were in their mid-sixties and held high standards within this area.
Mayor Woodbaum was a short stocky man with a head full of gray hair. President Wealthie, on
the other hand, was a tall and average man. He looked good for his age and seemed like he took
great care of himself.
        Sheriff Collinbelle also introduced us to his wife, Barbara, who was a plain Jane with
strawberry blonde hair. I figured she was his high school sweetheart. Well that’s what she
seemed like.
        Feraston was sort of pissed off when she noticed he was married. That still did not keep
her from looking at him and keeping a conversation with him. When Feraston sees something
tha she likes, she usually tends to get it, even if she has to turn it into a werewolf
unenthusiastically. She will eventually get it.
        I was having a good time at the fish fry. I ran into Mallory, Kanyha, and Hilary. Then
the three of us ran into Mason and Caprilla who were acting like love birds. I introduced my
new friends to Carlos and Feraston.
        Hilary seemed to be in a bad mood tonight. She and Garner had broken up, from what
everyone had been telling me. Mallory said that they tend to do that often, but they always get
back together.
        Garner was there with some chick from school. When Hilary saw the two she busted into
tears and ran behind a building. Mallory and I followed to comfort her. After calming her down
we went back over to where Carlos, Feraston, and everyone else were. For some reason I kissed
Carlos and then left him there with Sherriff and his new buddies. Feraston seemed to take a
liking to Kanyha. We left the two bisexual wild girls together along with Mason and Caprilla. I
don’t know why Feraston decided to hang out with Kanyha. She was just checking the sheriff
out a few minutes ago. Feraston is so hard to explain; she will pretty much screw anything. She
knows better than to try and bang Carlos, because he is mine and she knows that I don’t play
that. Plus she and Carlos can’t really stand each other, but yet they manage to get along because
we are a pack. Carlos also knows not to cheat on me because he is afraid I might leave him
again. Even though he got that Taquah chick knocked up, that was when we split for a while.
He loves me and I love him and when we lived in the pack I was still his favorite.
        Anyways, Hilary was so upset it’s like Garner had totally messed up her emotions on
purpose. Hilary seems to have a lot of personal problems that she will not acknowledge having
such as low self-esteem, and constantly worrying about low down no good Garner. She doesn’t
think she can do any better and when you try and tell her she can, she will bring up her whole
weight issue, which has nothing to do with it. She is so timid and tends to let people run over her
and sometimes make a fool out of her, such as Garner. She is naïve, desperate, and sometimes

pathetic. It pisses me off that she sells herself for short. She is a beautiful and smart girl, who
just needs a little psychological help.
        Behind the building she continued to cry and talk about how she gave up so much for
Garner, how she turned down other schools just to move to Chaosville with him, and how he
used to be so sweet. Mallory seemed like she did not know what to say. She sat there and just
looked like a clueless bunny rabbit about to be attacked by a bobcat.
        I stepped in and tried to give Hilary some good old one hundred ninety-nine years old
advice. She listened, but I still don’t think it sunk in that well.
        Before the night was over she was all up in Garner’s face, and about to get into a fight
with that chick he was with. Come to find out that girl who was with Garner was named Dusty
Knix and she was that heifer who made that Pocahontas comment during my first day of class.
        Dusty was this pretty girl with bright green eyes, but had too much of a despicable
attitude. She was about five feet three inches in height, with a skinny, yet somewhat thick in the
right places build. She also had long dark hair and looked like she went to the tanning bed more
than she was supposed to.
        Actually, she and Garner would have made a great couple, due to the fact that they were
both mean and egotistical whores; and both would lie down with just about anyone. I don’t
know which one was worse Dusty or Garner. The two were a perfect match.
        When Hilary constantly saw the two together throughout the night, she went ballistic.
She ran up to Garner and began to hit and curse at him. Mallory and I just stood there because
we could not believe Hilary went off like that.
        All of a sudden, Dusty stepped up to Hilary while she was hitting Garner and pushed her
to the grown. Hilary quickly got up and the two girls began to scrap. The two were hitting and
pulling each other’s hair just like a regular cat fight and I must say that Hilary was actually
        Mallory and I tried to pull Hilary away from Dusty, but she kept running back towards
Dusty. People were standing around watching the two girls’ scuffle including Garner, who
thought it was exciting for girls to fight over him. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder, and a
voice say “stay back”. It was Carlos, he pulled me back. It is not good for werewolves to get
involved in mortal disputes. There is a good possibility that we may turn.
        Mason and a few other guys broke up the cat fight. That’s when the smell of fresh blood
hit the air. Carlos and I quickly smelled the scent of blood in the air. Dusty had a bloody nose
and Hilary had scratches everywhere. Both girls were upset and were arguing and still trying to
fight while people were holding them back.
        Garner was still standing there like he was a big shot even after the girls had finished
fighting over him. I glared at him and so did a few other people who knew what was going on.
Hilary and Dusty were escorted off of the main street due to their uncalled behavior. Luckily
they were not arrested. One reason is because Sheriff Collinbelle is Hilary’s uncle.
        After all of the commotion that broke out Carlos and I thought it would be best to leave
the fish fry. I grabbed my phone out of my purse and texted Feraston that we were leaving. She
texted me back saying, “Ok! Where you guys at?” I told her; then we went and scooped her up
in Carlos’s truck.
        Carlos and I saw Hilary walking and we offered to take her back to her dorm. “Please get
me out of here,” she said. She quickly climbed in the King Ranch F150 and continued to cry.
        Along the way we talked about the whole Garner situation. Carlos gave her some good
advice as well as Feraston and me, but Carlos has been around for some centuries so his was

probably better than ours. Hilary was also complaining about the scratches on her face and arms
where Dusty had scratched her up. I offered to bring her back to our house to clean her up so her
nosy roommate wouldn’t ask so many questions about what had happened.
       Hilary was like “yeah and plus I have never been your house.” We finally had driven out
of town and were now out in the county. We were now out in the country. While driving along
the countryside roads we were chit chatting about tonight and how we had a crazy time; that’s
when all of a sudden this strange man that was covered in blood ran out in front of our vehicle.

                                       Chapter Five

       Carlos quickly mashed down on the breaks as hard as he could. We all stared at the
strange bloodied man. “Is he ok,” asked Hilary. “Who is he,” asked Feraston. The man seemed

like he was wounded, but we could not tell where because he was completely covered in blood.
He looked as if he had been running for quite some time and looked like he had just had it. He
leaned over on the front of Carlos’s truck and began beating on the hood yelling, “Help me! Help
me please!”
        The man could barely stand up. Carlos looked at me and then looked in the back seat at
Feraston and Hilary. He then said “Do not get out of the truck!” I nodded. “Don’t get out,”
yelled Hilary. Carlos ignored her.
        Carlos calmly opened the door and stepped out of the truck. He then began to slowly
walk over to where the man was standing, but before he could reach the man, a large wolf-like
creature ran out of the woods and attacked the man. Carlos quickly ran back and climbed into
the truck and slammed the door. As soon as he got in we both locked the doors.
        The four of us screamed frantically while watching the creature rip the man apart and eat
him alive. The creature then drug what was left of the man back into the forest. Carlos quickly
switched gears, mashed on the gas and drove off.
        “What the F was that,” yelled Hilary, while she and Feraston looked out of the back
window in the truck.
        Feraston was somewhat quiet. So were Carlos and I because we knew exactly what it
was. It was a werewolf, but who was it. It wasn’t one of us because we were all in the truck.
        Feraston looked at me, and I looked back at her. I then looked at Carlos and he looked
back at me. Hilary was freaking out, she had been in a fight and now had just seen a man just get
dragged of by a werewolf.
        “What should we do; should we call Sheriff Collinbelle? What do we do, why are yall so
calm? What was that thing,” yelled Hilary. Carlos, Feraston, and I pretended like to be clueless.
        “I don’t know what the hell that thing was,” yelled Carlos. I crouched down in my seat
and did not say a word, neither did Feraston. Everyone was quite except for Hilary. We finally
reached the house and pulled into our garage. We all went in the house and locked the doors.
“Alexsys take Hilary upstairs and get her cleaned up,” said Carlos. “Feraston you come with
        “Well aint yall gonna call the police,” asked Hilary. “Yeah they are come on,” I said,
while grabbing her by the arm and pulling her upstairs with me.
        While upstairs in the bathroom, I heard Carlos and Feraston talking about the other
werewolf. “Do you who it is,” asked Carlos. “No I don’t! Carlos you know me well enough
how could you ask me that,” replied Feraston. “You ate that guy a few days ago,” said Carlos.
“I didn’t want to. I only did it because he was a threat and was trying to attack me,” said
Feraston. “How,” asked Carlos. Feraston then explained to him how she met the guy, whom she
ate a few days ago. Then she told him about how they met in Las Vegas and how he had been
stalking her for months because he had got wind of her secret. “He had been trying to hunt me
down Carlos; and he followed me all the way to Alabama and tried to attack me with silver,” I
heard Feraston say.
        I believe Feraston and I have known her since I was turned werewolf. The girl only hunts
when someone gets in her way or if they are a threat. Sometimes if someone is doing some
mischief stuff she might hunt them.
        “Do you think it’s one of Zorrin’s,” asked Carlos. Their conversation went on and on and
it came down to they did not know who it was.
        I continued to clean up Hilary’s scratches with a warm rag. Then put some cream on
them. “Here are some clothes Hilary, how about you take a hot bath and crash here for the night.

We don’t know what that thing is out there, so it’s best we all stay inside,” I said handing Hilary
some towels and a pair of shorts and a shirt. I then ran downstairs and joined the conversation
with Carlos and Feraston.
        Meanwhile Mallory, Mason, and Caprilla were still having fun at the fish fry. Garner and
Dusty had left and were on their way back to the dorms. Kanyha left with one of her other
friends and Mr. Yates had gotten pretty wasted even though he arrived at the fish fry sort of late.
He was talking out of his head and acting somewhat crazy. Not enough to ruin his reputation as
a big shot businessman. He asked Mallory to drive him home and so she did. She later texted
me and asked about Hilary.
        Mallory told me how Mr. Yates hasn’t been the same since he divorced her and Mason’s
mom. Come to find out, Mr. Yates smokes a little pot just to control his nerves. Mallory and I
texted for a moment, but I was too busy discussing who the other werewolf was.
        Carlos told Feraston to stay in the house while he and I went outside and looked around
the property. We both decided to change into our halfway forms just enough to stay protected
from the unknown werewolf that might be lurking around in our territory. We then split up and
began to search the forest.
        While searching the forest, I picked up on certain scents. It smelled like fresh blood and
a pack of coyotes in the near. I heard a couple of owls, crickets, and panthers hollering. Other
than that, I didn’t sense nor did I hear or smell anything else. I usually can tell when another
werewolf is on the prowl, but I figured it had already turned back to its human form and ran off.
        Carlos and I met back at the house. Neither of us found anything. Carlos stayed up and
guarded the house all night.
        The next day I got up and decided to cook breakfast, since we had a guest. I made fry
bread, eggs, pork chops, grits, and put out some fresh orange juice. Not completely the ideal
breakfast, but a bit of one of my early cuisines.
        Hilary decided to skip her class today. She did not want to go to school to face
embarrassment as the girl who had got into the fight at the fish fry. Luckily, I didn’t have a
class today.
        Hilary seemed to enjoy the fry bread and pork chops. “What is this? Its’ so freaking
good,” she said pointing the fry bread in her plate. “It’s fry bread,” said Carlos, sitting at the bar
eating. “It is traditional Native American bread,” I said. “It’s homemade, my Alexsys made it,”
said Carlos while grabbing me around the waste and giving me a kiss. “I’m glad you like it,” I
said with a big smile.
        Everyone at the breakfast bar engaged into conversation, except Feraston who had left
early to open the coffee shop. Carlos left for court since he had a case to argue today. Hilary and
I thought we would go out and do some shopping.
        Hilary and I met up with Mallory that afternoon and the three of us all laughed about
what happened last night with the whole Garner situation. Neither Hilary nor I mentioned what
we saw to Mallory we didn’t want to freak her out. She probably would have thought we were
on something.
        I later left Hilary hanging out with Mallory, because I wanted to go explore old
Chaosville, due to the fact I have not lived here in almost two centuries. The first place I went to
was mine and Carlos’s old house. Well the pack’s old house because we used to live in a pack at
the time. “The fun days when we were wild, hungry, and even more dangerous than we are
now,” I thought to myself.

        When I arrived I noticed the big old Victorian looking house was still standing. It was
old, but was still beautiful. It wasn’t as run down as I thought it would be. As soon as I go out
of my car old memories began to appear in my mind. I knocked on the door, but no one was
there. So I went out to the old barn and looked around. The barn was totally run down and I was
surprised that it had not already fallen in. The old hay and lumber was still lying around since
the day we fled Chaosville. The stables were busted open and there were holes all in the wall. I
then walked over towards a specific area in the barn where I had once hid a key to the old house.
It was still in the same place as I had hid it. Then I realized that no one live here, because there
was a sign that said for sale. The sign had a realtor’s number on it.
        I walked up on the big victorian porch and unlocked and pushed open the door. The
house smelled like no one had lived in it since probably the thirties. It was still furnished, but
was different from how we had left it. I was so flabbergasted to be in the house, because it was
my first time to visit it in nearly two hundred years.
        I glanced around and then began to explore. I walked in the living room area then the
dining room. While looking around the house, I rubbed my hand across some of the furniture.
Most of the furniture was different except for a few pieces. I then went upstairs to mine and
Carlos’s old bedroom, which had been rearranged and painted. I began to snoop around, and
then went in the other rooms. Before I went back downstairs, I heard the front door open and
slam. “What the F,” I thought. That’s when I heard someone say “hello, who’s here! There’s a
car out front!”
        I then recognized the voice. It was Mason, but what the hell was he doing here. I quickly
ran down the stairs, but not too quick.
        “Hey Mason,” I said. “Alexsys, what are you doing here and how did you get in,” asked
Mason. I quickly made up something and said “I just saw this nice house for sale; I just wanted
to check it out. Oh and it was unlocked.” I had just told a fat one, I thought. “Oh well you
should have called someone if you wanted to see the house,” said Mason. “Wait a minute, why
are you here,” I said. “Umm my dad real estate company owns this house,” said Mason. “Hmm,
didn’t know that,” I said. “Yeah and plus I was on my way home and I saw an Infiniti out front
and the front door was wide open,” said Mason. “Oh,” I said with a smile. “Well since you’re
here how about I show you parts of the house you haven’t seen,” he said. I began to laugh
because I used to live here and I knew where every room and hiding spot was in the house. I
replied “ok, why not.”
        Mason and I walked around the house while he explained everything he knew about it.
We then began to chit chat about school and about how Mr. Slapson was such a dick. Then we
talked about Hilary and Garner and the catfight last night, which seemed to be the talk around
campus. We then sat down on the old sofa after touring the house. Mason told me that he and
Caprilla had just broken up. Well I couldn’t believe it. They acted like they were so in love all
the time, but I guess that’s how it is when you are on the outside looking in. Plus he seemed to
always be up Caprilla’s butt so far that it got on mine and everyone else’s nerves. You could tell
that Mason was upset about the break up. So I gave him a little advice.
        While I gave Mason some advice I stared at his beautiful blue eyes. “Damn Mason is
pretty hot,” I thought. “Maybe I should turn him into one of my personal belongings such as my
        Carlos and I have had pets in the past, but it did not go to well. Werewolves are better off
on their own or in a pack. It’s common among immortals to have pets. Pets in the supernatural
society are someone that you basically use and manipulate. Perhaps werewolves use human pets

for protection, dirty work, sex, and sometimes just for personal reasons. Other beings such as
vampires have pets for sexual and feeding bases. It just depends on what type of immortal it is,
because each supernatural being is different.
         I would never make Mason my pet, he is my friend. Plus he is Caprilla’s pet. “So what
are you fixing to do,” asked Mason. “Probably run a few errands and cook dinner for Carlos,
Feraston, and I. Mason asked how come Feraston lives with Carlos and me. I made up a story
like Carlos and her are related and that her boyfriend kicked her out of the house and she has
nowhere else to go. Which that wasn’t true, but I really didn’t know what else to say. I quickly
changed the subject, so I began to ask more about the house.
         “Damn girl you’re interested in this house,” said Mason. I smiled and said “well I got to
go and get some stuff done, plus I got to go by Carlos’s office. “Hey I was wondering, how old
is Carlos,” asked Mason? “Old enough,” I said while getting ready to walk out the door. Mason
followed me outside and said “Well I’m just curious, I mean you are dating this lawyer who’s
owns a.” Before he could finish his sentence I interrupted and said “Owns a business, has a
black girlfriend, and the two just moved into town, and seems to be doing well.” Mason’s just
stared at me while I kept running my mouth. “Is something wrong with that or are you just not
used to seeing that around here Mason,” I said with attitude. “Umm actually no there’s nothing
wrong with that and why are you jumping to a false conclusion,” said Mason. “I was just
wondering that’s all. It’s not nothing like that, Carlos is cool with my dad.” “Oops I’m sorry,
didn’t mean it like that Mason, I just tend to take things the wrong way at times,” I said. “Well
you need to fix that,” said Mason.
         Mason was right. I do have a temper, but I really can’t help it. I am a werewolf and
when I get pissed off, I snap. I have gotten to where I control myself more than I used to.
Sometimes it’s like I’m ready for someone to piss me off so I can go off and let them know who
is boss.
         Mason and I talked for a little longer. I sensed he sort of had a thing for me so I hurried
up and left. I drove off and instead of going the coffee shop with Feraston I went to a place
where I had never forgotten.

                                             Chapter Six

        I continuously drove until I saw this large field surrounded by trees several yards away
from the road. I quickly pulled to the side of the road and turned off the engine. I then got out of
my car and ran down a small hill towards the field and did not stop running until I reached the
middle of the field. After reaching the middle of the field I laid down on the thick tall grass. I
then closed my eyes and began to visualize the life I used to live before I became an immortal.
        I thought about the village that was once here, and the people who lived in it. I then
thought of Strong River and Little Hawk. I imagined Little Hawk running to his father after he
came from hunting with the other warriors, and how I used to chase him and hold him in my
arms. I then thought about the sound of beating drums and flutes the nights we all would dance
around the fire, and the days that we used to gather corn and harvest the land. I then thought
about the night I was attacked in the forest and marked by a strange beast.
        I wanted to cry, but for some reason I didn’t. I quickly hopped up off the grass and began
to run. I ran out of the field and into the woods. The scenery was so beautiful it looked the same
as the night I fled Chaosville. After running for a minute, I came across the lake I used to swim
and bathe in. Then for some odd reason, I decided to take my clothes off and get into the lake. I
swam in the lake for a while until it was nearly time for the sun to go down.
        Meanwhile Feraston was at the coffee shop. The afternoon and evening rush had already
came and went, so she was closing down early when all of a sudden this guy walked in and
ordered a chaos latte. The two seemed to have hit it off with a couple of looks and a little
conversation. Feraston and the guy exchanged numbers. His name was Vick. He was kind of
an okay good looking country redneck from Chaosville. He was around thirty years old and
drove an old box Chevrolet truck from back in the 1990s. Plus it was a four wheel drive. He
wore a pair of work boots, a pair of wrangler’s, a Dixie shirt, and camouflage cap.
        Vick was tall, and sort of tanned, due to the fact he worked outside most of the time. He
had very short hair that was cut so short that it was almost looked shaved. Vick was a mechanic
who worked at a junkyard. He was also Garner’s uncle. Vick was one of them fellers who
pretended to be a nice guy, but was really sort of arrogant. He thought he was somewhat better
than everyone, but barely had a pot to piss in.
        I really don’t know what made Feraston fall for Vick. I guess she’s just going through
one of her trying new things phases again. Who knows? She told him that she was going on a
date with him, so I figured they are going out one day this week.
        Meanwhile, I was still swimming in the lake when all of a sudden Carlos showed up out
of nowhere like he did once before.

         “What are you doing here,” I asked. “Well I got off work, you weren’t at the house, I
called your phone a few times, called Feraston and you weren’t at the shop, then I had a feeling
you were probably here or with Mallory. If you would have been with Mallory, you would have
answered the phone or called,” said Carlos. “Really,” I said still swimming around in the lake.
“Yeah,” said Carlos squatting down at the edge of the lake. I looked at Carlos furiously and then
said “Why did you turn me? Why did you attack me that night instead of anyone else?” Carlos
didn’t say anything except “Come and put your clothes back on.” “Answer me, you son of a
bitch,” I said while getting out of the lake and putting my clothes back. I kept on going off.
“Huh, you know I had a son and I was married. Remember he was with me when you attacked
me” I said. Carlos still didn’t say anything. He just stared at me like why are you asking me this
stuff. I continued to yell at him several more times, “Remember what you did! Remember huh,
do you!” I then ran in the direction where the cave was, in which I was attacked by Carlos that
         I then fell to the ground and began to cry. Carlos followed me then bent down and put
his arms around me. “I wanted you to be with me, ever since the day I saw you in the village. I
fell in love with you,” said Carlos. I looked at him and continued to cry. “So I marked you. I
gave you a gift,” he said. We sat there for a moment then got into my car and drove off.
         “I still can’t believe you ran over here instead of driving your truck. By the way, why
didn’t we move back into our old house,” I said, while driving. “I felt like getting some exercise
in. Plus it wouldn’t have been a good idea to move back in it. Did you go over there or
something,” asked Carlos.
         “Yeah, by the way, I didn’t know that Mr. Yates real estate company owned it now,” I
said. Carlos nodded and said “Well they do.” I just looked at him while focusing on the road.
         “I got something to tell you, Alexsys,” said Carlos looking out the window. I looked at
him like what’s going on and said “Ok.” We are going to catch a flight to Cali tonight,” he said.
“Why is that,” I asked. “Rafael is going to be living with us from now own,” said Carlos.
         Meanwhile, while heading back to the house to pack up for our flight, Mr. Yates was at
his house laid up with some young chick under his sheets while rolling up a joint. That’s when
Mason walked in the house and smelled the weed. Mason walked into his father’s room and
began to yell at him about how drugs were bad and how he did not need to be smoking that stuff.
Then he began to yell at him because he kept trying to act young.
         Mr. Yates was so high he could care less what Mason was saying, so he just sat there and
laughed. If only Mr. Yates colleagues and everyone else in Chaosville knew how he went to
other states and gambled, cheated, and messed around with all sorts of wild women rather if they
were married or not; he would probably be out of business.
         The few times I met Mr. Yates he made passes at me and talked about how he loved
chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered strawberries. Sometimes when I was working at the
coffee shop he would stop by and demand that I make his coffee and leave a big tip. This tended
to piss Feraston and Hilary off.
         Hilary works at the coffee shop too, mainly the evenings and some afternoons. We also
have a few other employees including myself. By the way did I mention that I also sell purses
too? So it’s like a coffee shop slash purse shop that sells cute little accessories such as jewelry,
shirts, and etc. Chaosville Discount Coffee serves anything from coffee and coffee like desserts,
purses, clothes, and jewelry. Sometimes I get shoes too. I don’t work all the time, just work
when I get through with my classes like in the afternoon.

The coffee part of the store usually stays busy, especially in the mornings. It slows down in the
early evening. We close around five or six, but we have gotten to where we sometimes stay open
a little later.
          Well anyways back to Mr. Yates and Mason. Mason pulled the covers off of Mr. Yates.
As soon as Mason yanked back the sheets his mouth dropped open.
          There lying in the bed with Mr. Yates was Dusty Knix, who Hilary had got into a fight
with at the fish fry.
          Mason was so shocked. He could not believe his father would do such a thing. He knew
he did a lot of stuff, but why would he mess with one his son’s classmates. “Good thing Mallory
isn’t here,” said Dusty. “Get the hell out of here you skank, you probably got an STD” yelled
Mason. Mr. Yates was so out of it he didn’t really know what to say, but as soon as he heard the
letters S T D and skank, he jumped back and made her leave. Mason was so surprised he
couldn’t believe that his own father would stoop that low and mess around with something like
          Dusty didn’t leave like she was told, but instead she ended up getting into in with Mr.
Yates. All of a sudden, the front door opened and then closed. Then the sound of high heels
began to constantly hit against the floor. Then a high pitched woman’s voice yelled “Dad!
Mason! Where are you guys? I’m home.” It was Mallory.
          Mallory threw her bag down on the floor and was about to go upstairs until Mason yelled
“Hey Mallory, come quick, here in Dad’s room!” Mr. Yates stood there all mad, but could not
do anything because he was about to finally get caught by his daughter. Mallory entered the
room and her positive facial expression changed.
          “What the hell is this no good skanky bitch doing in my house? Get her out of here,”
yelled Mallory referring to Dusty.
          Dusty looked at Mr. Yates and said “Look I have to go, but I had an okay time on your
pencil.” Dusty then walked out the bedroom and left.
          “Dad, what was she talking about and why was she in your room,” asked Mallory.
“Mason, what was she doing here, are you dating her,” she continued to ask. “No, but dad is,”
replied Mason with a major frown on his face. “Dad, why does is smell like weed in here too?
Are you really dating her? She is our age,” yelled Mallory with a shocking look on her face.
          Mr. Yates got even madder and began to yell at Mason. He began to call him a liar and
then said he was the reason why he and their mom divorced. He continued to yell and say it was
his fault Dusty was here, just pretty much blaming everything on Mason. It made no sense what
so ever.
          “Bull crap, I walked in on you two butt naked in the bed, she under the sheets doing you
while you smoked that cheap grass you bought,” yelled Mason. Right after Mason sad that Mr.
Yates punched Mason in the mouth.
          Mason looked at Mr. Yates, and then wiped his mouth. He then noticed he was bleeding.
Mason gave Mr. Yates a mean look and then stormed out the room. He then walked out to his
car, got in his truck and drove off.
          “Dad, you hit Mason for telling the truth, you’ve turned into a druggie and a cheat. Your
messing with girls we go to school with, skanky ones at that,” yelled Mallory.
          “All I done did for you kids, this is how you gonna repay me, gonna accuse me of being a
cheat. Your vehicles, your clothes, and everything else I done did for yall. Now yall trying to
get in my personal business,” yelled Mr. Yates. Mr. Yates went on and on about how he was a

hardworking man, how he is not a cheat, and how he hasn’t done anything wrong because Dusty
is grown.
         Mallory left out Mr. Yates room and said “Well since you can mess around with Dusty
and smoke you dope, guess you won’t mind if I date Kent Brooks, the star running back for
Chaosville Community College. She then ran upstairs to her room.
         While all that went on Hilary had met up with Garner trying to work things out and see if
they were capable of fixing things in their relationship so they could get back together.
         Mason on the other hand, rode around town for a while, he called me, but I was too busy
getting ready to catch a flight so I texted him that I would call him back later. He went on
campus to his dorm room and chilled there for the rest of the day.
         Meanwhile Carlos and I had just finished packing so we were about to drive an hour to
the airport and catch our flight. Feraston was going to stay and guard the house, just in case
some unknown werewolf was going to sneak up and try and mark its territory.
         On the way to the airport I was so happy and excited that I totally didn’t care about being
upset like I was earlier. The only thing on my mind was going to get Rafael. I missed him so
much. He had called me while I was packing and told me that he could not wait to see us. When
we first moved in our new house we hired an interior designer to design his bedroom. I hope he
likes it as much as the one in the old house. He’s probably going to want to get a puppy; maybe
this one won’t run away like the last pooch that Carlos got him.
         Matter of fact, that was a great idea, I told Carlos about it and he agreed. We called
Feraston to get on the computer or look in the local newspaper for dog breeders around the
Chaosville area. While talking to Feraston, I heard a man in the background. It was Vick. He
was carrying on with someone about NASCAR. Then he started talking about how he just
painted his four wheel drive. “He’s such a hillbilly,” I thought.
         While on the phone with Feraston, she told Carlos and I about the gossip going around
the coffee shop, which was that some Wealthie girl from around here just got married to some
feller from outta state whom she met in college. The other gossip going around Chaosville was
that people’s dogs have been raising all kind of noise at night. It’s like something is out there
terrorizing them or else they notice something. Plus some old Brooks’s woman said that she saw
some kind of big wolf running out the woods by her house one night. Her hounds went crazy,
and when she went outside to see what they were barking about, she saw the large wolf running
out the woods and down a hill. Feraston also mentioned that the lady was old and tends to go off
the deep end and over exaggerate at times to get attention. We all knew that the rumor was true
though. When Feraston said the name Brooks, I thought of Kanyha. I would probably ask her
about it later.
         I was so excited about going to get our little boy Rafy. Even though Rafy is my stepson,
I feel that he is much mine as Carlos.
         Along the way we discussed the adjustments we were going to have to make to our
schedules since we now are going to have a child living with us. “I guess Rafy will have to go to
the shop with me when I work, and Feraston is going to have to help me watch him too,” I said.
“He will have to sometimes go to the office with me too,” said Carlos. “That’s dangerous, Rafy
being at the law office,” I thought.
         Rafy is a five year old boy, plus a full werewolf, which means his biological parents are
both werewolves. He sometimes changes whenever he wants to. Rafy has a bad temper and is
very spoiled. He cannot go to school with human kids because he might get upset and reveal his

secret to them. Plus since Taquah has married Zorrin, there is no telling what they have taught
        Rafy is young, unpredictable, and very dangerous. He will kill anything or anybody
when he is on the hunt. It may take some time for Carlos and me to break Rafy from these
habits. Rafy is not always like that though. He is also a sweet little boy who likes to play
basketball, t ball, and soccer and have fun. He can’t help he sometimes does bad things because
he is a child slash werewolf all in one.
        “Yay we finally reached Huntsville, now shortly we will be at the airport,” I thought. As
soon as we arrived at the airport we got our entire luggage and checked in. We were now on our
way to California. I leaned on Carlos during most of the flight and he rubbed his fingers through
my hair. “He is so hot; sometimes I just stare at him because he is so sexy. His smooth olive
skin and his jet black hair that he tends brush back with his fingers, his brown eyes, and his lips
just turn me on at times. All of a sudden I opened my mouth and said “Carlos, you turn me on
you are just so hot.”
        “Well dang, what made you say that out of the blue,” said Carlos. I am so random;
sometimes I say off the wall stuff for no reason at all. Carlos continued to smile then popped a
kiss on my forehead. “I totally want to get married again,” I thought. Even though Carlos and I
have been together for centuries and we are basically considered married, I still want to have the
whole wedding ceremony. I want to walk down the aisle in a big white dress and rock a huge
engagement ring on my finger like most people.
        “I love you, Carlos,” I said. “I love you too, Alexsys,” he said. “I want to get married,” I
said while giving him a serious look. Right after I said that, he looked at me and said “Ok.” I
then got sort of upset and said “I’m serious, we been together for how long and u still haven’t put
a six carrot on my finger. What am I not good enough or something, huh I must be because
you’ve.” And before I could finish what I was saying Carlos butted in and said “ can’t believe
you are going to wait until we get on this plane and try and interrogate me on why I haven’t put a
ring on your finger.” I quickly interrupted and said “Well hell we live down south now and
people are wondering and talking about how we live together and we aren’t married.” While the
two of us were arguing another couple turned around in their seat and looked at us and so did a
few other people. Instead of being nice, I gave them a snobby look like it’s not any of your
business; something I usually wouldn’t do.
        “Who said that,” asked Carlos. “It is just one of the gossips that’s been going around
Chaosville, can’t believe you haven’t heard it yet. Oh that’s right you don’t pay attention,” I
said. “I do too pay attention,” said Carlos. “I didn’t even know you wanted a ring remember
what you said back when we discussed this, but since you insist then yeah we’ll get married.”
When he said that I insist I got so mad that my claws were about to come out and I was fixing to
make a scene like I did when we lived in France.
        Carlos had pissed me off there too and was flirting with some duchess, so I turned into a
wolf and after I turned Carlos turned and you might as well say the party was over. Carlos and I
haven’t discussed getting married since the 1940s that was when we lived in New York. After
that we didn’t discuss it anymore until now.
        Carlos and I continued to argue. “What I don’t insist on anything, I just figured you
wanted to now get married, you pussy,” I whispered. “I’m not a pussy,” said Carlos then all of a
sudden his eyes turned green and his fangs were about to come out. That’s when the flight
attendant came over and told us we were loud and we needed to quiet down. Plus we were

getting ready to land. Carlos looked at me while she was talking to us. He didn’t want to
frighten the lady.
         If you want to make Carlos mad call him a pussy that will definitely piss him off. Carlos
began to calm himself down. The pilot then came on the intercom and said “We are getting
ready to land blah blah blah blah.” I totally wasn’t paying attention because I was too busy
watching Carlos turn normal again. When he finally turned back to his normal state, he said
“Damn you did that on purpose.” I just laughed at him. The people sitting around us on the
plane probably thought we were crazy. The plane finally landed and we got our stuff and got off.
         As soon as we got off of the plane we heard a woman’s voice yell “Alexsys! Carlos!”
We turned around and there was Taquah.
         “Taquah,” I yelled. We then walked towards each other. I wasn’t excited to see Taquah,
like usual. I could not believe she came to pick us up from the airport. “Good to see the two of
you. How was your flight,” asked Taquah with a fake smile. She has always worn that fake
smile on her face as long as I can remember; it just makes you sick at times to even look at her.
         Carlos and I both smiled and greeted her back and told her that the flight went well, but
in the back of my mind I thought I couldn’t believe Carlos used to tap that. She probably wore
that fake smile while they were doing it. Gross!
         Taquah is somewhat tall with a nice athletic build. She has fair skin that is slightly
tanned and black curly hair that comes down a little past her shoulders, but she usually wears it
up in a French roll. She has big hazel brown eyes and big lips in which she always covers in red
         Taquah also has sort of an accent as well. She is originally from Transylvania, but has
lived in the states since the early 1900s. She is four hundred thirty-eight years old, but remains
twenty-six years old.
         Taquah was looking pretty like always and wore a cute little black dress with some
pumps. She also wore a large poncho over the dress. She had out dressed both Carlos and me
put together. There I was with a pair of flip flops on, a pair of shorts, and a spaghetti strap tank
top. Carlos wore sweat pants and a t-shirt.
         “So where is Rafy,” asked Carlos. “He is at the house, waiting for us to get back,”
replied Taquah. We went back to her Benz and drove back to her house which was out in the
country where a lot of werewolves live. We chatted along the way and discussed what was
going on in the werewolf society and how its best to continue to keep our race and other
immortal races hush-hush.
         Meanwhile back in Chaosville Mason was lying around in his dorm room when Garner
who is also his roommate walked in and invited him to a beer pong party. Mason isn’t really big
on partying, but instead of rejecting the invite he said “yeah, let’s go man.”
         Mallory at the time, went looking for Mason, but could not find him. She kept on trying
to call him, but he did not answer. After she got tired of trying to get ahold of Mason, she called
our friend Kent and went to his house. She told him what happened and they discussed the
situation. She spent the rest of the night at his house.
         Feraston at this time was getting it on with her new guy, Vick even though she had just
met him a few hours ago. She thought she was going to turn since it was so good, but she got
ahold of herself before she could reveal what she was. Vick didn’t know what was going on
with Feraston, because her eyes had turned to a bright greenish yellow color, and then they
turned to the color of a wolf. Vick was so drunk though that he thought he really didn’t care that
Feraston’s eyes had changed colors. When they finished doing you know what, Feraston’s eyes

changed back to their normal green. She then left Vick lying in the bed half sleep and returned
back to the house.
        Meanwhile, after driving for about for about forty five minutes Taquah had finally
brought us to her and Zorrin’s mansion. As soon as we pulled up the gates opened to the
driveway. There were three huge mansions nearly a fourth of a mile apart from each other.
There in two of those mansions lived several families of werewolves. The other mansion was
Taquah and Zorrin’s.
        We pulled up to the one in the middle and parked. As soon as we got out of the car there
came Rafy running towards us yelling “Daddy! Lexsys! I missed you guys!” He then jumped
up into our arms and gave us a big hug. “We miss you too, you have gotten taller,” said Carlos
and I bragging about how tall Rafy had gotten which wasn’t that much because he is only five.
        Rafy is so adorable. He has the most beautiful brown eyes that stare up at you. He has
curly dark hair and olive skin. He sort of reminds you of a little Carlos.
        He was so excited to see us and was ready to leave. When he realized we were going be
there for a while he said “Come on let’s go inside.” Then he pointed at Taquah and said “Ha
mommy I said it before you.” We all laughed.
        Rafy is kind of hyper and not shy at all. He will say whatever comes to his mind. “Guess
what you guys,” said Rafy while pulling mine and Carlos’s arm to hurry up and go inside the
house. “What,” asked Carlos? “Mommy and Zorrin are having another baby,” said Rafy.
Carlos and I both looked at each other and then at Taquah. Was that the reason why she wanted
Rafy to come live with Carlos and me? “No wonder she was wearing a big poncho,” I thought.
        “Really,” I said staring at Taquah. Taquah did not say anything. “Yeah she is four
months with me a little brother,’ said Rafy.
        Carlos and I both glared at Taquah. “Yeah I was going to tell you that I am four months
pregnant. This is Zorrin’s first son,” said Taquah.
        Now Carlos and I definitely understood why Taquah wanted Rafy to stay with us from
now on. She had no choice but to send Rafy away. She is pregnant with Zorrin’s child, who is
supposedly going to be a boy. Even though Rafy is a child, he and Zorrin are no kin to each
other. There is no way three male werewolves who are not part of the same pack can live
together. That is a major no in the werewolf society.
        Taquah is being cautious and doesn’t want to take a chance of something she cannot
control happen to Rafy. Since Rafy is not Zorrin’s son, he is still a threat to Zorrin and his
unborn child. If Taquah was to let Rafy stay with them, Zorrin might kill him, and if he didn’t
there is good possibility that when Rafy got older he may destroy Zorrin and the other baby and
take his throne in the werewolf hierarchy.
        I could tell by the look on Taquah’s face that she was sad. I also sensed her emotions.
They too were not good. We then entered their house and walked towards this large sitting area
which was richly decorated plus the ceilings were very high. When we entered the room there
sat Zorrin in a large fancy chair along with another female werewolf. I figure she was one of his
        “Well hello and welcome my Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Fernandez,” said Zorrin with a fake
smile like Taquah. “They are such a good match,” I thought. “How was your flight,” he asked
while standing up shaking Carlos’s hand. “It went well, Zorrin, and how have you been doing
lately,” asked Carlos. “Quite wonderful like usual, ha ha,’ said Zorrin, being a smart ass.
        “Well Alexsys, aren’t you still a beauty,” said Zorrin kissing me on the hand. “Thanks,”
I said. The five of us sat down for a moment and began to chat.

        Zorrin is what you would call a seductive psycho. He is nice looking, but not anywhere
as good looking as Carlos. He too is around five hundred years old, but remains thirty-six years
of age. He was once a well-known Spanish knight as well as Carlos. That’s how they knew
each other before they became werewolves.
        Zorrin is about five feet nine with a muscular build. He has dark brown hair with dreamy
looking eyes that can still give off a hair-raising glare. He has sort of a dark complexion and
such a peculiar personality. You can never tell if he is mad, sad, happy, or excited. His facial
expression never changes he always seems to just stare you down with this daunting look like
I’m going to get you. Zorrin is also two faced, cocky, violent, unpredictable, highly intelligent,
very sexual, and primitive. He is one of the top alpha males over our kind here in America. .
        Carlos should be the leader of the werewolves here, but he claims he doesn’t want to hold
that much power. Since Zorrin has been in power, there have been so many attacks on mortals
for the past few decades that I’m surprised they still do not know we exist.
        While sitting down with Zorrin and Taquah we talked about various topics, mainly on
how vampires and werewolves can’t get along for anything and how there was a full moon
celebration tonight.
        Rafy sat in Carlos’s lap and reached out to braid a few locks of my curls. That’s when
Taquah told me to come upstairs with her. I followed, but I was curious about what she wanted
with me. We walked upstairs and then down a long hallway. We then went into a guest
bedroom where we both sat down on the bed. She then gave me a firm look and said “Rafy is
my son. He is my baby boy, but he cannot live with Zorrin and I anymore, and you know why.”
        I nodded my head, but was still silent. Taquah then began to cry then she softly said “I
now give you my mothering rights, please take care of my son.”
        I had never seen Taquah this emotional before, she usually wants to pitch a fight or argue
with me whenever we are around each other. “I will take care of Rafy and I have always
considered him to be my son,” I said. I was stunned that she now wanted me to become Rafy’s
mother. She then said “In the morning, we will go and do the paperwork so that he will
officially be yours.” Taquah began to cry even harder than already she was. Then she blurted
out “He loves you, Alexsys and he misses you and Carlos and he is constantly talking about you
two. I really don’t want to go along with this decision, but when you are carrying another alpha
male’s child who is supposed to be a boy, then what else can you do. If I don’t go along with
this decision you know what will happen in the long run.”
        “Yes, I understand,” I said while holding her hand. She looked into my mind to make
sure that I was trustful and we returned downstairs.

                                           Chapter Seven

         Since tonight was going to be a full moon, Carlos and I could not help but to go to the
celebration and turn along with the other werewolves. Plus we were in their territory and we no
longer had a residence in California. This meant that we had to hunt along with the depraved
werewolves and respect their rules and values, in other words hunt and kill anything that gets in
your way.
         Before Carlos and I could turn into our wolf forms we had to go and party at the Big
Beasts Celebration. The Big Beasts Celebration is a party in which we welcome the first night of
the full moon. At the Big Beasts celebration we dance, party, mate, and hunt. Different leaders
of certain large packs throughout the world speak at these events also. This goes on all night
until we turn into a wolf and go on the hunt.
         I used to enjoy these sorts of events, but after I changed my primitive ways it didn’t really
excite me as much anymore. Zorrin and Taquah insisted that we must stay for the celebration,
plus we wouldn’t be able to make it back to Chaosville by the time the full moon hits.
         I didn’t bring hardly any clothes because I thought we were picking up Rafy and then
leaving. So Taquah let me borrow one of her sexy black party dresses with a pair of black
pumps, since you have to wear predominantly dark colors for the Big Beasts Celebration.
         I got ready to go to the party and so did Carlos, who wore a black business attire suit. For
some reason he cannot help, but to dress like a lawyer. He has dressed like that for so long it’s
basically just a habit. However, I must say that Carlos sure looks sharp in a suit.

        After getting ready, Carlos, Zorrin, Taquah, and I all drove off in one of Zorrin’s Bentley.
A girl named Leslie, who was not a werewolf babysat Rafy for the night. Carlos and I couldn’t
believe Taquah would let a human babysit a werewolf child. I was so mad, but there was
nothing Carlos and I could do since we weren’t in our own territory.
        We finally arrived at the party which was out in the wilderness. There were so many
people dancing and enjoying the party, mainly werewolves and humans. It’s like the humans did
not have a clue what was going to take place, they were just having a good time. I’m surprised
that there was even a crowd because the party was out in the bottom.
        There was also a wild rock band performing called “The New Howlers.” They too were
werewolves and were a popular group. “No wonder there was a crowd, they had rockers and
plus they advertised it,” I thought.
        The band was awesome and the lead singer was a total hottie. His name was Evan Keosa
and he is what you call an American werewolf. Keosa has been a werewolf since the American
Revolution. I had met him once or twice before. He was kind of tall and slim feller, with long
brown hair that hung down his back. He had kind of small beady looking eyes and sort of thick
        I finally stopped scoping out Evan and began to party. I danced with Carlos for a while
with my drink in my hand. I was having such a blast until I received a text message from Hilary
saying that Mayor Woodbaum of Chaosville and his secretary had been killed by a wild animal.
        I stopped dancing and turned around and showed Carlos the text. He too was shocked.
Neither of us could believe it. Carlos and I went into a place in the woods and called Hilary.
She was going on and on about how Mayor Woodbaum had been having an affair with his
secretary and that the two were found ripped to shreds in the secretary’s house earlier today.
        Hilary was so upset and freaked out. I then thought if the guy that the wolf drug off when
coming from the fish fry could have been the mayor, but Carlos would have recognized him if it
was. Feraston then beeped in and started telling us how the unknown werewolf had struck again.
She too was freaked out, but Carlos grabbed the phone and told her that we will be there
tomorrow and to stay calm. He then told her to just stay alert and be cautious until we get back
and don’t try to investigate anything on her own.
        Back in Chaosville, Mason was out partying with Garner. They were at this beer pong
party along with some of their other buddies. Mason decided to get drunk tonight, something
that he usually doesn’t do. This left Garner or one of the other guys to be the designated driver.
It surprised Garner and the other guys because Mason usually doesn’t do anything. Caprilla was
at the party as well. She was with another guy who didn’t even go to school with them.
        Meanwhile Rafy was back at the mansion playing hide and go seek with Leslie. That can
be one dangerous game if you are playing with a werewolf on a full moon. Maybe Rafy won’t
eat her, but since it is a full moon there is no telling.
        During the Big Beasts Celebration things were getting wild. The band had finished
performing and Zorrin introduced a guest speaker on stage to give a brief speech. The time was
coming for us to change. I could just feel it. I didn’t want to hunt here, but I had no choice. So I
went ahead and prepared myself for the big hunt.
        While I was standing there listening to the speaker, Evan from The New Howlers walked
right past me and then turned around and said “I know you, isn’t your name Alexsys.”
        “Yes and I believe we have met once or twice years ago,” I said. “We met twice,” he
said with a flirtatious smile.

         “You’re right, you are Evan Keosa the American were,” said Carlos who just so
happened to pop up and butt in the conversation after talking to some other werewolves. I guess
he noticed another male talking to his woman. Evan was sexier up close than from a distance; I
then I remembered meeting him in New York at a bar and in Florida somewhere. He and Carlos
seemed to have known each other very well they shook hands and engaged into a deep
conversation about the cowboy days.
         Evan’s palms were hairy; I take it that he did not shave his like most werewolves. The
three of us continued to talk and listen to the speaker at the same time.
         After the speaker finished making his speech, another one came to the stage right before
the full moon hit. He was an old werewolf probably around eight hundred years old. He
welcomed in the full moon and as soon as he finished his brief speech, the transformation began.
         All of us werewolves at the Big Beasts celebration began to turn rather we wanted to or
not. We did not have a choice.
         First our eye color began to change from a yellowish green to the color of a wolf. Second
our claws began to come out and began to gradually grow. Third our fangs came down and
became sharp and pointy, while our bones began to adjust into the structure of a wolf. Our feet
began to lengthen out and our toe nails turned into long sharp claws. Our noses then grew and
turned into snouts, while our ears stretched upwards until they were on the top of our heads. Our
height then arose, while the hairs on our bodies began to sprout up and turn into fur. Then last
our tails began to develop.
         After transforming into a werewolf, we all got down on all fours and began to howl to the
moon. I looked over at Carlos who too was howling. The humans could not believe what was
happening. Most began to scream and run while others stood there in total shock as if ready to
be eaten.
         After we howled to the moon, the hunt began. The only things that were going through
my mind at this point were blood, fresh meat, and eat. I really don’t remember what happened
next except that I was chasing some people and so were the other werewolves. All I remember
was waking up the next day out in the wilderness naked with blood all over me.
         “Gross, I need to find a river,” I thought while waking up and noticing the blood all over
me. This is common among werewolves during a full moon, especially if we haven’t been
fueled by human blood or flesh for a good minute. The full moon is also the only time that we
have no control over our actions.
         I picked myself up off the ground and began to look for Carlos. While I was looking for
Carlos, I heard a woman yell “Alexsys!”
         It was Taquah. She too had just woken up and had blood all over her mouth, her arms,
and everywhere else. She stretched and then popped all of the bones in her body so that she felt
         “Where is Zorrin,” she asked. “I don’t know,” I replied still looking at all the blood all
over my body. “By the way, have you seen Carlos?”
         “No,” said Taquah while nodding her head at the same time. “Taquah, if you do not
mind me asking what did I do last night,” I asked. She smiled and said “Last night you hunted.”
“No, are you serious,” I asked. Taquah’s eyes lit up and she replied “Yes I saw you pounce on
top of a girl and eat her alive. Now come on there is a lake close by where we wash this blood
         We both walked towards the lake and as soon as we got there we saw several werewolves
in their human form bathing. There sitting by the lake washing off among the other werewolves

were Carlos and Evan. Carlos saw us coming and ran up to Taquah and me. He noticed the
blood on both of us and he quickly accompanied us to the lake.
        I knew that I had hunted I could tell by the taste in my mouth. Plus I felt like I had just
tasted human blood and flesh in my system because everything seemed so much more intense
than usual. I was mad at the fact I had hunted, so I yanked my arm away from Carlos and got
into the lake myself. I washed the blood off of my body and swam for a few minutes. I then
asked Carlos where my stuff was. “It’s all in the vehicle,” he said. He then asked me was I
okay? I just looked at him and dried off with the towel he handed me.
        “Where is Zorrin,” asked Taquah. “He is back at the mansion,” replied Carlos. “How is
Rafy,” I asked. “He is fine and he too is at the mansion. The maids are packing the rest of his
        After cleaning up, we all four left in Zorrin’s Bentley and returned to the mansion. None
of us discussed last night. Along the way we listened to Carlos’s and Evan’s cowboy stories for
the second time, which were quite funny.
        We finally got back to the mansion and there we were served breakfast by one of Zorrin’s
chefs. After breakfast I took a nice hot shower. Carlos did the same. Rafy was downstairs
playing with some of his toys.
        Later on that day we went to the courthouse and took care of all the paperwork regarding
Rafy. Carlos and I read over it carefully before signing anything. Carlos is a lawyer so of course
he paid special attention to it.
        After signing all of the paperwork, Rafy was now officially my child. It is hard for a
mother to give up her child and I cannot believe Taquah did it. She, Carlos, and I all sat down
and discussed how we were going to explain this to Rafy. Somehow we did. Taquah told him
that Alexsys was now to be his mother from this day forward. While telling him she cried. Rafy
is so young it is hard for him to understand what just happened. He seemed to be okay with the
situation after all he is only five.
        Later on that day, we packed up our stuff and Taquah took us back to the airport. She
gave Carlos and me both a hug and gave Rafy a big hug. Tears continued to roll out of her eyes.
She was no longer Rafy’s legal guardian. I too cried. Not only because of what Taquah did, but
the fact I was now a mother again after one hundred eighty years. This brought up memories of
Little Hawk, who was four when I was turned werewolf. A few minutes later we boarded the
plane and flew back to Alabama.

                                           Chapter Eight

        Since Carlos and I have brought Rafy home we have went back to our usual routines, but
made several adjustments. It also shocked most of my friends that I now have a son, but oh well
they accepted it.
        It was Monday and I was at school. Today I had just left my history class and was
headed to Mr. Slapson’s American Literature class. Mr. Slapson was a total ass. He always
seemed to be picking at me about something. One day we got to arguing in front of the class,
because he said that I try and make everything about myself, which is so not true. He also asked
me if I were looking for a hand out when I asked him about extra credit because I was barely
passing the course. Right after he said that, I told him like it was. Plus I have a son there is no
way I make everything about myself and even if I did it should not be any of his concern.
        Most of the kids in the class were either failing or barely passing the class. When Mr.
Slapson gave tests, whatever we covered in the class or in the textbook was never really on it;
and if you ever questioned him about it, he usually went ballistic. When it came to tests I think
Mr. Slapson was getting his classes mixed up sometimes.
        Mr. Slapson has caused me to be enraged countless numbers of times that I have just
wanted to unleash my anger and turn into the wolf that I am and eat him up. If he continues to
piss me off and humiliate me in class and say his cocky little statements towards me or under his
breath I just might rip him to shreds and make a gumbo like stew out of him.
        Today in class, Mr. Slapson gave a few handouts for us to study for the test at the end of
this week. We then had one of our class discussions which lasted for most of the class period.
Then he later dismissed class.
         Caprilla who was also in the class had become a total bitch toward Mallory and I since
she and Mason broke up. She usually just ran her mouth and talked a lot of crap about us behind
our backs. At times I would think to myself “if only she knew that I could tear her apart.”
        After class, I went and picked Rafy up from Carlos’s office and we went to Mallory’s
house. Along the way, I told Rafy to be good and do not turn. A few minutes later we pulled up
at Mallory’s house.
        “Come on Rafy let’s get out,” I said. “No, no, there are ghosts in there,” yelled Rafy.
“Huh what are you talking about,” I asked. “The woman in the window,” said Rafy while
pointing upstairs at one of the windows at Mallory’s house.
        Mallory and Mason lived in an old beautiful antebellum mansion. The mansion was built
back in the early 1800s and was one of the oldest houses in Chaosville, but looked fairly new
since Mr. Yates had it renovated before Mallory and Mason were born. Therefore, it did not
look spooky at all. The house has been in the Yate’s family as long as I can remember and has

been here since I first lived in Chaosville. Plus it wasn’t that far from Carlos, Feraston and my
old house.
         The mansion was extremely huge and was out in the country surrounded by nothing, but
trees. It had wide windows and was painted white, with a big country style porch.
         After constantly begging Rafy to get out of the car he finally agreed. He insisted that I
carry him though. So I carried Rafy all the way to the front door and then ringed the doorbell.
Mr. Yates came to the door and let us in. “Alexsys, Alexsys how are you and who might this
cute little feller be,” asked Mr. Yates. “Oh hey Mr. Yates how are you? This is mine and
Carlos’s son Rafael,” I said while holding Rafy in my arms.
         “Didn’t know you and Carlos had a kid,” said Mr. Yates with counterfeit smile and his
arms folded. “Well we do,” I said. I could tell that Mr. Yates was sort of mad because he kind
of has a thing for me.
         Mallory came downstairs and said “Hey girl. Hey Rafy, what yall been up to today? She
looked as if she had just had a shower because her hair was wet and she wore a wife beater and a
pair of shorts. Before I could say anything, Rafy blurted out “Your house is haunted.”
         Mallory and Mr. Yates looked at each other but did not say anything. “What makes you
say that son,” asked Mr. Yates with a serious look on his face. Rafy closed his eyes and buried
his face on my shirt, then laid his head on my shoulder.
         If there is anything that Rafy is afraid of and isn’t too fond of it is ghosts. Even though
he is a werewolf, he is still a little boy. Plus he hasn’t grown into all of his powers especially his
psychic abilities. He just doesn’t quite understand because he is so young. All he knows is to
turn into a werewolf and hunt. He is five years old and is also the ultimate predator.
Werewolves have several types of abilities, but some of them vary. We will get into that later
         Rafy and I followed Mallory upstairs to her room. While we were walking up the stairs, I
noticed Rafy began to squeeze his arms around my neck. He continued to bury his head deeper
onto my shirt. He then whispered, “Mommy let’s go, please! They want stop looking at me.”
“Sweetie don’t pay them any attention,” I said.
         “Is he ok,” asked Mallory looking at Rafy. She then asked “Would you like some tea or
juice.” Rafy shook his head no. “Are you sure,” I asked. “I just want to go home and play with
Wolfie,” replied Rafy.
         Wolfie is our Siberian husky puppy. When Carlos and I went to California, we told
Feraston to get a puppy for Rafy and so she found Wolfie. Wolfie is a pretty good puppy. He is
extremely hyper and can be somewhat annoying. He knows that we are different from humans.
Feraston said that when she went to the dog breeder’s house to purchase Wolfie, all the dogs and
puppies began to bark like crazy. A few days after we got Wolfie, he got used to us and realized
we weren’t going to hurt him. He is so pretty. He has blue eyes and is brown and white colored.
         Meanwhile, Sheriff Collinbelle and his team were still looking for the wild animal that
killed the Mayor Woodbaum. Feraston and Carlos were also looking for it on their own terms as
         In the meantime, Hilary was at the purse shop, when all of a sudden this handsome young
man around the age of twenty-three walked in the coffee shop. He was somewhat tall and broad
shouldered with a fair complexion. His skin looked smooth ass a fresh shave and had blue eyes
that seemed to change when he stepped out into the sun. He had shaggy dirty blonde hair that
came down to his neck. He had an athletic build of that of a college football player. He wore a
pair of sandals and pair of athletic shorts and wore a white wife beater. He walked into the

coffee shop and ordered a hot latte. He then kind of circled the shop, while waiting on his latte,
and then walked into the purse shop.
         “Hello, may I help you with something,” asked Hilary. “Oh no just looking, but thanks,’
said the guy, while rubbing his hand through his hair. It’s like he knew he was a hunk. “So
what’s your name pretty girl,” asked the guy, while looking directly at Hilary. “Hilary,” she said
with huge smile. For some reason Hilary is shy when it comes to guys. “Nice to meet you
Hilary, I’m Kaya,” he said, while reaching out to shake her hand. He later walked out and
grabbed his latte.
         Back at Mallory’s house, we were all hanging out in her bedroom which also had a sitting
area. Rafy was still kind of upset, but finally got the nerves to get up off of my lap. Mallory
looked at me like what’s wrong with Rafy and why is he afraid of my house. Rafy then began to
walk around and observe Mallory’s room. That’s when Mallory whispered to me “You know
our house really is haunted.” I looked at her like yeah I know, because I could sense it; but
instead I said “what do you mean.” “My house is haunted. This house has been in my family
since the early eighteenth century, way before the civil war.” “Yeah,” I said. “This house
belonged to one of the early Yates family. They owned a large plantation. A lot of people died
on this property including family members and slaves. Sometimes strange things happen around
here mainly at night,” said Mallory. “What kinds of things happen around here,” I asked.
“Things fall off shelves, stuff goes missing, you hear things, and sometimes you see things.
You’re probably thinking I’m crazy or this blonde has lost it,” said Mallory. I laughed and said
no, this is like the oldest house in Chaosvlle, there isn’t any telling what happens here at night.”
         Mallory’s house was extremely old and I remember when the first family lived here. The
house was first owned by an Englishman named Hubert Yates. Hubert Yates was one of the
wealthiest plantation owners in Chaosville. He was married to some beautiful woman, whose
name I cannot recall, but they had several children together. There were rumors that sparked the
area at that time of Hubert being an alcoholic and beating his wife and his slaves when sloshed.
They say he was very ruthless, untrustworthy, and crooked too.
         I didn’t know him personally, but Carlos did and probably knows more about him.
Mallory went into another room and grabbed something. It was a box probably filled with old
belongings. Before Mallory could open the box, Rafy screamed “Let’s leave, mommy, now,”
and ran out of the room. Rafy seemed very upset and quite shaken. Without any concern of the
box, I grabbed Rafy by his hand and left. While outside and walking to the car I heard Mr. Yates
ask Mallory back in the house “How did that kid know?” I then heard Mallory say “I don’t
know.” Before we pulled out the driveway, I saw Mallory and Mr. Yates looking out the
window. Mallory waved at Rafy and I. I smiled back at her.
         On the way back home Rafy did not say anything. He held his head down and stared at
the floorboard in the car. I tried to talk to him and ask him about what happened in there, but
still he did not say anything. I then felt bad because I forced Rafy to go inside Mallory’s house.
I then began to wonder what was in that box that Mallory was getting ready to open before Rafy
stormed out of the room.
         Meanwhile, Carlos was at home trying to potty train Wolfie who had urinated all over the
carpet. Good thing, I wasn’t there I would have had a fit. Feraston had got back and was
making dinner, which was rare liver stew. I was glad that she was cooking tonight; usually I
would get mad because I don’t like her cooking for Carlos, but tonight I was sort of tired.
         Rafy and I finally pulled into the garage and as soon as I got out I smelled the pork livers
frying. At the same time I was enjoying the sensational smell of the pork livers, I received a text

from Caprilla saying “You are stupid gold digging bitch.” Then it said “Stay away from
Mason.” “Huh, what have I done to this heifer,” I thought. I knew her and Kanyha had totally
turned against Mallory, Hilary, and me. I really didn’t know why, nor did I care, because I had
pork livers on my mind.
        Rafy and I went inside and there we saw Carlos and Wolfie sitting on the sofa in the
living room watching the game. Feraston had also bought Vick, her country ass boyfriend over
for dinner. “No wonder she wanted to cook tonight,” I thought.
        “Hey there Rocky and Lesses,” said Vick. “Hi it’s Rafy and Alexsys,” I said correcting
Vick. Feraston thought it was funny.
        Rafy ran upstairs to his room. Wolfie chased him. Carlos looked at me like what’s
wrong with him and what did you do? I hate it when he looks at me like that. It’s like I’ve done
something wrong. I plopped down beside Carlos on the sofa and kissed him on the cheek, and
then I asked him how was work. Before I could get the word work out of my mouth Carlos
interrupted and asked me what was wrong with Rafy. I then told him what happened at
Mallory’s today.
        “Alexsys he doesn’t know how to handle that part of being a werewolf yet,” said Carlos.
Carlos too can see things, but not as much as Rafy. They are both psychic werewolves. Even
though all werewolves can sense other presences, but only some can interact with them. I’m
surprised that I am not like Carlos and Rafy since Carlos is the one who turned me. Psychic
werewolves are quite rare and the person never knows if they are going to be one until they have
been turned werewolf for quite some time.
        Other werewolves can erase people thoughts with certain charm abilities. These types are
called charming werewolves. Charming werewolves also have the ability to make mortals do
whatever they please. With charm abilities you can also get inside a person’s mind and make
them forget stuff, make them think about you quite often, or just make them do your dirty work.
Feraston and I both are charming werewolves. Carlos has charm abilities too. Rafy still has not
grown into his yet, but will soon. A charming werewolf is one of the most common type of
        There are also some werewolves that can read a mortal’s thoughts. These types are called
mindreading werewolves. They are the most dangerous, because they usually expose themselves
to you and tease you for a while before they attack you. The reason why they tease you is
because if they are around you they know exactly all of your gestures. They too are quite
common. Rafy’s biological mother, Taquah is a mind reading werewolf. So Rafy may become a
combination of all three, but hopefully not.
        It isn’t quite common for many werewolves to have both psychic, charming, and
mindreading abilities, but yet there are a few. They are called combinational werewolves and
they are usually more superefficient than the rest of us. They are way strong and they too are
quite frankly dangerous. They have more of a hard time controlling themselves because they
have such a vast number of impulsions going through out their body that they tend to be
somewhat bipolar. Some werewolves may have two abilities, but that doesn’t necessary make
them a combinational werewolf, because they are much weaker in the ability that they use the
        There are also some werewolves who don’t have any of the three categorical abilities.
They are called regulars. They have superhuman strength and can turn whenever they want, they
just do not have any of those three abilities I mentioned above.

        It really doesn’t matter what kind of werewolf you are because we are all the same race
of supernatural. We have extreme speed, superhuman strength, a combination of human and
wolf instincts that are more powerful than the two, several different senses, a super-hot body
temperature, the ability to change whenever we want, and the cravings of fresh blood and raw
meat. Plus we all have to shave the palms of our hands every day; and we have to change during
the night of a full moon.

                                      Chapter Nine

        I later told Carlos about how Caprilla, Kanyha and Mr. Slapson had been rude to me
lately. We then flirted for a moment, but stopped when we caught glimpse of Vick and Feraston
making out.
        During dinner everyone was quiet except for Carlos and Vick, who were mainly doing all
of the talking. Vick kept asking Carlos questions about where he was from, and how come he
didn’t have an accent since he had a Spanish last name. He continued running his mouth and

began talking about politics, which he really didn’t know that much about. This tended to annoy
Carlos and me. Feraston pretended it like it did not bother her.
        Later on during dinner things tended to get worse. Vick started making some
inappropriate racists jokes at the dinner table in front of our son. This pissed Carlos even more
off that he was about to turn.
        “Get the hell out of my house, you piece of hillbilly shit,” yelled Carlos. Feraston was
quiet and so was I. I quickly covered Rafy’s ears and took him out of the kitchen and upstairs to
his room. Carlos began to constantly curse and yell, “Get this illiterate fucker out of my house.”
        All of a sudden Vick stood up and began to yell back at Carlos calling him all kind of
names. Carlos stood and tried to hold his composure, but could not resist him impulsion to turn.
I could just feel the danger approaching.
        While the two men were arguing, Feraston jumped up and yelled “Vick it’s time to leave.
I will not let you disrespect my family.”
        “I aint going nowhere till I finish my stew,” said Vick while pointing his finger at the
bowl of stew on the table. After he said that Carlos picked up the bowl of stew and threw it in
Vick’s face.
        Vick stared at Carlos with pure hate in his eyes and tried to throw a punch at him. Carlos
anticipated Vick’s move, so he quickly grabbed Vick’s fist before it hit him in the face. He then
picked Vick up and threw him across the room and broke a shelf.
        Carlos quickly extracted his claws and his eyes turned green and then into the color of a
wolf. His shirt began to bust.
        In my veins I realized what was about to happen, so I quickly put Wolfie in Rafy’s closet
so he would not get in the way and told Rafy to stay in his room.
        I hurried up and ran halfway down the stairs and then jumped over the rest of the stairs. I
quickly dashed into the kitchen.
        There Feraston was standing in a corner crying and watching Vick about to get whooped
or ate by Carlos. Vick was standing against the kitchen wall in shock just staring at Carlos like
what’s happening to this guy. Carlos fangs had come down and he was already halfway turned.
He was about to eat Vick.
         “Carlos calm down,” I yelled. Carlos acted like he did not hear me, due to the fact he
was about to attack or hunt. It is hard to make him stop anything especially when he is half or
fully turned.
        Vick stood there screaming like a girl while staring at Carlos’s fangs. “Stop it Carlos,” I
yelled. Carlos listened to me this time and calmly changed back into his human form.
        “What the hell are you man! What the hell are you folks,” yelled Vick, who was freaking
out about what had just happened. Feraston ran up to Vick and put her arms around him, but he
pushed her off of him and stared at us like a crazy person in an asylum looking for a way to
escape the guards. He then continued to yell “Get away from me, what the hell are yall and what
do yall want from me.
        “Calm down Vick,” I said, but he would not calm down. He still constantly went off
because he was so scared and in shock. Carlos walked out of the room and into our bedroom to
calm down. Rafy was sitting down at the top of the staircase watching us try to calm Vick down.
I quickly motioned for him to go into his room. Rafy quickly ran into his bedroom and shut the
         Since Vick would not stop acting a fool, the only thing left to do was to knock him out
and use my charming abilities on him.

          I quickly punched Vick in the face and he fell down to the floor. He stayed unconscious
for a good five minutes. When he woke up, I obliterated his memory of what had happened
tonight, and then Feraston took him home.
          I then went upstairs to tuck Rafy into bed and let Wolfie out of the closet. Afterwards, I
went back downstairs and made some tea, then went to bed because I had a nine o’clock class the
next morning.
         The next day I got up and took a shower. I then ate breakfast which was rare pork chops.
They were so delicious. For some reason I did not feel like dressing up for class. I threw on a t-
shirt, a pair of shorts, and some flip flops. I stuck my hair up in a wild ponytail on the top of my
head, and wore no make-up.
         When I arrived at school, Mallory greeted me, by saying “Girl you totally have no make-
up on. Did you wake up too late or what?” I just looked at her like she was crazy. Then she
began talking to me about how she couldn’t believe Rafy knew that her house was haunted.
         “You know later that night after yall left, weird things began to happen, but I’ll tell you
about it later on,” said Mallory. We then headed to Mr. Slapson’s class, in which I dreaded
because he is such a grouch.
         While walking to class Mallory showed me her new bracelet that her mother had gotten
her. It was very pretty with bright beads on it. The only bad thing about it was that it was pure
silver. When I noticed that it was pure silver my eyes lit up and I stepped back. When I stepped
back Mason came up behind me and gave me a hug. He then picked me up like he was glad to
see me.
         “Hey you girls guess what,” said Mason. “What,” said Mallory and I at the same time.
We both giggled when we said that. “Ms. Dusty Knix done dropped out,” said Mason. “She
withdrew from school,” said Mallory with her mouth wide open. “Does Hilary know,” I asked.
Mason shook his head yes, and then put his arms around our shoulders. That’s when all of a
sudden Mallory’s new bracelet touched my arm.
         “Ahhhhh! Ouch,” I shrieked then grabbed my arm and jumped back. My arm was
steaming since the silver had touched my skin. Mallory and Mason both looked and dropped
their mouths because it shocked them that my arm had steamed right after the bracelet touched
         “Are you okay,” asked Mason. “Your arm was smoking when I touched you with my
bracelet,” said Mallory. “I’m ok, I don’t know what happened,” I said. “Let’s just go to class.”
         In class we all sat down and began to listen to Mr. Slapson talk smack to the class.
Mason stared at my arm, half the class period.
         “Alexsys, how come you’re not paying attention,” asked Mr. Slapson. “What,” I said
giving Mr. Slapson an awkward look. “You’re staring at Mr. Yates here. You must be admiring
his beauty,” said Mr. Slapson. The class began to laugh, especially Caprilla, who seemed to
have gotten a kick out of the comment Mr. Slapson made. Instead of laughing it off, I got upset
and said “No I’m not, but you seem to be turned on by his beauty.”
         After making that statement, the class busted into greater laughter. Mr. Slapson just
glared at me and began to give back our papers. He then began to lecture the class on don’t
complain to him if we have a problem with the grade we received on our papers. “If you have a
problem with what you made on your essay don’t come squalling to me blah blah blah,” said Mr.
Slapson. He sounded like an over reacting snob who just wanted make a scene.
         He then handed me my paper and there was a C on it. I was so shocked that I received a
C and pissed at that. “How did I make a C,” I wondered. Mr. Slapson continued to go off.

That’s when I realized he was addressing me, because I asked him about a grade I had on a test
which was also a C. “I know he isn’t addressing me,” I thought. Then Mr. Slapson gave me an
ugly stare like if he had read my mind or something. I so wanted to get up and attack him, but
instead I got up and left the class. Caprilla said something about me right after I left, but I could
care less.
        I hurried up and made my way across campus with a temptation to turn. My eyes had
already turned from brown to green and I could feel so many of my wolf instincts rushing
through my body.
        That’s when I heard a man’s voice say “Hey Alexsys wait! Don’t let him get to you.” It
was Mason. I slowly calmed down and closed my eyes, and then opened them, to make sure
they turned back to normal.
        Mason touched me on the shoulder and said “He’s just a grumpy lonely bastard who
takes his anger out on other people. That’s why his wife left him.” “That gives him no right to
pick at me, who does he think he is,” I said.
        “Hey you wanna skip and go get some lunch,” asked Mason. “I guess, but not around,” I
said. I didn’t want the people in Chaosville to think there was anything going on between Mason
and me. Plus I didn’t want word to get back to Carlos. He would be upset just because I was
hanging out with another guy.
        I hopped in Mason’s truck and we drove to Florence. Meanwhile Carlos was in court
arguing a case where a man had been accused of mooning people on the side of the side of the
        Feraston and Rafy were at the coffee shop when Dusty walked in and bought a purse and
a coffee shake. She asked Feraston if I was in and left a message telling her that she really
needed to talk to me. After a few minutes, she left. I have no idea why Dusty needs to talk to
me, but since she is now one of my customers I do not mind talking to her.
        At this time Mr. Yates was in his office talking business with someone on the phone,
when all of a sudden, his secretary, Trisha came in his office and told him that he had a visitor.
“Send em on in,” said Mr. Yates, who had just hung up the phone.
        Right after Mr. Yates said that a handsome young man walked in the room. It was that
Kaya guy who had come by the coffee shop the other day.
        Mr. Yates quickly turned around in his chair and said “Howdy, can I help you with
something?” “Yes you can help me with something,” replied Kaya. Mr. Yates looked at Kaya
like what. “You can pay my mother and me all of the child support you were supposed to send
when I was young,” said Kaya.
        Mr. Yates looked as if he was in shock. His mouth dropped open and his eyes were as
big as two, and the pen he was flicking around in his hand fell to the floor. “I’m your son,” said
Kaya. For some reason Mr. Yates began to giggle and then he said “What did you just say?”
        “I’m your son, the one you visited twice when I was little. The one you neglected for so
long and you were ashamed of because I was born out of wedlock. I’m your son, Kaya and I
have the papers to prove it,” said Kaya.
        Mr. Yates got quiet and then stood up and walked over to Kaya. He yanked the papers
out of Kaya’s hand and glanced over them for a few seconds. After he looked at the papers he
looked at the young man and fell down to the floor and passed out.
        Meanwhile, Mason and I were sitting at this restaurant in Florence eating. The waitress
brought me a plastic fork out because I refused to use the silverware.

         “Why did you skin start smoking when Mallory’s bracelet touched you this morning. It
too had silver on it,” asked Mason. “I’m allergic to silver,” I replied while eating my burger.
“Yeah right,” said Mason. “Well I am,” I said. Mason just grinned. I quickly changed the
subject before he could ask another question that related to silver.
         The two of us began to talk about certain topics such as relationships, break ups, and Mr.
Slapson’s class. We then began discussing each other’s likes and dislikes. “Mason is so cool,” I
thought. It’s like we were on a date and trying to get to know each other.
         While enjoying our lunch, Carlos called my phone a couple of times. I ignored the calls.
When I did not answer his calls, he then sent me a text saying “Do you want to eat lunch?”
          Here I am in Florence with Mason and my man just texts me wanting to me to go and get
lunch with him.
         I texted him back and said “I already am.” He called me again, but still I did not answer.
He then texted “Are you mad at me about last night? I’m sorry. I should have held my
composure.” I texted him back “Talk to you when I get home, sugar.”
         After finishing up lunch, Mason and I rode around Florence for a while and explored the
town some.
         In the meantime, Mr. Yates had just wakened up from his unconsciousness. He was
surrounded by his secretary and a few more of his colleagues. Mr. Yates was shocked to see his
outside son, whom he had not seen in nearly nineteen years.
         “Who’s your mom, kid,” asked Mr. Yates. “Darla Winston from Mississippi,” replied
Kaya. Mr. Yates eyes got big as door knobs. He knew exactly who Kaya was talking about.
         Mr. Yates spent the rest of the day chatting with his son about the past and when he used
to date Kaya’s mom. After all, guess Mr. Yates claimed Kaya, but how was he going to explain
this to Mallory and Mason.
         Back at the house Carlos had got off early and had taken Rafy and Wolfie to the park to
play. There wasn’t that many people at the park except a few kids playing, a couple of people
were jogging, and a few others were walking their dogs. The dogs that were being walked began
to bark at Carlos and Rafy.
         Rafy ran and got on the jungle gym and didn’t care less that the dogs were barking at
him. Carlos held Wolfie on his leash and sat down and watched Rafy play. Rafy seemed to get
along with the other kids and seemed to be having fun.
         The mothers of the kids that were playing stared at Carlos due to his sexiness. Carlos
waved at the women and gave a friendly smile.
         Sheriff Collinbelle showed up at the park a few minutes later. His two kids were playing
on the jungle gym with Rafy. Rafy and the sheriff’s kids seemed to have become friends
quickly. They were all three around the same age. Both of Sheriff Collinbelle’s kids had
strawberry blonde hair and were slightly freckled. They looked as if they could be twins, but
they weren’t. One was a girl and the other was a boy. The girl seemed to have been the oldest.
She was six and the boy was five. They both looked like their mom, Barbara.
         Sheriff Collinbelle and Carlos began to engage into one of their conversations. They
were talking about the college’s football game tonight. Chaosville was playing Duffleberry
Community College, which was going to be one of the biggest games of the season because they
are rivals.
         After hanging out in Florence for a while, Mason and I wanted to get back in time for the
game. Carlos texted me and asked was I going to the game. I told him that I would be there and
that I loved him. He texted back saying “I love you too.”

         I’m glad Mason and I hung out today and we got out of Chaosville for a while. We
needed to get away from all that chaos.
         On our way back to Chaosville I was so surprised that Mason did not make a move
towards me because I sensed he wanted too. “We should do this more often,” said Mason with a
smile. “Yeah,” I said, with a cheap grin. It’s like we went on a date. He even paid for the food
and the drinks. It wasn’t like I wanted him too, but he insisted.
         After driving for a while we finally entered Chaosville County. Instead of staying on the
highway, we decided to take an old country road which was a shortcut to get to town.
         All of a sudden a large buck ran out in front of Mason’s truck. It was a six pointer.
Mason quickly mashed on his breaks, but that did not stop him from hitting the deer. The deer’s
head and its antlers came flying in the window shield of the Silverado. Mason and I both began
to scream.
         Mason began to swerve all over the country road while still mashing on the breaks. After
swerving all over the road for a moment, the truck flipped over twice and fell into a ditch on the
side of the road.
The airbags in truck popped out and hit Mason and I both in the face, and the deer that had
busted through the window shield came all the way inside the pickup. This left Mason
unconscious and I trapped in the passenger seat inside the wrecked truck.
           “Mason! Mason! Wake up! Are you okay,” I yelled. “Mason, answer me, please!”
Mason did not answer he was knocked out. I noticed that the sun had already gone down so I
figured I must have been unconscious for a moment as well. It was somewhat dark outside, and
we were in the middle of the forest. Plus the airbag was right in front of me along with the deer.
There were pieces of glass everywhere.
         I began once again calling Mason’s name and this time he finally answered. “Alexsys,
get me out of here,” muttered Mason. “I will Mason, I am going to get us out. Are you okay,” I
asked. “Yeah I guess, I think so, I think my arm is broken though,” he replied. “You’re going to
be ok, I’m fixing to get you out,” I said.
         Somehow I managed to get myself out of the truck. The door was jammed so I had to use
my superhuman strength to push open the passenger side door.
         I crawled out of the upside down truck and picked myself up off the ground and stood up.
I noticed I had a few scratches on my arms, but they were already healing. I felt fine, but still a
little pain.
         I then walked over to the other side of the upside down truck to get Mason out. That’s
when I notice the smell. It was the smell of a wild animal, but not any wild animal. It was the
smell that I firmly recognized, the smell of a wolf, but not a familiar wolf.
         “Oh crap,” I thought while standing there sniffing the air. “Get me out, Alexsys,” yelled
         I bent down and opened his door and began to pull him out gently. Mason yelped as if he
was in pain, while I pulled him out of the truck. After pulling him out of the wrecked truck, I
noticed that he had a few minor scratches on his face, his neck and his arms where the glass had
scratched him. His lip was busted and his arm was broken too. Other than that he was fine.
         The scent of his blood was so on my mind. I just wanted to lick it all up, but I didn’t. I
sat Mason down on the ground away from his truck. Then I took off my shirt and tied it around
his broken arm so he wouldn’t move it or fracture it any worse than it already was. I then went
back over to the truck and grabbed my phone from inside it and was about to call for help; that’s
when I heard something.

         The trees began to rustle behind me and I could hear something breathing. I stepped
away from Mason and listened to the scenery.
          “What is it,” asked Mason. “Shhh,” I said with my finger over my lips. I tossed him my
phone and whispered “Call for help now.”
         Mason called and as soon as he hung the phone up, the trees rustled once more and I
heard a growl.
         “What’s that? You hear that,” yelled Mason. “Yes be quiet,” I said, while turning
around and giving him a stare like “Shut up.”
         Before I could turn back around Mason yelled “Alexsys” and something knocked me out
into the middle of the road. Mason began to scream and yell. “Get up Alexsys! Run,” he yelled
while running up the hill to the road where I was.
         There I was lying in the middle of the road and hovering over me was a big scary wolf.
Not just any wolf, but a werewolf. It was snarling and showing its teeth as if it was ready to
feast. Its eyes were bright yellow and just glaring at me. The wolf’s claws were long and sharp.
Its fur was black. Its ears stood up on the top of its head, but leaning backwards as if ready to
         The beast stood over me just staring at me with drool coming out of its mouth. Then it
lifted its head and was about to bite down into my flesh.
          I quickly threw the wolf off of me. “Run Alexsys,” yelled Mason while throwing rocks
at the wolf. The wolf turned around and looked at Mason and began to walk over towards him. I
quickly picked myself up from the ground and took my shorts off; then I crouched down for a
second, jumped up in the air, leaped out and quickly transformed myself into a full werewolf.

                                         Chapter Ten
        Mason’s mouth dropped open after he had seen what I just had done. He stood there in
shock watching me fight with the other werewolf.
        I continuously fought the other werewolf back. I jumped up onto the other werewolf’s
back and bit down into its flesh. I stuck my claws into its sides as deep as I could and bit into its
flesh as well. I then realized that it was a female werewolf too.
        We trundled across the road still sinking our teeth into each other. We kept swiping each
other with our claws and fighting like two hostile wolves from different packs.
        For some odd reason, she kept trying to get to Mason. Every time she would throw me
off of her, or sling me towards a tree or across the road she would head towards Mason. It’s as if
she really did not want to fight me. This I couldn’t quite understand, but I could care less due to
the fact I was in a moment of rage. Plus every time she would throw me off I would bounce
back and attack her before she could get to him.
        Finally, I heard ambulance sirens. The sound of the sirens began to get closer and closer.
The other werewolf ran into the forest. I paused and looked at Mason for a second and then I
followed her.
        I quickly summoned Carlos and Feraston through a portal in my mind and said “Help.”
Charming werewolves can summon other charming werewolves from their pack. So can
mindreading werewolves. Psychics and regulars do not have this ability. When you summon,
you basically send a message in your mind to the member of your pack that you are trying to
contact. It’s sort of like a text message, but you send it through certain senses, emotions, and
thoughts all at once. It usually only works when you are sad or in trouble and it takes years to
develop this ability.
          After summoning for Carlos and Feraston, the other werewolf jumped on my back and
attacked me. I ferociously fought her, but she was so strong. I figured she only fed on humans.
She bit down into my flesh and clawed me constantly. I swiped her with my claws and tried to
get away from her, but I couldn’t. Next thing you know the other werewolf had me pinned down
to the ground once again. There I was lying flat on my back for the second time with this big
scary wolf hovering over me. She was uglier than most werewolves when in wolf form I must

say. Her breath sure was funky too. I continuously tried to squirm and get away from her grip,
but still I could not manage to do so.
         The other werewolf looked me in the eyes while she held me down. She then opened her
mouth like she did before, but before she could bite down another werewolf had come from out
of nowhere and knocked her off of me. It was Carlos.
         He picked up the unknown werewolf and threw her against a tree. Then Feraston ran up
and began clawing her in the face. Carlos ran up to the unknown werewolf and jumped on her
back. He then bit down into her flesh pulling out chunks of fresh meat.
         Feraston ran up and jumped on her as well, tearing off pieces of her flesh. The two had
her pinned down like she had done me before they arrived to my rescue. They tried to force her
to turn back into her human form, but she wouldn’t.
         While they dealt with the unknown werewolf, I quickly changed back into my human
form and decided to go and check on Mason. I ran back to where the wreck took place and saw a
couple of sheriff deputy cars along with an ambulance and a fire truck. They had already put
Mason in the ambulance and were taking him to the hospital.
         All of a sudden I heard a loud howl from the inside the forest. Everyone where the
accident took place looked up and hurried up and finished up writing the reports. One of the
deputies shined his flashlight towards the forest.
          That’s when I realized that Carlos and Feraston had finished up the other werewolf. I
rushed back to where Carlos and Feraston were. When I approached the two, I noticed Feraston
was just standing a few feet away from Carlos. Carlos was standing over the slayed beast.
         Feraston and I walked over towards where Carlos was standing. The three of us watched
the dead werewolf turn back to its human form. It was a middle aged woman, whom neither of
us knew. A woman who I don’t even think is from Chaosville.
         Carlos stared at the woman as if knew her, but yet in disbelief. His expression seemed so
puzzled. Feraston noticed Carlos’s expression too. Then we realized that he knew her.
         I gently put my hand on Carlos’s shoulder, but he quickly pushed away from my touch.
“You know her,” I said. Carlos didn’t look up or say a word. I repeated myself and said “You
know her. Who is she?”
          “Answer her,” yelled Feraston furiously. Carlos quietly looked up and said “Shhh, I
smell and hear humans.” That’s when we all heard footsteps and talking coming towards us.
Sure enough, it was deputies coming in the woods. You would think after they heard the loud
howl they would have left, but instead they were coming directly toward us, maybe because they
were still looking for the wild animal that killed Mayor Woodbaum and his secretary.
         Carlos ordered Feraston and me to leave, so we did. We rushed to the house and waited
for Carlos who was disposing the unknown werewolf.
         A few minutes later, Carlos showed up at the house. Feraston and I kept asking Carlos
about the unknown werewolf. We thought that if we kept asking we may get some information
out of him. Still it did not work.
         “I don’t think we are safe here anymore,” said Carlos. “Why do you say that,” asked
         “Look I’m not moving again! I’m tired of hopping around the globe like a jack rabbit,” I
yelled. Carlos glared at me and began to yell back. “You will do what I tell you to. I am your
mate and I am the alpha male of this household. If I say we need to leave, then we are going to
leave. There is no way I will let any harm come to my son, you or Feraston. You almost got
yourself killed today. Now go and pack some things for a few nights,” yelled Carlos.

         Rafy came downstairs and asked “Why is everybody yelling?” He looked as if he had
just awakened from a nap. I walked towards him and grabbed his hand and escorted him back
up the stairs. Wolfie too was downstairs and jumping around everyone’s feet.
         I wanted to cry because I was so upset and I did not want to leave Chaosville. Plus all I
had on my mind was Mason and if he was ok.
         All of a sudden, the house phone began to ring. Ding ling ling! Ding ling ling!
         I looked at the caller I.D. It was Mallory. “Hello, I said. “Girl, Mason is in the hospital,
he just had a bad wreck,” said Mallory. She kept going on and on. I went along like I didn’t
know that because it seems as if she had no clue I was there.
         “Are you serious? Is he ok? What happened,” I asked. She told me everything what she
knew of what happened as if I didn’t already know. Then she told me that she just found out that
she had another brother, an outside brother at that. Mallory didn’t really seem overwhelmed or
upset; she just she like she had a lot to talk about. I didn’t stay on the phone long with Mallory.
After I hung up the phone, I began to pack a few days’ worth of stuff for Rafy and me.
         Rafy kept on asking me questions on where we were going and why. I didn’t know
myself, so I didn’t know what to tell him. So I just made up a story about going on a trip. He
didn’t really seem excited either. Carlos and Feraston were packing as well. Carlos called me
downstairs after a few minutes. I walked downstairs and went into the bedroom and sat down on
the bed and watched Carlos pack some of his belongings. “So what’s up,” I asked.
          “Here’s the deal we are going to the Smokies for a few days and we will stay there till
after the full moon,” replied Carlos. “Ok, and is that all you wanted,” I asked. “Yes, and”
replied Carlos and before he could finish his sentence the doorbell ranged.
         Feraston answered the door. It was Sheriff Collinbelle and one of his deputies. “Is Mrs.
Fernandez here,” I heard him ask from in the bedroom. “My last name is Rivers and why is he
asking for me instead of Carlos, that’s his friend,” I thought.
         “Yes she is and is there anything wrong,” said Carlos who must have walked out of the
bedroom without me noticing. Sheriff Collinbelle began to tell Carlos about the wreck Mason
was involved in. He kept going on about how that Yates boy hit a deer and it came through the
window and tore the truck completely up. Then he went on about how it flipped and how Mason
was injured.
         “How does any of this relate to Alexsys,” asked Carlos. That’s when Sheriff Collinbelle
said that there was evidence on pair of shorts that belonged to me. The he said that someone
called the station and said that they saw me get out of Mason’s truck take off my shorts and turn
into a big wolf and chase another wolf in the woods. Carlos and Feraston began to laugh so did
Sheriff Collinbelle and his deputy. “Even though that last part don’t make any sense, because
the person who claimed they saw that was probably completely intoxicated or just out of their
mind; but still I was wondering if I could ask Alexsys a few questions due to the shorts which
were on the side of the road. According to Mr. Yates she wasn’t even there, but just to make it
clear,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
         I walked in the room and acted like I didn’t have a clue what was going on. “Well hello
Sheriff Collinbelle, what brings you over here this evening,” I asked.
“Ha, just thought I would come by and ask you a few questions due to a wreck that happened
earlier today,” replied Sheriff Collinbelle.
         Sheriff Collinbelle told me about the wreck Mason was involved in and then he asked me
about the shorts that they found on the side of the road and if I was in the car when Mason had
the wreck. I was so overwhelmed because I had forgotten all about my shorts. I even forgot that

my car was parked at school, something later brought up. The only thing I could think of to say
or do was tell a big fat one. “No I wasn’t. Those shorts have been in Mason’s truck for a while.
One night a group of us were going out and I changed clothes in his vehicle. I forgot I left it
there,” I said. I then made up a lie about why my car had been parked at school all day.
“Feraston picked me up for lunch and we went to Huntsville for the day. We just now got back
about fifteen or twenty minutes ago,” I said. I quickly made eye contact with Feraston so she
would go along with what I was saying.
         “Is this true,’ asked Sheriff Collinbelle looking at Feraston. She nodded her head and
agreed yes to the question. Sheriff Collinbelle chatted with Carlos for a minute, then he and his
deputy left.
         Right after they drove off, Carlos temper raised so high that his eyes turned into that
yellowish green color and then into the color of a wolf. His claws then popped out, but he
quickly calmed himself down. He sat down on the living room sofa and said “What all happened
today, Alesxys? What the Sheriff said, is it true?”
         I looked at Carlos and said “Yes, I left class early today because Mr. Slapson made me
mad. Mason followed me. We then decided to go to Florence and on the way back we hit a
deer. His truck flipped after the deer came through the window shield.”
         Carlos just stared at me like yeah right and listened. I kept on telling him what happened.
“Carlos, I pulled Mason out of his truck and tied my shirt around his arm because it was broke.
Then all of a sudden here comes this unknown werewolf chick trying to attack us. The only way
to save Mason and myself was to turn and before I turned I took my shorts off and threw them on
the side of the road,” I said.
         “So you should have just left Mason and ran off. Now you have put all of us in danger,”
said Carlos. “He is my friend and Mr. Yates son,” I said. “How can you say that about friends,
Carlos, asked Feraston?
         “Right now I’m pissed, but we have bigger things to deal with. Do yall even recall what
Sheriff Collinbelle said,” asked Carlos with a serious and curious look on his face. Feraston and
I just looked at him. “No what,” I asked. “Someone said that they saw you turn into a wolf, and
it wasn’t Mason,” said Feraston. That’s when I plopped down on the sofa and said “Who? Who
then saw me turn into a wolf?”
         “The woman well the werewolf in the woods was a descendant from here,” said Carlos.
“I don’t know whom she is related to, but today in the woods I smelled the scent of another
         “We were all out there,” I said referring to Carlos, Feraston, and me. “No it wasn’t a
member of our pack; it did not have our scent. Plus it was off, but still close by. When I made
you and Feraston return to the house I went back and caught the scent again, but it stopped near
the river,” said Carlos.
         “It wasn’t safe here in Chaosville anymore,” I thought. We all began to finish packing up
items for a few days. I figured Carlos wasn’t that mad at me for hanging out with Mason. He
usually has a fit when I hang out with other guys. While I was thinking about Mason, it crossed
my mind that it probably isn’t safe for him either. If someone saw me transform into a wolf,
then they saw Mason.
         At this time our college was having its rival football game. I had planned to go to it
earlier, but all this crap went down today so I kind of had second thoughts of going.
         Meanwhile Hilary and Kanyha were at the game. So were Caprilla and Garner, whom
were there together which was quite odd. Dusty was under the bleachers making out with some

random guy. She later caught wind that Garner was at the game with Caprilla, it somewhat
pissed her off, but she didn’t care that much. Kent was out on there on the field and had already
run a touchdown within the first few minutes of the game. Even mean ass Mr. Slapson was
there. The bleachers were packed and everyone was at the game except for Mallory and Mr.
Yates who were at the hospital with Mason.
        Hilary was in the bleachers staring at Garner. She began to get upset and then started to
storm out of the bleachers. Before she could go anywhere this guy grabbed her arm and said
“Hey don’t I know you.” It was Kaya. Kaya did not go with Mr. Yates to the hospital because
he had already left the office and it wouldn’t be a good time to meet his estranged brother and
sister whom he did not know existed.
        Hilary was like yeah I do and the two began to engage into conversation and cheer for
Chaosville. Garner noticed that Hilary was in the bleachers talking to another guy and began to
glare at the two.
        For some reason, he decided to go over to where Hilary and Kaya were and pitch a fight
with Kaya. Garner walked up to the two and left Caprilla sitting by herself. Garner stood right
in front of Hilary and Kaya’s faces and said “So you talking to another feller now.”
        “Huh, what do you mean,” said Hilary, who was astonished that Garner would even care
that she was talking to someone else since he was at the game with Caprilla.
        “You heard me you plus size tramp,” said Garner. Right after he said that Kaya stepped
into what was about to be an argument and said “Hey you need to go on back with that now, that
is not cool to disrespect a lady.”
        All of a sudden Garner got up in Kaya’s face and threatened to whoop him. Then he
called himself going to take a punch at Kaya. Right before Garner could lay a punch on Kaya’s
pretty face; Kaya caught Garner’s hand and whispered “Let’s take this in the parking lot bro.”
Kaya then smiled at Garner like okay let’s definitely take this outside. Kaya then grabbed Hilary
by the hand and said “Would you like to get away from some of these haters?”
        The two got up and headed down the bleachers. While walking down the bleachers,
Kaya turned around and gave Garner an ugly took as if he could just tear him apart. Kaya and
Hilary went to a small dine to get a snack and then later to the hospital to see Mason. They
laughed and chit chatted along the way.
        Back at the house, we had gotten some of our stuff packed so we could go to the
Smokies. That’s when the phone ranged. It was Mason.

                                     Chapter Eleven

        I picked up the phone and said “Hello.” “Hey,” said Mason. “Are you okay,” he asked.
“Yeah, how you feeling,” I said. “I’m good, alright; okay I guess you could say. I got a broken
arm and few scratches because of the glass, other than that I’m good,” he said.
        Carlos then stepped in the room. “Well that’s nice to know. So who all is there with
you,” I asked. “Just Mallory, dad, my mom, and my mom’s girlfriend, I just found out that she is
a lesbian,” said Mason. “Guess she left her boyfriend, huh. Well I have to go,” I said. Will you
come by,” asked Mason.
        I then quickly hung up the phone. Carlos was standing by the door holding Rafy. “You
ready,” he asked. “No, I yelled. “You all can go to the Smokies, but I’m tired of moving around
and crap! Why can’t we just stay here and figure out who the other werewolf is. Huh,” I
continued to yell.
        I had had enough of all this moving around, that I was ready to fight. I had finally
decided that I wasn’t going to leave Chaosville again. Carlos looked at me furiously and said
“Are you serious? Stop acting like a kid. It’s dangerous here and you know that. I’m not going
to let you put yourself in danger, Alexsys.”
        I then grabbed my purse, and my keys. I then headed towards the door. “Where are you
going,” asked Carlos while following me. “I’m almost two-hundred years old. I’ve been grown.
So don’t worry where bout I’m going to,” I yelled, while walking out the door and getting into
my car. Rafy got down out of Carlos’s arms and said “Mommy, I want to go with you.” He then
climbed in the car across the driver seat and into the passenger. I then quickly slammed the door,
locked it, and then drove off.
        Feraston stood there with her hands on her hips shaking her head. Carlos stood in the
front yard with his arms folded. I figured he and Feraston were trying to figure out where I was

        “Where are we going,” asked Rafy. “To visit a friend of mommy’s,” I said while driving
to the hospital to see Mason. I had to make sure that Mason would not tell anyone about my
        After arriving at the hospital Rafy and I went inside to visit Mason. When we got to
Mason’s room Mallory greeted us and introduced us to her and Mason’s mom, Patricia and her
mother’s girlfriend. They too were both two bleached blondes like Mallory. Mallory’s mom
looked like an older version of Mallory. Patricia’s girlfriend, Sarah was a short platinum blonde
with slightly freckled skin. Mr. Yates was talking to one of his friends on the phone about what
had happened.
        Mason seemed to be somewhat frightened when Rafy and I walked in his hospital room,
but he tried not to show it. I could sense it. He was still glad to see me though. “Go out in the
hallway with Mallory, tell her to take you to get a snack,” I said to Rafy while giving him some
change to get some snacks from the snack machine.
        “So how are you going to invite someone to visit you when you are afraid of them,” I
asked Mason. I sat down in a chair right beside his bed. I then looked at him and smiled.
        “What are you,” asked Mason. “What do you think I am, Mason,” I said while putting on
some lip gloss. “I don’t know some kind of beast or wolf. You’re definitely not normal like the
rest of us,” said Mason with a frightened low voice and a scared look on his face.
        I said nothing, just smiled at him. “So what are you,” he asked again. “Why does it
matter didn’t I save your life. By the way, I’m human,” I said. “Yes you did and I want to thank
you for that and I appreciate it, but there is not any way that you are human. Humans don’t turn
into monster like wolves,” said Mason. “I am not a monster, plus you know what I am, so just
say it. You can’t offend me. Oh by the way, thanks for not telling anyone I was in your truck,” I
said. “No problem, friends take up for each other, and here is your phone. You sort of left it
with me when you turned to a,” said Mason not wanting to say what I really was. “Oh thank you
so much, I have been wondering where this thing is,” I said, while grabbing my phone and
looking through it to make sure it was alright. I figured Mason did not snoop through my phone
due to the fact I had several missed calls and texts.
        “So what am I,” I asked. “You know what you are,” replied Mason. “I know what I am,
but I’m curious if you know,” I said. “You’re a werewolf,” said Mason. “Shhh,” I said. Mason
then whispered “How long have you been like this” “For a longtime,” I whispered.
        A few seconds after I said that Mallory and Rafy walked into the room. “Mommy look
what I got,” said Rafy showing me the candy he bought. I picked him up and turned to Mason
and whispered, “When you get out of here, we will go somewhere and talk until then you be
quiet. By the way, before I leave I have to tell you something.”
        “Are yall telling secrets,” blurted out Mallory. “Don’t leave me out.” We all laughed
and changed the subject.
        All of sudden, Hilary and her new guy friend walked in the room. “Hey yall what’s
going on,” asked Hilary. “Oh and this is my new friend, Kaya. He goes to school with us.
        After she introduced him, Kaya and I locked eyes for some reason. Then he glanced at
Rafy then back at me. This was the first time that I ever seen this guy, so did Rafy. Rafy and I
both stared at Kaya, while he stared back at us.
        Something wasn’t right about this guy and his presence. There was something strange
about Kaya. Mallory, Mason, and Hilary noticed that Kaya and I were staring at each other.
        “Ok,” said Mallory then she introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Mallory,” she said sticking her
hand out to shake Kaya’s hand. “Kaya,” he said in a somewhat deep voice. He shook her hand

then Mason’s. He then reached out to shake mine. I reached out and when he stepped up closer
to shake my hand that’s when I caught a scent that was similar to mine, but not quite. I gasped
and so did Rafy. I went ahead and shook Kaya’s hand. I noticed that his palms were very rough
and slightly haired as well.
         Kaya and I stared at each other eye to eye for a moment, while we shook hands. That’s
when I realized it was he. Kaya was the other werewolf. Since I had already recognized that he
was a werewolf and I knew Rafy had too, I was quite sure he recognized that we were the same
as well. Was he the one who called in and said that I had turned into a wolf? I was so shocked I
didn’t know what to do.
         Next thing you know Mr. Yates walks into the room with Mason some snacks from the
snack machine. As soon as he entered the room he dropped Mason’s snacks on the floor.
Everyone then turned to Mr. Yates. “Dad, are you alright,” asked Mallory. Mr. Yates didn’t say
anything, but looked at Mason, Mallory, and then Kaya. He looked at Kaya as if he knew him.
It’s like Mr. Yates was in shock too.
         “Hey dad, this is Kaya; Hilary’s friend,” said Mason. “We already know each other,”
said Kaya. “Mallory, remember when I told you that you had another brother,” said Mr. Yates.
“Yeah, why,” asked Mallory. Mason just looked like what exactly are the two of you talking
about. “Well this is your brother,” said Mr. Yates with a straight face.
         Everyone’s mouths dropped open. We couldn’t believe that Mr. Yates had an outside kid
and Kaya was his son. Mallory seemed to be pissed off. Hilary was so shocked. Mason could
not believe it either. Plus he was mad because he didn’t have a clue what was going on. He just
said “Well haven’t I had such a wonderful day! I hit a six pointer, wrecked and totaled my truck;
broke my arm, and now I have an outside brother. That’s not even the worse part. This is one
day I will never forget.”
         Mallory and Mason’s mom came into the room and began to go off on Mr. Yates for
cheating on her and getting another woman pregnant while they were married.
         That’s when it all began to make sense to me. If Kaya was really Mr. Yates son whom he
never took care of and pretty much abandoned he and his mother; he wants to destroy Mr. Yates
and intends on starting with Mallory and Mason. Why, because he is a werewolf and this is his
way of seeking retribution on Mr. Yates. While I sensed Kaya he seemed to be very rogue and
not all that stable. Then I began to wonder if he was there when that other werewolf attacked
Mason and me earlier.
         Instead of leaving the hospital immediately, I stepped out in the hall and decided to text
Carlos and tell him that I was at the hospital. I told him about Kaya. He texted back saying, “I
am on my way. You and Rafy stay put and do not do anything crazy. I walked back in the room
and listened to everyone argue and engage into conversation. I sat there quiet and Rafy sat on
my lap with his head lying on my shoulder facing my neck. He was scared. “Why are you so
quiet,” asked Hilary addressing me. “Oh just listening to yall carry on,” I said. Then Hilary
asked me if was Rafy alright since he has been quiet since she has gotten here.
         Rafy didn’t say anything. While he was lying on me I realized that his body temperature
became warmer than usual and it gradually began to rise. I rubbed his back and calmed him
down. Hilary reached out to hold Rafy, but he refused to go to her. Kaya stared at Rafy and I
the whole time we were there. “So where are you from, and what brings you to Chaosville,
asked Mason while talking to Kaya. “Mississippi, and I came here to meet my father who I
haven’t seen in almost two decades,” replied Kaya. The two boys engaged in a brief

conversation, while Mr. Yates and his ex-wife argued. I then asked Hilary if I could talk to her
in private.
        We stepped out into the hallway then I began to question Hilary about Kaya. She started
to get mad. I was worried about Hilary because I was afraid that Kaya was going to eat her. I
kept asking her how long she knew him and where did she meet him. I was still holding Rafy
who refused to get down.
        Hilary kept getting more and more mad. She finally had enough of my interrogating
questions and said “Look he likes me unlike other guys. Garner used to treat me like crap. Now
when I finally meet someone who wants to get to know me, you and Mallory begin to hate. I’m
tired of watching everyone in Chaosville live their happy little country lives while I’m always
lonely. So screw you and everyone else Alexsys.”
        I looked at her and before I could say anything, Kaya walked out of the room. “Is
everything ok with you two,” said Kaya. “Yes everything is fine and what is it to you,” said a
voice from behind me. It was Carlos. He had come from out of nowhere. “Ooh we have an
attitude here,” said Kaya giving Carlos a cocky look. It was as if Carlos knew Kaya and he knew
him. “Now that’s not a way to greet an old friend, is it Carlos,” said Kaya. “I just did, now why
are you here,” asked Carlos. I wanted to meet my father, said Kaya. “And who is that,” asked
Carlos. “Mr. Robby Yates of Chaosville, Alabama,” replied Kaya with a fake smile.
        That’s when I realized that the Yates family was in trouble. Why, to seek revenge on Mr.
Yates like I mentioned before. Mr. Yates never took care of Kaya or had been a part of his life,
so Kaya has grown up to hate Mr. Yates. Not only that he wanted to take down Mr. Yates just
because he has neglected him for so long. He doesn’t just want Mr. Yates, he wants Mallory and
Mason as well.
        I could tell that Kaya is a young werewolf and doesn’t know how to really control his
actions nor he cares too. All werewolves go through this stage where they destroy any and
everything that gets in their way. This is also followed by high and low periods of mania which
causes them to be somewhat depressed and have mood swings constantly. Humans usually have
medicine for this part of their behavior, but werewolves must have fresh blood.
        Carlos and I tried to persuade Hilary to come with us, but she refused. She claimed that
she would be okay, but somehow Carlos changed her mind so she finally agreed to ride back
with us. This seemed to have made Kaya mad because he gave us all a mean look.
        A few seconds later, Mr. Yates stepped out in the hallway and said “So I see yall done
met my son.” “Yes, I believe we have.” I said. “Oh did I mention that I am going to be staying
with Mr. Yates for a few weeks,” said Kaya. Carlos and I looked at each other.
        Mallory had walked out of Mason’s hospital room and stood by the door. She had her
arms folded and you could tell that she was upset. She glared at Kaya for a minute, then walked
back in the room and slammed the door. Kaya did not know she was glaring at him. Carlos,
Rafy, and I hung around the hospital for a while just to makes sure everyone was safe. Carlos
must have threatened Kaya before we left, because he asked Kaya if he could speak to him in
private around the corner. I heard some of the conversation. It was just like “blah blah blah, you
need to leave Chaosville or else, and don’t hurt anyone and some more crap.”
        Later on, Carlos, Rafy, Hilary, and I all left. Hilary was kind of mad that I made her
come with us, but I could care less if she was pissed; she was safe. On the way back to her
dorm, she began to cry. Then she started to pity herself. Hilary has such low self-esteem and it
seems as if she needs a therapist. It just gets annoying. Carlos and I calmed her down and tried
to explain that Kaya wasn’t the right guy for her. Finally, we had talked to her enough to get her

mind off it. We then dropped her off at her dorm and drove back home. Hopefully, she would
know what’s good for her and not call Kaya to accompany her tonight.
        Carlos and I began to have a discussion about Kaya and what happened earlier. That’s
when Carlos broke his silence about the unknown female werewolf in the woods earlier.
        Come to find out the werewolf was Kaya’s mother and she used to live in Chaosville
when the town was first established and was once a part of the pack. She was forced to leave the
area after something had gone down very bad in the town. A few centuries later, she must have
somehow ran into Mr. Yates, there isn’t any telling where and got knocked up. Since Mr. Yates
claimed the boy wasn’t his and neglected her and her son for so long she raised Kaya up to hate
his father.
        After Carlos told me that I realized that they had come to seek revenge on the Yates
family. This probably meant that there were more werewolves in the town of Chaosville. Carlos
and I began to make a plan about how we were going to stop Kay from hurting the Yates and
how we were going deal with the others if there were some more in our territory.
        Carlos and I finally made it home and told Feraston about Kaya. We then went and
tucked Rafy in bed. Carlos talked about how cute Rafy was and how he wanted another baby
werewolf and that he and I would make a pretty one. I told him that we will eventually, but I
want to wait. He looked at me and said “You said that over one hundred years ago.” I looked
back at him and said “You’re right and I am saying it now as well.”
        Ever since I have been turned werewolf I have been scared to get pregnant for some
reason. I guess it’s just a fear of having to leave or something. The night I was marked Little
Hawk was in the forest with me and when I turned I had to leave him. I never saw him again,
except a few times from a distance. It’s like I was taken from him and he was taken from me.
Ever since then I maintain this fear and I still try to hold my guard up. I still maintain this fear
with Rafy and that is one reason why I am so protective of him.
        Carlos and I later went downstairs and went to bed. We pretty much enjoyed the rest of
the night pleasing and satisfying each other’s sexual preferences.
        The next night morning I woke up laying in Carlos’s arms in which was such a pleasant
feeling for me to start the day. All of a sudden Rafy busted up in our room yelling “Get up! Get
up! You know what today is!” Carlos and I said “What” even though we knew exactly what
today was. “It’s the first night of the full moon, that means we are hunting tonight,” said Rafy,
who was overly excited. Most young werewolves around his age usually get excited when it is
time for the full moon. For Carlos and me it’s just another day for us not to control our actions.
        We decided to go camping in Northeast Mississippi at one of the state parks, not sure
which one yet. We just know it’s not safe to hunt around Chaosville right now. Rafy stormed
out of our room and ran to Feraston’s room to inform her about the full moon tonight.
        Carlos turned on the television and as soon as he turned it on there was Garner and
Caprilla’s picture on the news. The two had been killed by an unknown animal. Authorities
were saying that it was the same animal that killed Mayor Woodbaum and his secretary. They
believe that it was a bear, panther, or a pack of coyotes that did this. Since those were some of
the most common predators in our area. The two were found this morning ripped apart at the
junkyard that Vick works at.
        Carlos and I could not believe it, we knew who did it. Vick was on the news crying
talking about his nephew. Feraston ran into our room screaming. “Are you guys watching the
news,” she yelled.

        I began to get calls from my friends and some of my peers. About an hour later we went
into town. Everyone was talking. The gossip at the coffee shop was that a pack of coyotes must
have got them or a panther. There was a table of elderly men sitting down drinking coffee and
talking about the attacks. “Aint no way a pack of coyotes killed them kids. Those coyotes are
fearful and woulda ran off,” said some elderly Brooks man, who was sitting at the table with the
group of men. I figured he was related to Kent and Kanya and probably even the woman who
said she saw a big wolf in her back yard. Another piece of gossip was why a panther, bear, or
pack of coyotes would go into a junkyard. It’s not even that far out in the country, plus the area
is fenced in. This was so unusual and bizarre.
        Feraston and Rafy were doing a little shopping for our full moon trip. Carlos was helping
out at the coffee shop with me, but was about to leave and head to the office for a minute to
finish reading over some files. I stayed at the coffee shop.
        A few minutes later Carlos left. Mason walked in a few moments after Carlos left the
coffee shop. Mason had an angry look on his face, but yet sad. He came over towards me and
looked me straight in the eyes and said “Did you hear about Garner and Caprilla?” “Yes, I am so
sorry I can’t believe it myself,” I said. “So do you know what happened,” asked Mason. I
nodded and said “It was on the news this morning.” “I don’t believe it was a bear, a panther, or a
pack of coyotes,” said Mason with a furious look on his face. Then he said “That’s if you know
what I mean.” I glared at him and said “I don’t know where you are coming from, but if you
think I had something to do with what happened to Garner and your ex, you got me messed up.
Garner and I were friends too. Even though Caprilla and I didn’t really get along I had nothing
against her.”
        I kept on going off on Mason by saying “I can’t believe you got the nerves to confront me
over some crap that I didn’t do and that doesn’t concern me.” Mason continued to stare at me
and then he began to cry. Right in front of me he broke down into tears.
        I quickly pulled him in the back of the coffee shop and told one of the other girls to take
over for me for a moment. Mason constantly cried and kept talking about how he had known
Garner and Caprilla since kindergarten; and how Caprilla cheated on him with Garner. I then
explained to him how everything was going to be ok and not to worry. I hugged him and went
and got him some coffee.
        Later on after Mason had calmed down, we began to discuss the whole werewolf subject.
I explained to him that I had nothing to do with what happened. “I believe you Alexsys,” said
Mason. He then asked “Last night you told me that you were old, just how old are you really.”
“I’m nineteen,” I said with a laugh. “Yeah I know that, but how long have you been nineteen,”
asked Mason. “I’m one hundred ninety-nine years old. I was born in 1811 and was turned into
what I am now at age nineteen,” I said. “Wow,” said Mason as if he was totally amazed. “So I
figure you don’t age and you don’t die,” he said. “Not unless you shoot me with a silver bullet
and it depends on where you shoot,” I said. “So like what are your super werewolf abilities,”
asked Mason. “Dang you ask a whole lot of questions,” I said. “Sorry, just haven’t ever met
anyone like you. I didn’t know that werewolves exist,” said Mason. “You straight,” I said with
a smile and then went on to explain the answer to his question.
        “Well I’m pretty much what you’ve read, heard, or seen on TV,” I said sarcastically. We
both began to laugh. “Yeah, “Mason. “I’m super-fast; I have far beyond six times the strength
of a wolf and a man put together, and I have senses like both people and wolves. Oh and I can
change people’s minds and turn into a werewolf anytime I want. Plus there’s more,” I said.

        Mason looked at me like he was scared and amazed at the same time. Plus I sensed it.
“Don’t be frightened of me and don’t feel awkward either. We are friends; I would never hurt
you,” I said. “I’m not scared, I’m just fascinated,” said Mason. “Like I said I haven’t ever met
anyone like you before.”
        “Well don’t go around telling everyone because if you do,” I said. “I want,” said Mason
quickly. “So are there other werewolves out there,” he asked. “Thousands of us, hundreds of
thousands, more than you can imagine. We just blend in with everyone else,” I said.
        “How were you turned into a werewolf,” asked Mason. I smiled and said “Hmmm, well
one day this fine Spaniard came into the village I lived in,” I said. I then gave him just a brief
story on how I was turned into a werewolf by Carlos.
        Mason could not believe Carlos was a werewolf as well. “Yeah he was once a knight
five hundred years ago,” I said.
        “I just have to ask do you guys hunt umm umm,” said Mason who was struggling to get
his words out. “No we don’t hunt people. We usually feed deer and cows, and stuff like that. I
have in the past, but what werewolf hasn’t. I usually control my actions and so does our pack,
but just for safety humans should not be around us when we turn. There are some werewolves
out there who are crazy and only prefer humans,” I said. I then continued to explain. “Don’t
worry I have practiced controlling my actions. I didn’t try to eat you the other day did I,” I said.
        Mason and I then changed the subject and talked about something else, such as he left the
hospital pretty early, and how Mr. Yates and his ex-wife were arguing last night.
        Meanwhile, the sheriff’s department was looking for the wild animal so they could
capture it.
        “So what are you doing tonight,” asked Mason. “Do you wanna come and play some
cards or watch a movie?” “I would love to, but I can’t because it’s a full moon,” I said.
        Mason and I began to discuss his new half-brother, whom he has never met until last
night. “There is something about him that I just don’t like, he is weird. Mallory spent the night
with me at the hospital because he sort of creeps her out. I’m so glad that you and Carlos made
Hilary ride with yall. You should have saw how he stormed out of the hospital with a mean look
on his face when yall left,” said Mason.
        I did not know how to explain to Mason that his new half-brother was a werewolf, so I
just said “Stay away from him and don’t be caught by yourself with him.” “Why,” asked Mason
who seemed concerned. “He’s not what you think he is and what happened to Garner and
Caprilla wasn’t a pack of coyotes, a bear or a panther attack,” I said.
        “What are you trying to tell me,” asked Mason. I couldn’t take the pressure to hold it in
so I blurted it out. “Kaya is a werewolf,” I said. Mason then gave me a strange look and said
“There’s no way! I mean I don’t know what to believe anymore after what happened. The dude
just came into Chaosville and then there was that other werewolf. Now my ex-girlfriend and my
best friend are found dead in a junkyard. What’s going on in this town,” said Mason.
        You could tell that Mason was extremely shaken. Kaya could have killed Garner because
Garner tried to start crap with him at the football game over Hilary. Caprilla must have been
with Garner at the wrong time and place,” I said. “Yeah I heard about that whole dispute at the
game, but how did he find Garner and how would he know that they were in the junkyard,”
asked Mason. “Once a werewolf gets the scent of an exacting prey, it usually hunts it down,” I
replied. Mason just stared.
        “If you are wondering why Kaya is here, it is to destroy Mr. Yates and all of his lovely
and close possessions,” I said. I then explained to him the whole situation of why I believed

Kaya was here. Afterwards, Mason asked “How do I stop him?” I replied, “Like I said it takes a
silver bullet, and be careful and don’t let him attack you.”
         All of a sudden, the door opened and Rafy came running in with a brand new toy yelling
“Mommy, look what I got.” Feraston was tagging along behind him. “Hi Mason, see you are
better,” said Rafy showing me what his toy does, which was some sort of remote controlled car.
         “Mason, how are you? When did you get out so early,” asked Feraston. “Well the
doctors put a cask on my arm, gave me some cream for my scratches, and not to mention pain
pills for the pain. So they kind of let me out early this morning,” said Mason.
         “Hey Alexsys, is she too one,” asked Mason referring to if Feraston was a werewolf.
“Yes,” I nodded. “Am I one what,” asked Feraston. “A werewolf,” I replied.
         Feraston looked at Mason and said “Yeah and do you have a problem with that.”
Feraston pretended to have an attitude when she answered Mason’s question. “How old is she,”
whispered Mason. “Old,” I said. “I heard that,” said Feraston. We all laughed. “She isn’t as
old as Carlos,” I said.
         All of a sudden Rafy came up to Mason and said “Hey Mason, I’m one too wanna see my
wolf teeth.” “Sure,” said Mason. Rafy quickly popped his fangs out and made his eyes change
to a light green, but somewhat the color of a wolf. Mason jumped back quickly, because it sort
of frightened him.
         “Rafy put them up, that’s enough,” I said. Rafy made his fangs go back in and changed
his eyes back to brown. “Okay,” said Rafy with a mild frown on his face. “You want me to get
you a cookie,” I said. “Yeah,” said Rafy who had quickly changed his frown into a smile and
began to jump up and down.
         Feraston picked her keys up and said “I’m going to go and see Vick before we leave.”
“Be back quickly,” I said, referring to the fact we had to leave early for our trip.
         We all went back up to the front of the store except Feraston who went out the back door
and got in her mustang. While up front, Mason decided to help, but couldn’t do much due to his
arm. We changed the subject and began talking about the game we both missed last night. A
few minutes later, Mallory showed up at the coffee shop. She came in, gave me a hug, and
engaged in our conversation as well.
         Mallory looked as if she was stressed out and have had a long night. Her hair was up in a
ponytail and she had no makeup on. She wore a pair of sweat pants and a wife beater. She also
looked like she didn’t get that much sleep. I made her an energizing cappuccino to boost her
energy. Rafy sat in a corner playing with his new toy car.
         Meanwhile Mr. Yates was getting to know his new son whom Mallory and Mason were
suspicious about. They went to the Chaosville Country Club to play golf. Mr. Yates loves to
play golf. Kaya has never played, but it is easy for a werewolf to catch on to anything.
         The two rode around in their golf cart then stopped where the holes were. Mr. Yates
caddy was full of silver irons. When Mr. Yates got out the clubs to hit the balls he handed one to
Kaya. Without paying attention, Kaya grabbed the silver club. As soon as he grabbed the golf
club it burned his hand and it began to start smoking. Mr. Yates just stared like a dumbi, because
he did not know what was going on and he couldn’t understand why Kaya’s hand was smoking
from the golf club.
         Kaya threw the golf club down as quickly as possible. He then grabbed his hand with the
other until it stopped smoking. “Well dang boy, what caused that? You alright! That aint
supposed to happen. Your hand was a smoking,” said Mr. Yates, who was staring at Kaya’s
hand. It sort of shocked Mr. Yates because he had never seen that before.

         “I’m alright that sun must have hit the club or something. How about we call it a day,”
said Kaya. “We just got here, though,” said Mr. Yates. “I know, but I’m not really into this golf
crap,” said Kaya with an attitude.
         Kaya then walked off leaving Mr. Yates to play golf by himself. Mr. Yates stood there
and continued to play golf. He could care less that Kaya left, the only thing on Mr. Yates mind
right now was golf and going on one of his business trips later on that day.
         Meanwhile Feraston was visiting Vick. He was so sad about what had happened to his
nephew. Feraston and Vick talked about the situation while Feraston did her best comfort him.
That’s when Vick said it wasn’t any bear or panther that killed Garner and Caprilla. Feraston
just rubbed Vick’s back and didn’t say anything. She just listened and later got up and left to me
up with the rest of us.
         In the meantime, Rafy and I left the coffee shop and met Carlos back at the house. That’s
when I told Carlos about Mallory and Mason being in trouble. He didn’t really say much, but
tell them to go out of town. Carlos acted like he did not care to help or save the Yates family. It
pissed me off that he pretended like didn’t care so I blurted out, “But you and Mr. Yates are
friends.” Carlos looked at me and said “Yeah we are, but don’t you remember anything about
the night we left Chaosville. They’re blood were in with what took place that night.” “Yes, I
remember and that was like in the 1840’s. We cannot hold grudges still. Mason and Mallory are
my friends and I am not going to let Kaya kill them,” I said. “Just finish getting everything in
the truck,” said Carlos.
         “So where are we going,” I asked. “I just made a reservation at Tishomingo State Park,
where we will be staying in a cabin,” said Carlos. “I take it they have a large amount of deer,”
said Feraston who had just entered the door. She walked over to the refrigerator, opened it, and
grabbed a leftover raw pork chop. She tore into it like she was starved.
         Wolfie was running around like a crazed puppy on crack. “Is Wolfie going with us,”
asked Rafy. “Yeah,” I said. We all loaded up in Carlos’s truck and headed to Northeast
         Along the way, we passed a sign that said Coon Dog Cemetery. It sort of caught our
attention. “That must be where people bury their coon dogs,” asked Feraston. “I believe so.
Why else would it be called that,” I said.
         Coon Dog Cemetery is out there in the Freedom Hills which is practically the middle of
nowhere. People live out in those woods, but no one really goes out there. Not even the law.
It’s basically outlaw land where people hide out and probably still make illegal moonshine.
There isn’t no telling what goes on in the Freedom Hills area. If you go out there and get lost,
there may be a good chance you will not come out. Take it from a werewolf we used to hunt out
in that area.
         All of a sudden, Carlos turns the car around. “I forgot something,” he said. “What did
you forget,” asked Feraston and me at the same time. Carlos didn’t really answer our question
all he said was, “We have to go back, screw going to the state park.”
         Everyone was wondering why Carlos just turned around and began driving back towards
Chaosville. Wolfie even was curious, he began to bark.
         “Daddy, I want to go to the state park,” cried Rafy. “We will! Daddy has to take care of
something,” said Carlos. Rafy began to cry. I started to go off on Carlos because he wouldn’t
tell us why he had turned around. Carlos was also driving like eighty miles per hour in his King
Ranch F150.

        Finally, we reached Chaosville. “Call Mason and tell him to bring Mallory and his
father. Tell him to meet me at the coffee shop immediately,” said Carlos. I quickly grabbed my
phone out of my purse and called Mason. We met up with him and Mallory at the coffee shop.
We all went in the back room through the back door so it wouldn’t be obvious to the public.
Carlos then told Mason about the reservation at the state park and that he Mallory, and Mr. Yates
should go for the weekend. He practically gave our full moon vacation to them, which I did not
understand, but still I did not mind because that way they would be safe. Carlos convinced them
to take Hilary along, but make sure she does not tell anyone, especially Kaya. Mr. Yates wasn’t
with Mallory and Mason nor was he playing golf anymore; he was on his way to Tunica to spend
the rest of the weekend on a so called business trip. Mason called Mr. Yates and he told him that
he was on his way to Tunica and was later going to meet up with a few of his colleagues to
debate business. None of us believed the second part, because we knew what he was going to do
in Tunica. He was going to do what Mr. Yates does best which was go to the casino and blow
some money, and meet some wild and attractive naïve woman and take her back to his room.
        After talking to Mr. Yates, Mason and Mallory left. They then went to pick up Hilary
who they pretty much had to bribe to get her to go and not to call or text Kaya.
        I then realized that Carlos, Feraston, Rafy, and I were all going to be staying in
Chaosville for the full moon and stand our ground if we had too. For some reason, I had a
feeling that Kaya was not the only werewolf that we had to take on. I felt as if there was another
whole clan of werewolves in Chaosville besides us, and there is no way that there can be two
different packs in the same area without there being any bloodshed, especially if they are not
refined like us. Mostly when I have this feeling I am right.
        We later left the coffee shop and went back to our house to prepare for the full moon.
Rafy took a nap and so did Feraston. Carlos and I stayed up and made a plan about what we
were going to do tonight, since we had a change of plans.
        During one of the last full moons I did not plan on hunting nothing but deer, but things
got out of control and I could not help myself. I sat in the living room with Carlos watching the
clock tick and staring at how the sky darkened as time went by. It was now getting late. By this
time Rafy and Feraston had both awakened from their six hour naps and had joined us in the
living room, while watching the clock continue to tick.
        It was almost time for the full moon to begin in a few hours. We quietly waited. That’s
when the telephone ringed. “Ding ling ling….. Ding ling ling,” it ranged several more times.
We all looked at each other like who is going to answer that.
        I answered “Fernandez residence.” Then a man’s voice said “Alexsys Four Rivers, I
thought I’d never hear from you again. Do you remember me?”
        My mouth completely dropped open when I recognized the man’s voice. It was a man
that I knew from my past, nearly two centuries ago, right after I was turned.

                                         Chapter Twelve

        “How did you find me,” I said in a low voice hesitant voice. Carlos and Feraston listened
in on the call. “Well after your spouse and your old friend, Feraston killed my sister, I thought
I’d come to Chaosville and make us even if you know what I mean,” said the man.
        “No, I don’t know what you mean and I sure in the hell aint gonna let you try. You
freakin moron,” I yelled.
        Carlos quickly took the phone away from me and said “Look Vladimir! Alexsys has
nothing to do with this. If you want to accuse someone of something you take that up with me.”
“She has everything to do with this, she caused you to kill my sister in order to protect a Yates,”
said Vladimir, an old werewolf associate of ours who went blood thirsty mad nearly two
centuries ago.
        “Well your sister shouldn’t have attacked Alexsys,” yelled Carlos. “Well Alexsys
shouldn’t have been there with that Mason, I believe his name is; and all this could have been
avoided. Matter of fact I have Mason’s sister, Mallory and their chubby friend here waiting on
us to chow down when the full moon hits,” said Vladimir. “Don’t hurt them,” I yelled. That’s
when we heard Mallory crying as if she was being tortured.
        “Vladimir must be Kaya’s uncle,” whispered Feraston. “He must be,” I whispered back.
“What do you want from us,” asked Carlos. “Honestly I want Alexsys to give herself to us or
give your son in replace for my sister. If neither of them come to Freedom Hills near the Coon
Dog Cemetery by the time the full moon hits. I will kill the humans first and hunt you all down
so quickly and turn you into little werewolf shreds,” said Vladimir. After making his point he
quickly hung up the phone.
        Carlos then hung up the phone with this angry ferocious look on his face. “He is not
getting either one of us,” I said holding Rafy in my arms. “And I’m not going to let him kill my
friends either.”
        “He won’t we have three hours to come up with another plan,” said Carlos. “What’s
going on,” said Rafy. “Nothing sweetie, how about Feraston fix you a snack,” I said. Feraston
took Rafy in the kitchen while Carlos and I discussed a solution for our problem.
        I had an idea on what to do so Mallory, Mason, and Hilary would not get hurt. Plus we
had no idea how many other werewolves we were facing. All I knew was that Carlos is super
strong and fast because he is five hundred years old. Feraston and I are both super strong and
fast as well with other super abilities as well. The only weaknesses that we all have are the fact
that we do not have fresh human blood and flesh on a daily basis.

        Vladimir was once crazy about human blood and seems to not have changed a bit. That
makes him stronger than us. His pack probably has human blood and flesh all the time.
        That’s when the thought popped into my mind, “why not find some human blood right
before the full moon.” I told Carlos and he agreed that we all do this. We also came up with
another plan.
        One of our ideas was that we needed a mortal who had a shotgun and silver bullets.
Right after I thought of that my cell phone began to ring. It was Mason.
        Carlos answered my phone and said “Hello.” Right after Carlos said hello, Mason cried
“They got them! They got them! They took my sister and Hilary, and some more people!” He
sounded hysterical. “Calm down! Who took Mallory and Hilary,” asked Carlos.
        “I don’t know where they took them. I’m in Florence driving past some liquor store. I’m
on my way back to Chaosville. I called the cops. Those people took everyone at the cabins,”
cried Mason. “Look you stay there in town around a bunch of people. We are coming to get
you,” said Carlos.
        Carlos, Rafy, and I all rushed to the garage and got in Carlos’s truck. We then drove to
Florence to get Mason. Feraston stayed and guarded the house. The reason why we took Rafy,
with us, was in case Feraston ended up fighting or something. Wolfie stayed with Feraston, but
she locked him upstairs in Rafy’s room so she would not eat him if the full moon came in earlier
than it was supposed to.
        When arriving in Florence, Carlos and I kept an eye out for Mason. That’s when Rafy
pointed out the window and said “Mommy there’s Mason look in that car.” I looked out the
passenger’s side window and sure enough there was Mason sitting at a gas station inside
Mallory’s car.
        “Carlos pulled over there,” I said pointing to where Mason was. Carlos quickly pulled in.
We hopped out the truck cautiously to make sure it wasn’t a set up and that another werewolf did
not follow Mason to Florence. When Mason noticed us, he immediately got out of his car. He
seemed scared and shaken. Not only was he scared and shaken, he was also mad and sad all at
        When I reached out to put my arm around Mason’s shoulder, the smell caught my
attention. “Where is it,” I asked. “Huh, where’s what,” replied Mason. “You’re wounded,’ I
said ripping the sleeve off of his Chaosville hoodie. That’s when Carlos and I noticed that
Mason had been attacked by another werewolf because he had a huge bite mark on his arm that
he had wrapped pieces of a blue wife beater around.
        How did I know that Mason was attacked by another werewolf? His bite wound had the
smell of the animal that attacked him, being that it was fresh. Plus it looked as if it was getting
ready to heal quickly because tonight was a full moon. “When did you get that and why didn’t
you tell me on the phone,” I asked seriously.
        “When they took Hilary, my sister, and the others at the cabin, they almost got me too. If
I wouldn’t have grabbed my knife out my pocket and stabbed the one that was biting me in the
eye; it would have gotten me. I managed to get in the car and drive off, but there was no way I
could help my sister because they had already taken her,” cried Mason who was very upset. He
then asked “Are yall going to help me get my sister back, or what?”
        Carlos looked at me and told Mason to get in the truck and then whispered to me that it
was not a set up and that he is not lying. “You must have sensed him,” I asked. “Yes and so did
Rafy,” said Carlos. “Why didn’t you,” asked Carlos. “I wasn’t thinking about it,” I replied.

         Mason got in the back seat along with Rafy. “So you ever shot a twelve gage or a rifle,”
asked Carlos addressing Mason. “Hell I maybe sort of preppy, but I’m a country boy and I been
hunting since I was six. I killed a four pointer the second time I ever went hunting,” replied
Mason. “Good, cause tonight you are going to be hunting werewolves not deer,” said Carlos.
“And ya sure aint gonna be huntin no damn coons,” I said pretending to be a hillbilly. Mason
laughed then grinned and said “One time I shot a coyote.”
         “Got any silver bullets,” asked Carlos driving back to Chaosville to pick up Feraston.
“No, but Sheriff Collinbelle and his stepson have just about any type of hunting equipment there
is,” said Mason. “My dad has some hunting equipment, but I’m sure he doesn’t have any silver
         “Call him,” said Rafy not quite sure what was going on. Rafy was another concern on
mine and Carlos’s mind. What are we going to do with Rafy? We sure couldn’t take him with
us and we needed Feraston to come along with us and follow the plan that we all came up with.
         When we finally got back to town we went over to Sheriff Collinbelle’s house. To me it
seemed like such an awkward and random idea, but Carlos and Mason insisted.
         Sheriff Collinbelle was delighted to see us. He and his wife Barbara invited us in and
asked us if we wanted to join them for dessert. Mason and Carlos sparked a conversation about
unknown animal attacks in Chaosville. “You know we’re not the only town that has been having
these animal attacks,” said Sheriff Collinbelle. He then began to name a few towns and counties.
         Barbara and I sat down and listened to the guys chat. Rafy was running around playing
with their kids and their pet bunny rabbit. I was surprised that he was in a playful mood because
right before the full moon he tends to get a little sick or jumps to super high periods of
         A few minutes into the conversation Mason blurted out something about hunting and
guns. “Hey you fellers want to come and check out one of my new rifles for hunting season,”
asked Sheriff Collinbelle.
         We all followed Sheriff Collinbelle outside and into an old barn his backyard. Sheriff
Collinbelle called out to his stepson, Vince who was already in the back yard fixing his four-
wheeler. Barbara stayed in the house with the kids, and so did Rafy.
         We walked in the old wooden barn and into an old horse stable that was actually two, but
the wall between them had been tore down. Vince switched on the light then walked over where
everyone was standing.
         Vince was a tall lanky guy with brown hair, dark blue eyes, semi fair skin, and freckled
cheeks. He had just turned eighteen years old and was a senior at Chaosville High School, where
he played basketball and ran track.
         After I stepped into the horse stable, the first thing I noticed were guns neatly stacked in
rows up on the walls all the way to the ceiling. We all just gazed at Sheriff Collinbelle’s
weapons for his hunting collection. He had knifes on one wall along with bows and arrows, and
also some cameo. He had a few fishing stuff stacked in a corner as well. No wonder there was a
huge lock along with a chain on the barn doors and the stable. The barn was full of hunting gear
and equipment.
         Suddenly, something caught my attention. There were two long shelves of all kinds of
bullets. “You wouldn’t happen to have any silver bullets,” I asked pointing over to the shelves.
“Yeah, I think so. You don’t plan on turning into a wolf again,” said Sheriff Collinbelle being
sarcastic and referring to the person that called down to the station after Mason had his wreck;

and claimed they saw me turn to a wolf. We all busted into laughter. “I might,” I said being
sarcastic, but honest at the same time.
         “Here are some,” said Vince holding up a few. Carlos and I looked. Mason grabbed up
some observing them closely. Sheriff Collinbelle began to talk about how powerful a silver
bullet was.
         “Can we borrow some,” asked Carlos. “Sure,” replied Sheriff Collinbelle handing Carlos
a box of silver bullets. Mason reached out and grabbed them instead. Sheriff Collinbelle was
kind of curious why we wanted the silver bullets. He then asked us why we needed them.
         Carlos reached out and shook Sheriff Collinbelle’s hand, and then he said “Listen I would
to tell you, but we really don’t have the time.” “Thanks Sheriff,” said Mason trying to leave.
         All of a sudden, we heard a loud scream from the house. It was Barbara. We all rushed
to the house. Carlos and I got there first within a flash.
         As soon as we opened the door we saw Barbara in a corner holding her two kids. The
kids were crying and Barbara was screaming “Help! Get this thing out of my house!”
         It took a second for Carlos and I to realize what was going on, but when we walked into
the living room we saw the reason why she was screaming and the kids were crying.
         There in the middle of the floor was Rafy, crouched down on all fours eating the Sheriff’s
kids’ pet rabbit. Rafy had blood all over his mouth and his fangs were ripping and chowing
down on the helpless rabbit. His claws had come out and his eyes had changed into the
yellowish color of a wolf.
         By this time Sheriff Collinbelle, Vince, and Mason had made it into the house and was
now staring in shock at Rafy eating the rabbit. Rafy usually has a snack right before the full
moon, but today I guess I forgot about it, since there was so much going on.
         “The full moon isn’t here yet,” I said with an angry and furious voice. I went and pulled
him away from the dead rabbit which was nearly gone.
         Unexpectedly, Sheriff Collinbelle ran to a desk and pulled a gun from out of it. He then
pointed it at Rafy and I while guarding his family. “What the hell are yall,” yelled Sheriff
Collinbelle. “Huh, what are yall,” he continued to yell, while cocking back the trigger.
         Before he could fire the gun, Carlos knocked the gun out of his hand and it fell to the
floor and went off. Luckily no one got hurt. Carlos then picked Sheriff Collinbelle up and threw
him across the room.
         “How dare you point a gun at my family,” yelled Carlos, whose fangs and claws came
out, and eyes all changed colors at once.
         Vince called himself going to grab the gun, but I quickly grabbed it and moved Rafy and
I into a corner out of the way. Mason stood there flabbergasted at what was happening.
         Carlos leaped up in the air and jumped right in front of Sheriff Collibelle and yelled “I
come here for your help, not for you to point a gun at my wife and son.” He then picked up
Sheriff Collinbelle and threw him against another wall.
         “Don’t hurt me! Don’t eat me,” yelled Sheriff Collinbelle. “Why would I want to do that
when we are supposed to be friends? Plus I came out here for your help,” said Carlos. Sheriff
Collinbelle just stared at Carlos in shock, then he asked “Where’s Barbara and my kids?”
         “We are okay honey,” yelled Barbara, who was still holding onto her children in the
corner. I was holding Rafy in my arms and trying to calm him down. He was so upset because
of his actions, plus Sheriff Collinbelle had frightened him.
         All of a sudden Mason walked up to Sheriff Collinbelle and said “It’s ok Sheriff, no one
here is going to hurt you or your family.” Sheriff Collinbelle looked over at Mason, who had

squatted down beside him. “Sheriff we came here because there has been a kidnapping. My
sister, Mallory and your niece were taken earlier today,” said Mason. Sheriff Collinbelle’s eyes
got big as tow each.
         “What? Are you serious, by whom,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle. “They were taken by Mr.
Yates false outside son and others who we will explain at another time. That’s if you will please
help us get them back,” I said.
         “My niece has been kidnapped. Well I have to get her back,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
“How did this happen? When? Where? What time,” he asked.
         Sheriff Collinbelle was still frightened. He finally asked the question that had been on
his mind for the last few minutes, which was “What exactly are yall?”
         “I’m human,” said Mason. Carlos and I looked at each other. “We are werewolves, but
we do not feed on humans. Those unknown animal killings were not done by bears, panthers,
and coyotes. They were done by werewolves, but not us. It’s another pack,” said Carlos.
         Sheriff Collinbelle did not really know how to respond to that. We then briefly told him
what had been going on lately. We also told him about our plan to get Mallory and Hilary back.
Sheriff Collinbelle had calmed down when he realized that Carlos was not going to hurt him. He
also apologized to Rafy and me. He then agreed to help us hunt down the other werewolves too.
         He, Carlos and Mason went out to the barn and gathered up some weapons and silver
bullets. I called Feraston and had her come get Rafy and go down towards Birminham for the
full moon and then go to Georgia the next night and stay with some werewolf allies of ours. I
then told her to call me when they got to their destination.
         Vince and I went out to the barn to help gather some weapons. Vince seemed to be
totally fascinated that there was such thing as werewolves. Sheriff Collinbelle couldn’t believe it
either, but had always heard stories about them. He said that when he was a kid his grandpa used
to tell him a story about a handsome feller who had settled in early Chaosville and was caught
turning into a large wolf like creature at night along with several of his companions. Then he
mentioned how they went on a rampage one night and later fled the area. Carlos and I knew
exactly who he was talking about, but did not say anything.
         We finally got everything situated and loaded in the Sheriff Collinbelle’s truck. We then
headed out to Coon Dog Cemetery.
         Vince stayed home with Barbara and the little ones. Along the way I was nervous. I kept
thinking about if our plan was to going to work or not, and if Mallory and Hilary were alright. I
was sort of fearful of what Vladimir might do to me if caught. Plus I was curious of his intake of
human blood and flesh. I knew that if I was to drink some fresh human blood or eat some flesh
right before the full moon, I would be able to put up a better fight against Vladimir. Then again
there wasn’t any telling how many other werewolves were with Vladimir.
         Out of the blue, I blurted out “I need human blood!” The guys instantly stopped their
conversation about how they were going to sneak up on the other werewolves.
         “I thought you did not eat humans,” said Sheriff Collinbelle. “I don’t but since I am
going up against a man eating three-hundred and something year old werewolf, I need to have
just more than enough strength to fight him. I mean I want our plan to succeed on getting the
girls back. Plus there are only four of us. One and a half human and two werewolves; and there
is not any telling how many of them there is,” I said.
         “She’s right,” said Carlos. “What do you mean there is one and a half human in here,”
asked Sheriff Collinbelle. “I’m human, but I was attacked earlier when I escaped from the state

park,” said Mason. “So you one too,” yelled Sheriff. “Well no, I got to kill the werewolf that bit
me in order to be all the way human again,” said Mason.
         Sheriff Collinbelle just looked at Mason and then said “Where are we going to get some
human blood or flesh from, we only got twenty minutes till full moon. There aint no time to stop
at a hospital or anything. We got to be in Freedom Hills at Coon Dog Cemetery before the full
moon hits. Not only that, what am I going to tell my brother if something happens to Hilary.”
         “It’s going to be okay! Don’t worry we are going to get them back,” said Carlos. “What
if I like cut myself or something? Could you like drink my blood or lick it,” asked Mason.
“That could work, but you are marked until you kill the werewolf that marked you,” I said.
         We all then turned to Sheriff Collinbelle, who was driving. “Nah, aint nobody biting me,
yall stop that,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
         All of a sudden, Mason pulls out a pocket knife and quickly cut Sheriff Collinbelle across
the arm. “What the hell,” yelled Sheriff Collinbelle while pulling over on the side of the
         Mason then took a cap from a bottle and let a little bit of the blood run in the cap. “Are
you serious? Yall done came up in my house and scared the crap out of me and my family, told
me yall were werewolves, told me my niece had been kidnapped, and now yall cutting me,”
yelled Sheriff Collinbelle.
         Mason turned around and handed me the little cap of blood. I quickly drunk it and after I
finished licking the cap, my eyes lit up and changed colors. I knew then that I was ready for the

                                        Chapter Thirteen
         “Thanks,” I said looking directly at Sheriff Collinbelle. He didn’t even say you’re
welcome. All he said was “Where exactly in Freedom Hills are you supposed to meet that
Vladmo dude?” “You mean Vladimir,” I said correcting Sheriff Collinbelle’s pronunciation of
Vladimir. “And we are supposed to me him near Coon Dog Cemetery,” I replied.
         “Why would they want us to meet them in Freedom Hills,” asked Mason. “It’s nothing
out there, but wilderness.”
         “You said it, nothing but wilderness. Freedom Hills is pretty much the thickets. Plus not
that many people stay out there deep in them hills,” said Carlos. “Outlaws used to stay out
there,” said Sheriff Collinbelle. “Damn right about that,” said Carlos.
         After driving for a good minute, we arrived in Freedom Hills. We drove a few miles
before I told Sheriff Collinbelle to stop the truck.
         “Listen Carlos and I are fixing to get out of the vehicle and look for the other pack. We
need you two to keep driving and find a place to park. Be quiet and don’t get to close. They can
hear anything with some miles, and some can hear your thoughts as well. So be careful and be
cautious,” I said. “Gotcha,” said Sheriff Collinbelle, who seemed ready to go hunting.
         “Make sure to stick with the plan,” said Carlos. “Hey we know what to do. Plus I’m a
war veteran,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
         Before I got out of the vehicle, Mason asked me two very important questions. “How
will I know which werewolf attacked me at the park earlier today; and by the way the full moon
is fixing to hit, is it too late for me to become human again,” he asked.
         I stared at Mason as I stepped out the truck and replied, “You will know which one
attacked you. You will have this weird feeling coming over you like you never felt before. Oh
and even if you don’t catch it tonight, you still have a couple more days of the full moon. That’s
only if you don’t make your first kill.”
         Then I quickly ran off into the forest to find Vladimir and his pack. Carlos stayed close
behind, but not too close. I sniffed the air while running through the woods. When I reached
Coon Dog Cemetery I came across a particular scent. It was the scent of a wolf, an unusual one
at that, so I figured it had special abilities, but I wasn’t sure what kind. I followed the scent
while walking past the graves at Coon Dog Cemetery which lead me up a hill further in the
         All of a sudden, I heard a familiar man’s voice from in the brush say “I knew you were
coming just in time before the full moon rises.” I quickly recognized the voice. It was Kaya’s.
Kaya calmly stepped from behind the brush.

         “Follow me. My uncle is waiting,’ said Kaya. I followed him down a hill and at the
bottom was about eight or nine people dressed in black robes gathered around a fire. The people
were standing in a neat circle singing chants while others were howling softly to the moon.
         Accompanying them were about fifteen humans. Some were stripped down to their
undergarment and tied to trees. Others were tied up and sitting down or lying on rocks as if they
were drugged or knocked out. That’s when I noticed Mallory and Hilary.
         Mallory was one of the humans that were tied to trees. She was stripped down into
nothing but her bra and underwear.
         Hilary was sitting down on a rock with her hands tied behind her back and feet were tied
together as well. She had all of her clothes on.
         Mallory was crying and screaming “Let me go! Please, I haven’t done anything! What
do you want from me?” Hilary on the other hand, was quiet and it seemed as if she had been
beaten and drugged. The way she was sitting on the rock with her head down looking at the dirt.
She wasn’t even screaming and carrying on like Mallory.
         Hilary’s clothes were filthy looking and she had mud all over her face along with minor
cuts and scratches on her arms. I looked at the other people who were tied up and stripped down
to their undergarment. They too were yelling and crying along with Mallory.
         I continued to follow Kaya and did my best not to pay attention to the humans that were
carrying on. We walked to where all the other werewolves were gathered after walking down
the hill.
         The other werewolves stared at me, when I walked in during their full moon ceremony.
For some reason I was calm and I wasn’t nervous or anything, maybe because the taste of Sheriff
Collinbelle’s blood was still in my mouth.
         I walked past Hilary and slightly kicked a small rock towards her. She looked up at me
and said “Alexsys,” then she looked back down at the dirt. I could then tell that she had
definitely been beaten and drugged. At first I wasn’t quite sure, but after she looked at me I
could tell that she wasn’t all there.
         “What have yall done to her,” I asked Kaya. He didn’t say anything, but smiled. Then I
heard a man yell “Alexsys! Alexsys Four Rivers! Well I haven’t see you in like, well since the
1830’s. Where have you been hiding my dear?”
         I looked straight ahead and noticed Vladimir. “Actually I haven’t been hiding.
Remember, you were the first to be run out of Chaosville,” I said with attitude. Vladimir had not
changed much since the last time I saw him, except for his personal appearance.
         He was still kind of tall with an average build and had dirty blond hair that was now cut
short. His skin was slightly pale and he still looked like the middle-aged werewolf I had once
known. He too was wearing a black hooded robe.
         “Alexsys, aren’t you still a beauty,” said Vladimir reaching out to kiss my hand. “Where
is Carlos? I know you did not come without him,” he said. I just stared at him and said “No I
         “I can sense that you are lying, Alexsys. You still act like you did when you were first
turned,” said Vladimir.
         “What exactly do you mean,” I asked. “Don’t get me started okay. Now honestly where
is Carlos,” asked Vladimir. “I’m behind you,” said Carlos.
         As soon as Vladimir turned around to look behind him, Carlos quickly punched him in
the face, knocking him down to the ground. Kaya quickly jumped up and before he could do
anything the full moon began to rise.

        All the werewolves including Carlos and myself began to transform from their human
forms into their wolf forms. First our eyes began to turn from our normal colors to the yellowish
color of a wolf. Next our claws began to grow outward and then curve over.
        During the transformation, Carlos yelled “Hurry up and untie the girls!” I quickly ran to
Mallory to untie her from the tree. “Alexsys,” screamed Mallory. “What are you doing here?
How did you find us? Help untie me,” she said while crying at the same time.
        As soon as I reached her, I felt my fangs grow and come down. “Are you okay,” I asked
while tearing and untying the rope from the tree. Mallory too tried to help untie herself.
        “I am now. What’s happening to you,” asked Mallory. Before I could answer her my
legs and arms began to stretch outward and change into the structure of a wolf. I then felt my
ears grow upwards and my tail come out.
        Mallory was untied already, but stood there in shock while watching me transform into a
werewolf. All of a sudden I heard a gunshot and I looked over my shoulder and one of the rival
werewolves had been shot by a silver bullet. I then made myself point to where I thought Mason
and Sheriff Collinbelle may have fired the shot. I then yelled “Run!” Without any hesitation
Mallory began to run like a deer running from a mountain lion about to be attacked.
        By this time, my body had turned into the form of a wolf. My fur had sprouted out all
over my body and next thing you know I was on all fours. I quickly ran to where Carlos was and
began to jump in and help him fight the other werewolves. I was biting down into another
werewolf’s flesh and sticking my claws into its body. The only thing on my mind now was
fighting, hunting, fresh meat and blood.
        Somehow I quickly ripped the other werewolf’s throat and ran and jumped on another
one. Carlos was fighting two werewolves at one time. Gunshots were continuing to be fired.
Hilary still laid on the rock as if she was still drugged or something.
        From a distance I noticed another werewolf had come out of nowhere to attack her. Then
unexpectedly another werewolf jumped in to save her. It wasn’t Carlos or me.
        Right now I was fighting with this other werewolf that was quite strong and somewhat
difficult for me to whoop. It continuously bit down into my flesh and swiped its claws across my
body, constantly piercing me with its fangs. I then yelped and Carlos came and knocked the
other werewolf off of me, then he threw it against a tree.
        After he knocked the other werewolf off of me, I quickly ran after if it and pounced on its
back and began to sink my fangs down into its neck. I swiped it with my claws a few times and
pinned it down to the ground. I then hovered over it and ripped out its throat and then its heart.
        After I had finished off the other werewolf, I quickly rushed back to where Carlos was
and started to fight another one. I looked over at Hilary and noticed that the same werewolf who
saved her was still standing there protecting her. I glanced at the wolf and it glanced back. The
crazy thing was that it wasn’t Kaya, it was a girl. I had never seen this werewolf before nor did I
catch its scent. It just looked at me as if it knew me and I stared back. When I realized that
Hilary was okay, I ran over to Carlos to help him fight some of the other werewolves.
        We ferociously fought for a while longer. Carlos and I killed or wounded pretty much
most of the other werewolves, along with the help of Mason and Sheriff Collinbelle. The only
two werewolves we lacked killing were supposedly Kaya and Vladimir.
        I decided to go and look for Kaya and Vladimir. Carlos followed me. On all fours we
searched and sniffed the wooded area looking for the two. Neither could be found. It’s like
there scent was lost.

         All of a sudden, Carlos and I heard a gunshot followed by a loud howl. We rushed back
to the scene, but stayed hidden in the brush. We then saw Mason standing over a werewolf with
a shotgun in his hand. Sheriff Collinbelle was untying some of the humans who were still alive.
Mason was staring at the dead werewolf he had shot.
         Carlos and I stood in the brush watching the werewolf that Mason shot turn back into its
human form. It was one of the women who were wearing the black robes earlier. I figured she
was the one who attacked Mason at the state park, since he seemed pretty drawn to her.
         Carlos and I ran back into the forest to hunt for Vladimir and Kaya for a while. Since we
could not find them and we had practically defeated the other werewolves, we decided to prowl,
hunt deer and mate the rest of the night.
         The next morning we woke up naked at a small creek in Freedom Hills. We both had
blood all over our mouths and a few other places on our bodies. I woke up first and then I woke
Carlos up. We washed off in the creek and started to head back home.
         After walking a few miles we passed another creek. It was there we noticed a naked girl
washing blood off of her face and hands in a creek as well. She was also crying. As soon as I
caught glimpse of the girl’s face my mouth dropped open. I could not believe who I was staring
         “Dusty,” I yelled. The girl looked up. I was so shocked to see her out the middle of the
wilderness. That’s when my mind began to wander and I began to ask myself questions. “Why
was Dusty in Freedom Hills the night after the attack? Why is she washing blood off of her
face? Why is she naked,” I thought.
         All of these questions popped into my mind while staring at Dusty, plus several more.
Carlos stared at Dusty too. That’s when a thought came into my mind from last night. She was
the werewolf who protected Hilary from being attacked by another werewolf, but why? Dusty
could not stand Hilary, why would she want to save her. Neither one likes each other.
         Dusty stood up without taking her eyes off of Carlos and me and said “Alexsys, what are
you two doing out here; I mean why are yall still out here?”
         “Um we were wondering if you could tell us what you are doing out here butt naked in
the woods, washing blood off yourself this morning,” I said.
         Dusty put her hands on her hips and said “Darn it! Yall know why I’m out here! I’ve
been doing the same thing that yall have been doing. Fighting werewolves and eating wild
         “Was that you who protected Hilary last night,” I asked. “I really don’t know why I did
that, but as much as I can’t stand her I saved her, only because Garner would have probably
wanted me too. Damn I loved that boy,” replied Dusty.
         “How long have you been like this,” asked Carlos? “For a few months, maybe since the
last full moon I guess,” replied Dusty.
         “So is that why you withdrew from school,” I asked. “Yeah, I didn’t want to, but I didn’t
know what was going on with me for a while,” said Dusty. “I moved out of Chaosville too,” she
said. “So who turned you,” asked Carlos. “Kaya,” replied Dusty without any hesitation. She
went on and on about how the two were intimate when Kaya first came into town and how he
attacked her one day. After he attacked her he thought she was dead and did not have time to eat
her, because it was broad daylight and people were in the near. She then said that a couple guys
riding four-wheelers found her and took her to the hospital.
         “Is that why you came by the shop looking for me that day,” I asked. “No, I bought a
purse and I was trying to get in touch with Hilary. I can’t believe you knew I stopped by and you

didn’t like call me back or whatever,” replied Dusty. “Hello you and Hilary don’t even get
along,” I said. Dusty just gave this whatever like look and changed the subject by saying “I can’t
believe yall are werewolves too.”
         The three of us chatted for a moment. Dusty mainly talked about how she missed Garner
and how she was going to get back at Kaya.
         Dusty took us back to her grandparents’ house which wasn’t really far from where we
were. She gave us a fresh set of clothes and let us use the phone. Carlos called Sheriff
Collinbelle who was already out looking for Carlos and me.
         Sheriff Collinbelle picked us up at Dusty’s grandmother’s house and took us back to
Chaosville and dropped us off at home. He told us how Mallory was so freaked out. We told
him about how Kaya and Vladimir fled the area last night and we could not find them. Sheriff
Collinbelle offered to help us catch them, but Carlos told him that we appreciate his offer to help,
but he and Mason helped enough last night; and that we had to do this on our own.
         I went in our bedroom to take a nap. I grabbed my cell phone before I went to sleep and
noticed that I had a few missed calls from Feraston. I called her back and she answered.
         “Hey Alexsys, what’s up! You are not going to believe where we are,” said Feraston
with enthusiasm. “I don’t know, but you better be in Georgia,” I said. “No we’re in Florida on
the beach,” she said. “Oh by the way here is Rafy.”
         Rafy grabbed Feraston’s phone and said “Hey mommy, we in Pensacola. What are you
doing?” I chatted with Rafy on the phone for a minute and then Feraston, who claimed to be
lying out trying to tan. I told her about Dusty and about last night. She could not believe it.
“Make sure you guys stay down there until all this is over,” I said. A few minutes later I got off
the phone with her and took a nap.
         Meanwhile Mason was trying to explain to Mallory and Hilary what was going on. The
two girls were extremely shaken and frightened. Neither Mallory nor Hilary could accept the
fact that they were kidnapped by werewolves. Hilary seemed to not remember much of what
happened last night except that she was at the state park. Then she claimed to remember that she
was in the woods and Mason and Sheriff Collinbelle rescued her.
         Mallory on the other hand, seemed to remember everything because she had not been
drugged like Hilary. When she told Hilary and Mason that she saw me turn into a big scary
wolf, Hilary busted out into pure laughter.
         “Stop playing with me,” said Hilary. “You and Mason are out of it. Alexsys is no
         “She is Hilary! I watched her turn in front of me. So did Kaya and them other folks out
in the woods last night,” yelled Mallory with a furious look on her face.
         At this time everyone was curious if Mr. Yates had made it to Tunica and if he was
alright, since no one had heard from him since yesterday. Mason called him and Mr. Yates
answered his phone after it ranged several times.
         “What’s going on son,” said Mr. Yates who sounded like he had just woke up and had a
          “Not much just checking up on you and making sure you made it to Tunica alright.
Mallory and I haven’t seen or heard from you since yesterday,” said Mason. “Well son, I’m at
the casino and been here since yesterday afternoon. Is everything all right, you sound sort of
anxious or something,” said Mr. Yates. “Casino, you’re at the casino,” yelled Mason. “Yep
casino in Tunica,” said Mr. Yates. “Why is he at the casino,” asked Mallory. “Tell your sister
it’s none of her damn business and to stop hating,” said Mr. Yates who seemed to be talking to

someone else at the same time since there was whispering in the background. Maybe he had
another chick in his room, which is quite common for Mr. Yates.
         “Well look dad, Mallory and I are glad you are having fun. How about you stay up there
a few more days,” said Mason. “Oh don’t you worry about that, I planned on staying up here till
next next next; crap I gotta look at the schedule. Hey and don’t forget we got that fishing
tournament in Pickwick when I get back,” said Mr. Yates. “I won’t dad. You have fun at the
casino,” said Mason.
         “Hey wait! Did Mallory tell you about what happened when I took Kaya to play golf
with me,” asked Mr. Yates. “Yeah that was crazy,” said Mason. “Well if you kids need
something don’t hesitate to use one of my credit cards. Holler,” said Mr. Yates hanging up the
         “Dad even knew that something wasn’t right about Kaya,” said Mallory, who was still
scared about what had happened last night.
         After waking up from my nap I decided to get up and take a shower, and later go to town.
Carlos had stayed alert while I was napping. Plus he had company. Carlos later came in the
bathroom and got in the shower with me.
         “You are so beautiful,” he said. I smiled at him, sniffed him, and kissed him. We then
began to passionately kiss each other and caress each other at the same time. He gently began to
kiss me on my neck and constantly caress my body. Perhaps this was turning me on, I shall say.
We then went to the bedroom and made love.
         After making love we decided to stay home instead of going to town. I cooked us some
lunch and we watched some romance like comedy on television. We cuddled up after eating
lunch. Next thing you know we get several knocks at the door along with the ringing of the
doorbell. Carlos got up and answered the door. It was Mallory and Mason.
         Mallory barged in our house yelling, “Where is she? What is she? Where is Alexsys?” I
jumped up off the sofa and said “I’m in here.” Mallory quickly ran into the living room where I
was, Mason and Carlos followed. Wolfie was jumping up and down on both Mason and
         Without warning, Mallory got up in my face with her finger and yelled “What the hell are
you!” I got back up in her face and yelled “You best get your finger up out of my face before I
bite it off. By the way, I’m a woman like you.” I then fell back down on the sofa and began to
laugh. Carlos and Mason began to laugh as well. When Mallory gets upset it’s sort of funny.
She is one of those people who just don’t look right when they get mad.
         “You’re not a woman! You’re a monster! You turned into one right in front of me,”
yelled Mallory. “I saved your life. Now seriously get your finger out of my face before I
accidentally bite it off,” I yelled again, but this time I said it more with attitude.
         “Mallory, shut up,” yelled Mason. She shut her mouth and gave him an ugly look. “Hey
how about you all sit down and I make some fresh lemonade and we discuss what happened last
night,” I said. Everyone sat down while I made some lemonade. Mason came in the kitchen and
told me that Mallory was freaked out. He also thanked me for saving her life. I brought the
lemonade out and we all sat down. I then explained to Mallory what Carlos and I were. Then
we explained everything that happened yesterday.
         I was right about Mason killing the werewolf that attacked him because he was back to
his normal self. Plus he explained the feeling that came over him when shot the one who
attacked him. If he hadn’t have killed it, by now he would be going through transformation and
would be acting totally strange.

        Mallory wasn’t really upset anymore. She was more shocked than anything, especially at
the fact werewolves existed.
        “Are vampires real too,” asked Mallory. “Yes they are. Werewolves and vampires don’t
see eye to eye and never will. Plus we are stronger than they are. But long story short I have a
good friend who is a vampire and has been around since the seventeen hundreds,” I replied.
        “Is she hot and single,” asked Mason. “No she’s cold and sexy, but isn’t single right
now,” I replied. We all laughed.
        Mallory promised to keep our secret. She gave me a hug and apologized for her behavior
towards me when she first came into our house. She and Mason told us how Hilary did not
remember anything that had happened. “She was drugged,” said Carlos, “Why,” asked Mallory.
“Certain werewolves require rituals that cause humans to be drugged before the full moon.
        We explained to them about how we believe Kaya seeks revenge on Mr. Yates. Mallory
claimed that she knew something was strange about him all along. Carlos and I did not mention
anything about Dusty being a werewolf.
        Meanwhile, Hilary was at her dorm room with her roommate and her roommate’s
boyfriend. Hilary’s roommate and her boyfriend seemed to be making out pretty heavily. Hilary
got tired of watching the two make out so grabbed her car keys and strutted out the door. While
walking to her vehicle she heard a voice say “So are you avoiding me by not answering any of
my calls or my texts.” She turned to her left and noticed Kaya leaning up on someone else’s
        “Look I’m supposed to stay away from you, so I would appreciate if you leave me
alone,” said Hilary. “What if I don’t want to leave you alone,” said Kaya, while walking slowly
towards Hilary. “Then I’m going to go and press charges on you,” said Hilary. “Ha ha. Ha ha!
You wouldn’t really do that now would you,” said Kaya. “I’m serious,” said Hilary about to get
into her car.
        Kaya quickly grabbed Hilary by the arm and said “Why don’t you come with me so we
can talk.” “No not after what you did to me last night. Not to mention that you like drugged or
date raped me last night,” said Hilary. “I did not drug you and I did not give you any kind of
date rape drug,” said Kaya while tightening his grip on Hilary’s arm.
        Hilary tried to yank her arm away from Kaya’s grip and said “Let me go damn it or else
I’m going to scream and.”
        Before Hilary could finish what she was saying Kaya rudely interrupted and said “So
what! I could rip you to pieces so quick just like I did your so called boyfriend who always
cheated on you. I did you a favor Hilary and you seem to not appreciate it.”
        “You did me no favor! You killed Garner,” said Hilary, who could not believe that Kaya
was owning up to the crime he committed. “Yes I did. He kept using you. He did not care
about you. Every time I saw him he was with another girl. The night I ripped him apart he was
with that Caprilla girl. So I ripped her apart too. I did it for you Hilary. By the way it is so sad
to watch a poor mortal like you have so much low self-esteem. You’re so bright and pretty.
You’re so thick and juicy just like a rare steak. Why do you settle for losers like Garner,” said
Kaya who continued to grip Hilary’s arm more tightly.
        Hilary began to cry. “That’s okay baby, come here,” said Kaya while getting even more
close to Hilary. For some odd reason, Hilary laid her head on Kaya’s chest and began to pout
even harder. “So where is your good friend, Alexsys and her boyfriend, Carlos,” asked Kaya,
while patting Hillary on the back.

        “I don’t know,” replied Hilary. Right after Hilary said that she did not know where
Carlos and I were, Kaya stopped patting her back. She looked up at him for a second and then
suddenly “SMACK!” Kaya head butted Hilary and knocked her out. He quickly put her in his
car and drove off.
        Meanwhile Feraston and Rafy were still in Pensacola having a blast. Feraston and Rafy
were still at the beach and were making sand castles. She told Rafy how she used to live in a
castle back in France. He was so amazed, though he loves to hear stories about when Carlos,
Feraston, and I were mortal.
        Taquah used to tell him stories about when she and Zorrin were mortals as well. Feraston
seemed to have met a guy at the beach too. Everywhere she goes she meets a guy.
        Back at the house, Carlos, Mallory, Mason, and I were all sitting around watching
television. That’s when I received a text from Hilary saying “Meet me at the old house by night
        “How does Hilary know about my old house,” I thought. Then I realized that someone
must have been texting from her phone. It had to have been Vladimir or maybe even Kaya,
though he hasn’t ever stayed there.
        I showed Carlos the text and he ordered that Mallory and Mason either stay on campus or
get a hotel room, because it wasn’t safe for them to stay at home tonight.
        “You said that it was not safe for us to stay in Chaosville yesterday,” said Mason. “Yeah,
and it wasn’t look what happened,” said Carlos. “And they still got us,” said Mason. “Let’s just
get a hotel,” yelled Mallory.
        After Mallory and Mason left, Carlos and I began to get ready due to the fact it was a full
moon again. We prepared to go out and hunt Vladimir and Kaya.
        We waited for it to get dark. Then we headed out towards our old house where we used
to live centuries ago. This time I wasn’t too worried about saving Hilary. I just wanted to beat
the crap out of Vladimir.
        Carlos and I hurried to our old house. As soon as we got out there we circled the house
and the property a couple of times before entering our old home. It’s just a werewolf thing.
        We then walked up the steps onto the old country porch and opened the front door. We
then entered the house. Carlos and I both sniffed the air and glanced around the front room.
Carlos and I both caught scent that Kaya and Vladimir were inside the house. One was upstairs
and I wasn’t quite sure where the other was.
        “Vladimir! Kaya! Show yourselves you scared pussies,” yelled Carlos. All of a sudden
we heard Kaya’s voice say “Now that’s not very nice, calling someone a pussy especially when
they are a canine instead of a feline; and if we are pussies then what you and Alexsys.”
        “We sure did not run off like pussies last night. Guess you were scared that you were
going to get your butt kicked,” I said standing at the bottom of the stairs right beside Carlos. “Ha
ha funny. My uncle always says that you used to take things to serious even games perhaps,”
said Kaya while stepping out of another room from downstairs and staring at Carlos and me. He
rubbed his hand through his shaggy dirty blonde hair like he was a total stud.
        “Where is the girl,” asked Carlos. “Right here,” said Vladimir coming from out of one of
the bedrooms upstairs and dragging Hilary along with him. Hilary was tied up with duct tape on
her mouth and her hands were tied behind her back. She was also crying.
        “Let her go,” I said while making my claws come out. “Oooh Alexsys, you are still quick
tempered. After you, Carlos, and those humans done killed all of our bitches in our pack, you
expect us to let her go. Crap we need some more women,” said Vladimir.

        “Guess they were weak like you pussies,” I said making my fangs come out and my eyes
turn into the color of a wolf.
        “Please stop calling us pussies! By the way why are you making yourself turn? The full
moon has not hit yet,” said Kaya. I looked at Hilary who was terrified and crying. “What do
you want,” asked Carlos.
        “Something that I’ve always wanted… Alexsys,” said Vladimir. “No it’s not Uncle
Vladimir! She killed my mother out in the woods,” said Kaya. “What,” I asked.
        “You know what I am talking about. When that Yates boy had that wreck and you just
had to save him,” said Vladimir. “The werewolf who was going to attack him was my mother,”
yelled Kaya.
        “She attacked me first,” I yelled back. “No she didn’t! She wanted Mason,” yelled
Kaya. “You weren’t there and why are you referring to Mason as that Yates boy? You’re a
Yates too,” I yelled. “I’m not a Yates,” yelled Kaya ferociously. “Your daddy is a Yates, so that
makes you a Yates,” I yelled back. “I’m not a Yates and you take that back,” screamed Kaya
who’s eyes had now changed colors.
        “Look if this is about Robby Yates not being a part of your life this is crazy. You can’t
take your anger out on Mason and Mallory. It’s not their fault,” I said.
        Kaya began to go off talking about how Mr. Yates neglected him as a child and did not
claim him. Then he went off about his mother and how we took her from him.
        I apologized to Kaya and tried to explain to him what happened earlier. It was like
someone had brainwashed him.
        “Were you even there,” asked Carlos. “No, but Vladimir told me everything. He was
there,” said Kaya. “Well if he was there, why didn’t he help her when we were finishing her off?
Huh, why didn’t he help his own sister? Maybe because he has had beef with the Yates for
centuries and maybe he was mad at the fact that she actually laid with one and got knocked up by
Robby Yates himself, a descendant of the actual Yates family,” yelled Carlos. Kaya looked at
Vladimir like is this true; in which it was.
        All of sudden Vladimir jumped up and lunged to where I was standing. Carlos quickly
knocked me out of the way and jumped up and pushed him against a wall. I quickly got up and
began to transform myself into my wolf shape and so did Carlos.
        Kaya ran up to where Hilary was and took her inside a room. Vladimir had already
transformed himself into a werewolf; and out of pure rage, he jumped up towards Carlos and
pounced on his back. He then sunk his teeth down deeply into his fur until he reached his flesh
and then he began to pull chunks of meat out of Carlos.
        I quickly jumped on Vladimir’s back and clawed him so deeply that there was so much
flesh and skin under my claws. I constantly to bit him and continued to stick my claws into
sides, while he tried to knock me off of his back.
        Carlos, who had just got away from Vladimir’s clutches, ran up and swiped Vladimir’s
face several times. He then went straight for Vladimir’s throat and sunk teeth in as hard as he
could. We both clawed, bit, and furiously fought Vladimir, but still he was quite strong due to
the fact he usually fed on humans.
        While fighting I could feel the full moon about to hit. Before I could stop fighting and
howl, I thought about Hilary. At this point, Carlos looked like he could take Vladimir by
himself, since he was winning.

        So I left the two alpha males combatting each other. I ran up the stairs and knocked
down the door. Kaya was nowhere to be found nor was Hilary. I sensed they were in the woods,
plus the window was open.
        I quickly jumped out the window and landed lightly on my feet. I then began to sniff the
trail where Kaya had taken Hilary. The scent led to in the woods. I followed Kaya’s scent
which went deep down in the holler.
        I went deeper into the woods and came across a cave. It was the cave in which I was
attacked by Carlos and turned werewolf. It made me think for a moment, but not for long since
it was a full moon and the only thing that was on my mind was making a kill.
        While sniffing the air around the cave, I picked up on another scent and then I heard
someone breathing and franticly crying. I walked over to the cave and peeked inside and there
was Hilary. She was hiding in the same spot where I was hiding in before I was attacked by
Carlos. What a coincidence?
        Hilary was crying and was untied as well. She kept backing up into the cave saying
“Don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me!”
        I couldn’t help myself the full moon had hit and even though Hilary was my friend I
could smell her blood and flesh. I wanted to eat her and was going to eat her. Not having
anything on my mind, but fresh blood and fresh meat, I got down on all fours and began to walk
inside the cave.
        Hilary kept on backing away from me, but could only go so far because the cave ended. I
kept on slowly walking towards her getting ready to attack.
        As soon as I got right up on her, another werewolf pulled me out of the cave by my tail
and threw me against a tree. Then it started charging towards me. It was Kaya. He jumped on
top of me and began to bite into my fur and flesh and stuck his claws into me as deep as he
        I then stuck my claws into his fur as well and began swipe him. We then began to roll
around like to cats in a major cat fight. I climbed on top of Kaya’s back and began biting him on
his neck. I kept clinging my claws into him, and then I bit a chunk of meat out of his arm.
        When he finally got me off of his back by knocking me up against several trees he stood
up over me and had me pinned down to the ground like his mother had done me.
        Kaya’s teeth were showing while he was drooling, and he was growling repetitively. His
eyes were shining into the moonlight with pure animosity, yet glaring me right in the face. He
then began to sniff me as if he wanted to mate, but instead he lifted his claws as if was going to
rip my throat out. I just knew he was fixing to finish me. So I took a deep breath and continued
to stare Kaya in the eyes, and then out of nowhere Carlos showed up and slung Kaya to the
        After Carlos knocked Kaya off of me, the two both leaped up in the air towards each
other and began to fight. The two tussled like hostile wolves from different packs while sinking
their teeth into one another. I quickly got my strength back and joined the fight. I swiped my
claws across Kaya’s face and jumped onto his back as well did Carlos.
        We had been fighting for quite some time and in a few hours the full moon would go
down. Kaya had finally got away from Carlos and me. He ran away deep into the forest. We
followed him leaving Hilary in the cave. Kaya was running from us like a scared little puppy.
        After running him for a while we finally caught him. We swiped him with our claws and
pawed him around for a moment. After pawing him around, Carlos pinned Kaya down to the
ground and then stood over him. He was going to finish him, but suddenly he stopped.

        The full moon was going down. So Carlos and I quickly howled before it. We quickly
changed back into our human forms and so did Kaya who was lying down flat on his back.
        Carlos still stood over Kaya. He stood over him for about a minute just glaring down at
him. Carlos then calmly said “I could finish you just like the others, but I’m not going to do
        I knew then that Carlos had taken care of Vladimir. Carlos continued to glare at Kaya
and then he said “Now you are a lonely werewolf and you do not have a pack. You are bound to
be rogue. You have come into my territory and tried to destroy this town. Werewolf law I
should finish you for not obeying in my territory.”
        Kaya was quiet and did not say anything. He just stared at Carlos. “I am the alpha male
of this pack and this territory. So pup I insist that you leave immediately and never come back to
Chaosville again. If you come back here or anywhere near Chaosville or the surrounding
counties, I will finish you,” said Carlos while full of rage.
        I stood there while Carlos warned Kaya. Carlos stepped from over Kaya, who was now
somewhat crying. Kaya slowly got up and began to walk away. Before he left he turned around
and asked “Is it true what you said about Vladimir.” Carlos and I both nodded yes. “Where is
he,” asked Kaya. “Gone,” said Carlos.
        Kaya bowed down and thanked Carlos for sparing his life. He then quickly ran off and
left Chaosville. We made sure that he was gone and then we began to walk back towards the old
house and get our clothes.
        We walked past the cave where Hilary was hiding. Luckily she was still there inside the
cave and we did not have to go and look for her. I tried to make her come out of the cave, but
she was still terrified of what had happened. Plus she was scared of Carlos and me.
        “It’s true everything that Mallory and Mason said. “You mean to tell me that yall are
monsters,” yelled Hilary, who was crying hysterically. “Girl if you don’t come from out this
cave, I’m going to pull you out,” I said.
        Hilary still resisted coming out of the cave so I went inside and pulled her out by her arm.
“Don’t hurt me,” she yelled. “I won’t we won’t,” I said. Hilary was acting so crazy till it was
        Carlos sort of thought it was funny how Hilary was acting. It’s like she had escaped from
an insane asylum. We finally calmed her down. The only thing left for Carlos and I to do was to
use our charming abilities on Hilary that way she forget about what happened this morning and
yesterday. I knocked her out and Carlos carried her back to our old house. She woke up a few
minutes later. After she woke up I used my charming abilities on her.
        She began asking all of these questions about what we were doing out in the woods.
Carlos came up with some crazy story about there was some party and crap. Carlos is such a
terrible liar.
        We finally made it up to the house and got our clothes. Vladimir’s body must have burst
into flames and disappeared because Carlos claimed to have separated the head from the body.
Plus there were a few ashes on the floor.
        “Where is my phone,” yelled Hilary. “I always have my phone,” she yelled. Carlos
called it and it began to ring from upstairs. She ran upstairs and got it then we called Mason to
come and get us. He picked us up and dropped us off at our place.
        Hilary decided to hang out with us for a while. When we got back to our place we all
went to sleep. I later got up around lunchtime and took a shower. Afterwards I put on some tea.

I dabbed mine with a taste of pig’s blood. Carlos did not want any in his. We later took Hilary
back to her dorm after she awakened from her nap.
         After dropping Hilary off, Carlos insisted that I drive back. He usually gets depressed
during the full moon, mainly because he cannot control his actions. Plus some werewolves tend
to have major mood swings. Most of us are very temperamental during the full moon.
         Before I went back to the house I rode around town for a minute. I went by the coffee
shop to see if Leena, a girl who Carlos recently hired needed any help. I decided to stay for a
while and help out.
         Leena was twenty years old and a single mom. She had just got divorced a few months
ago. When she got pregnant in high school her parents forced her to marry the baby’s father who
at the time had already graduated and was in the military. The two were married for three years
before they realized that their relationship wasn’t going to work. Crap I been with Carlos for one
hundred eighty years and he still hasn’t popped the question.
         Leena on the other hand, was a tall and skinny brunette with sort of a long face. She
wasn’t all that pretty, but was right cute. Leena had these big puppy dog blue eyes that would
stare up at you like she was innocent and wouldn’t harm a fly if it landed in a bowl of mashed
potatoes. She always wore her hair up in a ponytail and her bangs pushed to the side. She had
been working at the coffee shop for about a week now and to me and everyone else she seemed
to be a pretty nice and down to earth girl. She was sort of quiet and not that outgoing either, but
was good at the job and easy to get along with.
         Anyways, I stayed a few hours and sold so many purses along with coffees. We were so
busy today, maybe because they were having some sort of play at the high school. I wasn’t quite
sure. I left later and went home to pick up Carlos. It was time for the full moon to hit for the last
night this month.
         Carlos and I went out to Big Bear Creek and waited for the full moon to rise. I figured
Dusty was getting ready to turn to. I thought about if Kaya was really gone and what Feraston
and Rafy were doing as well.
         The moon finally rose and Carlos and I began to transform ourselves into beasts of the
night. After turning into werewolves the hunt began.
         We found some deer grazing in a field and we attacked them. Carlos and I hunted,
mated, and prowled through the thickets until the sun came up.

                                       Chapter Fourteen
        The next morning Carlos and I woke up butt naked on the side of the river at Big Bear
Creek. Not only did we wake up naked, but we had company as well. There were some
fishermen on a boat staring at us. They were whistling and pointing at us too.
        “Damn,” I thought. So did Carlos. I could tell by the look on his face. We were both so
mad. Luckily the cars driving by on the highway did not see us standing there in the nude.
        Carlos and I went and found our clothes lying down where we left them, which was in the
entrance of the woods not far from where we were standing. We then put them on and ran off.
When we got deep enough in the thickets where no one could see us, we dashed back to our
        When we got home we got in the shower, took a nap, and went back to our everyday
lives. Everything was finally back to normal. Rafy and Feraston were back from Florida a
couple days later.
        Carlos was at the office and I was back at school, being a mom and working at the coffee
shop part time. I did people’s hair for special occasions every now and then, due to the fact I
missed having my salon in California. Carlos continued to gripe about how I didn’t need to work
and stuff. Feraston was working at the coffee shop full time again and was hanging out with
Vick as much as possible. Rafy and Wolfie were always running around the house like to
chimpanzees on crack. Sheriff Collinbelle and his family actually became good friends of ours,
especially after what all had happened in this town.
        Carlos erased Sheriff Collinbelle’s wife and kids’ memory of what took place during the
full moon, since that sort of traumatized them. Mason and Mallory seemed to have been brought
closer after all this chaos. Hilary had just gotten over Garner’s death, but still not quite. Mr.
Yates was still being his same old wild self.
        Mallory and I usually hung out after and in between classes. When not on campus Rafy
usually came along with us. Mallory was still fascinated that one of her best friends was a
werewolf. She still could not believe that immortal creatures of folklore tales even existed. She
became so spellbound that she even began to do a little research on it.

         Hilary didn’t hang out with us as much like she used too. She was usually stressed.
Mallory and I would invite her to hang out and go places with us, but she would mostly refuse.
It’s like she would just go to class and just lay around her dorm.
         One day I was about to run Florence and I stopped by her dorm to pick her up. When I
got there I noticed her door was unlocked. When I opened it, I saw Hilary sitting down in the
middle of the floor with all of the lights turned off. Not even the television light or a lamp was
on. Hilary did not even look up when I opened the door and came in.
         “Hilary, what’s wrong? Why are you sitting in the floor, with all the lights out,” I asked
shutting the door behind me and flicking on the light switch.
         “I’m fine,” said Hilary looking up at me. She looked very pale and as if she had not slept
in a couple days. It was like she was depressed.
         “What’s up,” she asked. “I’m about to run to Florence and pick up something for Carlos
at the courthouse and possibly go by the mall and get a few things. I was wondering if you
would like to come along, since we haven’t hung out in a while,” I said. “I guess,” said Hilary
getting up off the floor and sticking on her tennis shoes.
         We then left out of her dorm, got in my car and headed to Florence. Hilary didn’t really
say too much in the car. That’s when I pretty much just asked her what was going on with her
lately in a firm way. She then broke down and started crying.
         “Alexsys, you just don’t know what it is like to be lonely,” cried Hilary. “Huh,” I said.
“You and Mallory, both of you have boyfriends who care about yall! Garner is gone. He didn’t
really care that much about me. He was always cheating,” cried Hilary.
         “What, Mallory doesn’t have a boyfriend,” I said. “Yes she does! She was screwing
Kent and now she is always hanging out with some guy on the soccer team who drives a
mustang,” said Hilary. “She doesn’t talk to Kent anymore, and I don’t know about that other
guy. Plus that’s not nothing to cry about,” I said.
         “Every time I hang out with yall, one of you just have to flaunt your boyfriends in my
face. I’m surprised Carlos isn’t tagging along today,” yelled Hilary. “I get tired of watching
everyone just be all hugged up and I constantly feeling like a third party. It’s like no one likes
me,” she said continuing to carry on. I then realized why she did not want to hang out with
Mallory and me.
         “Hilary you are a beautiful girl. You just have some terrible self-esteem issues that you
need to work on. So what if you don’t have a boyfriend. You don’t want to be in a relationship
right now. What if he is the type who is controlling or what if he was mean and abusive like
Garner,” I said.
         “Garner did not abuse me,” yelled Hilary. “Yes he did everyone knew he used to beat the
crap out of you, cheat on you, and say super harsh things to you that made you feel bad about
yourself. Why won’t you admit it,” I yelled. “If you quit trying so hard and just be yourself, you
will find the right guy. He might even find you. Stop portraying yourself to be desperate,” I
yelled. Hilary looked at me giving me a snobby look and said “Like you and Carlos.”
         When she said that I got so mad and before I snapped I calmed myself down mainly
because I was driving. I then said “You know I’m tired of this crap. You think everything is
perfect between Carlos and me. Well it’s not. You are on the outside looking in. You have no
idea what goes on in our relationship.”
         Hilary continued to glare at me and then she began to smart off and say yeah right.
That’s when I mashed down on the breaks and pulled over on the side of the highway and said

“Look we aren’t going to discuss this. Matter of fact we saved your life twice and this is how
you are going to come at me, like this. Who do you think you are?”
        Hilary jumped back in her seat. She stared at me as if she was scared. Then her mouth
dropped open. “What,” I yelled. She then pointed to my face. I looked up in my rearview
mirror and noticed my eyes had changed colors. They had turned bright green and were about to
change into the color of a wolf. I quickly calmed myself down. Hilary began to tremble all over
with her mouth wide open.
        When I calmed down, my eyes changed back to their natural dark brown. I began to
drive. “What is going on with your eyes? What just happened,” yelled Hilary. “Nothing when I
get upset that’s what happens,” I said.
        “Alexsys, what just happened,” yelled Hilary. “Nothing, we are almost in Florence,” I
said. Hilary did not say nothing else the rest of the way to Florence or back. When I got back
home I told Carlos and Feraston what happened.
        Carlos was like, girl you need to start holding your composure more often. Other than
that, we really did not worry about it much. I did not think it was such a great idea to tell Hilary
I was a werewolf earlier, since she was already scared and we sort of had an argument. Plus I
don’t really trust her when it comes to stuff like that; she is somewhat a weak minded and fearful
person who takes everything to heart.
        The next day I got up and went to class. I met up with Mallory and Mason. The three of
us went in the cafeteria and ate lunch together after our classes. Hilary must not have mentioned
what happened yesterday since they didn’t say anything about it.
        Kanyha also joined us for lunch, though we haven’t talked much this semester at all. She
was still the same and was still pretty much laid back. Kent was at football practice. I hardly
saw him that much, due to the fact he was always at practice.
        Mallory quit the dance team. She claimed that it was interfering with her education.
Mallory and Mason then began to have a sibling argument about sports interfering with
schoolwork that didn’t really make sense to me. Kanyha and I stayed out of it and began to talk
about something else.
        “So I heard there is a party tonight,” said Kanyha. “Yeah one of the guys off of the
baseball team is throwing it at his house,” said Mason. “Brady,” said Mallory. Mason nodded
        “Are you guys going” asked Kanyha. “I’m not,” I said. “What? Why not,” asked
Mallory. “It’s one of the biggest parties of the semester,” said Mason. “Yall know I have a son
and a man at home. I can’t be going to parties. Carlos would have a fit,” I said.
        “Girl you need to get out of all this chaos that’s been going around here,” said Mallory
who was making a gesture and pretty much referring to what all happened during the last full
        “What kind of chaos,” asked Kanyha? I hurried up and blurted out nothing. “I don’t
want to go by myself. Plus Hilary is not fun like she used to be,” said Mallory. I knew that I
probably wasn’t going to be able to go, but I felt like I needed to get out and have a good time.
After all I was still nineteen years old; even after one-hundred eighty birthdays of turning it over
and over again.
        Mallory and I walked to our next class which was American Literature with Mr. Slapson,
a class that everyone dreaded. Mason hung out with a few of his baseball buddies before class.
        Along the way, Mallory begged me to go to the party. “Alexsys please, please go to the
party with me! I don’t want to go by myself,” said Mallory. “Take Kanyaha,” I said. “She is

riding with some of the basketball girls,” said Mallory. “Kent,” I said with a smirk on my face.
“Umm how about not,” said Mallory. “I really want to go, but if I go I’m going to have to sneak
out,” I said. Mallory smiled and said “Yay, you’re going!” “Guess so,” I said.
         Mallory began to jump up and down excitedly. We finally made it to Mr. Slapson’s
class. I literally could not stand him nor could the rest of the class. Mallory and I sat down in
our seats, and then Mason arrived a few minutes later. The classroom was sort of noisy, but
when Mr. Slapason came in everyone got quiet.
         “Ok class, get your textbooks and get something to write with. We are having an open
book test,” said Mr. Slapson. He then passed out the test. When he got to my desk, he threw my
test paper down on my desk instead of gently laying it down like he did the other students in the
         I looked up at him and he gave me an ugly look. I had to quickly catch myself. I gently
picked up my paper and nicely said “Here Mr. Slapson! You threw this on my desk and I would
appreciate it if you would lay the paper down on my desk like you did everyone else’s.”
         Mr. Slapson snarled at me and said “Look you don’t sass me about a damn test, either
you take it or you give it back and get up out of my class.” The students in the class sat quietly
in their desk and just stared at the both of us. Mason’s mouth dropped open and Mallory bit her
bottom lip. I figured they were worried that I might turn.
         I just glared at Mr. Slapson and said “There is no need for your cockiness Mr. Slapson.
Even though you are in authority in this class that doesn’t give you the right to constantly pick at
me,” I said. After I said that, Mr. Slapson got right up in my face and yelled “Don’t you back
talk me in my own class you! You just take the damn test!” I could just smell his tart breath. I
could also feel my werewolf impulsions about to come out. So I quickly got up out of my desk
and ran out into the hallway where my claws came out and my eyes changed colors. I then ran to
the restroom before my fangs could come out. There I calmed myself down and then retreated
back to the classroom.
         When I got back to Mr. Slapson’s class the door was shut and locked. I knocked on the
door, but Mr. Slapson would not open the door. One guy got up to let me in, but Mr. Slapson
yelled at him and told him not to. He wouldn’t let any of the students come to the door and let
me inside the classroom. I continued to knock, but Mr. Slapson shook his head no.
         All of a sudden I made up my mind that I had had enough of Mr. Slapson’s crap. So I
used my superhuman strength and twisted the knob and pushed open the door. The door slung
wide open and hit the wall.
         “What the hell,” yelled Mr. Slapson climbing over his desk? The class looked scared and
astounded at how I had opened the heavy locked classroom door. I walked in the classroom and
stood in front of the class for a moment, and then I turned around and looked at Mr. Slapson.
         “I come in to take my test,” I said firmly. I then strutted to my desk, sat down, crossed
my legs and began to hit my cowgirl boots together. The rest of the class just stared at me and
when they realized that I wasn’t going to make no more of a scene they began to work on their
test as well.
         I worked through my test slowly just taking my time, so that I would pass it and finish
last. That way I could let Mr. Slapson know that I am not the one he wants to mess with. The
rest of the class began to turn in their tests, one after the other.
         Mason finally had finished his test and before he got up he whispered “I will wait on you
outside.” I just looked at him and did not say anything. I was so mad but calm enough not to

         Finally, I was the last student in the class and I was ready to turn in my test. I slowly got
out of my seat and grabbed my test paper. I then walked over to Mr. Slapson’s desk and threw it
down on the other stack of ungraded test papers.
         “Grade it now,” I said. Mr. Slapson got up in my face and said “I don’t have time and I
will get to it when I feel like it.”
         Without warning, I quickly grabbed Mr. Slapson by his collar and yanked him up close to
me within a flash. I heard him swallow while he was breathing hard.
         “Let me tell you something Mr. Slapson! I’m tired of your crap,” I yelled. “Every time I
come in your classroom you have to pick at me for some reason. Today is not the day and right
now you’re not in authority like you claim! I don’t know what kind of grudge you have against
me and I really don’t give a damn. Now grade my freaking test,” I continued to yell.
         I then threw Mr. Slapson down into his seat. He just stared at me as if he was a scared
little kitten. Then he said “You’re strong for a girl, but you don’t scare me one bit.”
         “That’s it,” I thought. Mr. Slapson had pissed me off enough, so I quickly got up in his
face and my eye color changed into the yellowish color of a wolf and then I made my fangs
come out. All of a sudden, my claws began to lengthen and curve over.
         Mr. Slapson then for sure got scared and scooted back in his chair. He tried to get up and
run, but I quickly grabbed him and threw him across the room.
         “You’re scared now,” I said. “What are you,” asked Mr. Slapson in low startled voice
while trembling all over. “None of your business, now grade my test,” I replied.
         Mr. Slapson picked himself up off of the floor and began to slowly walk over to his desk.
He gently sat down, picked up my test, and began to grade it. While he was grading my test I
could smell his blood and his flesh inside his body. I wanted to finish him up, but I could not
attack him, because I was at school.
         My werewolf impulsions made me just want to rip him apart, but I controlled them.
“You made an A...Alexsys,” said Mr. Slapson, while stuttering. As soon as he said that I popped
my fangs back in and my eyes and claws went back to normal. “Well that’s nice, a couple of
them answers I could not find. Let me see that,” I said. I grabbed my paper and glanced at it. I
only missed one question. Mr. Slapson went ahead and recorded it in his grade book.
         “I’m keeping this,” I said. Mr. Slapson was so scared he did not say anything, instead he
nodded yes. “See ya in a few days Mr. Slapson. Oh and don’t let me hear you been running you
mouth around town about what happened today in class. If you do, just keep in mind that you
don’t want to do that,” I said leaving out the classroom. I slammed the door behind me. I could
hear Mr. Slapson breathing and calming his scared self-down after I left.
         When I left out the building Mason was sitting on a bench waiting for me. “So how did
you do on the test,” he asked. I smiled big and showed him the test. “An A, that’s good. How
did you get your test back so quick,” asked Mason. “I made Mr. Slapson grade it,” I said. “I bet
you did,” said Mason. We walked around campus for a minute talking about the party tonight.
Since I was through for the day I left to go to the coffee shop and work for a while.
         I left the coffee shop after a few hours and went and picked up Rafy. The two of us went
grocery shopping. Rafy loves to go grocery shopping. He usually just throws whatever he
thinks he will like in the buggy. Today he did the same.
         “Mommy can I get this,” he said every time he saw something he wanted. “Sure
whatever you want,” I would say. Sometimes he would just grab stuff and throw it in the buggy,
which I always thought was funny, because when we turned down the meat aisle he would throw
just about any type of raw meat in the buggy.

        Rafy’s favorite is raw pork chops and he usually makes me season them with paprika and
black pepper. I know that sounds weird, but that’s how Rafy likes his pork chops. Carlos likes
raw pork chops too, but doesn’t really care what I season his with.
        Before we left the grocery store our buggy was completely full with groceries. Our total
was outrageous, but at least it will last for a while. I then took Rafy to buy a toy, and then we
stopped by to see Carlos at the office.
        I told Carlos about what happened today in Mr. Slapson’s class. He pretty much told me
that I needed to control my actions more. Since we were having a good healthy conversation, I
figured I would ask him if I could go to the party tonight.
        After asking Carlos about attending the party, his response was, “Well honey I was gonna
rent some movies for us to watch tonight.” In my mind I thought what a typical thing for a guy
to say when he doesn’t want his girlfriend to do anything or hang out with her other friends.
         “We can still do that tonight the party isn’t until later on. Plus I feel like I need to go out
and have a good time after all the commotion that has taken place lately,” I replied.
        “Going out partying isn’t a way for you to get your mind off of stuff. How about you go
to the spa and get a massage or I give you some money to go on one of your shopping sprees,”
said Carlos.
        I knew that he was not going to let me go to the party with Mallory. Since I asked and he
basically said no, I thought I would just go to my second option which was to sneak out.
        Rafy and I both went home and unpacked all the groceries. Well I did. Rafy was out in
the backyard playing with Wolfie.
        Meanwhile Feraston was at the coffee shop along with Leena. The two seemed to not be
that busy this afternoon. Vick stopped by to see Feraston and he bought her some lunch from
one of the burger shops around town. He also asked her to go on a date with him tonight.
        Mallory visited Hialry and tried to convince her to go to the party. She agreed after
Mallory asked her several times. When she found out that I was going she quickly changed her
mind. Hilary told Mallory what had happened when she rode with me to Florence. Mallory
pretty much took up for me and said “Alesxys has a difficult temper blah blah blah. I don’t
know what she told her, but she must have talked some sense into her. Plus she took Hilary to
see a therapist. Maybe Hilary getting out would be good for her since she has been through so
much these last few weeks.
        Back at the house I began to prepare dinner which deer stew. Feraston had killed a deer a
while back and the meat had been lying in the freezer for a while. So I decided to let it unthaw
and cook it. I put some vegetables in it as well and gave it a touch of my special seasoning,
which is where I mix several different spices together. I make some of the best deer stew. If you
go to Georgia and come across a friendly pack of werewolves they will tell you that Alexsys
Four Rivers make the best deer stew.
        Carlos came home in the next couple of hours and so did Feraston. Carlos had also
rented a couple of old movies that Feraston and I have never seen. Everyone sat down at the
dinner table and we all indulged in the deer stew which turned out great.
        “You’re cooking tomorrow,” I said pointing to Feraston. “Sure I guess. I have not
cooked in a while,” said Feraston. “Make beef Ferson,” said Rafy who cannot pronounce
Feraston’s name correctly at times.
        We all finished up the stew and gathered in the family room to watch the movies that
Carlos and had rented. While sitting there in the front of the television all I could think about
was sneaking out the house and going to the party, and what was I going to wear. I tried not to

think about it that much because Carlos would probably start to figure out that something was
up; mainly because of how I was sitting on the other end of the sofa and not relaxed. If I
wouldn’t have hurried up and changed my body language, Carlos would have knew something
was going on.
         I scooted over where Carlos was and laid on him. He then put his arm around me. Rafy
was sitting on the floor playing with Wolfie, and Feraston was texting Vick. None of us were
really into the movies except for Carlos.
        Finally, the first movie we were watching was over. I then hopped up off the sofa and
went into the bedroom and opened my closet to pick out what I was going to wear.
        “Hmmm, how about a dress,” I thought. I quickly changed my mind when I found one of
my sexy halter tops hanging up in the closet. It was one of those with the back out and it was
zebra print with sequence on it. I then noticed the dark blue skinny jeans and the black pumps.
        I quickly came out of the bedroom and went back into the family room and we watched
the other movie. It wasn’t as boring as the other one.
        Afterwards I went and took a shower and then began to get ready. I left the water
running in the shower on so that no one would come in the bathroom. I decided to let my hair air
dry and wear it curly since I didn’t have that much time to straighten it. Plus Carlos would have
knew for sure something was up if I was the bathroom that long.
        I received a text from Mallory while I was putting on my make-up. It said “On my way,
will be there shortly.” I texted her back saying, “Meet me at the end of our road leading towards
the highway.” She replied “Ok.”
        I quickly put my clothes on, but left my pumps off and carried them in my hand since I
was going to jump out of a window. I left the water still running before I jumped out, that way
Carlos would have thought I was in the shower. I kind of felt bad about sneaking out of the
house as if I were a wild teen who was being grounded for disobedience, but at the same time I
wanted to take a break and hang out with my friends. I love spending time with Carlos and Rafy,
but sometimes I just don’t have time for myself.
        I quickly grabbed my handbag, my phone, and my pumps and without hesitation I
jumped out of our bathroom window. I landed on my feet right after jumping out the window. I
then began to run towards the end of our road.
        I looked back to make sure that no one was watching. As soon as I looked back, I
noticed Rafy standing in his room staring out the window at me. He was probably wondering
where I was going. I just knew he was going to tell Carlos, so I hurried up and ran and did not
stop until I saw Mallory sitting in the driver’s seat of Mr. Yates escalade. “He must have let her
borrow it for the night,” I thought. I startled her when I popped up at the window from out of
nowhere. I quickly opened the door, hopped inside, and shut it. Mallory then mashed on the gas
and drove off.
        “Girl you like totally scared me! Uh oh, look at you all dressed up and stuff,” said
Mallory, who was totally excited about the party and so glad that I kept my word about going
with her. “Who me, girl you are hot,” I said staring at Mallory who seemed to have out dressed
        Mallory was wearing some metallic looking leggings, and a beautiful long dressy top that
was V shaped in the front and back, but came down lower in the back. It had all sorts of designs
on it and lots of sequence where it was V cut. She rocked her outfit with some pumps that
matched her outfit, along with a diamond bracelet and big chandelier like earrings. Mallory was

just gorgeous and she looked like she was ready for a night out. Her make-up was looking sharp
and her hair was all teased up and in a ponytail too.
         “Did you run? I’m so glad you came! Wonder if Carlos knows you’re gone yet,” said
Mallory. “No, but Rafy saw me running and he done probably already told Carlos,” I said
putting my heels on. “So where’s Hilary,” I asked. “We are going to pick her up now and then
head to Florence,” said Mallory. “Florence,” I said. “The party is in Florence,” replied Mallory.
         We went to the dorms and picked up Hilary and then headed towards Florence. Along
the way Hilary and I didn’t talk about what happened the other day. We pretty much acted like it
did not happen. It was like how we were before all this chaos went down in Chaosville.
         Back at the house, Rafy had told Carlos that he saw me running away from the house.
Carlos did not believe it a first, not until he went in the bathroom and saw that the water in the
shower was still on and the window was open. Carlos was pretty pissed off. He began to blow
up my phone. I turned it on silent and stuck it in my hand bag.
         While driving to Florence, Mallory told us how her dad let her use his escalade and how
he bought Mason a brand new truck. Then she started talking about this new guy that she was
dating named Brady. She kept talking about how he played baseball, yet he hung out with soccer
players. That’s when I thought about what Hilary said about Mallory dating this guy on the
soccer team. He just hung out with soccer players. Brady was the one who was throwing the
party. I had never met this Brady kid, but he seemed to have been a friend of Mason’s.
         We finally reached the location of the party. It was a mansion out in the country. The
place was packed and there were people everywhere. There were cars parked everywhere as
         Mallory parked and we all got out of the car. Mallory then grabbed her cell phone out of
her purse and called Brady and told him that we were outside.
         We walked up to the house and he let us in. “Hey girls,” said Brady, who seemed to be a
little drunk. “Hey,” said Hilary and I. “Yall this is Brady,” said Mallory hugging Brady. Hilary
and I introduced ourselves.
         “You girls come and make yourselves at home and enjoy this lavish party. Hey and if
yall need something to drink or something illegal, let me know,” said Brady.
         Brady was kind of short with a muscular build as if he was on steroids or a body builder.
He had straight short brown hair that kind of came down below his ears. He also had brown eyes
and semi fair skin. Brady seemed like he was one of those preppy wild frat guys who liked to
party all the time, sleep with different girls but have a main squeeze, get drunk, and pull all-
nighters to cram for a test the night before it was given; though Brady wasn’t a frat guy because
he went to community college with us.
         Hilary and I left Mallory and Brady standing in the kitchen kissing. We began to walk
around and mingle with people we knew from school. We also danced a little. Hilary seemed to
be having a good time. She was dancing with some guy from one of our classes.
         All of a sudden someone began to grind up against me. I turned around and noticed that
it was Kent. “I know you’re not,” I said smiling and giving him a friendly hug. He hugged me
back and then began to try and flirt with me.
         “Hey it’s my last semester at Chaosville, can’t you give a brother some play,” said Kent.
“Umm yeah I can, but not you,” I said grabbing Hilary and walking off.
         We went outside to where the hot tub was. There wasn’t any pool, which was weird
because most big houses that have a hot tub usually have a pool.

        Mostly everyone was outside dancing, eating, smoking and drinking. It seemed like a
typical college party. You even had a few people making out. The party was awesome.
        “So are yall having fun or not,” asked Mason who had snuck behind us and startled
Hilary. I sensed and caught his scent coming near. “Yeah we are,” said Hilary. “I needed this,”
she continued to say. “Want a beer,” Mason asked us while being sarcastic since he did not
drink. I shook my head no.
        “Alexsys your quiet,” said Mason. “Why you say that,” I asked. “Cause you’re not
acting like that,” said Hilary pointing to a girl who had her shirt off while running around acting
stupid. We all three laughed.
        We then engaged in sort of a brief conversation on how Mason knew Brady. I was sort
of shocked when he told me they were like best friends and had sort of grown up together by
playing sports. Brady played baseball back in high school, but had had an accident where he fell
of a roof and fractured his arm. So that pretty much caused him to stop playing baseball for a
while. He just recently started back playing baseball again when he got to college, but did not
try out for the team until this year.
        Brady also had an older brother who was in the medical school somewhere up in
Tennessee. His name was Tyler and he was going to be a doctor.
        Meanwhile Mallory and Brady were in his room about to get it on. Mallory is sort of a
wild card so I figured she was going to get some pleasure tonight.
        Mason asked Hilary and me if we wanted to dance. The three of us got out there and
danced, and began to party it up with everyone else. I was having so much fun that I left Mason
and Hilary dancing, and went into the kitchen to grab a beer. When I walked inside the house, a
certain scent caught my attention. I recognized the scent, but could not figure out who it was.
All I knew was that it was nonhuman and it was close by. I sniffed the air and followed the scent
which led me into the kitchen.
        As soon as I reached the kitchen, I stopped and stood there sniffing the air trying to figure
where the creature was at. Suddenly, someone quickly grabbed me over my mouth and pulled
me into a corner.

                                             Chapter Fifteen

         “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you,” said a girl’s voice. I then recognized the voice. It
was Dusty. I could not believe she was here. She gently uncovered my mouth.
         I quickly turned around and said “Girl what are you doing here?” “Enjoying the party,
and what are you doing here,” asked Dusty. “About to get drunk,” I said with a laugh.
         “Alexsys, I have to talk to you,” said Dusty in a sad, but yet somewhat serious. “What’s
up,” I said. She looked at me as if it was very important; and so left out of the kitchen and went
into one of the bathrooms.
         She then sat down on the commode and began to cry. “Girl I don’t want this! I hate
being a monster! If only you could understand how I feel! Everything is so different! How do I
stop being like this? I want to be myself again,” cried Dusty.
         I patted her on the shoulder and said “Dusty, I know exactly how you feel. When I was
first turned I was the same way. I was mad all the time, hungry at all the times and only craving
you know what. I was a danger to anyone in my path and I was so destructive that I could not
control my actions at all. Plus everything was so loud. I could not stand to be around people
especially loud crowds. Oh and you probably have hairy palms that you have to shave all the
         “How did you know all that and how did you know that I was going through everything
you just mentioned,” asked Dusty. “Sweetheart I am one hundred ninety nine years old.
Everyone who is first turned goes through this sort of development for the first few full moons.
As you grow you will get better and manage to control those crazy impulsions more.” I replied.
         “Is there a way that I can be myself again,” asked Dusty. “What do you mean like
emotion and personality wise,” I asked. “No like human,” she said continuously crying. I
grabbed her hands and calmly said “No. The first full moon has already passed and I take it you
have made more than one kill.”
         “I can’t stop killing it’s like I have to do it and I crave it. I want it all the time, blood and
meat that has to be fresh. I can’t stop it,” cried Dusty. “You can never be human again. You
will remain eighteen years old. The only thing that can harm you is silver. You have to control
it. Start hunting deer and cows. It helps a lot. I know those first few full moons are difficult

even when they are not going on. Plus you have to shave your palms like every day and you
have to block out certain sounds I said. They only seem so loud because you tune them in after
you notice them,” I said.
         Dusty just listened and continued to cry. I felt sorry for her because I knew exactly how
she felt, because I felt the same way when I was first turned. Poor thing, Dusty was changed by
such a total jerk; at least Carlos took me under his wing and taught me everything that I needed
to know about being a werewolf. He trained me well I shall say.
         I wanted to cry along with Dusty, but instead I gave her a hug and said “Call me if you
need me or if you just need someone to talk to.” I then walked out of the bathroom and went
back to where Hilary and Mason were. I changed my mind about getting, because talking to
Dusty really hit me. It made me think about when I was first turned. Hiding in the cave with my
son and being attack by this wolf-like beast. I remembered having to leave the village and leave
my son and husband.
         I sat down outside in one of the patio chairs while watching the people dance and party. I
calmly thought to myself about my life when I was mortal and why did Carlos choose to turn me.
         All of a sudden I was disturbed by a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and noticed
Mason with his hand on my shoulder. “So why are you over here by yourself,” he asked. “Oh
just watching everyone have fun,” I asked. “Hey I got a new truck; you want to go and check it
out, asked Mason. “Yeah sure, what kind did you get,” I asked. “A Silverado of course,” replied
         The two of us walked out towards where he parked since we were already outside. Then
we came up on this blue Silverado. “Ooh I like,’ I said rubbing my hand on the doors and on top
of the hood. “Yeah my other one was like totaled,” said Mason. “I know I was there,” I said.
Then out of the blue Mason said, “You look beautiful as usual.”
         “I know, but thank you for your compliment,” I said with a smirk. “Well dang,” said
Mason. I laughed and started a new conversation by saying “So are you coming back next
         “Duh, next semester is baseball season,” he replied. “I forgot,” I said. “So will you be
coming to my games,” asked Mason. “I might come sometime and check you out on the field,” I
replied. “After next semester I’m transferring though,” said Mason. “Have you decided where,”
I asked. “Not sure whoever gives me the best offer,” replied Mason.
         We chatted for a while and had a nice conversation about life. He was stunned that I was
in college again and that I have done and seen so many things in my lifetime. Though I’m nearly
two-hundred years old that’s why I told him. “I’ve been a teacher, a pharmacist, a hair stylist, a
business woman and a whole bunch of other stuff,” I said. “That’s so awesome, Alesxys,” said
         “You’re making me want to become a werewolf,” he said. “Don’t ever say that,” I told
him. “Why not, you done did a lot of things,” he said. “But I have also had to give up a lot of
things as well,” I said furiously. “Yeah, but you don’t get old, and you don’t die, you can
practically do whatever you want when you want, and if someone gets in your way you just eat
them up,” said Mason.
         “Being a werewolf comes with more responsibilities than you think,” I said. “Plus you
have to keep a low profile at most times.”
         Mason looked at me and said “Yeah, but still.” And before he could finish I said “But
still you have to sacrifice everything you love and have,” I yelled. “Like what,” yelled Mason.
“Like Mallory, Mr. Yates, and baseball,” I said.

         Mason stared at me and then became quiet. Then he said “I couldn’t be around Mallory
and or anyone else I care about.” “No you would have to leave and start a new beginning in a
new area. All mythological creatures have too. We aren’t even supposed to exist. Plus if you
knew what would happen if you lurked around here after becoming a werewolf,” I said.
         Mason was about to say something, but before he could get one word out I said “Do you
know what it was like when I was firs turned.” “No,” said Mason. “I did a lot of things I
regret,” I said.
         Mason got curious he wanted to know what all I did. I didn’t tell him because I did not
want to scare him nor did I want to freak him out. All I said was “Mason, I would love to be
mortal again and so would several other werewolves, vampires, sorcerers, genies, succubus’s,
and etc. So do me a favor and do your best at staying human, because you have no idea.”
Mason then nodded and said “Want to go back to the party.” “Sure,” I said.
         We then walked back to the where everyone else was. The party was so fun. Mason and
I danced together. I also danced with Kent for a little bit.
         Hilary danced with a few guys and gave them her number. It seemed like she was having
such a blast. That was good because lately she had been going through a lot. If Carlos knew that
I was at a party and dancing with other guys he would have had a fit. I sort of dreaded going
home because I already knew what awaited me when I got home. Carlos was going to be mad
that I snuck out of the house and went to a party, especially without him. At times I wonder if he
understands the word college and that I am now a freshman.
         It was about three o’clock in the morning and I was ready to go. So was Hilary. Mallory
wasn’t ready she wanted to stay with Brady a bit longer. In other words she wanted to stay all
night. Mason volunteered to take me home and Hilary back to the dorm, that way Mallory could
spend more time with Brady.
         Mallory asked Mason if she could drive his truck home that way Mr. Yates would not be
complaining about his escalade. Mason agreed to drive the escalade back. He warned Mallory
not to wreck his new truck.
         Hilary and I hopped in the escalade with Mason who was sober. I was sober too because
werewolves don’t really get drunk no matter how much they drink, but Hilary was probably
going to have a hangover the next day. We then began to drive back to Chaosville.
         Along the way, Hilary was acting super crazy. I didn’t know she was one of those girls
who could not handle her liquor. I had to tell her to be still and sit down quite a few times. She
was talking out of her head too. It was sort of funny, but we understood that she was drunk.
After about fifteen minutes we had made it back to Chaosville.
         We first dropped Hilary off at her dorm. I helped her get into her dorm room and get
situated for bed. Mason waited for me outside in the vehicle. After getting Hilary situated in her
dorm, Mason and I left. The whole time I was thinking about what Carlos was going to do when
I came home. I just knew he was going to be up waiting on me.
         Along the way, Mason and I talked about the party. We talked about school as well. We
were having a nice conversation like usual until Mason pulled over on the side of the road. All
of a sudden, he turned off the vehicle and leaned in to kiss me. For some reason I allowed him to
kiss me. It’s like I wanted him to kiss me because I caught myself kissing him back. I did not
want him to stop either. His eyes were closed and so were mine. His lips were soft while
pushing up against mine and his tongue was also in my mouth. It felt so good.
         Suddenly I snapped out of it. I quickly jumped back. “What the hell am I doing? What
the hell are you doing? I can’t do this,” I said while panicking at the same time.

         “What do you mean,” asked Mason. “No one has to know. By the way, if you knew how
I felt about you Alesxys,” he said.
         “I know how you feel about me, Mason; and I like you, but I am a mother and I have
been with Carlos for nearly two centuries,” I said.
         “So, I would do anything for you,” said Mason. “I know and so will Carlo and Feraston,”
I said.
         “What does Feraston have to do with this,” asked Mason. “We are a pack and have been
for a very long time. Carlos made me the way I am and I have to be with him. He has done a lot
for me,” I said furiously. “Since he loves you so much and you have been with him for
centuries, why hasn’t he married you? Tell me that,” yelled Mason.
         When Mason said that it caused me to think for a minute because I have basically begged
for Carlos for a ring and he hasn’t gave me one yet. He tells people that I am his fiancé or his
wife, but officially I am not. I am just his longtime girlfriend. It just sounds better when you tell
someone that you are married, especially when you have lived with someone for a very long time
and the two of you have a son. Some states have laws where if a couple has been living together
for quite some time they are considered married. However, I do not care about that, I want a ring
and I want to have a big beautiful wedding.
         I looked at Mason and said, “Take me home.” With no questions asked Mason started up
the vehicle and drove me back home. Along the way I was quiet. Before reaching the road we
lived on, Mason apologized for his actions tonight. “It’s cool,” I said.
         He then pulled up halfway into our driveway because I didn’t want him to pull all the
way in due to the fact Carlos may be outside. I quickly got out of Mr. Yates escalade and began
to slowly walk up to the house.
         When I reached the porch I began to tremble. My legs began to shake and all I could
think about was if Carlos was awake and if he was mad. I grabbed my keys from out of my
handbag and opened the door.
         All the lights were out. I figured everyone was sleep. I gently shut the door behind me
and began to walk to the bedroom. Before I even got into the bedroom, I heard Carlos’s voice
say “Come here Alexsys!”
         “Oh crap,” I thought. I was right about Carlos being awake. I walked into the living
room where Carlos was sitting in his chair staring furiously at me. I then realized that I was right
about Carlos being mad at me.
         “Where have you been for the past few hours,” asked Carlos in a calm but angry voice.
“I went to a party with my friends,” I replied.
         “Really, well I told you not to go,” said Carlos with his arms folded. “Well I felt like I
needed to get out for a while,” I said. “So is that why you snuck out the bathroom window and
left the water running? And is that why Rafy watched you run down to the road to catch your
ride? Huh is it,” asked Carlos. “Yes Carlos, that’s why,” I said walking away from the living
         “Do not walk away from me Alesxys! Come here,” yelled Carlos. “Stop yelling at me! I
have the right to go out when I want to. It’s like everywhere I go you have to follow. You don’t
let me do crap by myself,” I yelled back, while throwing my handbag against the wall.
         Carlos began to curse and go off. He constantly yelled at me. By this time Feraston had
come from out of her room and was trying to make Carlos stop yelling at me. I was crying while
Carlos was going off on me. Suddenly I began to go back off on him.

        “This is why I snuck out! I get tired of your shit! You don’t let me do nothing! All you
want me to do is sit here at this house. You don’t even want me to hang out with my friends,” I
        I kept on going off yelling “You call yourself an alpha male huh! You don’t even let me
hunt mortals anymore! You don’t let me do anything I want to do,” I said. I then fell to floor
crying while Feraston tried to comfort me. “I am an alpha male and no I don’t let you hunt
mortals and it is for your own good,” yelled Carlos who continued to argue with me.
        “You’re mad because I went out and took a break from yall. Not only that you are mad
that I went out and had some fun! I’m nineteen! I’m supposed to go out and have fun.” I yelled.
        Carlos kept on yelling at me. At this point he had made me so mad that I jumped up,
popped out my claws, and swiped him across his chest. After I swiped him, he grabbed me by
the arm and then threw me up against a wall.
        I quickly jumped to my feet and ran up to him again, but this time I jumped on his back.
My fangs had come out and so I bit down into his flesh and clawed him at the same time. Carlos
finally managed to get me off of his back. He then threw me across the room knocking several
pictures and decorations off of the walls.
        Instead of getting up and attacking him again I sat there on the floor and began to cry. I
then began to yell “It’s all your fault! Why did you turn me into this beast? Why did you take
me from my people? Huh tell me why! You had several other bitches, why me?”
        Carlos looked at me for a moment and then said “Because I wanted you! When I first
saw you in the village I fell in love with you. I wanted to make you mine. So I turned you into a
beast because that was the only way I could have you.” He then walked off.
        Before he went to our bedroom I yelled “If you love me so much why haven’t you
married me! I have been with you since you turned me, Carlos.” Carlos stopped, turned around,
and looked at me. He then slowly began to walk to or bedroom.
        I was still in the living room floor squalling like a baby. Feraston wrapped her arms
around me comforting me. “It’s alright Alexsys. Don’t let him get to you. You know how he is
when gets mad,” she said. I went and got ready for bed, but instead of sleeping in the room with
Carlos I slept in the room with Feraston.
        That night before bed we talked about our lives when we were once mortal. She also told
me about her date with Vick. The two went out to some bar like restaurant and then back to his
place. We later went sleep.

                                         Chapter Sixteen
        We both woke up late the next day. After I awakened, I quickly got dressed while
Feraston did the same. Rafy had already gotten himself dressed. I was so proud of him for
getting up early without me telling him to get ready. Carlos was at the office. I believe he had
court again this morning. Feraston, Rafy, and I headed to the coffee shop. When we got there a
new gossip was going on throughout Chaosville. A gossip that was not similar to any of the
gossip that had taken place in the shop.
        There were two murders where a young couple had been found dead with their bodies
completely emptied of blood. Come to find out, there had been a few homicides that were quite
similar to this one that have taken place in the Huntsville area over the past few months.
        The people in Chaosville were hysterical. Feraston and I just listened at what the people
were saying, but couldn’t for long because we were busy. Leena was working today as well.
        “I’m so glad yall are here! It has been super busy. By the way did you hear about that
high school couple found dead over there towards the springs,” said Leena. “Uh uh,” said
Feraston. “What about it,” I asked.
        Leena stopped what she was doing and said “The talk around Chaosville is that two kids
were found in their vehicle this morning and they had no blood in their bodies. They had no
fracture wounds or bruises on them. It’s just that their blood was all gone.”
        Feraston and I both looked at each other. “What could it be,” we thought. We tried not
to think about is, so we began to work. Rafy was playing in a corner with some of his toys he
had brought with him. I checked my phone and I had a text message and a missed call from
Mason. The text said “Can I see you later on.” I did not respond to the text. Instead I deleted it.
I also had a call from Carlos, whom I couldn’t call back because I was so busy.

         A few minutes later a woman from one of the local flower shops brought some white
roses up to the coffee shop. Everyone in the coffee shop just looked.
         “Alexsys Four Rivers,” said the lady looking at Leena, Feraston, and I. “That’s me,” I
said pointing to myself. “These are for you,” she said. “Gee, I hope they aren’t from Mason,” I
thought. I smelled them they smelled lovely. Luckily they were from Carlos. I could finally let
go of my breath that I was holding. “What does the card say,” asked Feraston.
         “Sorry about the fight this morning. Love Carlos,” I said reading it aloud. “Aww,” said
Feraston. Leena didn’t really say anything. She must have had other stuff other mind. I called
Carlos to thank him for the roses. He answered his phone and we both began to apologize to
each other about the fight we had.
         “How about we do something tonight,” asked Carlos. “That would be nice,” I said. I
couldn’t stay on the phone long because it was lunchtime and the shop was becoming busier than
it usually is.
         Meanwhile Mallory had just woken up at Brady’s house. The two did you know what all
night long. When she realized what time it was she hurried up and put her clothes on. “Babe
why you leaving me this morning,” asked Brady who was still lying in the bed butt naked.
“Brady, its twelve o’ clock in the afternoon, I done already missed one of my classes. Hell I got
to get back to Chaosvlle,” cried Mallory, who was freaking out because she had overslept.
         “You done missed one already, you might as well miss the other,” said Brady. “Damn
Brady if I miss one more day of this next class I’ll be done flunked out for the semester. By the
way, I sort of need to borrow one of you shirts,” said Mallory continuing to freak out. “Look in
that,” said Brady pointing to one of the drawers on his dresser. Mallory opened up the drawer
and pulled out a pair of white athlete shorts and a blue wife beater. Luckily her heels were blue
so she just wore them with the wife beater and shorts.
         She then kissed Brady and said “Thanks, see you later on tonight.” She grabbed her
things and quickly ran out the house and hopped in Mason’s truck. She then drove back to
Chaosville and made it in time for her class.
         Back at the coffee shop things continued to pick up. People kept talking about the two
kids who were found dead with their bodies completely emptied of blood. Not only that there
was a third party involved, a girl that the cops cannot locate. People were saying that the girl
may have been kidnapped.
         Mason later came to the coffee shop apologizing about last night. I told him not to sweat
it, but it’s like it was on his mind. He saw the roses and asked me where they came from. “Who
do you think would send me roses,” I said. “I would, but they’re not from me. I figure Carlos,”
said Mason. “Correct,” I said. Mason stayed and chatted with Feraston and I for a little bit, and
then left.
         “Seem like the boy is falling for you,” whispered Feraston. “Yeah I know, but I’ve been
with Carlos for so long, I could care less,” I said.
         Several ladies came in and bought purses and jewelry along with coffee and other
beverages. We didn’t close till about eight o’clock in the evening.
         By this time, Carlos had been done left the office and came to the coffee shop to help
Feraston and I wrap it up for the night. Leena had already left about two hours ago. Carlos and I
were in the back flirting while cleaning up, when suddenly Sheriff Collinbelle and one of his
deputies walked in.
         “Hey there fellers can I get you something, asked Feraston. “Oh no thank you sweet
heart is Carlos or Alexsys around,” replied Sheriff Collinbelle.

        “Well hey Sheriff what brings you up here tonight. Thought you would be out at the high
school football game,” said Carlos, who had just walked into the front room of the shop. “Nah
not tonight we trying to solve a murder and a kidnapping,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
        “We been hearing about that all day,” I said looking at Feraston. I too had just come
from out of the back room. “Something about a two high school kids who were found dead this
morning,” said Feraston.
        “Yeah its going around town faster than a hound dog can tree a raccoon,” said the deputy.
“Look you think I can speak to the two of you in private,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle. Carlos
nodded and the three of us went in the backroom. The deputy stayed in front with Rafy and
Feraston. Sheriff Collinbelle began to explain how the bodies looked like someone had drained
them of all their blood and that they did not have a mark on them.
        “Since I been sheriff here in Chaosville, I have never investigated a homicide where the
bodies had been so frail, pale, with no blood in their systems,” said Sheriff Collinbelle. Carlos
and I just listened. Sheriff Collinbelle went on and on about how he did not know who could
have done that to a person and why would they just want the blood.
        “Now werewolves would have eaten them alive and tore them to shreds,” I said.
“Alexsys,” said Carlos as if I shouldn’t have said anything. “Just telling it like it is,” I said.
Though what I said was true, werewolves would have eaten them, not take a straw drink blood.
        “The crazy thing is that I knew those kids. My son played ball with one of them. Plus
the one who is missing, her mom works at the courthouse,” said Sheriff Collinbelle. “Which
lady is it,” asked Carlos. “Laura who works in the circuit clerk office,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
“No way,” said Carlos as if he knew the woman and could not believe that her daughter was
        “Well is there any way that we could observe the bodies and try to help,” asked Carlos.
“Well they are in the morgue and we aren’t supposed to let; well I’ll just say that yall are with
me,” said Sheriff Collinbelle.
        Carlos told Feraston to hurry up and close up the shop and take Rafy home. Carlos and I
then left with Sheriff Collinbelle and his deputy. We dropped his deputy off at the jail before we
went out to the morgue.
        “You know the reason I came to yall is because yall came to me when yall needed help.
Now I need yall’s help,” said Sheriff Collinbelle. “We got you,” replied Carlos. “By the way,
did I mention that there have been homicides like this in other counties throughout this state?
The closet is the Huntsville area and the Freedom Hills area,” said Sheriff Collinbelle. He then
mentioned to Carlos and me how old folks would tell stories of wild psycho people in the hills
that would do the unthinkable.
        We finally arrived at the Chaosville Community Hospital. We then went down to the
morgue. The three of us slowly walked down the hallway and took an elevator down to the
basement. I had sort of had a weird feeling come over me. I noticed Carlos felt the same. After
arriving in the basement we walked up to a room where there were a couple of tables and a body
was lying on each.
        A woman was in the room examining the bodies. Sheriff Collinbelle knocked on the
door and the short middle aged lady came out.
        “Hi Sheriff, how are you all? Can I help you with something,” she asked. “Yeah I was
wondering if yall had come up with an exclamation for the deceased,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle.
“Not yet, but we are still examining the corpses,” said the lady. She then explained in so many
enormous terms that the corpses had a few marks on them where they may have been drained.

“Can we take a look,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle. The lady gave a slight friendly smile and said
“Sure come on and are they.” And before she finished her sentence Sheriff Collinbelle butted in
and said “They are with me.” Carlos and I slowly followed Sheriff Collinbelle and the lady into
the room where the corpses were being examinied.
         The bodies were just like Sheriff Collinbelle described frail, pale, and had not even a
drop of blood in their systems. They looked as if they had frightened to death and then attacked.
One of the bodies’ eyes were still open. Sheriff Collinbelle gently closed them. He then took his
hat off.
         They were kids a boy and a girl no more that sixteen and seventeen years of age. The
lady who worked in the morgue had just received a call at one of the desks out front due to the
fact that another worker came by and told her. Plus she had to go and file something. She left the
three of us in the back to examine the bodies while she went up front.
         Carlos, Sheriff Collinbelle, and I all put on gloves and began examining the bodies. All
of a sudden something caught my attention, while I was examining one of the corpses. I quickly
jumped back when I realized what it was.
         “Alexsys are you okay,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle. “What’s wrong,” asked Carlos. I bit
down on my bottom lip and then pointed to the dead girl’s neck, where it looked as if two small
holes were punctured into her skin. The holes on the girl’s neck looked as if they had been
pierced down with force by some type of animal or maybe even creature. The holes also looked
like the place where the girl’s blood had been drained out.
         Carlos bent down closely to examine the bite mark on the girl’s neck. Then he softly
whispered “There’s no way, it cannot be. There’s no way.”
         “What is it,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle, who was now bending over and looking at the
marks on the girl’s neck.
         “Is it what I think it is,” I asked. Carlos nodded then stood up and said “Sheriff, I think I
know; well we know what drained these kids blood.” “What,” asked Sheriff Collinbelle? Carlos
looked up at him and said “A vampire.”

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