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					Resume for
Dr. Al Johara Bin Fahd bin Khalid
Al Saud
                    Personal Information

                    Name        :   Aljohara Bin Fahd bin Khalid Al
                    Nationality : Saudi.
Marital Status: Married
Address     : P.O. Box 89617 Riyadh 11992
                   Email       :
                  Tel- Res.    : 482 - 8011


Bachelor of education, specialized in nursery education - Education
college - King Saud University- Riyadh .
MA Education, (Guiding Psychology) from Education college - King
Saud University- Riyadh .

Languages: Arabic (Mother's Tongue) –English (advanced)

Work Experience:

      From 2003 till 2005
Demonstrator,Faculty of education, King Saud University, Nursery dept

      From 2005 till present

Lecturer, Faculty of education, King Saud University- Nursery dept.

Training & conferences

    Basic Montessori theory and Montessori Apparatus Course , King
                       Faisal School, 200 hours with co-operation
                       with International Center for Montessori
                       Education, Amman Jordon interesting for

                     Kids aged 2 years and half till six years from
                      6\3\2004 till 25\3\2004.

                     Scientific forum of social guiding and family
                        consulting (30 hours) held in head office of
   Arab Education at 15-16 May 2004 set by the charitable Center
   for Social Guiding and Family Consulting.

 Scientific course for preparing the social guides' held on at 18 May
  till 26 June 2005 set by the charitable Center for Social Guiding
  and Family Consulting.

 Workshop titled the education based Brain searches.

 Under the supervision of Dr. Samr Al makld the PH.D in the
  American University , Beirut.

 Workshop of Behavior Modification of Handicapped Children set
  by the Charitable Association for Handicapped in cooperation
  with Abaqara Schools.

 Workshop of " the basic ways of CoRT program of Teaching
  Thinking Set by De Bono Center for Teaching Thinking from
  3to 6 May 2008 ( 18 hours).

 SWOT Analysis Workshop during the Strategic Planning Project
  of King Saud University held at 31\1\2008.

 Partnership in rehabilitation: the holistic Approach Therapeutic
  Art projects, conducted at King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh on
  Wednesday, 05 of November 2008.

 ICDL (International Computer Driving License, 2008.

Scientific conferences and Forum

 The First Scientific Forum for Social Guiding and Family
  Consulting held on Riyadh at 21-22 April2001 set by the
                          charitable Center for Social Guiding and
                          Family Consulting.

                        Globalization and Education priority forum –
                         Faculty of Education- King Saud University
                         (Studying factors about the exile problems of
                         the Globalization,     surveying sample of
                         female students of King Saud University).

    Forum of Early Childhood, specifications and requirements in
     2004 set by National Saudis Committee for Infancy.

    The exhibition of Fine ART Porcelain, co-sponsored by
     International Porcelain Artists &
                  Teacher INC and the Porcelain Arts Center, Riyadh.

Academic Participation

MA Education, (Behavior problems of the children at the category (4-6)
years as realized by Mothers and teachers) comparative study between
male and female.

    The importance of the study comes from providing some
     psychological theories outlines of the Saudis child psychology for
     the age category (4-6) years by understanding the child nature,
     his psychology structure and the related problems in purpose of
     enriching the psychological research in the field of early

    It comes also by recognizing the problems of the children
     behaviors especially in the nursery stage to provide nursery
     teachers and mothers physiological information about the
     childhood physiology during this stage. It will help to develop the
     education practices of the children bringing up and the way of
     dealing with them and solving their problems before
     accumulation. The study aimed to put precautionary programs to
     avoid or decrease these behavior problems of their children.

    The most important results define that the most common
     problems of behavior of nursery children in the age category (4-6)
                         were nurturing, intransigence, dejection, and
                         independency. Some recommendations and
                         suggestions are submitted as the results of
                         the study.

                  Student Alienation in King Saud University in Age
                    of Globalization With participation with Prof. Dr.
Thanaa El-Daba, Faculty of Education King Saud University

 This study aims at studying Alienation in Saudi Arabian
  university students in age of globalization.

 Alienation was measured in a sample of 203 Female students in a
  pilot study aged from 18-29
                years in king Saud University. Reliability and
                Validity of the Scale were good.

 The basic sample was chosen randomly ( n = 50 ) Female student,
  mean age ( 21.1 ) years ( SD: 1.34 ) .

 Factor Analysis showed ten Factors participated in %73.3 of
  variance ratio. Eigen values varied from % 17.9 for Factor one to
  %1.72 for Factor ten. Feeling meaninglessness was the first factor
  of alienation, after it were: feeling of social helplessness, loneliness
  lack of social participation, social isolation, feeding of social
  estrangement sadness, materialism, bitterness, cultural

 These factors were discussed according to social changes and

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