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					                                CHESHIRE EAST COUNCIL

                                    JOB DESCRIPTION

The provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act relating to the non-disclosure of spent
 convictions do not apply to this job, YOU MUST, THEREFORE, DISCLOSE WHETHER
If successful, you will also be required to apply for a Criminal Record Check from the Criminal
   Records Bureau. The level of check required for this job is Enhanced Disclosure. Where
   jobs require access to ContactPoint enhanced disclosures will be required and will be
   reviewed every three years. Further information is contained in the Further Details
   document enclosed.

 JOB TITLE:                Educational Psychologist


 GRADE:                    Soulbury A 2 – 7 (Plus 3 SPA points)

 RESPONSIBLE TO:           Principal Educational Psychologist


    Provide an applied psychology service to schools, early years settings, families,
     young people, the community and Cheshire East Local Authority.

    Implement strategies and techniques that are grounded in psychological and
     educational theory and principles in order to promote inclusion and maximise the
     achievement of young people.

    Contribute to multi-agency partnerships and extended services to ensure locally
     based cohesive and effective working for children, their parents and families taking
     into account existing groupings such as Education Improvement Partnerships and
     Area Partnership Boards.
   Support schools and early years settings in meeting the requirements of the DFE
    Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and the related local authority policies
    and procedures.

   Contribute to the effectiveness of the local authority in implementing local and
    national strategies, policies and practices that deliver the five Every Child Matters

   Contribute to school improvement ensuring support for schools identified by Ofsted or
    the LEA as causing concern.


1. Provide a consultative service underpinned by an interactionist perspective, to a local
    community of schools and early years settings in the identification, assessment and
    management of children and young people with additional needs. Advise on the
    deployment of resources and promote change within individuals, groups and systems
    through the application of psychological knowledge of child and adolescent
    development and specialist knowledge of special educational needs.
2. Support schools and early years settings in meeting national and local targets in
    raising pupil attainment, promoting inclusion and reducing exclusions.
3. Contribute to the professional development of LA, school, early years settings and
    other staff.
4. Promote local implementation of key LA strategies and policies.
5. Promote the use of psychology, research and evidence based practice across the
    localities in relation to managing change, systems work, individual casework and child
    development and learning generally.
6. Contribute psychological advice to the statutory assessment of children and young
    people being carried out under the 1996 Education Act.
7. Develop work, including professional development, training and action research, that
    promotes organisational change within schools and early years settings in the
    interests of raising achievement and the emotional well being of children and young
8. Support schools working in challenging circumstances or in OFSTED categories;
    attending and reporting at review and project groups where appropriate.
9. Provide leadership in a specialist area of interest within the team.
10. Keep up to date with the national agenda around early intervention in order that
    Cheshire East is innovative and forward thinking.
11. Contribute to meeting the performance indicators for the EP Team.
12. Contribute within the responsibilities of the post to the commitment to equality of
    opportunity including all relevant human rights and anti discrimination legislation.

Notwithstanding the detail in this job description, in accordance with the Council's
Flexibility Policy the job holder will undertake such work as may be determined by the
Director/Corporate Council Manager from time to time, up to or at a level consistent with
the Principal Responsibilities of the job and in any location within Cheshire East.