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					                             MAUREEN SEBASTIAN
Metropolitan                           Lead                    Graham Mason/Columbia University Grad Film
Goldberg Variations                    Featured                John Moran/Ovie Entertainment
Fragments                              Lead                    Shrihari Sathhe/University of Michigan Prod.
It’s not that Simple                   Lead                    Victor Friedman, Director/Wolf Friedman Films
Bottled Up (Pilot)                     Lead                    Barry Scott/Both Barrels Productions
Reebok “Jerry Maguire” Movie Night     Host                    Mark Sullivan/Oh! Oxygen Network
Reebok Custom Vignette Spot            Lead                    Mark Sullivan/Oh! Oxygen Network
He Can Go, You Can Stay         Lead                           Mike Williamson/Rainbow Quartz Productions
RIPT Commercial Web Spot               Lead                    Mark Sullivan/Oh! Oxygen Network
Safe Sex PSA                           Featured                Mark Richardson/Lumina Films
Talley Hall Web Episodes               Suppoprting             Rob Cantor/Atlantic Records

I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour     Japanese Woman          Jean Wagner/Culture Project
Frozen Beach                           Ai                      Aya Ogawa/The Japan Society
Both                                   Josephine               Alexa Palmer/Ensemble Studio Theatre
Children of Vonderly                   Georgia                 Ralph B. Pena/Ma-Yi Theatre Company
Midsummer Night’s Dream                Titania/Hippolyta       Brian B. Crowe/Shakespeare Th. of NJ
Taming of the Shrew                    Bianca                  Brian B. Crowe/Shakespeare Th. of NJ
Shogun Macbeth (Reading)               Fujin Macbeth/Macduff   Ernest Abuba/PanAsian Repertory
Joy Luck Club (Reading)                Lena St. Claire         Tisa Chang/PanAsian Repertory
Tea (Reading)                          Himiko                  Tina Chen/PanAsian Repertory
ophelia3                               Translator              Aya Ogawa/here Arts Center
P.O. Box (Reading)                     Ty                      Jim Simpson/The Flea Theatre
707 Pine (Reading)                     Robin                   Kip Fagan/The Flea Theatre
some things cease to be (Reading)      Mathilde                Sherri Kronfeld/The Flea Theatre
Fight Girl Battle World                Jan J’ah                Robert Ross Parker/Vampire Cowboys
Living Dead in Denmark                 Juliet                  Robert Ross Parker/Vampire Cowboys
EATFest: “Blackout”                    Amanda                  Anthony Luciano/Emerging Artists
Motke Thief                            Hanala                  Aaron Beale/Todo Con Nada Th. Co.
An Arthur Miller Celebration           Abigail, The Crucible   Mark Lamos/University of Michigan,
                                       Ann, All My Sons        Ann Arbor (select)
MA-YI THEATRE WRITER’S LAB (NYC): Lloyd Suh & Qui Nguyen, Directors, member August 2006
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (NYC): J.R. Humphreys Fellowship for Playwriting (Austin Flint) Fall 2005
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN (ANN ARBOR): B.F.A Theatre Performance, B.A. English, 2001-2005
Study of movement/clown (Malcolm Tulip), Tai Chi, stage combat (Erik Fredricksen), acting (Darryl V. Jones,
John Neville-Andrews, Janet Maylie-Fredricksen, Philip Kerr, Sarah-Jane Gwillim), voice & speech, dialects,
vocal studio, Playwriting (OyamO, Barbara Hodgdon), Voiceover Workshop
AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS (NYC): Study of movement (Michael Donaghy), acting, voice & speech
(James Demonic), musical theatre, and vocal production (John Bayliss)

                                            Prestige Management Group
                                143 West 29th Street – Suite 1102, NYC, NY 10001
                                         t. 212.239.6785 * f.212.239.6885
                           Contact: Achilles Tsakiridis *

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