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Don Quixote's - DOC


									                                          Don Quixote’s
                                       International Music Hall
                        Seated and Dancing Concerts in our Music Showcase Room
                           Restaurant features fine Mexican and American Dining
                       LOCATED JUST 10 MINUTES FROM SANTA CRUZ
                         6275 Highway 9 in Downtown Felton, CA 95018
      Tickets and reservations at Don Quixote's - call 831-603-2294
             ♪   Tickets Cash Only            ♪   ATM in Lobby          ♪   DANCES AGES 21+
           SEATED CONCERTS ALL AGES: Under 21 Must Be Accompanied By Parent

                                   July 2011 & Beyond Concerts
Jonathan Edwards                     Hit Songs: Sunshine Go Away Today and Shanty
Thu. July 7 at 7:30pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Once you hear Jonathan Edwards' voice, you'll want to hear it again and again. His rich, warm tenor has a distinctively
unique and natural quality. Jonathan has acquired an enviable track record, one of skill and grace in the sometimes brutal
world of the music business. And he has done it while keeping intact his ear for a strong melody and love of a beautifully
crafted song. During his 36-year career he has recorded 15 albums and penned such notable hits as "Shanty" and
"Sunshine", which earned him a gold record in 1971. This classic song, covered by Paul Westerberg, is included in the 1995
release of "Friends", a compilation of music for the hit NBC-TV show, and is heard in the 1994 Will Ferrell film
―Anchorman‖ and included on the soundtrack. His 1987 children's album, "Little Hands", selected by the National Library
Association as a "Notable Children's Recording", has sold over 20,000 copies and is still going strong. Jonathan's first studio
CD in 14 years is "My Love Will Keep" (Appleseed Recordings) contains a dozen songs, including five new songs from the
tranquil ―Surrounded,‖ a similarly nature-centric ―Johnny Blue Horizon‖ (inspired by John Denver), the raucous ―Crazy
Texas Woman,‖ the bluegrass romp ―How Long‖ to ―Lightkeeper,‖ written for the same-titled movie, a celebration of the
world‘s oceans. Artist sites and sounds:

Zach Deputy plus Christopher Hawley Rollers
Fri. July 8 at 9pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
There is nothing out there like Zach Deputy. Truly a one-man dance band, he is a powerhouse of performance, technical
chops, and one hell of a charismatic presence. Put simply, Zach Deputy does what is called live looping: layering sounds
through the magic of technology to create a full band effect. He isn‘t the only performer out there doing this, but he has taken
the technique to the next level. First and foremost, however, Zach Deputy is a songwriter, a shredding guitarist and a soulful
singer with a 4+ octave vocal range. The Zach Deputy sound is essentially roots rock, but in his case the roots are in soul,
calypso and dancehall, underpinned by driving hip-hop, rock steady, Motown and Stax backbeats. Christopher Hawley
Rollers: with the much-anticipated third album, Comes Around Again, the open-hearted troubadour will bring his feel-good
music to an even wider audience. With a soulful, resonant voice evoking the likes of John Fogerty, Johnny Cash, and Bob
Weir, Hawley is poised to augment the extent of his foray into American music consciousness and continue to warm hearts
everywhere Artist sites and sounds: and

China Cats The Songs of the Grateful Dead plus Three Legged Dawg
Sat. July 9 at 9pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
This Bay Area tribute band performs the songs of the Grateful Dead with spirited jams that carry their own genuine
personality while paying homage to their musical forefathers. The band is comprised of veteran musicians including lead
guitarist Matt Hartle, who is well-known for his Garcia-esque tone and playing through his work with Melvin Seals, Shady
Groove, Cast of Clowns and others. The rhythm guitar parts of Bob Weir are covered by veteran musician Scott Cooper, who
also teaches guitar at UC Santa Cruz and has recorded with Ben Ellman (Galactic), Howard Wales and George Marsh.
Bassist Roger Sideman studied music for years as a child with Phil Lesh's 1st cousin Carol Lesh. Keyboard player Steve
Sofranko is another jam band veteran, having worked with Workingman's Ed and Burnt Toast, and lastly drummer Michael
Owens covers the single-drummer parts played by Billy Kreutzman. Armed with a large repertoire of tunes from the Dead's
150-song repertoire, the China Cats, like the Dead, do not repeat songs from one night to the next. "I had a fine time and
enjoyed the music very much."-- Rock Scully, Grateful Dead. Close your eyes and you'll think you're back at the fabled
Fillmore West!"-- Monterey Herald Three Legged Dawg: Acoustic trio consisting of Fred Rodriguez, guitar,
mandolin,dobro and vocals; Greg "Spanky" Baldwin, guitar, banjo, banjitar and vocals; Andy Birchett,downright upright bass
and vocals - Genre: Folkinamerican. Artist sites and sounds:

Houston Jones plus Susie Glaze & The Hilonesome Band                                             7pm Evening Show
Sun. July 10 at 7pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Houston Jones is a California based high octane Americana quintet. Formed in 2001, the band performs a strong
original repertoire that ranges from bluegrass and folk to blues and gospel. "No one delivers the goods quite like
Houston Jones. As always, Houston Jones remains one of the West Coast's most talented and entertaining bands." -
Dirty Linen Magazine Susie Glaze: Broadway actress and singer, award-winning recording artist and critically-acclaimed
Bluegrass powerhouse vocalist, Susie Glaze has been called by BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED "---an important voice on the
California Bluegrass scene." A native Tennessean, Susie grew up in the shadow of the Grand Ole Opry, learning the craft of
country and bluegrass from a short distance by regular immersion of Flatt & Scruggs, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn among
others. When just 16 she sang for her brother Rick's writer's nights song showcases in Nashville.
Artist site and sounds: and

The Greencards
Mon. July 11 at 7:30pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
ENERGY. From the first notes struck together in 2003 through tours with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, up to and beyond
their fourth studio album in 2009, The Greencards have won steadily escalating acclaim for their multi-dimensional
Americana vision. Each step they‘ve taken has widened their appeal. Their releases have topped the Billboard Bluegrass
charts. In both 2008 (for their Viridian album) and 2010 (for Fascination), they were nominated for Grammy Awards in the
―Best Country Instrumental‖ category. They‘ve earned ovations from ―newgrass‖ music devotees at MerleFest and from
indie-rock loyalists at Lollapalooza and the Austin City Limits Festival. noted ―This imported band is
creating some of the finest Americana around.‖ But this four-piece band, spearheaded by Australians Carol Young and Kym
Warner, is interested less in past accomplishments than in looking ahead for new goals to achieve. Produced and engineered
by studio veteran Justin Niebank (Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Keith Urban), The Brick Album on the band‘s own Darling Street
Records is the first to successfully infuse The Greencards‘ eclectic musical references with the excitement they generate
onstage. Artist sites and sounds:

Jason D. Williams Rock N’ Roll Piano Wildman
Tue. July 12 at 7:30pm $12 adv./$12 door DANCE <21 W/PARENT
Enthusiastic, Reckless, Stormy,
 Rock & Roll in its natural state. Hear him on KPIG now.
This explains why the Kansas City Star pronounced Jason D. Williams as "the past and future of rock & roll." The Beacon
Journal dubbed him as "The worlds greatest piano player." Most importantly this reminds you of why you got into rock &
roll in the first place, to get a little wild. Todd Snider produced Jason D Williams new CD KILLER INSTINCTS. After seeing
a live show there will be no doubt why fans and critics alike agree with that summation of the dynamic piano player from
Memphis. Jason D. has the same musical innovation and on the edge attitude as Jerry Lee and Elvis. From Classical to
Rockabilly to County to Jazz and on to Rock & Roll, Jason D. rages. Television cameras love Jason's energy and style. He
has appeared on such shows as MTV's News at Night, MTV The Week in Rock, Pat Sajak Show, LIVE! on ABC, Regis and
Kathie Lee Show, VH1, VH1's This is Country, Crook & Chase, Nashville Now, Music City Tonight, Entertainment Tonight,
that's just to name a few. Artist sites and sounds: (See off the charts rockin‘ video on
Jason‘s site).

Thu. July 14 at 7:30pm $15 adv./ $15 door          SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Kellen Paik and Līhau Hannahs Paik are Kūpaoa. The name describes a ―strong, lingering fragrance‖ which reflected their
hopes that their music would linger with people like sweet, memorable fragrances. That is an understatement. In 2008, Kellen
and Līhau released their debut album, Pili O Ke Ao which was nominated for 4 Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards. In 2009, the
members of the Hawai‗i Academy of Recording Artists honored the duo with a Nā Hōkū Hanohano award for Most
Promising Artist of the Year and also awarded Kellen and Iokepa Badis the prestigious Haku Mele Award for Hawaiian
language song composition of the year for the song, Uluwehikalunaoka‗ala. Bolstered by the success of their first album,
Kūpaoa began work in late 2009 on a second album to be released mid-year in 2010 which will be titled English Rose. Artist
sites and sounds

RYZ 20 Year Reunion Celebration
The Devil Himself plus RYZ plus The SSPX
Fri. July 15 at 8:30pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
The Devil Himself: It begins with a low rumble, almost immediately discountable as nothing more than distant thunder. A
trembling vibration which builds. It grows, adding layer upon layer of sonic menace, building, surging, flowing. As it peaks,
muted colors explode forth, licking the senses with fire, with passion, with longing. The ground seethes and pulsates around
your feet as you realize there is no escape. RYZ was an all original hard rock act in the late 80's early 90's that rocked from
the Santa Cruz mountains to the heart of the Silicon Valley opening for such acts as Night Ranger, Montrose, Steelheart,
Babylon AD, World's Apart to name a few. RYZ 1991-1994 was made up of Mike Lyons on bass and vocals (formally of
Innocent Victims and Dammit Jim), Rob Gwynn on guitar and vocals (formally of Sphinx, No Respect, Black Ice, and
Poison Arrow), Glenn Behanna on drums (formally of Ty Oliver, Soul Patrol, The Romp, and Ernie Buck Band ) and Scott
Harris on lead vocals. The band was popular in the San Lorenzo Valley and throughout Santa Cruz County. The reunion will
also be a Leukemia Benefit for Glenn Behanna. NOW LET'S ROCK THIS TOWN!!!! The SSPX opens the evening with a
rockin‘ hot set of blues rock with attitude. Artist sites and sounds:

Foreverland 14 Piece Tribute to Michael Jackson
Sat. July 16 at 8pm $14 adv./$14 door DANCE – AGES 21 +
Foreveland is a 14-piece tribute to one of the most amazing entertainers in the world, Mr. Michael Jackson.
Based in San Francisco, the group was formed in March of 2009 to honor Michael's musical genius and legendary
showmanship. With four lead vocalists, four horns and a six-piece rhythm section, the ensemble is best described as a
"Remarkable and Rocking Michael Jackson Revue." Rather than be limited by a MJ impersonator and pre-recorded backing
tracks, the band's unique approach is to celebrate the larger than life performances, imagination and infectious spirit of this
legendary artist. The result is a fabulous and thumping 14-piece show band that pays homage to MJ's undeniable talent and
timeless dance music. And as the band likes to say, "Don't Blame It On The Sunshine, Don't Blame It On The Moonlight,
Don't Blame It On The Good Times, BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE! Artist sites and sounds:

Will Durst, Johnny Steele, Deb and Mike 7pm Evening Show
Sun. July 17 at 7pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Will Durst is the World's Number 1 Political Satirist--The Thinking Man's Comic
Headliner Will Durst, featuring Johnny Steele and hosted by Deb & Mike
Will Durst Premier political satirist Will Durst followed the presidential campaign with much interest. He reported from
both the Democrat and Republican conventions for various radio stations and has a new video blog called "A Burst of Durst"
which can be seen on either YouTube or his new MySpace page.
The New York Times: ―Quite possibly the best political satirist working in the country today.‖
The Boston Globe: ―A modern day Will Rogers.‖
The San Francisco Examiner: ‖Heir apparent to Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory.‖
The Los Angeles Times: ―He‘s an equal opportunity offender with a restless mind and delicious sense of language. Where
most comedians give us attitude, Durst brings style and has one thing in common with the best: a sense of moral outrage.‖
Johnny Steele has had numerous appearances on television, co-hosted a radio show on Live 105 and is a San Francisco
Comedy Competition Winner, A&E. Deb & Mike are on last leg of their Amsterdam to Felton tour. They were recently
featured on A&E Evening At the Airport. Artist sites and sounds: and

Tue. July 19 at 7:30pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
As one of Australia‘s premier independent bands, Bluehouse have stamped out their own unique style by writing folk-
flavored pop melodies meshed with powerful, intricate harmonies and inspired guitar and bass playing, along with an
engaging, lively show that heaps healthy doses of sardonic wit and humor in between songs.
 The dynamic duo of
Jacqueline Walter and Bernadette Carroll first met in a pub in Melbourne in 1995. They have since forged a successful career
worldwide, by honing their performance skills through beautiful singing, clever thinking and near constant touring. They
have received five-star reviews from critics and fans alike. Artist sites and sounds: and
Alli Battaglia & The Musical Brewing Co.
Thu. July 21 at 7:30pm $12 adv./$12 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Lucid, awake and filled with ardent potency, Alli Battaglia & The Musical Brewing Co. is a one of a kind rock 'n' roll
experience. The 6-piece ensemble fuses soaring, graceful melodies and dance-floor worthy rhythms with splashes of vivid
color and inspired lyricism. With crescendos of epic proportions, The Musical Brewing Co. is on a track headed straight into
sonic wonderland and the whole audience is on board! Though singer and songwriter Alli Battaglia grew up in the Santa Cruz
Mountains, the majority of her musical journey was established in Chico, Ca., where Alli lived and rehabilitated after the
accident. Chico was the ideal place for her to grow as a songwriter and performer because of the abundance of musical
creativity in the area. Artist sites and sounds:

Led Zeppelin Live starring HEARTBREAKER
Fri. July 22 at 8pm $18 adv./$20 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Heartbreaker is, without a doubt, the world's most authentic Led Zeppelin tribute band. It takes a lot of confidence to make
such a claim, but Heartbreaker lives up to it. In musicianship, sound replication, costume and stage presence, Heartbreaker is
the closest to the real Led Zeppelin yet. From Zeppelin's 1969 debut album with the smash Good Times Bad Times, through
the 1979 album In Through the Out Door, Heartbreaker‘s performance captures it all flawlessly Artist sites and sounds:

Uncle Buffett A Tribute To Jimmy Buffett                                  PARROTHEAD ALERT
Sat. July 23 at 8pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
This is a tribute band that features GRAMMY and OSCAR award winning top-of-the-line musicians, including guys who
have played with Elton John, Craig Chaquico. Boz Scaggs, Vince Welnick and more. With over 30 albums, Jimmy Buffett
has entertained audiences all over the world. Jimmy invented "Tropical Rock" and defined the feel-good grooves that have
thrilled Parrotheads and Phlockers for over 40 years. Jimmy Buffett continues to tour extensively, with most of his concerts
selling out in minutes. But rarely does he venture to the West Coast. Enter Uncle Buffett, an exciting tribute loaded with A-
List players that combines Buffett‘s country, folk, and pop music with coastal as well as tropical lyrical themes. This
professional, veteran sextet celebrates the spirit of Jimmy Buffett‘s song bag. Parrotheads everywhere are eating it up! Artist
sites and sounds:

Café Musique 1pm Matinee
Sun. July 24 at 1pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Café Musique is the perfect marriage of classical, swing, gypsy, folk, tango and originals. Combining the beauty of the violin
with the dynamic expression of the accordion, Café Musique has adopted the European Gypsy sound as their own. If you add
compelling vocals with harmonies to the mix, along with timeless standards and new compositions, you begin to have an idea
what the band is all about. The members of Café Musique are Brynn Albanese on violin and vocals, Piper Heisig on
percussion and vocals, Duane Inglish on accordion, Fred Murray on bass, and Craig Nuttycombe on guitar and vocals. Artist
site and sounds:

Terri Hendrix plus Billy Manzik 7pm Evening Show
Sun. July 24 at 7pm $12 adv./$12 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Terri Hendrix: A classically trained vocalist and deft multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin and harmonica), Hendrix is a
firm believer in the theory that ―life‘s too short for one genre,‖ dodging musical pigeonholes by weaving folk, pop, country,
blues and swinging jazz into an eclectic style all her own. And now she has a book. The award-winning singer-songwriter‘s
first book is two books in one: part companion piece to her latest album, ―Cry Till You Laugh,” with lyrics, photos and essays
linked to the songs on the record, and part how-to guide for going your own way in the music business. The essays dance
from ―cry‖ to ―laugh‖ and back again, touching candidly on everything from hilarious road stories and stage-fright jitters to
poignant matters of the heart. It may sound like a crazy mix, but as any fan of Terri Hendrix‘s music can attest, that‘s Terri to
a ―T.‖ Canadian sensation Billy Manzik's musical journey began where Highway 61 ends, in Thunder Bay Ontario. The
soundtrack for his upbringing was provided by his guitar slinging, country singing mother, and influenced by roots rock, old
rhythm and blues, not to mention Billy's penchant for wandering the continent. The result is a driving blues rock sound,
complete with catchy riffs, lyrical hooks and a 'feel-good' toe tapping kind of style. Billy's new release is AllTogetherNow.
Artist site and sounds: and
Sleepy Sun, Howlin Rain, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
Presented by (((folkYEAH!)))
Wed. July 27 at 9pm $10 adv./$12 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Sleepy Sun: Sleepy Sun is a California band from many Californias. They hail from the rolling oak and sage hills of Sierra
Gold Country, The San Francisco Peninsula, where Kesey raged and the Dead were once Warlocks, and the forever-sunshine
climes of the Southland. They came together young and garage strutting in the coastal Northern California crucible of Santa
Cruz. And there they birthed the Sleepy sound dead blues shaken alive, razor sharp and ramblin', soul, sonic science and
dead-on pop surgery. Wooden, earthy, stratospheric, and swinging California music of beautiful contrasts for conflicted
times. Their latest ATP release Fever is the honey harmonies and danger wailing of Bret Constantino; the wing-on-wing
guitars of Matt Holliman and Even Reiss in screaming dives and sweet ascending circles; the lowdown served up tough and
thundering from drum and bass authorities Brian Tice and Jack Allen.
Howlin Rain: The classically soulful Howlin Rain released their eponymous first album in 2006 on Birdman Records and
their second 'Magnificent Fiend' in 2008 on Birdman/American Recordings. In late 2010 Howlin Rain released the EP "The
Good Life" via American and Birdman records.
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound: San Francisco‘s Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound is a soundtrack for strange days
and futures bright and bleak. But there is also a crooked thread that runs backward through every Assemble Head record—the
celestial trajectories of The Notorious Byrd Brothers and circa ‗70 Floyd; the dusty canyon stomps of Crazy Horse, slashing
action pop of the savage young Who, Italian bastardizations of Lalo Schifrin cop movie scores, and the scuzz-bomb shrapnel
of latter-day garage mongers like Mudhoney and MonoshockArtist sites and sounds: and and Buy your tickets right now at:

New West Guitar featuring guitars built by Jeff Traugott                                    7:30pm Concert
Thu. July 28 at 7:30pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Featuring three young virtuosos, New West has gained recognition as one of today's premier guitar ensembles. Using electric
and acoustic guitars the group combines the foundation of jazz with elements of blues, rock, and folk. For 6 years they've
endorsed the acoustic guitars of Santa Cruz luthier Jeff Traugott and featured them on their all acoustic CD "Sleeping Lady".
 During the summer of 2009 New West opened for Diana Krall at Southern Oregon's Brit Festival for a capacity crowd of
3,000. Some of their other performances have included the 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival, 2007 Hoffest in Berin, the 2005
World Expo in Japan. By utilizing all the different timbres of the guitar, New West creates a fresh new sound that has proven
to entertain audiences all over the world. "---a breakthrough for jazz guitar" - John Pisano, legendary guitarist
"the group's sound is unique for guitar ensembles---" - Jazz "New West is comprised of three of the brightest
stars among a new generation of guitarists." - Larry Koonse, guitarist, CalArts Faculty Artist sites and sounds: and and and

Woods 9:30pm Concert
Presented by (((folkYEAH!)))
Thu. July 28 at 9:30pm $15 adv. /$15 door DANCE AGES 21 +
David Keenan/Glasgow/March 2010 writes: With a title like At Echo Lake, the fifth album from New York‘s Woods
intimates a modern rock aesthetic fully informed by historical manifestations of teenage along with a concomitant feel for the
specifics of time and place. The distance between 2007‘s At Rear House and 2010‘s At Echo Lake may at first seem only
semantic but it more properly represents a move from a kind of informal back porch jam ethos to a fully-committed vision of
the infinite possibilities of group playing. Woods‘ secret weapon is the quality of (Jeremy) Earl‘s voice, osmosing the naive
style of Jad Fair, Jonathan Richman and Neil Young while re-thinking it as a discipline and a tradition. Here he is singing at
the peak of his powers, in a high soulful style that is bolstered by heavenly arrangements of backing vocals. Artist sites and
sounds: and Buy your tickets right now

Mike Renwick & His Big Ass Horn Band CD Release
Fri. July 29 at 8pm $10 adv./$12 door DANCE AGES 21 +
CD release for Mike Renwick Live
Mike Renwick's musical education started in Europe in 1965 playing rhythm and blues with various English bands. Mike has
been touring since 1967. Mike‘s style is influenced by his close friends in Average White Band, Tower of Power and Bill
Champlin. Artist sites and sounds: and
Shady Groove plus Slugs N’ Roses JERRY DAY CELEBRATION
Sat. July 30 at 8:30pm $12 adv./$15 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Shady Groove who are a rockin‘ dance band covering The Jerry Garcia Band catalogue, R&B classics and a spectrum of
covers and original roots psychedelic songs. Enjoy the molten, cascading guitar riffs and soulful material of a Jerry show and
hook up with old friends and kindred spirits and be prepared to dance your booty off. These guys have big fun with their
joyful rockin‘ take on The Dead. Can‘t have more fun with Grateful Dead and related tunes than having members of the
Banana Slug String Band in the group playing spirited renditions. Slugs N' Roses plays Grateful Dead music in an energetic,
refreshing Santa Cruz style. Featuring Airy Larry and Doug Dirt from the Banana Slug String Band on guitar and bass, Slugs
N' Roses delivers high energy psychedelic rock with interwoven rhythms and impassioned lyrics. Guitarists Brett Packer and
August West, keyboardist Dave Faulkner, and drummer Paul Garcia round out a big powerful sound that ensures a dance
party every gig. That leaves most of the vocals to Michael Sammet, who emotionally delivers a beautiful but edgy spirit to
the music we have come to love. Be sure to watch out for the rare Dylan tune that the Dead never got around to playing.
Artist sites and sounds:

Sitar Power By Ashwin Batish
Raga Rock Fusion
Sun. July 31 at 7pm $15 adv./$15 door          SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Sitar Power By Ashwin Batishwith Keshav Batish, Meena Batish and Myron Dove
Ashwin Batish is an extraordinary sitarist and tabla player. He received training in the North Indian classical tradition from
his father Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish and later created his own unique fusion of Indian classical sitar with pop, rock, jazz,
calypso, funk--an example of a few hybrids he excels at. He is famous for such songs as the Bombay Boogie, Raga Rock,
Raga Jazz, Casbah Shuffle and Sitar Mania. His pioneering efforts in worldbeat music have earned him critical reviews and
great respect in the music community. The sitar is ageless in Ashwin's hands. It is souped up for amplification and effects!
Try to catch one of Ashwin's electric performances. His music is as dynamic as his stage presence. Ashiwn's son Keshav is
only 13 years old but fast becoming a powerful tabla player. He has been studying music with his father, Ashwin Batish,
since his birth! Some of his other favorite instrument of study are sitar, santoor, surbahar mridangam and singing. Meena
Batish is Sitar Power vocalist. Myron Dove, formerly of SANTANA, adds stunning bass. Artist sites and sounds: and

Swing That Uke
Uke Ellington, Ukelele Dick & Mona Lott, C Monkeys, Dave Eagan & Friends
Thurs. Aug. 4 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
"The Jazz Era" in America swung from 1920 into the 1940s and made ukulele the instrument of choice for the collegiate,
flappers and vamps, movie stars and GIs. Relive the music through the best ukulele jazz acts in Santa Cruz at this elegant and
fun variety show at Don Quixote‘s, a music venue built for swing bands in the 1940‘s. Uke Ellington features chanteuse and
melodica mistress Amity Rose (aka Meghan McGeary), direct from a successful New York musical theatre career, famous
local luthier Rick Turner revealing his musical mastery on the other side of the fret board dating back to his days with the
Youngbloods, and Sandor Nagyszalanczy, local uke club luminary and "virtuososo." Ukelele Dick & Mona Lott (aka Jayme
Kelly Curtis) make musical mischief with jazz standards and obscures of the day, snuggled up with sly humor. Special guests
the C Monkeys feature the soaring vocals of Celina Gutierrez and jumping jive soloist Stan Parola. And Dave Eagan &
Friends croon and swoon with the best of them. COSTUME CONTEST: prize awarded for the best period outfit. Free
tickets to anyone driving a Packard, Cord or Delahaye motorcar. Artist web sites:
and and and

The Sun Kings A Musically Remarkable Tribute to The Beatles
Fri. Aug. 5 at 8pm $15 adv./$17 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Since 2001, the Sun Kings have been thrilling audiences throughout the Golden State with their uncanny channeling of the
Beatles' music. With a repertoire of over 100 songs, the Sun Kings shine with spot-on arrangements and vocal harmonies,
delivered with a driving energy that recalls the earliest Beatle shows. From clubs and festivals to concerts and live radio
performance, the band has won over fan and skeptic alike with their obvious love of the music they play and delight in
sharing it. Artist sites and sounds:

3 Up Front, Voice Of Addiction, Black Love
Sat. Aug. 6 at 9pm $8 adv./$8 door DANCE AGES 21 +
3 Up Front In ten their 10year history they have opened for Agent Orange, Circle Jerks, Guttermouth, Voodoo Glow Skulls
and are influence by Bad Religion, Sublime, Hendrix, NOFX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Al Green
Voice Of Addiction, from CHICAGO takes on the attitude that the punk rock revolution instilled in us, but infuses it with
genre-mashing breakdowns. Sometimes described as a "unique refreshing slant to the rock world." Voice Of Addiction's
members put their distinct personalities and experiences into the instruments they play and the music they write. V.O.A.'s
music has an immense presence that builds tension and releases it at the most opportune times.
Black Love: Driving rockers from Ben Lomond. Joe Clements:
 Guitars and Voice, Dustin Roth:
 Lead and Drums, Pat
 Guitars and Voice, Ben Schack-Lambdin:
 Bass Guitar. Artist sites and sounds: and and

Not So Young A Tribute to Neil Young 1pm Matinee                                        FEEL THE NEIL
Sun. Aug. 7 at 1pm $8 adv./ $8 door DANCE – AGES 21 +
Not So Young is Dave Handloff, Dave Tucker, Dylan Rosenberg, Jim Rosenberg playing acoustic and electric Neil Young.
Artist sites and sounds:

Shelley King, Noelle Hampton, Jess Klein
Tue. Aug. 9 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
 Shelley King’s new CD Welcome Home is a unique collaboration between Shelley King and
 members of the subdudes
(John Magnie, Tim Cook and
 Steve Amedée), What resulted is an instant classic! King‘s lustrous soothing voice and soulful
songs are at the forefront of this recording supported by layers of effortless ―subdudes‖ harmony and superb musicianship.
The first single, ―Summer Wine,‖ received radio airplay around the world. Joining Shelley will be Austin music legends Chip
Dolan & Marvin Dyhkhous. Noelle Hampton: "Fat, gorgeous melodies; lyrics you can read
 like poetry, or that sound like
whispered confidences. 
 Understated,elegant arrangements & playing. Lovely 
 vocals from Noelle Hampton. A near-
perfect package 
 of words and music, soul and inspiration."
 - Ben Fong-Torres (former editor/Rolling Stone). Jess Klein:
Now, on her seventh studio album, Bound To Love, Jess Klein has created an Americana gem that speaks to the troubadour
in all of us. Jess Klein emerged from the Boston music scene in 1998 with her independent release, Wishes Well Disguised,
but it was her later releases – 2000‘s Draw Them Near, 2005‘s Strawberry Lover and 2006‘s City Garden that would capture
the attention of critics and fans worldwide. Artist sites and sounds: and and

Al Frisby--The Gospel Project
Wed. Aug. 10 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Al Frisby bring a his latest show to Don Quixote's "The Gospel Project" of brim fire and damnation and joy and salvation.
New Orleans born musician Al Frisby grew up in a city considered by many to be the ground zero of American music and
one form above all it is known has influenced all the others—Gospel. It's been called the original music. Frisby brings a
grand collection of obscure and unique gospel songs he has collected over the years to Don Quixote's stage. "I got the idea
after a set at a club one night where I did mostly gospel--the crowd love it and it gave me the idea to do an all gospel show. "
Al will be joined by super star bass player Matt Bohn on stage plus special guest singers. Don't miss this rare performance of
gospel music set to raise your spirits!! "It will be an evening of brim fire, damnation and joy and salvation--we're gonna
swing on the Golden Gate!" states Frisby. Lache pas a patate! See you there! Artist sites and sounds: and

African Showboyz of Ghana
Thu. Aug. 11 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE <21 W/PARENT
From the bush of Africa, Napoleon, Joseph, Issac, Mosses and JJ Sabbah emerge. The African Showboyz hail from Binaba, a
tiny village in the northeast region of Ghana, West Africa. This tribal quintet is a unique blend and remarkable experience of
African drum, dance, magic and adrenaline. In Binaba, the drum is a cultural symbol in child birthing, naming, marriage and
funeral ceremonies, as well as festivities marking the planting and harvesting of crops. Dance is a story told. In Binaba, there
is no electricity, nor an opportunity for education, but through sheer determination and an intense respect for humanity; the
African Showboyz have bridged borders; mesmerizing and enchanting audiences throughout Africa, France, and Germany.
When attending a Showboyz performance, prepare yourself for a world class raw-roots experience. From tribal drumming
and dance to phenomenal glass eating and mystical music; from comic routines to ―African Power‖ exhibits, these beautiful
young African men entertain all ages with vibrant heart and soul, it‘s contagious! Artist sites and sounds:
Forrest Day plus Hovering Breadcat
Friday August 12 at 8pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Forrest Day: What are we to call this compellingly oddball mélange of rock, hip hop, jazz, reggae, and other influences, all
in sway to some of the most mirthfully self-conscious streams of consciousness you‘ve ever heard? We could call it
attention-deficit-disorder rock. Or maybe we should just call it Forrest Day, the Bay-area bandleader who‘s releasing his self-
titled full-length debut on the Ninth Street Opus label. Day‘s amusingly confessional songwriting dabbles in social
commentary about corporate greed (―Hoarders‖) and our overmedicated society (―Meds‖), among other concerns. But he
returns again and again to everyday struggles common to itinerant musicians and non-musicians alike: bad bosses, lost jobs,
debt collectors, and the girlfriend as muse or unwitting patron of the arts. Hovering Breadcat: Formed in 2010 in the
excitement of festival fairgrounds and late night shenanigans, The Hovering Breadcat Folk Ensemble is a Bay Area collective
of veteran musicians performing heartfelt Americana and Folk Rock Grooves with a modern flair. An eclectic gathering of
talented players, Hovering Breadcat is led by Derek Bodkin (Five Eyed Hand, The Trailer Park Troubadours) and includes
Chris Zanardi (Five Eyed Hand), Bret Bailey (Shady Groove), and Dave Olson (Sol Rising). "The HBC" is often joined by
many amazing surprise musicians and artists, including striking poetry by Sam Flot. In Hovering Breadcat, we love what we
do! Artist sites and sounds: and

Mountain Palooza 5
Fire's Fury, Who's Holdin', The Devil Himself, Honest Mistake, Take One, The SSPX
Sat. Aug. 13 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Fire’s Fury is a blend of Thrash, Metal, and Punk played by 3 old skool locals that love to throw it down!
Who’s Holdin’ will bring the rock and roll, so do not try to sit down while they are on stage!
The Devil Himself : the Rodney Dangerfields' of underground Alternative Metal
Honest Mistake: Stick your ear in a blender and turn it on full blast. If you like what ya hear ... we're your band. If not ...
call it an Honest Mistake?
Take 1 is a very unique and high energy reggae band with diverse influences and a solid, powerful sound.
The SSPX is an action packed combination of blues based rock crossed with an adolescent punk attitude. Someone once said
if Jimi Hendrix and NOFX had a mentally challenged love child the delivery room would sound like the S.S.P.X
Artist sites and sounds: and and
Himself/100604389832 and and

Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart                         Touring Again 7pm Evening Show
Sun. Aug. 14 at 7 pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Few husband-wife musical duos provide audiences with the complete entertainment package that Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart
dish out in a live performance. Armed with clever acoustic guitar interplay, autobiographical songwriting, lovely harmonies,
and humorous storytelling this couple captivates your attention from the first moment they are onstage. Based out of
Tennessee, Earle and Stuart draw from blues, pop, country, rock, and more in their heartfelt music. The years of touring the
folk/Americana circuit (playing 170 concerts a year) have given them a knack for reaching out to the audience in an intimate
―come in to my living room‖ fashion. Stacey and Mark own their own record label, Gearle Records, and have made 8 CDs
over the years. Since meeting in 1992 and marrying in late 1993, the partners have toured the USA, Canada, and Europe
repeatedly. They left the environment of pursuing a major label deal in Nashville in 1998 to target small intimate venue
crowds in theaters, coffeehouses, festivals, clubs, and house concerts. This has become their home and they are a recognized
fixture on the folk music trail they blaze. Artist sites and sounds:

Antoine DuFour & Craig D’Andrea Acoustic Guitar Phenoms
Mon. Aug. 15 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Two International Instrumental Guitar Wizards on Candyrat Record label.
Watch each of them play right now with one click:
Antoine Dufour - Canada
Craig D'Andrea - U.S.A.
Antoine Dufour, with four albums of original material released to critical acclaim, two live performance DVDs, and more
than 22 million views on YouTube, has emerged as a young star of fingerstyle acoustic guitar, building a worldwide
reputation for innovation and creativity. Barely out of his teens, Craig D'Andrea, 2007 Canadian Fingerstyle Champion, is
one of the younger faces you will find on the acoustic guitar scene, but he isn't playing like he's 24 years old. Craig has been
receiving support from fans and critics alike since releasing his debut album "Crazy is Catching" on CandyRat Records in
March of 2007. Artist sites and sounds: and and

The Sing Strings: Lyric Meets the Lyre Jenna Mammina & Brian Gore
Tue. Aug. 16 at 7:30pm $12 adv./$12 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Jenna Mammina Joins Brian Gore August 16th for her "Sing Strings: Lyric and Lyre" debut. Jenna is a world class singer
with eclectic musical tastes who has been singled out three times by Jazziz Magazine as a leading woman in the Jazz-
crossover genre. Whether it be a rendition of a classic jazz standard, or a well-known pop tune or one of her own
compositions, the end result is the same. ―She doesn‘t just cover Warren Zevon, Elvis Costello and James Taylor, she
reupholsters them,‖ says Hew Hallock. She unwinds a song as if each word dangled from a string of twinkling charms and
delicately snaps consonants like wishbones.‖ Ben Fong-Torres couldn‘t agree more. ―She teases it, toys with it, laughs with
it, vocally dances with it, and, ultimately, the singer, and the song embrace one another, to the pleasure of the audience,‖ he
says. ―If these disks inspire you to seek out one of her club or concert engagements, be forewarned: You‘ll have fun.‖ Known
as a ―poet of the guitar,‖ Brian Gore’s emotive, expressive style combines influences from folk, jazz and classical music.
Ron Forbes-Roberts of Acoustic Guitar Magazine says, ―Gore‘s finely crafted poetic ‘songs without words‘ take the listener
on a spellbinding, emotional ride. He has great facility as a player, but it‘s the depth and range of moods his pieces evoke that
makes his music such a pleasure.‖ Gore performs as the founder of International Guitar Night (IGN/USA). Artist sites and
sounds: and

Tim Farrell, Michael Manring, Peter Janson
Thu. Aug. 18 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Tim Farrell: With so many guitarists trying to make their mark these days, it‘s not easy being a ―trailblazer.‖ Yet, that
perfectly defines Tim Farrell. His fingerstyle playing and original compositions display an elegant simplicity that celebrates
the purity of the acoustic guitar. Tim is a rare kind of musician, with the ability to both entertain an audience and inspire
future generations of players. Michael Manring: Hailed by many as the world‘s leading solo bassist, Michael Manring has
been pushing back the boundaries of whatís possible on the bass guitar for over two decades. While his technical skill and
innovations always make an impression, it is his ability to communicate on a profound emotional level that most touches
listeners. Peter Janson: Considered a "gifted acoustic fingerstyle guitar player" (Dirty Linen), Peter Janson's brand of
American Fingerstyle music brings world-class solo guitar playing to the concert stage. Reminiscent of American Folk guitar,
Celtic guitar, and American Roots music his original and compelling contemporary style is filled with artistry, superb
technical mastery, and heartfelt passion. Artist sites and sounds: and and

The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit plus Medicine Road
Fri. Aug. 19 at 8pm $10 adv./$10 door        DANCE AGES 21 +
They have played the main stage at Strawberry Music Festival, Slims and are also headlining San Francisco‘s Great
American Music Hall. The rough-hewn yet driftwood-smooth, alternative-kind-of-country, good-kind-of-raw of The Good
Luck Thrift Store Outfit. Any Outfit member may tell you that it‘s plenty just to be at the pinnacle of a music scene
benefitting from the current hyper-local movement, but, as one recent convert put it, ―the rest of America needs to hear this
noise.‖ Likened to anything from Old Crow Medicine Show and The Avett Bros. to Asleep at the Wheel, Bob Wills and
even Neil Young (depending on which live set you happen to catch) they most often defy categorization. They describe their
efforts as trying to make good, honest music, that‘s not afraid of a little fun, that people will move their feet to, and that also
goes real well with a straight road and a long drive. Medicine Road: Roots Rock and Roll influenced by Neil Young, the
Bryds, The Beatles, the Doors, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and so much more. Artist sites and sounds: and and

South 46 The Music of the Allman Brothers
Rockin’ Down the Highway The Music Of The Doobie Brothers
Saving Animals Lives One Animal At A Time Since 1998
Sat Aug. 20 at 8pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
South 46 is The Doctor, playing the slide guitar through Marshall amps with his Les Paul and Fender Strat screaming at the
top of their strings; Marcus Balanky wails on his Les Paul Goldtop; Steve Hancock, vocalist, will pull you in with his full
passionate voice filling the night's air; Dave Bailey, on the keys, pounding those Ebonies and Ivories into submission to a true
Southern feel; Ron Ragone, the bassist, just can't keep his feet still as the rhythm pours out of his soul. Cool stuff! Ralph
James, the drummer, keeps it all moving with beats and fills to make up a great rhythm section. Rockin’ Down the
Highway: Celebrating the music of the Doobie Brothers. Artist sites and sounds: South 46
Please visit Animal Friends Rescue Project to see what this wonderful organization, that has adopted out over 15,414 animals
since 1998 is all about:

Buck N’ the Odds plus City Fritter 7pm Evening Concert
Sun. Aug. 21 at 7pm $10 adv./$10 door        SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Buck N’ the Odds: Jeff ―Buck‖ Blackburn is a Santa Cruz musical gem and the real deal when it comes to songwriting. In
the ‗60s in San Francisco, he was an early pioneer of psychedelic folk with his duo, Blackburn & Snow. He later made his
way to Santa Cruz, and in the summer of 1977, old friend Neil Young came to town and joined Jeff‘s band, soon to be known
as the Ducks. Lacy J. Dalton has recorded a version of one of Jeff‘s songs, ―Wide Eyed and Willin‘.‖ Jeff‘s music blends
folk, rock, country & blues. Buck N the Odds includes top-notch Santa Cruz musicians: Lenny Collins on guitar, Jojo Fox on
bass/vocals, Deenie Rose on flute/vocals, and Michael Johnson on percussion.
City Fritter: Come see the band Jimmie Dale Gilmore referred to as "massively talented". City Fritter from Topanga
Canyon, California write songs that sparkle like the rhinestones on one of Porter Wagonner's Nudie suits. Equally inspired by
California country, 70s folk rock, and The Beatles, "Jewels and Johnny Nation create music that is indigenous Americana,
spontaneous and simple, but also full of charm and warmth" - Musikland, Sweden
Artist sites and sounds: and and

Surf Guitar Legends of The Surfaris (Wipe Out), Belairs (Mr. Moto), Chantays (Pipeline)
Mon. Aug. 22 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Two MASTERS of the SURF GUITAR have joined forces to create a unique variation on the original theme: by leaving out
the drums and bass, they put the focus on their delightful dual-guitar interplay, bringing fresh appeal to the surf-instro genre.
Paul Johnson pioneered surf-instro music in the ‗60s with the Belairs; his tune, ―Mr. Moto,‖ is a genre classic. Now, after a
lifetime of prolific creativity in a style that epitomizes the form, he‘s regarded as one of the genre‘s leading lights. (Paul has
been a Surfari since 1989.) Gil Orr was a child prodigy in the ‗50‘s playing country music on TV and radio. He took to rock
‗n roll in the ‗60‘s and joined the Chantays (with whom he still plays to this day). Gil is extremely versatile and eclectic,
bringing a brilliant creativity to a wide variety of styles. The Duo-tones‘ virtuosity extends well beyond surf music. They also
offer distinctive renditions of tunes of every style — blues, country, old standards, gospel, rock from every period. Artist sites
and sounds:

Sam Baker & Jon Dee Graham
Tue. Aug. 23 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Sam Baker's is a hard-hewn grace, transcendentally wrought with grit, brutally chiaroscuroed by a weary deliverance sought
in common lives. His first album, 2004's Mercy, grasped for a deeper understanding of the dark tragedies beyond our control
– a return to the Peruvian train rent by a bomb that nearly killed him in 1986 – then Pretty World (2007) was its
reconciliation, a turn outward with grateful eyes renewed by contemplation. Persistent in Baker's vision is an empathetic
evocation of treading life's stilled waters, beauty welled in the dirt of daily endurance. His characters, drawn with the insight
of Townes Van Zandt and John Prine, toil unglamorously, overlooked save for Baker's rough, sing-talk psalms giving them
fitting voice. Jon Dee Graham is a legend on the Austin music scene. He‘s been inducted into the Austin Music Hall of
Fame three times, in 2000 as a solo artist, in 2008 as a member of the Skunks, and in 2009 as a member of the True
Believers. In 2006, the readers of the Austin Chronicle named him Austin Musician of the Year. In 2008, Graham was the
subject of a portrait-of-the-artist documentary, Swept Away, which is available nationally on DVD. In its final issue, No
Depression magazine called the film, ―superb.‖ Artist sites and sounds: and

Willie K
Wed. Aug. 24 at 7:30pm $18 adv./$20 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Willie K: ― He‘s an amazing guitar virtuoso, a Hawaiian Jimi Hendrix; he‘s Gabby Paninui, Andres Egovia and Eddie Van
Halen rolled into one. Willie can mimic seemingly any style, moving easily between screaming Stratocaster, sweet slack key
& jazzy almost baroque, acoustic 12-string.‖ The Honolulu Weekly. OK, if that is not enough, Willie K is a super singer with
a beautiful, gigantic voice. Artist sites and sounds:

Carolyn Sills: You Can't Go Wrong with a Torch Song
plus The Good     Sams
Thu. Aug. 25 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Carolyn Sills will be Torchin’ and rockin’ her way through 1950’s and 60’s jukeboxes tonight.
Carolyn Sills has been winning over Santa Cruz music lovers with her 'Patsy Cline Spectacular' concerts. On August 25th
she'll be performing a night of jukebox favorites from the 50s and 60s, as well as her own knock out originals penned in that
timeless style. With her ace backing band of some of the area's top musicians - Charlie Wallace (pedal steel), Jimmy Norris
(drums), Jerry Logan (upright bass), Gerard Egan (guitar) and Jon Dryden (piano) - this will be a night of rocking oldies and
torch songs to remember. After years in New York City, playing bass with country/rockabilly outfits and singing with the
likes of Les Paul, Carolyn Sills has relocated to the west coast to bring her one-of-a-kind show to Santa Cruz County. Sultry
1940‘s and 50‘s pop, lively twang, surf, rock n‘ roll ballads all torched and red hot will be part of the mix. The Good Sams:
 The Good Sams emerged from the toxic waste bins of the Moss Landing Power Plant. The mutant band, too weird to hang
out with other kids, spent their days around the fire pit with the old men at the beach. At night using a stand -up bass, pedal
steel, and fingerpickin guitar they played old time music with the punkest attitude they could muster. The Good Sams had no
choice but to hit the road and share their freakish old time sound with the rest of the world. Since then TGS has grown even
more unusual as two sirens' brought the fiddle and washboard sounds to the band‘s repertoire. Artist sites and sounds: and

Moonalice plus Bill Laymon & Gypsy Cowboy
Fri. Aug. 26 at 8pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Moonalice is a band of seasoned musicians who feel that live music should be a communal experience where the listener and
musicians feed and derive inspiration from each other. Their songs try to speak to everyone, mixing a variety of genres with
extended musical improvisations that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration. John Molo: Drums, Vocals (Bruce
Hornsby & The Range, John Fogerty, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Other Ones). Barry Sless: Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar,
Bass (Phil Lesh & Friends, David Nelson Band, Kingfish, Cowboy Jazz). Roger McNamee: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Guitar. (Guff, The Engineers, Random Axes, Flying Other Brothers) Ann McNamee: Keyboards, Vocals (Flying Other
Brothers, Ann Atomic) Pete Sears: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Bass (Sam Gopal Dream, Rod Stewart, original Jefferson
Starship, Hot Tuna, John Lee Hooker). Big Steve Parish: Road Scholar, Medicine Man, Story Teller. (Grateful Dead crew for
26 years, co-founder of Jerry Garcia Band) You can watch nearly every Moonalice concert live on MoonaliceTV. Bill
Laymon & The Gypsy Cowboy Band Roots Rock n‘ Roll dance band led by singer and bassist extraordinaire Bill Laymon
who has played in The David Nelson Band, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Lacy J. Dalton . Kingfish, Jefferson
Starship. Artist sites and sounds: and

John Garcia, The Smokin’ Kingsnakes, The Hip Shake
Sat. Aug. 27 at 8pm $8 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
John Garcia: As a professional singer and guitarist for the last 35 years, John has performed with John Lee Hooker, B.B.
King, Johnny Winters, Paul Simon and Huey Lewis. Bo Diddley once stated John as "one hell of an entertainer." As a blues
guitarist, there are few his equal. Instrumental virtuosity coupled with a unique vocal style are his trademarks. The Smokin’
Kingsnakes: Modern blues and funk, sure to move your feet. Drums and vocals, Steve Brochan; bass and songwriter, Johnny
Bird and Sweden‘s guitar sensation Henrik Martin. Hip Shake: Roadhouse, Delta, rockin‘ psycho fun hilly-blues with Greg
Henderson, Carie MacAlpine, Mike Banning-Brett Mechanic, Frank Apra, Dennis Tully Artist sites and sounds: and and

Jay Leach with Trio American Idol Musician & Renowned Guitarist
Sun. Aug. 28 at 7pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Jay Leach is a multi instrumentalist and studio musician from Los Angeles. Already this year he has performed with the Los
Angeles Philharmonic, performed for the 6th season (mainly Pedal Steel Guitar) on American Idol. Jay has recorded with
such notables as: Roy Orbison, John Denver, and Gladys Knight and as a solo artist has released 7 CDs. For the guitar
enthusiast this night will be great fun. Jay and band play a wide range of genres: fingerstyle acoustic roots, jazz, country,
Latin & more . Artist sites and sounds: See for yourself at

Jerry Miller Band
Fri. Sept. 2 at 8pm $10 adv./$10 door DANCE- AGES 21+
Jerry was lead guitarist for the legendary rock band Moby Grape which was recently featured prominently in the 40th
Anniversary Edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Eric Clapton called him the best guitar player in the world when he came to
America in the 60's. Jerry was included in Rolling Stone Magazine's The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. His band
features Tiran Porter of The Doobie Brothers, Dale Ockerman of the Doobie Brothers and Fuzzy John Oxendine on drums.
The Moby Grape hit Hey Grandma co-written by Jerry appears in the Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn movie ―The Interpreter‖
Artist sites and sounds:

Mbira dzeMuninga from Zimbabwe
Sun. Sept. 4 at 7pm $12 adv./$12 door DANCE <21 W/PARENT
Mbira dzeMuninga plays high energy traditional mbira music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Known as
gwenyambiras (master mbira players) in their country their performances have rekindled an interest in traditional
 Zimbabwean music around the world. Mbira dzeMuninga features a fabulous mbira orchestra, hosho, vocals, drum and
amazing performing dancer, Martha Thom. Artist sites and sounds:

Sista Monica            Blues & Gospel Dance Party
Fri. Sept. 9 at 8pm $15 adv. / $15 door DANCE- AGES 21+
THE LIONESS OF THE BLUES Mo Muscle Records' recording artist - Sista Monica Parker has released her 9th CD
"Soul Blues & Ballads". It is a CD of her classic jewels of blues which includes: "A Chance To Breathe", "It's A Shame - It's
A Mystery", "Never Say Never" and "I Don't Want To Hurt You Baby" just to name a few. Known as the "Lioness of the
Blues" Monica is an award winning blues, soul and gospel singer, songwriter, speaker, & music producer. She is a
captivating and dynamic performer. Sista Monica is one of the hottest contemporary female blues, soul and gospel singers on
the international music scene today. She has produced and recorded seven (7) full length CDs on Mo Muscle Records. She
has shared stages with Buddy Guy, Ray Charles, Dr. John, John Lee Hooker and Etta James. Santa Cruz County ―Artist Of
The Year Award 2005‖ winner. In 2002 Sista Monica received the ―Artist of the Year Award‖ at the prestigious 17th Annual
Monterey Bay Blues Festival. Artist sites and sounds:

Sat. Sept. 10 at 8pm $8 adv./$10 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Take a lot of love, soul, funky grooves and positive attitudes, mix well with flute, sax, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, a
generous helping of exotic percussion and high energy soulful vocals, and you‘ve got EXTRA LARGE. EXTRA LARGE‘s
music is funky, positive, rhythmic, lively, energetic, and FUN! The sunny, upbeat attitude this band exudes is absolutely
infectious- WE DARE YOU NOT TO DANCE! Artist sites and sounds:

The Jill Knight Trio 1pm Matinee
Sun. Sept. 11 at 1pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Jill Knight's soulful sound is unmistakable. India Arie once quoted, "I love great voices and when I heard Jill sing it stopped
me in my tracks." She later asked Knight to be her opening act. Knight, a Savannah Ga. native delivers a southern texture to
an Americana, bluesy, R & B feel that will take the listener on a wonderful ride. She was nominated for the LA music awards
"best female vocalist", a finalist at the Telluride Troubadour competition, a finalist at the National Academy of Songwriters
"songwriter of the year" competition, and a finalist in Billboard magazines, "best unsigned band" contest. "With a voice that
crests and tumbles like a waterfall, Knight is as elemental as the wind." 
 - Sacramento News and Reviews. Jill Knight has
teamed up with Brynn Albanese, the violinist from Cafe Musique and Eric Williams on the bass to form a mixture of sound
that will transport the listener to another realm. The soaring texture of the violin and the deep pulse of the bass are a
wonderful compliment to the stories that Jill Knight presents to her audiences through magical chord changes, soulful words
with that golden voice attached to them. Artist sites and sounds:

Mary Gauthier & Tania Elizabeth
Tue. Sept. 13 at 7:30pm $18 adv./$20 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Mary Gauthier: ―There's freedom in knowing that you don't have to know it all,‖ she says, ―which is why to me, a song
should end with a question, not an answer.‖ It might seem that after six groundbreaking albums of original songs, more than
a dozen years of recording and touring around the world, a harvest of music industry awards, and covers of her songs by a
roster of great artists – that Mary Gauthier (say it: go-shay) should have a handle on some of the big answers. Yet with each
new album, with each new cycle of songs that illuminate her soul, with each old and new set of characters and life changes
she introduces, Mary is always ending up with more questions. Where do her people come from and where do they go?
How can they find shelter from the storm? What is the truth? Tania Elizabeth, formerly of The Duhks, joins Mary adding
big fiddle flavors: "(Tania's) interest in violin playing extends beyond her deep virtuosity in the art of Canadian-Celtic
fiddling to further exploration of the art of improvising and shaping melody and phrasing in other styles such as Jazz and
Rhythm & Blues." - Darol Anger Artist sites and sounds: and
James McMurtry Two Big Nights                            FULL BAND SHOWS
Wed. Sept. 14 at 7:30pm and Thu. Sept. 15 at 7:30pm $20 adv./$20 door OPEN FLOOR DANCE AGES 21 +
―James writes like he's lived a lifetime.‖ —John Mellencamp
―The most vital lyricist in America today.‖ —Bob Harris, BBC 2 RADIO
―James McMurtry is a true Americana poet – actually he is a poet regardless of genre‖ —Michael Nesmith
 ―James McMurtry writes songs filled with characters so real that you're sure they're going to climb out of the speakers and
look you in the eyes.‖ —VOICE OF AMERICA
―McMurtry aims for the jugular.‖ —DIRTY LINEN
―The songwriting conscience of America,‖ —FOLK WAX
Lightning Rod Records released Live in Europe, a document of McMurtry's first European tour, on which, along with long-
time band members Ronnie Johnson, Daren Hess, and Tim Holt, he was joined by keyboardist Ian McLagan and fellow
Texas songwriting legend Jon Dee Graham. In early 2009, James McMurtry and his trio traveled overseas to play their first
European tour. The guys played for enthusiastic crowds in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland and
Belgium. The DVD and CD are the results. Artist sites and sounds:

House of Floyd Full Production Tribute to Pink Floyd
Sat. Sept. 24 at 8pm $15 adv./$17 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
POWERFUL SHOW House of Floyd full production includes a new enhanced laserium like laser and video
presentation with each concert. Now you will hear and feel the full experience of an original Pink Floyd show
in its entirety! Don't miss this chance to see and hear a Pink Floyd show and all the visual and audio experiences
that come with it! You will be amazed at this recreation of the greatest rock band in history. Artist sites and sounds: and

Shawn Ishimoto Hawaiian & Multi-Genre Guitar Phemom 1pm Matinee
Sun. Sept. 25 at 1pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner Shawn Ishimoto can go from playing classic Hawaiian guitar and
Hawaiian language songs (listen on his MySpace site) to a wide mix of classic rock and pop done with a
soulful, unique and incredibly melodic style, often with his electric guitar on his lap. If you love guitar
craft ala David Lindley or Laurence Juber or Led Kaapana and a mix of Hawaiian traditional and
outstanding, other worldly arrangements of rock and pop chestnuts, you will love Shawn Ishimoto.
Check out this video to see a truly magic musician.This video will give you the idea of what Shawn,
who is blind, can do outside of the Hawaiian genre: WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=W70NTNDNLQC
Artist sites and sounds:

Rita Hosking & Cousin Jack plus Misner & Smith
Sun. Sept. 25 at 7pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Rita Hosking & Cousin Jack: ―Kitchen tables, springs, loss, miners, mountains, culture clash, trailers, stray dogs, loggers,
hope, forest fires—Rita Hosking's country-folk music is this and more, and always fierce and lovely. Her delivery is, to put it
simply, intense. "From the first time I heard Rita sing, her voice gripped me and did not let go," (Joe Craven.) That voice,
called a "soulful howl from the mountains" (California Bluegrass Association) is calling attention around the country. "This
California girl comes by her mountain-music sensibility with true authenticity, with original songs deeply rooted in her
family's frontier experience," (Dan Ruby, A descendant of Cornish miners who sang in the mines, Rita
grew up with deep regard for folk music and the power of the voice. Misner & Smith: Misner & Smith bring a freshness
and lyrical vitality you won‘t find anywhere else. At moments raw and powerful, and at other times hauntingly subtle,
extraordinary two-part harmonies anchor Misner & Smith‘s unique and compelling original music. Megan Smith plays the
upright bass and mandolin while Sam Misner plays guitar, and with stellar award-winning songwriting to boot
Artist sites and sounds: and

Matt The Electrician          CD Release Tour Accidental Thief
Mon. Sept. 26 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Austin based quirky acoustic pop artist Matt The Electrician is touring behind his new CD: Accidental Thief. Once upon a
time, there was a youg man named Matt Sever. He lived in Austin, TX, and he worked as a journeyman electrician. Every
morning, when it was still dark outside, he would go to work, and wire houses all day long in the blistering Texas heat. When
he would come home, again, it was dark outside. And then, sometimes, with no time to shower or change his clothes, he
would go straight to the bars and nightclubs of Austin to play his songs for whomever would listen. And he would apologize
for his appearance, and explain to the audience that he was an electrician, and he found a certain nobility in this, even if no
one wanted to sit too close to the stage. So they called him Matt The Electrician, and he did not mind this, for he was proud
of himself, for there is no shame in a hard days work.But eventually, he quit his job as an electrician, to spend more time
writing and playing songs, and the name stuck with him, because everyone needs an electrician sometimes. And there are
some who say, that when the moon is full, and Jupiter is aligned with Mars, you can often hear Matt The Electrician in the
distance, wiring a house, and whistling softly to himself. Artist sites and sounds:

Old Blind Dogs
Tue Sept. 27 at 7:30pm $20 adv./$20 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
$18 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of $2 rebate
Since forming in the early 1990's, Old Blind Dogs have stood on the cutting edge of Scotlands roots revival. The band has
developed its own trademark style with an energetic mix of songs and tunes. Dynamic percussion, polished vocals, soaring
fiddle and stirring pipes fuel the delicately-phrased melodies and traditional songs. "The Old Blind Dogs play with a
compelling energy and intoxicating rhythm," says The Scotsman, "as players and audience seem to share a wild ecstasy of
emotion." Sixteen years is a long time in the life of any band and most who reach that milestone are content to rest on the
tried and true formulas that have worked in the past. Not so for Scotlands Old Blind Dogs whose newly released Four on the
Floor takes them bravely in many new directions. Artist sites and sounds: Buy Tickets
right now at

Butch Hancock plus Audrey Auld
Thu. Sept. 29 at 7:30 pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
FLATLANDER great Butch Hancock has been called "one of the finest songwriters of our time and is acknowledged by his
peers as one of the premier Texas singer-songwriters. His lyrics are ingenious, excelling in metaphor and irony and
displaying a world-weary trait, just as he is a master of seeing the miracle in the ordinary. In 1972, he formed The Flatlanders
together with Jimmy Dale Gilmore and Joe Ely. They are back together and have been more popular than ever. Jimmy, Joe,
Emmy Lou Harris and the Texas Tornados have all covered Butch Hancock songs. Audrey Auld: Devils are not the only
thing to come from Tasmania. Singer-songwriter Audrey Auld's heart is in Country, Folk and Americana music with a
presence as big as The Outback. Her songs are the wry and poignant observations of a Tassie girl living in California and
Nashville for the past seven years. Audrey calls it "Music with the dirt left on." Auld is a memorable and uplifting
entertainer. She's a spontaneous comedienne and a writer of humorous, provocative and soulful songs. A touring songwriter,
Audrey won the 2006 MerleFest Song Contest and performed her winning song 'Losing Faith' with Rich Brotherton (Robert
Earl Keen) on guitar to a thrilled MerleFest crowd. Artist sites and sounds: and and

Alice Stuart plus Anne Weiss
Tue. Oct. 4 at 7:30pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Alice Stuart blazed the trail for women in Rock and Roll as one of the only females in the country to write her own music,
front a male band, and play lead guitar on national and international circuits. Blues Hall of Fame inductee Dick Waterman
once remarked, "There would be no Bonnie Raitt without Alice Stuart." According to Taj Mahal, "Alice cut the road that
Bonnie traveled." Alice Stuart has recorded a number of stellar albums and her live shows are unique, big fun experiences.
Anne Weis: Combining contemporary folk, blues, acoustic funk, gospel music, and smatterings of classical phrasing and
Latin rhythms, Anne is known for her enormous bluesy voice, great guitar chops, and striking stage presence.
Artist sites and sounds: and

Beppe Gambetta & Peter Ostroushko
Wed. Oct. 5 at 7:30pm $12 adv./$14 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Beppe Gambetta: From his unique background as an Italian musician in love with both American roots music as well as the
music of his native country, Beppe has travelled the world and even crossed the ―Iron Curtain‖ to dazzle and charm music
enthusiasts everywhere. After eleven CDs, DVDs, teaching books and collaborations with many other top-flight
musicians, Gambetta is increasingly known as one of the true live master innovators of the acoustic guitar. While Beppe still
lives in his native Genova, he travels to North America at least three times each year. His reputation in the U.S. and Canada
is reinforced by his participation in prestigious festivals like the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, Merlefest in
North Carolina, the Four Corners Festival in Colorado and Canadian Folk Festivals in Winnipeg and Edmonton, as well as
events like the radio shows ―All Things Considered‖ and ―E-Town‖. Peter Ostroushko: Fiddle and mandolin virtuoso Peter
Ostroushko has spent more than 25 years as a frequent performer on A Prairie Home Companion, and for a few seasons, he
did a stint as Music Director for the popular radio show. You may have caught Peter on TV, too. He's appeared on Austin
City Limits, and Late Night with David Letterman. His compositions have been used in Ken Burns films. Artist sites and
sounds: and

Helene & Bellydance International with Light Rain
DANCERS: Rasa Vitalia, Sese, Siwa, Rebekah & Raks The Casbah, Ma Shuqa
Thu. Oct. 6 at 7:30pm $13 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
HELENE is director of Bellydance International and has been a professional dance performer, instructor and producer of
Middle Eastern music and dance events since 1986. She was recipient of The Gail Rich Award in 2002 for her significant
contribution to the arts in Santa Cruz County. Light Rain: As some of the original musicians for Bellydancers in the San
Francisco Bay Area since the 1960's Doug Adamz and Russ Gauthier on guitar are considered pioneers of what came to be
known as World Beat Music. Their music has inspired performances by The Joffrey Ballet, The San Francisco Ballet, and
Bellydancers all over the USA and the world, and was featured in Robert Altman's movie "The Company". With their unique
hybrid of Arabic and American musical sensibilities they have indeed made a niche of their own. Their 4 albums feature
Doug Adamz, creating mysterious and romantic music, which sings to the gypsy in our souls. Artist sites and sounds: LIGHT
RAIN at:, HELENE at:

Cash Tribute featuring James Garner 1pm Matinee
Sun. Oct. 9 at 1pm $10 adv./$10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
A classy and authentic production, The Cash Tribute Show featuring James Garner, honors the life and music of the
legendary 'Man in Black' -- Johnny Cash. It is with strong conviction and stunning accuracy that Garner and his
band perform Cash's music, combining it with historical accounts and personal anecdotes about America's most beloved
singing storyteller. The show is a fun, toe-tapping trip down memory lane honoring Cash's life and the boom-chicka-boom
sound of his longtime backing band, the Tennessee Three. See for yourself:
Artist site and sounds:

Brendan Begley & Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh 7pm Evening Concert
Sun. Oct. 9 at 7pm $17 adv. / $17 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
$15 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of $2 rebate
"the most maddeningly nourishing, elevating, and mesmerizing Irish traditional music you'll hear today."
Earle Hitchner, IRISH ECHO. Brendan Begley (of 'Boys of the Lough'): A genial giant from the Dingle peninsula in
County Kerry, Breanndán is a well known and accomplished performer of Irish traditional music on the button accordian,
touring at home and in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and France. He is a memeber of the 'Boys of the Lough', first touring with
the band as a guest in th e 1980's in the USA, and full-time member since 1997. Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh: The Dublin-born
fiddler is rapidly becoming known as one of the most interesting and creative musicians in traditional music. Since the
widespread success of his 2003 'Kitty Lie Over' album with Mick O'Brien, he has performed in the United States, Canada,
Alaska, Asia and all over Europe. Irish performances in 2006 included Farmleigh House, West Cork Music in Bantry, the
National Concert Hall, the Kilkenny Arts Festival, Liberty Hall, and a tour for the Improvised Music Company. The lads are
touring around their new CD: A Moment of Madness. Artist sites and sounds: Buy tickets right
now at

Mike Keneally Band, Bryan Beller Band, Steve Uccello
Wed. Oct 12 at 7:30pm $20 adv./$20 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Mike Keneally played in Frank Zappa's last touring band, performing as a vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist. He's appeared
on many Zappa albums, and has also recorded or performed with Robert Fripp, Wayne Kramer, Sting, Kevin Gilbert, Steve
Vai and many more, Known for his innovative, unpredictable live shows, Keneally plays extensively in the United States and
Europe. Matt Resnicoff wrote in Time Out New York: "This band, with such a peculiar genius leading it, is a thing to savor."
Bryan Beller has had a frenetic, multi-faceted career as a bassist, composer, and writer. On his own, Beller released his debut
rock/jazz fusion solo album View in late 2003 to widespread acclaim. Beller's first live album Wednesday Night Live - a raw,
powerful, intimate document of his 2010 touring lineup playing the world-famous Baked Potato in Los Angeles - will be
released in 2011. Steve Uccello: Upright & Electric Bassist, multi-instrumentalist & composer. He has shared the stage with
Steve Lawson & Joe Craven and he‘s toured &/or recorded w/ Dayan Kai, Keith Greeninger, Juan Sanchez, David Grimes-
more. Artist sites and sounds: and and

Po’ Girl
Thu. Oct. 13 at 7:30pm $15 adv./$17 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
The interplay between Allison Russell, Awna Teixeira, Benny Sidelinger, and Mikey "Lightning" August is truly something
to behold. They are distinct voices with incredible harmonies; multiple instrumentalists who bring the perfect sound to each
song and songwriters who pen poetic tunes you'll find yourself humming. Po'Girl showcases a wide array of instruments-
from gutbucket bass, accordion, clarinet, banjo, dobro, guitar, to electric bass, glockenspiel, piano, harmonica, bicycle bells,
drums-- and they all frequently trade off instruments with each song. Their fluid and joyous musicality is one of the group's
most endearing and irresistible features. Deer In The Night is their new CD. Artist sites and sounds: and

Claire Lynch Band
Thu. Oct. 20 at 7:30pm $15 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Claire Lynch is a pioneer who continually pushes the boundaries of the bluegrass genre. The current Claire Lynch Band is a
powerful juggernaut, a quartet that has the innate ability to perfectly interpret the beauty, subtlety, and genre-defying
sophistication of Claire‘s music. Claire‘s career is fittingly bookended by two IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year awards: in
2010, in recognition of her current work with the Claire Lynch Band, and in 1997, for her influential work with the Front
Porch String Band, and as a solo artist. Blazing her own trail in the mid 70's when there were few role models for a young
woman in the genre, Claire Lynch made history when she led the Front Porch String Band, which evolved in the 80‘s and
90‘s into ―one of the sharpest and most exciting post-modern bluegrass bands on the circuit.‖ She formed her own Claire
Lynch Band in 2005 and has consistently been a top pick of prestigious publications, critics and audiences across the nation
ever since. Artist sites and sounds:

Aja Vu plays The Music Of Steely Dan
Sat. Oct. 22 at 8pm $15 adv./$15 door DANCE AGES 21 +
Steely Dan was not only an exceptionally unique and artistic band—they were a great dance band and Aja Vu, replete with a
killer horn section brings this big fun sound to the Don Quixote‘s dance hall. "AJA VU celebrates the music of Steely Dan
with a show featuring their most popular and danceable hits. This eight piece group recreates the combination of rock, jazzy
blues and unique storytelling that has made the Steely Dan sound endure for thirty plus years". This remarkable tribute to
Steely Dan won the KFOX Last Band Standing Competition two years in a row against huge competition. 150 Bay Area
Bands competed. The listeners of KFOX picked Aja Vu as the very best. You want to hear Steely Dan music live and up
close? There are few bands that would even try to do a tribute to Steely Dan tribute, let alone do it this good. As a special
treat Aja Vu adds in some classic R&B and rock tunes by artists like Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Etta James, The
Spinners, Sly & The Family Stone Artist sites and sounds:

Tom Russell
Wed. Oct. 26 at 7:30pm $22 adv./$24 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Tom Russell has recorded 25 records and two DVDs. His songs have been recorded by Johnny Cash, Doug Sahm, Nancy
Griffith, Joe Ely, Iris Dement, Ian Tyson, KD Lang, Suzy Bogguss, Ramblin´ Jack Elliott, Jeff Walker, Dave Van Ronk and
other great artists. Russell is credited, along with Dave Alvin, of inventing the Americana radio format with their Merle
Haggard tribute 'Tulare Dust' in 1994. The Columbus Other wrote: 'Russell seems to have invented, and keeps re-inventing,
American roots music...! He´s the strongest live performer we have seen in years.' Tom Russell has appeared on the David
Letterman TV show five times in the last few years, and his songs have appeared in a dozen movies and television series
including: Tremors, Songcatcher and Northern Exposure. Russell`s latest release Blood and Candle Smoke is a collection of
powerful observations and deliberations that has the media and fellow musicians buzzing. USA Today calls the album
"stunning", Artist sites and sounds:

Druha Trava 1pm Matinee
Sun. Oct. 30 at 1pm $10 adv. / $10 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Druha Trava is a wonderfully individual band from the Czech Republic that is hard to describe. They perform new acoustic
world music with bluegrass influences. You might hear them perform a bluegrass tune, Bob Dylan tune or one by another
American or British artist, or one of their many originals. Though they basically use a typical bluegrass complement of
instruments, you might see the banjo player also pick up a clarinet or Irish whistle. This along with the versatility of the
dobro player helps create much of their unique sound. Artist sites and sounds:

Ruth Moody Band of The Wailin’ Jennys
Tue. Nov. 1 at 7:30pm $13 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Ruth Moody is a Juno Award winning songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founding member of the internationally
renowned, Billboard-charting trio The Wailin' Jennys , she has performed in sold-out venues around the world, made
numerous critically-acclaimed albums, and has appeared more than a dozen times on the national radio show A Prairie Home
Companion. Although best known for her work with The Wailin‘ Jennys, Ruth is an artist of exceptional depth and grace in
her own right. Critics have lauded her ethereal vocals, impressive multi-instrumentalism (she plays guitar, banjo, accordion,
piano, and bodhrán), and her talent as a songwriter. Writing with a maturity and wisdom that belies her age, her songs are
timeless, universal, and exceptionally well-crafted, all sung with an intimacy and honesty that is unmistakably her own. Artist
sites and sounds: and

The Battlefield Band
Wed. Nov. 2 at 7:30pm $18 adv./$20 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
$16 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of rebate
Inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength and vibrancy of today's Scottish cultural scene, which
indeed they have done much to create and fuel, they have led and been at the forefront of a great revival in Scottish music.
Refusing to be limited musically by suffocating antiquarianism, or musical fashions, they have mixed the old songs and
music with a new self-penned repertoire, all played on a fusion of ancient and modern instruments - bagpipes, fiddle,
synthesiser, guitar, flutes, bodhran and accordion. Named after the Glasgow suburb of Battlefield, where the group was
formed by four student friends in 1969, they have now been on the world's roads for over 40 years, distilling their own unique
form of the Scottish spirit and bottling it in concert and onto disc. Joyful, raucous, contemplative, their music is most
importantly - accessible to all. Artist sites and sounds:

In The Spirit of Lennon
Sun King’s Drew Harrison’s Solo Tribute to John Lennon
Thu Dec. 1 at 7:30pm $12 adv./$15 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
John Lennon was wrongfully taken from this world on December 8th, 30 years ago. This December 7th, on the eve of his
passing, we celebrate the life and work of John Lennon with Drew Harrison as he presents ‗In The Spirit of Lennon‘. Drew
Harrison, the gifted leader of the musically remarkable and very popular The Beatles tribute band The Sun Kings, presents an
evening of John Lennon‘s music. Drew Harrison is a genuine troubadour. Born in New York City, naturally drawn to music,
Drew's childhood nursery rhyme was Dear Prudence; his adolescent superheroes: Stevie Wonder, Elton John and John
Lennon. His plans of becoming a brain surgeon were usurped by dreams of playing music and making a difference, in the
footsteps of Lennon. His solo original CD Go It Alone is a result of an intense period, filled with rawness and emotion. It‘s
just his voice and acoustic guitar, baring his soul lyrically and vocally. It has been said that when Drew is singing it‘s as if he
is singing for his life. Drew Harrison has the ability to translate the comedies and tragedies of life into a warm amalgam of
sounds. He sings with passion and a voice that touches deep inside, and plays as if a full band was his guitar. Artist sites and
sounds: and

Tue. Dec. 6 at 7:30pm $17 adv./$17 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
$15 at door to Members of The Celtic Society by way of rebate
"Lyric, fluid and precisely as tricky as he needs to be…
 probably the greatest Irish fiddler living." 
 - The Village Voice
Kevin Burke‘s fiddle playing has been at the forefront of traditional music for over 30 years. He has been established as a
first class musician ever since his work in the early 1970‘s (with such renowned performers as Arlo Guthrie, Christy Moore
and the Bothy Band and with his far-reaching solo album, ―If the Cap Fits‖). During his long musical career Kevin has
earned international acclaim in both Europe and America as a solo performer, a teacher and as a member of some of folk
music‘s foremost groups including the exciting Celtic Fiddle Festival and Ireland‘s long admired and respected Patrick
Street. Artist sites and sounds:

Le Boeuf Brothers
Thu. Dec. 29 at 7:30pm $12 adv./$12 door SEATED <21 W/PARENT
Their new CD is In Praise of Shadows. Prepare to be Intrigued by the bold compositions and stylish approach of the Le
Boeuf Brothers, jazz twins with an ear for innovation, drama, and a touch of humor. Remy and Pascal Le Boeuf (saxophone
and piano) play a sophisticated brand of modern jazz that, despite it's complexity, remains upbeat and accessible to any
audience. Winners of the 2008 International Songwriting Competition and the 2006 Independent Music Awards, the Le
Boeuf Brothers have emerged as one of the most inventive new voices in jazz. Their album, House Without a
Door featuring Ambrose Akinmusire, Marcus Strickland, and Clarence Penn (among others) has been praised by the New
York Times as ―an impressively self-assured new album, which reaches for the gleaming cosmopolitanism of our present
era." Remy Le Boeuf - Alto Sax, Pascal Le Boeuf – Piano, Martin Nevin – Bass, Hamir Atwal – Drums. Artist sites and

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