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					H1 B Visa
The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa under the Immigration and Nationality Act used in the United States. It provides the opportunity to foreign guest
workers in U.S. specialty occupations . It allows U.S. employers to employ them. H1B Visa is a skilled workers visa basically which provides
occupation job offer and suitable background to the specialty occupation.

Specialty Occupation is generally a written and experienced proper application of best knowledge of any field including engineering, architecture,
mathematics, social sciences, physical sciences , education, medicine and health related, law category, accounting related, business specialties,
theology, and the arts and any bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as a minimum for entry into the occupation in the United States. The foreigner
worker must have minimum a bachelor’s degree or its equivalents and state license. H-1B work-authorization process is strictly followed by the
sponsoring employer to employment.

The H1B visa program is an immigration method for employers to get International professions in United States of America. The H1B visa provide
abilities to US employers to find foreign professionals for a particular period of time for a specific job. The H1B visa allows the workers who have
special skills which are insufficient in the home country to work in the US for a specified or particular period of time mentioned in the visa.
One major point that makes the H1B so strong in demand is that it has a dual resolute feature. This means that a visa will not be denied to a person
easily because that person has objective of getting a P R of that country. In case of accepting ,if for some reason the permanent residential is refused,
the person will still have the purpose to back home. The position offered to a person having best and appropriate skills and that the person has the
distinctive credentials for the job. The employment of a foreigner worker never evil the great employment opportunities of US workers.

H1B Visas are valid for a fixed period of 3 years and may be renewed once in a period of 6 years. It is very competitive process to obtaining an H1B
Visa as the US government because it makes only 65,000 visas available in each year. The first date of apply for it, in each year is April 1. As in 2007
for work beginning in October 1, 2007.
certification application has been filed in case of one-year extensions if a labor and is pending for at least 365 days
if it has been approved then three-year extensions

How can we apply for it ?
Applying for H-1B visa is not a more complicated procedure. There are some cases exist when your application can be rejected if it is found
incomplete or contains incomplete data. So, be aware while filing the application form for H1B work visa.
H1B Visa application Process:
The H1B Visa is applied only by employer on the behave of employee. The employment letter provides specific information about addressing and
position, exact duties information.
The prevailing wage and actual wage determined by the State Employment Security Agency by filling a special form, it is related with the skills ,
experience and responsibilities needed for the job.
Labor Certification Application (LCA) : This form contains basic information about the employer. The employer agrees to pay that wages . This
includes many options like health related, life, medical fitness, retirement related, stock and bonuses regarding options.
When the LCA is approved, then the Department of Labor (DOL) will provide a certified extra copy to the employer for future reference.
Assembled & filed all appropriate certificates :This part include the required forms, fees charges, documents and information about education &
experience related documents, professional memberships proof, all training certificates, employment agreement and support letter.
Waiting for next processed : The processing time is about three or four months and it may vary according to service center and the visa.
Receipt issued :It includes 9 digit reference number , processing times of H1B and other general information .
Prospective employer notice: It mailed to the person to provide information about this receipt and outlining information on processing times for
approval etc.
Approval Notice : An approval notice includes dates of valid period for the foreign worker in U.S.

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