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									                                                                                School Psychology Program
                                                                               Dr. Colette Ingraham, Director
                                                                                           Tel: 619•594•7730
                                                                                           Fax: 619•594•5333

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the SDSU School Psychology Program. Enclosed is the
application form you requested. We begin reviewing applications on January 14, thus we
strongly recommend that you submit your application before that date. However, we do continue
to accept applications until we have selected a full cohort (10-12 new trainees). Feel free to
contact the Program office after January 14 to inquire whether the admission process is still open.
Although the application process is for Fall 2010, the Program begins in summer (usually early in
June) with mandatory courses in school psychology and cross-cultural communication and

Our admission process is a comprehensive review of your academic, professional, and cross-
cultural readiness for our program. Please read the instructions fully before you begin. On the
enclosed application form you can record when each step has been accomplished.

There are two additional forms that you must include in your Application Portfolio. You can
download them from our program application website
[], or if you cannot do so, we
can e-mail the forms to you or snail-mail them at your request:

  1) Application Vita form: You should modify the Vita form (MS Word format) by entering
     your personal information. Then print it out and include it in your application portfolio.
     Some sections may not apply to you, so you should delete them, but give us as much detail
     as you can in your response.
  2) Application Affidavit: Read carefully and submit with your signature. You can download
     this at

After the application portfolios are reviewed, the faculty committee determines whom to invite to
a mandatory group interview early in March. All candidates are notified of their status by e-mail
as soon as that decision is made.

You must also complete the separate application for Graduate Studies at SDSU. We urge you to
complete this application on-line. Go to and read the instructions
carefully before you log on and begin.

The selections on the first page of the CSUMentor application may be a bit confusing. The
School Psychology major is listed on the Fall 2010 electronic application as "School Psychology
(EdS)" which you may select from the pull-down list of degrees/majors.

In addition, under Education credential objective you should choose “Applying to a credential
program now.” For Credential objective name you should select “Service: PPS School
              Select the following options in the pull-down menus on CSU Mentor

When it asks you:                    Selection that option that says:
CSU Campus:                          San Diego State University
Click on:                            Start New application
Scroll to bottom on page and click on: Begin Application for San Diego State University

                                           Enrollment plans

Term applying for:                       Fall 2010
Main Campus/Off-Campus center:           San Diego Campus
Major/Program objective:                 School Psychology (Ed.S.)

                                     Degree/Credential Objective

**Degree Objective:                      Other master’s (click this because the mentor system is not
                                                yet prepared to list the Ed.S. in this item)
Educational Credential:                  Planning to apply to program credential this term
Credential objective name:               Service: PPS School Psychology
Have you been admitted to a …:           No

**Please note, under the question Degree Objective, this Ed.S. program will be categorized as an
"other master's" for application and reporting purposes. Therefore, when completing the
electronic application, you should select "other master's" as degree objective (not "other"). (If
you must complete the paper application, be sure to indicate the appropriate Program Objective
(School Psychology EdS), initial degree objective (7), Major Code (20013) and Credential
Code (00804), and submit it directly to the SDSU Graduate Admissions Office, as specified on
the application form.)

Complete the on-line application and submit it as instructed by CSUMentor. Be sure to submit
your fee payment of $55.00.

Listed below are other sources of general or specific information about graduate programs at
SDSU, the field of School Psychology, and our program in particular.

SDSU                                                National Association of School Psychologists
(619) 594-5200                            

SDSU School Psychology Program                      (619) 594-7730
We hope this letter as well as the information packet you receive has been able to answer at least
a few questions. Again, thank you for your interest in our program and please feel free to contact
us if you have any more comments, questions, or concerns.

School Psychology Program Admissions Committee

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