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   SIMPLY Pedicure
    Continuum Footspas® is a family owned business. The Continuum brand of pedicure chairs are
    manufactured- not just assembled- in their facility located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Continuum has
    earned a reputation throughout the professional beauty industry for its innovative products, high
    quality craftsmanship, no-nonsense warranties and unparalleled customer service.

                                                                    CONTINUUM Echo Spa
                                                                    Cutting edge design featuring adjustable leg support with adjacent
                                                                    contoured footrests position feet perfectly for a pedicure. Easy to
                                                                    clean and chemical resistant. A powerful No PipeTM jet featuring
                                                                    dual Jet Streams with Air Control. Basin features integrated foot
                                                                    supports with river stone texture. Eco-friendly, uses less than 5
                                                                    gallons of water. Independent rolling and vibrating back massage.
                                                                    Genuine cherry wood veneers with industrial grade finish. One (1)
                                                                    year parts and labor, industry’s only “No-Nonsense” limited warranty.
                                                                    Manufactured in the USA. 62” L x 31” W x 52” H. Net Weight: 180
                                                                    lbs. Hot/Cold supply lines required (1/2” ID). Connections located
                                                                    on back of spa. Power Requirements: 120V AC, 20 Amp, 60HZ. A
                                                                    separate and dedicated 20 Amp GFCI protected circuit MUST be used
                                                                    for each foot spa. Basin capacity: 3.7 US Gallons. CUL listed (USA
                                                                    & Canada)
                                                                    CP1008 $4995.00

                             CONTINUUM Accessory Cart                                                CONTINUUM Technician’s Chair
                             Design, functionality, convenience                                      The Maestro wouldn’t be complete
                             and quality are hallmarks of the                                        without a coordinating technician’s
                             Continuum accessory cart. An                                            chair. This beautifully crafted
                             exceptionally attractive portable                                       adjustable    chair   features      a
                             cart that complements The Maestro                                       curved cherry veneer seat and
                             in both look and feel. It features a                                    back together with a matching
                             large work surface, a removable                                         cushion.    (Telescoping    column
                             storage tray and an extra large                                         height range is 15 1/2” to 20”.) It’s
                             towel bin.                                                              very comfortable, well-made and
                             CP1002 $399.00                                                          functional.
                                                                                                     CP1003 $249.00

2                                              SIMPLY Pedicure

CONTINUUM Maestro                                                            CONTINUUM PediCute Portable Pedicure Spa
Featuring a cherry wood base, this pipe-less Solojet steady stream water     Introducing Pedicute by Continuum Footspas:
system provides a pulsating massage. The basin is handcrafted, stain         Exceptional value - great look, great performance, all at a great price!
resistant and durable made from solid surface material similar to Corian.    This new portable pedicure system gives you distinctive styling and the
The dual and independent leg supports pivot upward to support the entire     features that you want. With no plumbing required, this unit provides the
leg, not just the foot. Feet are perfectly positioned for massage and        ultimate convenience, plus enhanced comfort with adjustable leg support
pedicure treatments.                                                         and relaxing heated, vibrating aqua massage. Contoured cushioned design
                                                                             positions feet for a perfect pedicure. Comes with a (3) year limited
SO Sound Acoustic technology relaxes clients by resonating Sound Hearts™     warranty. Includes 5 disposable liners.
embedded into a comfortable upholstered seat cushion made of Boltafex,       CP1004 $775.00
an ultra soft, durable leather-like material available in black, burgundy,
bone, white, or gray.                                                        Pedicute Mini Package
                                                                             Includes PediCute Portable Pedicure Spa, Technician’s Chair with Black
Most operational functions are controlled by the touch of a button,          Cushion and 5 disposable liners..
electronically controlled seat slides and tilts smoothly and quietly.
                                                                             CP1006 $995.00
Seat swivels to assist clients in and out of the chair. Adjustable, color-
coordinated neck/head rest, convenient cup holder/tray and drain pump
are standard.                                                                Pedicute Complete Package
CP1001 $10495.00                                                             Includes PediCute Portable Pedicure Spa, Technician’s Chair with Black
                                                                             Cushion, Leather Client Chair, Accessory Cart and 5 disposable liners..
base                                                                         CP1005 $1825.00
        white     black     bone      gray    burgandy    shadow

                                      CONTINUUM Client Chair                                                       Pedicute Disposable Liner Refill
                                      Black Only.                                                                  Safe,     Sanitary,    Convenient.
                                      CP1010 $402.00                                                               These disposable liners have
                                                                                                                   been specifically designed for
                                                                                                                   the Pedicute and offer a worry-
                                                                                                                   free alternative to hard to clean
                                                                                                                   portable footspas. Spend less time
                                                                                                                   cleaning and more time pleasing
                                                                                                                   clientele. Disposable liners are
                                                                                                                   produced from recycled plastic
                                                                                                                   and can be recycled with any other
                                                                                                                   plastic products. 100 pack.
                                                                                                                   CP1009 $75.00

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            EUROPEAN TOUCH Sogno DreamWave Pedicure Spa
            Designed and developed in partnership with Inada, the acknowledged
            world leader in massage chair technology, the Sogno DreamWave Spa will
            transform the way consumers view the pedicure chair experience.
            It takes only one massage session to understand the uncompromising
            attention to detail and design. The Sogno DreamWave Spa gently hugs and
            cradles the body in a cocoon of total relaxation and unsurpassed therapy.
            Built-in Inada infrared body scanning technology identifies critical Shiatsu
            points and customizes the massage to the individual.
            Coupled with the European Touch Clean Touch technology and basin,
            the Sogno DreamWave Spa creates a revolutionary pedicure service.
            Created with nail technicians, for nail technicians, Clean Touch Pipe-Free
            technology consists of a three-part component assembly that delivers
            client preferred foot massage from the bottom of the basin. No need to
            hold up your feet to feel the water massage as in other chairs. To clean,
            simply twist off assembly and submerge between client appointments.
            97”L x 36”W x 54”H. 110V, 60Hz. Holds 4.5 gallons of water.
            ET4001 $10500.00

            EUROPEAN TOUCH Tuscany Pedicure Spa
            Tuscany is a world of refinement and effortless style, with a premium
            seat that results in complete comfort. Tactile senses are elevated as
            this beautifully tailored pedicure spa is matched by performance and
            effortless control.

            The Tuscany takes distinctive lines from European Touch’s heritage and
            updates the striking face with a purposeful sweeping C-shaped footrest,
            and durable easy-to-clean cultured stone basin.

            Tuscany incorporates the number one pipe-free Clean Touch technology
            and the new sweeping footrest while maintaining the nail technician and
            client preferred gravity chair and automated adjustable ergonomic basin.
            The esthetically pleasing yet functional leg support allows the clients feet
            to be perfectly positioned for massage and pedicure treatments. Gone
            is the strenuous task of supporting the client’s leg with one hand while
            trying to work on the bottom of the foot with the other hand. The result
            is comfort for both client and technician.

            Salon options include oversized manicure trays large enough to handle
            not only manicures, but computers, or even a tea service for the most
            discerning client.
            ET5001 $8995.00

4   SIMPLY Pedicure

                                                                        EUROPEAN TOUCH Omni Pedicure Spa
                                                                        Allow your clients to sit back and relax while dual roller and vibration massage
                                                                        soothes away tense muscles. Fully adjustable pipeless Genieye jet offers a
                                                                        hydro-therapuetic massage to soften and cleanse feet. Integrated footrest in
                                                                        tub is fully adjustable for client and technician’s comfort. Omni has 2 styles
                                                                        of cushions available - both manually adjustable with roller and vibrations
                                                                        massage. There are also two types of basins available - one with the Genieye
                                                                        pipeless jet in the front of the basin, the other is a unique magnetic whirlpool
                                                                        pump that mounts in the bottom of the basin. It can be totally removed for
                                                                        cleaning or when you simply want a soaking basin. 50”L x 30”W x 53”H.
                                                                        110V, 60Hz. Holds 5 gallons of water.
                                                                        ET6001 $2995.00

                                                                        EUROPEAN TOUCH Expresso Spa
                                                                        Innovative design and comfort merge to satisfy the needs of today’s
                                                                        marketplace. Working with Nail Technician Advisory Council (NTAC) advisors,
                                                                        European Touch engineers developed the Espresso Spa to satisfy the market’s
                                                                        need for a universal, user-friendly pedicure spa. The Espresso Spa is the
                                                                        one and only pedicure spa with a swivel seat built on an adjustable base
                                                                        making it universal enough to comfortably fit individuals up to 6’8” tall and
                                                                        accommodate elderly and wheelchair bound clients. With the pipe-free
                                                                        Espresso Spa you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that the Espresso Spa
                                                                        features an adjustable height chair and a custom designed basin with front
                                                                        mounted pipe-free water circulation creating a swirling, revitalizing water
                                                                        massage that relaxes and rejuvenates.
                                                                        ET1007 $1995.00

                                                                         base                                    fabric
                                                                                almond     black      sand
                                                                                                                          almond cashmere     black
                                                                                granite   granite     stone

EUROPEAN TOUCH Expresso Pipe Free Portable Spa
Provides outstanding hydrotherapy, performance, dependability, and is easy and simple to clean. Whether you
want to add pedicure treatments to an existing salon, or simply expand where plumbing is out of the question,
the pipe-free Espresso Portable from European Touch makes it easy and affordable. A retractable handle and
large locking casters make rolling the portable easy on virtually any type flooring, and the Espresso Portable
includes a built-in power pump making it quick and easy to drain without the hassle of bailing or hand siphon.
Dimensions: 22-7/8” H x 31-3/4” L x 26-3/4” W
ET1007 $1295.00

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                                              SpaFinity’s Pedicure Chairs not only offer the most luxurious features
                                              such as a custom “Stressless” ergonomic chair for ultimate comfort and
                                              beautiful fixtures, they are also built with high grade quality materials for
                                              durability. A peace of mind for the client, technician and spa-owner is the
                                              company’s mission and they pledge never to sacrifice quality and customer
                                              service for cost.

    SPA FINITY M800 Organic Pedicure Spa                                         SPA FINITY Myriad Pedicure System
    Inspired by spa professionals, the Pipeless M800 Organic Pedicure Spa        The Myriad is a luxurious and stylish piece of equipment that will enrich
    offers a distinctive combination of exquisite styling, unsurpassed comfort   your spa décor. Made with quality construction, a beautiful pullout
    and customization – for the perfect blend of form and function. Wrapped      platform and a Stressless® chair that envelopes the clients in perfect
    in natural furniture-quality elegance, the M800 Organic’s richly detailed    comfort for any treatment you which to perform.
    wood surround complements any spa interior. The Stressless ergonomic
    chair envelopes clients in perfect comfort and balance.                      This functional chair can be used with a pedicure bowl, massage
                                                                                 equipment, nail dryers or for the special treatment of reflexology. The
    And for the ultimate pure hydrotherapy experience, the new Pipeless          chair does not need to be permanently mounted and can be easily moved
    Reflexology pedicure basin relieves tension in the feet and restores          about your spa, making it truly a versatile piece of equipment, available
    wellness. The Pipeless technology is independently certified to meet the      for a Myriad of treatments. *Copper bowl pictured is sold separately.
    demanding disinfection requirements of NSF International                     SF1007 $5495.00
    SF1002 $8995.00

                                          SPA FINITY Pedi Tech Chair             SPA FINITIY Designer Cart (shown above)
                                          Thick, comfortable seat padding        Elegant, modern styling with rich wood tones and brushed aluminum
                                          that does not bottom out.              deck, trim and stainless steel drawer pulls. Solid laminate construction
                                          Pneumatic lift mechanism for           for quality and reliability. Magazine holder. Durable locking casters.
                                          smooth height adjustment. Five         Available wood finishes: Natural, Cherry, Teak, Brown, Mahogany, Dark
                                          star non-chip chrome plated            Chocolate Brown and solids, Black, White, Almond and Biscuit
                                          base. Casters for easy rolling and     SF1001D $899.00
                                          durability on hard surfaces. Seat:
                                          17.5” and mid-seat, 13” at front       SPA FINITIY Pedi Stow (shown above)
                                          and back, 19” deep, 2.5” thick.        The Pedi-Stow Cart boasts durable, solid construction. Treatment products
                                          Height Range: 15.5” to 19.75”          are always within reach for the technician with a built-in storage drawer
                                          With Back SF1004B $549.00              and handy pull out board. The 2” cushion top comes in 12 standard Ultra-
                                                                                 leather colors and 10 Wilson-Art laminate colors to match your SpaFinity
                                          Backless SF1004 $499.00                Pedicure Equipment or décor.
                                                                                 SF1008 $579.00

6                                                           SIMPLY Pedicure
                                                                                                                    spa finity &

                                                                       AMERICAN FOOTSPAS Vienna Spa
                                                                       A single twist of a knob activates two functions: the drain stopper opens and
                                                                       the power discharge pump quietly drains the water from the basin. Additional
                                                                       features include: Tru touch massage, Pure Flow pipe free jets, Fully powered
                                                                       seat, Liquid marble base, Chromotherapy LED light in basin, Sani drain, and
                                                                       Adjustable footrest. Cushion colors: Cappuccino, Sand, Black, Taupe, Silver,
                                                                       Neptune, Burgundy, and Rose. Base colors: White Granite, Lace Granite, Gray
                                                                       Granite. Dimensions: (seat up-right): 50”L x 33”W (w/ Tray = 44”W) X 56”H.
                                                                       Fully reclined: 74”L X 46”H. 115 VAC, 60HZ, 15A. Power needed per spa chair
                                                                       = 6 Amp.
                                                                       AS1000 $4200.00

This chair comes with the following features: Auto-fill, Sani- Drain, Pureflo pipeless
jets, Shiatsu massage system, Glass bowl, Purse hook and cup holder, Power seat,
Chromotherapy LED in basin, Hand Sprayer. Optional features: File Controller, Auto
Clean. Cushion colors: Cappuccino, Sand, Black, Taupe, Silver, Neptune, Burgundy,
and Rose. Base colors: White Granite, Lace Granite, Gray Granite. Dimensions:
(seat up-right): 50”L x 33”W (w/ Tray = 44”W) X 56”H. Fully reclined: 74”L x 46”H.
115 VAC, 60HZ, 15A. Power needed per spa chair = 6 Amp
AS1020 $5400.00

                                                                              AMERICAN FOOTSPAS Essex Spa
                                                                              The Essex comes equipped with Ultra Leather cushions, a crystal glass
                                                                              basin, PureFlo jets, shiatsu massage system, electric file controller,
                                                                              chromotherapy lighting, and one-touch smart system for the technicians
                                                                              convenience. With one push of a button the technician can fill the basin
                                                                              and have it shut off when it reaches a full level, the whirlpool jets will
                                                                              then initiate automatically. Then with one push of a button the water will
                                                                              drain automatically, allowing your focus to always be on the client instead
                                                                              of tending to your equipment. Cushion colors: Cappuccino, Sand, Black,
                                                                              Taupe, Silver, Neptune, Burgundy, and Rose. Base colors: White Granite,
                                                                              Lace Granite, Gray Granite. Dimensions: (seat up-right): 50”L x 33”W
                                                                              (w/ Tray = 44”W) X 56”H. Fully reclined: 74”L x 46”H. 115 VAC, 60HZ,
                                                                              15A. Power needed per spa chair = 6 Amp.
                                                                              AS1040 $5500.00

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    Resin Pedicure Bowl                                                              Resin Manicure Bowl
    Modern, sleek and very contemporary. Very lightweight! These resin               Unique manicure bowls are ergonomically designed to support the palm
    products are all hand-made and colors and smoothness may vary slightly.          and wrist while soaking the finger tips. The essential complement to your
    Square: Base is 14” x 14”, rim is 18” and depth is 8”. Weight: 9 lbs. Round:     manicure and pedicure stations
    18” width, 12” base diameter and 8” depth. Round bowls are delivered in          Square S4003 $160.00
    it’s own stylish carrying case.                                                  Round S4002 $155.00
    Square S4003 $160.00                                                             Resin Treatment Dish
    Round S4002 $155.00                                                              Elegantly separates your salts, scrubs and lotions being used for a
    Foot Rest                                                                        treatment. Keeps products within easy reach and tastefully presented.
    This matching resin foot rest completes your unique pedicure station.            S4009 $20.00
    The foot rest covers half of the bowl allowing one foot to remain in the
    water soaking while the other foot rests above for a deluxe treatment.           resin color options
    Square S4006 $25.00
    Round S4007 $25.00

                                                                                      brown    tangerine   merlot      aqua      green       wild      black
                                                                                                                                 grape      orchid

    Stainless Steel Pedicure Bowl                                                    Copper Pedicure Bowl
    Modern stainless pedicure bowls designed with a flat base for a comfortable       Gorgeous lightweight Hammered Copper Bowls designed for the perfect
    foot soak. The epiphany of hygienic... This stainless bowl ties in beautifully   foot bath. 13.75 base diameter by 20 inch rim diameter and only weigh
    with various decor. Inside diameter measures 16”, and base diameter is           5.5 Lbs (approx 2.5 kilos). Create a beautiful pedicure station with these
    13”. Bowl is 8” deep. 1.25” wide lip makes it easier to carry.                   affordable beauties.
    S4010 $180.00                                                                    S4008 $220.00

8                                                               SIMPLY Pedicure
                                                                              bowls &
                                               OAKWORKS Clodagh Libra
                                               Finally, an integrated pedispa/massage table built to the quality
                                               standards of the most demanding high volume spas! The Clodagh
                                               Libra is designed to handle the rigors of a high volume spa and
                                               is ready for any type of treatment. Featuring a high quality, full
                                               sized Sanijet® pedi-spa with their exclusive pipeless technology,
                                               this table is designed to convert from a pedispa to a massage
                                               table in seconds. Designed to be hard plumbed underneath or
                                               unplumbed with optional pump and hot/cold supply to be used
                                               with a sink, it is perfect for new construction or an existing
                                               room with a sink. Specifications: Top-Electric Backrest top
                                               with Electric travel adjustment. 31”W x 75”L. Height Range:
                                               25”-33”. Hydraulic/Electric Lift. Lifts 400 lbs. TerraTouch
                                               upholstery. AeroCel Padding (4” thick). Options: Adjustable
                                               Arm Rests, Manicure Arm Rests, QuickLock Face Rest
                                               OW1054 $7000.00

                                     LIVING EARTH CRAFTS Pedi Lounger
                                     The Living Earth Crafts Pedi-Lounger™ is a luxurious pedicure lounger
                                     designed to truly accommodate clients of all heights. The Pedi-Lounger
                                     features a fully articulating, multi-sectioned salon top that optimally
                                     positions clients for pedicures, manicures, facials and more with a simple
                                     touch of a button. The retractable foot section ensures the ideal distance
                                     of the pedicure bowl for client pedicures. Able to achieve zero gravity
                                     positioning, our lounger is upholstered with a new 5-layer Strata™ Plus
                                     Memory Foam system and wrapped in buttery Natursoft™ Upholstery. Add
                                     Pivot-Perfect™ Armrests with built in manicure bowls together with the
                                     stylish hardwood finished frame, and you have the most comfortable,
                                     functional and stylish Pedicure unit available today. Available with a
                                     custom matching Sanijet™ roll-up footbath, or a manual copper or resin
                                     pedicure bowl. Key Features: Fully articulating electric Salon Top with
                                     rounded corners, Client friendly Hand Control, Articulates to sitting
                                     position with nearly 90 degree back tilt. Specifications: 27”W x 70”L.
                                     Seat Height Range 23”. Upholstered Top: 30” x 76”. Upright Dimensions:
                                     27”W x 35”L. Reclined Dimensions: 27”W x 70”L. Weight Capacity: 600
                                     lbs. Lifetime Limited Warranty. ADA Compliant. CE Mark.
                                     LEC1027 $3995.00

                                     Roll Up Sanijet Pedicure Tub
                                     Providing totally hygienic hydrotherapy. It has two quiet whirlpool jets,
                                     locking wheels and a convenient handle. It has two quiet whirlpool jets,
                                     locking wheels and a convenient handle. It is completely portable and no
                                     additional plumbing or installation is needed.
                                     LEC1027P $2595.00

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                                                      MERIDIAN Mini Pedi Portable Spa
                                                      Perfect for small spaces where you need your portable pedicure unit to be out of the way quickly and
                                                      easily when not in use. Pipe Free Genijet System with 2 jets. Wooden exterior with 3 finish options.
                                                      Cushioned, height adjustable foot rest. Less than 1 minute draining time. Energy efficient. Easy to
                                                      clean, operate & maintain. 30.5”L x 24.5”W x 20”H. 55 lbs. Bowl Capacity - 4.5 Gallons. 120V.
                                                      MS1001 $1745.00
                                                      base                                bowl                                     footrest

                                                                 bordeaux       maple       white           bone      biscuit       black      beige   burgandy

     Body High Spa Pedicure Products

     BODY HIGH SPA Pedicure Salt Crystals                     BODY HIGH SPA Sugar Gel Foot Scrub                                BODY HIGH SPA Peppermint
     Non-foaming, non-staining and non-residue formulas       The perfect foot, leg and body scrub to exfoliate while           Shea Butter Foot Mask
     for easy clean up. Available in Peppermint for           natural oils deeply moisturize the skin. Rinses clean             A rejuvenating foot mask that
     rejuvenation, Lavender for calming or Tangerine Burst    leaving no residue, stickiness or irritation. Available in        deeply moisturizes and cools hot,
     for energy.                                              Lavender Wildflower or Rosemary Mint.                              tired feet. Enriched with shea
     18 oz.     U4108    $6.00                                18 oz. U4101 $16.00                                               butter, algae extract and mineral
     36 oz.     U4109    $10.00                               36 oz. U4102 $28.00                                               clay.
     9.5 lbs.    U4110    $19.00                              80 oz. U4103 $48.00                                               18 oz. U4112 $16.00
     50 lbs.    U4111    $65.00                                                                                                 9 lbs. U4113 $84.00

     Amber Pedicure Products                         AMBER Sea Salt Foot Soak
                                                     Prepare the feet with this dead sea salt soak.
                                                                                                               AMBER Foot Scrub
                                                                                                               Gently massaging the feet with Amber scrub will
                                                     Rich in calcium, dead sea salts cleanse, soften           remove dead skin cells, cleanse, deodorize and
                                                     and provide vital nutrients that help get blood           breakdown rough calluses to soften the skin.
                                                     circulating and balance the skin’s moisture.              Available in Geranium Sage, Lavender or Green
                                                     Available in Geranium Sage, Lavender or Green             Tea Mint.
                                                     Tea Mint.                                                 17 oz. AP2427L $18.95
                                                     18 oz. AP2426L $17.50                                     64 oz. AP2427HGL $66.00
                                                     64 oz. AP2426HGL $59.00
                                                     AMBER Calming Foot Masque                                 AMBER Heel Recovery
                                                     Drive essential oils, vitamins and extracts into the      This rich foot recovery cream allows for effortless
                                                     skin with a deep cooling masque that hydrates and         massage while providing essential vitamins to the
                                                     revives. Mineral clays and peppermint essential           skin, leaving a soft, healthy glow. Shea butter,
                                                     oil are blended to create this healing masque.            cucumber extract, chamomile extract and many
                                                     Available in Geranium Sage, Lavender or Green             others are infused together to create an extreme
                                                     Tea Mint.                                                 hydrating cream. Available in Geranium Sage,
                                                     16 oz. AP2428L $19.25                                     Lavender or Green Tea Mint.
                                                     64 oz. AP2428HGL $68.00                                   13 oz. AP2429L $17.50
                                                                                                               64 oz. AP2429HGL $59.00

10                                                           SIMPLY Pedicure
AMBER Paraffin
Amber’s filtering and refining system creates an elastic paraffin that does not dry or crack, has medical grade purity and when melted is crystal clear.
Available in 6 lb. packs, 36 lb. economy packs or 2 lb. paraffin bead bags. Available in Blossom, Cucumber, Tea Tree, Blue Ocean Rain, Lavender,
Rosemary, Peach, Papaya or Unscented.

2 lb. Paraffin Bead Bags                            6 lb. Paraffin Pack                                  36 lb. Economy Paraffin Pack
AP2150 $8.30                                       AP2183 $24.95                                       AP2168 $135.00

                                                                             AMBER Paraffin Spa                       AMBER Pedicure Spa Stand
                                                                             Designed for hand, foot and full        A portable, mobile pedicure stand
                                                                             body paraffin services this versatile,   with castors that accommodates
                                                                             stainless steel thermostatically        the Amber Spa. (Spa not included)
AMBER Pedicure Paraffin Kit                                                   controlled paraffin bath maintains
This kit contains all products and equipment necessary to enhance any
                                                                                                                     AP1028 $82.00
                                                                             6-8 pounds of paraffin at the proper
hand, foot or full body paraffin spa treatment designed to rejuvenate,
                                                                             temperature and uses a “quick           AMBER Manicure Spa Stand
rehydrate, soothe and soften the skin. Kit contains: Amber Spa w/paraffin,
                                                                             melt” circuit for faster initial
Grid, 8 oz. Total Kleen, 8 oz. Hydrating Body Lotion, Terry Cloth Booties,                                           AP1014 $195.00
                                                                             paraffin melting. Overall dimensions
Plastic Liners (100 pack).
                                                                             are 7.6”H x 16.6”D x 10”W.
AP1027 $199.00                                                               AP1015 $169.00

Heated Slippers                       Insulated Terry Booties                Paraffin Strips                          Plastic Liners
Provide extra warmth for better       Terry booties for holding the heat     Sanitary strips retain heat longer      Bulk Pack of 100.   Fits hands or
product penetration. UL Listed.       longer. Sold in pairs. White only.     than dipping. Conforms to almost        feet.
S786002 $44.85                        One size fits all.                      any body part. 320 ct.                  U1015 $4.99
                                      U1017 $12.99                           U1016 $9.99

           Place your order by fax at                      888.213.5649 or visit                                                          11
                                                                                 Black Straight File
                                                                                 Individually wrapped.
                                                                                 7” x .75” Cushioned. 50 count.
                                                                                 U2007 $16.97
     Toe Nail Clipper
     Precision edged to provide safe,                                            Black Straight File
     straight clipping. Makes pedicures                                          Cushioned. 7” x .75”. 50 count.
     fast and easy. File included.                                               100/180 U2008 $14.97
     U4154 $2.97                                                                 100/240 U2009 $14.97

                                                                                 Tri Sided Buffer
                                                                                 For smooth, shiny, even surfaces.
                                                                                 280/600/3000 grits.
                                                                                 U1019 $0.99

                                                                                                                      Sterilizer Jars
                                                                                                                      Ideal for wet sterilization of
                                                                                 Red Foot File                        manicure and pedicure implements.
                                                                                 80 grit.Heavy duty and double        Medium jar is 27 ounces, 6” tall.
                                                                                 sided.                               Large jar is 41 ounces, 9” tall.
                                                                                                                      Stainless steel lid and implement
     Nail Clipper                                                                U2006 $0.89
     Precision crafted stainless steel
                                                                                                                      Medium U1024 $7.99
     clipper is perfectly sized for clean
     trimming. Curved cutting edge.
                                                                                                                      Large U1025 $9.99
     U2011 $4.99

     Cuticle Nipper
     Sharp blades will cleanly trim         Birchwood Sticks                     Classic White Buffer Block
     the cuticle.    Stainless steel        6”. Flat tip on one end, point on    240 grit
     construction.                          the other. 144 count.                U2010 $0.39
     Full Jaw U2012 $17.99                  U1011 $3.99
     1/2 Jaw U2013 $15.99
     1/4 Jaw U2014 $15.99
                                                                                                                      Cuticle Eliminator
                                                                                                                      Quickly     and easily   removes
                                                                                                                      unwanted cuticles from fingers and
                                                                                                                      toes. 4 oz.
                                                                                                                      U1013 $9.99

                                                                                                                      Callus Eliminator
                                                                                                                      Breaks down unsightly calluses in just
                                                                                                                      3-5 minutes. Then you just buff or
                                                                                                                      file away. 18 oz.
                                                                                                                      U1014 $26.99

     Plastic Dispenser Bottle
     Perfect for one hand dispensing of
     polish remover or other solvents.      Tweezerman 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool
     U2030 $7.79                            Removes calluses and smoothes rough skin. Features a callus shaver with
                                            two rasps that snap securely in place.
                                            U1012 $14.99

12                                                           SIMPLY Pedicure

Digits Toe Separators                 Biodegradable Toe Separators           Toe-Riffics Spa Slippers                 Premium Thong Slipper
Unique style is less bulky than       Flexible and Eco friendly. 12 pairs.   Eliminate the need for a toe            Soft touch, non-skid foam. Colors
standard separators. Can be used      Assorted Colors.                       separator. These slippers have a        available: White, Pink, Blue, Black,
for fingers or toes. 48 per bag.       U1007 $1.99                            very practical, yet elegant design      Beige, Sage, Lilac.
U4126 $7.20                                                                  that makes pedicures and polishing      U2003 $0.89
                                                                             quick and easy.
                                                                             U4125 $1.98

Nail Brush                            Toe Separators                         Pedi Pack                               Non Woven Slipper
5 rows of nylon bristles embedded     Colors may vary. 12 pairs.             Includes Slipper, Toe Separator, Nail   Non-Woven Fabric Slipper features
in heavy duty plastic for cleaning    U1006 $2.99                            Brush, Cuticle Pusher, Foot File.       flexible, padded soles and wide,
nails and removing cuticle residue.                                          U1008 $1.99                             open toe design. White.
Assorted colors.                                                                                                     U2004 $1.27
U4141 $0.74

                                                                                                                     100% Cotton Coil
                                      INTRINSICS 100% Cotton Toe                                                     Absorbent. Use as toe rope, to
                                      Rope                                                                           remove polish or in salon services.
                                      6”. 200 count.                                                                 12 lbs.
                                      U2005 $15.59                                                                   U1005 $47.99

                                                                                                                     Non-Acetone Polish Remover
                                      INTRINSICS Nail Tech’s Choice                                                  Safe for use on natural nails, as
                                      2” x 2” guaze pads. 200 count.                                                 well as, sculptured nails and tips.
                                      U1010 $2.99                                                                    16 oz. U4202 $3.97
                                                                                                                     32 oz. U4203 $6.97
                                                                                                                     1 Gal U4204 $24.97

           Place your order by fax at                     888.213.5649 or visit                                                              13

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