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					J-1 Visa Overview
What is a J-1 visa?
A J-1 visa is granted to international scholars studying in the US, who have the appropriate academic and
other credentials (usually a B.S./B.A. or higher), intend to engage in activities permitted under the
program (teaching, research, etc.), intend to return to the home country after the program, and can show
funding for 125% HHS poverty level.

What is the term of stay?
  Short term Scholars - Limited to 6 months; extensions are not allowed
  Others - Limited to 3 years, extensions of 6 months are possible in some circumstances (authorized by
the RO) and up to 3 additional years in extraordinary circumstances (authorized by the DOS).

What do I need to get a J-1 visa?
  Valid and accurate DS-2019, passport, and I-94
  Current address on record with the IPO
  Health Insurance (required by DOS)
  Leave U.S. within 30 days after DS-2019 completion date or completion/exit of the program, or to
obtain an extension ( if permissible) BEFORE the expiration of the DS-2019.

What are the restrictions on J-1 visas?
  Usually is not appropriate for those on a tenure-track position, though okay for permanent position.
  Permissible "incidental employment" very limited and must be authorized by the RO.
  "12 month bar" - scholar/professor who is in the U.S. for more than 6 months may not begin a new
program within one year, unless they are a transfer.
  "Unsolicited Visitors" - no extension, transfer, change of category, or invitation of family.
  J-2 dependants may attend school, and may apply to DCIS for work authorization (may take up to 3

What are the University responsibilities to J-1 visa holders?
  Monitoring compliance with the Health Insurance requirements.
  Providing orientation and cross-cultural activities.
  A variety of record-keeping and document control responsibilities accrue to the university -- failure to
carry them out may result in withdrawal of program approval (regular reviews take place).

How do I get my J-1 visa?
  Department completes DS-2019 J-1 visa request form
      ~provides c.v., indication of English skills if possible, funding information, etc.
      ~if non-UI funds (personal, sponsor, etc.) are involved, verification required
  DS-2019 "Certificate of Eligibility of Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status" is issued by the IPO
      ~department sends to visitor or IPO sends and charges to departmental account
  Visitor applies for J-1visa at nearest U.S. embassy/consulate
  Upon arrival, visitor checks in at department and IPO, shows docs, and health insurance, gets Vandal
Card, ID number, etc.

Something to remember...
  Visitor leaving the U.S. and returning must have RO signature to reenter (plus immigration

J-I Arrival on Campus
   Check in with the department that invited you to the University of Idaho.
   As soon as you are rested from your trip, please make sure that you go to the International Programs
Office. We have a packet of information for you and need to make copies of all immigration paperwork
(including passport, I-94 card for J-1s and I-129 Approval Notices for H-1Bs).
   The scholar advisor will order a Vandal Card Number for you.
 After you have received your Vandal Card No., a memo will be sent to the Vandal Card Office so that you
may receive the Vandal Card and then set up an email account.
   After you have checked in with the International Programs Office to receive the packet of information
and the Vandal Card has been made and the Email setup, you may obtain a Social Security Card.
      ~Pick up a social security application in IPO.
      ~Complete the form, and get copies of all immigration documents (DS-2019, I-94 card, passport) to
Lewiston for the SS card.
   You may call the 1-800 telephone number shown on the receipt from Social Security about two weeks
following the appointment to find out your social security number. [The Social Security Office has to hold
the social security application until the visitor has been in the U.S. for ten days. After the 10 day period,
the information is sent through USCIS in Los Angeles. It will clear through USCIS in approximately 3-10
days. If Los Angeles cannot find the visitor records in the SEVIS database, the file will be sent to Seattle,
which will start another 10 day process. This is not typical, but does happen occasionally. After it clears,
a number will be assigned, at which time you can request that the scholar advisor follow-up if you have
not received word from Social Security.]
   The card takes approximately 6 weeks to obtain. After you have the card, you may go to the Human
Resources Office to sign up for payroll.

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